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Have any furs travel to Japan?
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File: 1641276299859.png (5.32 MB, 1822x2633, ColorRequest3_FishPuppy_u1….png)

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3b37d8e8 No.3640420

Imagine how ugly they are on the inside

6ebb1915 No.3640546

They? You really imagine there is more than one in there?

You are truly FUCKED IN THE HEAD.

da4bea79 No.3640646


They can also be used as a gender-neutral singular pronoun when the subject's gender isn't known.


46294948 No.3640654

Let's be real, we all know it's a dude in that suit

38fe2681 No.3640657

File: 1641420867771.jpg (83.27 KB, 621x875, oldcomic.jpg)

Wow, this comic was made in 2005 or 2006 before this whole thing become a thing.

38fe2681 No.3640658

File: 1641421329808.png (8.68 KB, 209x241, download.png)

The artist is a foreign fur excuse her poor English, and tiny text.

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File: 1642039133845.png (187.32 KB, 566x820, landofshuhieaters.png)

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File: 1642147864180.jpg (4.49 MB, 6540x4039, ackyou2.jpg)

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File: 1642148046568.jpg (3.56 MB, 6540x4039, ackyou.jpg)

Now draw the pic in the tablet with your style!

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File: 1642154542511.png (92.85 KB, 352x488, D4GOmqPVUAI3RAm.png)

Where the fuck is CC Lemon? What IS that selection?

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File: 1642163186464-0.jpg (1.05 MB, 1000x667, shutterstock_395513902.jpg)

File: 1642163186464-1.jpg (657.09 KB, 1000x667, shutterstock_345277343.jpg)

File: 1642163186464-2.jpg (589.54 KB, 1000x667, shutterstock_217692793.jpg)

The photo was taken on July, 17, 2013. Some of these brands are defunct or logo changed.

38fe2681 No.3642239

File: 1642163490579-0.gif (5.07 MB, 368x367, Ychan - ot - stuff from ja….gif)

Vending machines with selfies be like.

38fe2681 No.3642259

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File: 1643782387857.jpg (223.25 KB, 2048x2048, vaporeon-pokemon-3d-model-….jpg)

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File: 1644004013849-1.png (182.06 KB, 774x621, EH-zDgsX4AEN0Md.png)

File: 1644004013849-2.png (1.24 MB, 675x1200, FAnN1umWYAEVFgv.png)

File: 1644004013849-3.png (373.38 KB, 1280x720, vaporeon.png)

c73cd795 No.3644929

How did nobody mention Kemoket yet?

8d6e2f64 No.3644930

File: 1644022730631-0.jpg (188.14 KB, 800x1139, EEer9B5WwAAocou.jpg)

File: 1644022730631-1.jpg (168.29 KB, 960x1280, 1382090084.sinon77_156.jpg)

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File: 1645682412489.jpg (1.27 MB, 2048x3072, MV5BMmMxMzBkOGMtNWMyNS00NT….jpg)

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File: 1645789926494.jpg (198.22 KB, 900x657, 3708-feast-on-the-fallen.jpg)

Badly in any aspect. First look at the battle between horde and grand army. Volley fire is useless because even in normal battles majority of kills where from bayonets or when enemy was running away and now you have to make a headshot. Mythbusters shoved that in perfect conditions you get too tired after killing 80 zombies. Adding that you are not alone but have to stand in formation then you also have morale and probably want to run away also every fallen soldier can quickly bite his friends and so on. I think ratio would be 10 to 1.

Also you have a problem that your army covers basically just one village. It couldnt afford to have front line from see to mountains. So there is high probability that groups of zombies get on your flanks and threaten peasants in your town.

Last big problem is communication. In real life there were spies who told how big enemy army was. Local villagers told messengers who and when passed through them and so on. All of that would be impossible in zombie attack. Also if you as a scout noticed that 5 zombies diverted from horde you didn't know that 2–3 days later they had reached village and are now 300 zombies.

0eca9a8a No.3648732

File: 1645790456245.jpg (84 KB, 900x902, zombie_horde_by_sheyrne_d5….jpg)

Personally, given the highly disciplined training and weaponry (assuming that they are using 17-18th century tech) The Grande Armée receives, and the unparalleled chain of command leading the army, which consisted of several brilliant leaders (Napoleon, of course, and several others; Marshal Ney, Soult, Masséna…) The French army would fare quite well, given enough provisions, ammunition and economic support.

