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It looks like 2022 is going to be an amazing year (Year of the Tiger), so many Anthropomorphic furry animated movies are being released in 2022.

So /Furi, is furry culture now mainstream for the masses?




5a5c68b1 No.3642830

This is an obvious puberty metaphor

cc4c27ce No.3642835

File: 1642747357009.jpg (9.26 KB, 260x194, download (1).jpg)

"Turning red" is a metaphor for the attempted Communist takeover of America, although they would have you think otherwise.

c26478bd No.3642934

File: 1642844232799.jpg (162.39 KB, 960x1200, Sing_2 movie.jpg)

I heard 'Turning Red' isn't going to be released in theaters and is going straight to Disney+. Probably for the best because even the trailers aren't making it all that interesting.

BTW Sing 2 was surprisingly good.

c26478bd No.3642936

File: 1642845945386.jpg (61.32 KB, 600x600, lyle lyle.jpg)

Other potential movies to look out for w furry content:

DC League of Superpets
Puss in Boots: The Last Wish
Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

I really don't know what to expect from that last one.

8fcd6cb4 No.3642937

File: 1642846062179.png (2.13 MB, 1918x1036, wifwolf.png)

i want to marry porsha

d79b2e5d No.3642938

Sing 2 was great and she was super sweet. "None of us are safe." made me laugh.

d79b2e5d No.3642939

File: 1642847019261.png (443.02 KB, 907x519, DC LEAGUE OF SUPER PETS.png)

DC League of Super Pets looks like it's going to be passable. Kevin Hart, Keanu Reeves and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson so it should be worth a watch.

5a5c68b1 No.3642941

File: 1642849509230.jpg (460.07 KB, 1280x1707, gorilla autism.jpg)

Thirding that Sing 2 was good. The first was good to. Don't know why there were people saying otherwise.

Also this image is too funny to not post any time Sing is brought up

c26478bd No.3642954

File: 1642869522429.jpg (1.91 MB, 1600x960, shoji-sing-a-20170316.jpg)

The issue I had with Sing 1 was that the entire plot felt rather formulaic "everyone gets together and rescues a theater by putting on one big show"… the saving grace was that it was done so well.

(Was going to include some Sing porn but omg it's all so horrible)

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File: 1642883468020-0.jpg (538.02 KB, 740x524, Legion-Super-Pets.jpg)

File: 1642883468020-1.jpg (62.39 KB, 461x405, Legion_of_Super-Pets_01.jpg)

File: 1642883468020-2.jpg (166.56 KB, 1000x739, Legion_of_Super-Pets_Prime….jpg)

File: 1642883468020-3.jpeg (3.65 MB, 3007x2000, SRX2pgR2_1907201832041gpa….jpeg)

File: 1642883468020-4.jpg (133.86 KB, 471x721, 794.jpg)

DC's Legion of Super pets has been around in one form or another since 1962. Of the five original members, only two were from krypton. Krypto, Superman's dog of course, and later on Beppo, a Kryptonian lab monkey that had been sent out into space before it was known the planet would explode, and the capsule eventually found its way to Earth.

Streaky the Super-Cat is an Earth cat that was exposed to the artificially produced Kryptonite-X element and gained super powers. Super-Horse probably has the strangest story, he was a Centaur in Ancient Greece whom Circe fell in love with and granted him super-powers but Circe's enemy turned him completely into a horse.
Their full very entertaining stories are here:


They gained some other members along the way, with even more varied powers.
Rocket Raccoon even made a special cross-over appearance with them in a DC/MARVEL collaboration comic special issue years ago, before he hit the big time!

c40bf063 No.3642981

File: 1642896056383.jpg (40.43 KB, 389x400, streaky-supercat-plush-sof….jpg)

If you are lucky enough to own one of these original Streaky the Supercat plush figures, they are worth a nice little sum now. But don't sell it just yet, the value will probably increase with the new Legion of Super Pets movie and series coming out.

36be257f No.3642982

When I hear "Streaky the Cat" I think less feline Flash, and more elderly inconstant cat who constantly drags its ass across white carpets.

f3374726 No.3642983

I think you mean incontinent dude.

