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File: 1623815061203.jpg (175.25 KB, 857x1200, C8qsKZoUMAAEiq6.jpg)

c527eb7a No.3617467

Did you wear Jncos?
I wore Jncos.
I love Jncos

c527eb7a No.3617468

File: 1623815698804.jpeg (40.51 KB, 400x560, shopping.jpeg)

Think I'm gonna buy some Jncos soon.
Had some guy thought ask me if I was wearing Jnco the other day at the General Store. I was wearing my wide leg black jeans.
It got joans'n for Jncos man. I can't stop think'n about'em.

c5dc3f1f No.3617472

JNCO = Jeans N IGGERS Can't Own?

97fc4436 No.3617473

File: 1623822287177-0.jpg (493.66 KB, 2004x3000, DSC06458.jpg)

File: 1623822287177-1.jpg (35.8 KB, 246x400, s-l400.jpg)


I used to wear JNCO jeans when I was in middle school, they were baggy & very comfortable. I really liked the custom designs they put on their jeans, you would have cool looking Tigers & Dragons.

c527eb7a No.3617474

Why would you even think that? No.

c527eb7a No.3617475

File: 1623824150987.jpeg (6.85 KB, 190x266, images (8).jpeg)

Bro Jnco has black models.

bb58ab82 No.3617478

Did all those skinny jean wearing metro teens suddenly jump on the THICC bandwagon or something?

c527eb7a No.3617516

Are you implying that Jncos are racist?

4edd6ac0 No.3617789


Apparently Jnco is still in business.

e5395df2 No.3617816

File: 1624157149327.jpg (17.13 KB, 300x300, s-l300.jpg)

No but remember Fubu?
For Us By Us?

Fubu was like Jnco for black people.
It was very specifically targeted for black youth.

4edd6ac0 No.3617849

File: 1624217499775.jpg (587.97 KB, 1463x2048, J194D5-MAMMOTH_BLK6.jpg)

Went for it! I did it. I couldn't stand it. I had some have some Jncos.
I ordered the Jnco mammoths. They should be here in a few days. So excited.

759f3fe8 No.3617850

File: 1624217825033.png (174.19 KB, 360x235, lqKlotB.png)


Congrats man, you will love them JNCO jeans are very comfortable. =^_^=

0c752940 No.3617853

Someone took all the cargo pants from the 1980's and are marketing them to a new generation of ignorant blacks that have no living memory of how old this shit is. Their grand-parents wore this shit.

4edd6ac0 No.3617858

File: 1624223510649.jpg (254.75 KB, 1280x1634, AF7468M-BLK_F.jpg)

>>3617850 They are. They're also stylish without being over kill. Tripp pants are such a gawd awful mess. Just look at this. I remember thinking they were cool for a relatively brief period and latter thinking … no NOPE No way. I can appreciate a fun &or brutish goth look but there is just entirely too much shit going on there on some of their garments.

ac3468f4 No.3617865

Looks like someone used a couple black bags from a liquor store and used dental floss. So much shit to TRIPP over

4edd6ac0 No.3617880

File: 1624229632654.jpg (167.42 KB, 840x952, crust_punk_patches_by_goth….jpg)

Funny you should mention dental floss as that is actually the preferred thread of many punks and goths.

0106053d No.3617887

There's a lot going on there to but these people didn't just buy them covered with a bunch of doodads already on them they made the alterations themselves, so even those it's super busy I can still dig it.

bb58ab82 No.3617890

all of these things look stupid as hell

0106053d No.3617896

File: 1624236267842.jpg (53.76 KB, 1200x900, file-20181129-170250-1gdqh….jpg)

Well… How about that.
Guessing you're more of a Levi's, Fruit of the Loom kind'a guy.
Nothing wrong with being a normy but some people like to have at least some fun clothes on hand for whenever we're feeling particularly festive.

bb58ab82 No.3617897

wasn't using my user name. I'm more of a "Free Soldier" "Free Country" (I got into Free Soldier cause I it showed up on amazon when searching for Free Country stuff incredibly comfy light weight summer pants), Buckle jeans, 5.11 tactical jeans, all my shoes are Merrel, and stuff you can only get from country outfitter type stores.

I always dress slick, classic, and functional, but I'm no walmart shopper, well maybe with the exception of socks.

