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File: 1636195051910-0.jpg (1.72 MB, 2000x1680, bafybeiafppnw2w5oapl25w2da….jpg)

File: 1636195051910-1.jpg (1.69 MB, 2000x1680, bafybeidt2bpotdvytxqmww7vq….jpg)

b30db6b0 No.3631854

Welp I guess the new name for Fortune Cookie is now SPADE.
At least that's what most of the furry artists and fandom seem to be calling it now.
A rose by any other name…?
I do love how they make big bulges in underwear tho, especially when they are in heat.
It shows they're packing something, but it ain't a dick!

4a67056a No.3631856

File: 1636195226397.jpg (591.33 KB, 1066x1000, ea15621e76e707ab60d22720b7….jpg)

Probably trying to avoid the dogfucker association with fortune cookie

ccdb7cc5 No.3631857

So are furries finally digivolving en masse into their ultimate zoophile form?

b30db6b0 No.3631859

I… never realized until now that Renamon was so BEAUTIFUL.

ac1c2295 No.3631897

this has potential cuz i need to be a foxwolf with wings but also i need to make it very…public friendly as if it were power rangers being power rangers.

3609b9fc No.3631907

File: 1636247996855.jpg (2.24 MB, 2448x3264, 8954 - anus closeup mare p….jpg)

I don't care what it's called, I'm still fucking my dog in her vagoo!

0a3ab097 No.3631909

there might be something wrong with your dog bro

2a6044b5 No.3631912

File: 1636257474242.gif (1.88 MB, 498x445, nigger with two left hands.gif)


"Spade" is racist slang for nigger. They are just signaling that they hate niggers.

4a67056a No.3631914

File: 1636260230486.png (2.5 MB, 1587x2000, 4d7444560a3a8182d84409e5db….png)

Who is the ace of spades?
She truly is.

338c4c56 No.3632388

File: 1636642165361.png (2.49 MB, 1400x2338, bc61f70a3c1c35b35b405bc387….png)

71aaa594 No.3632390

File: 1636645661888.png (762.18 KB, 1384x1600, 1617393948.psy101_maid_mar….png)

Fox cookie > dog cookie

46655671 No.3632398

SPADE SUCKING - has anyone done this in real life? Not just licking them, but SUCKING them. I am very curious about what it would be like to have your mouth filled with those big thick meaty flaps, and the texture, and the taste. Please let me know, thanks

4d87d528 No.3632442

File: 1636662878680.png (424.63 KB, 1129x708, musky_husky_by_glitchednot….png)

It's soft and slippery. You should try it.

Fictional, yes.
IRL, it's tighter than a keyhole. It does smell good though.

46655671 No.3632452

File: 1636664047450.jpg (12.67 KB, 320x240, 825386.jpg)

Thanks for the reply.
What about human women that have given themself Spades by using a pussy pump?
How do they compare?
Of course human women aren't naturally that way, but it seems like they can temporarily MAKE one.

4d87d528 No.3632458

File: 1636665439007.png (26.94 KB, 900x869, 1297077338.ricket_hhq_893_.png)

Ew, humans, also, no.

c1c7d8e0 No.3632474

File: 1636670997287-0.png (3.12 MB, 2000x1520, 23e453c4970734a99722ffe2ca….png)

File: 1636670997287-1.png (2.38 MB, 1520x2000, 757d9ca53fd3f96c46425759b4….png)

File: 1636670997287-2.png (1.82 MB, 1600x2000, c3a04eadd91cb95355a0035d39….png)

Post furry girls spreading their spades, or playing with them, so we can view all of the lovely plumpness and thickness!

c1c7d8e0 No.3632475

File: 1636671423402-0.png (3.27 MB, 2000x1680, dc077a9f03f2cf2c80a6429b02….png)

File: 1636671423402-1.png (4.63 MB, 1900x2500, 3098681c7bbb0d305cd3c74139….png)

