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451cbd21 No.3605431

Turn Any Surface Into an Android Touchscreen!
Can you draw on it? for commisions and art stuff? do ya need a pen for it?

451cbd21 No.3605433

File: 1614062205481.png (233.8 KB, 1217x580, unavailablez.png)

it sucks to be honest…

9b7221c2 No.3605554

File: 1614148086509.png (52.91 KB, 640x480, screenshot.png)

Best damn OS.

38051e5b No.3605963

File: 1614374521585.gif (361.47 KB, 500x426, tumblr_nq5k4ogcPS1rsdpaso1….gif)

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File: 1614693038810-0.jpg (18.42 KB, 978x452, 51LxVWi082L._AC_SL1200_.jpg)

File: 1614693038810-1.jpg (18.86 KB, 1094x358, 51mi4bxc99L._AC_SL1200_.jpg)

File: 1614693038810-2.jpg (18.28 KB, 876x660, 51r5UO0dCqL._AC_SL1200_.jpg)

File: 1614693038810-3.jpg (19.2 KB, 944x537, 51VNwq k08L._AC_SL1200_.jpg)

sleek and simple.

610181b3 No.3606796

File: 1614706727312.jpg (23.68 KB, 415x469, Ychan - ot - what picture ….jpg)

i sure this mouse fits in this time period.

8aea2f0e No.3607074

File: 1614832429089.jpg (110.23 KB, 850x1172, teh future!.jpg)


08931b96 No.3608011

File: 1615330070212.png (219.35 KB, 1903x903, second thoughts on ipfs.png)

seems legit?

08931b96 No.3608013

File: 1615330452791.png (141.78 KB, 1045x828, what could possibly go wro….png)

Any problems with this design?

04701384 No.3608028


The biggest is that each user only hosts a portion of the data, so you [may] have to get data from multiple hosts and assume they will be stable. It's the same issue as seeding Torrents and having them appear and disappear.

It's a nice alternative to the "primary" protocol and can act as a backup service, but relying on it exclusively would break everything.

Sounds nice on paper, but as the image you posted implies, it's mostly nice marketing.

56daf03a No.3608871

File: 1615997007501.png (7.26 KB, 1000x300, Sting_pull 0_1.png)

What is this called? you basically pull stings to input 1 and 0. a string that reaches to point A to point B? Come on!

56daf03a No.3608872

Another problem is if this filled up a room to transfer a whole data it would be annoying.

56daf03a No.3608873

Make one using two straw, red for 1, blue for 0, Strings Red, and Blue, tap, and colored board tacks to place them on the cardboard.

56daf03a No.3608874

File: 1615998095808.jpg (5.78 KB, 287x176, cupandstring.jpg)

something like this except you pull the strings to activate the clicks left or right pull.

56daf03a No.3608875


02455b2d No.3608890

File: 1616010791040.png (4.7 KB, 401x276, theorytest.png)

02455b2d No.3608891

02455b2d No.3608893

File: 1616012447973.png (16.65 KB, 1401x813, theorytestzzz.png)

98ca8a74 No.3609129

File: 1616230821235.png (13.64 KB, 325x262, 1_32cy.png)

I think it's amusing that time-sharing, which was universally despised by microcomputer owners in the early 1980s, has become acceptable to new users simply by changing the name to "cloud computing."

2710800f No.3614178

File: 1620627011262.png (754.13 KB, 1024x1027, 1401_mainframe_by_idioticb….png)

24161132 No.3614182

Let me explain on how a basic string can be used as a computer without electricity just by simply pulling it from Texas to New York with an underground pipe stretching there. If you pull it it becomes a 1 or 0.

aa1c2abc No.3614307


AMAZING ! This new string based Tech is way beyond my comprehension. Where will it end ?


91837935 No.3614309

You lost me. Don't jump into the deep end like that without introducing basic string theory first.

023ce92c No.3619892

File: 1626240067789.jpg (13.8 KB, 480x360, CPU_care.jpg)

Keep your CPU cool!
Using a Gummy Bear instead of Thermal Paste:

34420fce No.3619905

Oh it doesn't work.Thought it could be a legit heat conductor but he just did something ridiculous for sake of a clickbait title.

