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File: 1629050841213.png (4.6 MB, 1080x760, Getting_My_Rocks_Off.png)

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Because I can't find the art thread any more.


b9f5c099 No.3622881

And before you ask, no, I didn't take the time to model all that. It's 3 cubes with two modifiers and a texture with a matching bump imput node. I was mostly messing around with the node editor.

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File: 1629051107398.jpg (55.26 KB, 600x500, 1.jpg)

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File: 1629051495436.png (867.64 KB, 834x3130, 54yh4.png)

If you are just now learning blender, the company made a nice set of tutorials for the newest version that is most of what you would learn in an actual class about 3d modeling for free.


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File: 1629051611209.png (194.76 KB, 690x312, 06e6aa3cb4e67442cf0f0232b3….png)

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File: 1629051739403.jpg (102.93 KB, 1280x720, lowpolyfemalemodel.jpg)

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File: 1629051916872.png (136.66 KB, 682x583, 93712ef2be5c8f5bf5c6a0094b….png)

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File: 1629052558361.png (164.24 KB, 872x762, createalowmethoed.png)

Share us some methods about creating rock models with the lowest rez count ranging from large to small.
It looks like your using textures and modifiers effects with lowest settings.


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File: 1629070420279-0.png (355.11 KB, 1920x992, rock_shader.png)

File: 1629070420279-1.png (4.57 MB, 1080x760, Unmodified_Rock.png)


Got distracted by the kids. Here you go.
Shader values in the middle window, the two modifiers in the right side window.

The second picture is what the cubes look like without the modifiers turned on.

b9f5c099 No.3622910

The noise texture node creates a random variable which I plugged into a Hue node so I could mix two colors based on that noise pattern. This connected into the base color of the texture.

Then I connected the same noise pattern to the Displacement value of the output node so that when you look at it, the darker parts of the rock appear to be indented compared to the lighter parts.

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File: 1629073306448-0.png (309.41 KB, 1920x988, TheOldWay.png)

File: 1629073306448-1.png (4.5 MB, 1080x760, Textured_Rock.png)


You can get kinda the same effect if you do it the old way.

Bake the geometry and by making the modifiers permanent, then UV unwrap it and add a image node with a picture of the texture you want from google, and adjust the UV map and add a bump map node and and adjust the individual faces on the UV map so they don't look stretched and… it's a lot of work for something that can be done with procedural texturing much faster and better.

b9f5c099 No.3622917

Another fun and useful trick I learned in blender today is the numb pad. 1,3,7,and 9 take you to different views but more importantly, 4,8,6, and 2 act like a control pad letting you orbit around the object you have selected as if they are a cross-pad on a controller.

Also / on the numb-pad puts you in "Focus" mode which makes everything except the object you have selected invisible and uneditable until you hit it again.

Great for those hard to reach places that are close to other object faces.

The . on the numbpad zooms you into whatever you have selected.

If you ever lose something, you can select it in the hierarchy of objects, hit . and find out where it is, even if you shot it off into deep space by adding too many zeros to your z value.

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File: 1629075239694.png (412.28 KB, 627x468, ArchiPackCover.png)

While it's not my thing, I know a lot of people use Blender for creating simple rooms to use as backgrounds for drawings. Well, I discovered something in the new version of Blender that is going to make that really, really, easy. Archi-Mesh and Archipack addons let you create buildings pretty much with sliders and numbers.


b9f5c099 No.3622922

If you are clueless to what Blender is and why you might want to use it, check out this video:


It has guided me to a lot of resources and cool tricks.

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File: 1629143706706.png (1.87 MB, 1280x1150, cbfcc1ea61dfe31cede44735af….png)

I'm on to something here, is it possible to create this 2D image into 3D?

3bb6d940 No.3623004

File: 1629143952585.png (1.52 MB, 1123x907, textuurs.png)

Adding the shiny parts for the texture is a sinch!

3bb6d940 No.3623008

File: 1629144802367.jpg (31 KB, 535x248, 1-s2.0-S1120179718304514-g….jpg)

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File: 1629147434121.png (172.19 KB, 760x1017, Hidden_camera_Menu.png)

One of the most annoying things about any 3D program is moving the camera while looking through the camera but Blender actually came up with a good way of doing it.

On the border of the outliner window where you object hierarchy like cubes and cameras live there is a little < sticking out where the direction gizmo is.

It's a pull-tab and if you open it, you can get a window that lets you change the location, rotation and scale of an object.

Now if you have your camera selected and are looking through it, you can use these values to move and aim your camera without ever needing to leave the camera view.

When you are done with it, just grab the edge of the little window you pulled out and push it back in.

I attached a screenshot of the values I use to aim and position the camera. The ones with the lock next to them are ones you don't want to change under most circumstances.

If you rotate on the Y axis it makes things turn sideways like one of those filthy, disgusting, tik-toc videos on a sideways phone…

Don't do it, just don't do it.

b9f5c099 No.3623017

File: 1629147693110.png (71.72 KB, 646x354, Collapsed.png)

This is what the pull-tab looks like before you pull it out.

3bb6d940 No.3623034

File: 1629156409693-0.jpg (35.82 KB, 520x260, nctech-iris-beta-pano2.jpg)

File: 1629156409693-1.png (1.36 MB, 984x815, DVR-interface-2.png)

3bb6d940 No.3623035

even better, add more cameras to create sort of spider view dimension.

b9f5c099 No.3623036

Though it is way above my pay grade at this point, yes, Blender has 360 integration built into it.


Just search it on youtube and bang, step by step instructions.

3bb6d940 No.3623037

3bb6d940 No.3623039

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File: 1629170533187-0.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, Work_of_art.png)

File: 1629170533187-1.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, Work_of_art2.png)


A collection of free models for blender.
Guess which one I tried out first?

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File: 1629179469744-0.jpg (153.15 KB, 1920x1080, screenshot_00_thumb.detail.jpg)

File: 1629179469744-1.jpg (235.26 KB, 1920x1920, Grey_UOKMFkn.jpg)

You can tell there is at least one furry on there.

3bb6d940 No.3623083

File: 1629186125147.png (1.16 MB, 1509x878, blenderexperience1.png)

Messing with Modifiers.

f7c676ba No.3623095

That sphere has 24 thousand, 576 faces.
Unless you want to choke your computer to death I wouldn't use that modifier quite like that.

ceecb698 No.3623132

2 torus 1 cylinder.

bb3c14a8 No.3623158

File: 1629262527648.png (390.12 KB, 1235x860, SmutBase_Blue_Anthro_Drago….png)


Just a FYI, all the furry stuff is hidden, you need to make an account to see it.

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File: 1629563118163.png (301.38 KB, 1920x1040, adding bones to clothes fl….png)

I'm attempting to add bones to flag banners towels clothes to a flat surface as an experiment I wonder how it would work out though.

86e9fee3 No.3623483

File: 1629565734341-0.png (242.53 KB, 1920x1040, blender tut bones.png)

File: 1629565734341-1.png (258.25 KB, 1920x1040, blender tut bones 2.png)

File: 1629565734341-2.png (244.92 KB, 1920x1040, blender tut bones 3.png)

File: 1629565734341-3.png (247.28 KB, 1920x1040, blender tut bones 4.png)

File: 1629565734341-4.png (237.78 KB, 1920x1040, blender tut bones 5.png)

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File: 1629567451404-0.png (253.35 KB, 1920x1040, blender tut bones 6.png)

File: 1629567451404-1.png (281.4 KB, 1920x1040, blender tut bones 7.png)

File: 1629567451404-2.png (250.12 KB, 1920x1040, blender tut bones 8.png)

File: 1629567451404-3.png (280.22 KB, 1920x1040, blender tut bones 9.png)

File: 1629567451404-4.png (287.1 KB, 1920x1040, blender tut bones 10.png)

86e9fee3 No.3623492

File: 1629575024433.png (330.43 KB, 1920x1040, blender tut bones 11.png)

rigging cloth with bones have failed.

86e9fee3 No.3623493

File: 1629575292074.png (342.1 KB, 1920x1040, blender tut bones 12.png)

One does not simply rig bones with cloth.

f7c676ba No.3623507


If you googled things instead of spending hours bashing your head against a limitation of the program you would accomplish a lot more.

You don't need to rediscover fire, we have lighters.

6f78fad8 No.3623958

File: 1629913878487.png (408.25 KB, 1920x1021, Ghostlynsfwcaninesfemale_u….png)

Here's the link to the Blend files of the male canine models.
Sadly no Blend files for the other ones. The blend files for the other ones are in the unitypackage. You need unity to open it and get the files out.

6f78fad8 No.3624045

File: 1629974721035.png (2.29 MB, 1600x900, AlonWoof_u18chan.png)

Anyone seems to have this one?
Looks like a good base to put a dick onto it and use for animations.

b9f5c099 No.3624200

File: 1630100159239.png (7.43 MB, 1920x1013, Practice.Makes.Penis.png)

3eaa75f1 No.3624931

is it possible to create measurement of plushies in blender?

3eaa75f1 No.3625709

File: 1631386507859.png (193.4 KB, 728x805, openaicodex.png)

a10c2f18 No.3625718

If your plan is to design plush toys from scratch one approach might be to get a tool used for designing papercraft such as PePaKuRa.


Using fabric instead of paper will naturally soften any rough edges although there might be issues if you want to keep sharp edges (e.g. making a d20 plush that isn't just a ball)

(this may be a repeat post – furi gave me a weird error when I tried posting the first time)

9e81f2ee No.3627830

File: 1633199811168.jpg (39.28 KB, 800x450, 4b5ab8530ad71d3cceadf8e3d3….jpg)

9e81f2ee No.3627831

File: 1633200897425-0.jpg (246.78 KB, 1212x920, cyberkitty_2as_u18chan_u18….jpg)

File: 1633200897425-1.jpg (26.11 KB, 1024x670, shedragon_0_u18chan.jpg)

Check pointing these in case of lost.



d832c7db No.3628497

File: 1633614843743.webm (1.26 MB, 720x1280, ccc79c010752be9d2056c0768….webm)

hows the models comming along from sketchfab?

d832c7db No.3628532

File: 1633645844891-0.png (314.76 KB, 2800x3500, Perspective & Backgrounds ….png)

File: 1633645844891-1.png (762.11 KB, 2800x3500, Perspective & Backgrounds ….png)

File: 1633645844891-2.png (608.85 KB, 4900x3200, Perspective & Backgrounds ….png)

d832c7db No.3628533

File: 1633646018408-0.png (1 MB, 4900x3200, Perspective & Backgrounds ….png)

File: 1633646018408-1.png (2.14 MB, 3400x3200, Perspective & Backgrounds ….png)

File: 1633646018408-2.png (1.02 MB, 3400x3200, Perspective & Backgrounds ….png)

File: 1633646018408-3.png (2.09 MB, 3400x3200, Perspective & Backgrounds ….png)

c141a06d No.3629847

File: 1634535204179.png (786.85 KB, 1280x720, 1633853930.ruaidri_img3816.png)

8f1a6dd8 No.3629920

File: 1634596102849.png (1.54 MB, 1175x700, 1586150516.cosmiclife_vali….png)


8f1a6dd8 No.3629922

File: 1634596646224-0.jpg (1.05 MB, 1480x700, screenshot.jpg62F23662-EFE….jpg)

File: 1634596646224-1.jpg (193.99 KB, 1480x800, turntable01.jpg667CCA5B-75….jpg)

File: 1634596646224-2.jpg (263.44 KB, 1480x800, view5.jpg0A566F12-0FFB-465….jpg)

File: 1634596646224-3.jpg (495.61 KB, 1480x800, view4.jpg0723D378-36C7-434….jpg)

File: 1634596646224-4.jpg (605.59 KB, 1480x800, view7.jpgE97CE36D-3227-4B3….jpg)

8f1a6dd8 No.3629927

File: 1634598254623.png (729.99 KB, 995x538, f1f13_u18chan.png)

8f1a6dd8 No.3630050

File: 1634679751177-0.jpg (278.08 KB, 1080x1080, resize-loona_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1634679751177-1.png (1.88 MB, 1600x1600, lingerie_u18chan.png)

b12b8b6b No.3630157

File: 1634778044135.png (274.35 KB, 996x853, loonabase_u18chan.png)

Howdy folks. This Loona Model is sweet. ……But needed a base so she could stand…..so I made one. I'm not great at blender - but its something =)


b12b8b6b No.3630236

File: 1634863050482.gif (5.33 MB, 600x600, ezgif-3-b801254a7861.gif)

b12b8b6b No.3630240

File: 1634866006660.webm (1.69 MB, 720x720, 119685.webm)


b12b8b6b No.3630241

I have a gut feeling that Z.Studio will compete or replace Linden Lab.

19f6c969 No.3630242

Does Linden even do anything other than cater to the socially retarded with Second Life?

4d2c6886 No.3630243

Tell me, how will one 3D artist replace a whole company?

ceecb698 No.3630244

why do you care tho

02cd883f No.3630251

File: 1634875751533.jpg (91.06 KB, 1136x825, Dh2VL-KVQAASH9g.jpg)

maybe if he gets hired by Facebook to make big tittied cats for their metaverse project

19f6c969 No.3630252

Such a terrible book/movie series. It's like the literary embodiment of consoomerism. Nobody in the future is going to give a fuck about the 80s pop culture trash the author is autisticly obsessed with.

And there's no fucking way a virtual world like it depicts wouldn't full of autistic furries living vicariously through their futa hermtaur fursonas.

4d2c6886 No.3630253

>Nobody in the future is going to give a fuck about the 80s pop culture trash
With the way they keep rehashing old franchises, like the new Ghostbusters sequel, you'd be surprised.

19f6c969 No.3630254

And everyone hates the reboots except the Chinese market that never were exposed to the originals. That shit will age as well as beanie babies and funko pops

It's not like they're going to reboot M*A*S*H* any time soon.

674377ad No.3630294

herm taurs are mainly guardians for royalty.

54187f9a No.3630318

>Nobody in the future is going to give a fuck about the 80s pop culture trash the author is autisticly obsessed with.

You do realize that selling 80's nostalgia is starting to resemble printing money because 80's kids are entering middle age, they're rich with established jobs and careers, and they've been so busy with children and work that they're completely out of the loop with today's pop-culture. Things like synthwave are getting incredibly popular and old franchises are getting rebooted all over the place, and it's going to be this way for the next 10-20 years until generation X becomes irrelevant again.

54187f9a No.3630319

>It's not like they're going to reboot M*A*S*H* any time soon.

