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If you saw a horse. What would you do with it?

3e3ac180 No.3574338

File: 1587303251634.jpg (192.54 KB, 600x900, Ychan - f - mares - 122913.jpg)

If you own a horse what will you do with it?
correct that for you fam

3e3ac180 No.3574339

File: 1587303983828.png (42.5 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

The owner would inspect his horses genitals and see semen marks on her vagina and would blame the other horse owners that got her pregnant!

aca53095 No.3574348

I would tell her how cars made her obsolete, and leave her crying.

3e3ac180 No.3574349

File: 1587311349640.jpg (25.74 KB, 723x400, 1.jpg)

Yeah fuck the whorse and take the mustang!

89f1d141 No.3574374

File: 1587352011995.jpg (1.05 MB, 996x1533, 1406003462710.jpg)

fucking a car is a lot less fulfilling than fucking a horse

aca53095 No.3574389

(for you)

3e3ac180 No.3574487

File: 1587471781667.png (1.27 MB, 1000x1367, Patreon_reward190.png)

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File: 1587478575371.png (739.35 KB, 1042x1000, Patreon_reward67.png)

6eb51a2a No.3574573

A lot of years ago I used to fencehop at night, sneak and suck/rim the horses and lick their balls, so big and velvety… once I also get one mouthful of cum and some time after one of piss ;) I had the pics on beastforum but they shut it down :(

585acddf No.3574587

OP here, and THAT….. Sounds really nice, i wish i could join you when you did that : )

e63e4fb0 No.3574591

This never happened, asshole.

585acddf No.3574601

T. You will NEVER get sex, virgin : )

e63e4fb0 No.3574608


No, asshole. I've had plenty of sex with humans and not horses. Brotip…you won't get a stallion to bust by physical stimulation alone,dumbass.

e63e4fb0 No.3574609

Let alone most are geldings.

585acddf No.3574627

Holy Hell. SHUT THE HELL UP! Nobody cares about that your parents kicked your head when you was born, Demon

acc63986 No.3574638

File: 1587655870369.png (1.32 MB, 1280x720, 1539489679.shinyiphone_hor….png)

allow the horse to eat you whole and freak out the horse owners.

bdda2d5d No.3574640

Anatomy, you are drunk. Go home!

d4dfa276 No.3574642

e63e4fb0 No.3574643

File: 1587665434730.jpg (34.1 KB, 499x500, 1514876365527.jpg)

I am the demon living in your head! Muhahahaha!

5b049fc3 No.3574655

File: 1587683477271.jpg (103.05 KB, 1080x1080, 6273e30ab5524bf681933e6c8f….jpg)

possess it a high demonic lord

585acddf No.3574661

File: 1587690057866.png (795.67 KB, 3282x2187, Untitled788_20200424002035.png)

It's ok. I think you're funny. You can stay in my thrad, sir

585acddf No.3574666

File: 1587704652968.png (826.02 KB, 3282x2187, Untitled794_20200424070454.png)

What…… ?

1e5480c1 No.3576989

File: 1590758257059.jpg (701.23 KB, 1480x800, 05.jpgEDBEDCE2-CF9C-4939-8….jpg)

220bdd04 No.3577065

File: 1590803822839.jpg (139.9 KB, 1007x1357, pink and tasty.jpg)

Gently wash where I intend to lick it. Lick it.

a5476875 No.3577067

File: 1590804224692.png (44.79 KB, 1000x800, 1590387856208.png)


do people have sex with horses ?

960c8223 No.3577093

File: 1590819471175.gif (1006.73 KB, 176x120, 1247712518020.gif)

Because its awesome? knowing that a large potentially dangerous critter is lifting its tail and thrusting back at you is a huge turn on, plus you can cum inside raw with no worries of creating hideous mutant babies that will empty your bank account, all your lover wants is an apple.

b2c26a8a No.3577129


Cucks are just mad they can't score a girlfriend to have sex with, and here folks are fucking animals. Doesn't matter anything else, they just don't want YOU having a good time without effort if THEY can't~!

