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File: 1597776161045.jpg (5.49 KB, 267x189, frenchtoast.jpg)

ce19d348 No.3585209

French Toast!


ce19d348 No.3585242

BTW, this year around Thanksgiving, Brach's candy is going to have out bags of Thanksgiving dinner-flavored candy corn.

This is real, Not satire or a joke.

ff80bb0e No.3585244

Jones soda regularly comes out with thanksgiving dinner flavored drinks.

cd26ca31 No.3585247

File: 1597812738428.jpg (75.31 KB, 800x450, qWLmeLrBEaolXcJ-800x450-no….jpg)

They quit making Savannah Smiles because it promoted Southern culture or something.

d21ed3b5 No.3585248

File: 1597814788398.png (384.5 KB, 1400x1600, gimme samoa dat pussy.png)

french toast flavored cunny?

i'll buy a box

c8b66be0 No.3585250

I'm the biggest whore for girl scout cookies but unless I run into them in front of walmart I can never buy any. I used to buy the cheese popcorn from boy scouts out of sympathy, but I'm pretty certain they've all been castrated at this point.

Still, not going to lie French toast cookies sound amazing. Whatever lucky mini wench who finds me will probably get the French toast, three of those coconut chocolate things, and another three of those minty do dads.

6192b50c No.3585267

File: 1597831905902.jpg (72.96 KB, 770x648, juliette-low-girl-scouts.jpg)

It's true!

Savannah Georgia is home of Girl Scouts.

ce19d348 No.3585273


I tried it a few years ago, it was good!

Little odd of course, but yes, it was goo.

547bf5be No.3585281

File: 1597871882770.png (319.53 KB, 579x483, oBXA4KVMJ1.png)

8469f212 No.3591662

File: 1602635216859.gif (43.63 KB, 344x756, cookies.gif)

67af5c01 No.3591668

File: 1602636645446.jpg (158.1 KB, 600x600, medium.jpg)



Holy shit! Steam, you were 3 years old at that time! XD

2724e499 No.3591670

thats great,asshole. that story was so amazing!!!! can you tell it to us again??

e751b1f4 No.3591671

File: 1602638791410.jpg (348.79 KB, 669x1042, safest.jpg)

Here we have James M. Hardiman attempting to draw Bullet Soup's character, Ambrosia. Totally different style! Proof that Hardiman and Bullet Soup are different people. :-)

67af5c01 No.3591683

File: 1602648271835.gif (57.5 KB, 880x768, TROPHY.GIF)

0dc8a8e1 No.3591690

File: 1602655067186.jpg (454.03 KB, 1700x2000, 1481856_TanukiArts_yasha_b….jpg)

c8b66be0 No.3591702

Honestly, it was pretty impressive that he had the foresight to have somone post a few unrleased Bullet Soup pics after he died. He still wasn't fooling anyone though, but post mortem trolling gets my respect

b336a278 No.3591704

File: 1602670116851.jpg (386.59 KB, 946x1082, james m hardiman and the e….jpg)

Hardiman did have a sense of humor.

c6554e77 No.3591735

File: 1602679242369.jpg (182.84 KB, 650x874, Penance won't take no.jpg)

67af5c01 No.3591781

File: 1602714624273.gif (5.43 MB, 600x975, 38567.gif)

8ab24a08 No.3591790

File: 1602724777814.jpg (417.75 KB, 2152x1650, 2381845_MadameBottom_sheep….jpg)

8ab24a08 No.3591895

File: 1602831538227.jpg (101.54 KB, 1228x941, 1876028_Ishoka_skippy_snac….jpg)

4ff501d0 No.3592182

File: 1603095410555.jpg (97.57 KB, 850x638, b64dd64d305ebb23ff373f73c7….jpg)

1a0cb044 No.3592343

File: 1603297918333.jpg (16.51 KB, 480x360, Amiga.jpg)


https://youtu.be/Ho9TbIbtIUY?t=180 to skip the scene with the furry Girl scout.

