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I'm here looking for Poly. Has anyone seen him?

e39935c6 No.3601139

Yeah, he's around. He's been using his cellphone to post with, because his internet is out or something.

6f35d696 No.3601141

last time I talked to him, he was wanting to get a silicone ass implication. So he might have died.

d2b54f71 No.3601150

Yeah, I haven't been posting much. First when the roommates moved out they took the router. We had gotten a new one but a week later the battery in my laptop died. Even with the charger the damn thing only stays on for like five minutes. I went by repair place earlier today and scheduled an appointment on the 24. It's one of those laptops where the battery is burried in the machine. So I've been posting from my phone.

>>3601141 The Fuck are you talking about? I never said anything 9f the sort.

6f35d696 No.3601156

File: 1611390100047.png (146.33 KB, 360x360, asdljksad;lf.png)

How could this go wrong, im at least giving inferior Steam some back story.

f954a17a No.3601157


I was unsure Poly was going to survive having that 322lb tumor was removed. He had grown so attached to it.

d2b54f71 No.3601159

I would never do implants. Too expensive. Too invasive.
I do stuff my clothes sometimes.

a95ece45 No.3601160

File: 1611392833957.jpg (199.66 KB, 1280x1257, r-mk_scolipede_butt.jpg)

Instead of silicon butt implants maybe he could opt for a complete cybernetic butt instead – likely based on this


01d6985f No.3601511

File: 1611648685579.png (223.51 KB, 258x591, 1308718644.aufybunny_roxik….png)

Well, it's good to know you are okay! I've been wanting to talk to you. Get with me on discord sometime when you get the chance.

f9b91b93 No.3601630

File: 1611737133521.jpg (697.04 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_20210127_034332_8.jpg)

Word. I'll be around more when my computer comes back from the shop.
Hey, Check out our microwave.

1b7e7f94 No.3601637

if its not a turntable its trash nostaligaware

f9b91b93 No.3601646

It's got a turn table.

01d6985f No.3602237

My folks got a new microwave recently. It works pretty good.

6f35d696 No.3602239

I got a new microwave myself, its mounted over my stove like a real man does it.

bdba616c No.3602244

File: 1611987937814.jpg (2.73 MB, 4592x3056, PamperchuMicrowave.jpg)

aaa4ae44 No.3607189

It's been a while, Poly. Hope you get your stuff back soon. Your suit vids were pretty fun. Also I added your discord too. I sent you a message on FA but I figured here was better to catch you.

960eabf8 No.3607355

File: 1614938291572.jpg (235.6 KB, 834x1280, 1494061434.sammfeatbluehea….jpg)

Has anyone seen Ultros? I lost his webpage. description: birb with a bible and mask.

960eabf8 No.3607360

File: 1614944305153-0.jpg (559.41 KB, 4096x2460, Ychan - m - bird - 140079.jpg)

File: 1614944305153-1.jpg (972.85 KB, 4096x3072, Ychan - m - bird - 140197.jpg)

File: 1614944305153-2.jpg (813.62 KB, 5120x7488, Ychan - m - bird - 140319.jpg)

Cant find Ultros anywhere.

960eabf8 No.3607361

File: 1614944915752-0.png (3.16 MB, 1106x1332, Ychan - r - what converted….png)

File: 1614944915752-1.jpg (176.8 KB, 602x803, main-qimg-98749e5c9f0bb4ed….jpg)

I was searching for Anthro Bird Bible and found this!

960eabf8 No.3607441

File: 1614950375112.jpg (300.22 KB, 2048x1152, 1543867871964.jpg)

I found this… but googled failed to find the owner of the image…

960eabf8 No.3607450

File: 1614951956942-0.png (30.56 KB, 600x800, ultrosfanartcreepz (2).png)

File: 1614951956942-1.png (33.29 KB, 800x2000, ultrosfanartcreepz (1).png)

File: 1614951956942-2.png (49.6 KB, 2000x800, ultrosfanartcreepz (3).png)

File: 1614951956942-3.png (71.41 KB, 800x2000, ultrosfanartcreepz (4).png)

File: 1614951956942-4.png (91.05 KB, 800x2000, ultrosfanartcreepz (5).png)

Found this…

960eabf8 No.3607455

File: 1614954435351-0.jpg (136.15 KB, 473x1969, give me ultros (1).jpg)

File: 1614954435351-1.jpg (459.73 KB, 704x2000, give me ultros (2).jpg)

960eabf8 No.3607456

File: 1614954710632.jpg (114.4 KB, 800x657, [email protected])

aaa4ae44 No.3607479

Anyone have any of Poly's pornhub vids?

17bb269b No.3607482

File: 1614980044822.png (530.33 KB, 800x582, Foreclosure_of_a_Dream.png)

What's up, I ate Yully.

17bb269b No.3607483

17bb269b No.3607484

File: 1614980142044.png (48.32 KB, 800x1000, countdown_to_extinction-1.png)

Oh yeah, secret Yully art

17bb269b No.3607485

File: 1614980156641.png (65.43 KB, 800x1200, countdown_to_extinction-2.png)

17bb269b No.3607486

File: 1614980178251.png (51.84 KB, 800x1200, countdown_to_extinction-3.png)

17bb269b No.3607490

File: 1614982262787-0.png (357.8 KB, 800x1222, 1.png)

File: 1614982262787-1.png (369.34 KB, 800x1394, 2.png)

Welp, time to start a rebellion and eat my enemies! Brb.

3d2d9609 No.3607535

Interesting images.

6f35d696 No.3607557

File: 1615013638925.jpg (75.39 KB, 1280x720, dark shadow.jpg)

I really wish Heleos took me up on my commission offer, I wouldn't mind having a weird pic like that up on my wall.

I offered him a few hundred dollars.

6f35d696 No.3607558

during he corona meltdown, i thought 300 plus paying for material was more than fair, but apparently not. I was going to buy him a full set of prisma markers.

6f35d696 No.3607559

Helios wanted something like 900, plus materials, a little over my price range. Especially when artists were kinda whoring themselves out.

962beb7c No.3607560

he turned that down?

6f35d696 No.3607561

I offered him even more, I offered to have him as my art bitch for a few months and offered him a monthly 4500. He still turned me down, saying it "it wasn't worth his trouble"

6f35d696 No.3607562

he's either rich or stupid as hell, no idea.

