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Hi /furi/
I could use some creative writing practice.
Post a picture and I might write a short story about it.
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File: 1614632997902.jpg (49.96 KB, 625x400, Bunker-in-North-Dakota.jpg)

a4b4d4db No.3606354


I may have got more than I bargained for.

The big wolfess smiled warmly as she laid on top of me. I could hardly breathe, but I was loving it! She radiated with body heat, which got me hot in more ways than one. I could feel her warm cunt against my body, and her massive tits smooshed against me.

She let out a friendly growl, rearing up and pulling me up for a kiss. Her tongue tasted minty fresh, and her fur had a feminine smell to it. She growled into the kiss, her claws digging into my skin a bit. My boner was so hard, I was almost afraid it would pop.

Her primal desires were barely held back, lightly raking my skin with her claws. She let out a snarl, and sunk her teeth into my neck! I cried out in pain, and she let go, the feral moment instantly gone, and blushed as she pulled away. “I’m so sorry hun,” she softly spoke. I wasn’t upset, how could I be?

Plus, I got some sweet turtlenecks out of it. I’d call it a win.

8df4183d No.3606363


It's not so much a bunker as it is a nuclear blast resistant radar array. This is the last vestige of the old ABM system of the 1960's before a treaty with Russia relegated it to other duties. It was initially designed to coordinate anti-missile missiles against Russian ICBM launches during a nuclear war.

be3b97fc No.3606799

File: 1614708158017.png (24.21 KB, 800x600, Ychan - c - tentacles - 13….png)

2bb64146 No.3606806

those weird pyramids are scattered around the mountain home air force base, but that place is weird. Forget nevada, weird shit goes on in idaho.

be3b97fc No.3607039

File: 1614822674835.webm (3.99 MB, 400x400, purplefarts.webm)

be3b97fc No.3607233

Lisa: Maggie, did you tied up Bart's arms?
Maggie: *sucks sucks sucks*
Lisa: Good, let's sandwich Bart's hotdog!
Maggie: *sucks sucks sucks*

This story fails at a level of the Simpsons!

d69b0f30 No.3607268

This is good.

be3b97fc No.3607308

File: 1614931395160-0.png (98.12 KB, 420x504, external-content.duckduckg….png)

File: 1614931395160-1.png (617.23 KB, 4000x3250, d5f8ap7-1b42478f-e4bc-40c0….png)

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File: 1614942310320.webm (4.44 MB, 1374x1080, 1200494770.webm)

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File: 1614952891310-0.png (1.04 MB, 2000x2000, 1521729854556.png)

File: 1614952891310-1.png (273.64 KB, 1800x2000, 1521952838097.png)

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File: 1615724700668.png (262.54 KB, 960x540, Ychan - ot - funny picture….png)

Mom! Bat's making faces!

68597a64 No.3615309

File: 1621667151669.jpg (4.45 MB, 4440x2498, Rivet0x.jpg)

Anon walks into a room and saw her without pants. "where are you pants, girl?" "Some grease nugget freak ate it." "Ehh, He's not that desperate." "I don't care I look good without it!" "Could ya dance for me and shake that tushy for me?"

6dfcab90 No.3622199

File: 1628435356544.png (877.26 KB, 1024x1447, faeef21c6fc7e469ed434d42f2….png)

a4b4d4db No.3622239

File: 1628456378466.png (546.04 KB, 1024x1280, 1621122107.sexbad_2021-05-….png)

Oh hey, thanks for the resources :)

I'm still here if anyone wants a short story to go with their porn.

2cbc9a47 No.3623081

File: 1629182909079.gif (724.11 KB, 1430x1931, 1629118929.upov_furlifters.gif)

Continue to experiment. This time I decided to combine comics and animation.

Write what you think. If you are interested in this format, then I'll continue.
And I really miss feedback^^

If you like what I doing, you may consider to support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/UPOV

a4b4d4db No.3623130

File: 1629229948649.jpeg (102.13 KB, 848x1199, E8kajZIVgAgYHG_.jpeg)

Are you asking me to write about what is going on in that comic, or past "to be continued"?
No offense dude, I'm kinda sus regarding you using this to make money.