5f21c235 No.3619920


Welcome to the fucking internet

But I love this shit because I get to charge out the ass to fix moron's busted PCs when they think, 'OH HEY SUPERGLUE WORKS LOL'

e784e47b No.3619921

File: 1626276944275.jpg (34.24 KB, 400x211, asta_med.jpg)

Superglue might actually work if you mix it with fine metal powder, and there's just enough glue to hold it together but enough powder to do the thermal transfer.

Now why would anyone want to permanently glue a heatsink to a cpu _even if one had professional thermal glue_ is a mystery that we will never solve.

a8a9ea4c No.3620012

No, it won't work ever. Once superglue dries it hardens and the thermal conductivity goes to near-insulator. You're literally better off just using silicone goo or a stock heating bad, despite those being notoriously crap themselves.

Get a real thermal compound or get out of computers. There's thinking outside the box and then there's gasoline-powered toothbrushes.

e784e47b No.3620024

File: 1626372169360.jpg (27.96 KB, 427x432, 1417874093026..jpg)

Well aren't you a stuck up piece of shit.

I was asking just for the sake of curiosity.

And that was a mistake, cause you don't know shit and you don't want to know shit, and probably the only way to test this would be to get an old cpu (I have a couple of Pentium 4 540s that I don't care about and a mainboard that I don't care about) and just test it myself and see how bad it is.

Go fuck yourself.

d107eba2 No.3620044


not OP higher up but OUCH

Someone needs to grow a thicker skin !

In this Internet "Everybody is right " special snowflake century , just learn when to nod and smile while the brain runs in idle. Works for me

e784e47b No.3620048

File: 1626381644896.gif (860.19 KB, 250x188, f-u-c-k.gif)

I don't mind edgy posting and insults, and I know arguments get heated in the political threads, but that guy was really abusing the privilege and it was really not warranted here.

That conversation is over. I don't have to put up with people's bullshit.

Especially that I'm taking time out of my day to be here. If he can't talk like a normal person then he can talk to himself. I'm done.

377d2e95 No.3620049

And thats why we can't have nice things such as a conversation. If you get upset over a convo then your ruining your own enjoyment of a good convo/debate. In the end it doesnt really matter if you disagree or your passion on the subject has any effect at all. all that matters is progression if you can get around the angry debate of disagreeing.

5067463a No.3620050

> I was asking just for the sake of curiosity.
No, you were not asking. There is not one single question mark in your entire post. You were making a statement.

If that was not your intention then I suggest you take more care with your writing.

377d2e95 No.3620057

Your both right but for different reasons.
1. If you are able to at least make a guess as to it being a question then do so, dont go off the rails on how others are supposed to remember to put all details in message. Mistakes happen and its minda rude to make personal assumptions on what was said. It may seem stupid to you but this is how people are supposed to interact and discuss things.

e784e47b No.3620060

Listen, Cobalt, we can't have nice things if I want a chill convo and the other guy decides to act like a complete douchebag.

>>There is not one single question mark in your entire post.
Actually the second sentence is missing a question mark, because I sometimes forget to end a question with a question mark. But that's only tangentially related to my original statement so that's neither here nor there.

03cfb101 No.3620068

You're both fucking idiots for not googling for the thermal conductivity of superglue, which is about 3-4 times better than just having a heatsink sitting dry over the CPU.

Air: 0.025-0.031 W/mK
Superglue Loctite 382: 0.11 W/mK
Thermal Grease: 0.735 W/mK

(note: it's meter-Kelvins, not milliKelvins)

03cfb101 No.3620070

Also, superglue would be superior to the usual thermal goo pads because it's much thinner, which as we know by the distance term in the unit, has a great effect on the thermal throughput.

If you apply the glue/paste in a layer that's half as thick, you double the amount of heat that can flow through for any given temperature difference. CA glue is usually very thin and has a low surface tension, and it would allow the heatsink to sit tighter to the CPU than the stock heating pad.

The only problem of superglue is that it's brittle and will probably crack and fall off from the thermal expansion.

377d2e95 No.3620072

Point out that they are being rude and just move on from that and keep the convo going. Nothing infuriates an ignoramus more than not allowing their ignorance change the debate/convo and they immediately lose the arguement at no hassle to you walking away is just seen as they win even if you move on they wont. So by taking their chance to freak out they are left with making a fool pit of themselves.