1e5480c1 No.3577150

File: 1590881879689.jpg (159.43 KB, 960x714, 297321aeb8a5dd2edd182ed16c….jpg)

someone should request an anthro mare neighing on her fellow man knight rider being pregnant. the knight without his helmet should look sad shameful at her belly. I'M PREGNANT YOU THINK YOU WANT TO RIDE ME IN BATTLE *HORSE SOUNDS INTENSIFIES.

a0cda01d No.3577550

File: 1591072623824.jpg (121.34 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20200530_021859_291.jpg)

Teach a naval that sex is okay and they'll crave it. Some are relentless in seeking it, yet harmless. Others get aggressive and uncontrollable.

Case one, a horse stuffing its snout in your crotch like a dog for a sniff.

Case 1.5, a horse becoming erect and partially trying to mount you, or a mare flipping her tail up and backing up into you. (They'll back-walk right over you, or, pin you to a wall. 1200lb animal pressing back against you? Hard to breathe)

Case 2. The aggressive? Horses will fight other horses or other humans to gain your sole attention as they feel they are competition. (See:Furry Artist "Birds" and her dog wanting to attack their BF)

If you do it right, animals will learn about sex and also not kill you or others.

a0cda01d No.3577562

File: 1591074262597.jpg (50.48 KB, 600x600, didneyz.jpg)

Naval=Mammal. Autocorrect. Boo.

8eb96d1b No.3577868

File: 1591233618045.jpg (197.97 KB, 1200x841, 5b65f3b005745.image.jpg)

does Robert Lee ride a stallion or mare?
curious to see the horse statue genitals.

8eb96d1b No.3577869

File: 1591233789700.jpg (501.27 KB, 1200x1200, KFO08yQ.jpg)

Robert Lee rides a mare.

89f1d141 No.3577894

File: 1591252666416.png (175.48 KB, 566x484, dong.png)

looks more like a gelding to me, especially in the picture above

959cdb8a No.3578093

File: 1591412430123-0.png (3.05 MB, 1898x1071, 146eed8e2933781fab22837956….png)

959cdb8a No.3578094

File: 1591412689474-0.jpg (82.47 KB, 625x465, 971f2a275d9cd98445af50d18f….jpg)

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File: 1591557280867-0.jpg (1.54 MB, 2816x2112, cavallo dario (1).JPG)

File: 1591557280868-1.jpg (2.13 MB, 2816x2112, cavallo dario (7).JPG)

File: 1591557280868-2.jpg (1.59 MB, 2816x2112, cavallo dario (14).JPG)

File: 1591557280868-3.jpg (1.94 MB, 2816x2112, cavallo dario (9).JPG)


yes, it happened and I have about 15 pics to prove it

0c007dee No.3581979

File: 1594537536784.jpg (18.21 KB, 460x288, Horse_Flies.jpg)

> If you saw a horse. What would you do with it?

a5476875 No.3582987

why is it always fat ugly dudes

5b322362 No.3583003

File: 1595592013910-0.jpg (777.45 KB, 1200x1600, dario (21).jpg)

File: 1595592013910-1.jpg (1.96 MB, 2816x2112, dario (1).jpg)


I'm the guy in the pics sucking the horse's dick and these words hurt me :(

BTW I'm 170x85

f9e16e5d No.3583012


1 HP meets 800 HP´s


228854f9 No.3583013


d00d, wash your fucking asscrack first.

dfe229bf No.3583016


maybe it seems not clean, but it's only very hairy

a5476875 No.3583018

shave, clean up a bit and lose some weight

89f1d141 No.3583067

File: 1595649035859.jpg (367.43 KB, 1200x1600, 1529168645427.jpg)

what's the point if you have access to horse pussy?

it's not like the horse is going to care that you're fat if you're only riding it from behind anyway

03202977 No.3583082

File: 1595666106524.jpg (125.2 KB, 1280x790, aea3b5ccfa4d42ccad38b97d9d….jpg)

Tuna Flavored horse meat…

Monsanto done it again!