71669fb8 No.3623138


Like all you fucking pukes using patreon. You abuse coomers and idiots stupid enough to pay for privilege.

Artist "deserve" money sure. But. Looking at your page. It's literally eveything that has ruined this entire community. Not that is was much to begin with.

Paywalls for content "ONLY" people who dump 20+ for content no one else will ever see. ( Excluding pirates which I don't approve of, but I get why people do that )

Fanboism and allowing a tiny majority to dictate what "you" draw/animate whatever next.

No sharing anything with the rest of the community. Unless its plastered with censored only, patreon logos and other trashy shit.

I hope patreon gets assraped by the upcoming legislation and ruins your honey pot. And forces all of you greedy cunts to lose your coomer cash.

You and all those like you will come crawling back to the various shitty furry websites. And no one will be waiting for you. As those with a brain left long ago. ( Your coomer bucks be all your have. None fans. Just idiots too stupid to look beyond one or a small select few of artist with subpar skills at best. But waste time drawing bait shit )

Fuck you.

1aafc67e No.3623140

What would happen if someone actually wore a hat that said that, out in public? I'm guessing one of 3 things:
1)- you would get some laughs
2)- you would get called some rude names
3)- there would be people who would actually show you their buttholes.
What do you think?

1e7bdbed No.3623141

File: 1629237032336.gif (899.31 KB, 1332x1228, 1629115427.upov_14.gif)

thanks for the feed back I will try find a different method as patreon has some issues.

10c4a2ce No.3623152


Entitled coomer bitch LOL.
Fans will never disappear because artists run this fucking fandom, and fans will always simp for us and be willing to support us. It's been that way since the beginning and it will never change. Stay fucking salty loser.

a4b4d4db No.3623160

File: 1629270680069.jpg (253.68 KB, 2048x2048, 68153747f8d3040efae57b3ab5….jpg)

Alright. Whose ass needs spanked?

a4b4d4db No.3623161

File: 1629271106873.jpeg (55.74 KB, 567x564, E6SLhFBWUBEJMwx.jpeg)

In the furry universe, 3 is most likely.
This is based on a real life picture; I can't find it :(

b4fb5163 No.3624405

File: 1630263771971.jpg (234.89 KB, 1280x912, 1545354646.crosis278_crosi….jpg)

71669fb8 No.3624538


Literally just get everything for free from sources few know about. That common place crap losers like you use. So you think your shitty opinion matters? lol

Stupid practice, that will fail. And they will all crawl back like pathetic losers. Their fans do and continue to leave them and follow better none paywall scum.

I have never dropped a dime onto any artist who blockades themselves behind a paywall. I've seen it all, have the "patreon only" stuff too. It's fucking hilarious. The only thing I don't do is share it. As why should I? Others do it so works out for me and those smarter than any pathetic worm like yourself.

"Salty" indeed. Enjoy being a wage slave. You will never be a woman fag.

71669fb8 No.3624540


Ironically, you're a nobody artist. I known and have several sig names. Not just "furry shit" either. And have no need to resort to patreon. Frankly. Make more cash doing real work than any of you patreon subhuman filth will ever hope to achieve.

So yeah. Enjoy drying pony shit, diaper fetish, fag shit by a select few of npc "coomers" and never amount to anything more.

"You sure showed me."

642e6d74 No.3624621

Two replies literally 5 minutes apart, lol. You were sitting there seething for 5 minutes after making the first and had to come back to add more. Pathetic.

a4b4d4db No.3624622

File: 1630400412298.png (342.7 KB, 461x304, E-DbwH8UUAc8iE1.png)


Look at this skunk.

a4b4d4db No.3624748

Okay, I'm interested. Please tell me what you like about this image, and I'll try my hand at writing it.

b769284c No.3624805

I like that the girls seem amused by being led around by the little guy and apparently are charmed by his cuteness. Who tied them up? Where are they going?