That wave of nostalgia was up in the early 00's.

19f6c969 No.3630339

The book/film takes place in 2045. The 80s will be completely irrelevant by then. It's just the author projecting his own pop culture autism into his wish fulfillment fantasy because he's creatively retarded.

54187f9a No.3630345

That's only 23 years from now. People who were born in the 80's will be about 60 then, and all the commercial media will still be catering to their preferences as the biggest paying demographic. It's kinda like how the mainstream media for the past 20 years now has been pandering to boomers.

54187f9a No.3630347

Basically, if you want to make money by making entertainment, you target the 18-35 year bracket, but if you want to sell cars, houses, luxury items, architecture, you target the 35-65 bracket because they have the real money.

The people in power and in advanced careers, such as senior architects, will all be past middle age as well, so the social infrastructure in 2040's will be defined by people born in the 80's.

7624b633 No.3630384

its kinda bullshit, I grew up in the 90's, and back then the classics were 60's, 70's, and 80's. Then we skipped my entire generation when it came to nostalgia and just went right ino 00's, 10's and 20's.

Why the hell did we just collectively as a species just decide the 90's didn't happen.?

54187f9a No.3630405

>I grew up in the 90's, and back then the classics were 60's, 70's, and 80's.

90's ends in 2000. Fast forward 20 years and the classics are 80's, 90's and 00's depending on who you're talking with.

But the thing about nostalgia is that it's never about the generation who actually lived the period, but the next one. Those whose parents lived the period and left and imprint on their children. That's why people who were just kids in the 80's are returning back to a nostalgia that wasn't really personally theirs but which they remember as a mental picture of what things were (not) like. A more idealized version of what their parents went through, so to speak.

It's kinda like a remixed version of history, and the remix is always better than the original.

54187f9a No.3630406

Also, 80's hits were still around in the 90's but they were never "classics". 10 years is too close for nostalgia because there's no intermediate generation that would forget the stuff.

And the 90's didn't happen because the music industry went through a revolution. In 1991 they introduced the first point-of-sale metrics to record what people were actually buying, which revealed that all the top chart hits were completely bogus thanks to corruption. The industry started trying to figure out what the people really liked instead of pushing out whatever they wanted to sell, which resulted in a fragmentation of the market and a loss of cohesion. The 90's no longer had a one thing that everyone would hear.

7624b633 No.3630409

pretty good point, still kinda sucks that the 90's are just ignored… but yep thats about right

54187f9a No.3630410

Which is btw. why the 90's and early 00's saw a HUGE list of completely made up bands like P.O.D or Linkin Park that were manufactured by studios to address a perceived audience. They didn't really know what they were doing, but the metrics showed that people were buying rap and metal, so they combined the two audiences and created things like nu-metal.

7624b633 No.3630411

File: 1634941791610.jpg (84.41 KB, 640x640, ab67706f00000003283997d725….jpg)

please, my generation already had to endure Maroon 5, don't get all salty in our wounds.

7624b633 No.3630412

and lets never speak of backstreet boys or britney spears ever

54187f9a No.3630413

The only thing that is genuine about the 90's mainstream music the continuation of good 80's bands, and Eurodance if you're into that stuff. The rest is all manufactured.

EDM/techno/trance developed in the sidelines and became a thing in its own right, but it was only discovered by the mainstream late into the 00's. In the 90's it was just sad nerds making bad bleep-bloop sounds on Amigas.

7624b633 No.3630417

File: 1634942309168.jpg (278.34 KB, 1200x675, EWNNkolXgAIpBbT.jpg)

im a pretty reluctant fan of eurodance and darkwave, even some acid jazz. Lo-fi- is fun too sometimes. We really should have known though, the action guy from Maroon 5 is clearly a far cry villain. Possibly the worst one.

54187f9a No.3630418

And speaking of Eurodance, it was all Scandinavian bands with one woman vocalist signing chorus and one black immigrant rapping because he couldn't sing. Sweden made like 80% of the Eurodance music after investing millions of state money into music production after the success of Abba, then Denmark made another 10%, and the rest were a smattering of random small countries.

Germany mostly made techno.

7624b633 No.3630421

There is only one song that gets me really going for some reps


54187f9a No.3630422

Aqua is Danish.

7624b633 No.3630441

you're danish.

62677ab0 No.3630664

File: 1635068047136.png (499.78 KB, 1132x801, blendercharacters.png)

6ccf32b1 No.3630676


Danish is something you eat.

17ddb981 No.3630762

No, aqua is Latin.

62677ab0 No.3631119

File: 1635451510481-0.jpg (111.9 KB, 960x540, 8900e8aaebad7995deff55af60….jpg)

File: 1635451510481-1.png (580.9 KB, 960x540, 1623531406.isal_01_promo-0….png)

62677ab0 No.3631382

File: 1635645964264-0.png (609.35 KB, 1007x825, aaaaaaa.png)

File: 1635645964264-1.png (660.42 KB, 1007x825, aaaaa.png)

File: 1635645964264-2.png (1.66 MB, 1748x1319, 361431f08661422a7b65218223….png)

File: 1635645964264-3.png (380.37 KB, 1070x1470, 59eeb79e346a6c3ee52ed461ed….png)

62677ab0 No.3631398

File: 1635658556118-0.png (2.73 MB, 1580x1277, 19b7b5e135e133fc2d65b77623….png)

File: 1635658556118-1.png (414.47 KB, 800x1600, fancy_in_black__2_by_missk….png)

aa927ed1 No.3631539

File: 1635811503471-0.png (823.82 KB, 1559x834, Twominutepapers.png)

File: 1635811503471-1.png (1.12 MB, 1622x747, Zorrin_test.png)

File: 1635811503471-2.png (1.15 MB, 1622x747, evilbananaz.png)

Keeping on eye on these three and their projects, learn more about them…

b6a26f83 No.3631545


ceecb698 No.3631650

File: 1635979058540.png (2.29 KB, 112x216, mynewimage.png)

Great, I woke up today and the drawing bug hit and now I have to draw the inner demon of my suffering on a 2d medium. FUCK. I hate being an artist! And not a very good one.

ceecb698 No.3631652

actually drew it but alas i feel like im known for being a pretentious piece of shit so im not posting it.

34acd716 No.3631656

It's more pretentious not to post it…

3bc0fa40 No.3631657

i really really really feel like it would be pretentious visa vie it being posted.

3bc0fa40 No.3631658

File: 1635983195138.png (486.28 KB, 800x800, mothspeciales.png)

Translation: this is not a lamp

7624b633 No.3631664

File: 1635988313158.png (447.73 KB, 910x1300, 1624244609183-0.png)

actually since the image is giving off light from a computer screen, it can be considered a type of lamp. Maybe even a flashlight if it was on your cellphone.

Also bug porn.

7624b633 No.3631665

File: 1635988815849.png (1.67 MB, 891x1280, 8dce18f2a31a3f1c74ef0c1243….png)

aa927ed1 No.3631668

File: 1635990595825-0.jpg (7.99 KB, 280x180, download.jpg)

File: 1635990595825-1.jpg (10.32 KB, 288x175, images.jpg)

File: 1635990595825-2.jpg (228.6 KB, 1920x1080, 4v4fes9awxp31.jpg)


>Ants drinking from a cup and uses cellphone. No.

>Ants drinking from an aphid, and uses scent markers. Yes.

ceecb698 No.3631670

yes for me the piece is just to capitulize on the "moth-like demeanor" a moth expresses, not so much as a lamp dick or something.

7624b633 No.3631674

If you want to do a follow up piece, I've never seen a pic of a moth shoving their proboscis into a guy's dick hole and sucking out their cum directly from their prostate before.

It would probably lead to a really bad UTI, but it would at least be neat to see.

ceecb698 No.3631676

ceecb698 No.3631677

File: 1635994263923.jpg (121.55 KB, 800x800, motghsuckingfolowup.jpg)

i actually dont feel like it anymore D: sry

aa927ed1 No.3631718


This would make someone's CPU cry!

aa927ed1 No.3632893

File: 1636976008774-0.jpg (800.33 KB, 1200x1200, 123771.jpg)

File: 1636976008774-1.jpg (731.06 KB, 900x1200, 124538.jpg)

d1dc9ef7 No.3632939

File: 1637011110561.jpg (77.71 KB, 1154x1154, .jpg)

aa927ed1 No.3633149

File: 1637153518112.png (692.63 KB, 1100x729, blender_girl_speedrun.png)

c0ef72c5 No.3633151

Damn thats good! Found them on twitter https://twitter.com/zdotstudio

aa927ed1 No.3633175


50 years later SL is replaced with matryoshka center that holds an engine that process physics, shaders, wind, and fluid mechanics in a separated servers crashing is still a problem.

2fa1d9a4 No.3646144

File: 1644564004659.jpg (360.86 KB, 1500x1125, b24bcc266b91a2103fbb78633d….jpg)

a753cdfd No.3646187

File: 1644595935013-0.png (898.18 KB, 768x1042, 1643368888.thirteeenth_les….png)

File: 1644595935013-1.png (646.32 KB, 1226x1025, 1644146179.thirteeenth_000….png)

2fa1d9a4 No.3646210

File: 1644610982065.jpg (353.01 KB, 1920x996, EX_lE7VX0AEip39_u18chan_u1….jpg)

2fa1d9a4 No.3646211

File: 1644611129509-0.jpg (98.47 KB, 792x854, blazi_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1644611129509-1.jpg (21.84 KB, 300x291, blaziv3_u18chan.jpg)

2fa1d9a4 No.3646212

File: 1644611320561-0.jpg (353.2 KB, 846x1016, 1614457841688_u18chan.jpg)

2fa1d9a4 No.3646214

File: 1644611487015-0.jpg (227.5 KB, 1536x2048, EcITWZmUEAARnVS_u18chan.jpg)

2fa1d9a4 No.3646232

File: 1644616198614.jpg (1001.83 KB, 4096x1705, E33H12rXMAgvEUH.jpg)

2fa1d9a4 No.3646739

File: 1644745455150.jpg (115.69 KB, 1023x1280, 1639980015.tyb2000_yuumi_s….jpg)

2fa1d9a4 No.3647205

2fa1d9a4 No.3647223

File: 1644921502122.png (188.56 KB, 684x480, TFDM-thumbnail-1.png)

2fa1d9a4 No.3647382

File: 1645051286801.gif (6.35 MB, 600x450, 1645008227.zorryn_ami_vale….gif)

2fa1d9a4 No.3647487

File: 1645094287990-0.png (2.49 MB, 1536x2048, FJ1khppaUAAs0Si_u18chan.png)

File: 1645094287990-1.jpg (934.29 KB, 1836x3264, IMG_20220215_195150522_u18….jpg)

637d8349 No.3647682

File: 1645261140496-0.jpg (277.9 KB, 2400x1440, 1640388870.oern_attack_on_….jpg)

File: 1645261140496-1.jpg (162.34 KB, 1440x1440, 1643360160.oern_fleur_pres….jpg)

File: 1645261140496-2.jpg (126.95 KB, 1440x1440, 1644806435.oern_ludmilla_t….jpg)

File: 1645261140496-3.jpg (501.93 KB, 2160x1620, 1645237137.oern_ravenous_r….jpg)

File: 1645261140496-4.jpg (631.83 KB, 2700x1620, 1645258449.oern_out_on_saf….jpg)

637d8349 No.3647766

File: 1645281147012-0.jpg (541.76 KB, 1280x641, 1624125465.dakara4423__dsc….jpg)

File: 1645281147012-1.jpg (184.85 KB, 1280x854, 1645279443.dakara4423__dsc….jpg)

File: 1645281147012-2.jpg (167.48 KB, 1280x854, 1645279583.dakara4423__dsc….jpg)

File: 1645281147012-3.jpg (146.64 KB, 854x1280, 1645279720.dakara4423__dsc….jpg)

File: 1645281147012-4.jpg (187.43 KB, 854x1280, 1645279845.dakara4423__dsc….jpg)

fdd7a015 No.3648690

File: 1645753995241.jpg (612.82 KB, 1200x600, bq642_feature_Image-BM_B_u….jpg)

Since I'm seeing no actual quality uploads coming from this board, enjoy something actually useful.


support our original sponsors here

fdd7a015 No.3648721

File: 1645780892339.gif (5.39 MB, 825x436, uploads_1564185478952-smar….gif)

Re-reading the botaniq post makes me sound a little hostile lol. Really wasn't aiming for that vibe.
But might as well keep the train going. I've bought a number of Blender addons, so I might as well put this up as well since it's a little better suited.


You only need the Auto_rig_pro-master for rigging, but be sure to include the rig_tools and Proxy_picker in the download if you share the rigged models.

Again, support the product since it's absoluteley worth it, but living is expensive.


fdd7a015 No.3648722

File: 1645781034548.jpg (611.11 KB, 3840x2160, VRChat_deer1.jpg)

fdd7a015 No.3648743

Auto Rig Pro absolutely worth buying given how frequently it updates with new features and you need to export to FBX for game engines like VRChat which isn't great with the default Rigify.

I'm uploading the Auto Rig Pro Quick Rig addon. This lets you very quickly convert generic humanoid armatures (including SFM imports) to ARP standard with a lot less hassle.


3e5e80f7 No.3648857

File: 1645885351666.jpg (105.82 KB, 1280x720, Iris.jpg)

It's nice to see such quality threads on here still. Thanks to the friendly sharer(s), too!

About 24 years or so ago, I actually used to do 3D modelling and animation of solid objects for advertisements, logos, businesses, etc in LightWave for about a year or so. Just simple stuff, but the results were good enough to be used in serious projects.
Now I've forgotten almost everything, but want to start up again.

My goals are much loftier now - I want to learn to model and animate 3D feral characters with realistic muscles, skin, fur and soft body dynamics.
←- Pretty much exactly like in the Mighty Mike TV series as a start, but perhaps even more realistic later on.

Can Blender handle this or would it be "simpler" to start with Maya and its powerful plugins? I'd actually prefer Blender because it's open source.

→ What would be a good series of tutorials to get to the point I'm aiming for? I suppose starting out with donuts and a cup of coffee would be good, but then what? :3
There are actually a good number of tutorials out there , from what I've seen, that mention ways of doing things that seem to "paint one into a corner" and may require scrapping of the model and starting again, if trying to progress to a higher level of realism or interfacing a new plugin/tool.
To be honest, if I had to do that (due to going down a sub-optimal rabbit hole) I'd freak out. Although I know that starting off again with low-poly modelling (or learning from mistakes) is a good idea, so that's different.

