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Want to discuss about your dreams that is beyond real?

I appeared at some house with some friend I don't know could be a party. A woman with a bit of African nationality around her age 17 - 19 her skin was a bit light or dark started to walk up to me and started talking about me she wanted me to ask her questions anything, I said this without regret. "Are you gender neutral? Do you prefer to be called her, him, or it?" She started to walk near me and said "what was the question?" I started back off. "I did'nt mean to offend you maa'm" The woman have sort or scissors as a weapon appeared on her hand. Some random cop appeared telling the woman to put down the weapon. "I begged her that I didn't mean to offend you by asking questions." The woman started to stab me a bit. I had my head down on the ground. as the cop took the woman away. I crawled up to some bedroom and saw my brother covered in blood that is stained on a the wall. How is it possible that I got stabbed and my brother got blood stains that is covered on the wall that he's sitting next to. My bro said "She got you didnt she?" I just woke up. And I said the moral to the story is never ask offending questions or your going to get stabbed and your bro will bleed and stain the walls.
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7107a5e5 No.3619428

This sounds like the world we live in.

ab83031f No.3619433


I like how the story ended. It made me smile.

4542648e No.3619434

No, John, you are the demons. And then John was a zombie.

8bcc78fc No.3619449

..sometimes, i don't believe i know you.

9a5e8c7f No.3619456

Want to discuss about my realities that is beyond dream?

You appeared at some house with some furiend I don't know could be a party. A man with a bit of African nationality around his age 71 - 91 his skin was a bit light or dark started to walk up to me and started talking about me she wanted me to ask her questions anything, I said this without regret. "Are you gender neutral? Do you prefer to be called her, him, or it?" She started to walk near me and said "what was the question?" I started back off. "I did'nt mean to offend you maa'm" The woman have sort or scissors as a weapon appeared on her hand. Some random cop appeared telling the woman to put down the weapon. "I begged her that I didn't mean to offend you by asking questions." The woman started to stab me a bit. I had my head down on the ground. as the cop took the woman away. I crawled up to some bedroom and saw my brother covered in blood that is stained on a the wall. How is it possible that I got stabbed and my brother got blood stains that is covered on the wall that he's sitting next to. My bro said "He got you didnt he?" You just wake up. And I said the ethic to the reality is never ask offending questions or your going to get stabbed and your bro will bleed and stain the walls.

812a2ace No.3619530

so did u get any pussy?

4c8b0cbb No.3619544

File: 1625909464721.jpg (398.29 KB, 1600x1600, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

I thought this was a dream, until it's a show! Adults are cruel to this day.

1fc49f0d No.3619636

File: 1625982720894.jpg (15.16 KB, 480x360, Cyrus.jpg)


3ea62677 No.3619647

lol did this guy kill himself yet

1fc49f0d No.3620318


I support this goy's choice of suicide

aa974458 No.3620330

Are we talking freaky weird or just insane weird. Cause I got 2 I can share. Lets start with the insane one

So I dreamed I was at a baseball game cant remember the teams and as I am watching the game this crazy Arab fan from opposing team got into an arguement with me which led to the guy chasing me all the way to the parking lot and ended with him chucking a scimitar at my back as I'm running only for me to die in my dreams with a sword through my chest.

Second is the freaky one. It contains aliens and weird sex

So I'm dreaming about exploring the city I'm standing in a back alley and from out of nowhere this gigantic dog like alien with a butt for a face but when it opened its mouth sorta like predator style it had this gigantic tongue the thing bounds over to me I get startled and fall onto my ass and the creature proceeded to rip my pants off and gave me the weirdest head imaginable. Then it became a loyal companion.
Not much else to the dream I can remember but hey at least it wasn't boring lol

9a5e8c7f No.3620353

File: 1626634416666.png (516.05 KB, 600x930, Screen Shot 2021-07-18 at ….png)


b56c80a0 No.3621809

File: 1628069575102-0.jpg (28.05 KB, 740x370, Hama-Avatar-the-Last-Airbe….jpg)

File: 1628069575102-1.jpg (15.18 KB, 487x361, DcbzGhLXcAAtzHv.jpg)

File: 1628069575102-2.jpg (93.04 KB, 800x533, space-power-station.jpg)

File: 1628069575102-3.jpg (127.49 KB, 1778x999, 56034f792000002600242fd7.jpg)

File: 1628069575102-4.jpg (114.09 KB, 800x600, 800wm.jpg)

Had a dream about killing someone who I hate I release small particles of nanobots onto that person to attack his nervous system use my hands to flesh bend his/her neurons to twist themselves to death as for the lungs it continues to expand and suffocate them unconscious. I keep twisting him/her into a fleshcube, there is a lot of blood. It was all too real. What a terrifying weapon.