71aaa594 No.3632481

File: 1636671793929.png (110.71 KB, 905x1280, 1501347542.yaroul_onom005.png)


Eww, gross

Digimon are way better

c1c7d8e0 No.3632522


You know what, that's the first time I've ever seen stink lines from a character's paws that were so powerful that they're igniting the air above them.

d5b87901 No.3632581

File: 1636721387715.png (1.26 MB, 1202x1700, 8dfe090eea94d22f9d1495ea4c….png)

What happens if you pump up a spade that's ALREADY a spade?

d5b87901 No.3632582

File: 1636721551057.jpg (159.95 KB, 1280x991, df4cb5940467e5b78a4acef46a….jpg)


71aaa594 No.3632587

File: 1636724722445-0.jpg (169.03 KB, 1280x1010, 92e6955f11796e75f87d5c57eb….jpg)

File: 1636724722445-1.jpg (402.01 KB, 750x1230, 4b0a69dcff178c9163c740235b….jpg)

It probably wouldn't look as good as when it gets all plumped up during heat.

1c420d7c No.3632590

Renamon is revoltingly ugly. Shit-tier character design. I dismiss anyone who likes renamon as an inbred retard with no sense of beauty. I've had enough of this Crayola-yellow, beluga-foreheaded, claw-crane-handed, cone-eared, yingyang-gloved, deviantart oc tier looking piece of shit. Y'all gotta grow the fuck up and leave this lump-faced yellow monstrosity of a cartoon character as part of the shitty pokemon-knockoff '90s cartoon where it belongs.

71aaa594 No.3632592

Such a shitty opinion. I bet you think Lucario looks good

1c420d7c No.3632599

Lucario is equally ugly. All Pokemon, Digimon, Paw Patrol, MLP, Sonic characters - they're all uglier than the animals they're based on. Characters created for children. Stunted minds fapping to kids' cartoons.

6c2e21f1 No.3632600

File: 1636738227109.jpg (122.08 KB, 575x914, S1U2hCJ_S4VuFZtY9Ey8rrK_lV….jpg)

Digimon has always had better and more mature writing than garbage like Pokemon.

Renamon was introduced in 2001 in Digimon Tamers which was written by the same guy that wrote Serial Experiments Lain

Pokemon are just dumb animals and the series revolves around forcing animals to fight for people's amusement. It's just a consumerist version of dog fighting. Ash Ketchum is a worse pet owner than Michael Vick

5448048f No.3632618

File: 1636752905228.jpeg (1.79 MB, 2000x2666, ima_0876743.jpeg)

while i agree that the patrician choice is to masturbate to and fuck real animals, renamon is in no way ugly

1decd839 No.3632662

Didn't do much sucking since mine didn't like getting head (she was okay with fingers however), so I didn't press the issue. Big cookies are uncommon though and you'll probably only get them with the biggest breeds like St. Bernard. Tastes like warm piss and iron.

f84d61ce No.3635679

does anyone have the hd webm of the guy in the woods with his husky

b16588b3 No.3635690


nice cookie

8c63ae56 No.3638289

File: 1639894086374.jpg (156.83 KB, 600x950, Spade Eating Watermelon.jpg)

3609b9fc No.3638297

File: 1639917038804.jpg (126.15 KB, 2048x1365, [email protected])

until you get your own real dog, this fortune cookie fuck toy will have to do.

f9db86b4 No.3638300

File: 1639922218222.jpg (18.99 KB, 300x300, TwoHoleToy.jpg)

891f8174 No.3638314

File: 1639935045616.png (70.75 KB, 765x816, free_dogsitting_mockup.png)

>until you get your own real dog
I've been thinking of making fliers like these (this is just a mockup I made in Paint) and putting them around town so I can hopefully get access to female dogs to have sex with without the commitment of needing to own one myself. Has anyone else tried something like this?

eea8eb50 No.3638327

A flier like this is all but public admission that you're a dogfucker

47e17c64 No.3638329

File: 1639950909003.jpg (71.79 KB, 1200x675, limmy.jpg)

