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fb60f39a No.3642044

The British Beastars is here.


7e9f394d No.3642161

File: 1642103262165.png (80.06 KB, 320x300, familjen.png)

I don't have Wokeflix.

Will the torrent be out soon?

996d8aef No.3642162

It'll get ripped as soon as it's accessible

God bless streaming services for making piracy so much better. No more shitty cam bootlegs

7e9f394d No.3642170

File: 1642105608070.png (358.74 KB, 1280x1280, 809d15c0e68b8249ae159ee62b….png)

I know, right. I almost feel guilty for taking it.

But then again, I am probably taking from the chosen people so I should probably just go ahead.

996d8aef No.3642177

As a gay man I'm entitled to reparations from Netflix because of crimes they've committed against my people. This shit is a hate crime:

7e9f394d No.3642178

File: 1642107176753.jpg (12.72 KB, 225x232, born2suk.jpg)

Same here (when it comes to humans).

The amount of politics in that trailer is cringe and nausea inducing. It's like "let's pack every possible stereotype and political issue in two minutes, go!"


a4e800d6 No.3642179

That comic rules.

For those unaware it's http://gobolatula.com/ithurts/

7e9f394d No.3642181

File: 1642109695863.jpg (19.2 KB, 500x476, COLhMXBWsAAq2ON.jpg)

The art style got insanely better within the first hundred pages, then it got lazier, then it got tumblritis.

e16303bc No.3642256

fbeb92bb No.3642491

I watched it. It's decent. The first human story is rather generic horror. I very much enjoyed the second with the rat. The third is also very enjoyable but it's also seemingly just some allegory. I don't know how any qualifies as black comedy. Mainly though, I desire calico waifu.

I don't know why websites are listing this as a television show; it's not. It's just a standalone anthology.

d024bc1e No.3655688

Watched it, it's very interesting and I'm not 100% sure what the meaning of the house is but I can tell there's a lot to unpack.

e0668616 No.3655745

I don't watch netflix and don't care but I am pretty sure that's their main objective is to offend people. Not really by switching roles with other races just being shit at acting.

bb2f28a3 No.3655754

File: 1651626517932.gif (53.43 KB, 498x498, pusheen-cookie.gif)

>>3642178 Political how?
Didn't seem particularly political to me.

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