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File: 1637350535888.jpg (832.37 KB, 1500x836, first-look_trailer_turning….jpg)

fb90fac9 No.3633541

So, the full trailer is out…. is it kino?

aa975675 No.3633543

>film about a girl coming of age, being emotional, and titled "Red"

Menstruation metaphor?

baceeecd No.3633548

No because it looks like fucking calarts shit and the panda looks like a mobile phone game.

bb821044 No.3633556

That's exactly what it is the transformation is just a cover to deny any significance towards that end. Look at all movies throughout history and books as well references to everything and anything can be used even with minor censoring of it. Its called a truth within a truth though is would be a different word to truth used.

9e8a0914 No.3633648


Had a look at the trailer, first few seconds in and it looks ugly. And very obnoxious.
Whatever prestige calarts had before is all lost… Some weird weeb shit is all we get now.
Full damn circle. The Fukushima fumes got to that whole coast.

fb90fac9 No.3643433

I somehow feel really eager to see this, maybe just to find out how bad it could really be.

fb90fac9 No.3650345

The response seems overwhelmingly positive. Maybe it's not bad after all.

Also, there's no reason her panda form couldn't have a dick. If shecan change species, she could change sex.

0b567105 No.3650353

tell how this isnt some totoro ass fanfiction

a9408407 No.3650365

It's not bad, but it's exactly what you'd expect from a coming of age story.

ac363273 No.3650377

Its mediocre at best. Only 2 letters describe the quality of the movie. OK!

de569410 No.3650384

I first thought it was a feel good movie about downs syndrome. Boy was my face red.

c2143657 No.3651658

Saw it the other day with the flatmates. Not a bad little movie.

b1db0da6 No.3651660

Definitvely a fantasy film aimed at Chinese-American GenXers/Millennials.

Why? Because the idea that their tiger mom will apologize to them for being an abusive, emotionally manipulative, control freak bitch is strong within the community.

3824ff6f No.3651768

File: 1648184538085.jpg (14.62 KB, 297x297, Z8Nzcnne_400x400.jpg)

Oh you WOULD enjoy that movie wouldn't you?
It IS a bad little movie! You Satanic Heathen! you're GOING TO HELL! Doesn't that scare you? What's wrong with you? You have a shot at God's Kingdom, Heaven, paradise. All you have to do is repent of your sins and ask Jesus back into your life. But you would rather spent an eternity in hell fire?
Lets take a look at this "Turning Red"
Animal Worship, sexual themes, rebelling against parental units…

You we're Baptized Aufy! Now this?

I aught to spank your bottom!

If you REALLY think turning red is such a great film MAYBE you aught to watch this video. I can't believe you! Turning on Jesus!? Just watch this video and tell me you feel the same about your "Turning red" which all we know is an allegory TURNING TO SATAN!


3e71f7e2 No.3652459

File: 1648633797808.jpg (34.02 KB, 1010x542, yvq8cg4paa651.jpg)

*Sigh*… Are you serious?
I did watch the video.

This is exactly the kind of thing of I'm talking about.
You sound like my crazy neighbor with some your religious nutballs rantings.

I don't hate Christians, and I don't hate Jehovah.
That doesn't mean I have to worship him as my God.

But come on man. It's a fun little kids movie about a girl that turns into a giant red panda.

It's not bad, it's not great, it got a little heart warming there at the towards the end.

Her mother is over controlling but her dad is a lot more understanding but this guy in your video JUST HAS to make it about Demons and Devil's and being anti Christian.

I'm NOT living like that. This guy is acting like he's upset that other regions have other spiritual views.

I am so glad for him that his little Bible and his little God make him so very happy and bring him so much peace and fulfillment.

But I am just not into man.

I don't like seeing people rip on Christians for easy points.
But this is exactly the kind of thing gets people to rip on Christians.

Your little chick tracts said I had a choice
I can go to Hell & serve the Devil or
I can go to Heaven & serve Jehovah and Jesus.
If these are the kind of people who I'm going to be spending eternity with?
Then I choose Hell. There is no way I would want to spend eternity with guys like him. I'm sure he'd make for great a coworker but spending eternity with guys like that is not my idea of a good time.