b56c80a0 No.3621810

File: 1628069991786-0.jpg (129.73 KB, 1920x1080, DARPA-N3-Concept-Art-brain….jpg)

File: 1628069991786-1.jpg (138.75 KB, 1024x724, Nanotechnology-risk-1024x7….jpg)

File: 1628069991786-2.jpg (79.51 KB, 1600x900, nanorobots.jpg)

I dont' know what's it called biohacking?
Chemicals just burn, Viruses just infect, Radiation just long term decay, nanobots are full control and a quick painful death.

ce808aab No.3621823

a72ca76e No.3621872

>nanobots are full control

Nanobots are the size of molecules, which makes them closer to chemicals and viruses. You can't build a robot when you barely have enough atoms to make a couple transistors.

Think about it.

812a2ace No.3621874

nanobots can basically make you into animorphs by manipulating DNA production however they want and mixing it with the amino acid programming of a cell to just turn you into a dog.

80ad49a2 No.3621897

Nanobots are objects on the scale of 1 nanometer. That's about 8 or 9 hydrogen atoms big. They do not have mechanical parts, they are man-made molecules that move and do stuff only by having chemical reactions with other molecules.

They're not tiny spaceships or robot insects flying around in your veins. Nanobots are engineered chemical reactions, and they don't carry enough information to "manipulate DNA" any more than a virus could.

80ad49a2 No.3621898

The simplest known living cell has 473 genes. The average spacing between each gene is 0.34 nm so the whole genome is a string of atoms about 160 nm long. Genes group in threes to form codons, which are the basic instruction words of DNA, so the simplest organism has about 157 genetic instructions in its DNA.

Think about it like a computer program that has only 157 assembly instructions and nothing else. How complex a robot do you think you could make with that? Remember that the instructions must include a routine to make copies of itself, because otherwise the nanobots would not survive in the chemical environment of your body. They have to copy faster than they break down.

812a2ace No.3621912

"manifold proteins" can turn you into a dog and force your cells to watch lion king.

cc7c9f60 No.3621913

A gene is not one pair of nucleus acid, it can takes several thousands, hence the length ain't just 160nm long.

80ad49a2 No.3621921

That's right. My bad.

>Pelagibacter ubique is one of the smallest known free-living bacteria, with a length of 370 to 890 nm and an average cell diameter of 120 to 200 nm. They also have the smallest free-living bacterium genome: 1.3 Mbp, 1354 protein genes, 35 RNA genes.

The smallest living bacteria needs 1.3 million DNA base pairs to work. Of course that's all folded up into a tiny ball. Still, goes to show that if you want something more complex than bacteria, you can't really go any smaller than bacteria.

8bcc78fc No.3621954

Rediculous, just augment a long cilia and you can have as much as you need for whatever you want barring physical limitations. Exploiting length via permeability, changing its own complexity and commands through extended measure.

They would be assortedly working for themselves and cellular properties. A symbiotic engine for telling other pieces what to do, it would ride the lightning so to speak and bio-electrics form extra circuits fyi, it would look like a small velcro patch that works with surface or chemical. Like a reactive twin brain designed to adapt to you. It would work you know it would don't say its a bad idea its not 'Akira'.

53ef4da0 No.3624017

File: 1629945794274.jpg (7.52 KB, 168x299, images.jpg)

on a bed standing in a hallway saw a girl in a shadow long hair wooshes in front of me and start screaming in static not sure if that was intended to destroy my eardrums. tried to turn my head around to ignore her. and woke up.

8bcc78fc No.3624021

oh fuck its the trannie ghost

53ef4da0 No.3624351

File: 1630248044427.png (87.83 KB, 1140x900, vymqkj2fuh651.png)

Not a fucked up dream but I had a dream that I was posting online and saw this squirrel maid character.


Getting banned on e621 for no reason but as I checked the status she was banned for being politically incorrect and it represents black oppression.
Wtf she's just an anthropomorphic squirrel. What's even scary about this dream is that e621 being far anti racist banning all things that are racist from their site, the dream is surreal. I woke up and ask my self is this going to happen?

174c76ed No.3624376

File: 1630259057220.png (577.28 KB, 1925x1208, Banned.png)


I had an e621 account since early 2020 & I rarely comment. 2 weeks ago a e621 Moderator called: "Knotty Curls" banned my account for me vote disliking a post they typed. I even sent an email asking to be unbanned with no reply back.

Bottom line is don't use e621 the website is shit , the mods powertrip & IP ban all users for no reason. e621 also removes most content so you are better off using other websites anyways.