8c718489 No.3607645

Yeah like millions of videos got purged off Pornhub for some reason. I think mine were too. It's been a skosh hectic around here we're moving a couple people in. Once I get Romi caught up on the rent for the couple weeks I was unemployed, and have some money put back, I might be headed to back to Savannah.

All the videos are on my hard drive which I don't have access to atm.

38d80ba3 No.3607664


Maybe both. The best of two worlds

f909ec40 No.3607691

File: 1615079428236.jpg (2.73 MB, 3984x2988, 20210225_174009.jpg)

Steam is lying about everything. He stalked me, tried to black mail me into sex and started to threaten me before I cut myself off from him. As far as I'm concerned, he's my bitch. Nobody will ever put up with an abusive, mentally ill drunk who creeps on people because he can't function as a normal person.

960eabf8 No.3607694

File: 1615081704979.png (24.02 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Yeah… but you… I… He was just toying with others It's just drama…

960eabf8 No.3607697

File: 1615082160343.png (28.4 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


Because, He's Gaaaaaaaawwwwwd!

960eabf8 No.3607700

File: 1615082894078.png (25.85 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Birb reaches his arms to the triangle eyeball that they are traveling into a blackhole.

960eabf8 No.3607701

File: 1615083284856.png (20.77 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Life has many doors…

960eabf8 No.3607702

File: 1615083565775.png (26.04 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

960eabf8 No.3607703

File: 1615083924044.png (28.75 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

This is a bad idea

5bfb2480 No.3607704

>That one time Heleos put on a bird mask on and goth danced around a Jenga tower in a campus lunch room?

960eabf8 No.3607705

File: 1615084216418.png (27.92 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


17bb269b No.3607706

File: 1615086027476.png (64.2 KB, 375x500, 5-2.png)

>That one time Aufy couldn't figure out password recovery because he lacks basic education?

5bfb2480 No.3607734

File: 1615098624777.jpg (33.78 KB, 236x383, 558381f38c5677fca4c5866eff….jpg)

k so how do you password recovery?

It was still an interesting bit albeit confusing.

6e605c08 No.3607736

File: 1615101084096.jpeg (123.78 KB, 1242x914, Evfqzy9XEAMP2Fw.jpeg)

Go to the login page and click "Forgot/reset password". Unless you used a throwaway email, you'll get sent a link to reset your password.

This is a feature on like, every website with user accounts.

b28e0ec6 No.3607760

I thot that said draw the eels and that was an eel.

17bb269b No.3607761

The Spokesman is an eel dragon.

6c7bc4eb No.3608049

As soon as you get back on discord, please contact me. I really want to to talk to you.

17bb269b No.3608084

File: 1615385583732.png (71.29 KB, 371x531, newsoul.png)

Have fun waiting for an eternity!

603241e0 No.3608407

File: 1615672125631.gif (771.03 KB, 640x606, 1411935501698.gif)

Hey just a heads up. I'm on a spot atm, but my internet is off at the house.
I started a new job but haven't been able to pay off my isp yet.
But I get paid the 26th of March.
>>3608084 That's fair this is taking longer than I'd like.
>>3608049 I'm FA as aufphone and circus fox on facebook.

1c169e4d No.3610562

Can you give me links to your new FA?

4e1e037b No.3610583

30c034c3 No.3611075

File: 1617940284558.jpg (254.69 KB, 1280x1595, Vanilla_Rabbit_Valentines_….jpg)

Hey just a heads up. Internets still down. Been trying to catch up on back rent and it's kinda put me back financially.

Romi's been treating me okay but I think she's maybe been a little hard on the new guy.

Sometimes my phone can piggy back off his wireless on his phone but the connection is a skosh spotty.

Do y'all know a furry named Dakota? He's an alright guy.
I love my new job at the Flea market. Bought a brand new Unicorn fursuit for $50 dollars. I know I shouldn't have. But when am I going to get an opportunity like that again?
Thanks getting back to me on FA Rigby & Cat.
Thanks for posting the link Tms.
And thank you Lulznet for being Lulznet.♥️

Alright well y'all take care.

5a205828 No.3613549

File: 1620000977310.jpg (165.23 KB, 1024x1280, 1615054073.vexstacy_ladybu….jpg)

k so remember when I said she was being kinda hard on the new guy?
Yeah he left. Around April 10.
Can't afford internet and the guy who's phone I was using is gone. Most places still won't let you eat inside. But I found a great wifi spot near the house that will and have terrific wifi.
June 5 2021 I'm headed back to Savannah. This June. Gives her a month to prep.

Me and Romi are getting along pretty well. No problems there and she's really grown as a person. It's just I think it's time to start heading back. I really like working at the flea market I'll miss it.

I'll have reliable wifi where I'm going, no pets, a job, people I know.
I said it wasn't going to up here indefinitely and when I was confident that Romi was better off and could take it from here I'd head back to Savannah and that time is approaching.

I'll have a lot more space to work on my paintings and lewd photography.

In the meantime I'll try to make a point to come this hot little wifi spot to check in.

6f35d696 No.3613560

You're older than I am and I own a house, just stop sucking for 5 minutes and get your own place with your own water, eletric, gas, and internet.

Shit, its not hard.

15bed301 No.3613561

okay boomer

6e605c08 No.3613562

You're talking about a dude that has "lulz.net" tattooed on his knuckles. Whatever jobs he gets are not going to pay worth a shit..

5a205828 No.3615598

File: 1622070153535.jpg (876.29 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20210526_163844_1.jpg)

Check out hese jeans I seen at work.

5a205828 No.3615599

File: 1622070177312.jpg (906.3 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20210526_163905_9.jpg)

5a205828 No.3615600

File: 1622070218954.jpg (952.5 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20210526_163916_5.jpg)

The back

5a205828 No.3615601

File: 1622070326548-0.jpg (976.35 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20210526_163923_0.jpg)

File: 1622070326548-1.jpg (883.16 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20210526_163928_2.jpg)

File: 1622070326548-2.jpg (963.68 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20210526_163931_5.jpg)

Alphabet soup much?

5a205828 No.3615603

File: 1622070588227.jpg (710.01 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20210429_080126_1.jpg)

This phone.

a95ece45 No.3615609

>>3615598 >>3615599 >>3615600 >>3615601

These look like they're either 'trendy' in some way or they're for adult babies.