57b40dad No.3652473

Ha this is literally me in the photo just a slightly more aged up version and less boyish.

a60a3ce0 No.3655270

File: 1651178961670.png (1004.09 KB, 1366x1518, AWOOOGA.png)

I walked in with zero expectations cause everybody said it was bad.

I walked out actually happy, it's a nice story. Also hardcore nostalgia'd at all the early 00s stuff that only people over 30 will get.

IMHO for this generation of kids the most important lesson in the movie is that you can actually have a life and things to do outside social media and being on your smartphone 24/7.

As for the "inappropriate" criticisms, yeah, if I had small kids I wouldn't show it to them, but for teens it's fine I guess.

2001aa39 No.3655295

It's hot because she's huge curvy and fluffy.
Not because the character is 13.
Boners don't care about numbers.

39705732 No.3655298

So you're a degenerate pedophile on top of all your Buffalo Bill bimbo shit.

2001aa39 No.3655300

File: 1651193500646.gif (492.33 KB, 500x300, MN92.gif)

Not exactly no. And honestly it's retarded of you to think that.
Thats the whole appeal of bimbos is the have full feminine curves that children do not have. Children are small.

The point here isl what we are looking at is huge fluffy curvy anthropomorphic cartoon panda.

Being aroused by it simply means you're aroused by huge fluffy ness and thick curves.

The image is far removed from having the features of an under developed 13 year old girl.

If you were aroused by Meimei herself… then yes that would certainly suggest you have pedophilic tendencies.
But this is not the case as much as you wish it were.

39705732 No.3655302

File: 1651194001188.jpg (430.78 KB, 1908x1146, 2FD833F800000578-0-image-a….jpg)

Your idea of "feminine curves" is fucking deranged.

This would be you if you weren't too poor to afford surgery

a60a3ce0 No.3655309

File: 1651196371820.jpeg (669.04 KB, 1700x2160, FN93YX0WUAAlAGl.jpg orig.jpeg)

Technically, Meilin is 33 now.
She was 13 in 2002.

And based on how the aunts' pandas look like, kinda hard to tell the age, really, so she could be any age.

2001aa39 No.3655311

File: 1651196876477.jpeg (8.1 KB, 259x194, images (6).jpeg)

Deranged he says.
You're Deranged! Is this deranged? No!
It's fucking genius! It's beautiful! It's brilliant! It's the most incredible thing I had ever seen.
I had seen curves before.
I had seen futanari before.
But nothing quite like this.
It's about as far removed from the features of a small girl child as you can get. It's incredible. It's breadth taking. I love everything about it.
This is work worth doing. This a costume worth wearing and building upon.
These are foot steps worth following in.
She is literally the polaroid of perfection.
She is so toony and sexy and cute and nice but nuaghty.
I would be a fool to not follow in her foot steps.
A fool to not push the boandaries of pink bimbos.
If you think this work is deranged you're a fool.

1dc278d8 No.3655396

you are easily one of the most fucked up people I have ever met. Don't even deny it, you LITERALLY worship deities that personify perversion, sluttiness, lying, manipulation, drugs, and just generally being as shitty as you can be as a person.

You can't "sell your soul" to those kinds of dieties, and at the same time say "lol but its just a joke guys," its not like souls actually exist. Then rag on Christians for being hypocritical for not just accepting you for you who are.

You're either the biggest liar on this board, or the most psychopathic one. Maybe both.

c48f44fd No.3655442

File: 1651309124640.jpg (191.23 KB, 750x920, flat,750x1000,075,f.u7.jpg)

>That personify perversion, sluttiness,
>Lying, manipulation, drugs,
No… Certainly not. For is it not the duty of the Devil to punish our wrong doing, our evil deeds? So why would I knowingly do wrong upon another? My body must be strong and ready to breed. How can do that if I'm on drugs all the time?
>just generally being as shitty as you can be as a person.
Roxi is wonderful a toon. Johnykat is a brilliant, creative, honest hard working individual..
I would be wise to emulate that.
>And say"lol but its just a joke guys,"
Oh it is no joke friend.
>Then rag on Christians for being hypocritical for not just accepting you for you who are.
Huuuuhhhh? Have you not been paying attention? I'll rag on scripture, on Jesus and Jehovah because we just broke up. But I've made it quite clear however I still love them deeply. Just as a certain handsome devil here still loves Set even though he is no longer worshiping them.
I speak very highly of Christians as a people. I've had very positive experiences with them and it was my observation of their righteousness that played a large factor in my desciscion to convert in the first place.
I tried it. It was a wonderful learning experience. It's not for me. I just happen to find Baphomet more compatible with my goals.