The world as we know it is ending and everything, but I'd like to be able to animate like that (always been a "dream" of mine) before the Satya Yuga begins.
Will share my progress on here as well. I don't mind "sucking" at first and being worse than everyone else at 3D stuff.

Even if I can't save the world, by God I'll finally create a smooth and super-realistic animation of me rapturously humping Sasha La Fleur. Something to look forward to. :3

Mighty Mike intros:

fdd7a015 No.3648933

File: 1645946456942.png (1.63 MB, 890x1329, Lucario_Final_lossy.png)

fdd7a015 No.3648934

File: 1645946965083.jpg (1.19 MB, 1500x2000, 829afdd9a30e10f0e500898707….jpg)

fdd7a015 No.3648949

File: 1645961607128.png (953.07 KB, 991x1280, 1645910201.petruz_sfm_prom….png)

Yes-yes, another damn generic bear made by petruz, and with damn human stumps instead of digitigrade correct feet.

Anyway, it comes along with pretty neat clothing and weapon stuff. Hoping if anyone can get it in hands soon.


1b374e31 No.3648981




pfff lol.

b6a26f83 No.3648991

File: 1645999762636.jpg (688.92 KB, 2160x1440, 5bfd31dbed1a5ef9d88e8fa7d8….jpg)

no one cares asshole

fdd7a015 No.3649003

File: 1646008115702.png (5.14 MB, 4500x1845, 1645644577.petruz_poses_sh….png)

Thanks for sharing, I've added it to the MEGA archive.

And like I said, here's the other model: https://anonfiles.com/d545N1Kdx0/Rasputitsa_zip

It's been uploaded to the MEGA folder as well. I also added the V2 cats to the folder just to make sure everything's still in one place, free model or not.

(Don't think the Petruz MEGA folder/archive in question has been posted in this thread yet, so just to be sure;)

fdd7a015 No.3649004

File: 1646008145072.jpg (528.51 KB, 720x1280, phyrna_u18chan.jpg)


Been half a year, I supposed it is time this has gotten around.

Support Petruz if you can and step outside and praise the sun when you see a nuclear fireball when the nukes begin to fly.

P.S Of course it has human feet instead of finned paws like any other creature from the deep.

6d46b434 No.3649031

Haha. Once you see it you cant unsee it. The tail looks like a dolphin that stuck its face into the ass.

00805d5d No.3649043


Yeah cobalt has a point. It is mildly annoying when they'll make these super elaborate freak show tails that obscures a perfectly good ass. Its like I can still fap to something like that,
It's like come on! I wanna see that phat fuck'n ass, not.. what ever the hell that is.

8dff837a No.3649045

File: 1646051176814.jpg (591.91 KB, 1200x1200, Ami_Blowjob_v2_small.jpg)

fdd7a015 No.3649046

File: 1646053265771.png (2.01 MB, 1920x1300, 1644415217.astrid7_main.png)

7c204792 No.3649110

Anyone know how to convert SFM models to VRC?

fdd7a015 No.3649440

File: 1646288305948.png (770.54 KB, 1920x1017, Katan_amazon_ferret.png)

messing around with blender nothing much.

fdd7a015 No.3649445

File: 1646289257056-0.png (923.25 KB, 1920x1017, Katan_amazon_ferret_snusnu….png)

File: 1646289257056-1.png (821.1 KB, 1920x1017, Katan_amazon_ferret_snusnu….png)

File: 1646289257056-2.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1017, Katan_amazon_ferret_snusnu….png)

File: 1646289257056-3.png (707.13 KB, 1920x1017, Katan_amazon_ferret_snusnu….png)

Snusnu tiem! >:)

9c367a94 No.3649681

File: 1646422753838.png (846.9 KB, 854x965, sergalzealotfuck_u18chan.png)

9c367a94 No.3649769

File: 1646458852102-0.png (1.18 MB, 1183x1440, 2.png)

File: 1646458852102-1.png (1.17 MB, 1181x1428, 3.png)

File: 1646458852102-2.png (1.36 MB, 1216x1581, 4.png)

File: 1646458852102-3.png (1.95 MB, 1544x1484, 5.png)

9c367a94 No.3649771

File: 1646459039904-0.png (1.35 MB, 1458x1508, 6.png)

File: 1646459039904-1.png (1.53 MB, 1500x1567, 7.png)

File: 1646459039904-2.png (1.17 MB, 1920x1080, SergalJacko_u18chan.png)

9c367a94 No.3650051

File: 1646716226832.png (813.96 KB, 923x1415, cover_38_u18chan.png)

9c367a94 No.3650052

Oh hey, that guy.
I only know of him because someone I ran into is still to this day fucking pissed that he spent $1000's on getting his sergal OC made by him to use in VRChat, was absolute shit by the end of it, had to go commission multiple OTHER people to fix up the model to something halfway presentable, then ZealotDKD has the gall to rip his fixed OC avatar from VRChat and sell the fixed up version on gumroad (Which is the "https://zealotdkd.gumroad.com/l/DHxYD" listing).
Only fools believe what they read on the internet and such fair enough, but I for one would feel zero pity if someone went and shared the links for that 'HD' sergal.

9c367a94 No.3650160

File: 1646870010263-0.jpg (183.36 KB, 1920x1080, Choco_Blaziken_2021_Render….jpg)

File: 1646870010263-1.jpg (198.15 KB, 1323x1920, Beach_stretch_1.jpg)

File: 1646870010263-2.jpg (93.35 KB, 1707x1080, Blaze_v4_Cy.jpg)

File: 1646870010263-3.jpg (91.04 KB, 1180x1615, Showoff_2_wpIkV6I.jpg)

9c367a94 No.3650162

File: 1646873558879-0.jpg (471.35 KB, 1722x1746, cake_ara_fvne_behind_1_u18….jpg)

File: 1646873558879-1.jpg (465.47 KB, 1824x1954, cake_ara_fvne_behind_2_u18….jpg)

File: 1646873558879-2.jpg (512.32 KB, 2022x2008, cake_ara_fvne_behind_3_u18….jpg)

File: 1646873558879-3.jpg (641.48 KB, 2264x2064, cake_ara_fvne_laid_back_u1….jpg)

File: 1646873558879-4.jpg (346.76 KB, 1116x1974, cake_ara_fvne_standing_u18….jpg)

c55c93e0 No.3651509

I've been on the hunt for that Jewel model for a while, but nobody on U18, Kemono, or MemoryHole will upload it. If anyone could get that model and upload it here, I would appreciate it. Oh yeah, and the model is for SFM.

c55c93e0 No.3651510

File: 1647977426447.jpg (266.34 KB, 907x1280, 1634346919.yogher_sispatro….jpg)

Could someone upload Yogher's models, especially Sisu? Apparently nobody on U18Chan, Kemono or MemoryHole want to upload the models. Here's the patreon link: https://www.patreon.com/YogherE

3bc0fa40 No.3651629

File: 1648070591619.jpg (125.13 KB, 589x547, TrubakSpaceShrew.jpg)

>fictional writing
here is what science has created
a space shrew with backward actuated ligaments, this creature is considered a mender and farming type
oh well what does any of that matter but i find their usage to be somwhat legitimate too actually lazy to refine this but i will later maybe get around to it looking like 10 minutes was spent on it

9c367a94 No.3651631

File: 1648071544970.jpg (89.73 KB, 1270x674, 4e6620a577b01297643a5601d8….jpg)

9c367a94 No.3651869

File: 1648262181586.jpg (125.5 KB, 850x1511, e68f01f7f6cdacdacbd92ccb22….jpg)

412f3b8d No.3651979


Yogher's a newer creator.

d0d0098c No.3652093

You’re the man! Thank you so much.

239005c5 No.3652479

File: 1648662820944.png (694.93 KB, 1300x950, 1048650_idsaybucketsofart_….png)

239005c5 No.3652487

File: 1648668192279.png (299.34 KB, 1431x535, lix_kitty_u18chan.png)

239005c5 No.3652575

File: 1648726868647.png (1.04 MB, 1441x735, roxy_ter.png)

239005c5 No.3652582

File: 1648734076954-0.png (3.71 MB, 2280x3248, NXC_u18chan.png)

File: 1648734076954-1.png (978.69 KB, 600x901, xscukKp.png)

239005c5 No.3652643

File: 1648779529490.png (1.99 MB, 1920x1080, trill_couch.png)

239005c5 No.3652663

File: 1648792087224.png (330.35 KB, 752x628, lix_kitty756_u18chan.png)

239005c5 No.3652803

File: 1648888091034.png (46.53 KB, 219x333, N4rwh1xreplacenumberswithl….png)

239005c5 No.3652804

File: 1648888533845.jpg (99.24 KB, 1280x1280, 910_1k__78946.1627320254.jpg)


I found the creator and owner but I read the whole deviant art page and it gets sad!

239005c5 No.3652922

File: 1649025333168.png (411.36 KB, 754x529, blender_GmoUaZD7sH_u18chan.png)


Usually don't do this but fuck this person.
- Terrible visemes
- Shader node naming / organization is also not a strong suite
- Barely any blendshapes
- No extracted materials
And that for 75$? As a fellow artist, Fuck off.

Anyways, had this laying around for a good while, saw this thread and here y'all go.

Pass is 'sergal'




If the links go down, let me know

239005c5 No.3652931

File: 1649030795102.png (1.15 MB, 1920x1040, renamon_model_test.png)

239005c5 No.3652932

File: 1649030900471.png (278.66 KB, 350x700, 85615_thumb.detail.png)

239005c5 No.3652950

File: 1649066445867.png (56.9 KB, 1738x644, rippy_u18chan.png)


Bark, bark! Ok, so, after having looked around the site, and actually having bothered to read the FAQ, I discovered that you don't HAVE to rip models ingame to earn credits. Click the link, make an account, go into clientarea and watch ads to earn credits. You wait a minute, watch an ad, wait about another minute, repeat. Each watched ad gets you 1-3 credits. A private model costs 30 credits. I spent a few hours and accumulated quite a pile, pic related. I know it sounds tedious, but you don't actually have to WATCH the ad, just click on start video, the video will play, but you can switch tabs or do something else and come back to it a minute or so later, you'll still get the credits. Maybe you could do what I do and just mute the browser, and put on your audio player, or read an ebook while waiting.

Despite all this, you only get 5 downloads per day. Due to this, I suggest we try some teamwork here and upload the stuff we download, even if it's a public (free) model, because of the download limit. Nobody likes to wait. Use the Tools section if you feel like poking around with the models. Otherwise, here's some other resources that might help;


239005c5 No.3652951

File: 1649066527159.png (779.83 KB, 1654x435, gotthese_u18chan.png)

239005c5 No.3652952

File: 1649066817122.png (441.97 KB, 1155x759, trilla_sneke.png)

239005c5 No.3652954

File: 1649067211782-0.png (385.04 KB, 1145x687, abby_v2.png)

File: 1649067211782-1.png (558.04 KB, 1145x687, abby_v1.png)

6fecbaa2 No.3652997

why are you fascinated with other people's characters tho

239005c5 No.3653003

File: 1649111859544.png (25.11 KB, 1094x195, nicestuffpets.png)

more news, we got the file! Just give us a moment to upload this.

239005c5 No.3653016

File: 1649116833535.jpg (1.06 MB, 2400x2700, My_future_contribution_u18….jpg)

I'm going for these today, just give me a hour or three to grind some credits.

239005c5 No.3653021

File: 1649124650369.jpg (19.52 KB, 400x400, DzAjlLWG_400x400.jpg)

239005c5 No.3653035

File: 1649131613473.png (319.84 KB, 1920x1040, snaked_woot.png)

Here you go and the results are a wet dream!

239005c5 No.3653037

File: 1649131785908.jpg (84.44 KB, 595x769, KrystalNSFW_u18chan.jpg)


Here the vrca files from these links:


Also, I don't know why but I managed to download 6 avatars, either it was a bug or the 5 daily limit is only is for the free models. Need someone to confirm this.
Anyway, it took more time than I expected, got really bad luck getting 1 credit over and over, so I will stop for a while. If anyone knows an interesting avatar locked by credits let me know and I might consider taking it for the next batch (Just keep in mind that I won't download it if the preview image of the avatar isn't clear or it is just a random png).

239005c5 No.3653048

File: 1649148983858-0.png (298.2 KB, 2712x849, fixshader_u18chan.png)

File: 1649148983858-1.png (409.12 KB, 1920x1040, unity_sergal_uwu.png)

File: 1649148983858-2.png (618.53 KB, 1920x1040, sergal_standard.png)

239005c5 No.3653049

File: 1649149230012-0.png (4.15 MB, 2400x3600, files_1_u18chan.png)

I agree about which avatars to prioritize, but at the same time, the likelihood for people to be able to pay real money for proper unity packages over grabbing the vrca rips for credits is pretty low, especially for the more pricey avatars.

That being said, here's a few that, to my knowledge, you won't find for sale or redistributed at all.

1: https://ripper.store/detail?id=_O-mOTPCRoB6Lno-Mn
2: https://ripper.store/detail?id=u1wJnjsYGN_9-lejU0
3: https://ripper.store/detail?id=V_dV38SFEgxXrnnnoZ
4: https://ripper.store/detail?id=EkQSLgziAO6Z5x0ef2
5: https://ripper.store/detail?id=w0lJ4smrKYMj1s2beh
6: https://ripper.store/detail?id=AKX7POnfxKf5FcP9uW
7: https://ripper.store/detail?id=k9pmfS3JQ1-OZpNu5u
8: https://ripper.store/detail?id=ws_dz914g9MEEydNRp

In light of this, I'd really like the "Kemono Glaceon" & "Kemono Sylveon" models. They're on RS, but the full packages on Gumroad would be nice. (Not sure if they've already been posted, but if they have a repost would be cool too!)


I'll grind some more points in the morning too, so if any of you have requests from RS, lemme know.

239005c5 No.3653051

File: 1649152958996.png (318.29 KB, 1043x2460, unity_basic_tutorial.png)

239005c5 No.3653053

File: 1649156858473.png (452.71 KB, 1920x1040, sssSnakeEd.png)

Hehe Snake-Ed!

ceecb698 No.3653069

definitely just grind the good ones and obviously cover your ass so they dont block your ip lol

239005c5 No.3653076

File: 1649191469447.png (478.13 KB, 1920x1040, trilla_modelz.png)


Enjoy this trilla snek model my pets!