89f1d141 No.3583087

looks like someone smashed its head in with a hammer, that poor thing

dfe229bf No.3583090


easier said than done :((

I do walk and use my bike a lot but i also like to eat

228854f9 No.3583106


You'll be eating nothing but lab-grown textured meat-like protein in a few years, so yeah…you may have tuna flavor horse.

03202977 No.3584257

File: 1596868809181-0.jpg (129.71 KB, 1280x651, 1595886925.-soda-_balny5vn….jpg)

File: 1596868809181-1.jpg (354.53 KB, 1194x834, 1595885104.-soda-_rsvqdcxv….jpg)

horse riding a horse

f06c6451 No.3584261

Why did they lobotomize them??

3bd86849 No.3584268


And crispy bugs. Either caramel coated or as protein powder.

Thats where I will turn Vegan.

I wonder if that food will be forced upon Billionaries and Politicians / served in the diner for the Senators ?

We all know that answer dont we ?

03202977 No.3584351

File: 1596958667840.webm (1.01 MB, 720x720, c488ba000138ed47566480fde….webm)

Sing to it and it will sing back!

3bb57e90 No.3584354

File: 1596962467702.webm (634.39 KB, 240x240, 2 wasn't enough.webm)

ngl, I'm liking this particular take on [current meme]

b1eecc41 No.3584373

File: 1596994951878.png (9.83 KB, 1080x600, 1596387630875.png)

so give up on life and fuck horse ? have we reached taht point

6a5a7869 No.3584400

Is it possible for a human to insert their head inside a horse's anus? I mean horses take pretty wide shits so it might be possible. I'd like to insert my head up a horse's anus. I'd shave my head and bring lube to make insertion easier. Is it possible? Can it be done?

03202977 No.3584402

File: 1597031798412.jpg (14.57 KB, 182x268, MV5BYTNjNGM5OTktM2Q1Zi00YT….jpg)


your kidding, right?

8cdd2784 No.3584404

No. The width of the pelvis bone is the bottleneck to achieving this and it is not wide enough to accommodate a skull, even if it's an enormous horse.

03202977 No.3584405

File: 1597032357585.jpg (119.69 KB, 1000x750, 6dbacf9ee9862c80b6864e6876….jpg)


How big is your head? also find a pelvis bone and try it out!

03202977 No.3584406

File: 1597032654882.jpg (9.84 KB, 292x172, images.jpg)

cef7ded4 No.3584408



6a5a7869 No.3584409

File: 1597033702566.jpeg (315.25 KB, 1199x874, horseanus.jpeg)

Looked at some anatomical illustrations and it seems the pelvic bone opening is actually pretty deep inside the horse compared to where the anus is. Looks to be that the length of the rectum is beyond (caudal to) the pelvic opening.

8cdd2784 No.3584413

File: 1597037421243.png (223.66 KB, 329x356, ads.png)

OK since apparently this is rocket science:

The bottleneck is in the rear of the pelvis (the ischium) so who cares where the opening to the -pelvic floor- is? I didn't even say pelvic floor.

Blue is the approximate bottleneck before you even consider the fact that you'd need to produce enough force to squish their muscles aside (black circles) which you aren't going to do.

6a5a7869 No.3584414

But a human head is smaller than a newborn horse though (a foal) so how is that possible for them to get out? Also wouldn't the anus muscle iris open like a camera shutter, instead of needing to be 'squished aside'?

fd2cda4a No.3584417

This doesn't answer the question, but a human head can fit up an elephant's ass.


6a5a7869 No.3584418

Elephants aren't sexy though.

fd2cda4a No.3584419

True, but it's still entertaining to watch.

8cdd2784 No.3584421

>But a human head is smaller than a newborn horse though
No, the widest part of a newborn foal is about comparable to a human head.

