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File: 1633161497431.png (382.78 KB, 800x450, what_willfurries_do_with_b….png)

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Research and development in better realistic fursuits and sexdolls?
Create an indie movie or video game?
Invite only close friends and discuss about improving living conditions with family?
Create a rave party festival in in the richest country?
What more could I say?
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44e01331 No.3643293

File: 1642997565924-0.png (173.42 KB, 1133x724, boomz.png)

File: 1642997565924-1.jpg (50.09 KB, 576x314, DFFHiilxiZ.jpg)

c66b9ac2 No.3643980



On j*wtube since january 21. Is causing a bit of a stir.

Its the first and only 2 hours+ video I have watched ever on youtube. Twice !

The author does an excellent work picking all arguments about Cryptos apart, pros and cons. Mostly the pros from the benefiters inside the game.

Dan Olson put words to arguments and thoughts many besides me have about Crypto and NFT´s but are not capable to form as clearly and transparent.

But there is something he forgets to mention : Crypto and blockchain was created to break Governemt oversight but in itself is a even more intrusive tool since, everything, is logged forever in a public ledger.

That alone massively break the very rules about "right to be forgotten" and GPDR in the EU.

Right now massive fines are being imposed upon Tech giants for this. What do the Fintech NFT industry think will happen when they (maybe) are accepted as legitimate financial and tech business? The lawsuits will be flying.

Crypto , blockchain cash and NFT will have to crash and burn before it grows large enought to tank the entire world economy. This will affect the very people who was never part of the speculation and hype but just minded their jobs and did prober savings.

Bitcoiners and NFT´s will not feel the brunt same way since their money came from nothing and went to nothing unlike blue-collar Joe who´s bank-account will vaporize with the inflation created from FED air-cash spent on speculation..

b5b8edd8 No.3643995

Funny thing is I was making around 60k in my last year of scrap and salvage mainly salvage and resale coulda made more but sadly had a falling out with an ex and had to move out of the area which I was partly monopolizing on. I do regret spending it all on a game lol.

e93a2fab No.3646324

File: 1644627532141.png (960.49 KB, 1153x818, superbowlstadiumlarge.png)

Hell, it would make a perfect furcon there.

e93a2fab No.3646332

File: 1644628469319-0.jpg (467.23 KB, 3280x2550, 087.jpg)

File: 1644628469319-1.jpg (64.97 KB, 600x900, 4003f4f704f99f9df39342a14a….jpg)

File: 1644628469319-2.jpg (83.66 KB, 534x800, cd1d2b66148dfdd3323e590b4a….jpg)

File: 1644628469319-3.jpg (73.68 KB, 500x648, NoP1ujC.jpg)

Cheerleading furries :)

e93a2fab No.3646337

File: 1644629005501.jpg (431.27 KB, 1200x3196, 533.jpg)

Buying bootleg yiff hands.

e93a2fab No.3646423

File: 1644637530186-0.jpg (7.37 KB, 253x312, Furnonimous.jpg)

File: 1644637530186-1.jpg (425.27 KB, 1920x1080, 978eed91-4178-43fc-8352-57….jpg)

File: 1644637530186-2.jpg (143 KB, 1280x1280, 1452069826.stormblazer_sit….jpg)

Disconnect from hated family far away and having your assets and social security, afforded a private desirable property and do private commissions to artists.

11b38bf9 No.3646515

the problem with that is…you aren't even a furry.

e93a2fab No.3646519

File: 1644656954696.png (3.39 MB, 3196x1946, 1643485055.braeburned_req1….png)

>Rich furry invites furries to the superbowl
>Says that you're not even a furry.


afc1c958 No.3646524

Because that's what you should do is be one of those public faggots out on parade.

e93a2fab No.3646942

File: 1644823028813.png (294.88 KB, 1300x1319, furrynomics_u18chan.png)

This is one thing that has been bugging me for a while now and I would like to hear your thoughts on it. Why is it that furry artists are either rolling in money on minimum effort, or making shit all in cash trying to peddle their stuff on Patreon? Can it be that all furries are such idiots when it comes to spending money so it genuinely doesn't pay to do a good job at a decent price, or is it that the artists are so clueless that they simply price themselves out of the market without even knowing it?

