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File: 1640680595248.jpeg (923.08 KB, 1170x2067, 4334FF3D-8BD2-41B4-8F23-B….jpeg)

fa167417 No.3639415

Help me out here. I don't know why furry is always used as an ATM. Meanwhile I can understand people asking for money that are in a dire situation and have nothing else, but people living an afluent lifestyle asking for money is a mystery to me.

This guy works a scientist for Space X, his annual salary must be way above average. Probably he makes as much in a month as he is asking furry to pay. He has at least 20k laying there in camera eqquipment he could easily sell to cover the costs.

He makes a few hundered bucks a month over his onlyfans. He has a big house, expensive car. Not to forget he lives in Florida, where he doesn't have to pay any state tax.

That guy is rich, but still asks the community to donate. Why would someone do this? Why is nobody saying, sell your stuff?

ca802027 No.3639416

If his sister was a child then The Shriners or Ronald McDonald house would pay. I don't know anything about this situation but it's sad for the sister. Hopefully this guy's being honest about the fundraising for costs. I have no idea, so I can't comment good or bad toward him for asking to fundraise to help his sister.

ca802027 No.3639417

>He makes a few hundered bucks a month over his onlyfans. He has a big house, expensive car. Not to forget he lives in Florida, where he doesn't have to pay any state tax.

That guy is rich, but still asks the community to donate. Why would someone do this? Why is nobody saying, sell your stuff?

Let's just say that if you are right, then perhaps people will frown on him if he didn't help pay toward the cost of care for his sister out of his own money. Again, I have no idea if he is or not or how rich he may or may not be.

d671110a No.3639418

File: 1640681857433.jpg (144.13 KB, 1280x720, IMG_20211224_000110_058.jpg)

>Why would someone do this?
He can get away with it. I've never heard of this guy, but seeing a fursuit in the thumbnail, and 43 donors already, definitely means this guy has some pull as a somewhat popular individual.
It reminds me of the donation jars at big chain stores. Its sad that a corporate giant can't be arsed to donate money themselves.
But this is an individual, which leaves a worse taste in my mouth.

d671110a No.3639419


I'm making some major assumptions here, but I digress. I'm just jaded from all these gofundmes that turn out to be nefarious.

ca802027 No.3639420

>He makes a few hundered bucks a month over his onlyfans.

Since when would Furries pay to watch Furry porn that they can find for free on the net?

d671110a No.3639421

File: 1640682252215.jpg (52.17 KB, 1200x857, hyena-laugh.jpg)


Do you know what "commissions" are?

ca802027 No.3639422

Do you spend hundreds of dollars a month buying Furry art commissions?

6a2d1900 No.3639423

At least with commissions they're making art of someone's sparkledog dickgirl fursona or macro Fox/Falco shit.

Some guy jacking off in a fursuit doesn't have the same appeal

ca802027 No.3639424

File: 1640682516798.jpg (7.02 KB, 225x225, gonzochicken.jpg)

>Do you know what "commissions" are?
That is an autistic reply.

d671110a No.3639425

File: 1640682648733.jpeg (179.14 KB, 1080x1440, FHlwEeNVUAAqG3N.jpeg)

6a2d1900 No.3639427

What a waste of a bakelite mag

fa167417 No.3639429


If you dare go over his twitter you can see, that he has indeed tons of rather expensive things. Especially camera stuff, that is worth a lot.

My point is, why not try to pay out of his own pocket? Shouldn’t be asking for donations the last resort and not the first?

Not saying that guy should be torched or anything. He can ask for money. If people pay, that’s on them. I just think under the pretense of being rather wealthy it is a dick move and a middle finger to the community.

721ad476 No.3639430


I bet Dan has more examples of this, having been a /k/ lurker. He said there were more examples.

c5850fdc No.3639434

is a really good scientist, has a really shitty fursuit….wants money for his sisters tits. got it.

ca802027 No.3639443

>why not try to pay out of his own pocket? Shouldn’t be asking for donations the last resort and not the first?

Hopefully he has substantially contributed financially toward his sister's cancer treatment. Then if he did, asking for donations from others would be fair. Whichever the case, nobody should discourage the fundraiser if it helps save his sister's life. If you want to do something to spite the guy, wait until after his sister is in full remission and then just out his murrsuiting stuff to his RL family and friends.

c6be7da1 No.3639448


It‘s not to spite the guy or make a possible treatment impossible. I mean he actually tries to help her. What I wanted to say is mainly that someone seemingly wealthy and capable of paying on his own doesn‘t do it. I guess if he explained why he can‘t pay himself (who knows maybe he also a medical condition that costs a lot), it would be a lot more understandable. As looks now, it‘s a rich guy asking for more money.

0a23ee76 No.3639451


I doubt its real. Notice there's no distortion of the images as it crosses the narrows and the front of the mag. This is a super-imposed stencil, and even if it were real, it doesn't look like an original bakelite, more like a 'fakelite' mag. Bakelites used to cost 5-bucks now they cost 50.

ca802027 No.3639452

Okay well with any fundraiser he should show proof of medical bills and how much money he's chipped in also. He can cross off his name and address to conceal his privacy but at the least he should show proof to all the people who donated to help.