83e11c83 No.3642986

File: 1642901965606.jpg (352.49 KB, 495x700, d5y7jdr-8b53ec2e-c5b9-4168….jpg)

Streaky is fast, but not a speedster per se any more than Superman is. He was named "Streaky" because of the colored streaks on his side resembling streaks of lightning.
His actual powers are basically the same as Superman's but scaled down due to his size. There are at least a couple of abilities, however, like super-hearing and sense of smell, that were ALREADY greatly enhanced simply due to him being a cat, and which may now in his powered-up form exceed those same abilities even above that of Superman.
Streaky has always been high in popularity, exceeded only by Krypto, and there is much fan art of him existing out there if you search for it.

f3374726 No.3642987

The flash is my fave character. Fuck mainstream superman and Batman crap.

5a5c68b1 No.3642988

All capeshit is shit. Fuck the CCA for killing comics as a medium in the US

36be257f No.3642990

File: 1642902610978.png (676 KB, 900x991, fastpass.png)

I don't really like the Flash, but he is imo the best super hero in terms of powers. I mean if things go balls to the wall end of the universe levels, he can just bail ship. Not to mention that if you took real physics into comic world, he'd have way more super powers than just his speed. He's basically a world killing, world jumping, story breaking, human nightmare. ITT: why you never bring science into DnD.

In terms of best superhero, Batman hands down. His super power is being rich and angsty, and he still manages to be a total god-tier badass.

36be257f No.3642995

File: 1642902927228.jpg (156.39 KB, 1280x731, gla_good_boy_by_lgliang_db….jpg)

>killing comics
Remember when there was a reason to pay attention to the "Great Lakes Advengers?"

I really wanted to see a lot more porn of her than I got. They just had to ruin the character design. I get that they wanted to make it less confusing for their imagined younger audiences, but seriously who do you think is the major buyers of western comics. Little kids just getting into it, or aging horny nerds? Shot themselves right in the foot.

36be257f No.3643002

File: 1642905413013-0.png (2.76 MB, 1084x1620, Goodness_Silva_(Earth-616)….png)

File: 1642905413013-1.jpg (259.86 KB, 1200x930, C04jqRvXgAAzQF4.jpg)

so much potential for so much weird muscle bound trans-were-wolf porn

I really don't get it, these sudios are always looking for ways to make things more PC, and they dump their one african american trans-male lesbians super hero? Thats like 3 years worth of SJW credits in one big pot.

I guess they don't really care about being progressive unless they can make Iron Man a mexican girl from an impoverished family who uses the power of friendship to make a super suit to fight Republicans.

f3374726 No.3643003

Compared to superman the flash does have powers beyond that of a god he's one of the few that could actually not only alter time itself but travel beyond the multiverse if things go tits up he can just go back in time and alter the choices made and help to figure out the ultimate strategies I mean fuck Batman rich ass he still can't compare even with quantum computing the flash is the strongest hands down only other JL character that strong would have to be capable of close to that levels of power. Though I'm also a fan of quake gotta love that fem tectonic badassery.

36be257f No.3643004

Ah well, Batman will always be my favorite, because he is flawed and limited, severely in many cases. Then again arguing about what super hero is the best is stupid, because everyone will have their own things they like.

Still, the Flash is as I said, probably the most powerful superhero.

36be257f No.3643006

File: 1642905860841-0.jpg (152.35 KB, 1000x562, lex.jpg)

Incidently, Lex Luthor is my favorite villain.

f3374726 No.3643007

Well as far as analyzing the heros and there rankings of strongest to weakest by theoretical standards of their powers. Id say the weakest is elongated man he is weak because he simply has the simple power of being a rubberman like Luffy even fluffy could kick his pathetic ass lol. I mean Mr fantastic is a close second to weakest even Hawkeye could kick their asses and hes powerless lol. Its kinda fun to think and discuss the heroverse. We could have much in common on that front. Always been a fan of JLA over avengers myself as I'm sure most people are simply because of Batman and superman their combination is just legend at this point.

So i have to ask what would be your favorite villan. For me its kinda cliche doomsday lol

f3374726 No.3643009

Ok he's my third favorite villain and yes brainiac my second. Sadly its mostly superman villans

36be257f No.3643011

I like Lex not because hes super in anyway, but because he fights for mankind. He's very arguably a super villian, but hes very arguably also the only protection humanity has from Superman… Well until the whole batman anti-superman bullet thing.