Long ago I was looking for a phone like that .. with actual rotor dial .. but all I could find were cheap shitty plasticy 'touch-tone dial' phones.

6f35d696 No.3615612

First thing I thought of earlier when I saw them was "adult baby" paperchu style crap.

0e847b65 No.3615623

File: 1622109459774.jpg (72.12 KB, 515x440, H-Dial_0001.jpg)

294aa67d No.3615643

Rotor dial phones don't work anymore in most places. They operate with pulse coding, but the pulse relays were obsoleted decades ago, and the latest upgrades to the networks no longer include the software to translate the pulses. You don't even call the exchange anymore, the phone line ends at the DSLAM down the street. The only place where they still work is some local exchanges that are still running on legacy hardware. If you get DSL over copper, chances are rotary phones simply don't work.

294aa67d No.3615644

It's also the reason why the best feature of wired phones is now gone. If the power goes out, phones would still work because they have their own power through the lines, except now they don't because the DSLAM shuts down.

0b3bf92c No.3615647

don't see why it wouldn't be possible to retrofit an old rotary phone with, say, a rotary encoder and a microcontroller, mapping every number to some sector of rotation, with the mcu handling the rest. Ezpz

0fdc1746 No.3615649

File: 1622141284717.jpg (65.35 KB, 750x501, cats-on-catnip-andrew-mart….jpg)

I finally just lost my last remaining faith in mankind.

294aa67d No.3615651

But that's just pointless. You might as well pretend you're spinning the number in, and finally press a speed dial button on your cellphone.

21d82e4d No.3615652

>Using buttons and dials in 2021.

Alexa, call Amazon and have them deliver these people a clue!

0fdc1746 No.3615653

File: 1622142808644.jpg (42.5 KB, 640x414, 707758d2f579f1ce026c1328f3….jpg)

Already boycotted.

294aa67d No.3615654

Bit of trivia: the reason why 911 is 911 is because it's difficult to make 9 pulses by accident on a rotary phone, but then 1 1 is very quick to dial in. The reason it's not 011 is because 0 (or 10 pulses) is the operator.

The way phone numbers work, or used to work, every number flips a switch that connects you to the next switch board, so you're literally patching yourself around a bunch of wires until at the end of it you reach another phone. Every switch was independent, so not even the phone company knows who you're talking to unless they tap your wire and then physically chase it down the switchboards. That's why the old movie trope about having 60 seconds to talk before the feds get you. In reality they would insert current into the wire to keep the line up even after you hang up, and take their time seeing where the connection was made.

21d82e4d No.3615655

Boycotting Amazon is like refusing to go into the ocean. It don't mean shit to the ocean.

294aa67d No.3615661

But at least you won't get wet.

40103dd6 No.3615662

File: 1622149351035.jpg (85.92 KB, 800x800, blue-box.jpg)

2600 Hz, anyone?

5594a479 No.3615672

File: 1622153334151-0.jpg (34.24 KB, 625x451, 35c29e58a09e6a3b589a32c044….jpg)

File: 1622153334151-1.jpg (42.68 KB, 372x400, harrypotterobama10-1269314….jpg)

Pretty sure those pants are intended for Asian children, not adult babies. Looked it up and saw 'em being sold on AliExpress. Most Asians probably can't tell that gibberish from actual English text, just like most westerners don't know what kanji and Chinese characters mean. That's how you end up with people getting tattoos of stupid shit thinking it means something different, and those pants.

a95ece45 No.3615674

I've seen projects that do exactly this. Take some old rotary dial phone, change some guts around, turn it into a "portable" cell phone.

BTW my interest in trying to find one of these was back in the mid 1980s – lack of things like 'eBay' made this difficult.

0fdc1746 No.3615676

File: 1622156334038.png (221.11 KB, 500x666, cheezburger-image-93517775….png)

It means more to the local shore businesses I intentionally overpay.

b28e0ec6 No.3615694

What is the frequency (natural resonance) of a person so you can set that and maybe…explode people's heads yes? That's obviously a head sploder box.

badce79e No.3615709

File: 1622211250976.jpg (54.2 KB, 788x460, dan-rather.jpg)

Kenneth, what is the frequency?

9e144ed8 No.3615712

Captain Crunch is a rapist.

Whoda thunk people with no regard for society's rules and laws would also have no regard for other people in a more personal sense.

badce79e No.3615716

You need to provide a link to back up that unbelievable accusation. His Wikipedia entry says nothing about rape.

At most, he's been accused of inappropriate sexual advances towards men.

65310717 No.3615724

>missing fourth column
fraud and homo 'gear'

9e144ed8 No.3615748

> behavioral pattern: Draper regales a young hacker with tales of his days as a target of the U.S. government, then invites him to a private space, often a hotel room, for “exercises” or “energy work.” Once in private, Draper finds a way to approach the man from behind, and then, without warning nor consent, rubs an erection into his victim’s backside.

9e144ed8 No.3615749


>As the two talked, Draper complained his back was hurting, and Ellenwood agreed to stand behind him to try to adjust it. “I thought, This is weird, but what’s the harm?” Ellenwood said. “He spun around and forced me to the floor, lay on top of me, and told me these are the exercises he needs to feel better,” Ellenwood said.

>“I could feel the sweat dripping from his head onto my neck,” he said. “I was still on the floor facing down, and he was on my back, arms wrapped around me, and I could feel his penis getting erect, pressing on my leg and thigh. He was wearing dark blue running shorts and white T-shirt. He was extremely hairy, especially his legs. I'll never forget the feeling of his leg hair rubbing on my bare legs and arms. I almost threw up then. I was so exhausted. I wondered if he was going to kill me. I was helpless.”

a0975f8f No.3615756

So then, you were lying with your false rape accusation. Neither of those articles claim a rape took place. The word "penetration" isn't even mentioned. The closest incident to your false rape charge is one guy who said Draper tried AND FAILED to pull down the guy's pants.

Next time just tell the truth. The real story is salacious enough.

0fdc1746 No.3615765

File: 1622246731736.jpg (91.33 KB, 1000x667, d5f0676e5803a57ecd3a393473….jpg)

That's really hot

a0975f8f No.3615767

File: 1622247281976.jpg (29.83 KB, 634x420, who needs four columns?.jpg)

My cat does exactly that with socks.

3ce281c9 No.3615790

these posts times are gonna make me explode.