7bdb9eb1 No.3638335

File: 1639952613411.jpg (43.45 KB, 650x503, Ychan - ot - weird stuff -….jpg)

real dog

d7db05c9 No.3638336

7bdb9eb1 No.3638337

File: 1639953558990.jpg (122.07 KB, 640x426, Ychan - ot - weird stuff -….jpg)

smol dog

b2cdd6f5 No.3638537

File: 1640068515372.jpg (47.62 KB, 355x512, SPADE in HEAVEN.jpg)

SPADES sure do love their watermelons.

6df2692e No.3642389

File: 1642310840923.png (629.6 KB, 724x977, 1640811652.lizet_werecoyww….png)

6df2692e No.3642390

File: 1642310868194.png (4.45 MB, 1700x2500, 1641251176.ruth66_ketturoc….png)

6df2692e No.3642391

File: 1642311026514.jpg (274.58 KB, 1142x1280, 1640221469.imgonnaloveyou_….jpg)

6df2692e No.3642392

File: 1642311079595.png (3.38 MB, 2000x1520, 1639862340.ruth66_mropossu….png)

6df2692e No.3642393

File: 1642311154770.png (2.83 MB, 2000x1742, 1637417341.truegrave9_wet_….png)

6df2692e No.3642394

File: 1642311210001.png (2.24 MB, 1200x2213, 1636258224.truegrave9_jenn….png)

6df2692e No.3642395

File: 1642311269741.jpg (85.78 KB, 1280x724, 1638288699.k0ira_sevpuuuuu….jpg)

6df2692e No.3642396

File: 1642311413754.png (3.21 MB, 2400x1475, 1638107830.truegrave9_sylv….png)

6df2692e No.3642397

File: 1642311481159.jpg (116.11 KB, 845x1280, 1636967876.lotherbull_hion….jpg)

6df2692e No.3642398

File: 1642311541111.png (3.1 MB, 2000x2600, 92e66ac5b70e447c351c33db49….png)

c3528fad No.3642501

File: 1642384847471.jpg (4.27 MB, 6144x3160, Halloween_032_Nude.jpg)

81df7465 No.3642552

File: 1642462014510-0.jpg (2.46 MB, 3497x2863, 15e770552fa89c568d16cb38c4….jpg)

File: 1642462014510-1.png (1.61 MB, 2200x1320, 03b2f13f68cd6bde66ac146918….png)

File: 1642462014510-2.jpg (324.08 KB, 1280x956, a9f2acca4f53ec3a85be0385bc….jpg)

File: 1642462014510-3.png (1.33 MB, 2200x1233, 8097549d22856944872c1cc55a….png)

File: 1642462014510-4.png (2.09 MB, 2400x1250, e1be896bbaedc60625d7bd50c9….png)

Fucking dogs is fun and free. Why not do it?

e41601c0 No.3642553

The only question is where the fuck can I find sexy lingerie for dogs?

81df7465 No.3642554

It's pretty rare and hard to find but if you search you can find some decent dresses for sale. The leggings would be a tough one though, if anyone knows how to go about that let me know.

81df7465 No.3642561

actually i resend this statement. If you get a bit creative with dog costumes and childrens thigh highs and such it wouldn't be too hard to find a sexy outfit for your dog

81df7465 No.3642570

File: 1642475793299-0.png (1.94 MB, 2400x1595, dd51d50520934fa64616c701da….png)

File: 1642475793299-1.jpg (252.34 KB, 1300x591, 74d248c4a63c090ce640173679….jpg)

File: 1642475793299-2.png (2.4 MB, 1920x1440, a4eb757128e2d8042914cc7143….png)

File: 1642475793299-3.png (1.63 MB, 2600x2250, bb5474f2c12b4e140aabb45fd7….png)

81df7465 No.3642593

File: 1642516632490.jpg (320.71 KB, 1267x1280, a53119bd72faa6f47588532078….jpg)

7dd8129c No.3642758

File: 1642710829503.png (1.18 MB, 1820x1024, dd472c93fe2219629805ba7581….png)

What does dog pussy taste like?

