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It looks like 2022 is going to be an amazing year (Year of the Tiger), so many Anthropomorphic furry animated movies are being released in 2022.

So /Furi, is furry culture now mainstream for the masses?



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1c5ac0cc No.3643393

A proper aikido user will not be fazed by a simple punch to the face. Ive had someone try that once only to have me unflinching and able to take even 3 of those and still be like wtf was that dude. Once close enough to a person the effect of a punch gets lessened when you try to initiate it at close range which is why a punch is more powerful when initiated from a slight distance and connecting when in the right proximity. So cant really agree since an aikido master is more likely to get most people down on the ground where their blocks are more effective due to limited movement capability in striking. Blocking requires less effort so does redirection and as long as you aren't like taking up a lot of ground space aikido can be quite lethal in disarming and stopping movements.

e69178cf No.3643394

File: 1643031612978.png (835.9 KB, 1278x810, Screenshot 2022-01-24 at 0….png)

The full scene is more hilarious. ;D

e69178cf No.3643396

File: 1643031785071.png (626.44 KB, 735x584, Screenshot 2022-01-24 at 0….png)

>A proper aikido user will not be fazed by a simple punch to the face. Ive had someone try that once only to have me unflinching and able to take even 3 of those and still be like wtf was that dude.

Man, you're gonna bring Don King back out of retirement.

1c5ac0cc No.3643397

I own an iron helm bruv its not perfect for headshot protection but anything it does cover is bulletproof due to the fact that common access bullets by average criminals is going to be cheap as fuck and not very effective against armor. But if were talking easier use wield id say a small shield would actually be effective as well but never perfect protection. Weakness of iron is certain explosives and heavy armor piercing amunittion since its not lightweight like police riot gear but its technically what tanks are made of so its gotta be next to bulletproof if tanks use it.

e69178cf No.3643401

The point is that you are not going to walk around wearing any such protection when out and about going to the store, to a friend's house, etc..

e8b2833a No.3643403


I had a boss that always wore a vest with dummy plate and open carried.
Funny how many people don't want you in their business then.

1c5ac0cc No.3643406

Depends. The helm is worth money and to always wear it out and about would just be stupid and asking to be robbed if the assailent knows its worth money. I went to a pawn shop to try and sell it and they wouldnt buy it with the reason being they can't value it due to the price tag being on a need to know basis. BE it $800 or $5000 though I'd say it cant be more than 4,999 tops if at that price tag. And these days thats not worth losing

e69178cf No.3643407

File: 1643033011055.png (382.23 KB, 1157x1497, 463px-Opencarry.png)

I'm reminded of the "open carry" ban of David Ross from Anthrocon.

First Connor Goodwolf must be really scared to go outside anywhere without packing a gun. Second Uncle Kage and many attendees of Anthrocon were even more scared of David.

Scrooge McDuck may be an egotistical jerk to the point that he'll pose next to an empty fursuit head in a selfie to pretend that he has a girlfriend, but he's not crazy enough to pull out his gun and start shooting people up at a FurCon.

e69178cf No.3643408

There's no doubt that such a helmet is a fine piece to have in your collection.

1c5ac0cc No.3643409

I have walked around with it in public once before even went into the local sword shop to show it off then to walmart etc. And this was simply a 40 min walkabout. Got a lot of compliments and one random kid yelling at his mom to see the dragon helm as they called it. It the real name for my helm is Moria Orc helm and is a iron made replica of the character that was somehow excluded from the scenes in the fellowship.

e69178cf No.3643410

Junk recycling can not only be lucrative money wise, but it can be very interesting since you never know what kinds of good stuff you will find amongst the junk.

1c5ac0cc No.3643411

File: 1643033431492.jpg (1.56 MB, 2560x1920, 20211118_022744.jpg)

This is the helmet in question

e69178cf No.3643412


1c5ac0cc No.3643413

The partial fursuit in the background is not mine though its my younger sisters!

1c5ac0cc No.3643470

Thing is I havent even touched on the full aspect of defensive fighting I explained about blocks redirects and so on but I never explained how feints work and how they could work well or not depending on the situation and by telling others that we dont know anything is classified as dishonesty even as a competitor explainer. In martial arts you would be shamed for simply telling another that one art is useless or wrong or its bad information simply because each art is different with different strategies and uses so no one art is useless and by doing that you are being dishonest and dishonerable. You must accept your fellows regardless of disagreements in order to keep that honor intact.

I recommend you study the art of bushido and learn a bit about what honor means.