36be257f No.3643012

File: 1642907064058.png (431.22 KB, 1200x629, ras-al-ghul.png)

Close second Ra's Al Ghul. Mainly just cause i like the idea of being an immortal martial arts master, and I've already came to terms with my inevitable decline into madness. Plus I did like getting trophies in martial arts before my body got destroyed.

If I could have one hobby back, it would be martial arts.

f3374726 No.3643013

Well I wouldnt fully call him a villain either since his actually evil self is multiverse lex as well his main earth prime version is arguably an Antihero by definition not on the side of good or bad really. Which is why he still gets a fave in my list just like marvels deadpool is a fave of mine deathstrike would have to be my fave Batman villan next to killer croc and swamp thing.

36be257f No.3643014

File: 1642907360527.png (299.37 KB, 740x370, Teen-Titans-Slade-1.png)

Depending on the universe, Deathstroke is actually pretty respectable.

f3374726 No.3643015

Speaking of martial arts what was your belt grade. For grappling is say I'm at a 5th dan level black belt but just for grappling something I've kinda honed my whole life. And I'm not talking official channels so I'm just putting a label on my level to give you an idea of how much I've trained in grappling.

f3374726 No.3643016

He's not really a villain more like dead pool he's just a merc so no sense in calling him a full time villain.

36be257f No.3643017

File: 1642908353160.png (302.59 KB, 360x450, my power is Krillen.png)

Depends in Jeet Kun Do, our dojo ranked me a level 2 out of 3… but we also did a lot of weapons training

Kali, kendo, quarter staff, 3 section staff… we had others but those the the weapons training programs I did, it was about 6 years in each, but the 3 section I only had 2.

We were kind of a mixed martial arts dojo so even though Jeet Kun Do was our main, we also did Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu, and a few other things, but because of my height I never actually did very good at wrestling style martial arts, so I focused mainly on striking and weapons.

I focused mainly on Kali sticks, kendo, and quarter staff. Things like chucks and section staves tend to hurt you as much as they hurt everyone around you.

e69178cf No.3643018

File: 1642908475497.jpg (177.22 KB, 1280x718, Steam vs Cobaalt.jpg)

36be257f No.3643019

I've only ever lost 2 fights in my life, and as a guy who's over 6'ft people tend to try to fight me.

One was against my dad when I was like 16, and honestly he only has one eye and went into full "kill mode" on me, and the other was a 6 on 1… and that was honestly pretty brutal, but seriously can you blame me for losing to something like that.

At least with my dad he admitted he'd never been punched as hard before, those board breaking exercises pay off. You have to punch *though* your target, not at them.

36be257f No.3643021

naw this is a friendly conversation, theres no aggression here at all.

Hamilton's ninja has been chill for months.

e69178cf No.3643022

File: 1642908716730.jpg (94.93 KB, 1280x720, MK2 friendship.jpg)

Friendship, Friendship, Again?

36be257f No.3643023

I wouldn't say that, but normal questions on my old fighting styles and discussion in martial arts in general hardly imply friendship.

Cobalt might have actually done some martial arts when he was younger. Who knows.

e69178cf No.3643024

File: 1642908897888.jpg (172.12 KB, 730x1095, boobality__by_danquish_d5b….jpg)

>naw this is a friendly conversation, theres no aggression here at all.

>Hamilton's ninja has been chill for months.

"I got the picture! That makes sense!"

Of course if you were talking about Aufy it would have to be a "Boobality".

36be257f No.3643025

I mean, I don't like Cobalt, but I don't mind talking shop as long as things don't break down to nonsense or get rude.

e69178cf No.3643026

File: 1642909012221.png (315.48 KB, 1240x696, Screen-Shot-2016-03-07-at-….png)

So is it sorta like this?

36be257f No.3643027

Surprisingly, I've been here for how many years, and hes like the only one whos ever even asked me questions about martial arts, and I've said it was an interest of mine a number of times in the past.

Its been so long since I've actually talked to someone about it, I just kinda want to now.

f3374726 No.3643028

Kendo is more for discipline I have a homemade practice sword non bamboo made out of hardwood though yeah for us experienced in Kendo its like getting hit with a feather duster so long as you have the disciplines down well enough its not about hard striking but about having restraint and control.

36be257f No.3643029

File: 1642909448139.gif (44.48 KB, 220x164, beat-down-stick-man.gif)

My old sensei used to have a really weird obsession with weapons, and them being an extension of you or whatever. You couldn't even choose your own classes if you wanted to do the extra weapons training.

