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d30a6edc No.3613733

I've said this before, Mass Effect 2 is anti-authistic garbage, just like Doom: Eternal. Boycott everyone associated with it. Support Autism Speaks. Light It Up Blue!


c8d03254 No.3613736

File: 1620239307004.jpg (194.32 KB, 853x1280, 1429246663.-lofi_4-16-15c.jpg)

autists are literal subhumans

if there's a valid reason to boycott mass effect it's because there's no gay Garrus romance

81e35a22 No.3613745

File: 1620248694875.jpg (16.92 KB, 175x292, 1582421180021.jpg)

> Boycott everyone associated with it.

5cea0def No.3613951

Why the fuck do autists seek out these 'self-advocacy' networks and 'autism rights' organisations? They're as secret club as you can get - we're better than neurotypicals, cus who needs a self sufficient lifestyle or your own self awareness when I can be clapped at for counting pencils all day, putting them in a pile and panicing when a green crayon is introduced to them. Literally driving the autistic belief you need your mind making up for you. I was forced into them post diagnosis and realised only a piece of paper makes me a sperg, and that piece of paper is not a badge.

3cf20ee0 No.3613983

The more autistic you are, the more self-absorbed you are, because part of the problem is the lack of awareness and understanding of other minds.

Normal people have an innate ability to maintain multiple points of view simultaneously, compare and switch between them, and effortlessly run "simulations" of other people's minds inside their own, which makes them less egoistic and more socially aware. Autism by its very core is having a noisy unstable brain that can only function coherently in a rigid repetitive manner that rises through the general dysfunction and noise of a malfunctioning brain. Most autistic people are actually retarded and over 55% of autistic people have an IQ below 70. The "high functioning autist" is somewhat of a special case, and the highest functioning cases are likely misdiagnoses caused by lumping all sorts of personality defects and other syndromes under the label of the "spectrum".

An autistic person can barely maintain one mind and one ego without breaking into conflicts and tantrums, which is why autists function like robots: if things don't go the way expected, their single core single thread thinking process crashes. This makes their behavior extremely self-centered and narcissistic, because they cannot perceive other people as having minds at all - other people are like scary moving puppets that work by magic because their reasons and motivations cannot be simultaneously processed by the autistic mind. Because of this, whenever the world disagrees with the autistic person, the world is seen as "stupid" or "evil" - because it is incomprehensible.

While the autistic person eventually learns how to act the part of a real person by trial and error, they will never understand it correctly because they're essentially locked in their own heads and their own worlds that has nothing to do with the rest of it. They're like real life Pinocchios - always seeking to become a real boy and never succeeding.

7896b86c No.3613985

Imagine being such a twat you write a thesis on autism that nobody reads.

3cf20ee0 No.3613991

You did. Touch a nerve?

7896b86c No.3613996

Read that wall of shit? haha maybe later when I have nothing else.

a8365aef No.3614016

Yes you did.

If you really didn't care, you wouldn't even have replied…

0175227d No.3614021

I care but I dont so suck my dick. If your kid is autistic I am sorry but I dont feel bad for them but maybe you shouldnt have been such a slampig and got the abortion

151b1404 No.3614099

ITT: autists arguing with autists. >>3613983 made a point about misdiagnoses though. I only began to shut stuff off after bullying got so bad in my school years I figured the best way to avoid being bullied is being nothing at all. Muting yourself unless it's necessary. Becoming aware of every little thing you do that causes people to dislike you. Becoming kind of numb and emotionless. It's led to severe clinical OCD in later life, and it all likely presents as HF autism.

a8365aef No.3614100

That's basically what B.F. Skinner showed in experiment. When you punish an animal arbitrarily - basically bully it for no reason - they try to figure it out and develop superstitious rituals (OCD) and learn to become helpless (numb).