Of course, the level of technology that they are using to fight the undead may be very ineffective, if not obsolete, given that the firearms are gunpowder muskets effective only around 50-75 yards, and have the tendency to foul from the powder. Such distance is quite close, for an enemy that will keep advancing with no regard for their welfare. This is very dangerous, as the closely packed ranks of infantry provide an easy target to flank, and will quickly cause men to retreat if the zombies get too close. However, simply shooting then marching backwards away from the enemy in disciplined movement while retreating will allow for hit and run tactics.

Napoleon, as the clever commander he is, will definitely not hesitate to change plans accordingly, and even go against doctrines to satisfy the challenge of such new threat. Infantry will be trained to form highly mobile columns and lines of fire, thereby routing the ghouls into positions ideal for mass fire. Of course, training would soon emphasize headshots as a requirement for fighting an enemy impervious to almost all damage. Thus, Light infantry and sharpshooters will slowly sprout from the ranks, converting typical infantryman into a deadly sniper, functioning in timed volleys of fire, taking down enemies wave by wave. Another company would then cover while the previous will reload. This is, assuming the battles are fought on open ground. Urban warfare will prove disastrous, as zombies will probably outnumber soldiers by hundred to one.

0eca9a8a No.3648733

File: 1645790487068.jpg (43.71 KB, 464x600, eea1256b578721dfa62797aa14….jpg)

Battles fought on open ground will revolve heavily around infantry, as Artillery, albeit powerful, pose minimal threat to the ghouls, aside from punching holes in the hordes and taking out packed groups with explosive effect. This will do no more than smash zombies in half and send them crawling, a deadlier threat. These may however be used to dilute the masses into more manageable groups, and the mobile artillery can be used to lure the enemy into traps. Cavalry will be extremely useful, with their high mobility and adaptability, assuming that the horses do not panic at the sight of the undead. Otherwise, they provide a quick escape from the battlefield, and a swift navigation for leaders to direct attacks.

On the subject of tactics, high ground is essential, and fortresses will be good too. Digging ditches and trenches for the enemy to stumble in will provide an effective target for artillery to decimate the ghouls to great effect. Napoleon would've thought of this, and will use the artillery nevertheless to his advantage. Explosive and canister shot may prove effective, as well as explosive kegs of powder. Simply setting fire to the mob will ensure a smoking victory. Even so, a moat filled with flammable substances and spikes will be effective in holding off a few thousand zombies, depending on the horde size and moat depth.

Field warfare will be very rapid and dynamic, to compensate for the slow reload and accuracy. Engagement distance of 50> yards or so will be quite risky, but necessary for accurate shots. Quick movement is essential in retreat, and in process, the infantry can slowly move around the battlefield with the zombies following suite. Cavalry to ensure safety from stray ghouls and drive away flank threats, as well as assisting in skirmishing off the mob and funneling it to line of fire.

Of course, faced with a foe numbering millions, against an army of a few hundred thousand at best, the latter has a big chance of losing, but if there is one thing that will take home the battle for Napoleon and the French, it will be their leader's motivation and charisma that will fuel determination to win against all odds.

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File: 1645997652851-0.jpg (215.87 KB, 1655x1736, 3e323476614f7237bf61977237….jpg)

File: 1645997652851-1.png (391.86 KB, 1719x2062, 96d16b57cde29c4e8391c651ea….png)

File: 1645997652851-2.png (1.91 MB, 1413x1217, a54e1f577d0fb15d8ddf35556a….png)

Gen 9 Weed Cat… *Cough cough cough*

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File: 1645997908551-0.gif (281.13 KB, 454x420, ee60b009b275597631c3a11bd3….gif)

File: 1645997908551-1.png (498.11 KB, 669x589, 5035a3d1f646ad17d854847f1b….png)

File: 1645997908551-2.png (1.78 MB, 1600x1414, 2275beabf82fa2bc20964ce3bf….png)

Weed cat… *Koff koff koff*

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File: 1645998186687-0.png (2.34 MB, 5000x4000, c305316c3d77a37ada0f6c6146….png)

File: 1645998186687-1.png (321.06 KB, 850x1200, 97fce835768d1606e2139da973….png)

File: 1645998186687-2.jpg (878.32 KB, 2910x2465, 90f1c42d8f1e6b40812d0d7755….jpg)


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File: 1645998478347-1.jpg (570.45 KB, 2963x4096, e0356a2d10e602404c77c2167c….jpg)

File: 1645998478347-2.jpg (110.63 KB, 831x1250, d5cd7283441d526517be006a4a….jpg)