I got stuck with kali/escrima not really all that bad.
I mean end of the day you can basically turn anything into a mighty stick of beating if you try hard enough.

f3374726 No.3643030

Self taught mostly and took some free classes during a bring your friend day and got taught some advanced stuff from a retired military dude I got to know through the grouphomes I was in hrowing up. Nothing official on paper.

Besides on paper you become a lethal weapon so I decided mostly against the registry.

36be257f No.3643031

File: 1642909604399.png (59.91 KB, 250x207, Brock_Samson.png)

That is not true. You can't register yourself as a lethal weapon.

e69178cf No.3643033

File: 1642909719638.png (518.41 KB, 958x814, Screenshot 2022-01-22 at 2….png)

This talk made me want to go watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles videos again.


e69178cf No.3643035

There are many drop in Martial Arts schools where you just pay as you go. They are actually better than the commercial Dojos because you get more personalized training than with a Martial Arts School that's only interested in collecting a paycheck by cramming in as many students as they can fit into their space.

f3374726 No.3643036

That's cool. My personal choice on forme and all for grappling would have to be snake since its probably the most effective in holds and blocks and to incorporate strikes all you do is shift. Would say better to block and restrain than to strike.

f3374726 No.3643037

You know what I mean the law will not be on your side in some places with such training cause it does go on your public record that you have said training so having that in a public record gives away your strengths and weaknesses. Id rather be secretive than fully public with these things. Surprises my opponents

e69178cf No.3643038

File: 1642910271662.png (773.9 KB, 1278x807, Screenshot 2022-01-22 at 2….png)

As in The Karate Kid films, when Mr. Miyagi said that it's better to be out of the way of an attack than to block, and that philosophy holds quite true.


36be257f No.3643039

martial arts puts you on a healthy schedule, trains your body, and trains you for self defense, for better or worse. I have no idea how
sencere a chronic troll is being, but if you want to do that shit I'd suggest starting.

f3374726 No.3643040

Always wanted to go to Japan and learn from the best in Kendo maybe a professional grappler as well I was thinking Kyoto would be one of my stops out that a ways

e69178cf No.3643041

Perhaps make that your goal once this Pandemic thing is finally over?

f3374726 No.3643042

That's why dodging is another way to defend. To gauge and move out of the way is a great tactic to keeping clean in martial arts.

e69178cf No.3643043

Then if the dodge fails, you still have the block to fall back upon.

36be257f No.3643044

File: 1642910501069.jpg (958.5 KB, 3802x2535, 120113-F-RW515-013.JPG)

also yeah I do know what you mean, when I was in the air force I had this random black guy try to "charlie horse" me. I just randomly punched him in the leg in the inner nerve cluster and got a reprimanded, despite explaining that it was just a reflex.

f3374726 No.3643045

Never saved any money so would have to raise all that from scratch maybe learn some Japanese and teach English in Japan as a side gig to earn the income to stay out there for a few months at a time to train.

e69178cf No.3643047

File: 1642910637880.png (398.9 KB, 455x834, Screenshot 2022-01-22 at 2….png)

Do you think that Aufy could improve his mental state by using Martial Arts training to clear his mind or do you think that's too impossible a challenge and he should stick to Wrestling in the ring wearing his boob suit?

36be257f No.3643048

it wasn't like I meant to do it, he just came at me and by the time I knew what happened, It was already done.

Despite him coming at me, you just cant do that to people who are *looks both ways* in the government and "b.l.a.c.k." shhh

f3374726 No.3643049

Ha yeah closest I had to a reflex like that was in reverse I was pulling a prank on my friend and pulled a solid snake on him and almost got punched in the face for it lol. Hiding in plain sight or camo is also part of martial arts but falls into the art of ninja sometimes you dont have to win a fight by being stronger but by being smarter.