0106053d No.3617900

File: 1624240304246.jpg (18.75 KB, 362x274, John_Astin_as_Gomez_Addams.jpg)

So like more of a Dickies Carhartt kinda guy then?
I can dig it. You maybe a lot of things but a normy?
Certainly not.
At some point though I'd like to get some nice black suits.
Go for a sort of Gomez Adams look.

bb58ab82 No.3617904

Most of my jeans are at least 80-130 dollars a pop, same with my sweaters, my shirts are a little cheaper.

I think anything I wear thats under 50 dollars an item are just stuff I keep to work in, no sense wearing a 300 dollar outfit if you're just going to splatter it with paint and rip it all up in crawl spaces and crap.

If you're looking for a suit, check out places where people bring all their dead people clothes to like goodwill. You can always get them tailored. I've got a name brand leather jacket that retailed for around 350 for 10 from there that fit perfectly, and a two really nice suits that just needed some waist tailoring for next to nothing. I don't usually rock the leather, and I almost never wear a suit so I skimp. As the song goes "I'm wearing your grandpa's clothes, I look incredible." I go there occasionally when I want a basic bitch coffee maker or a clothes iron and would rather spend 5 dollars than 80, and usually check out the clothes section as an afterthought.

I was poor as fuck until around 8 years ago, so I'm not above getting great deals when I find them. Most of my appliances are from this "home for humanity" shop, but would you rather spend 600 dollars on a dish washer, or get the exact some thing for 30 for one in almost new condition?

bb58ab82 No.3617907

never really dressed like that until the military. They kinda punch this "you don't have to be the nicest knife in the drawer as long as you look sharp" mentality into you.

969a6cb7 No.3617909

File: 1624244215662-0.jpg (205.54 KB, 450x574, antsinpants7.jpg)

File: 1624244215662-1.png (50.68 KB, 300x250, LF5DMMjxrZ-2.png)

File: 1624244215662-2.png (183.44 KB, 716x403, 1511204941484.png)

File: 1624244215662-3.jpg (167.79 KB, 1292x1360, 71U8oA5hxfL.jpg)

File: 1624244215662-4.jpg (32.4 KB, 499x338, 51hgkzz02aL._SY336_BO1,204….jpg)

I got ants in my pants!

ec314993 No.3617918

File: 1624248618166.gif (1.93 MB, 446x241, antsinmyeyesjohnson.gif)

0106053d No.3617926

File: 1624255459660-0.jpg (1 MB, 1500x2400, Super-Guy-Rick-Sanchez-Mor….jpg)

File: 1624255459660-1.jpg (257.82 KB, 665x665, naked-and-famous-denim-x-r….jpg)

File: 1624255459660-2.jpg (253.04 KB, 983x983, P0 (4).jpg)

File: 1624255459660-3.jpg (547.29 KB, 1122x1122, P0 (5).jpg)

>>3617918 Naked And Famous make Rick and Morty Jeans.
Also Jnco had a Mad Scientist type.

6f29413d No.3617931

File: 1624260300568.jpg (37.61 KB, 679x524, 71Xiv7VbdVL._AC_UX679_.jpg)

It's summer - too hot for jeans. Though I have an irl friend who will wear jeans out when it's 100 degrees. Jncos at least look like they have good airflow.

Instead, I typically wear pic related if I'm just dicking around outside. These are durable with 5 pockets in the front and two in the back. I never use the back pockets of my pants. Those front top pockets are deep too - they go all the way down to the same level as the bottom of the cargo pockets. These are the perfect hiking shorts.

ec314993 No.3617934

Why don't blacks wear Blue Jeans?
I don't believe I've ever seen one doing so.
Otherwise, blue jeans are popular?

bb58ab82 No.3617943

I've seen plenty of black guys wearing jeans, but the answer to your question is called "peacocking." Basically you wear weird stuff that stands out, like those ridiculous neon sneakers, weird clothes in general, and all that bling.

The idea is that by standing out in the crowd, you attract women's attention, and then move in for the kill, and the murder weapon is "muh dik."

d303a673 No.3617953

What I never entirely understood was the popularity with skaters and stunt bikers. I can get why they would like the style but not to wear while riding. They're great for dancing but for stunt sports it seems like they kind of pose a tripping risk.
Like I get Jnco shorts or maybe capris but it just wouldn't those giant leg openings get caught on the wheels of the boards or the gears of the bike? I've had bikes chew up regular jeans like it was a sandwich I can't even imagine what they'd do to Jncos.