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File: 1645998789907-2.png (209.32 KB, 1400x968, 18169ca4700928143cee88584b….png)

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File: 1647092909822-0.jpg (189.04 KB, 1024x1116, 148733.jpg)

File: 1647092909822-1.jpg (3.2 MB, 2800x3000, 69cec64253f08d0faa782378b1….jpg)

File: 1647092909822-2.png (1.41 MB, 2000x3000, ab01640120e48056badaab56ba….png)

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File: 1648539646219.png (1.03 MB, 1440x900, Meloso_u18chan.png)

The Japanese furry artist Melonleaf (or Melosoleaf, as he goes by now) decided that he is shutting his Fanbox page down at the end of April. While he didn't specifically say, this could also mean the end of the Mega-links as well.
To anyone interested, I suggest heading to his KP page (https://kemono.party/fanbox/user/15978968) and archive anything you'd like preserved. Look for a link with 3 hearts between the text and the pics on each post. You can download HQ uncensored versions from there.
At the time of writing, there's plenty of time, but the clock is still ticking!

b4a2afd2 No.3652275

File: 1648552031210-0.jpeg (680.43 KB, 1836x3000, 3fdYaYm.jpeg)

File: 1648552031210-1.jpeg (249.21 KB, 1920x3739, YoQq0MU.jpeg)

File: 1648552031210-2.jpeg (351.74 KB, 1800x2700, DtrTHeR.jpeg)

File: 1648552031210-3.jpeg (129.52 KB, 881x1746, dpmlQJl.jpeg)

File: 1648552031210-4.png (2.23 MB, 1000x1383, vYv6ur9.png)

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File: 1648552518279-0.jpeg (96 KB, 773x1346, gpYQgWR.jpeg)

File: 1648552518279-1.jpeg (65.23 KB, 595x1000, asPSspX.jpeg)

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File: 1648674964769.jpg (4.24 MB, 3648x2736, winter_snowy.jpg)

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File: 1648675578569.gif (320.13 KB, 687x900, 535efd53d5ffb6cd515c809c44….gif)

War not only cost you an arm and leg but your life!

eedf57bd No.3652507

I lol'd

b4a2afd2 No.3652527

File: 1648685525124-0.png (242.55 KB, 600x600, GGZzwRb.png)

File: 1648685525124-1.png (321.55 KB, 650x1302, Ik85VDY.png)

File: 1648685525124-2.png (727.04 KB, 562x843, js9uc0P.png)

File: 1648685525124-3.png (865.38 KB, 562x846, kKtRtRk.png)

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File: 1648724303926-0.png (653.36 KB, 1600x1120, 8eddf9c7fcc52bda29b900f050….png)

File: 1648724303926-1.png (3.87 MB, 3475x3330, ea3d7ccb90ee65bb783eaa0557….png)

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File: 1648732317338-0.png (3.62 MB, 1698x2048, d892e1c00afe527f1b3bdba732….png)

File: 1648732317338-1.png (2.4 MB, 1240x1754, a6caa73024ff1bdb5b041885c7….png)

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File: 1650439250328.png (1.58 MB, 822x1280, 57888e78eca26daba935ce5e92….png)

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File: 1650439380765-0.jpg (135.78 KB, 1280x1099, 04992d68da66fb00adffa94f67….jpg)

File: 1650439380765-1.jpg (864.57 KB, 3094x2435, 19d95263efabb863b86771144c….jpg)

File: 1650439380765-2.jpg (892.12 KB, 3092x2157, a113aad863a0c5f94dda3ed5e1….jpg)

Slutty fish puppy!

45ed9573 No.3655095

Will SYPH the Husky, CLAP the Fox, and Gonnoh the Cat be appearing at the latest furry conventions?

6ae148c4 No.3655159

File: 1651087143261.jpg (708.7 KB, 1973x3072, vaporeon fish puppy butt.jpg)

7cd24bc5 No.3655170


Ah yes…Dogmeat….You always lived way to short!

307bc250 No.3656579


Could someone reupload this file is corrupt and the link died.

307bc250 No.3660212

File: 1655757359629.jpg (151.93 KB, 1200x676, The-worlds-tallest-buildin….jpg)

That is a lot of steel factories they need to produce only the earth's core has enough produce amount of steel.

18cd4e95 No.3660244

pretty sure they didnt build this shit and this is some engineering pornbooru shit that hasnt happened. dubai of course but not anything else.

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