36be257f No.3643050

As long as he doesn't insist on being in the suit, I think that anyone who's physically fit enough to do martial arts would benefit from it.

e69178cf No.3643051

I'd suggest talking to some Furries in Japan that you could pay roomshare with for half a year in Japan and then seek out some places to train there in Martial Arts. I remember watching videos of people who did this the backpacking way and earned their stay while doing household chores in exchange for training.

f3374726 No.3643052

I think you should start with sitting still and contemplating the universe life and everything in it. Meditation offers patience wisdom and understanding. Physical martial arts offer discipline and strength. I would start with some hardcore meditation before you start a class.

e69178cf No.3643053

File: 1642910916765.png (305.45 KB, 480x360, Screenshot 2022-01-22 at 2….png)

No the suit would just be for gimmick wrestling at Anime cons such as in this video.


f3374726 No.3643054

Doable but I dont like doing something like that when I'm planning to enter another country if anything ill figure something out some sort of skill I can incorporate over there. Considered making YouTube videos he'll just recently I've contemplated doing a music cover with my stepdad who would be doing bass and me vocals on burn butcher burn. But right now waiting on them to see if they will be 100% on board for bard music covers lol.

e69178cf No.3643055

File: 1642911128309.png (149.43 KB, 418x315, dhalsim - i will meditate ….png)

I do think that meditation would definitely help Aufy calm down and focus more on life. Right now all I can picture is him going out Gung ho and trying to act like this.

36be257f No.3643056

meditation is different for everyone. I have a hard time settling and just letting go unless Im gonig to sleep, but honestly some rhythmic beats while doing some katas are really centering.

e69178cf No.3643057

File: 1642911525955.png (325.77 KB, 500x340, Screenshot 2022-01-22 at 2….png)

Doing Katas to music is fun.

Also this chat made me remember some of those lesser shown Martial Arts flicks that I haven't watched for a long time, and it's making me want to go watch them again. Flicks such as American Ninja, Gymkata and The Perfect Weapon. Who could ever forget the Box Horse scene in Gymkata?


f3374726 No.3643058

Depends on your confidence! im confident I could take aufy down with one arm behind my back Which btw I've done to a previous roomie of mine for refusing to shut up and not let me walk away and I got sick of their following me and screaming at me for difference in opinion so I just told them ill make them shut up and did just that with one arm and ill tell you this this roomie was getting training in wrestling and kept bragging about being in the mid weight class despite being a lightweight fighter. Me I'm a true mid to heavyweight fighter so its more a matter of experience at this point when taking on a light to mid weight range fighter. Though being a mid I also can be a bit of a featherweight light on my feet or heavy depending on how I'm fighting. So yeah reason id recommend meditation for Auft first is to learn patience and then he'll be ready to start true physical training

e69178cf No.3643060

File: 1642911773595.png (391.15 KB, 735x735, Screenshot 2022-01-22 at 2….png)

That idea could actually make a cool cosplay performance if you make a costume where you wear a costume box horse strapped to you and then have a bunch of extra dummy legs attached to it, that you fling against anyone attacking you during the skit. It can be done similar to those piggyback costumes.

e69178cf No.3643061

File: 1642911866066.png (899.44 KB, 815x458, Screenshot 2022-01-22 at 2….png)

That would be called taking the Oro approach.

f3374726 No.3643062

Try breathing practices you can learn to ease the mind and self if you ignore everything that is both internal and external turmoil is part of the process and you must overcome that turmoil within self is one of the hardest things to overcome in meditation and one of the greater stepping stones to inner peace.

I do believe I have achieved inner peace then lost it due to external and internal forces that were outside my control though while hurting I still managed to keep a clear enough mind and not fully be lost. Even though most people would have gone nuts. Inner peace has nothing to do with truth outside just that you are willing to accept yourself who you are and your limitations so anyone can attain but its not easy and is a very painful process

e69178cf No.3643063

File: 1642912076376.png (359.19 KB, 1274x802, Screenshot 2022-01-22 at 2….png)

e69178cf No.3643065

File: 1642912184245.png (339.77 KB, 1278x808, Screenshot 2022-01-22 at 2….png)

Qigong videos are good to follow along to for breathing exercises.


36be257f No.3643066

You probably misunderstood me, I don't mean like tribal or fast music like you use for sparring and stuff. Just slow music, where you have to take teach step of a Kata slow and practiced.

I picked it up from a short run tai chi course. It was honestly worth the time and effort. Very unappreciated style.

e69178cf No.3643067

File: 1642912506757.png (201.81 KB, 336x336, Screenshot 2022-01-22 at 2….png)

Those relaxation music CDs with environmental calming sound effects would be ideal for what you suggested.