I'm not going to further explain how vaginal birth is much different than an insertion into an anus, but the vagina for starters is in a lower position with more available width.

8cdd2784 No.3584422


4bdfe42a No.3584439

151 IQ, everyone

e63e4fb0 No.3584458

are you stupid or just pretending? fucking idiot.

bbf6ec24 No.3584461

File: 1597100078459.jpg (283.32 KB, 1559x1489, 016b6a9f050856e10cbaa8773b….jpg)

I'm around the same zone, I range between 130 and 136 depending on how sober I am. IQ really isnt a measure of intelligence, as much as your ability to process and potential though. I doubt LoH is a super genius, and even if he is hes a total failure as one.

bbf6ec24 No.3584463

Scratch that, technically it is a measure of intelligence, but not knowledge, experience, and wisdom.

6a5a7869 No.3584465

IQ tests measure how good you are at taking IQ tests.

bbf6ec24 No.3584473

Let's agree to disagree, depending on perspective IQ can mean almost nothing. Same with SAT and ACT scores depending on how you look at them

8cdd2784 No.3584480

IQ tests mean literally nothing if it wasn't administered to you as a child without warning. 130 as an adult is pretty much equivalaant to a clueless kid testing 100. Therefore, you are completely average for a white person.

How do people still not know this

>fuck he got me, better call him stupid

e63e4fb0 No.3584481

File: 1597117083979.png (221.15 KB, 663x528, 73115c03b2c68c3abd0ca6091e….png)

8cdd2784 No.3584482

File: 1597118885468.jpg (59.42 KB, 320x383, 1572677891108.jpg)

dc317d4c No.3584494

>IQ tests mean literally nothing if it wasn't administered to you as a child without warning.

My mother loves telling this story about how when I was a wee child she got called into my school because they thought I needed to be put in special classes. I had been ignoring my science teacher and drawing in class instead of paying attention.

My mother looked at me and asked, "Why aren't you paying attention in science class? You love science. What's wrong?" and I looked up from the comic book I was reading and said, "The teacher said atoms work like planets going around the sun. I don't think he even knows what an electron shell is." then went back to reading my comic book.

She said the principle was stunned. He had no idea my family was mostly medical professionals. I had gotten my first toy chemistry set at six.

Public school was my personal hell as a child. All those other kids struggled to get even basic ideas because their education stopped the moment they walked out of the school doors. The system often treats bored kids who are doing the bare minimum because they don't want to be in school as low IQ.

The difference between a future Trump supporter and a future Nobel prize winner is often hard to detect when kids are young and rebellious.

06340f45 No.3584495

File: 1597135849638.png (404.01 KB, 2800x1600, Atomic_orbitals_spdf_m-eig….png)

Yeah… I remember them telling us that in middle school and high school. They never said they "orbited the nucleus like planets orbit the sun" but the in all the diagrams the orbits were always circular.

Come to find out, that's not the case to all.

e63e4fb0 No.3584498

oh boy you sure showed them with your idiot savant skill..

bbf6ec24 No.3584500

I wasnt so lucky. My town had a special school for kids with disabilities, but the main school only had a special program for especially angry and disruptive kids. The normal classes were divided into an accelerated program, and a normal program.

I tested crazy high on the childhood aptitude test, but awful in just math. Turns out I have dysnumeria, the number equivalent of dyslexia. So it was always assumed I was awful at math, even though I eventually got an engineering degree. Still it was enough to tilt my score down to the regular class.

I was in trouble all the time for reading, doodling, and all that. I pretty much memorized all the text books by the first quarter. I'd ace nearly every test, but never turned in homework, so I was a c student. Until I got to high school and they did that no child left behind thing, then our grades were based on class participation, homework tests, and this weird thing were they gave you the final at the beginning of the course and your final score was based on how much better you did at the end of the course in comparison.

I usually got in the upper 90s on all the finals starting out, so I didnt pay attention or take notes, and still rarely did homework. I barely scraped by high school. Luckily my SAT scores were insane.