So I went on the internet and found this:
1) In the US, the top 300 selling comic books average at about 20-30 pages per issue and $4.50 in cover price. That's between 15 - 23 dollar cents per page.
2) On Patreon, the typical furry artist draws between 1-3 pages per month, and asks for $3-5. That's between 100 - 500 cents per page.
3) The least prolific furry artists make the most money IF they are famous. Quality and quantity has absolutely nothing to do with it. A person may be earning six figures easily and taking three month vacations from drawing, and still have thousands of subscribers paying every single month. Much better but less famous artists may be sitting with a hundred odd subscribers and barely making coffee money. The only thing in common is that they both appear to be asking the same sort of prices and EVERYBODY is begging for money because they're not getting subscribers (or they are, but they still beg).

e93a2fab No.3646943

I figure there must be at least a couple million furries and furry curious in the world, so plenty of potential customers to leverage sales volumes instead of price. Then, if furries are like everybody else, they should prefer to buy comics in the 20 cents price range. Then judging from how non-celebrity furries fail to attract more than a couple hundred customers at the typical price point we have, I adjusted the numbers to make this infograph. It looks like one should be able to make plenty of money doing very little work, just three pages a month, by selling to a much much lower price point, yet everybody's trying to reach the top price point and often even higher to $10 and $20 per month and beyond.

Indeed, it's crazy just how furry artists seem to think that people are willing to pay the price of a Netflix subscription for a couple lousy comic pages. What would happen instead if the price you paid to subscribe was so low you wouldn't even bother to pick the money up from the street? Would you subscribe to basically everyone just for shits and giggles?

e93a2fab No.3646944

File: 1644823138576-0.jpg (88.88 KB, 1600x1105, Price-Elasticity-of-Demand….jpg)

File: 1644823138576-1.png (168.1 KB, 1406x1086, 15j-d_u18chan.png)

The furry art market is a Monopolistically Competitive Market due to the fact that everyone technically has the copyright to their own work so nobody else should replicate it. Even ignoring copyrights, different artists have different styles so it's a natural state of affairs, although copycats would appear.

It enables higher prices for particular tastes, but forces an on/off relationship with the customers because of the high prices: if you're a customer of one, you probably won't be a customer of another. That however is another reason to keep low prices - you'll catch the overflow from other artists by keeping a low threshold. If someone spends $5 on a famous artist, they won't spend another $5 on you, but they might spend 50 cents.

dc891220 No.3647244


>the mobile phone market is a perfect example of Dilbert’s confusopoly. That is, various price propositions are on offer with different combinations of free minutes, texts, and other services, whilst in reality the same level of usage would result in roughly the same cost, leaving the user so confused that they simply choose the product with the name they like the most

Compare to all the Patreon monthly tier offers, which try very hard to hide the fact that they're all selling the same 1-3 pages a month for $3-5 without adding any other real value to it.

2d2338f6 No.3647267

Hey nothing wrong with sports furries and besides who wouldnt like to dress up for their favorite team. Also football is quite enjoyable. Not the brit version. But NFL and CFL

e93a2fab No.3647291

File: 1644978027691.png (85.06 KB, 540x540, tumblr_adef9374ee9ddf74e7b….png)

cf4aa587 No.3649483

File: 1646324506300-0.jpg (116.25 KB, 600x450, Bamboo-Farming-Project-Rep….jpg)

File: 1646324506300-1.jpg (98.65 KB, 1024x684, detail-of-bamboo-forest-10….jpg)

File: 1646324506300-2.jpg (48.46 KB, 500x333, shutterstock_123746014-e14….jpg)


If 20 furries, own a plot of land that grows bamboo it's a start.

11b38bf9 No.3649518

its super fucking wrong. don't go to a human hosted sporting event being a furry or anything unrelated to the sport, unless you buy the ticket in costume then you can. That is the SAME as going insuit to a job you applied to after taking the interview noncostume

11b38bf9 No.3649519

bamboo is impossible to stop from spreading by the way. with the irresponsibility of 20 furries this would destroy us all.

b0ef57d0 No.3649712

File: 1646437904946.png (1.04 MB, 1074x1026, 1645467566863.png)

That'll be 25 bucks…

b0ef57d0 No.3649808

File: 1646491777846-0.jpg (110.9 KB, 736x1041, d50eaef9ed2c213c8a52c38c5a….jpg)

File: 1646491777846-1.jpg (137.29 KB, 1228x651, 9d99074705ce65754b21e10ba6….jpg)

File: 1646491777846-2.png (12.47 KB, 375x375, 1743776100-egg-quote.png)

File: 1646491777846-3.jpg (302.21 KB, 1500x1001, iStock-1211108117-scaled.jpg)

File: 1646491777846-4.jpg (24.69 KB, 800x533, never-put-all-eggs-one-bas….jpg)

Quote "Never keep all your eggs in one basket."