36be257f No.3643068

File: 1642912567528.png (158.32 KB, 360x360, Witcher-Cat.th.png)

just out of curiosity, my favorite kata/style is the cat style. Whats all your favorite styles fellow bloody nose contributors?

36be257f No.3643069

thats usually what I did, you can get really good control of your Katas when you're doing them in smooth slow motion.

I almost always won best in katas during promotions, but rarely won in the actual fighting, since we were more "kill them and rape their bodies when they submit" and less "protect your torso" so the guys who trained specifically for fighting always won, even worse when they had fucking long ass gorilla arms.

e69178cf No.3643070

I just liked to practice along to the Tai Chi movements, following shows that would break them down into smaller sets out of the 108 movements.

36be257f No.3643071

honestly you could almost say my fighting style is more dance than fight. I like to use precision, dirty nerve tricks, impromptu weapons, and Bruce Lee eye rakes over brute force.

36be257f No.3643072

I never mastered all the movements, my sensei's heart kinda exploded randomly. I had the first 4 sets down, and was working on another 2.

Still When it comes to fighting styles, I've just found the cat stance to work best for me when I incorporate jeet kun do, thai boxing, and kali.

e69178cf No.3643073

File: 1642913164600.png (407.01 KB, 958x813, Duck King Sana.png)

When you think of it, dancing helps improve your fighting skills by teaching your body to co-ordinate and move in so many different ways. Also allot of Martial Arts moves can be altered into dance moves.


e69178cf No.3643074

The switching of stances comes in handy for keeping balance when attacked from different sides or angles. The Katas teach your body to incorporate all the upper and lower body movements so that when you are attacked, your body just reacts to defend yourself without much thinking.

36be257f No.3643075

File: 1642913426510.jpg (108.41 KB, 1000x562, bitch_you_making_yourself_….jpg)

I still have this moment I hold so dear to me. This little fuck tried to fight me and I just did little parries probably 15ish times? The whole fook shou pok shou, made that kid Damian look like an idiot, barely even tapped him between his full blown punches.

Vegeta moment.

e69178cf No.3643077

It was after watching The Perfect Weapon film that I decided to buy some practice weapons and videos and learn how to use the Kali sticks and Nunchaku sticks.


36be257f No.3643078

it was only probably like 9th grade or something, but it was just so epic to be the one actually crushing someone rather than being on the crushed side for once.

And it was so epic, I swear my balls swelled 3 sizes that day.

e69178cf No.3643079

File: 1642913695091.png (692.81 KB, 815x458, Screenshot 2022-01-22 at 2….png)

LOL, that reminded me of The Man With The Iron Balls video.


36be257f No.3643080

i know enough of double kali stick fighting to be proficient, but not enough to actually fight another person with it.

I'm way more confident in my single kali or even kendo stuff. Double would be a major gamble on my side. I have the basic motions and exercises, but nowhere near the practice of the single style.

e69178cf No.3643082

Well get some of those FlowToys Martial arts LED practice weapons and that might inspire you to go out and practice some more.

36be257f No.3643083

File: 1642913975396.jpg (60.39 KB, 554x579, random_radio_guy.jpg)

fun stuff, in the air force, I used a snake arm disarm move to get a security forces guy to drop his rifle during a drill when he was trying to take the communications tent.

No one expects the radio guy to be a badass.

f3374726 No.3643084

Well since I'm self taught I didnt know the japanese name of my style but I just figured that out I'm proficient in aikido a mix of aikikai and Ki aikido

36be257f No.3643085

yeah and in further news, kali disarms actually work on just about any weapon.

just an fyi.

e69178cf No.3643086

Any weapon can become handy, but any weapon you bring to a fight can also be disarmed and used against you.

e69178cf No.3643087

As fancy as most Martial Arts can be, it's also better to stick to the basic movements in an actual fight. Use what you've been taught to get yourself safely away from the dangerous situation. No fighting style will ever be any guarantee to win a fight, and most people fight dirty, anything goes, so do what you have to when you need to disable the opponent and make your getaway before they can get back up and get a cheap shot or the cops show up.

f3374726 No.3643089

Blunt weapons mainly sticks baton or so on in design are often really easy to grab onto mid strikes so they are not very efficient unless you have speed strikes that no one can see coming. I once ended a fight before it even got beyond the muscle flexing at the start by simply ripping the object out of the persons hands and chucking it as a display of power and the guy backed down. Sometimes to win a fight intimidation and aura can just as easily be a win and assist in defense its called the battle of the minds.