80e08946 No.3615803


The good ol´days of Joybubbles!

80e08946 No.3615804


Whats the Frequenzy Draper ???? 2600!!!


free call.

9e144ed8 No.3615810

>Neither of those articles claim a rape took place.

Yes they do,
>Ellenwood didn’t file a police report, though he now wishes he had, he said. “Back in those days, you didn't hear about man-on-man rape, except for prison movies, and I didn't think the police would believe me or take it seriously,” he said.

>The word "penetration" isn't even mentioned.

Penetration is not necessary for rape to happen when we're talking about the real act of rape. Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse. Non-penetrative sex may also be considered sexual intercourse.

Already at the point where you're rubbing your erection on someone's backside, unsolicited and against their will, you are raping them. Draper was never CONVICTED of rape because these people couldn't go to the police, or they were too embarrassed or confused to do so.

You're simply trying to mince words to defend an obvious rapist - what is he, a childhood hero to you? A criminal who broke into phone systems to "discover" shit (read: steal free calls and aid other criminals)?

980b7176 No.3615811

The problem with the legal definition of rape is that it (often) requires penetration, which also means women can't rape as far as the law is concerned. This is obviously counterfactual.

If a man comes at you on an alley, throws you down on the ground, and then proceeds to fuck your armpit (not anal/vaginal/oral penetration, "not rape"), are you any less violated?

980b7176 No.3615812

Draper also tried to excuse his behavior by claiming that he's autistic/sperg so he didn't understand what he was doing, and in doing so he roundabout admitted that he did sexually assault these kids, but he claims he was only doing so "by accident".

The man is a sociopath.

5db596c2 No.3615815

> Penetration is not necessary for rape to happen when we're talking about the real act of rape. Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse. Non-penetrative sex may also be considered sexual intercourse.

Lies. You are making up your own personal definition of the word "rape." That is not the legal or the common definition.

If you can make up crap definitions then anyone can. Here's mine then: You are raping Draper by falsely accusing him of rape. You are a rapist.

> The man is a sociopath.

5c3e6748 No.3615826

File: 1622305669920.jpg (2.83 MB, 4032x3024, 20210522_185531.jpg)

Snapped this pic of a Cherokee rose.

980b7176 No.3615827

As I said, >>3615811
>The problem with the legal definition of rape is that it (often) requires penetration, which also means women can't rape as far as the law is concerned. This is obviously counterfactual.

>If you can make up crap definitions

The crap definition is the legal definition that lets rapists off free because of a technicality. In any case, Draper is guilty of a sexual assault anyways and has admitted so, just never went to court for it. You're trying to lawyer his guilt down.

980b7176 No.3615832

The point of "rape" isn't where the penis goes or doesn't go, but about sexual violation and violence done on the person, by the use of physical force or threats, drugs, etc. Otherwise your definition of rape is incoherent.

That's why a lot of the laws no longer talk about rape, but "unlawful sexual acts". Rape is a special holdover in the category of sexual assaults, and getting out of a literal rape charge on the technicality that you didn't stick it in the pooper should not reduce the criminality or the immorality of the act in any way.

While this is so, we are making a distinction without a difference, and we might as well drop the legal euphemism and call it what it is: rape. This is not a made up definition in any way, but perfectly justified.

b28e0ec6 No.3615856

my dood you can't be saying this.
i really hate how u even know this.
i hope you are innocently mouthing off.

badce79e No.3615926

There is truth in that post. Ma Bell used to take legal action against anyone who revealed the 2600Hz frequency. The 2600 magazine was named that just to annoy AT&T.

de210cf6 No.3615933

There was an episode of Star Trek: Voyager where rouge Marquee agent Seska tied Chakotay to a chair and used a needle to extract DNA from his NECK which she later made herself pregnant with. Chakotay went on and on episode after episode about how she RAPED him. Really, that might be assault, but RAPE?

8c9213ee No.3615949


Ooooh GAWD !!! The Ma Bell Facist Police is Gunna come and shoot my pets and drag me little virgin ass of to Gitmo or Uyghurs re-education Camp #17 (CIA sponsored Facility , I´ll bet ya) or worst creepy decrepit, sad, lonely & depressive place of all :

Disney World Paris!


49ea961e No.3616458

>>3615609 They're kid size.

6f35d696 No.3616463

It is impossible for a female to rape a male. There is no scenario where it would ever result in rape.

46f4e01f No.3616475

only a woman could be so stupid as to say such a thing

8c4f46b2 No.3616481

File: 1622871068108.jpg (3.57 MB, 4032x3024, 20210425_173708.jpg)

Here's another pic I snapped. I think this is an Eijitsu rose (rosa multiflora).

This is actually a French rose (rosa gallica). I was misinformed.

ebed769f No.3617280

File: 1623670857286.jpg (762.39 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20210614_071701_1.jpg)


k so we're back in Savannah now with a stable connection.

9b154859 No.3617350

File: 1623726116373.jpg (320.15 KB, 1494x774, 8efda4e4fbb52377af2f6ed22a….jpg)

Welcome back to Georgia, Aufy. You're right in time for peach season.

6f35d696 No.3617360

just a reminder Poly said before that a "stable connection" was a code word for a horse stable with an intact stallion.

So take that as you will.

3cdbed76 No.3617443

File: 1623802497337.png (435.29 KB, 754x1280, d8jdjtv-9a1a6bb6-87e0-4f3c….png)

When did I say that?

>>3617350 Right on!

3cdbed76 No.3617463

File: 1623812073362.jpg (389.4 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210301_052349_1.jpg)

So what did I miss?

6e605c08 No.3620830

File: 1627162793862.png (1.86 MB, 1000x751, unknown-5.png)

Polybius you should make a new account and come back to Discord.

09b8b16d No.3620845

File: 1627171717448.jpg (392.47 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210722_235612_9.jpg)

Well the good news is I started work the other day. I get paid weekly. They're is asking way less than Romi was so it shouldn't be too much longer. Unfortunately I don't have enough space for more apps on my phone.

But on the plus side I've been feeling really happy and creative lately and have way more space and time for cosplay and arts/ crafts.

dfc21b52 No.3621362

Sent you a note in FA. Call me!