06dae8fc No.3643472

File: 1643073487538.jpg (52.33 KB, 696x377, cat yawn.jpg)


1c5ac0cc No.3643480

Cept depending on the school of aikido like I said before there is a handful of aikido styles some more useful than the last which is why I stated my style is a mix between aikikai the original school and Ki aikido which is a gentler style but works well with the more hard style school of aikido. But yes not every situation can aikido resolve. Which is why I decided to add Ki to the mix and not just focus on aikikai. But with some careful tuning aikido can be improved upon to be more effective in ways most would agree with or can see happening. Its not perfect but its pretty impressive when used right. I ended one fight in particular within the first 5 seconds with one fient turned into a pinhold and had my opponent down with no recovery so like I said previously so long as aikido users get their opponent down that opponent will be hard pressed just to get back up if they even can. Lost of martial artists will know when you are down you will find it almost impossible in a real fight to get back up without extensive training and skills.

1c5ac0cc No.3643484

I've been known to function as a tank when fighting. Like that time some random dude came up to me and tried punching my face 3 times and I didn't even flinch nor get a black eye out of it or an injury and all I had to do was one hand chokegrab to show the difference in strength.

Though I do enjoy the battle of the minds before the real fight hets started. Its interesting to watch your opponent try to psyche you out before the actual fight. Its function to prepare your opponent for what they will be facing and size them up just as much as its a display of intimidation and impressive flow of moves its also a deterrent just like words can resolve a disagreement. So it can be fun to take part in but for most I don't expect anyone to take a blow to the face let alone the head unless they have the resiliance or willpower to handle it.

When in in a real fight though I will turn off pain receptors something I didnt have to train for due to my linneage and bloodlines being a beserker by birth has its advantages but that also means I wouldnt be easily able to tell if I have been hit with a highly lethal attack because I have shut off the pain receptors and wont be feeling the injury. But by learning to feel pain in a different way like understanding bodily pressures helps to figure out if you are highly injured or not. Its not perfect either but ive learned to read it better with time.

1c5ac0cc No.3643487

I don't always fight but I always finish them
And truth be told I dont seek fights and prefer to be a pacifist but sometimes you do have to fight so not 100% avoidable. But where I can deter a fight I will since fighting is a ultimate last resort.

1c5ac0cc No.3643489

It means when I do fight I tap into my pent up rage and use it as a catalyst to access abilities far surpassing the average Joe and trained persons beserkers were known to be one of the deadliest fighters on the planet and throughout history they were in the most extreme cases of beserker prowess capable of fighting till they physically could not fight back even if they lost a limb they would be capable of ignoring that and keep fighting though thats not to say it doesnt have its risks either. Look up the history of the beserker clans of vikings old there is one such beserker you might know well Ragnar was one such beserker and in history is known as the most brutal viking to ever have lived. Though no continued bloodline has been proven found as far as we know.

1c5ac0cc No.3643491

I'm 180lbs not overweight also size isn't everything

1c5ac0cc No.3643494

My previous roomie went to school and was taking wrestling classes they apparently were top of their class and I still took them down with one hand behind my back the best they could do was bite my hand which barely phased me and had they bitten harder I probably would have done some real damage to them beyond intimidation and a choke hold had they drawn blood though as at that time I wasn't having any b.s. like the constant screaming at me and refusing to let me walk away so one day this guy pushed me too far and it resulted in a one arm fight and them losing big time. When I get serious enough fighting wise I'm a true force to be reckoned with. Otherwise id prefer not fighting as I find it a waste of energy.

1c5ac0cc No.3643497

As I said fights are a last resort I don't even like to spar either as I find it limits ones capabilitys just like competitive fighting its not a real fight of strength its all fake and limited.

9d4b6798 No.3643501

Would you care to post a demonstration video of your techniques for the board to enjoy?

1c5ac0cc No.3643505

Not really cause it would make me feel silly and besides schooling others in anything isnt my strong point I wouodnt know where to begin with all the jargon n crap so I'm stucknwith self learning rather than learning and teaching.. Though I would if it didn't make me feel weird.

9d4b6798 No.3643507

Even a basic video showing how to take proper falls would be cool.

1c5ac0cc No.3643510

Id still feel silly as I'm not cut out for teaching others in fighting. I kinda more of a manager type of person than a teacher as a teacher would have to keep calm and I have some issue with that at times. I am known quite well by many for having a bit of a temper. Call it a curse of having beserker genes. But I have been getting much better. Plus I'm not even serious about even doing such so it again will just make me feel really weird. My fluidity and. Defensive capabilities only really shine in necessary moments which is why ive never yet lost any of the streetfights ive been in. My record is a perfect all wins no tkos under my belt so far.

9d4b6798 No.3643512

Fair enough. I'll just ask one more question. Do you have friends living nearby to help you train because many of the Aikido techniques require someone to practice with?