239005c5 No.3653079

File: 1649194335139-0.png (71.76 KB, 941x349, amesiah.png)

File: 1649194335139-1.png (471 KB, 1664x854, ripperstoreclientarea.png)

File: 1649194335139-2.png (95.74 KB, 1664x854, ripperclientarea.png)

File: 1649194335139-3.png (95.55 KB, 1664x854, ripperstoreclientareaxxx.png)

File: 1649194335139-4.png (96.8 KB, 1664x854, ripperstoreclientareaxxx2.png)

No comment…

239005c5 No.3653102

File: 1649204754024.png (544.38 KB, 1920x1040, sniffsnekfeet.png)

sniff snek feet!

239005c5 No.3653104

File: 1649205353362.png (526.9 KB, 1920x1040, sniffsnekfeet2.png)

239005c5 No.3653106

File: 1649206770347.png (454.77 KB, 1920x1040, sniffsnekfeetunfff.png)

e49fd291 No.3653109

File: 1649209245584-0.png (572.91 KB, 1280x1024, eevee.png)

File: 1649209245584-1.png (605.85 KB, 1280x1024, tsunoda.png)

File: 1649209245584-2.png (1017.64 KB, 2560x1024, ferret.png)

Can y'all please tag non-Blender uploads?

BTW whoever made the Mega collection in the other thread is a god.

Sketchfab ripping works again but the ripping method is insane. You need 1.18.0-b2 with a modified dll to download and decrypt, and 1.15.3 or 1.17.3 (crashes) to extract. Also the tool likes to sometimes download shit twice and delete your textures at the worst possible moment, so you may need to grab them and put them somewhere safe before the tool starts decrypting the models. If all goes well you have a ripped model at the end of it. Doing a rain dance might also help.

239005c5 No.3653113

File: 1649210735082.png (246.48 KB, 1670x889, need repairs.png)

e49fd291 No.3653123

File: 1649215265688.png (562.18 KB, 1280x1024, svet.png)

They probably have to be re-downloaded.

I managed to fix the model I got stuck at last time (after my tool crashed like 3 times). Apparently it's listed as ok in your list, someone needs to double-chack that.


5e446021 No.3653185


thanks so much for this one <3

f3800302 No.3653330

File: 1649412834528.jpg (160.48 KB, 1920x1080, a5ed34b5d9304d67853d9b3610….jpg)

f3800302 No.3653433

File: 1649500120298.jpg (21.81 KB, 400x400, Lpb5x-rn_400x400_u18chan.jpg)

f3800302 No.3653434

File: 1649500453173.png (641.44 KB, 1040x763, rat_0_u18chan.png)

You guys do realize that the Flint model has been out (in beta) since December?
Check the Patreon once in a while, it's not even paywalled. It's all in SFM format mind you, but I've already seen plenty of people working with it.

e49fd291 No.3653482

>700MB model
jesus fuck

f3800302 No.3653529

File: 1649538807517.png (751.81 KB, 1273x714, 91e7c5d03c208d797dce276a2b….png)

Okay, so sumeriandragon officially released his new 6:30 animation on his subscribestar. Anyone got/can get it pls?


f3800302 No.3653710

File: 1649694288988.jpg (2.64 MB, 3088x1788, FPcV07fXsAA7F0g_u18chan.jpg)

Anyone got zy0n7's braixen 3d model? https://zy0n7.gumroad.com/l/gxdrlq

f167ba8c No.3653719

Nice! Kinda looking forward to getting my hands on a copy

b051d612 No.3653730

f3800302 No.3653831

File: 1649812211768.png (53.37 KB, 1067x473, notworkingripper.png)

Did something failed?

f3800302 No.3653848

File: 1649821050486.png (4.74 MB, 2000x2300, AMaidintheforest_u18chan.png)

Here's the blend file version of Maid Marian. Also, if anyone's interested in the Blender version of the Kiara/Nala model let me know, and I'll upload.


f3800302 No.3653853

File: 1649823590859.png (1.36 MB, 1920x1040, Rovik_meets_Kyrzin.png)

Still waiting for someone to rip Second Life models.

f3800302 No.3653854

f3800302 No.3653868

File: 1649840046371.png (845.99 KB, 1920x1040, bottomless_rovik2bodybones.png)

There are two armature skeletons one for the naked body and the other one with clothes how do you delete the other one but keep the one that you can only remove the clothes?

f3800302 No.3653890

File: 1649896652576.png (880.49 KB, 1143x796, humans in unreal engine.png)

f3800302 No.3653899

File: 1649902989233.png (784.59 KB, 1920x1040, howtomakefeetinblender.png)

First attempt to make her feet with basic shapes looks good so far.

f3800302 No.3653910

File: 1649920791715.jpg (209.23 KB, 982x1280, 1647095602.enticia_img2_u1….jpg)

Does anyone have this fella or anything similar? Petruz's wolves aren't as soft looking as Mr Wolf there. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/46320932/

Suppose I've been asking quite a bit now, and as much as these might not match the price of that wolfie boy, figured I'd share them regardless just so I can somewhat balance out my e-begging.

Sketchfab Swatchling (Clothed and Nude): https://anonfiles.com/Lbf03dW2xd/Swatchlingitems_zip
Toon Meowscles: https://anonfiles.com/l9c334W4xf/Toon_meow_rar
J.B. Chimpaski: https://anonfiles.com/r3dc3aWbxe/NSFW_J_B_Chimpaski_from_Fortnite_rar
L.T. John Llama: https://anonfiles.com/lcdf3aW0x3/Llama_zip
Guggimon: https://anonfiles.com/Ldc738W5xb/NSFW_Guggimon_Model_zip
Janky: https://anonfiles.com/73c03dWdx1/NSFW_Janky_zip
Janky (Unmasked): https://anonfiles.com/X4c83dW9xd/NSFW_Janky_model_rar
Azuki: https://anonfiles.com/fdd731W5xe/NSFW_Azuki_Model_zip
Dire (Werewolf): https://anonfiles.com/pbd936Wcx6/NSFW_Dire_rar
Meowscles: https://anonfiles.com/7af339W2x5/Meowscles_rar

f3800302 No.3654030

File: 1650059895288.jpg (11.22 KB, 600x315, https_i.imgur.com_vQYOOUs.….jpg)

f3800302 No.3654161

File: 1650179805175.jpg (104.88 KB, 720x1280, a215970dce68ad3380de4df073….jpg)

f3800302 No.3654251



1. Delete your Google Cache folder.
2. Open Sketchfab url.
3. Open ChormeView
4. Click the icon to save folder contents.
5. Open blender script.
6. Execute script.
7. Look for forum.xenhax.com.htm. **OR bin.gz
8. Sketchfab View - No
9. Load MB - Yes
10. Indices Fix - No
11. Wait….
12. Import animation - Yes.
12. Import mesh - Yes.
13. Wait…
14. Loaded file will appear
15. Export as .DAE. (If fails export as .OBJ)

You dont have python 2.6 installed

e1d7aea5 No.3654269

File: 1650313285521.png (872.1 KB, 1284x1024, goat thing .png)

Here you go

You need v1.18.0 to download new binz format, you need to edit your file.osgjs manually to point to ".bin" or ".bin.gz" instead of ".binz". And you need v1.15.3 from the mega folder to extract rigged models, cause the fix is incomplete. Don't ask for more info, I have already said more than I should.

Also don't spread that shit. Sketchfab keeps patching that site because people share the tools publicly.

Hasn't worked since forever (there are no more .bin or bin.gz files, they use encryption now), but the person saying it is familiar with the new method.

f3800302 No.3654272

File: 1650320208850.png (1.02 MB, 1352x841, robitic_ringers_trilla.png)

I haven't notice this in the VRchat version she's missing fingers as I look closers in Sketchfab I found this!

f3800302 No.3654273

Could someone download this version too Vrchat's model is missing some stuff.

f3800302 No.3654323

File: 1650365825312-0.png (1.49 MB, 1920x1040, schoolgirl_lopunny.png)

File: 1650365825312-1.png (1.23 MB, 1920x1040, test69.png)

File: 1650365825312-2.png (1.31 MB, 1920x1040, test311.png)

f3800302 No.3654354

File: 1650421794850.jpg (125.06 KB, 720x1280, 4321aecb1fd7d28416bb659ac6….jpg)

These are head hacks; where did they get the muscle bodies from what source?
Does anyone here know the two piercings on her stomach belong to a model in SmutBase?

UPDATE: I think this is it here

f3800302 No.3654378

f3800302 No.3654420

File: 1650497677077-0.png (626.76 KB, 667x1025, sitpose.png)

File: 1650497677077-1.png (764.46 KB, 960x1280, photo_2022-03-16_15-02-36.png)

File: 1650497677077-2.png (546.18 KB, 960x1280, photo_2022-03-16_15-02-37.png)

f3800302 No.3654452

File: 1650521798778-0.jpg (121.76 KB, 711x1280, 1607308855.trenshyva_argos….jpg)

File: 1650521798778-1.jpg (82.63 KB, 589x1280, 1607680640.trenshyva_argos….jpg)

File: 1650521798778-2.jpg (563.81 KB, 794x1024, 1610524381.trenshyva_someb….jpg)

f3800302 No.3654453

File: 1650522020052-0.jpg (281.19 KB, 1827x2545, argonian tesz (1).jpg)

f3800302 No.3654460

Just got done ripping her paytreon, I have an HD version of that .gif which will make itself into my next stash, look for it on /rs/, probably next month. In the meantime, you can have this other post that was on there:


She decided to abandon doing Argonian stuff for this new model of hers, and good DOG, is it fugly! So much potential wasted. Why does this always happen?

f3800302 No.3654461

File: 1650530305537.png (3.18 MB, 1920x1080, ye.png)

f3800302 No.3654462

File: 1650530393362.jpg (17.36 KB, 800x450, horror amnesia game 3 (1).jpg)

f3800302 No.3654463

File: 1650530795709-0.jpg (34.84 KB, 1279x719, amneiagruntss.jpg)

File: 1650530795709-1.png (3.5 MB, 1920x1080, horror amnesia game 3 (1).png)

File: 1650530795709-2.png (3.61 MB, 1920x1080, Shot1.png)

f3800302 No.3654464

f3800302 No.3654465

File: 1650532062858-0.jpg (1.49 MB, 4320x7680, Pose2Alts.jpg)

File: 1650532062858-1.jpg (1.53 MB, 4320x7680, Pose3se.jpg)

Wanna clap some alien cheek?

f3800302 No.3654499

File: 1650594540071-0.webm (666.66 KB, 1214x690, 0PBhNKjRBWNhydSY.webm)

File: 1650594540071-1.webm (1.14 MB, 1346x720, b9voOeaN8JAXwXW8.webm)

File: 1650594540071-2.webm (963.49 KB, 1346x720, F6x1qUk5X68qTlYb.webm)

f3800302 No.3654500

File: 1650594701166-0.webm (775.19 KB, 1340x720, Wj6ZAeLgVVJmVS6L.webm)

File: 1650594701166-1.webm (5.2 MB, 1346x720, zue5wDKy7rJkGm7U.webm)

f3800302 No.3654566

File: 1650672397518.jpg (258.04 KB, 686x884, bbad09a326_u18chan.jpg)

Here you go, if this is the model you speak of

f3800302 No.3654567

File: 1650672649701.png (43.47 KB, 250x250, 250px-Demoman_u18chan.png)

f3800302 No.3654584

File: 1650696185984-0.png (631.92 KB, 1747x1038, youneedthis01.png)

File: 1650696185984-1.png (104.58 KB, 1046x678, youneedthis02.png)

File: 1650696185984-2.png (174.42 KB, 1347x688, youneedthis03.png)

Speaking of Elder Scrolls Morrowind, It is the best game you can even decompile the model files with these!

f3800302 No.3654585

File: 1650696379183-0.png (373.47 KB, 1920x1040, morrowind_rat_model.png)

File: 1650696379183-1.png (1.37 MB, 1920x1040, morrowind_rat_model_blende….png)

From Morrowind to Blender, now you can have a pet feral rat running in your house!

f3800302 No.3654724

f3800302 No.3654727

25b0febe No.3655198

File: 1651112887463.jpg (56.02 KB, 800x800, 947972fec8c59b12c3a8c1f209….jpg)

752c425e No.3655204

File: 1651120563063.jpg (71.6 KB, 500x690, Howlin-Mad-Murdock-A-Team-….jpg)

25b0febe No.3655280

File: 1651183295040.png (79.36 KB, 564x631, youknowthedrill.png)

5bebf417 No.3655304

File: 1651194812691.png (918.16 KB, 822x1624, fuckingunbelievableman.png)

There seem to be some technical issues with this one, and these textures look scrambled on purpose to me.

(Yes, I checked, other people are having this issue as well. Fucking sketchfab man.)

Here's what I have so far

5bebf417 No.3655305

File: 1651195170095-0.jpg (570.82 KB, 920x921, Body_fix.jpg)

File: 1651195170096-1.jpg (282.52 KB, 920x920, clothing_fix.jpg)

File: 1651195170096-2.jpg (369.39 KB, 920x921, Eyes_fix.jpg)

Textures can sorta kinda be recovered from the model inspector thingy on the sketchfab page, but they're watermarking the shit out of it, so you need a bit of photoshop magic.

5bebf417 No.3655306

File: 1651195349251-0.jpg (87.14 KB, 920x921, Hair_fix.jpg)

forgot one. not that it matters, these are barely usable

the textures need to be unscrambled somehow, but I can't really code anymore so someone else gotta do it

25b0febe No.3655326

Wow, imaging creating a character from silent hill and discover a glitch in the matrix.

25b0febe No.3655331

File: 1651208018338-0.jpg (50.2 KB, 784x845, femsergal (1).jpg)

File: 1651208018338-1.jpg (50.05 KB, 784x845, femsergal (2).jpg)

File: 1651208018338-2.jpg (89.71 KB, 980x1322, femsergal (3).jpg)

File: 1651208018338-3.jpg (160.09 KB, 1448x1112, femsergal (4).jpg)

25b0febe No.3655332

File: 1651208043766-0.jpg (86.29 KB, 927x1164, femsergal (5).jpg)

File: 1651208043766-1.jpg (78.31 KB, 865x1297, femsergal (6).jpg)

File: 1651208043766-2.jpg (85.04 KB, 893x1103, femsergal (7).jpg)

File: 1651208043766-3.jpg (104.6 KB, 1358x1302, femsergal (8).jpg)

25b0febe No.3655473

File: 1651328588567-0.jpg (95.16 KB, 687x937, Screenshot2021-11-29230549….jpg)

File: 1651328588567-1.png (1.49 MB, 2654x1008, 1638468397.no-name-no-prob….png)

25b0febe No.3655474

File: 1651328832000-0.jpg (142.82 KB, 1920x1080, 934da9b42d251bad576c761a73….jpg)

File: 1651328832000-1.jpg (200.04 KB, 1916x2108, E5Oo8S1XwAEWJzB.jpg)

25b0febe No.3655494

File: 1651370859588.png (1.1 MB, 924x863, 1646343350.mobiusscarf_tig….png)

So this is a weird matter but is anyone able to obtain furrVNE's models? I kinda got my eye on pic related and the Las Lindas cast.