6a2d1900 No.3639454

The reason is simple

Why spend your own money when you could spend someone else's instead?

ca802027 No.3639460

You have quite a valid point.

ca802027 No.3639461

Also Furries will fundraise for anything. I remember some story about a child's parents complaining that the child was mocked for wearing one of those Walmart Fursuit masks by a couple of trashy rodent Fursuiters. Whether this was true or not, the Fandom came together and the child ended up with a free Fursuit afterward. Any Furry who doesn't want to pay for their own Fursuit just needs to come up with some creative story and the Fandom will donate to pay for it without any questions asked.

89be8b2e No.3639463

File: 1640715777202.jpg (34.45 KB, 300x365, ana_the_pilot_by_anatoliba….jpg)


not my problem his tranny sister got the rot.

2d779ea8 No.3639495

Was this girl vaxed?
If so what shoulder?

6a2d1900 No.3639497

Jabbed and boosted directly into both nipples

93b509dd No.3639532

>He makes a few hundered bucks a month over his onlyfans.
Let me help.

c5850fdc No.3639535

File: 1640742445881.png (484.69 KB, 1903x966, 1611256340193.png)

o pls gib me fursoot im REEtarded and methinks u dun wike even care? i kill myself so i can be buried in it if i just haf one bt its too exsponkadev argghh rawrth an fruuuyor i will step on all da buwwies til they geb me extra styffles for me to woosh wif teh fury an an uber car to mak fur trips in pls not begging just really lonely absolute like feed me too i will nom on dat globohomo i want a suity that much

d671110a No.3639546

File: 1640750751801.jpeg (131.53 KB, 686x923, FHKaaRQXsAInO3V.jpeg)


Everyone just got Stage 4 testicular cancer.

a6e28783 No.3639547

File: 1640751004180.png (239.69 KB, 499x606, the magic ball man.png)


You will need The Magic Ball Man to fix things.

9126785e No.3639548

File: 1640751169949.jpg (134.85 KB, 861x1033, weegboi - 03f346ed0ddd99bc….jpg)

They don't have the same social pressure. I see lots of people disconnected from reality especially other people's economic reality, with ideology substituting, and they think magic donations/government skycopter money will fix everything for all the poor (so then the people running those things easily run with the money since there's no oversight and people's revolutions are designed to be stolen).

He gets to virtue signal while hoarding gold for his fam.

People in furry don't know where to invest their social contributions, into real social bonds, so when shit hits the fan they have no one to cover for them, which forces them to beg, and so on like a virus. I did the same thing before wising up and it cost me, although it was outside this fandom and I don't beg for or have money.

9126785e No.3639549

File: 1640751745756.jpg (77.36 KB, 700x420, et-walrus-web6-3245-89--70….jpg)

I doubt he meant anything that negative or bad, but there are people in furry in way worse troughs, and a 7,000 limit does suggest something he could cover himself, as opposed to hundreds of thousands worth of recurring treatments. A higher limit would give a different impression.

I have family members dead who suffered badly from cancer so it's not like I don't empathize, just my impression, since I see better-off people asking for funds for various causes regularly they could easily support if those causes meant enough to them.

9126785e No.3639550

In reality cancer is a diagnosis problem with a bunch of underlying causes, meaning diagnosis is theoretically the only expensive part since once the cellular cause is known you can easily find a much cheaper or generic treatment than they tend to give in U.S. hospitals. But go ahead just dump that into chemo

ca802027 No.3639674

Whatever fundraising he gets is good if it helps his sister's cancer treatment, but he should contribute some of his bimbo earned money toward her cancer costs too.

db64708a No.3639691

>Do you know what "commissions" are?
Shit you pay for so it's tailored to your own desires.
Paying for somebody else jerking off on video isn't in any way comparable.

d8eb37a9 No.3639714

As several have pointed, he might have contributed a lot of his money already for his sister.
Maybe she's all set for several weeks of treatment already ? Then there's no need to sell the expensive camera in a rush and lose money in the process.

ca802027 No.3642408

File: 1642332491035.png (426.94 KB, 1902x2477, Screenshot 2022-01-16 at 0….png)

Big Pawbs
Want to take me home? Now you can! Hump my paws, plow my tush, rinse, repeat! Preorder here! https://horseplay-toys.com/collections/inflatable-body-pillows/products/inflatable-penetrable-rider-bigpawbs

ca802027 No.3642411

File: 1642335144328.webm (2.47 MB, 480x270, BigPawbsToy.webm)

210e65c7 No.3655763

File: 1651630960199.jpg (3.99 MB, 4122x2382, c7752a80c245e6125f61b8cc63….jpg)

c538b624 No.3655775

>moans that loud from rubbing your dick on a balloon.
Does anyone actually

f6e01614 No.3655776

There is though. Looks like a CNC/3d printer/whatever softerware driven lazer engraving…..

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