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File: 1642641302512.png (348.53 KB, 598x435, Screenshot 2022-01-19 at 2….png)

c95477ff No.3642710

Furries are not only spreading Covid but as always they are spreading the AIDS. Post warnings of Furry Bug Chasers and Spreaders to avoid.


957b8fd3 No.3642712

Who cares. Everyone with something useful to say is banned from this website.

"i am racist and not very brights."

c95477ff No.3642713

You've been around the Fandom a long time. I bet you know the low down on which Furries are spreading AIDS about.

fb0b5761 No.3642715

Dzi or malichite or dizzy… Has hpv herpes and something from dogs. Changes Nick's and bows out Everytime they get caught spreading stuff.

957b8fd3 No.3642724

File: 1642660724214.png (2.43 MB, 1319x991, Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at ….png)

>>3642713 I've been around since 2005. I left the furry fandom after 6 months of QuakeFox's bullshit furry house of horrors, in Lombard.

Se7enwolf, MFF founder, fucked Atlas, his dog, in front of me so bloody that he had to remove the carpet near the door. Woody knows. Nazifurs meetup there weekly. You can't do anything about this scenario because they are all cops/FF/med

Somehow I wasn't invited, just lived there.

I had to shut up about it because I was gun shy.

957b8fd3 No.3642727

MayDay was used in Denver when I became super-suicidal that I had to relocate from Austin because …cannibals were chasing me. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLqGpvw48jc

d1212e28 No.3642731

>Se7enwolf, MFF founder, fucked Atlas, his dog, in front of me so bloody that he had to remove the carpet near the door. Woody knows. Nazifurs meetup there weekly. You can't do anything about this scenario because they are all cops/FF/med

Name names. I'm sure Kiwi Farms would love to hear all about it. If you couldn't do anything about it they probably could with their weaponized autism. It seems like Colorado furries in particular tend to be Nazi dog rapists

c95477ff No.3642760

File: 1642711561917.png (243.6 KB, 898x1171, 1642628362286.png)


They're going to inhale all the AIDS there!

c95477ff No.3642761

File: 1642712061604.png (3.18 MB, 3643x952, Notorious SHER Cake.png)

They can't have a birthday without an AIDS cake.

ab6ebb75 No.3642803

Florida Furries and a few popular Fursuit makers are known racists; Say they try to avoid taking commissions from shit-skins because they often low-ball, "wah-wah-wah I'm black, feel bad for me." Will often not take another suit in for repairs because they smell like shit.

Just funny that Lucky Coyote was caught being a zoophile, I was close with Skuff and knew that shit was going on through him. He just chose to stay because $$$$$$$$$

13a00b61 No.3642858

File: 1642777031123.jpg (32.45 KB, 640x360, By_The_Way_There_s_Still_N….jpg)

Spoiler: Covid has never been proven to exist in the wild, but only ever as a patent, going as far back as the early 2000's.
See here for an introductory red pill, but there are lots of other videos of doctors, scientists etc. explaining the same thing in much greater detail:

>Se7enwolf, MFF founder, fucked Atlas, his dog, in front of me so bloody that he had to remove the carpet near the door.


2cccdab6 No.3642884


2cccdab6 No.3642885

bucephalus's phallus

548a41b1 No.3644266


The name of the horse , Alexander the Great rode.

e958273a No.3644270

File: 1643501391438.jpg (9.03 KB, 225x225, sectru.jpg)

9a59aaee No.3647489

File: 1645097201981-0.png (1.29 MB, 1920x955, nezu ANE ( furrydeslewd) T….png)

File: 1645097201981-1.png (1.38 MB, 1920x955, nezu ANE ( furrydeslewd) T….png)

Add another Fur to the HIV positive list.

5f37e429 No.3647577

File: 1645189862557.png (385.82 KB, 598x510, Screenshot 2022-02-18 at 0….png)

Furries spreading teh AIDS just like a plague.

c3410d5b No.3647580

File: 1645190843300.jpg (61.81 KB, 640x744, 5d9373173a871eeaaf4d135722….jpg)

Source and larger pic plz…

c3410d5b No.3647581

File: 1645191114260.jpg (150.63 KB, 1280x960, FL1uZ2bXEAIA6kX.jpg)

b14f18c0 No.3649033

File: 1646032416516.png (1.67 MB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2022-02-28 at 0….png)

40e8b638 No.3653088

File: 1649200236529.jpg (94.12 KB, 810x500, ban niggers.jpg)

>they are spreading the AIDS
The best way to stop HIV in the furry community is to ban NIGGERS.

3bce2918 No.3653110

File: 1649210126021.jpg (35.98 KB, 441x368, f058it.jpg)

Would it help? Furry is a 99% white hobby :/

(and yes, count in East Asians if you want)

And if you do happen to find one black guy, he's probably the nerd all the other blacks made fun of.

3bce2918 No.3653112

File: 1649210522021.jpg (28.11 KB, 445x449, spirit animals.jpg)

Also lots of Native Americans in the fandom for some reason. As in, really a lot.

Or at least they've got more native blood than Elizabeth Warren (arguably a low bar to hit).

1f5876db No.3653114

Never believe anyone that claims to be a native American on the internet. I live across the street from a fucking reservation and see fewer natives than the self declared natives on the internet.