I have moved to inkbunny, pixiv which are both better websites.

You can see a list of pointless admin ban reasons below:


53ef4da0 No.3624395

File: 1630261032147.jpg (97.08 KB, 800x600, 800px-Eastern_Grey_Squirre….jpg)


what makes it even worse is that it has the name (Sciurus niger)


Black squirrels are a melanistic subgroup of squirrels with black coloration on their fur. The phenomenon occurs with several species of squirrels, although it is most frequent with the eastern gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) and the fox squirrel (Sciurus niger). Black morphs of the eastern gray and fox squirrels are the result of an abnormal pigment gene. Several theories have surfaced as to why the black morph occurs, with some suggesting that the black morph is a selective advantage for squirrels inhabiting the northern ranges of the species, with the black-fur providing a thermal advantage over its non-melanistic counterpart.

53ef4da0 No.3624396

File: 1630261455856.jpg (8 KB, 299x168, spaceoutpost.jpg)

Well I had to make sure that I use more than 1-2 furry sites I had to use 6 or more hidden furry sites, to back up furry porn including dropbox and mega and offline hardrives and USBs hence the name operation outpost. Once establish and have enough income I could build it into investing it to a archival citadel.

63b959cd No.3624401

E621 is irretrievably ruined. The Permanent Booru was created as a replacement.

6483857d No.3625227

File: 1630952976562.png (133.22 KB, 900x1074, PBF160-The_Dreamcatcher300….png)

9a5e8c7f No.3625229

File: 1630954478038-0.png (50.62 KB, 1388x180, Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at ….png)

File: 1630954478038-1.png (61.2 KB, 806x168, Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at ….png)

File: 1630954478038-2.jpeg (74.77 KB, 1200x1200, photo_2021-09-06 05.06.51.jpeg)

Mods can't be THAT ba-….

…what the fuck?


68519b7a No.3625233

i got my 10 year old account banned for making fun of trannies.
i mean, i immediately went and made another, but that was pretty shitty of them.

sadly there's no better place to get furry porn files with good metadata on them.

6145ce86 No.3625235

To be fair, these people do need some fucking help.

9cc26e95 No.3628555

File: 1633679649949.jpg (867.68 KB, 2048x1153, external-content.duckduckg….jpg)

Playing some Wolfenstein but then I realize I was not playing a game in VR it was real! assistant suicide a nazi doctor or some surgeon gave me two shots the big one to numb me down and the little one to put me in a deep sleep. I woke up!

378e852c No.3630994

File: 1635348892060-0.jpg (24.21 KB, 256x341, Tony_the_Tiger_(Kellogg's_….jpg)

File: 1635348892060-1.jpg (64.17 KB, 550x367, secret-pizza.jpg)

Tony tiger hides a secret pizza restaurant at his the gym. False awakened at Tony Tiger's gym room looked around while he was sleeping there, I snuck around a bit that had a hidden pizza restaurant I could smell it opened some doors that were back and peeking though door window and saw a waiter serving pizza I sat down suddenly the door slammed open, it was Tony the tiger he was pissed off at me for sneaking in his secret pizza restaurant, I nervously say that I was a customer and he stormed out. *Phew*

378e852c No.3630996

Ahh another person with a pizza dream. Interesting!

378e852c No.3631176

File: 1635494419960.jpg (111.09 KB, 866x1390, man-with-a-dangerous-bag-o….jpg)

Remember around 1993 dreamed about having a trash bag placed on my face and shouting Aiya… Aiya… suddenly woke up… It could be a warning that I could get abducted…

e2525f82 No.3631186


Nah, your Mexican drug cartel Clone just got murdered with a bag over his head. Thats quite normal.

59b5a773 No.3631192

File: 1635518033188.jpg (168.28 KB, 1500x1120, 180010816.jpg)

be63e0d0 No.3632671

File: 1636815420258.jpg (75.72 KB, 1200x804, heart-attack-risk.jpg)

“Healthy people's hearts are usually more than able to handle the stress of even the most frightening dream.” If someone is at risk for a heart attack because of high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking or other factor, Dr. Aronson says a nightmare could potentially trigger an attack, especially in the morning hours.

it's not healthy to live with someone that you despised when you are stuck with with medical bills and have early signs of diabetes resulting in PTSD and a lack of sleep would make things worse. I found someone fell on the floor at a work body is malnourished, had to call the paramedics to take her in critical condition, status is unknown.