Also, is there a place I can view your cosplay pics?

fc47df24 No.3621824

File: 1628095847678.jpg (411.1 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210727_004335_0.jpg)

Whelp! Apparently I'm just weird & furry to be a part of my blood family. For the past few days I'd come home form work and Circus Fox would go on face book and go into total Bimbo slut mode.
Aparently my Aunt wasn't very happy that.

Without any prior notice what so ever my she has decided she no longer wants me to be part of her family any more. Soohh I'm leaving Savannah for good this time. Going back to Virginia to live with Romi who was more than happy to take me back. The thrift store where I worked also said I could come back to work there.

a703b159 No.3623211

File: 1629342081012.jpeg (22.33 KB, 480x640, received_543913000061259.jpeg)

Posting to let you know you may be hearing a lot less out your Polybius. I am Circus Fox. Me & Aufy are in love. We're are building our lives together. We will be building many things together.

Great big pink things…
Wonderful sexy things..
He's taken a second job, our fan base is growing and there are only so many hours in the day.

It's nothing personal. Just business. We'll be making updates on our progress from time to time. How ever our time has become extraordinarily limited for the foreseeable future.

If I am to be reached you can do so here & we will do our best to get back you.


That is all. Good day

a703b159 No.3623212

He will…. He needs a computer first…. Computers are expensive.

71987d86 No.3623302

File: 1629417705910.jpg (43.79 KB, 400x604, aufy.jpg)


What's it all about Aufy
Is it just for the moment we live
What's it all about
When you sort it out, Aufy
Are we meant to take more than we give
Or are we meant to be kind?
And if, if only fools are kind, Aufy
Then I guess it is wise to be cruel
And if life belongs only to the strong, Aufy
What will you lend on an old golden rule?

71987d86 No.3623305



As sure as I believe there's a heaven above, Aufy
I know there's something much more
Something even non-believers can believe in
I believe in love, Aufy
Without true love we just exist, Aufy
Until you find the love you've missed you're nothing, Aufy
When you walk let your heart lead the way
And you'll find love any day, Aufy, Aufy

71987d86 No.3623307

4a51f9db No.3623580

😣I am in love.. but …. I don't think it would be wise to talk it about it.

4e4f7999 No.3624238

Ohhhh you'll talk about it alright.


726e0b28 No.3624257

File: 1630144477374.gif (27.17 KB, 220x201, heart-chest.gif)


Why hath thy Cupid's arrow strucketh thee?

726e0b28 No.3624259

File: 1630145028336.jpg (18.13 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Any way just an update.
moving in a friend.
With wifi, has a techguy, quite possibly spare laptops.

1c24d55e No.3624432

File: 1630278255238.jpg (402.15 KB, 480x640, 1628469498.aufphone_img_20….jpg)

Gosh I didn't want to talk about this. But…

I Love being a Bimbo! I just love it so much.
It's not for everyone but me? I cant get enough of it.
I seen this one guy do it and I says to myself I says WOW! That's about the smartest sexiest thing I've ever seen. Now that
there is a guy who went after exactly what he wanted out'a life.

I seen something that made sense to me, that was worth my fullest measure of devotion.

He's so smart and handsome. It was like when God was making him some one unscrewed the lid on the good looks and charm bottle, the whole contents fell out on'em and God said …
eh… I'll allow it.

I wish I could be HIS bimbo, but it's okay if I'm not because either way I'll still be my wonderful bimbo self.

I wanna be the biggest bustiest horniest spurtyiest sexiest prettiest pinkiest bimbo on the whole planet. I'll do what everyGotta to make that happen. I hope it makes him happy knowing that some one out there saw the lessons he brought the world and listened and applied.

I don't know how much he likes wearing his bimbo character but me? I wish I could live in it. I love wearing it. I just want get bigger and bigger.
Isn't that like every horny cartoonists fantasy? That thier character might love them soooohhh much that became real for them?

Gosh I'd love it if the most gorgeous man in the whole fandom would strut me around a convention or furmeet and show everyone just how much she loved him.
He'd go
Yeah, y'all see all this pink jiggly sexy?
Yeah she is Aaaahhhhlll mine.
we could be like
Mickey and Minnie
Diary and Donald
Heathcliff and Cleo
I'm so nervous I'll mess up and say something wrong.
I try to leave him alone and just let him his life while I live mine.

But … I might actually need his help this time.
I just put my bimbo self out there just a little bit and already the drooling fan boys are blowing up my inbox. I try to be there as much as I can for all my fans, but also got work and have to be here for the people I live with.

1c24d55e No.3624433

File: 1630278521134.jpg (390.46 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210727_005817_7.jpg)

Some times I'll be flirting with guys online day in and day out for so long I get the spins. I was so clumsy with it my aunt got tired of it and kicked me out and I had to come back and live with Hiromi Kitsune. I have to take care of her and her friend but my mind is so full of sexy I get a little spaced out at home and at work and … I just really need to talk to some one who's done this kind of thing before.

I thought I could do it without his help, but damn son… I could really use some guidance right now.

3329cc44 No.3624443

File: 1630284222464.jpg (687.25 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_20210825_200724_6.jpg)

I'm up to a 40pounder now. So glad I started working out.

71987d86 No.3624444

File: 1630286169062.png (746.87 KB, 660x496, mighty - mouse.png)

Show us your work out video?

3329cc44 No.3624449

File: 1630293904675.jpg (415.07 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210816_023428_6.jpg)

Gosh wow. I haven't done one of those. Yeah I could do that.
So made a Twitter.

b28e0ec6 No.3624577

yeah you know 50 pounds and u can pretty much abduct little girls.

71987d86 No.3624605

File: 1630383740356.jpg (835.09 KB, 2052x1280, The Revenge of Cobalt.jpg)

You have much more training to do young Padawan! You must become strong like Cobalt the Hamilton Ninja! You must be able to fling sewer grates like frisbies and hurl people in wheelchairs flying across the street with one hand like Cobalt has previously claimed to be capable of doing. ;-)

bb213706 No.3624610

Eat a dick! At least he gets paid for it. Cobalt might not be Mr Universe body builder he man, but he's got street smarts. Yeah he can't answer a simple "So How was your Christmas" without it turning into a God damn battle of will argument but he's at least interesting.

71987d86 No.3624612

File: 1630389220055.jpg (41.39 KB, 736x412, NTs.jpg)

Cobalt cock worshiper detected.