71571732 No.3620128

File: 1626428489524-0.jpg (270.18 KB, 615x312, servs.jpg)

File: 1626428489524-1.jpg (174.48 KB, 512x684, s177_bk1_ch1_f1_1.eps.jpg)

Will The Biggest Open World Space Game Ever Be Finished?
Can You Upload Your Mind & Live Forever?

I have been thinking about this before I sleep, What if a computer server is a small solar system for players to play on? As servers become bigger and bigger and require more power and processing units you create a single galaxy to run on create any avatar races including furries? It's well organized and it loads faster than second life. In the future we would accept nuclear power to power our servers to keep them running for research for gaming and education finance. Sound good?

71571732 No.3620129

File: 1626428827955-0.jpg (197.58 KB, 1280x640, 1587402111.zorryn_zorryn_c….jpg)

File: 1626428827955-1.jpg (205.35 KB, 960x1280, 1623518175.zorryn_ralen_2_….jpg)


Zorryn would make a fine specimen for two minute papers research on how anthropomorphic beings use much processing power.

b60405a6 No.3620200

What do you mean?

16549600 No.3620444


They probably are referring to the amount of number crunching involved in rendering all the individual hairs on anthropomorphic 3D models.

d1859e3b No.3626780

File: 1632397624606.png (511.09 KB, 800x503, kb.png)


Another option is requesting youtubers to sell 3D printed custom Keyboards and market them on some Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, any online marketing sites that could offer scraps and damage gadgets for sate.

91837935 No.3626789

File: 1632413580358.jpg (154.12 KB, 850x1485, ruaidri3d.jpg)

3d Printing has either pretty bad tolerances (FDM) or poor durability (PLA). I have a Unicomp Model M and it sucks compared to the originals because their quality control is so sloppy. Maybe the tooling has just degraded over the decades, but the keys have much more side to side play than my friend's original. It's still decent value at the price, but I wish I had just bought on ebay instead because they're priced about the same as a used one.

I'm still disappointed by the state of fur rendering, optimizing it is one of the big research areas in computer graphics, but most algorithms assume hairs have a uniform color over their length, which is just not "physically accurate" as the rendering engineers like to say. The only furry artist I've seen who can make decent looking fur on 3D renders and animation is Ruaidri.

1eafd0a9 No.3626811

File: 1632435223003.jpg (1.84 MB, 2000x1333, large_A01A003A4A01A005_3.jpg)

I currently use a "Varmilo VBM108 Lure Bot: Lie" Mechanical keyboard with Varmilo's custom EC Sakura V2 Switches (Factory pre-lubed). I love this keyboard, it has been amazing so far. I highly recommend Varmilo mechanical keyboards!


d1859e3b No.3626814

File: 1632436479984.jpg (89.82 KB, 1000x750, sterile_flat_antibacterial….jpg)


THE VIRGIN Flat Keyboard
- Feels unnatural that makes you fingers numb
- Keys so close to each other that you miss type
- Worn down faster making it hard to type
- Small compact at least makes space
- Not recommended for gaming only for programming

THE CHAD Mechanical Keyboard
- Gives you satisfying feel when press down
- Well spaced out keys to feel were to type
- Durable last longer easier to clean and repair
- Takes up space but it's worth it!
- Recommended for gaming, art, and programming

6e003387 No.3626819

I've been experimenting with a dvorak keyboard. Its designed to be faster than a regular keyboard that was made to make type writers not jam, but unfortunately 25 years of experience on a wasd just out does it, I'll probably never even come close to my wpm on the dvorak, but i've been using it as my main keyboard when im just typing short things.

I have surprised myself by just randomly typing in website addresses and short things though.

0496dac4 No.3627424

File: 1632976056300-0.jpg (43.78 KB, 577x474, DuV0RNfV4AAaHV9.jpg)

File: 1632976056300-1.jpg (35.41 KB, 500x375, 51Gd3V5ii1L.jpg)

File: 1632976056300-2.png (185.17 KB, 423x432, 2.png.8bc061c3c8e28e4105ee….png)

File: 1632976056300-3.jpg (32.89 KB, 466x501, 816kt7BIQZL._AC_SX466_.jpg)

oops looks like the laser cutter router cut up destroyed the cooling fans. -_-'

633e5c3a No.3630087

File: 1634709837662-0.png (20.1 KB, 1800x600, graphics_run.png)

File: 1634709837662-1.jpg (47.56 KB, 700x525, img_5732.jpg)

File: 1634709837662-2.jpg (43.35 KB, 759x427, SeedBox-Featured-Image.jpg)

Could someone explain how gamers use online graphics cards and ram on other servers instead of their own at home?