1fb08440 No.3625848

File: 1631540167825.png (571.29 KB, 1600x1200, Loona_Rick eff themselves.png)

Rick and Loona cross their fingers.

9f9a8b64 No.3627383

File: 1632940797894-0.png (8.15 KB, 212x237, billynmandy.png)

File: 1632940797894-1.png (9.9 KB, 251x201, Ankha Zone tan-.png)

Don't give up reading or drawing treat it as a small hobby.

721f4d1b No.3628488

File: 1633605209783.jpg (98.34 KB, 720x720, 37a.jpg)

Boomer, Coomer, Doomer, Foomer, Goomer, Groomer, Hoomer, Joomer, Koomer, Loomer, Moomer, Noomer, Oomer, Poomer, Qoomer, Roomer, Soomer, Toomer, Voomer, Woomer, Xoomer, Yoomer, Zoomer.

721f4d1b No.3628528

File: 1633644730528-0.png (369.8 KB, 1800x1366, PAGE 1.png)

File: 1633644730528-1.png (956.36 KB, 1800x1697, PAGE 2.png)

File: 1633644730528-2.png (485.7 KB, 1800x2492, PAGE 3.png)

File: 1633644730528-3.png (846.46 KB, 1800x3100, PAGE 4.png)

f2fa1f45 No.3628561


1d08d15a No.3632064

File: 1636425328709-0.png (588.59 KB, 932x1173, Applejack_Dia-Page-2.png)

File: 1636425328709-1.png (383.97 KB, 2212x2052, Copy_of_MLPSHF_1.png)

File: 1636425328709-2.png (818.54 KB, 2211x2063, SHFPNG.png)

something that needs optimization?

61b29825 No.3637864

File: 1639606141836.png (511.57 KB, 1115x722, milk_story.png)

4de073f2 No.3638038

File: 1639727939880.jpg (5.02 KB, 259x194, Images1170.jpg)


b3a59e95 No.3640666

File: 1641423653543.png (3.91 MB, 2048x2048, 3864459_MoorsheadFalling_r….png)

b3a59e95 No.3640872

File: 1641534406618-0.png (3.12 KB, 640x480, _ItL51_u18chan.png)

File: 1641534406618-1.jpg (230.07 KB, 850x764, 0CBEFAFC-6580-4645-8720-10….jpg)

52e76542 No.3648119

File: 1645444447975-0.png (49.65 KB, 646x690, spengebab qpents.png)

File: 1645444447975-1.jpg (146.2 KB, 800x1171, 4502996e81e89b18dec0ba0f85….jpg)

File: 1645444447975-2.jpg (37.54 KB, 880x728, 5993f50712d05-BSOaa4ojjSe-….jpg)

Write a story of these three characters from the same voice actors!

e129a68a No.3650481

File: 1647174157407-0.png (540.13 KB, 1024x1024, dbb07e8f61ddb94f9b9a8980f5….png)

File: 1647174157407-1.jpg (51.55 KB, 503x496, 5w0iez.jpg)

same personality

7ec6053d No.3653254

File: 1649329396235.jpg (98.47 KB, 1280x720, 1630271935.henrytherat_bro….jpg)

a4b4d4db No.3659707

File: 1655100143943.gif (1.41 MB, 404x294, Alfred_Look_Up.gif)

Okay… I'm going to try this again.
Picture and a writing prompt. Let's go!

33cae246 No.3659742

my boyfriend has give me some serious rp blue balls. I could pop out a few short stories if anyone has some suggestions.

33cae246 No.3659743

my epic dungeon master, world building, epic lying powers are at a few of your disposals

33cae246 No.3659744

File: 1655147625249.jpg (225.63 KB, 2835x2835, 8814.jpg)

if you act now, i currently have world building powers god never intended for humanity

33cae246 No.3659745

but its going to fade, 20 min tops…

38b6f243 No.3659768

build da wall lul

38b6f243 No.3659769

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