25b0febe No.3655516

File: 1651411106997.jpg (331.06 KB, 2048x1152, FRmYqB0X0AEgPEq_u18chan.jpg)

Red Wolfguy sfm https://mega.nz/file/btI3UBRK#1ctwG93WwtmP-BTBA31FIUsgvXLQ3xf9O0WfXrqFkj8

Anybody got this giant red milf dragon?

25b0febe No.3655569

File: 1651459986160.jpg (257.87 KB, 1292x1200, E5TzOFrXwAM-uw1_u18chan.jpg)

dose anyone know where i can find Dr.pussycat model anywhere, found this render pic on twitter

a5768df5 No.3655601

File: 1651495097175.png (444.69 KB, 742x786, thingy2.png)

I fixed the textures. Apparently NinjaRipper and PaleMoon x86 portable work for getting them off the page when previewing them.

Fuck Sketchfab, greedy fucking jews.


a5768df5 No.3655602

oops, wrong quoted comment

25b0febe No.3655608

I need the one with the robotic hands.

25b0febe No.3655634

File: 1651527154790.jpg (128.52 KB, 1280x947, 1651504923.eggmansfm_hanep….jpg)

a5768df5 No.3655641

Which one has robotic hands?

For the one above, here

a5768df5 No.3655666

File: 1651546920088.png (604.24 KB, 1280x1024, snake.png)

Yeah, you already have that one here >>3655641

(I didn't enable textures cause I'm low on RAM right now and it's gonna crash cause it has almost 40 of them, but they work)

25b0febe No.3655669

File: 1651548411357-0.png (1.28 MB, 1920x1040, trilla_sitting.png)

File: 1651548411358-1.png (805.54 KB, 1920x1040, trilla_tpose_issue.png)


I got the textures fixed by simply making a folder with name textures open it and added everything in it.

Is it possible to fix her into a Tpose with older clients?

a3317886 No.3655692

File: 1651565454472.png (2.19 MB, 900x1200, 1651501031.zorryn_denisse_….png)

25b0febe No.3655693

File: 1651566014197.png (1.73 MB, 2000x1000, 1314307501.zorryn_zor_3d_c….png)


[Where can I see alts and high res versions of your work and be in closer contact?]

[Where are you from?]
Just a guy from Germany.

[What Software do you use?]
I use Maxon's Cinema4D as main 3D tool. SubstancePainter for textures and Marvelous Designer for clothing. Renderer is Redshift.

[Do you take commissions?]
Please understand that commissions in this field are orders of magnitude more work than "just" a 2D rendering and thus are extremely time consuming and expensive.
Please check my price calculator for a rough direction: http://transduced.net/cc/

[Do you sell shirts/prints/sticker/etc.?]
Yes, I have a small webshop for prints: http://transduced.net/webshop/
Also, check out my Red Bubble Account: https://www.redbubble.com/de/people/zorryn
And Spreadshirt: https://www.spreadshirt.de/user/Zorryn
3D Stuff can also be found here:

[Do you have a NSFW alt?]
Not really. I do offer NSFW artwork and comms on my dedicated patreon, though: https://www.patreon.com/zdotstudio

25b0febe No.3655737

File: 1651615550526-0.jpg (153.31 KB, 1920x1080, abeskandr-3.jpg)

File: 1651615550526-1.jpg (124.92 KB, 1920x1080, abeskandr-4.jpg)

File: 1651615550526-2.jpg (144.36 KB, 1920x1080, abeskandr-5.jpg)

25b0febe No.3655755

File: 1651626800996-0.jpg (783.75 KB, 1800x1900, Griffin.jpg)

File: 1651626800996-1.jpg (261.32 KB, 1920x1080, dfs0004.jpg)

File: 1651626800996-2.jpg (347.97 KB, 1920x1080, photocellrender1_0002.jpgD….jpg)

File: 1651626800996-3.jpg (449.36 KB, 1920x1080, photocellrender1_0005.jpg4….jpg)

25b0febe No.3655756

File: 1651627226459-0.png (1.48 MB, 886x1415, griffonmodelsss.png)

4db944b9 No.3655843

File: 1651702802960-0.png (68.64 KB, 284x383, unknowdfgn.png)

File: 1651702802960-1.gif (107.78 KB, 160x160, fds.gif)

File: 1651702802960-2.gif (251.1 KB, 512x512, Untitleasdad.gif)

25b0febe No.3655850

25b0febe No.3655870

File: 1651712108775.png (751.84 KB, 1920x1040, SFMtoBlender.png)

0f24da33 No.3656094

File: 1651988042960.png (186.5 KB, 728x535, digo-01_img.png)

0f24da33 No.3656179

File: 1652055036714.png (455.27 KB, 635x820, wooloowool.png)

Manage to save this from a dying USB it was in good condition checked inside nothing it kept dying probably defect.


0f24da33 No.3656180

File: 1652055523442.png (371.2 KB, 635x820, Lully by HickySnow.png)

0f24da33 No.3656181

File: 1652056124411.png (244.01 KB, 635x820, styx.png)

0f24da33 No.3656183

File: 1652057572047.png (465.96 KB, 635x820, charzard_gal.png)

0f24da33 No.3656193

File: 1652061211270.png (323.49 KB, 635x820, SCP_gal.png)

0f24da33 No.3656194

File: 1652061525284.png (476.54 KB, 635x820, Protegen OC VRchat by zcyt….png)

0f24da33 No.3656199

File: 1652062962949.png (379.93 KB, 635x820, teers_brandi_texture_d.png)

0f24da33 No.3656214

File: 1652077615486.png (251.11 KB, 635x820, fem_anubis.png)

0f24da33 No.3656216

File: 1652079921480.jpg (95.51 KB, 707x911, blaz_u18chan.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3656217

File: 1652080389564.png (524.39 KB, 787x788, BlazeV_3.png)

0f24da33 No.3656225

File: 1652098643274.png (170.23 KB, 546x520, MDragonExp.png)

0f24da33 No.3656226

File: 1652099224892.png (161.37 KB, 343x586, Asira_Base_001.png)

0f24da33 No.3656227

File: 1652100129712.png (197.12 KB, 343x586, Delphox.png)

0f24da33 No.3656233

File: 1652102680676.png (300.98 KB, 370x631, 01_Jade_Package.png)

0f24da33 No.3656234

File: 1652103617026.jpg (1.97 MB, 3840x2160, renamon lowpoly render1.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3656235

File: 1652105653472.png (198.67 KB, 473x685, daxor.png)

0f24da33 No.3656237

File: 1652109886533.png (263.22 KB, 438x565, rdmodel.png)

0f24da33 No.3656238

File: 1652109973504.png (393.72 KB, 1039x702, avian_harpy.png)

0f24da33 No.3656239

File: 1652110081622.png (146.4 KB, 372x568, scorbunny_male.png)

0f24da33 No.3656259

File: 1652147287396.jpeg (180.14 KB, 1920x1080, Queen Sanguine.jpeg)

0f24da33 No.3656262

File: 1652149204023.png (178.13 KB, 436x653, FemAnthroIndoraptor&Blue.png)

0f24da33 No.3656263

File: 1652153431039.png (210.67 KB, 569x691, scp 1471 basic.png)

0f24da33 No.3656264

File: 1652153587366.png (272.4 KB, 419x623, GameCube - Star Fox Advent….png)

0f24da33 No.3656265

File: 1652153661881.png (372.7 KB, 529x791, deergirl.png)

0f24da33 No.3656275

File: 1652160881014.png (587.99 KB, 581x878, widehipfurarenamon.png)

0f24da33 No.3656276

File: 1652160962912.png (210.36 KB, 634x632, celestia_luna_wide_futa.png)

0f24da33 No.3656277

File: 1652161311313.png (33.91 KB, 248x248, Krystal endlessillusionThu….png)

Does anyone know how to convert the file into blender?

0f24da33 No.3656278

File: 1652161442255.png (806.88 KB, 1920x1009, nala reffs 0.2.png)

0f24da33 No.3656290

File: 1652193603533-0.png (401.05 KB, 1906x1033, scp reverse engineering.png)

File: 1652193603533-1.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1040, scpanatomywip.png)

File: 1652193603533-2.png (1.14 MB, 1920x1040, scpanatomywip2.png)

File: 1652193603533-3.png (1.23 MB, 1920x1040, scpwithnips.png)

Sculptris has its pros and cons.

0f24da33 No.3656422

File: 1652313653432.png (328.69 KB, 743x823, Sophia.png)

0f24da33 No.3656424

File: 1652314371584-0.png (293.03 KB, 743x823, sergal_v0.png)

0f24da33 No.3656444

File: 1652329035678.png (72.25 KB, 499x733, Amorous Nala by JesterKatz.png)

0f24da33 No.3656445

File: 1652329123194.png (71.92 KB, 439x785, skyrim khajiit.png)

0f24da33 No.3656446

File: 1652329174668.png (72.46 KB, 650x734, Maomi.png)

0f24da33 No.3656447

File: 1652329208206.png (95.37 KB, 685x784, Krystal2020FL.png)

0f24da33 No.3656450

File: 1652330828400.png (310.17 KB, 486x828, Renamon T-Pose.png)

0f24da33 No.3656453

File: 1652332185606.png (354.83 KB, 522x845, gazzel_gal.png)


CUATION: Strong processors are highly needed to open this large blender model!

0f24da33 No.3656454

File: 1652332956278.png (417.98 KB, 678x695, fem human body base.png)

0f24da33 No.3656455

File: 1652333017603.png (280.47 KB, 834x613, Pika_Eev_libre_v1 2.8.png)

0f24da33 No.3656457

File: 1652334900191.png (602.1 KB, 875x786, applejack model corrupted.png)

Corrupted Applejack model artist and source needed. Could someone fix this or find the original source?


0f24da33 No.3656459

File: 1652337776266.png (451.61 KB, 878x855, SpyroUpdate.png)

0f24da33 No.3656460

File: 1652338169113.png (214.56 KB, 533x760, Jenny_SFM.png)

0f24da33 No.3656465

File: 1652344980702.png (1.05 MB, 1920x1017, Tenzide_Rena_ver2.png)

0f24da33 No.3656467

File: 1652345741400.png (303.21 KB, 496x848, Tenzide_Delphox_v1.1_Gumro….png)

0f24da33 No.3656468

File: 1652346508984.png (399.62 KB, 708x766, sculptjanuary26-griffin.png)

0f24da33 No.3656469

File: 1652346565544.png (247.31 KB, 548x746, lowpolygriff.png)

0f24da33 No.3656473

File: 1652348846598.png (638.17 KB, 848x812, RenamonBlend.png)

0f24da33 No.3656474

File: 1652350149816.png (475.19 KB, 694x833, Blaziken_sfm.png)

0f24da33 No.3656477

File: 1652353762701.png (105.46 KB, 738x802, AlilkiraV4Bis KlemV1.png)

0f24da33 No.3656480

File: 1652357375828-0.png (1.09 MB, 1920x1017, testingthingsout.png)

File: 1652357375828-1.png (1.15 MB, 1920x1017, testingthingsout2.png)

0f24da33 No.3656484

File: 1652359038941.png (406.14 KB, 604x788, AlphysSFM.png)

0f24da33 No.3656486

File: 1652360073834.png (580.71 KB, 720x856, Amethyst_Dust.png)

0f24da33 No.3656489

File: 1652361107665.png (442.92 KB, 649x777, Female Guilmon SFM.png)

0f24da33 No.3656491

File: 1652361876401.png (407.75 KB, 703x819, goat_luci_public.png)

0f24da33 No.3656493

File: 1652364136718.png (454.83 KB, 983x766, Asira_Base_001_Optimized_F….png)

0f24da33 No.3656495

File: 1652365316914.png (312.07 KB, 665x516, Eeveelutions Pack.png)

0f24da33 No.3656497

File: 1652368863324.png (525.79 KB, 589x760, OraSketchfab.png)

0f24da33 No.3656521

File: 1652379940871-0.png (30.46 KB, 335x472, mewtwo.png)

File: 1652379940871-1.png (54.73 KB, 447x622, MewTwoSFMUpdateV.1.png)

File: 1652379940871-2.png (416.54 KB, 654x768, luna_.png)

File: 1652379940871-3.png (367.13 KB, 425x802, loona-model.png)

File: 1652379940871-4.png (403.4 KB, 654x768, ReVAmped Loona - Helluva B….png)

4db944b9 No.3656536

How to get fur efdetc like thos in blender and can it be optinally used like in unity ?

0f24da33 No.3656552

File: 1652401909860-0.png (2.21 MB, 900x1200, 1651590054.zorryn_denisse_….png)

File: 1652401909860-1.png (940.19 KB, 1313x868, twominutepapers.png)


Working with ~

[Where can I see alts and high res versions of your work and be in closer contact?]

[Where are you from?]
Just a guy from Germany.

[What Software do you use?]
I use Maxon's Cinema4D as main 3D tool. SubstancePainter for textures and Marvelous Designer for clothing. Renderer is Redshift.

[Do you take commissions?]
Please understand that commissions in this field are orders of magnitude more work than "just" a 2D rendering and thus are extremely time consuming and expensive.
Please check my price calculator for a rough direction: http://transduced.net/cc/

[Do you sell shirts/prints/sticker/etc.?]
Yes, I have a small webshop for prints: http://transduced.net/webshop/
Also, check out my Red Bubble Account: https://www.redbubble.com/de/people/zorryn
And Spreadshirt: https://www.spreadshirt.de/user/Zorryn
3D Stuff can also be found here:

[Do you have a NSFW alt?]
Not really. I do offer NSFW artwork and comms on my dedicated patreon, though: https://www.patreon.com/zdotstudio

0f24da33 No.3656553

File: 1652402067059-0.png (1.05 MB, 1423x941, twominutepapers2.png)

0f24da33 No.3656554

File: 1652402231135-0.png (1.03 MB, 1804x941, twominutepapers3.png)

0f24da33 No.3656555

File: 1652402564548-0.png (1.11 MB, 1890x941, blender fur tutorial.png)

File: 1652402564548-1.png (926.8 KB, 1890x941, unity fur tutorial.png)

>How to get fur effect like those in blender and can it be optimally used like in unity?