4072eb9d No.3592566

File: 1603511544045.jpg (698.37 KB, 2550x3507, sexy_girl_scout.jpg)

d86cfcd3 No.3592568

File: 1603512017548.png (14.28 KB, 400x400, 177813 - Smoke Yang Yin Yi….png)

what ever happened to the create of those animations. I hear rumors for years that he was having sex with the tiger guys and when crazy working for Disney

ca13a38f No.3595336

File: 1606289934956.jpg (359.48 KB, 1685x1464, liontaro_scannen0002kopie.jpg)

4ff501d0 No.3596983

File: 1607936960468.jpg (485.29 KB, 2080x1424, 1358186_Mizzyam_1070c-sher….jpg)

61086619 No.3605287

File: 1614018431452.jpg (418.64 KB, 1778x2396, 2536940_VioletEchoes_cooki….jpg)

bfbfd82e No.3611477

File: 1618289212885.jpg (247.53 KB, 1234x1066, 507c7d012c74c1668076f35a58….jpg)

9d1d330b No.3611479

File: 1618289867281.jpg (196.04 KB, 1142x1280, 1539679310.bally-vhern_pha….jpg)

It would be hilarious if it was a pizza cookie delivery.

0579e1d6 No.3612051

File: 1618886675116.jpg (397.56 KB, 1563x2131, bd9d8fbb505c38bac1c4e915c6….jpg)

4b8fe3f8 No.3612391

File: 1619226302496.jpg (259.69 KB, 1391x1904, 83efacaf5541e7d56def6135ba….jpg)

d4a94a3d No.3617739

File: 1624067958171.png (641.02 KB, 920x711, 1453701525706.png)

675798b7 No.3624744

File: 1630476034197.png (869.42 KB, 920x782, cfbb3fae77cadff2104f9cd6b6….png)

a6f572df No.3626552

File: 1632194670833.jpg (170.25 KB, 1560x1056, 2615470_TayFerret_girl_sco….jpg)

e17d0781 No.3633407

File: 1637232866726.jpg (396.56 KB, 1600x1500, 1239875_LobaDeLaLuna_girl_….jpg)

ff04667a No.3633409

File: 1637234435673.jpg (35.36 KB, 500x370, 5aa7a08d3217bbdb95b6b361d4….jpg)

6c197b3a No.3633523


Anyone who wanna eat them Cookies are boderline-Pedos!

8dc4ab51 No.3637454

File: 1639386391178.jpg (105.49 KB, 729x1022, roemuba4hl3zsa6bhtqj732exp….jpg)

997f9175 No.3639158

File: 1640517606937.jpg (894.93 KB, 3150x2328, eyjrv7t7hgpwluwupnf7fcvfoo….jpg)

76bfe93b No.3645899

File: 1644455334970.jpg (190.2 KB, 894x1080, 1941649_Karmandel_maria_le….jpg)

e7ad44a3 No.3645924

Lol where I live they called them brownies not girl scouts.

48763e60 No.3650526

File: 1647209100514.jpg (775.69 KB, 2159x3588, 3916279_tolpain_youre_into….jpg)

e8ca860d No.3650563

Because of the supply chain problems the supply of girl scout cookies will be limited this year so the parents of the scouts have been buying them all then reselling them for a mark up online.

Capitalism baby!

7553f1fc No.3650613

File: 1647270194541.jpg (34.1 KB, 499x500, 1514876365527.jpg)

I got kicked out of cub scouts….because I ate a brownie!

7553f1fc No.3650614

File: 1647270365831.jpg (185.14 KB, 1168x1280, 26b9a2f.jpg)

the only cookie we all want is…FORTUNE COOKIE!

7dfb3964 No.3650624

File: 1647280042448.png (5.48 MB, 3000x3177, 843dc6723fefa01b32bf5bc426….png)

at least dog is the lesser of two evils
if you get a really smart one it's not that different from a really dumb girl

ea999440 No.3660523

File: 1656090282177.jpg (867.75 KB, 3280x2470, 3237404_Meowmere_girlscout.jpg)

e957d796 No.3660524

If only those Girl Scouts had fortune cookies

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