Fuck public school and their LCD grading system. I would have turned out so much better if I was challenged at all during those miserable 12 years.

In before steam story time

1b730862 No.3584509


Not to mention, especially in small towns (personal experience here,) the "sports stars" get most of the attention, best (or horniest) girls, even favoritism by school brass.

bbf6ec24 No.3584511

Ikr, my high school was like. An upside down wedding cake over a ravine with a stream below it… for reasons do not understand. Smallish town. There were exits on every floor and outside stairs leading to every other floor.

I was going down the stairs one day and ran into some jocks laughing and pushing my nerd friend into the ravine, punching and shoving him when be came back up. I confronted them and… got the shit kicked out of me. They left and we got "in school suspension" for 2 weeks, they just laughed and played their war ball games.

1b730862 No.3584512


Of course. Jocks always got favoritism.

But time and karma does catch up with them, I saw a jock guy I knew from high school recently, guy used to pick on me a lot.

Now, he's on wife #3, fat, diabetic and poor.

I didn't recognize him, but he recognized me.

And yes, he's still an absolute asshole.

bbf6ec24 No.3584514

Good for you, I had the satisfaction of knowing most of my assholes went to either jail or prison. Something about being violent, abusive, and drugs.

dc317d4c No.3584516

File: 1597155706094.jpg (26.72 KB, 613x640, He_Runs_So_Fast.jpg)

>Jocks got all the girls.

I figured that out the year just before I started high school so I spent all summer in the Gym and running. I had always enjoyed soccer so I had started off in pretty good shape but by the time I was a freshman I was rocking a beach bod. I never raised my hand in class. Never acted like I knew any answers to anything, just quietly took my tests and waited till almost everyone else was done before turning it in. Went out for the football team, ran track, dated so, so many thirsty, shallow girls.

It's a good life being a chad, if you're just pretending.

dc317d4c No.3584518

Contrary to what rumors in high school tell you, even the thirsty girls usually didn't go all in.

If you were a lonely incel back then you didn't miss much more than hand-jobs and head.

I only had actual intercourse a few times each with a few girls and oddly it was usually in the months just before we broke up.

In hindsight I can only guess that high-school girls have FOMO when it comes to sex. They gotta try it at least once with someone they like or maybe I was just bad at it? Everyone is pretty bad at it in high-school.

1b730862 No.3584530


Wouldn't you love to have seen a class reunion for the high school Bill Gates went to?

Bill Gates finds the jock asshole who picked on him a lot:

"I put a 3 million dollar media room into my 20 million dollar mansion just this year, what have you been doing with yourself Moose?"

"Uh…I get my name embroidered on my work shirt…"

1251f6c9 No.3584535

Bill had all his opportunities handed to him so he's exactly the type who'd show up to gloat about stuff he never earned

80292a8d No.3584544

Don't forget flat out stealing shit.

fb225de1 No.3585584

File: 1598090301647-0.png (994.85 KB, 916x1083, 1491166776.quicktron_epona….png)

File: 1598090301647-1.jpg (75.18 KB, 978x1280, 1560241834.vinnyvanyiffy_e….jpg)

File: 1598090301647-2.png (402.17 KB, 688x833, PngItem_4683670.png)

fb225de1 No.3585585

File: 1598090339870-0.jpg (97.89 KB, 640x1280, 1546632032.mykegreywolf_wo….jpg)

File: 1598090339870-1.jpg (92.51 KB, 640x1280, 1546631945.mykegreywolf_wo….jpg)

File: 1598090339870-2.jpg (181.9 KB, 920x1280, 1572893118.d0m0a_epona_ant….jpg)

File: 1598090339870-3.jpg (73.23 KB, 795x1200, EakKebnU0AAOKLO.jpg)

82436e09 No.3586285

File: 1598589580186.jpg (186.54 KB, 1078x504, unnamed.jpg)

c231fc17 No.3590025

File: 1601316146996-0.png (223.12 KB, 1400x1200, rarityunt.png)