633e5c3a No.3630088

I think I get it now, You log in to your home computer connect online log in to the server's database that holds cards and rams, log into it select let's say Second Life and it loads the graphics and prims for you reducing time and increase speed.

633e5c3a No.3630089

f65223cc No.3630374

File: 1634934844611.gif (991.95 KB, 728x90, aaaAdvertisingimg6.gif)

73db7b60 No.3630586

It chimps down the experience for your computer is what it is saying. Basically, if you are getting the picture you want the assets you actually are getting don't matter. Because you have already let it do the complicated stuff it is basically sending you back the textures only version.

Meanwhile, it is using 100 windows or so to make sure it isn't messing up your mesh or whatever because it verifies what it wants you to see first before sending it out, including what you think you are in control of i.e. your own stuff.

Also…if you just use 50 accounts and force it to send all the info back to your own computer. And then make your own use of their system dedicated to one instance. Well I guess you can milk the system for "its source work". Granted you can just run it yourself like a live action 3d-window. Infact that is what they are doing. But also….you can exploit them by making them overqualify themselves for bullshit. (Since you are essentially getting nothing but bullshit in return you might find a piece of fiber in it after 100k loadouts)

2b5a9320 No.3631082

File: 1635410159333.jpeg (20.37 KB, 737x415, 1Kqmky_0cf2N8gb00.jpeg)

1bc5db5c No.3631092

062d2b19 No.3642741

File: 1642683312972.jpg (53.8 KB, 363x500, magazine cover.jpg)

f8f0d913 No.3644844

File: 1643971108457.png (285.85 KB, 726x600, smallpc.png)

f8f0d913 No.3644845

File: 1643971475110.jpg (62.95 KB, 580x358, 1_7hDM39YAClGLKcqcB02RXw.jpg)

We have gone far, I wonder if you could connect your smartphone devices and play on it?

8a8c8b6e No.3656369

File: 1652245879359.png (14.06 KB, 440x209, project archives.png)

We are trying to convert an archive .rar into its text so that it could be stored on other sites that don't support .rar files; it only text files once uploaded we could re-convert them back into a .rar archive form. Does anyone have experience on this? anyone have the source?

8a8c8b6e No.3656372


>rar files has images, music, videos etc.

>converts it into a Text file.
>Stores it safely in other sites.
>years later… finds it and converts it back into rar file.
>>all your stuff is there.

What was that?

8a8c8b6e No.3656375

File: 1652246791777.png (39.14 KB, 957x531, project archives zip to te….png)

Foo! I want you to convert a "rar file" into a "text file"

8a8c8b6e No.3656376

File: 1652247301169.png (142.7 KB, 1488x805, project archives zip to te….png)


Found it! It appear to took longer though.

8a8c8b6e No.3656377

File: 1652248297564.png (363.41 KB, 1478x835, project archives zip to te….png)

Tried it, and it sucks.

8a8c8b6e No.3656378

8a8c8b6e No.3656380

Our goal is not to rely on MEGA due to nervously deleting our files being inactive for long despite having a password.

1c9342b6 No.3656381

to distribute what exactly…fox videos?

8a8c8b6e No.3656382

.zip, .jpg, .png, .webm, .mp4, any file media into .txt file
large art cover, furry art collection too big to store in 16gbs some of the files in it' image form are corrupted because it's simply to large to read due to scanning.

8a8c8b6e No.3656383

Discord images and anon upload art files seem to last longer than MEGA.

1c9342b6 No.3656384

Mega Keeps all files unless the user says to take them down.

8a8c8b6e No.3656385

Testing this archive to see how long it would last.

8a8c8b6e No.3658316


How would artist and non-artist take advantage of it?

8a8c8b6e No.3658317

File: 1653515364530.png (163.63 KB, 800x1412, PBF274-Adam_2.0.png)

8a8c8b6e No.3659317

File: 1654741301793.jpg (134.6 KB, 1067x800, m65_disassembly.jpg)

Searching for a Corsair M65 RGB ELITE mouse damaged shell missing part. the mouse works but There are no sources or markets to replace the shell. Best to buy the whole $60 one.


8a8c8b6e No.3659695

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