Blender 2.8 Hair Beginner Tutorial ~

Unity Fur Tool timelapse ~

0f24da33 No.3656559

File: 1652404178458.jpg (235 KB, 1280x821, 1650093781.takibex_1.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3656858

File: 1652551328327.jpg (44.66 KB, 878x684, aj_model_need.jpg)

Applejack from V747
anyone got this model mine's corrupted.

0f24da33 No.3656875

File: 1652553729936.jpg (52.36 KB, 1193x510, aj_by_v747_ddm511m-fullvie….jpg)

0f24da33 No.3657033

File: 1652573406496.png (1.13 MB, 1920x1040, dragon_Insect.png)

0f24da33 No.3657037

0f24da33 No.3657440

File: 1652733249361-0.png (609.57 KB, 1920x1039, remaking ocellus from skra….png)

File: 1652733249361-1.png (828.99 KB, 1920x1039, remaking ocellus from skra….png)

File: 1652733249361-2.png (945.07 KB, 1920x1040, remaking ocellus from skra….png)

File: 1652733249361-3.png (857.52 KB, 1920x1040, remaking ocellus from skra….png)

Use cube, add png image as a ref, divide vertices, in modeling, move prims, viewport shadings, sculpt.

Getting use to it takes a lot of practice.

0f24da33 No.3657511

File: 1652802988749-0.png (985.62 KB, 1920x1040, remaking ocellus from skra….png)

File: 1652802988749-1.png (878.09 KB, 1920x1040, remaking ocellus from skra….png)

File: 1652802988749-2.png (778.8 KB, 1920x1040, remaking ocellus from skra….png)

File: 1652802988749-3.png (1.16 MB, 1920x1040, remaking ocellus from skra….png)

File: 1652802988749-4.png (1.36 MB, 1920x1040, remaking ocellus from skra….png)

0f24da33 No.3657559

File: 1652831385683-0.png (877.89 KB, 1920x1000, remaking ocellus from skra….png)

File: 1652831385683-1.png (923.16 KB, 1920x1000, remaking ocellus from skra….png)

File: 1652831385683-2.png (811.91 KB, 1920x1000, remaking ocellus from skra….png)

File: 1652831385683-3.png (841.8 KB, 1920x1000, remaking ocellus from skra….png)

File: 1652831385683-4.png (762.79 KB, 1920x1040, remaking ocellus from skra….png)


You can tinker around the model making the mouth is a lot of work kept it separated. Anyways enjoy!

4db944b9 No.3657569

File: 1652839914789.png (46.26 KB, 262x518, gfdgfdg.png)

how am i doing so far any hints what to fix?

0f24da33 No.3657573

File: 1652841535012.png (685.28 KB, 1574x1200, 2867439.png)


Start with the head first and then work your way down the neck, chest torso, arms and legs are last.

0f24da33 No.3657637

File: 1652926815830.png (345.02 KB, 896x849, New AI Grows Objects Out O….png)


❤️ Check out Weights & Biases and sign up for a free demo here: https://wandb.com/papers
❤️ Their mentioned post is available here (thank you Soumik!): http://wandb.me/3d-inverse-rendering

📝 The paper "Extracting Triangular 3D Models, Materials, and Lighting From Images" is available here:

❤️ Watch these videos in early access on our Patreon page or join us here on YouTube:
- https://www.patreon.com/TwoMinutePapers
- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbfY

🙏 We would like to thank our generous Patreon supporters who make Two Minute Papers possible:
Aleksandr Mashrabov, Alex Balfanz, Alex Haro, Andrew Melnychuk, Angelos Evripiotis, Benji Rabhan, Bryan Learn, B Shang, Christian Ahlin, Eric Martel, Geronimo Moralez, Gordon Child, Ivo Galic, Jace O'Brien, Jack Lukic, Javier Bustamante, John Le, Jonas, Jonathan, Kenneth Davis, Klaus Busse, Lorin Atzberger, Lukas Biewald, Matthew Allen Fisher, Michael Albrecht, Michael Tedder, Nevin Spoljaric, Nikhil Velpanur, Owen Campbell-Moore, Owen Skarpness, Rajarshi Nigam, Ramsey Elbasheer, Steef, Taras Bobrovytsky, Ted Johnson, Thomas Krcmar, Timothy Sum Hon Mun, Torsten Reil, Tybie Fitzhugh, Ueli Gallizzi.
If you wish to appear here or pick up other perks, click here: https://www.patreon.com/TwoMinutePapers

Thumbnail background design: Felícia Zsolnai-Fehér - http://felicia.hu

Károly Zsolnai-Fehér's links:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/twominutepa
Twitter: https://twitter.com/twominutepapers
Web: https://cg.tuwien.ac.at/~zsolnai/

0f24da33 No.3657741

File: 1652986790323-0.png (1.79 MB, 1920x1017, Ocellus_refs_test.png)

File: 1652986790323-1.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1009, anthro_boastudio_reffs.png)

I use refs on other models made from here.

0f24da33 No.3657769

File: 1653022815500.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1017, mare_blender.png)

You're lucky. I was waiting for someone to reupload most of his models before releasing the ones I got. For a pretty good reason but now I won't have to do that. ;)

Big thanks to Ya**$*ke (censored name) for the BIG archive

LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QBvcI-rm_3PkYwWKcdHCfj-ot1TpHgeR/edit
There are some models missing so I will just give you additional links

RESLISH's links
(ATTENTION: You will have to download this because some of the models here aren't in the Google Drive link)
FULL Subnautica model archive (Subnautica + Subnautica Below Zero) with renders:

Paladins champions of realm - Yagorath lamia.rar

Vicar Amelia (Bloodborne) [human + anthro monster]

There are some missing models like Ratcher & Rivet from Ratchet and Clank, Rei (Paladins) and there may be others lost. Sadly, I don't know which models are lost. At least, it looks like they are just a few. Possibly, the lost models are mostly human.

If any of these links ever go down, ask me to reupload them. Now, have a good day and keep sharing models in the thread, bois.

4db944b9 No.3657957

File: 1653217426008.png (180.54 KB, 960x962, 0001.png)

am i doing it right?

0f24da33 No.3658283

File: 1653470685932.png (1.36 MB, 1174x844, 1651272783.petruz_tiger_cl….png)

And here they are, Petruz' tiger clan.
Added to the Petruz MEGA as well.


0f24da33 No.3658326

File: 1653530435009.png (279.09 KB, 940x526, alex-rodzinski.png)

0f24da33 No.3658343

File: 1653572152085-0.png (591.17 KB, 1920x1040, blender_tools_101.png)

File: 1653572152085-1.png (610.16 KB, 1920x1040, blender_tools_101_2.png)

File: 1653572152085-2.png (636.21 KB, 1920x1040, blender_tools_101_3.png)

Testing some things out.

0f24da33 No.3658344

File: 1653573013621-0.png (551.1 KB, 1920x1040, blender_tools_101_4.png)

File: 1653573013621-1.png (721.68 KB, 1920x1040, blender_tools_101_5.png)

File: 1653573013621-2.png (733.47 KB, 1920x1040, blender_tools_101_6.png)

4db944b9 No.3658356

File: 1653597971643.gif (940.89 KB, 540x540, slime.gif)


0f24da33 No.3658368

File: 1653642253491.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1040, Lopunny_nude.png)

0f24da33 No.3658370

File: 1653648808214-0.png (22.51 KB, 128x148, 128px-Blue-ChuChu.png)

File: 1653648808214-1.png (24.23 KB, 128x141, 128px-Yellow_Chuchu.png)

File: 1653648808214-2.png (23.98 KB, 128x149, 128px-Green-ChuChu.png)

File: 1653648808214-3.png (23.64 KB, 128x151, 128px-Red-ChuChu.png)

4db944b9 No.3658418


yep that was my inspiration

0f24da33 No.3658442

File: 1653736677689.png (3.58 MB, 1715x967, Maron_u18chan.png)

Here's a model. Now if one can convert it into a blend file that would be fine.

0f24da33 No.3658444

File: 1653740573747.png (159.11 KB, 1268x640, Krystal&Miyu 2020.png)

Blender files
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wqR2xdl5vgO4NKtq0a_v2_2Uw9hxlE_3 ← Krystal2020Res.7z (The Blender file) has the .blend of Krystal (Under Blend/EXPORT2.blend) and Miyu under (Miyivariant/EXPORT2.blend)

Password for the archive is
I do have a version of Krystal for Blender with human feet I wouldn't mind having converted to .fbx as well and I can supply that if need be.

0f24da33 No.3658453

File: 1653770854523.png (665.75 KB, 1321x685, grifon-sculpt-c2.png)

0f24da33 No.3658497

File: 1653913233787.png (357.7 KB, 1303x571, griffon_butt.png)

0f24da33 No.3658507

File: 1653937409789.png (1019.94 KB, 748x869, FTsJ9C7UAAAHT2E.png)

925a8200 No.3658510

>>3658442 ❤️

0f24da33 No.3658513

File: 1653938258550.png (317.23 KB, 803x595, furry_bust_u18chan.png)

4c1fc517 No.3658710

File: 1654204725582-0.png (62.57 KB, 705x873, screenshot.1646109810.png)

File: 1654204725582-1.png (58.54 KB, 705x873, screenshot.1646109811.png)

File: 1654204725582-2.png (65.86 KB, 705x873, screenshot.1646109812.png)

File: 1654204725582-3.png (66.31 KB, 705x873, screenshot.1646109813.png)

File: 1654204725582-4.png (62.84 KB, 705x873, screenshot.1646109814.png)

So, since I was banned from their Discord server and had posts deleted for, get this… criticizing the fact that the ripping tool is a convoluted mess of patches upon patches and that you have to grab textures manually one by one and use a separate older version to convert rigged, after wasting hours upon hours helping people rip their shit and troubleshooting this stupid fucking craptastic mess of a program, I no longer feel any need to keep it secret. Btw 1.15 works for me for extracting.


Video Tut:

All old Sketchfab ripper versions

Several days worth of discord logs:

4c1fc517 No.3658712

File: 1654204794534-0.png (57.25 KB, 705x873, screenshot.1646109815.png)

File: 1654204794534-1.png (66.35 KB, 705x873, screenshot.1646109816.png)

File: 1654204794534-2.png (60.02 KB, 705x873, screenshot.1646109817.png)

File: 1654204794534-3.png (49.43 KB, 705x873, screenshot.1646109818.png)

File: 1654204794534-4.png (48.17 KB, 705x873, screenshot.1646109819.png)

4c1fc517 No.3658713

File: 1654204847355-0.jpg (58.15 KB, 720x716, 716.jpg)

Hi DJNormality & fuck you

a77ff7a8 No.3658714

File: 1654209591920.jpeg (88.2 KB, 1280x720, FUORS-sVIAAEysE.jpeg)


I ain't reading all those Discord logs. What is this and why should anyone here care?

644e3a40 No.3658720

File: 1654216776601.png (19.26 KB, 395x232, screenshot.1646109813.png)

If you need to ask, you have no business downloading it.

ec806d23 No.3658727

File: 1654220356704.png (938.59 KB, 1280x1003, furry-bust-prototype_Blend….png)

0f24da33 No.3658734

Thank you so much for contributing all the models, I will see if I could try to carry on your work.

Griffon model is ours!

9d107af8 No.3658740

Oh my god, shut the fuck up you gaping man-gina.

0f24da33 No.3658742

Any luck with the griffon model?

0f24da33 No.3658743

File: 1654233014931.png (1.07 MB, 1352x725, fapfapfapgriffon.png)

0f24da33 No.3658744

File: 1654233603711.png (62.74 KB, 425x667, deadend.png)

hmmm could taste it!

0f24da33 No.3658774

File: 1654270350283.png (133.86 KB, 1257x473, errorerrror.png)

confused, it's only empty space.

0f24da33 No.3658803

File: 1654275762223.png (1.16 MB, 1920x1040, grifon-sculpt.png)

0f24da33 No.3658819

File: 1654301135921.jpg (526.34 KB, 1920x1080, ss_7e96a77726798dd4553187f….jpg)


This would take a while to organize it's a bloody mess!

3aa5a0a3 No.3658865

ripping secondlife models now?

0f24da33 No.3658884

File: 1654383612957.jpg (617.5 KB, 1920x1920, fb_u18chan.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3659067

File: 1654487813323.png (1.14 MB, 1920x1017, thicc_roxy_model.png)

0f24da33 No.3659165

File: 1654561512364-0.png (723.91 KB, 1585x533, sketchfablist01.png)

0f24da33 No.3659253

File: 1654646207915.png (44.09 KB, 688x437, Yiffalicious models.png)

0f24da33 No.3659254

File: 1654656393452.jpg (394.55 KB, 1090x1090, 1_866_u18chan.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3659595

0f24da33 No.3659767

File: 1655181409505.png (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, desmbqb-7d579c51-c8f4-45ce….png)

c777cf98 No.3659794

File: 1655214483748.png (211.43 KB, 327x249, Capture.PNG)

9954bcaa No.3659816

The maid marian blend file link from anonfiles seems to have died, any chance of a reupload somewhere? >>3653848 is the reference

25e35350 No.3659818


Other than dickgirl faggotry this is one of the only ways to ruin Maid Marian

0f24da33 No.3659842

File: 1655324628987.png (500.96 KB, 598x599, Edith_u18chan.png)

Does anyone have this model and would like to share it or gladly others from the creator? https://sukawonton.gumroad.com/l/Edith?recommended_by=library

0f24da33 No.3659843

File: 1655324734907.png (1.65 MB, 1273x963, RaccoonRedPandaSkipsy_u18c….png)

Raccoon Red Panda - Skipsy (sfw only) $35
about 400mb


0f24da33 No.3659844

File: 1655324774198.png (1.11 MB, 993x947, JackalArtleck_u18chan.png)

0f24da33 No.3659845

File: 1655324818220.png (292.7 KB, 598x600, LugiaReptilligator_u18chan.png)

Legendary Water Bird (Lugia) - Reptilligator $35
about 74mb


It seems this model is no longer available on Repti's gumroad, so consider this a lucky grab!