Doesn't 2 gryphon claim to be an injun?

7e56ee02 No.3653117

I. Cant say for sure whether I do or don't but due to my lineage and where it was settled its quite possible I have a very small percentage but I doubt it.

6c97a5df No.3653121

race playing into the fandom is pretty much what i would expect from someone who doesn't understand the concept of a nonrace demographic, no one cares about race except people who are using it as a means to pronounce themselves as their own race. Race in the fandom does not matter and the critique of one based solely on their race is the reason why there are fandoms abroad not just the furry fandom. The other coin is that it is a joke and taking it seriously is why the business of racism is not long last.

9dfd4d32 No.3653122

I cannot lead this tribe

post the whole comic ninja

3bce2918 No.3653125

File: 1649217015754.jpeg (84.02 KB, 377x283, 1325992669192.jpeg)

I don't need to, that's the joke.

He says he is, but not to what extent. Only 23andMe can answer that question. But it's plausible enough I guess.

By that logic Jews don't exist, I mean they're just Eastern Europeans with a dash of Middle Eastern and they pretend to be a different race whenever it's convenient.

But the fandom's still whiter than chalk.

6c97a5df No.3653126

The "ancestral" quality of one's spirit is really not limited to a racial design as it would be more of the preference imbued by the "coat of arms" or destiny or the legacy or inheritance of somebody. That they can either accept or reject when in the face of the obvious their own character is the stake of a societal markup, the bias being that the faults of the character are not the responsibilities directly caused by society, which portrays itself as the corrective conscious of 'an evolved' perrogative. Therefore if it were society correcting the primitive instincts of man society has absolved itself from being accused of any bias or inflection, even in those is demoralizes. A society expects the conduct of those it is involved with, while a fandom adheres to a prescribed context of an image. The fandom has spoken for itself while society has left itself to an open house diplomacies in the sense that if any collective were apart from or independent of either case, there would demands from both ends to appropriate accordingly. Civilization has no play in society or fandoms because civilization is sovereign, and simply isolates itself by national identity, though it is no different than teaching cavemen or missionary colonization, eventually the weaker are forced to submit and are domesticated. So there are rivalries in fandoms and societal conflicts, but overall a nation won't care unless its identity is compromised.

6c97a5df No.3653127

Fandoms occur because of a rejection of Societal Control, this includes the boiling points of racism which infiltrate from within the subcultures or from opposinig subcultures. The Society is blamed because they adopt the standards expressed by what is acceptable granted by their national identity. Or what is legal, and what is percieved as legal by society are decisively agent to popular control. The fandom will simply express itself as a set, while society may change, fandoms typically do not have to.

The National aspect of sovereignty is what is ultimatley reduced to a meme in the front of the incurring civil disputes, but if the identity remains uncompromised and typically the fandoms do not outwardly attack the country's image then it generally remains in operation. The second it does it literally becomes a terrorist organization because it has attacked the country's sovereignty by attempting to overthrow it as a seperate faction.

Societies do this just as much as fandoms but are by and large a popular opinion and more of a management of that popular opinion, so fandoms are constantly disreputable depending on said opinions.

Until a Nation addresses either as being too extreme there will be nothing done to either's situation or presence. And that simply won't happen because any individual effort does not translate to a mass movement under a propoganda of weaponized memes or sloganeering and "reprogramming" of the Popular Opinion into Deep State Rebellion. (Joining forces basically to pronounce itself a sovereign state)

6c97a5df No.3653128

The radicalization of these groups in practice has what incurred the deparmentalization of any progressive efforts to be "managed" and prioritized depending on any urgent or corresponding development such as "an anime that is too risque" will be censored by the FCC, or a hate crime will likely lead to an investigation. That is just because the departments have been assigned to damage control the ongoings of its own country. When racism becomes too "motivational" it becomes a rebellion or when the group responds under activism or memes it becomes a convention, each of these issues occur officially or unofficially and having regulations will be met in due policy. So that is what it means to have specific departments for whatever drama inevitably takes storm.

But it never gets far because as soon as it does there are the national interests at hand to be protected. But that is the very same reason why the KKK and Nazi's are just as allowed to demonstrate as the Black Rights Activisms and other "Lesser Known Activisms" because they follow these regulations to be admitted.

Point is sometimes conflicts between seperate groups happen no matter what type of group they are. They are already quartered and basically oppressed from t he start. The national identity and interests being the major factor of eithers discourse.

1f5876db No.3653129

6c97a5df No.3653130

The issues of the groups also become a norm for those in the group because they are a hypermechanism to the person's own historical identity so any previous quality that person has is basically over-ride by their new adaptations. That is why LGBTQ and other shit like Scientology and or Christianity are so vapidly a part of a persons identity because they've "chosen" it for themselves or they feel entitled to having it. And while it may just be somewhat class-designated some people radicalize it to "Well I am infact a Jew because it says I have no other place of belonging" and become so reinforcing to that person as their cause.

That is no difference in cultism between these 'subcultures' or 'followings' except being that there are also governmentally acceptable causes. Whereas just nominating yourself to be king of the world might end up getting you the direct opposite. The overall issue of a belief structure that works may wind up not working at all. Because itself is hypermechanism to just being incompatible.

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