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The galaxy is in your hands.
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File: 1645324256176.jpg (364.99 KB, 1600x2048, atari-2600-space-war-cart-….jpg)

The original classic space game.

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> The original classic space game.
I disagree.

2ee2a6dd No.3647894

Well the Atari home VCS version of it, but technically you are correct with your photos.

9926c14f No.3647995

File: 1645374439285.png (278.37 KB, 1054x695, for_the_wine.png)

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File: 1645375523775.png (792.82 KB, 1054x699, gravity_gauntlet.png)

You might as well become one of them and destroy them all.

9926c14f No.3648015

File: 1645376552340.png (1.15 MB, 1054x699, endlesstime.png)

>boxed by 3 fanatic militarist dictatorship
You could manipulate all 3 empires to kill each other.

9926c14f No.3648023

File: 1645376985166.png (951.88 KB, 1054x699, failed.png)

Or fail…

9926c14f No.3648041

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Morty should have ask Mr. Meeseeks to carry those wine crates.

9926c14f No.3648070

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File: 1645659299379.jpg (19.55 KB, 400x300, e092539eb2ec8283fff83c6c6d….jpg)

What if Morty drops a plumbus there as a joke?

92867f8c No.3648595

File: 1645659661789.jpg (487 KB, 1200x1500, fe99ca110994863.5ff98aabdc….jpg)

How soft is a plumbus?

2efaef22 No.3648606

Apparently there's a candy version of this out there and its gross.

92867f8c No.3648610

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Ooh geeze Rick, you are everywhere!

92867f8c No.3648611

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What are you guy standing there, say something.

92867f8c No.3648612

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File: 1645712535950-1.png (525.91 KB, 853x479, plumbus_size01.png)

File: 1645712535950-2.png (587.89 KB, 853x479, plumbus_size03.png)

File: 1645712535950-3.png (587.43 KB, 853x479, plumbus_size_edit.png)

What if Morty placed a plumbus there instead of the gravity gauntlet?

2daf7f98 No.3648651

File: 1645715114325.jpeg (3.42 MB, 2160x6974, 6LKIG44.jpeg)

I think these Narnians are going to argue what it's used for; they would have reverse engineered it and nothing.

dbe6cbcd No.3648823

File: 1645857293341.jpg (177.8 KB, 1280x725, 1627159539.texaskingoftheg….jpg)


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File: 1645928773003.jpeg (7.46 KB, 195x258, download (2).jpeg)

I will say something actually….
I've finally had a chance to catch up on season 5.
I'm up to episode 5 tonight I'm gonna check out episode 6 maybe more if time will allow…. But I gotta say it hasn't been bad at all.
They kept the preachy social justice shit down and just told interesting Rick and morty stories.
So far no complaints…
Flare just got back from his road trip and I spent some time helping Gary at the market, had little wine , the depressive slump is fading … Thanks anon

c81cd413 No.3648937

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File: 1645948805780-2.jpg (64.93 KB, 811x609, 16508780_1242279875854347_….jpg)

Need more hoovies

c81cd413 No.3648938

File: 1645949893181-0.gif (3.58 MB, 498x498, rick-and-morty-anthonylike….gif)

File: 1645949893181-1.jpg (560.55 KB, 2530x1914, WEzWXokdNuWEri_pK7SDJOk-sf….jpg)

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File: 1646192520749-1.png (575.3 KB, 775x818, bv2idwti5mk81.png)

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File: 1646193079677-0.jpg (173.91 KB, 810x1200, Valerian_and_the_City_of_a….jpg)

81e0b893 No.3649384

man valerian sure would have been a good movie if it didnt have valerian in it

de8ffb0d No.3649388

as a bottom feeder i would definitely say that looks like a good target.

7b2ed13c No.3649390

Yeah.. I really wanted to like this movie

c81cd413 No.3649391

File: 1646229428038.png (112.73 KB, 335x335, manchine.png)

005ecaef No.3649393


FBI pedo-squad must be getting desperate these days after Epsteins "pedo-emporium" shut the access to new targets.

c81cd413 No.3649494

File: 1646328538955-0.gif (1.99 MB, 428x317, Ychan - f - roxy from jimm….gif)

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File: 1646329127602-0.gif (4.7 MB, 433x201, Ychan - f - roxy from jimm….gif)


c81cd413 No.3649497

File: 1646330249756.gif (3.87 MB, 433x315, Ychan - f - roxy from jimm….gif)

c81cd413 No.3649498

File: 1646330433660.gif (3.73 MB, 428x317, Ychan - f - roxy from jimm….gif)

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File: 1646820854442-3.jpg (919.99 KB, 1108x1620, f63a95379fdd9b171add5e77a7….jpg)

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File: 1646980804359.png (2.69 MB, 2760x2870, b8ma2h64u7m81.png)

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File: 1650943617924.png (295.73 KB, 500x711, enwmtb575yu81.png)

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File: 1650944415736-0.png (116.8 KB, 1505x713, stay---.png)

File: 1650944415736-1.jpeg (151.53 KB, 1505x712, theglow.jpeg)

9bb30add No.3654994

File: 1650944747118-0.jpg (232.32 KB, 700x1400, dzy33g3miru81.jpg)

Spiritualist and Machine Empires when you have an excess of materials (Or trying to get on their good side!)



9bb30add No.3654995

File: 1650945001552-0.png (828.82 KB, 1920x1040, olnyjp0i8xu81.png)

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File: 1650945443508-0.png (928.96 KB, 1290x706, imfypyka2sv81.png)

cb73a52d No.3655211

File: 1651124701485.jpg (511.38 KB, 1018x1440, ff31478768684ef910004b459b….jpg)

Is it considered beasti to have past humans to have sex with their future clade? I mean they till related to humans right?

cb73a52d No.3655347

File: 1651216694968.jpg (8.5 KB, 219x230, download.jpg)

First time?

cb73a52d No.3655941

File: 1651791969666.jpeg (77.81 KB, 1080x1234, xaCfRim.jpeg)

67335750 No.3656411

File: 1652300298830-0.webm (973.29 KB, 720x740, iq8BkfM.webm)

File: 1652300298830-1.jpg (152.75 KB, 628x1280, 1523631612.suhayll_stellar….jpg)

a8d0f16f No.3656413

File: 1652301404101.png (381.38 KB, 1000x1000, 27daed519a10b77352ea6af651….png)

Master of Orion is an underrated series. I even enjoyed MoO3 without the space kitties

Anyone able to recommend similar games?

45777616 No.3657236


It pays to keep that bird!

67335750 No.3659596

File: 1654987040484.png (633.7 KB, 2000x1333, 1537404094.tersethra_erin-….png)

Hedonist Satyriac = Yinglet

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