0f24da33 No.3659846

File: 1655324888414.png (1.87 MB, 1546x961, RaptorVR_Zab_u18chan.png)

Raptor - vr_zab $20

Unity Package (about 110mb)

Substance Files (about 252mb)

Blender - PSD - VRM Files (about 150mb)

0f24da33 No.3659847

File: 1655325016711.png (1.15 MB, 961x968, DraconianAlber_u18chan.png)

0f24da33 No.3659848

File: 1655325063464.jpg (4.16 MB, 2160x3840, Zeus_u18chan.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3659849

File: 1655325122171.jpg (2.44 MB, 2048x2560, Marcus_0_u18chan.jpg)

Marcus - Kreic $35 (Standard License)

Standard Package (about370mb)

Model (about 96mb)

Skins (about 142mb)

0f24da33 No.3659851

File: 1655325155038.jpg (3.09 MB, 2048x3000, Regen_u18chan.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3659852

File: 1655325185382.png (1.58 MB, 1276x960, Hymir_u18chan.png)

Hymir Hound - Krample $40

v001 (about 208mb)

v002 (about 246mb)

(Having checked the blender files, you need to edit the uv maps for upper and lower body materials so they're in the correct positions, they're offset by default which leads to messed up materials for some reason)

0f24da33 No.3659853

And there we go! Enjoy a bunch of models fellow pirates!!

If anyone is feeling generous enough to share any of these following models, that would be grand! <3 <3 <3

Horse Male Base by Artleck ($35)

Avali FBT by Rai Kitamatsu (A$45)
— Kemono page for Avali FBT is empty

Aqualux by Hobbert ($30)

Odo's Pup Pack by Odo Goldenpaw ($35)

Werewolf Avatar Base by skip4d ($40)

Salazek by Natch Deux (35 Euros)

Toastador Sharko by Toastador ($60)
— Kemono page for Toastador Sharko is empty

0f24da33 No.3659868

File: 1655350873427.jpg (184.24 KB, 1671x865, Salazeks_MF_u18chan.jpg)

95612f0a No.3660001

For some reason Anonfiles is not working on my end like it used to. So here's the link to the Zip file that I uploaded to pixeldrain, enjoy.


5b983ad8 No.3660241

honestly I'd throw 20 bucks over to the guy that bought the sharko for Kemono Party

88e87429 No.3660999

File: 1656482740122.png (1.27 MB, 900x1200, Dita_Poledance_01_small.png)

f7348c25 No.3661021

Seems its now gone, well fuck…

0f24da33 No.3661066

could someone get this I need to study the tail.

0f24da33 No.3661069

6aa33c85 No.3661103

File: 1656560244230.png (7.61 MB, 2400x3200, Dita_Poledance_02_large.png)

Good night, and good luck.

0f24da33 No.3661915

File: 1657615099811-0.webm (1.73 MB, 1920x1080, 36ceeb771a43b95e461a21f73….webm)

File: 1657615099811-1.webm (1.87 MB, 1920x1080, 657b0016de37f1e48ccf8c8ac….webm)

33c01320 No.3661954


interesting way of doing eyes do you have tutorial for this? and can it suport blinking/expresions

0f24da33 No.3662284

File: 1658037172805.jpg (295.06 KB, 2048x2048, Fennec_1_u18chan.jpg)

Splendid. As agreed, here is your Fennec:

It's been a pleasure~ <3

0f24da33 No.3662832

File: 1658305793855-0.png (996.09 KB, 1920x1017, fuck da police (1).png)

File: 1658305793855-1.png (1.14 MB, 1920x1017, fuck da police (2).png)

0f24da33 No.3662842

File: 1658307855213-0.png (755.05 KB, 1920x1017, horsecockflare.png)

File: 1658307855213-1.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1017, horsecockflaredeep.png)

File: 1658307855213-2.png (640.79 KB, 1920x1017, horsecockflaredeep2.png)

0f24da33 No.3662891

File: 1658311063545-0.png (1.17 MB, 1920x1017, fackduhpolice (1).png)

File: 1658311063545-1.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1017, fackduhpolice (2).png)

File: 1658311063545-2.png (1.23 MB, 1920x1017, fackduhpolice (3).png)

0f24da33 No.3663067

File: 1658345500010.png (1.11 MB, 1692x868, haveanyideas.png)

0f24da33 No.3663721

File: 1659085319503.png (96.02 KB, 724x865, bluegh.png)

0f24da33 No.3665021

File: 1661237631731.png (958.04 KB, 1295x887, opensources.png)

0f24da33 No.3665104

File: 1661420026223-0.png (411.57 KB, 900x1080, Ferret.png)

File: 1661420026223-1.png (448.26 KB, 900x1080, FluffyFerretFront.png)

File: 1661420026223-2.png (482.45 KB, 900x1080, FluffyFerretBack.png)

0f24da33 No.3665105

File: 1661420380279-0.webm (705.07 KB, 1920x1080, 6c8b501b0a35e8a2366cd2203….webm)

0f24da33 No.3665491

File: 1662019154052.jpg (204.25 KB, 900x1200, uTOTBqH.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3665856

File: 1662534261347.png (2 MB, 1850x1510, 1662531422.fritzlesticks_j….png)

0f24da33 No.3666052

File: 1662773533625.png (646.66 KB, 1920x1017, Salazzle.png)

0f24da33 No.3666056

File: 1662773805338.png (454.2 KB, 1920x1040, gunbunvers.png)

0f24da33 No.3666064

File: 1662774897404.jpg (339.3 KB, 1920x1761, pinkstudio-r1.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3666065

File: 1662775458298.png (192.54 KB, 820x820, 648bc6Isabelle_u18chan.png)

0f24da33 No.3667042

File: 1663798212189.jpg (233.45 KB, 1280x1138, 1648200756.shimmychanga_kh….jpg)

And about that gazelle model… It's not from valorlynz, it's Khana from game named Yiffalicious, just with someone's retexture. Here's the link.

0f24da33 No.3667043

File: 1663798290753-0.jpg (153.55 KB, 713x950, FUlYZ4VUEAAc1Q6_u18chan.jpg)

File: 1663798290753-1.jpg (232.47 KB, 998x1092, FT3QsIYVEAAbhog_u18chan.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3667211

File: 1663905626808-0.jpg (1.37 MB, 2500x2000, 1658712476.xrayzebra4_tali….jpg)

File: 1663905626808-1.jpg (634.41 KB, 1280x1280, 1659932360.xrayzebra4_kara….jpg)

File: 1663905626808-2.jpg (2.64 MB, 2500x2500, 1660107655.xrayzebra4_alej….jpg)

File: 1663905626808-3.jpg (2.42 MB, 2500x2500, 1660704484.xrayzebra4_evan….jpg)

0f24da33 No.3667230

File: 1663921022863-0.jpg (2.39 MB, 861x8087, ruaidri_fur_tutorialp1.jpg)

File: 1663921022863-1.jpg (1.89 MB, 861x6998, ruaidri_fur_tutorialp2.jpg)

File: 1663921022863-2.jpg (1.41 MB, 861x5559, ruaidri_fur_tutorialp3.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3667237

File: 1663931760754.png (490.54 KB, 1920x997, stripedbared.png)

0f24da33 No.3668339

File: 1664756396839.png (166.57 KB, 792x669, eeetz.png)

0f24da33 No.3668423

File: 1664810323607.jpg (97.48 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3669452

File: 1665316525191.png (2.64 MB, 1920x1080, KatVersion1_u18chan.png)

Finally got to finish with this model. It ain't perfect but I hope you all like it. :)

0f24da33 No.3669454

01be1e35 No.3669456

File: 1665318850023-0.jpg (32.27 KB, 480x305, Charmed_Tent.jpg)

File: 1665318850023-1.jpg (4.81 KB, 275x183, Speared.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3669554

File: 1665417263032-0.png (132.44 KB, 550x650, _2022-10-09_221601110_u18c….png)

File: 1665417263032-1.png (212.74 KB, 482x670, 8db4a6e9bf5f208b20b38db47a….png)

0f24da33 No.3669667

File: 1665524258024-0.jpg (332.4 KB, 1200x606, 1476538595.horimont_fura投稿….jpg)

File: 1665524258024-1.jpg (514.27 KB, 557x2423, 1488382821.horimont_fura投稿….jpg)

File: 1665524258024-2.jpg (374.58 KB, 557x1701, 1488469832.horimont_fura投稿….jpg)

File: 1665524258024-3.jpg (477.78 KB, 866x1282, 1492355298.horimont_tatsuy….jpg)

File: 1665524258024-4.jpg (199.39 KB, 800x600, 1501508429.horimont_fura.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3669668

File: 1665524314467-0.jpg (414.27 KB, 866x1154, 1531747571.horimont_fra投稿用….jpg)

File: 1665524314467-1.jpg (120.06 KB, 854x1280, 1537694254.horimont_img_25….jpg)

File: 1665524314467-2.jpg (201.96 KB, 853x1280, 1561639571.horimont_img_17….jpg)

File: 1665524314467-3.jpg (97.44 KB, 1280x852, 1572437414.horimont_2c04c6….jpg)

File: 1665524314467-4.jpg (604.06 KB, 557x2508, 1588947594.horimont_horimo….jpg)

0f24da33 No.3669670

File: 1665525810155-0.jpg (131.04 KB, 1280x853, 1588992593.horimont_img_51….jpg)

File: 1665525810155-1.jpg (139.87 KB, 1280x853, 1654951769.horimont_fu9qez….jpg)

File: 1665525810155-2.jpg (266.93 KB, 1280x872, 1655639023.zorryn_vixen_lo….jpg)

File: 1665525810155-3.jpg (1.21 MB, 2500x2000, 1655658720.xrayzebra4_3692….jpg)

File: 1665525810155-4.jpg (699.44 KB, 2500x2500, 1655747005.xrayzebra4_high….jpg)

0f24da33 No.3669671

File: 1665525863265-0.jpg (689.24 KB, 2500x2000, 1655856832.xrayzebra4_pres….jpg)

File: 1665525863265-1.jpg (73.25 KB, 794x794, AnyConv.com__il_794xN.3580….jpg)

File: 1665525863265-2.jpg (551.96 KB, 2000x3000, AnyConv.com__il_fullxfull.….jpg)

File: 1665525863265-3.jpg (266.85 KB, 800x1067, d5k4oyy-10df8e58-d513-4795….jpg)

File: 1665525863265-4.jpg (203.64 KB, 1280x693, derpy_pepakura___ready_to_….jpg)

0f24da33 No.3669672

File: 1665525963489-0.jpg (291.44 KB, 800x752, paper5b.jpg)

File: 1665525963489-1.png (151.78 KB, 592x534, pepakura-01.png)

0f24da33 No.3669695

0f24da33 No.3669738

File: 1665615687748.jpg (1.23 MB, 3800x2800, Snapshot_008_001.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3670067

File: 1665949663262.png (610.61 KB, 794x1022, LOONAil_794xN.4228228510_j….png)

d6047c74 No.3670071


Human sized ball jointed doll? Large, posable, breedable? Anyone got STL files for something like this?

0f24da33 No.3670076

Not ready, they are prototypes and they are working on a silicone version.

0f24da33 No.3670173

File: 1665984337814-0.jpg (163.65 KB, 1080x1920, FJbX-VlXsAAD-CU.jpg)

File: 1665984337814-1.jpg (173.64 KB, 1080x1920, FJbX-VmWQAII_Ec.jpg)

06ee7aa5 No.3670285

is that morrowind

0f24da33 No.3670303

Nope, It's Second Life look closer and see the texture.

0f24da33 No.3670310

File: 1666062368431.jpg (1.86 MB, 2668x3095, MW-map-Vvardenfell.jpg)

If it were Morrowind, it would have taken 600,000x 900,000x chunk a parcel map of Second Life. Plus Linden have to pay Bethesda to archive as an art piece.

0f24da33 No.3670319

File: 1666068834582.png (1.45 MB, 948x966, okamimizuki_u18chan.png)

0f24da33 No.3670320

File: 1666069048528.jpg (185.6 KB, 2048x1137, Fd1JNaFaMAAuRhk_u18chan.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3670322

File: 1666069285647.jpg (24.72 KB, 363x325, Thumb_u18chan.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3670323

File: 1666069480988.png (1.94 MB, 1920x1080, 113a619c2d4f11089c56d7ae5f….png)

Does anyone have the model of Mara? (from gunmouth) I have the model of Mora from warfaremachine, but i don´t find the model of Mara anywhere (for SFM please)

It's basically the same models. The base Mora model, just with retexture and another hair on it. And that retexture can be done in 5 mins even in blender, though.

06ee7aa5 No.3670332

sorry but the shape of that map is very distinctly like morrowind.

and i mean morrowind the continent, not just the island of vvanderfell that you play in the main game.

0f24da33 No.3670384

File: 1666117967746.jpg (243.8 KB, 1050x1500, 1666055577.drako1997_jackj….jpg)

FNAF SFM models

Fallout Deathclaw models (female and male + recolorable clothes)

If anyone want it - there is another great SFM models for your art:
Agony Onoskelis CreepAtsuko Valkyr Baset SFM model : NSFWarframe
https://www.reddit.com/r/NSFWarframe/comments/id5qvz/valkyr_baset_sfm_model/ - may not working, here is another link:

0f24da33 No.3670467

File: 1666167449554.jpg (131.81 KB, 1280x1025, 1389036548.oken_squirrel.jpg)

00c0c375 No.3670848

File: 1666394528263.png (3.49 MB, 2560x1440, 1640493774.ninja739_christ….png)

Does anyone know the site where Ninja739 sales his blender models or if anyone has uploaded them on to any boards already.

0f24da33 No.3676900

File: 1668911263229-0.jpg (101.31 KB, 766x1204, b79c056ce7f95a6ed27cf6e804….jpg)

File: 1668911263229-1.jpg (41.56 KB, 728x509, 52c2fbf7ebafe6359047b36e01….jpg)

File: 1668911263229-2.jpg (97.88 KB, 1784x777, 07b502cee5b5ce7ef87d9ee0f1….jpg)

File: 1668911263229-3.jpg (109.55 KB, 1273x711, 4409d94e0de762da4ff5cb25e5….jpg)

0f24da33 No.3676901

File: 1668911323380-0.jpg (234.18 KB, 1280x1560, 70396d3388c175a8e7c35df791….jpg)

File: 1668911323380-1.jpg (137.71 KB, 1280x720, 8ceeb1ff89fa18f41470fe54e2….jpg)

File: 1668911323380-2.jpg (115.57 KB, 1388x599, 21a767cc75d1bb6d76445b8263….jpg)

File: 1668911323380-3.jpg (53.84 KB, 1127x722, 10c679459f39613bb67446f731….jpg)

0f24da33 No.3677593

File: 1669236505682.png (788.05 KB, 1920x1017, Hakya11_models.png)

0f24da33 No.3680118

File: 1670024510976.png (534.85 KB, 1898x830, step1_u18chan.png)

Do you have the links to get the models from sl2 out with the rigging method, too?
I can send several, if you can tell me where to find them?