Should I make lot of smaller baskets?
No, that will cost more money!
Should I hide all my eggs by painting them and hide them in every corner?
No, it is time consuming!
Should I store all my eggs in a bank?
No the foxes own the bank and they can will freeze your account without warning!

How will you retain value without using cash?

b0ef57d0 No.3649876

File: 1646578449020-0.gif (659.41 KB, 300x100, random_banner.gif)

File: 1646578449020-1.jpg (168.3 KB, 992x668, Arirang-jumbotron-1-gty-ps….jpg)

The stadium would have been perfect for cheerleading, mascot rooting, dance rituals, singing, and even mass games just like in North Korea's stadium. If all goes well and without problems. it would have been a satisfying event in human history!

b0ef57d0 No.3649877

File: 1646578895743.jpg (47.79 KB, 650x433, Practice-v-role-play-650x4….jpg)

Not to mention furries role-playing on the stadium.

b0ef57d0 No.3649917

File: 1646600315244-0.jpg (89.73 KB, 1044x900, www.ubuy.com.jpg)

File: 1646600315244-1.gif (931.81 KB, 498x341, content_image_5ff492c29cdf….gif)

File: 1646600315244-2.jpg (154.78 KB, 1200x720, nft-free.jpg.optimal.jpg)

>2030's going to be a wild ride full of adults without personal privacy and dignity.


>Labeling artwork as NFTs

An idea as sprung up. what if, around early 2030 all your recorded actions during working hours are recorded and label your footage as NFTs?

So basically the company you are working at records you and created your working actions and label it as an NFT? that is pretty fucked up!

786c22b2 No.3649953

pah bilion 2 milions would be enough for me to live a comfy life and self improve get degree and in art and and programing maybe start a smol indie dev team tho im terrible in working with teams

b0ef57d0 No.3649962

File: 1646623697255.jpg (142.46 KB, 1200x900, ai.jpg)


You will have AI as your guide since it will be cheaper better, multiple AI servers that could create the whole foundation of your project in a year or less.

Is OpenAI’s AI As Smart As A University Student? 🤖

da528a64 No.3649975

ai is capable…of anything. it can deus vult you right now if it wanted to

ccd209ad No.3650049

Try to get a real holodeck made that way they can have sex with a real animal chick/herm/ect from using pics from the usb drive. I bet lots of them want Renamon a lot.

How about no on the fursuits & make yourself look like an animal.

ccd209ad No.3650054

If 1 was smart & had that much money is to make a Netflix porn cartoon series with my idea with a snow leopard wife who is married to an arctic fox.

List of voices includes

Snow leopard wife Penélope Cruz

Any big cat of choosing John DiMaggio do to voicing dogs

Jim Cummings any animal not voiced yet of choosing

Carlie Adler actual voice & 1 girly voice both of his choosing

a few voices I would've liked is

Majel Barrett another big cat that's not a lioness

Yonger voice of Carrie Fisher since it's so great

Eva Gabor voice of a dalmatian chick do to her voice being sexy.

getting Mark Hamill with just his normal voice for a dog character.

the 2nd best male voice to have would be Richard Steven Horvitz

b0ef57d0 No.3650404

File: 1647114526638.jpeg (165.83 KB, 1080x1130, wouqvMq.jpeg)

Another thing to for furries to learn about lotteries.

b0ef57d0 No.3650406

File: 1647114867330.jpg (104.68 KB, 820x646, shaking-the-money-tree-how….jpg)

a690d352 No.3650415

File: 1647118336502.png (486.48 KB, 844x479, Dome-city.png)

The only technology that really matters is creating a full-dive VR system which is as real or more realistic than reality and a life support pod which allows people to stay in VR for long periods of time.

Once we have that, everything else is an easy fix. World population will drop dramatically within a generation, pollution would be dramatically less, robots can be used to do most physical labor and what we can't do with automation, or virtually controlled work drones, there will always be conservatives to be our meat-labor force.

Some of them will refuse to use VR. They will see it as evil because once we have VR where people can be anything the very concept of gender will become meaningless and conspiracy theorist will decry that the machines are controlling everyone's miiiiiinds because the race of your meat will be seen as stupid and pointless.