1c5ac0cc No.3643515

I don't practice physically cause I don't get serious during sparring and I will always lose due to lack of seriousness. But I do run scenarios in my mind in a simulation so my mind I train but as far as my fighting training I just do simple weight lifting and such. Truth be told I have trained my body to react even when I'm asleep and dreaming. I am self conscious about hurting others even accidentally when its not a necessity for me. And besides I'm not the only person who learns multiple forms so theres always another person out there. And besides I feel as if I couod still use some classes eventually for it to make it official by then I might consider doing more with it.

1c5ac0cc No.3643518

I do have friends close enough to train with for me it would be mostly disarmament sparring with my friend who has trained in bostaff my weapons training consists more of tonfas and hook swords and some basic stuff with sais and shinai. I've been looking more into getting some practice in Kendo for the discipline and such. I've. Barely practiced with a shinai but can take a strike from one well enough due to my resiliance training ive gone through.

1c5ac0cc No.3643521

Well I'm self taught. Thats the difference. I take self defensr to heart its only use is in necessary situations and competitive use is strictly forbidden.

1c5ac0cc No.3643522

On the street an efficient weapon is a steel pole staff or something more manageable for a novice which can even block a swung machete then your only worry should be will a gun be pulled. Which almost nothing can stop unless you have military training or a good full body iron suit which is both useful and useless useless in the fact that its sop much weight useful in that it can stop the average joes handguns and AR's with the most basic rounds.

1c5ac0cc No.3643524

A lot of masters don't like to show off their fighting Cept in school and most refuse to enter competitions because of the fact its a discipline not a toy.

1c5ac0cc No.3643525

I was going to be going that way in 2020 January but then this fake pandemic hit and shit hit the fan and I didnt wanna get stranded so I canceled. No use in traveling now since they demand the god damned world of you just to get on a damned flying can of farts.

1c5ac0cc No.3643530

Well I can sorta puff up my muscles a little when I force flex and get psyched up but I kinda dislike that about myself I'd prefer to not have extreme muscle like that so I rarely ever do it. But I will say this I've done the whole carrying ridiculous ammounts of stuff around as a form of exercise but that had more to do with my work at the time and I would carry this ridiculous amount of stuff for hrs at a time so when I do get serious I am like the damnef energized bunny from hell

1c5ac0cc No.3643539

Should probably migrate to a thread and leave this one to get on topic.

305125a3 No.3643575

File: 1643123567086-0.jpg (190.94 KB, 400x295, Wild_Thornberrys.jpg)

File: 1643123567086-1.jpg (720.93 KB, 1200x1600, 0ecb745d03d6656e19c12acc7f….jpg)

Speaking of movies; could the Wild Thornberrys survive Zootopia?

ba225552 No.3655071

File: 1651027721992.webm (7.65 MB, 1280x720, TurningRedER.webm)

E;R did a thing on the Panda Movie. 1 min few spoilers edition.

I actually kinda liked it. The positives outshine the uh questionable stuff.

e4666ccf No.3655610

File: 1651497942014.jpg (833.29 KB, 1068x1650, 8c193113014a175f75a595fbb0….jpg)

High quality rips of The Bad Guys are now available at wherever you go for piracy

8fcd6cb4 No.3655619

File: 1651516311200.jpg (670.56 KB, 1489x2048, 94cbdbcc1f7df43bc69f28559c….jpg)

damn that was a good movie

763cc3d1 No.3655623


Good torrent. Confirmed by me to not be a honey pot.

20d07e28 No.3655625

File: 1651522359033-0.jpg (132.25 KB, 1920x800, VideoCapture_20220502-1507….jpg)

File: 1651522359033-1.jpg (138.25 KB, 1920x800, VideoCapture_20220502-1507….jpg)

File: 1651522359033-2.jpg (172.6 KB, 1920x800, VideoCapture_20220502-1508….jpg)

I got mine earlier today from here:

TPB is allover the place nowadays, YTS is better (if you aren't some snob who needs 20gb bluray quality shit).

763cc3d1 No.3655626

i wanted to watch it on my 60' and not my computer monitor

20d07e28 No.3655627

File: 1651522697554-0.png (544.7 KB, 1260x901, Screenshot_2022-05-02 The ….png)

Also since the Shawn Keller thread got pushed off the board, I'll post this here


20d07e28 No.3655628

bah, you can't tell the difference between 4k and 1080p from your couch anyway

btw 4k version will be uploaded soon on yts too

29c335a7 No.3655629

I just use https://unblockit.llc to have a variety of options.

33c7ae81 No.3655656

As crazy as the man is, the dude puts out top notch animation.

20d07e28 No.3655658

I wonder if it's just a character, cause that kind of eccentric isn't really something you see in younger generations.

33c7ae81 No.3655663

No it's his personality. If you've ever talked to him you'll see that he's completely wrapped up in his world of cartoons. I guess that's what makes him so creative?

1a0dae63 No.3658414

File: 1653689464535.png (1.23 MB, 1278x769, Screenshot 2022-05-27 at 1….png)

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