71987d86 No.3624618

File: 1630395823692.jpg (1005.22 KB, 1510x2352, Aufy Fruit Ninja.jpg)

Don't worry now Aufy, we got your movie poster too.

bb213706 No.3624769

bb213706 No.3624771

Yeah I don't why I get so white knighty over cobalt. Every time I speak to him he's such a dick. I got mad respect for the guy. I know he's been through a lot. I'm proud of him for shifting political camps but damn he is so rude and speaks in bursts of rage. He's probably one of the angriest people I know.

bb8c5e54 No.3624804

File: 1630527818310.jpg (66.09 KB, 373x424, 62cbaebedb981612e5d6d8af40….jpg)

Amphetamines cause rage.


I noticed this when I was trolling people from Kiwifarms who where addy addicts; rage is common factor among users.

Makes them easy to spread chaos for me.

b135b660 No.3625011

File: 1630714510351.png (61.58 KB, 250x141, Screen_Shot_2017-03-22_at_….png)

I'll deal with this on my own. My problems are my own.
Men bottle up our emotions because we know that our problems our are own problems and we ain't no right making them other peoples problems. Them other people got enough going on as it is.
I reached out to a couple of people on Twitter.
But immediately regretted it. They didn't say nothing back ugly or mean, they didn't say anything back at all.
We gotta be there for others but we can't expect other people to be there for us and we can't be upset when they're not.
They got thier own things they're working on and they don't need love sick puppy dogs unloading a bunch of emotional baggage on'em.

We got pull our own weight in this world. We ain't entitled to shit Jack. If you can't do your Job you loose it. If you're stranded in the deep waters and ya can't swim? You better figure it out or ya gonna drown.

I'll be fine alright. Yeah … I got a few things on my mind. Yeah … I fell for some body… But that ain't their fault. They ain't responcible for your emotions.

Common Poly get it together.

2d5b7b43 No.3625014

just had to put my husband to be in a cop car for smoking meth on the subway

2d5b7b43 No.3625016

Here. Telegam @madaymayday

71987d86 No.3625018

File: 1630731309835.png (332.91 KB, 720x405, old fashioned telegram mac….png)

f0194d65 No.3625063


If you had married him on the spot, it would have been a cheap honeymoon.

Can cops marry people, like a captain at sea =

5e7dcf05 No.3625436

Well we had the wifi turned on a few days ago. So that's a plus.

7692a12b No.3628651

File: 1633762619938.jpg (119.19 KB, 800x800, vector-pop-art-stupid-woma….jpg)

So like how do I convert an mp4 to webm?

55f07544 No.3628652

I call bullshit on that.

55f07544 No.3628653

I don't always get angry at people. Lets just say that I'm allergic to. Ignorance and the rage is simply my reaction to it

7692a12b No.3628658

Bro… Don't bullshit me. Everyone is ignorant of something.
I asked "How was your Christmas?" Once and you acted like you wanted to slit my throat for it.

You have anger issues.

6e605c08 No.3628661

Cobalt's brain got damaged from meth use. He says he quit taking it, but its pretty obvious permanent damage was done.

55f07544 No.3628662

Lets just say I didnt have a good Christmas and leave it at that. So ill just state i am sorry I was rude about it your right I shouldnt have taken my anger out on someone not involved be it you or others here.

7692a12b No.3628664

File: 1633766475432.jpg (34.02 KB, 600x360, 25SANTA1_SPAN-articleLarge.jpg)

Ohhh… Aw jeez. I should have figured.
I didn't know what the hell was going on.
Well appreciate the apology.
See? It's not that hard.
I guess Christmas can really fuck you up.

Speaking of bad Christmases.
Ever seen that Christmas horror film Silent Night? About psycho in the Santa costume? Ties people up in Christmas lights and burns shit with flame thrower?
Yeah that film was rad.

55f07544 No.3628670

Fyi my grandfather took his life around Christmas a few years before I was born which resulted in the abuse I and my mom and sister went through thanks to my grandmother taking her problems out on us I was torn away from my mom by my grandmother who then started seeing my great uncle who may or may not have sexually abused me when I was a toddler and who most definately physically attempted to abuse me. So lets not get into Christmas shit.

4a415c49 No.3628801

File: 1633872507315.jpeg (16.03 KB, 300x168, images (3).jpeg)

Aw jeez thats really sad. I'm sorry to hear that. I only mentioned Silent Night because I thought it was good Christmas horror film.
And I think of it every time some one says they had a bad Christmas

Would watching me lift weights and push ups make you feel any better?

I have to use my phone for everything. How do convert MP4 to a webm so I could post something like that?

13fc7b28 No.3628802

>Attempted physical abuse

The fuck does that even mean? Did he take a swing and miss?
Don't feel bad for him. He lies about as often as steam regarding his personal life.

d5cfb517 No.3628823

If you want to live shut the fuck up cauae thats a very serious acxusation. And the worst thing you can do to someone who is going through cptsd maybe you should look it up for yourself. Also just cause you dislike me doesnt. Mean you have a y right to ahit on me over your inability to function like a normal person when no one you know is around. Its like a fat man letting their habits get worse when no ones around to be grossed out by them.

d5cfb517 No.3628824

And thats why I want to kill off idiots like you
attempted could mean a number of things including someone caught them trying to take a swing at me and they stopped because they got caught befre they could strike. Man you really are a retard plain and simple no use denying this now since you cant prove otherwise.

d5cfb517 No.3628825

No I'd rather not thanks

6e605c08 No.3628826

File: 1633894154595.jpg (85.06 KB, 1080x881, IMG_20210910_004035_170.jpg)


Fuck off, faggot.

13fc7b28 No.3628828

>Cobalt acting tough

How adorable. Are you gonna try to kill me with the AIDS you got from being a meth addled rentboy?

ca5eae09 No.3628829

>Adult collectable

dddeaa91 No.3628837

File: 1633897548837.jpeg (360.42 KB, 3072x1727, 6a00e55031d3a388340133ecc….jpeg)

I used to live up in the Yukon which can get as frigid as minus forty degrees. People there had to bundle up with several layers of thick clothing, mitts, scarves, insulated boots, thermal underwear and toques just to be able to keep from getting frostbite. Cobalt mocked me for wearing all that and claimed that he could walk about in such extremely cold temperatures in just a t-shirt, shorts and running shoes. I told him that if he were stupid enough to try that he should enjoy having all his appendages amputated should he be found alive and rescued by somebody before he froze to death.