6df2692e No.3642781

File: 1642726579259.jpg (984.05 KB, 2480x3508, NUZhd7x.jpg)

6df2692e No.3642782

File: 1642726682057.png (1.15 MB, 1100x850, 1514304114.spottyjaguar_ax….png)

6bc7f2c2 No.3642796

Truegrave9's art is so fucking repulsive I can't stand to look at even the thumbnails. Tiny little human-looking eyes. Vulvas, pawpads and anuses that look cold and hard as plaster. Same facial expression of a drowsy crackhead prostitute on every single character. Poses so static they make it look like a drawing of a statue rather than something living.

shit tier artist.

d7db05c9 No.3642819

Truegrave9 seems pretty ok to me, don't know why you're so salty

81df7465 No.3642824

File: 1642741932408.jpg (2.71 KB, 108x125, 1600306452210s-1.jpg)

>"Noooo!!!! The eyes aren't giant anime kawaii desuuuu!!!!!"

025d6d73 No.3642834

He's got a point. Aside from being splashed with neon-brite colors which millennials apparently go crazy over, everything he said about that guy's art is fucking true. And big white golf balls for eyes like on some fursuits is even WORSE than THIS.

9762d113 No.3642856

might as well start a fav-list of everything that was ever denounced and call it somebody.

ab1ea688 No.3642869

Salty coins and piss

7dd8129c No.3642870

File: 1642787229832.png (3.53 MB, 3397x2417, 9e03150f710c45fc6c067dd96a….png)

6bc7f2c2 No.3642882

File: 1642810573314.jpg (277.95 KB, 1176x872, caf74ca685998a488ae58db084….jpg)

Nope, anime eyes are the worst, they barely even look like eyes. Ferals should have eyes close to realistic; minimal sclera, no eyebrows, no eyelashes. A little sprinkle of human detail to them is fine so it isn't outright bestiality art. For anthros and humans, the art nouveau style nailed the ideal look for an illustrated human face imo.

6df2692e No.3642920

File: 1642831270121.png (2.51 MB, 2300x1605, 1616252422.truegrave9_dizy….png)

I'm a fan of Truegrave's work. That said, his art has room for improvement. Particularly the eyes/faces. It's not that the eyes are too small; I think it has more to do with how prominently he depicts eyelids. It sort of clashes with the more feral aspects of his style.

6df2692e No.3643908

File: 1643264067906.png (1.48 MB, 1236x1165, 3892973_VkSuika_c57801e3-d….png)

6df2692e No.3647143

File: 1644895243873.jpg (294.62 KB, 1152x1280, 1644822585.mischievousmoni….jpg)

6df2692e No.3654617

File: 1650743812955.png (3.23 MB, 3300x2550, 1650596203.paper-wings_tai….png)

6df2692e No.3654620

File: 1650743977064.png (1.79 MB, 1643x1369, 1650603576.ecmajor_doggobe….png)

ed801f84 No.3659431

File: 1654840961074.png (3.4 MB, 1480x2000, 1651258963.ruth66_mdmrnbts….png)

I still think fortune cookie is a better name for it. Sounds tastier.

9cc77c20 No.3659483


1480fa67 No.3661124

File: 1656618221941.jpg (26.87 KB, 450x327, a98194_playground_3.jpg)

Which one of you faggots built this?

c6b24beb No.3663530

Barely tangy, metallic, and sweet. Just barely. You wouldn't feel the need to brush your teeth or gargle mouthwash after spending an hour in it.

ceaf50a0 No.3664411

File: 1659942242350.jpg (191.81 KB, 960x1200, 4127572_DawnLux_irishjerry….jpg)

bf9207d1 No.3665511

File: 1662067749705.jpg (337.71 KB, 1850x1391, 4159642_SkaterYena_noorah-….jpg)

f12f5659 No.3666354

File: 1663090991843.gif (2.38 MB, 1558x1080, 8ddf7ac376ca6eda7f6a244603….gif)

Why does human penis perfectly fit dog vagina?