File: 1601316146996-1.gif (1.55 MB, 1000x1750, 1554614176687_u18chan.gif)

File: 1601316146996-2.gif (2.48 MB, 1000x1750, 1554602629576_u18chan.gif)

File: 1601316146996-3.gif (1.8 MB, 1000x1750, 1554602629576_u18chan_u18c….gif)

c231fc17 No.3590030

File: 1601319532257.webm (470.4 KB, 1260x1080, rearity.webm)

c231fc17 No.3590042

File: 1601329121712-0.jpg (824.51 KB, 1920x1080, 4c5b2747a523607f2259f41306….jpg)

File: 1601329121712-1.jpg (654.42 KB, 1920x1080, e75bd597b18fcf1ddf84611d92….jpg)

File: 1601329121712-2.jpg (509.87 KB, 1920x720, 24b1a55c8026209a08a0173052….jpg)

File: 1601329121712-3.jpg (323.95 KB, 1280x1080, 75e428f2bff99dcf964ef03000….jpg)

File: 1601329121712-4.jpg (480.43 KB, 1920x720, fd23f461816d36deea2bbfb7aa….jpg)

Hello everyone!

Celestia and Luna has been finished and this will be my final work in progress for the updating on the mare/alicorn model. At this point I have gone through and implemented all the features I wanted for the female ponies, as well as solved all the bugs and errors I have encountered while trying out new things.

In the attachments there is a .zip file of 26 images. In the image set you can get a good look at the alicorns and their details such as fur textures, muscle definitions, hair, etc.

The rest of the files are related to topics discussed below.

I have mostly been active on the Discord server since I did my last Patreon post, where I have recieved lots of helpful feedback on my work in progress. Which have helped me finalize and improve the ponies.

What's next? Everything is now set up so that I am free to make new characters, image sets and animations. This will be polled so that I know whom of the Mane 6 and which animations you would like to see next.

c231fc17 No.3590043

File: 1601329701576-0.png (48.17 KB, 708x552, ba7b5183311eb45bdcae452695….png)

File: 1601329701576-1.jpg (496.33 KB, 1920x1080, 430a7e52f6826e0352e9f1115a….jpg)

File: 1601329701576-2.jpg (391.13 KB, 1920x1080, 07ca3e1ea0ab3008ad52e82fa9….jpg)

File: 1601329701576-3.jpg (439.25 KB, 1920x1080, cfb495b610ccb2e94ac2cf7b6c….jpg)

File: 1601329701576-4.jpg (108.01 KB, 1368x949, 847beeb9f4da9fbd267362f5e9….jpg)

095f3694 No.3590044

File: 1601329751456.jpg (6.17 MB, 5184x3456, d5885281f21ad62ce7cee2023f….jpg)

c231fc17 No.3590045

File: 1601330047067.jpg (45.66 KB, 720x512, 3380bf5decf57031c318d8ac4a….jpg)


if you fuck a horse, does it make this face?

c231fc17 No.3590047

File: 1601330216944-0.jpg (59.83 KB, 736x703, 1acfdf4dfdd4ce4aacbb211db3….jpg)

File: 1601330216944-1.jpg (18.8 KB, 307x265, horses-arse.jpg)

File: 1601330216944-2.jpg (14.21 KB, 239x246, horse_face02.jpg)

which of these pics are stallion or mare?

16b0dde0 No.3590073

File: 1601364114746.jpeg (11.92 KB, 224x224, cDc.jpeg)

_ _ _ _
((___)) ((___))
[ x x ] cDc communications [ x x ]
\ / presents… \ /
(` ') (` ')
(U) (U)

by The Raver

>>> A CULT Publication……1988 <<<


…Just when you thought you'd read all you could handle…

John woke up. It was always a hard thing for him to do. Groggily he
pulled the covers back and sat up. He rubbed his puffy eyes and looked at the
clock. Squinting to read the time, the clock said 7:15. He dragged himself
out of the bed. He had a long, hard day ahead of him….