Step 1:
(In Revelator,) for models with rigging, you want to right-click and do "Tools>Export>XML". That will open up a window with all the meshes (pyramids) and prims (cubes) someone's wearing. Click whatever you want to export in that menu, and select "Save As"
This doesn't work on models that aren't people, but those usually aren't rigged.

Step 2:
Go to your MSL folder. You want "MeshesSL_AlwaysWriteSkeleton_SLMFix.exe", click on it. The red box on the attached image is your data path. Look at the readme to figure out where it is. The green box is your target: this is the file that you just saved in step 1. Mostly you just want to hit the button that says "Create DAE files for all models". If it gives you something about "model set fully decoded," you're good.

Step 3:
Grab the file from your file system. Wherever you put the XML from step 1, there should be a new folder. Look at the right side of the step 2/3 image for details.

Step 4:
Open blender, and add a new Avastar Skeleton. (Knowing how to open blender, add add-ons, and add objects are left as exercises for the reader.) Import your shiny new DAE file from wherever you left it, and line it up so that its skeleton matches the AvaSkeleton.
Hide the AvaSkeleton, and select everything else. Go to the Skinning section of the Avastar segment of the N-panel (right-hand side panel) and select "Unbind." Delete the old skeleton. Select everything else. Unhide and select the AvaSkeleton, making sure that it's the active object. If there are any red button at the top of the skinning pannel, click them. Change method to "preserve weights". Click "Bind to armature".

Step 5:

Exporting textures uses a different method not covered in this tutorial.

0f24da33 No.3680119

File: 1670024555642-0.png (252.33 KB, 1898x830, step2-3_u18chan.png)

File: 1670024555642-1.png (699.26 KB, 1898x1610, step4-5_u18chan.png)

0f24da33 No.3680375

File: 1670125172148.png (657.37 KB, 1146x782, are you intrested in this.png)

NVIDIA’s New AI: Generating 3D Models!

it could generate any object.

439885f9 No.3683527

File: 1671521059528.jpg (132.39 KB, 768x445, flat sheet.jpg)

4812ddfd No.3683774

File: 1671659525078-0.png (51.45 KB, 800x450, 6ecd55bfcf889774191bee7636….png)

File: 1671659525078-1.jpg (42.2 KB, 800x450, de63f6e3ed2c460c1e8c060bdb….jpg)

been using kemono party for some time now, the files tend to be safe, just gotta make sure to use something like virus total to scan them to be sure



4812ddfd No.3683776

File: 1671660013475-0.png (567.56 KB, 575x675, thumbnails 2.png)


since anon files keeps killing these things, heres at least lucario


0f24da33 No.3684004

File: 1671866406899.png (463.31 KB, 997x692, comealongway.png)

0f24da33 No.3684005

File: 1671866504568.png (4.28 MB, 2160x1436, screenshot017.png)

0f24da33 No.3685243

File: 1672916562554.png (1.18 MB, 1920x1017, ReVAmped_Loona_v4.1.png)

0f24da33 No.3685245

File: 1672918325245.png (1.08 MB, 1920x1017, foxy-commssion.png)

0f24da33 No.3685693

File: 1673093165206.png (3.94 MB, 2821x2000, FURRY2_u18chan.png)

a52a6f2e No.3685890

I never got into 3d modeling but I think it's about to become a lot easier for everyone. ChatGPT artificial intelligence is writing python scripts to do crazy things with CAD models and 3D printers. It won't be long till someone teaches an A.I. to make furries.

0f24da33 No.3687537

File: 1674331013989.jpg (50.6 KB, 750x1000, meru_u18chan.jpg)

Someone can share with me this sfm or Blender Meru NSFW model?

0f24da33 No.3687538

File: 1674332736847-0.jpg (67.58 KB, 735x585, 1627463055_qip-shot-screen….jpg)

File: 1674332736847-1.jpg (53.61 KB, 1080x1080, be0c6a04-85ef-46bc-b826-aa….jpg)

File: 1674332736847-2.png (2.36 MB, 2932x1536, deosj7q-a3013d2a-ba7e-4b80….png)

0f24da33 No.3687794

File: 1674508520181-0.png (265.97 KB, 1043x713, odie-lapistein-design.png)

File: 1674508520181-1.png (72.46 KB, 1050x727, andre-er-lepus.png)

File: 1674508520181-2.png (87.5 KB, 1050x727, 3d-models birdo.png)

File: 1674508520181-3.png (114.54 KB, 1050x727, rabbit-boy-.png)

File: 1674508520181-4.png (93.62 KB, 1050x727, atlas-the-hare.png)

0f24da33 No.3687795

File: 1674508587971-0.png (472.51 KB, 1050x727, dannycario-.png)

File: 1674508587971-1.png (274.39 KB, 1050x727, silly-string-vrchat-vtuber….png)

File: 1674508587971-2.png (656.46 KB, 1050x727, ankh-cat-.png)

File: 1674508587971-3.png (867.75 KB, 1050x727, armand-de-maupertuis-93.png)

File: 1674508587971-4.png (435.93 KB, 1050x727, sharkish-74.png)

0f24da33 No.3687797

File: 1674508668060-0.png (135.93 KB, 1050x727, khamira-a21.png)

File: 1674508668060-1.png (480.8 KB, 1050x727, n3ro-2b4.png)

File: 1674508668060-2.png (146.42 KB, 1050x727, otter-avatar-3db.png)

File: 1674508668060-3.png (204.17 KB, 1050x727, furison-f3.png)

File: 1674508668060-4.png (376.78 KB, 1050x727, mochi-6e.png)

0f24da33 No.3687798

File: 1674508731329-0.png (610.22 KB, 1050x727, haru-in-wonderland-31.png)

File: 1674508731329-1.png (415.59 KB, 1050x727, pianzi-cd.png)

File: 1674508731329-2.png (191.43 KB, 1050x727, floof-brained-vrchat-avata….png)

File: 1674508731329-3.png (397.66 KB, 1050x727, tavii-e8e.png)

File: 1674508731329-4.png (452.39 KB, 1050x727, demi-the-space-anomaly-33.png)

0f24da33 No.3687799

File: 1674508829289-0.png (183.85 KB, 1050x727, thicc-kerfus-2e7.png)

File: 1674508829289-1.png (746.9 KB, 1050x727, akane-0b85.png)

File: 1674508829289-2.png (354.7 KB, 1050x727, shkurka-nsfw-a1.png)

File: 1674508829289-3.png (787.38 KB, 1050x727, yasumi-2525.png)

File: 1674508829289-4.png (714.87 KB, 1050x727, cunior-a942.png)

0f24da33 No.3687800

File: 1674508899441-0.png (772.22 KB, 1050x727, hraych-c8c3.png)

File: 1674508899441-1.png (687.37 KB, 1050x727, algier-91d7.png)

File: 1674508899441-2.png (341.47 KB, 1050x727, bevel-cf04.png)

File: 1674508899441-3.png (209.12 KB, 1050x727, fatima-eaglefeather-from-s….png)

File: 1674508899441-4.png (291.29 KB, 1050x727, astrid-sabertooth-vrchat-c….png)

0f24da33 No.3687802

File: 1674508979233-0.png (306.47 KB, 1050x727, eve-3d-art-commission-mode….png)

File: 1674508979233-1.png (363.73 KB, 1050x727, base-gell-nsfw-bf3.png)

File: 1674508979233-2.png (347.55 KB, 1050x727, vrchat-ready-anubis-avatar….png)

File: 1674508979233-3.png (550.78 KB, 1050x727, vrchat-furry-model-outfit-….png)

File: 1674508979233-4.png (622.64 KB, 1050x727, anubis-vrchat-avatar-outfi….png)

0f24da33 No.3687803

File: 1674509044472-0.png (112.13 KB, 1050x727, protogen-7923ab2530a.png)

File: 1674509044472-1.png (651.07 KB, 1050x727, suo-the-deer-0c0a322c957.png)

File: 1674509044472-2.png (109.39 KB, 1050x727, dita-the-jaguar-420f987f9.png)

File: 1674509044472-3.png (362.68 KB, 1050x727, bazz-protogen-9a381d.png)

File: 1674509044472-4.png (99.83 KB, 1050x727, dilly-093192463.png)

0f24da33 No.3687804

File: 1674509145995-0.png (169.91 KB, 1050x727, sav-the-panda-4ea343e4.png)

File: 1674509145995-1.png (101.56 KB, 1050x727, wolfman-commission-a856623….png)

File: 1674509145995-2.png (385.16 KB, 1050x727, flipside-lynx-club-wear-ae….png)

File: 1674509145995-3.png (142.43 KB, 1050x727, fawnis-c1d2601ae.png)

File: 1674509145995-4.png (165.26 KB, 1050x727, saivu-sarvvat-fc7c2b27cd9e.png)

0f24da33 No.3687805

File: 1674509204206-0.png (771.74 KB, 1050x727, vulfy-851a3c3590a14f.png)

File: 1674509204206-1.png (218.55 KB, 1050x727, cyberg-dragon-girl-adoptab….png)

File: 1674509204206-2.png (438.07 KB, 1050x727, fennec-fox-anthro-model-9a….png)

File: 1674509204206-3.png (394.96 KB, 1050x727, cat-robot-207167a6.png)

File: 1674509204206-4.png (314.32 KB, 1050x727, vrchatcomet-20e6a5380cd948….png)

0f24da33 No.3687807

File: 1674509239611-0.png (336.91 KB, 1050x727, astral-swimsuit-8a65632719….png)

File: 1674509239611-1.png (306.46 KB, 1050x727, astral-suit-8eb9cd62d2e943….png)

File: 1674509239611-2.png (123.43 KB, 1050x727, commission-furry-model-the….png)

0f24da33 No.3687808

File: 1674509343416-0.png (116.44 KB, 1050x727, rabbit-templar-franchesca-….png)

File: 1674509343416-1.png (557.71 KB, 1050x727, rat-low-uv-3c871fb5b36a411….png)

File: 1674509343416-2.png (554.45 KB, 1050x727, rogue-rat-f72785b15b87476b….png)

0f24da33 No.3688368

File: 1674947691569.jpg (468.2 KB, 2200x3500, d5c1c62b-c314-4460-b91b-b3….jpg)

0f24da33 No.3688369

File: 1674947867302.png (494.46 KB, 1582x934, krystorrl.png)


895f5b5b No.3688396

any good Protogen model for VRC?

0f24da33 No.3688403

File: 1674965611446.png (984.84 KB, 1101x619, e6yyto88ue9ojrgnikoz6xwp09….png)

0f24da33 No.3688405

File: 1674966022904.png (245.12 KB, 804x902, here you go bro.png)


895f5b5b No.3688419

Hey man thank you so much for this model!
But the Unity version is NSFW? also, do you have the Dynamic Penetration System for the Unity? I can't find the download link anywhere else

0f24da33 No.3688428

In the description that DPS red text is clickable and leads you to the DPS's download

0f24da33 No.3688441

File: 1674983505773.png (65.27 KB, 1443x488, thereyougopal.png)

0f24da33 No.3688490

File: 1675030881924-0.png (531.81 KB, 631x807, renamoooon.png)

File: 1675030881924-1.png (275.55 KB, 584x566, goat_u18chan.png)

Here's renamon

Also, have this buta toriel for 3d printing, if anyone else has any more of buta's stuff please share

0f24da33 No.3688502

File: 1675036368377.png (1.55 MB, 1998x2160, Krystal_Pose9Regular.png)

0f24da33 No.3688504

File: 1675036548054.jpg (998.2 KB, 9877x2160, Krystal.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3688514

895f5b5b No.3688517

Someone have been tried to create or put a feral model into VRC? a lewd one to be more specific..

895f5b5b No.3688559

I love this thread.

34acd716 No.3688641

File: 1675203899789.jpeg (232.16 KB, 1400x1400, lookingglass.jpeg)

Do you have the textures? I render for stereoscopic viewing or quilt for my lookingglass portrait.

0f24da33 No.3688658

File: 1675214654749.png (12 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

be right back going to ask the same question that looks neat for some Halloween stuff what was the name of it was this bought on amazon or on ebay?

a77ff7a8 No.3688661

File: 1675217939591.jpeg (172.76 KB, 583x1000, FjPTsGcWIAAkr2s.jpeg)

Just a thought. I wouldn't mind working on an index of file sharing links that get posted in this thread and others. I don't know how to check the contents for working models, which is the biggest hurdle for me. We could make this a project, yes? Big threads like this need it badly, there is no way to override the thread post limit.

Who's with me? Looking at you, Cream.

a77ff7a8 No.3688663


Or I could just blindly throw them into a static page with a thumbnail and description (assuming they have one).

0f24da33 No.3688666

Nah man, it's only those STL files. AFAIK he never releases textured models

895f5b5b No.3688682

any good models for VRC?

895f5b5b No.3688683

File: 1675249444880.png (999.04 KB, 1920x1042, Captura de tela_2023-02-01….png)

Hey! Someone have the private version of this model? I really would like to test it…it looks so cool!

0f24da33 No.3688687

0f24da33 No.3688763

File: 1675298778274-0.png (4.11 MB, 2560x1924, loona_2_u18chan.png)

File: 1675298778274-1.png (1.93 MB, 1678x1926, krystal01_u18chan.png)

0f24da33 No.3688795

File: 1675322603236.png (2.08 MB, 1890x1186, stalkfronttext_u18chan.png)

Here you go. Decided to edit it with a few extra shapekeys to it.


0f24da33 No.3688796

File: 1675322898869.jpg (1.06 MB, 1970x1788, roxy-9_u18chan.jpg)

0f24da33 No.3688799

File: 1675325284139.jpg (260.11 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Would have bee interesting if it could help you code to rip out models.

8092e342 No.3696965

>>3649046 broken liknks

af326450 No.3700525

File: 1682441638679.png (319.71 KB, 1240x232, bdd06d8a-fadb-4133-a850-68….png)

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