5448048f No.3666363

File: 1663102417009.jpg (280.86 KB, 1810x1314, Fbh71l-akAAnzGG.jpg)

god works in mysterious ways

6df2692e No.3666375

File: 1663114210252.png (4.5 MB, 1772x2758, 1655486908.katlin_mary-spa….png)

f7be2bb7 No.3666378

File: 1663120944924.jpg (1.49 MB, 3500x3040, 1634393961.smittyg_fath_di….jpg)

Any videos of people eating dog pussy?

c3dd3149 No.3667470

File: 1664116288585.jpg (98.53 KB, 1059x900, 1577976_Peony_peony_30_day….jpg)

84031519 No.3669844

File: 1665760402957-0.jpg (267.74 KB, 1200x2260, 3aa320cc8fb51e803f79dc8625….jpg)

File: 1665760402957-1.jpg (240.09 KB, 1200x2213, 04f07388c94738cfd26aee0893….jpg)

File: 1665760402957-2.jpg (828.55 KB, 2759x5000, 5f036ce08934fd6d489cf755b6….jpg)

File: 1665760402957-3.jpg (253.44 KB, 1300x2065, 867c96da8ac56b01813858fe79….jpg)

84031519 No.3669845

File: 1665760693404-0.jpg (262.22 KB, 1400x2338, 2ea4472995d1bf8ff364e5a74d….jpg)

File: 1665760693404-1.jpg (148.85 KB, 1600x847, CEBD890.jpg)

What i'd like to see is a human woman with a pumped-up pussy going at it with one of these beauties.

6df2692e No.3679702

File: 1669856257943.png (924.55 KB, 900x1280, 1669826853.lizet_patsketch….png)

da468bff No.3679719

I've got several pumped up pussy and "rosebud" vids bookmarked, sadly this is the only one I had that hasn't been deleted.


afe05fc3 No.3701206

File: 1683012026578.jpg (233.62 KB, 960x1709, 74350.jpg)

b64eb2b2 No.3701798

File: 1683642411426.jpg (277.64 KB, 1203x1473, chia pet.jpg)

dae9ac2c No.3702126

File: 1684142949268.jpg (712.76 KB, 2457x1500, c01b0d802f4b6c483d7bd51ed5….jpg)

I believe the full term for this is called SPADE BULGE, which is usually used when the spade makes a noticeable bulge under clothing, but is sometimes used to refer to the bulging spade itself.

6df2692e No.3702503

File: 1684620356547.png (4.09 MB, 2000x1440, 1684274691.ruth66_ketturoc….png)

>I'd like to draw your attention here. This is where you bury your bone.

6df2692e No.3702504

File: 1684620640122-0.png (1.76 MB, 1271x1575, 1683377220.franciscassidy_….png)

File: 1684620640122-1.jpg (1.44 MB, 2000x3360, 30c065d6b5d3aa3cc0b02f7dde….jpg)

File: 1684620640122-2.jpg (1.54 MB, 2000x3360, 20325afa003621f05d0c31450d….jpg)

6df2692e No.3702506

File: 1684620842280-0.jpg (934.69 KB, 1200x2110, 1680356101.fantaleaves_jes….jpg)

File: 1684620842280-1.jpg (290.57 KB, 873x1374, 1683931024.fantaleaves_jes….jpg)

>Do you wanna fuck me like an animal?
I wanna feel you from the inside.

6df2692e No.3702507

File: 1684620911424-0.png (2.59 MB, 1500x2317, 1682257852.truegrave9_fems….png)

File: 1684620911424-1.png (4.55 MB, 2578x1429, 1682860889.truegrave9_hion….png)

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