0f0fd76c No.3628839

File: 1633897828798.png (1.83 MB, 1708x940, Kung-Fury-Pic.png)

Was he bragging about his "Nordic genes" again?

95f7ce82 No.3628840

File: 1633898431362-0.png (948.02 KB, 815x498, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633898431362-1.png (933.6 KB, 770x757, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

File: 1633898431362-2.png (1.01 MB, 545x757, Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 1….png)

Someone needs to explain to that dipshit how serious frostbite can be!


13fc7b28 No.3628843

File: 1633899022588.jpg (70.16 KB, 700x482, a6NGVzq_700b.jpg)

>Talking about frostbite on a furry board


6e8401d1 No.3628860


Well the fisting for these faggots just got shot to hell, huh?

6e605c08 No.3628871

File: 1633905094011.jpg (7.01 KB, 184x184, 74b73cb65c8280a43a3d61caee….jpg)


Maybe this was their intention.

13fc7b28 No.3628873

It just becomes "stumping"

dddeaa91 No.3628889

File: 1633909205711.png (521.12 KB, 640x341, Why is Grimace smiling.png)

Cobalt had a lot of experience with gross FAT men during his hooking days in Hamilton.

21d812a7 No.3628892

And its shit like this that makes you stupid

All I hear from you is "hurr durr I hate him so blargh" sounds to me like your stuck in the high school bully jock mentality News flash your still stupid and will die stupid.

I on the other hand grow and mature more than you ever will and is no chip on my shoulder. Honestly the world will be better off without you on it but by all means keep amusing me with your childish mentality. You throwing tantrums means I'm getting through your thick skull and it bothers you.

0f0fd76c No.3628895

File: 1633913358771.jpg (155.64 KB, 1500x1000, Stew Hex.jpg)

People around Ontario have said that you were this guy's bitch because he would drive you to movies and furry events in exchange for sex.

4a415c49 No.3628904

Huh … Cobalt if I may, no offence but …huh…You are no one to talk about throwing tantrums. I have seen you throw some of the worst tantrums in /furi/ history.

4a415c49 No.3628906

>>3628895 So? Sexual favors is a perfectly legitimate form of bartering. Making people happy by giving them Spurty gushy boners is not a bad thing. It's a wonderful wonderful thing. If cobalt did that for him, It doesn't mean he's his "bitch" it means cobalt did wonderful thing and if he was compensated for it all the better.

0f0fd76c No.3628909

File: 1633922831646.png (560.89 KB, 860x796, 128-1284340_dunce-cap-png-….png)


I have to wonder if you even passed the third grade in Elementary School?

Your is possessive, meaning that something belongs to you or the person you are speaking to. For example, “What is your name?” Or, “Are these your car keys?” You're is a combination of the words, you and are. … You're is the words you are put together.

0f0fd76c No.3628914

File: 1633923287385.jpg (16.87 KB, 480x360, evil-strawberry.jpg)

d5cfb517 No.3628925

>>3628895 excuse me but no I barely went to furry events and all I went by go transit so where do you get your information dude. Obviously someone has such a hate boned they would lie just about anything to get their way. Honesty is a double edged sword and this is further proof of that since you know if you spoke the truth your lie would come crumbling down.

0f0fd76c No.3628942

File: 1633929165413.jpg (63.74 KB, 400x600, large_55kBMvGgb6YLkqOdQesc….jpg)

>Obviously someone has such a hate boned they would lie just about anything to get their way.

1. You're a compulsive liar Cobalt!

2. Also you didn't refute about not passing the third grade in Elementary School!

de38046c No.3628944


At the Furmeet parties Cobalt was seen by many attendees regarding taking other Furries into the washroom for long periods of time. People waiting to use the bathroom said they heard them doing sexual things from outside.

d5cfb517 No.3628946

That was actually a one time thing but ok. But hey sometimes you can't control yourself when you like someone. Sounds like you never experienced this before!

6b5c0791 No.3628947

Sounds like someone wants to get raped again…

d5cfb517 No.3628955

Do you have any proof to back that up! No well then keep that to yourself because you wont change any minds here by making claims just because you don't like me so yeah go back to the hole you crawled out of. Trash lile you dont deserve to speak since you cant even do that right.

0f0fd76c No.3628984

Nobody here has to show proof that you are a compulsive liar and that you are stupid, since you do a great job of that all by yourself on this forum board. As for trash it seems to be synonymous with your life. You are trash. You attracted other trash to you such as that pedophile from Hamilton that got arrested for child porn possession while you were living with him.

2660d559 No.3628987

Cobalt molested this young trans dude dressed in drag in public at one of the parties. The dude was very drunk at the time, when he got naked and started taking off his clothes to change back into his street clothes for the trip home, Cobalt was seen taking photos of him and jacking him off in front of everybody.

7ab8797a No.3628988

Good, maybe that broke the young trans dude from being a young trans dude and made him think what the fuck have I been doing.

2660d559 No.3628995

No, they turned fully trans since then. The dude used to be into 4WD's and Monster Trucks, but has now gone the way of the Sissy.

13fc7b28 No.3628996

Well at least when he inevitably kills himself nothing of value would be lost.

3ce281c9 No.3629005

File: 1633970772217.jpg (75.4 KB, 371x222, couldsbe.jpg)


4501cd46 No.3630830

File: 1635192245181.jpeg (51.49 KB, 474x742, th.jpeg)

Well.. the Anomalous Pink Something got me for good this time. I'm just gonna ahead and give her what ever she wants.

0f0fd76c No.3631194

File: 1635519321459.png (392.64 KB, 730x707, the legend of polybius.png)

a59fd6d6 No.3631209

he comes to play the game of curse

8626676d No.3631277

File: 1635554468182-0.png (1.07 MB, 1237x960, roxikat-more-roxikat-00.png)

File: 1635554468182-1.png (1.3 MB, 1238x960, roxikat-more-roxikat-01.png)

File: 1635554468182-2.png (1.14 MB, 1238x960, roxikat-more-roxikat-02.png)

File: 1635554468182-3.png (1.41 MB, 1242x960, roxikat-more-roxikat-03.png)

File: 1635554468182-4.png (1.25 MB, 1238x960, roxikat-more-roxikat-04.png)


Because you requested it.