After breakfast he slipped into his denim coveralls and donned his
"CAT" hat. John was, by trade, a rancher. But he supplemented his meager
earnings by slaughtering his livestock so that he could sell the cold meat to
Winn Dixie. With a sigh, John headed out to kill some cows.

When he got to the cattle pen he noticed an unusual thing. All of
the cows were crowded around one, exceptionally big cow. John stared in
amazement at the cow. She was, as I have said, quite a bit larger then the
other cows that thronged about her. John thought to himself that this fine
bovine specimen would bring him quite a bit of cash. So naturally, he
gathered up some of his hands and together they herded her into the slaughter-
house. While they did this they were continually plagued by the mooing of
the other cows.

16b0dde0 No.3590074

File: 1601364304771.jpg (37.44 KB, 320x480, 0be.jpg)

Finally when they had her in one of the slaughter pens, John dismissed
all of the hands so that they could attend to their other various and sundry
chores. John climbed up on the railings, dragging his trusty sledgehammer with
him. The head, covered with dried blood, was nicknamed "Cowbane" by John. He
then hopped over into the pen and petted the great cow to calm her. He then
hefted mighty "Cowbane". As the hammer rested high in the air, the cow mooed
very softly. The hammer came roaring downwards with a force that John knew
could not be shrugged off by any creature. The hammer impacted on the cow's
skull and splinters of bone shot forth in every direction. Blood spurted out
into the air in the dim light of the slaughterhouse. Gore and brain tissue
welled forth from the gaping cow. John nearly fell down when the cow turned
her head to him and mooed again. John stifled a yelp and brought the hammer of
death down again. More blood shot forth, covering him with a sticky crimson.
Again the cow mooed. John brought the hammer down again… and again….

The cow hit the ground with a heavy thud. By the time John was sure
that the cow was dead he let the hammer fall to his feet with a groan. He
wiped the gore off of his hands. As he shakily lit a Marlboro he heard a faint
mooing sound. He looked down at the cow. John staggered back, the lit
cigarette falling to the hay-covered floor. The cow twitched and began to lift
her great mass to her feet. It was a gruesome sight. The cow's head was
gaping with bloody holes and blood and tissue dripped from it. John screamed.
A single moo erupted from the cow's torn and bloody maw. John fell against the
railing, sweating profusely. From out in the cattle pen, John heard many moos
and the sound of shuffling hooves. The great cow mooed again and impaled John
in the stomach with part of her exposed spinal column. John screamed again.
Blood flowed. The cow gored John with vigorous intensity. The sound of mooing
filled the air. At last, the cow removed herself from John and he slid to the

16b0dde0 No.3590075

File: 1601364431276.jpg (3.65 KB, 252x252, 6a00d834515ae969e20240a471….jpg)

There was a slight crackling sound and a small column of smoke rose
forth from where John had earlier dropped his Marlboro. A patch of flame
appeared and danced in the dim light. The cow struck John in the face with one
of her front hooves. The sound of cracking bones accompanied the gurgling
sounds of flowing blood. The cow mooed. The flames roared forth.

(c)1988 cDc communications by The Raver 3/27/88-61
All Rights Worth Shit

ba95d37b No.3590082

File: 1601380488183.jpg (18.16 KB, 308x246, vzvwd.jpg)

6128b25b No.3590091

wtf is this wall of text? you nigger.

6809c9a0 No.3590107

All equines except donkeys need to be made into glue

cef7ded4 No.3590108

File: 1601410234936.png (2.25 MB, 2317x3148, f85d6255478931ecc3ddd9236e….png)


You're making a real ass of yourself.

84db0902 No.3592311

File: 1603252489134.jpg (87.51 KB, 570x800, 1833202_orig.jpg)

He touch the butt.

c036c7e4 No.3592323


I would give it an apple.

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