This has nothing to do with autism, which should be properly called "being a retarded cunt" syndrome, because that's what it really is.

a8365aef No.3614102

It seems cobalt blaze got online again…

There should be a law allowing the late abortion of autistic children, because they'll only become autistic adults who keep doing the same rage and temper tantrums whenever they get "triggered" by shit. You can't contain full grown man-child who thinks they have a right to be a cunt and throw your shit down the street and scream in your face.

ce3ad52d No.3614116

A lot of "autism" is just misdiagnosed attachment disorders. Look up the Coventry Grid.

The refrigerator mother theory was always correct.

f98f93d4 No.3614120

File: 1620569768016-0.jpg (846.25 KB, 2600x1463, 3612d9a.jpg)

File: 1620569768016-1.png (995.3 KB, 1280x720, 1631181.png)

File: 1620569768016-2.jpg (404.07 KB, 600x800, 9d685526.jpg)

Porn thread?

d30a6edc No.3614223

File: 1620670625818.jpg (289.67 KB, 600x723, 1279142499.nancher_comisio….jpg)

Boycott Tesla and all of his ventures too. He just described himself as having "Asperger's syndrome". A term which everyone knows, was invented by a Nazi "scientist" as an excuse to send more dissenters into concentration camps.

Fuck that swollen head, South African Apartheid supporter and his bad hair transplant. Tesla is the literal 21st century equivalent of Volkswagen and Ford. All damn Nazi supporters!

3e8717f9 No.3614360

File: 1620783972362.png (860.69 KB, 1300x1631, abusive_family_issues.png)

Fucking abusive family members gotta love what they fucked up for a child's developmental needs.

1a0f1c4a No.3614370

Eh, I always wondered whether I have PTSD or something on the autistic spectrum, I've got almost all the symptoms of PTSD, and its diagnosed through the VA, abut I have a few symptoms of autism. Namely sleep problems, depression, liking to be alone, and not liking to be hugged or generally touched, and avoiding situations where people can see my body.

Then again, I'm covered in surgery scars, burn scars, general scars, and it makes people uncomfortable if they see me without a shrit, and now pants thanks to the burn scars, my parents were excessively restrictive about who I associated with as a kid (namely any human who has ever lived), I didn't get my first hug until I was 21, and the depression thing is hard to avoid when your body is broken and you spend most of your life alone with an annoyingly vocal dog.

PTSD was just considered more likely, since I did have my shit fucked the hell up, was in the military, and ptsd and alcoholism go hand in hand, and alcoholism can lead to all sorts of symptoms of other mental illnesses, especially bipolar.

I'm probably on the spectrum, but whether that is genetic or a result of trauma is anyone's guess.

1a0f1c4a No.3614371

as far as OCD goes, who doesn't like things to match up, things that clearly don't belong bother me, but its not like I get upset over them, they just become unignorably obvious after I notice them.

And not responding to abusive family members? If you've ever had a truely abusive family member you do one of two things, ignore them because there is nothing else you can do, or attack them because there is nothing else you can do. Ignoring them without being injured when they're twice your size, is the best option.

1a0f1c4a No.3614372

File: 1620792386518.png (268.02 KB, 360x450, Ninja_Brian.png)

Another thing that really makes it hard to socialize, is when I was a kid, my parents both worked swing shifts, usually opposite. So I got really used to being very light on my feet, not talking unless it was necessary, using headphones, ect. I even got used to wearing clothes to blend in to where im going just not to draw attention. I'm basically a ninja now.

It really unnerves people when a 6'1 mostly silent broad guy with huge angry eyebrows, jet black hair and resting rage face just randomly appears in a corner midway through a conversation. Its kinda funny to me, but yeah it doesn't make me any friends.

0356a373 No.3614425

Dunno where that chart is from, but actual autistic kids don't get finger pointing. They look at the finger instead of the thing you're pointing at, and don't point at objects themselves. They just assume you know what they want, and then throw a tantrum out of the blue when you don't do what they expect.

Here again the autistic person feels that their mind is the only mind in existence, or rather fails to remember that there are other minds at all because they're retarded. There's no need to communicate your intention or attention by pointing at objects, or saying what you want. Likewise when other people try to communicate their intention or attention there's no need to look at where the finger is pointing because the other person's mind is irrelevant or incomprehensible. There is only what you want to see or happen.