8626676d No.3631278

File: 1635554733675-0.png (1.35 MB, 1243x960, roxikat-more-roxikat-05.png)

File: 1635554733675-1.png (1.34 MB, 1237x960, roxikat-more-roxikat-06.png)

File: 1635554733675-2.png (1.29 MB, 1250x960, roxikat-more-roxikat-07.png)

File: 1635554733675-3.png (1.23 MB, 1242x960, roxikat-more-roxikat-08.png)

File: 1635554733675-4.png (1.21 MB, 1237x960, roxikat-more-roxikat-09.png)

8a2bd670 No.3631954

File: 1636301917859.png (121.18 KB, 418x283, Myah.png)

🤔What did he mean by this?

a32d886a No.3632449

File: 1636663819368.png (457.87 KB, 1278x774, Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 1….png)

f832a66d No.3650504

File: 1647195897295.jpg (12.54 KB, 300x292, updating_the_mangle_model_….jpg)


Speaking of fnaf cosplay.

When are we going to see more slutty Circus Fox?

I haven't blown a hot steamy load to your slutty paws in what feels like months.

7be010ba No.3653498

1) Download FFMPEG for Windows
2) Copy the file to be converted to the /bin/ directory
3) Open a command prompt and in the /bin/ directory type (replacing x.mp4 with your file name):
ffmpeg -i x.mp4 x.webm

7addc5ae No.3653991

File: 1650000367603.jpeg (27.17 KB, 640x480, received_763863787913328.jpeg)

Gosh my paws? Really? Okay

7addc5ae No.3653992

File: 1650000417950-0.jpeg (20.43 KB, 640x480, received_530952245090433.jpeg)

File: 1650000417950-1.jpeg (28.73 KB, 640x480, received_1042201943052168.jpeg)

File: 1650000417950-2.jpeg (30.44 KB, 640x480, received_961190747899123.jpeg)

File: 1650000417950-3.jpeg (27.52 KB, 640x480, received_326742132888955.jpeg)

File: 1650000417950-4.jpeg (25.81 KB, 640x480, received_3048079028837680.jpeg)

7addc5ae No.3653993

File: 1650000503951-0.jpeg (25.37 KB, 640x480, received_654933095572906.jpeg)

File: 1650000503952-1.jpeg (29.04 KB, 640x480, received_699297178085994.jpeg)

File: 1650000503952-2.jpeg (27.32 KB, 640x480, received_466055528639732.jpeg)

File: 1650000503952-3.jpeg (27.42 KB, 640x480, received_1186220758803927.jpeg)

File: 1650000503952-4.jpeg (23.15 KB, 640x480, received_1073607496525067.jpeg)

8c8379ea No.3653994

LOL the attention whore is so retarded he can't even come up with his own shitty bimbo character and has to steal from others

a096a856 No.3653996

Is that why you spent all evening jacking it to the bimbo fox?

bdb214bf No.3654073

File: 1650104174837-0.jpg (397.43 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210909_062129_7.jpg)

File: 1650104174837-1.jpg (374.11 KB, 640x480, IMG_20210804_120659_2.jpg)

File: 1650104174837-2.jpg (412.44 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210804_113415_7.jpg)

File: 1650104174837-3.jpg (387.95 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210804_114633_6.jpg)

>>3653994 some people like it.

bdb214bf No.3654074

File: 1650104431017-0.jpg (404.96 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210809_130457_4.jpg)

File: 1650104431017-1.jpg (393.02 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210809_140611_3.jpg)

File: 1650104431017-2.jpg (399.72 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210809_130701_7.jpg)

File: 1650104431017-3.jpg (409.86 KB, 480x640, IMG_20210809_130549_0.jpg)

4fc5cf3d No.3655999

File: 1651895909827.jpg (35.16 KB, 878x651, original.jpg)

1689e31b No.3656028

File: 1651927699882.gif (1.23 MB, 498x278, tenor.gif)

What's Circus Fox's gender?

4fc5cf3d No.3656042

File: 1651941475846.jpg (257.04 KB, 2048x1152, babysittingmama3.jpg)

Aufy will give birth to a bunch of plush kids someday.

8c5af15e No.3656085

File: 1651970031199.jpg (325.57 KB, 1200x1600, plushAufy.jpg)

1689e31b No.3656098

Wait… does Aufy even wear glasses?

ad284cea No.3656134

File: 1652025590194-0.png (95.03 KB, 860x911, 778-7784461_sigil-of-lucif….png)

File: 1652025590194-1.jpg (401.92 KB, 640x480, IMG_20210731_232656_2.jpg)

>>3656028 either or.
Since circus Fox is a mechanical creature thier gender is what ever is most suitable, I have a pink furry inflatable vagina attachment so it is possible to fuck Circus Fox like a woman. Machines are adaptable.
So either he or she is appropriate. I honestly don't care which pronoun you use.
All curves aside though, when not playing dress up, Circus Fox is by default masculine and has a thick British accent.
I haven't settled on a girl voice for Circus Fox.
>>3656036 There's no need to introduce new terms.
He she they work fine.
>>3656042 Well I do like to collect oversized plush critters.
>>3656098 I don't.

ad284cea No.3656135

File: 1652025858969-0.jpg (15.71 KB, 360x360, Londo_motfl.jpg)

He looks a plush of a young Centauri like off Babylon 5.

4fc5cf3d No.3656145

File: 1652030566139.jpg (64.4 KB, 720x720, WehmAufy.jpg)

286b272c No.3659320

File: 1654741931931.jpg (290.69 KB, 1200x1600, Aufy-the-Mensch.jpg)


Ya, I found him. He's a Mensch now.

84098d2e No.3659350

Does any one have that picture of Aufy celebrating Hanukkah. I seem to remember him saying something about having Jewish ancestry.

eec76079 No.3659354


He was saying that he had both a jewish mom, dad, and two sisters.

71038a5c No.3659367


That why Israelis (where I am from) is nicknamed Penguins.

They have the same walk and bio-metrics somehow.

Also the totally square shoulders , like 90 degrees to the neck. Its a clear sign of inbreeding / degenerate genetics.

96443edd No.3659830

>>3656134 What does the inflatable vagina attachment look like? Either on its own or when attached to Foxy.

81841b6f No.3661522

File: 1657081870057.png (666.13 KB, 602x849, Screenshot 2022-07-05 at 2….png)

If this bimbo was a hit at AC, the cops would've loved Poly's bimbo suit.

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