Where do you even live of course black guys wear jeans.

d303a673 No.3617998

File: 1624332042971.png (1.95 MB, 1736x862, rick-and-morty-season-5-1-….PNG)


Oh yeah btw s5 e1 dropped free on youtube.
Probably limited time.

969a6cb7 No.3618016

File: 1624336651541-0.png (2.97 MB, 2412x1480, Screen-Shot-2018-09-07-at-….png)

File: 1624336651541-1.jpg (177.3 KB, 1600x1200, I-Love-It-Video.jpg)

File: 1624336651541-2.jpg (135.05 KB, 1548x1024, kanye-west-lil-pump-adele-….jpg)


4eca5491 No.3618063

File: 1624393162978.jpg (443.82 KB, 2160x1440, s-sp20_bmx_oldskoolprobmx_….jpg)

All the bmx riders I knew wore skinny jeans. Skinny jeans and Vans. Skinny so they wouldn't get caught in the chain. Jeans so they had a layer of protection for when they fucked up. Sorta like how bikers wear leather.

e32cfad8 No.3618412

You'd have to be out of your mind to wear Jnco pants on a bike.

e32cfad8 No.3618417

File: 1624781120997.jpg (88.18 KB, 796x844, cb22934b0ac1bd745c2f5fcba9….jpg)

09878cd6 No.3618435


So this years fashionable Summerwear is Minecraft ?

2fff966b No.3618605

File: 1624963888446.jpg (9.72 KB, 264x264, 264x264.jpg)

c175fbc9 No.3619420

File: 1625778425545-0.jpg (46.46 KB, 490x653, cs44907.jpg)

File: 1625778425545-1.jpg (85.92 KB, 400x600, blue-bell-bottom-jeans-gro….jpg)

File: 1625778425545-2.jpg (27.34 KB, 706x1000, mens-black-bell-bottom-pan….jpg)

File: 1625778425545-3.jpeg (178.42 KB, 600x1084, b43fe445-17ee-4a49-bf34-2….jpeg)

Groovy bell bottoms, man.

90eb51cf No.3619427

Do people who wear these realize how childish they look?

ec35a763 No.3619645

File: 1625994610485-0.jpg (503.97 KB, 1280x1280, P0 (3).jpg)

File: 1625994610485-1.jpg (413.44 KB, 1280x1280, P0 (2).jpg)

>>3619427 It's not that we don't know, we don't care.

ec35a763 No.3619646

File: 1625995130916.jpg (76.97 KB, 480x751, 1424382741-90sfashion_7536….jpg)

I think my obsession with caution bars was due in part to Jnco.

fb8d3c7e No.3628637

The pants that make you look like you're melting out of the floor.

792f1f19 No.3628638

Never wore anything but shitty thrift store hand me downs.

231b1834 No.3628639

Cargo pants are better. All dem pockets mang

Inb4 cargo vs bell bottom

eb85a52a No.3628640

File: 1633749034433.gif (215.01 KB, 498x423, boomer.gif)

>cargo pants

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

6c4e462f No.3628641

File: 1633750831357.jpg (69.55 KB, 604x453, 70463-35141-1.jpg)

44487ed4 No.3628642

peak autism.

44487ed4 No.3628644

File: 1633752067571.jpg (383.49 KB, 800x567, tony_hawdad.jpg)

also used to rock a skateboard, the high tops on skater shoes help prevent twisted ankles.

44487ed4 No.3628645

File: 1633753123994.jpg (27.14 KB, 360x449, 35da7dea-345f-4899-909e-c9….jpg)


It takes power to rock the goodwill…

c321dba5 No.3638054

File: 1639749991640.jpeg (46.75 KB, 590x376, a3c678df32da21b79b648e567….jpeg)

I like these jeans.

a2146d5d No.3638086

You'd probably also like Kitanica Protective.

3aec1ead No.3655711


I like the content of those jeans.

2afdd3fe No.3655722

File: 1651602213826.jpg (83.42 KB, 640x885, FOdHeqlI8DEDTw5CBt3489mWBc….jpg)

40c074cb No.3655723

File: 1651603103179.jpg (154.52 KB, 916x1005, Blemmyes-gallica-12148-btv….jpg)

Never thought I'd see blemmye tranny porn

2041bb4f No.3655748

Basically this is what everything in Elden Ring tried to avoid but really couldnt.

57fd3f93 No.3655807

Nice cheeseburger vagina

48b84a57 No.3656137

File: 1652026104889.jpg (493.35 KB, 960x920, fotoflexerphoto.jpg)

You still get Jnco jeans off


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