0356a373 No.3614429

To understand how an autistic person is, you just have to understand how our brains develop. Small babies' brains are disorganized to the point that they see sounds and hear tastes and nothing makes sense. In the first two years they start to gain focus and learn what is what, but while they're doing it they haven't yet learned the difference between themselves and the rest of the world. They don't know what is under their own control, and what is the other stuff.

That's why the baby feels that everything that happens is "me", and any unexpected things that happen are scary because they don't make sense. This is why toddlers start to cry over stupid shit, like watching the DSL modem light blink and then suddenly not. They thought they were making the light blink in the first place because for as long as they were aware of it, it had always done so.

After a while, the baby starts to recognize the difference between something happening in their own head, and something happening outside of it, so they're not disturbed by the other stuff happening. Later, they learn the difference between inanimate objects obeying the laws of physics, and people obeying the whims of their own minds.

The autistic kid stops mid-way through that development and actually regresses back towards being a baby. The usual way to test this is to show the kid a play where one person hides an object and another person tries to guess where it is. Normal kids get the trick and correctly predict that the other person is going to look for the object in the wrong place, but autistic kids don't. Autistic kids have to learn the same stuff in a roundabout way, case-by-case, trial and error, because they still don't understand that the world is not the same thing as what's happening in their own heads.

Fast forward to adulthood and watch (mildly) autistic adults behave. Now you understand 3B.

1a0f1c4a No.3614448

I never had that problem, so probably not autistic then. About the worse I did was getting really upset as a toddler because I didn't understand why were were drawing "stick dogs" I hadn't seen a dog to that point, so after getting smacked a few times, and started toddler crying, my parents came to pick me up, and its been a thing that gets brought up a lot during holiday meals.

I mean, how the hell does a kid know how to draw a stick dog, if they've never seen a dog?

3e8717f9 No.3614468

File: 1620878989622.png (155.04 KB, 912x813, why-refrigerator-mothers-w….png)

3e8717f9 No.3614472

File: 1620880627217-0.jpg (69.27 KB, 602x406, main-qimg-50195b4053e84e03….jpg)

File: 1620880627217-1.png (393 KB, 1700x825, compulsive hoardings.png)

Another factor is that if your the mother of that child that could not afford a home but have to sleep with your cousin older bigger cousins' room over a sleep over while they snore and rowdy.

If you could not afford a home, Don't force your kid to sleep with your older niece's room or they're gonna have trouble sleeping.

A bad habit could lead to compulsive hoarding. "Don't a dragon's child." quote.

3e8717f9 No.3614473

File: 1620880992405-0.jpg (206.46 KB, 1024x745, a_hoard_of_garbage_by_lehc….jpg)

File: 1620880992405-1.png (629.67 KB, 800x583, TmCGyLn.png)

File: 1620880992405-2.png (152.03 KB, 650x650, tumblr_059b680aefc252a9d80….png)

Why do people collect a lot of junk you ask? Because they have dragon's habit. it's like an addiction attached to your teddy bear.

0356a373 No.3614504

>I never had that problem, so probably not autistic then.

You probably don't remember if you did, because the lack of finger pointing/following manifests in younger autistic children.

Older autistic children learn the meaning of it eventually the same way they learn other basic social cues by repetition and reward/punishment. You have to teach them like dogs before they get the point that you pointing at something means you want their attention that way.

d30a6edc No.3618895

The amount of ignorance in this thread is worrying. I'm not even going to bother replying to most of the crap posted here, but I hope most of you are just trying to troll and don't actually believe those things you post.

995355c0 No.3618917

b6dd1392 No.3648575

God, I'm actually starting to miss him. Anyone know if he's active anywhere nowadays? His Twitter account was a constant source of lulz.

7896b86c No.3661121

i bet that dood would kill a pedo so you kno if he ever had to he would

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