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51709bda No.3633471


OC Characters that look familiar sort of mimicry, Oh that character looks familiar look closer, identity crisis!

6e3ddc84 No.3633472

Sparkledogs all try so hard to be unique yet all end up looking exactly the same.

af571002 No.3633518

File: 1637338019912.jpeg (221.6 KB, 1284x1029, FEZ4eCfWQAkz-m-.jpeg)

9383494c No.3637220

What was that track called? The eckosagen?

54721cc8 No.3637222

File: 1639342882687.png (476.16 KB, 990x806, The Ekkosangen ♫.png)

3c732a48 No.3637461

I always liked this .. too bad flash is 'dead' because the original flash would just keep looping

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5559ec3b No.3637501

Thank you! Been looking for that song..

b28446be No.3637721

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