39e3ec41 No.3634882

File: 1638080486609.jpg (5.45 KB, 225x225, nigababy.jpg)

Trying to take a nap, and had this dream that my aunt had adopted a niglet he was making a mess in aunt's house and I had to clean it up the niglet was pissed off for clean up the house as the little brat started to trash talk as he throw a toys at me, I started to grab the ungrateful fugga and give him a good beating. I woke up starting to call aunt that are ya planning to adopt a child?

4dd9721e No.3637585

File: 1639428071535.png (1.61 MB, 1666x1174, BH.png)

A feeling of having our precious planet earth being destroyed while witnessing your last moments then suddenly it is all gone. Had a dream of Nasa streaming live that James Webb saw a fast moving stars getting closer the earth too is getting engulf from a strong gravity anomaly it was getting dark as the house shook into abyss, that is some scary stuff there.

812a2ace No.3637619


Sounds like a monkey brained fear of the unknown, how do you have dreams of cosmic proportions when you don't even 'visually substitute' having nukes as the eminent world ending threat. A nuclear threat is such a peaceful dream.

08cbe78b No.3637622

File: 1639446106804.jpg (14.38 KB, 201x251, freddy.jpg)


bddf8cd3 No.3649479

File: 1646319872337-0.jpg (386.54 KB, 1134x1500, 2500x1500.jpg)

File: 1646319872337-1.jpg (337.12 KB, 1081x1120, Ychan - c - snuff - snuff.jpg)

File: 1646319872337-2.jpg (603.04 KB, 1754x1241, Ychan - c - snuff - 87286.jpg)

This is a fresh dream, I went to sleep and start waking up in a false awakening in a different room. I got up to open the room door it was a hotel full of random furries dragons, foxes, various types of avian hybrids the usual. I looked around the con it was dazzling with satisfying lights. I saw a deer it was Tirrel. I started to have a conversation with him about the war in Ukraine. I said, "What do you think is happening there at Ukraine?" "Does not affect us at all." We both stroll down the hall and started to hear shots fired. There are Russian soldiers storming the rooms in the hotel. I grab Tirrel's arm and warn the furries in the ballroom. All the furries laughed but Tirrel marched to the stage and suddenly gave all the furries guns fire arms to shoot at the Russian soldiers. "Remember, no Russian!" Tirrel shouted. The Russian soldiers arrived they don't have fire arms they started to beg the furries on their knees not to shoot. The Russian soldiers announce there is an alien invasion coming to earth you must evacuate the ballroom. We got out and saw the aliens running at us as the furries started to shoot at aliens. Tirrel said to follow him to his monster truck to run over the aliens but suddenly the truck started to sink into a deep black void. I woke up.

812a2ace No.3649520

Yeah, you are pretty much fucked if this happens, we are just fucking dead and we will be reversed birthed by it into another nightmare.

812a2ace No.3649534

Here is a dream I didn't right it down but it was as lucid as reality and this happened like a week and a half ago. But this guy was setting me up to live in a house honestly the house was completely furnished and he acted like he lived there and was planting the idea I lived there to. All houses to me look the same but anyway the issue was he hid in this room, and would pop out a little suggestion like "Oh hey hope you are ready for the next stage" It was like he was living in a sonic world where things just change-over. And I knew he was right but I already had to go fast because it was sonic. It was the human version and I ignored him but he was right, and the so I knew I would be drafted into a lobby and forced into "escaping" a sonic maze world of his house but It was fucking cringe at the same time because it was regular life. And he strangely looked now that I think about it he looked just like polybius and honestly he was a cool dood but the implications taking place were like some breaking bad shit.

7011e7e3 No.3654336

File: 1650396179856-0.jpg (575.27 KB, 2560x1707, 20210513-20210513-DSC09813….jpg)

File: 1650396179856-1.jpg (976.61 KB, 2048x2048, 4cbfacc3f6fb3d74b19bb2843a….jpg)

File: 1650396179856-2.jpg (541.55 KB, 1920x1080, 42e06f6fee485b140a0edbdbe0….jpg)

File: 1650396179856-3.jpg (770.31 KB, 2048x2048, a8054cabc78811e83541ace89b….jpg)

File: 1650396179856-4.jpg (1.31 MB, 2048x2048, cb02e74d7884f9ba490b01e43c….jpg)

Had dream of this fox that trapped in a bathroom either top or bottom it was arousing fun. :I

7011e7e3 No.3654337

File: 1650396489036-0.webm (2.89 MB, 1080x1080, cf7286474c5e1e456d118f378….webm)

File: 1650396489036-1.jpg (144.29 KB, 2000x2000, 2961533aa098ad4daf29a7e593….jpg)

File: 1650396489036-2.png (1.89 MB, 1660x1700, e2b220595939a839ff112391cd….png)

The sex sound real and it sounded of *plaping*

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