Conservatives will blame the machines for their barbaric ideas being seen as unhinged just like they blame TV, movies, books, schools and video games now. Unwilling to accept the fact no one likes them, they will blame mind control conspiracies rather than accept that their ideas are shit. When they get banned from VR for being scum they will be cast out into a harsh meaty-reality of desperation where even the robots live better lives than them.

It's going to work out great for normal people because they can live in a virtual world of plenty while the ignorant, unplugged masses struggle to survive on an earth in climate collapse doing the shit jobs no one else wants and calling it "Freedom!"

The best part is, once we seal ourselves inside virtual enclaves where the trash of humanity can't get to us. We won't need to care about them living or dying. They can fight each other and fuck their daughters all they want outside the city. We won't have to care because we'll have a dome of steel and concrete between us and them.

They'll finally have the freedom to die stupid with no one to stop them and the world will be a better place for it.

35f25006 No.3650416

As long as we could get you to stay in one 3B, that's all the rest of the world would require.

35f25006 No.3650417

People from all around the world read your posts here.
You really don't understand how universally hated you are, do you.

0b0ea7d8 No.3650422


except your Lord and Master in VR heaven will be Mark Zuckerberg

11b38bf9 No.3650434

there is also genetic techonology which uses gene replication (this shit is actually the direction we are going, we will have siths and jedis who can simply act as walking full dive vr demigods)

b0ef57d0 No.3651659

File: 1648100743778-0.jpeg (164.03 KB, 1024x1556, MoHZg2o.jpeg)

File: 1648100743778-1.jpeg (138.65 KB, 1080x1136, CDdBxmv.jpeg)

File: 1648100743778-2.jpeg (26.6 KB, 1080x294, mZiXme1.jpeg)

File: 1648100743778-3.jpeg (40.15 KB, 1080x351, UyniR0d.jpeg)

3d5c24cc No.3651672

There's only one way to get yourself a home before you reach 25 buy some land and build on it. Shelter isnt that hard to build even a tiny home.

01bf296c No.3651679

File: 1648115771747-0.jpg (129.24 KB, 634x469, Unabomber hut.jpg)

File: 1648115771747-1.jpg (73.92 KB, 960x748, hut seized by FBI.jpg)

> Shelter isnt that hard to build
Yeah, knowing how disfunctional you are, I'm sure it would be almost as grand as the Unabomber hut.

ddb98a44 No.3651716

Instead of being a whiney little bitch. How about you provide a counter! Oh thats right you cant. Also can you make concrete from scratch or have a knowledge of metallurgy? Or are you of the type to go out and slap a few trees together and call it a shelter.

b0ef57d0 No.3651723

File: 1648153741487.png (147.73 KB, 426x332, 3bZ3ULs.png)

No education means you'll be fresh meat for our businesses: low positioned military, football, retail, McDonalds, sex trafficking.

60685cf8 No.3651732

File: 1648162918860-0.jpg (77.21 KB, 780x439, Cobalts country palace.jpg)

File: 1648162918860-1.jpg (684.12 KB, 2560x1707, Cobalts winter retreat.jpg)

File: 1648162918860-2.jpg (11.95 KB, 300x225, Cobalts townhouse.jpg)

> I'm sure it would be almost as grand as the Unabomber hut.
Except that instead of tarpaper and old discarded wood, Cobalt's palace would be made of cardboard and used plastic trash bags.

b0ef57d0 No.3651734

File: 1648163371872.jpg (176.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

School Bus Converted To Incredible Off-Grid Home

living inside a bus has it's own pros and cons.

06f607f8 No.3651756

when they hire a fucking dude with a real dick, maybe I'll give a shit about a teacher.

93dc63a1 No.3651761

why would a teacher need a 'real dick'

this is really creepy

b0ef57d0 No.3651763

File: 1648181649218.png (50.93 KB, 1200x1200, Thinking-Face-Emoji.png)


>Laying off teachers.

>You have no future.

ab7ec98f No.3651792

Not funny. Cobalt is doing much better. He has a job now ( I think, I'm pretty sure ) he's off narcotics ( I think, I hope, maybe) he's really turning himself around.

ddb98a44 No.3651796

I actually just got cannsell certified.

04837890 No.3652252

File: 1648538477924.png (1011.77 KB, 895x671, Ychan - rl - tiger plushie….png)

selling plushies…

b316d2a9 No.3662232

File: 1657975810404.jpg (1.5 MB, 2600x2000, loucathwil-washing-machine….jpg)

Probably sell one of these?

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