1dc278d8 No.3655447

you aren't worshiping Satan, you're worshiping demons. Those that just happen to personify lust, adulatory, jealousy, lying, envy, theft, wrath, and blood lust. You can't play the "Satan isn't technically evil" when you're worshiping personified fallen angels.

>You only rag on scripture

If you rag on the the one thing that make Christians Christian then you're ragging on and mocking Christians.

You can't have it two ways, you either like Christianity or you worship fallen angels, which are the antithesis to Christianity. The only positive experiences you'll get from them are from them trying to save you.

Still whatever, you might be a damned soul, but I'll still have you in my prayers just in case you ever realize that selling your soul was a bad idea.

I mean, its not like you can get it back, but the point still stands.

1dc278d8 No.3655448

>two ways
I mispoke. I'm super supportive of anyone who follows a religion that isn't, in of itself, dedicated to desecration and defilement.

I'm one of the few Christians who don't think that their way is the only way. I have full respect for all the other positive religions, even some of the left hand path religions. Since bettering yourself technically improves those around you, so even "dark" spirituality isn't necessarily bad.

You just decided to say fuck it and do a full "scorched earth" on your soul, because you were upset about the old testament.

c48f44fd No.3655455

File: 1651318655274.jpg (52.27 KB, 1200x600, MVCNjKtvLymMmhYf9FfPpY.jpg)

>You rag on the the one thing that make Christians Christian then you're ragging on and mocking Christians.

Not really no. Are you a book? No you're a person. I don't have to agree with everything written in your Holy book or context in
which it is taught to respect and honor your right to worship.
Christianity however flawed I may find it to be provides a spiritual frame work, a foundation to build upon.

I think it's wonderful that the promise of heaven may lead a person to their one true love, to build a family and a career upon. I think it's wonderful these people have a Holy book that provides them a system of values that encourages honor honesty hard work dedication discipline, humility, kindness and charity and woe be unto anyone who try to strip them of it.

I wouldn't be the man I am today without the values I learned from Christianity and the Bible. But my spirit was simply not content with Christ. I was told that I had a choice to make. That it was my decision. Either I am to accept Christ, worship the name of his Father in heaven Jehovah and enter there in upon my final hour, or I am to be cast into the lake of fire reserved for the Devil and his angels who are the Demons of Hell.
If that be the case I shall choose Hell. As the promise of Heaven should lead one to good works in his name, I to shall try to do goods works in the name of my own lord the Baphomet, however flawed or sexy they may be.
For I know there will be no forgiveness for me for my wrong doing. For every dirty rotten deed I do, I will have to answer for and pay penance for. Why then should I make it any worse for myself by doing another dirty with rotten deeds in malevolent intent?
Heaven is no place for a builder of sensual beasts, a creator of lewd things. But I must build what is on my heart to build, I must go where my heart beckons me to go. I shall walk this path in confidence knowing it is the path I have chosen.

Very much as within MeiMei there lay hidden a beast of passion and desire, an animal.
I have found within me a pink beast who'm I shall I deny no longer.

1dc278d8 No.3655462

You're a lost cause. The only thing people can do is pray for you and hope you overcome your extreme levels of non-functional autism. You're about as gone as chris-chan.

I'm not going to pray for you, just the victims of your crazy, and the family that unfortunately had to deal with you until you started trying to molest them to the point that they had to lock you in a shed.

c48f44fd No.3655469

File: 1651327269721.gif (4.4 MB, 588x640, really-boring-bored.gif)

Ohhh lovely. You hear that /furi/ ? Try to extend the olive branch and whats he do? The Christian is going to "pray for me".

*huge fucking sigh*

a748b117 No.3655523

File: 1651419356822.jpg (5.26 MB, 4000x4000, d39765f547ff62e596ee564cf1….jpg)

This thread lacks red panda lolis

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