36be257f No.3643090


Still I don't want to put off the idea that I'm pretending to be some super soldier ninja master. Just to point things out its been a long time since I've been in the military, or even a dojo.

I am not claiming to be a badass, just maybe more innately badass then the loud six bud joe down the road that gets into fights every weekend.

36be257f No.3643091

so you say, until they hit your at their tip in the ribs.

e69178cf No.3643092

What you've learned in the past will help save your life when you need it if you get into a dangerous situation. I know it did for me in the past.

36be257f No.3643093

File: 1642914906164.png (519.28 KB, 837x521, mortal_kombat_cosplayer_su….png)

cobalt-san has much to learn, but anyone who wishes to pursue the path still has potential.

f3374726 No.3643094

That's why i recommend stuff like aikido which is mostly focused on ending the fight before it gets out of hand is also a hard style martial arts. By restraining your opponent they become unable to fight and the battle ends just as it begins if your opponent cant move they cant fight and no amount of screaming or shifting will change that outcome the stronger your will the greater the power you wield.

e69178cf No.3643095

The Chihuahua barking technique can work for scaring off the majority of badasses, but it wont phase someone who's well trained.

36be257f No.3643096

yeah, scaring. They look fancy and scary, but you're just as likely to hurt yourself as the person you're against. Same reason I dislike the 3-section-staff. Sure the 3SS can murder an entire puppy mill in a second, but its really hard to control. I prefer Kali, because for one its blunt so you have more control over how leathal you can be, and 2, because its more precise than a lot of longer weapons.

It becomes more of an extenstion of your arm over time than the wild semi-controlled methodology of other weird ass asian weapons.

Plus its a fucking stick, literally anything can be a kali stick, try to just find a random 3-section-staff or chucks laying around outside of an anime fight cut scene.


e69178cf No.3643097

In street fights people will use unconventional weapons such as keys between the knuckles, tiny flashlight sized batons rolled up in their fists to strike heavier, broken bottles, rocks or dirt to the face when you least expect it. Fights are never predictable so don't press your luck during them and get while the going is good. You never know when someone else may come to the scene and think that you're the evil aggressor and try to team up on you for beating up the person you are only trying to defend yourself against.

e69178cf No.3643099

I got sucker punched by someone and the key between their fingers just missed my eye. The one guy that hit me ran off, but I caught his friend and grabbed him until the Police arrived and arrested him for Car Theft.

36be257f No.3643100

most those sound like good ways to just break all your fingers at once, but yeah I have a scar on my cheek from that stupid "car key between the knuckles" bs.

36be257f No.3643101

luckily it didn't scar me too bad. Very light blow, turns out you have to actually hold the keys hard to really have them drive in, otherwise its just a minor puncture and a scrape.

e69178cf No.3643102

Most of the fights I've gotten into were to help break up fights and stop people from getting beat up by others. Sometimes this would wind up having me vs several attackers, to which I'm thankful that some video game techniques actually work well in real life fight situations such as the toss and throw your attacker into the other oncoming attackers to knock them over like Dominoes, or to grab an attacker and use them as a body shield until you can get away from the other attackers.

36be257f No.3643103

File: 1642916042372.jpg (273.68 KB, 1600x1600, german-shepherd-field.jpg)

most my fights weren't even my fights, they were almost exclusively me just having really shit friends who wanted to use me as an attack dog, then shit just started.

e69178cf No.3643104

I've had people try to attack me with 2x4 planks of wood, garden shears, pocket knives, etc.. Each time I was lucky enough to disarm the attackers before they could use the weapons against me.

f3374726 No.3643105

You mean like tonfas those are quite handy and a good dual world deffensive and attack weapon

36be257f No.3643106

luckily, in civilian fights I've never had anyone pull a weapon on me.

36be257f No.3643107

I only ever knew one person who claimed to practice with tonfas, and they were douchebag incarnate.

f3374726 No.3643108

This. Dude ever since my friend witnessed me walk in and resolve a situation with intimidation within 24hrs when they have been trying for years got them doing just that to me at sometimes when some idiots show up. I dont like to seek fights but I will brag about how strong I can be when I'm serious bragging is one thing but getting physical is not a necessity unless attacked first.

36be257f No.3643109

I don't consider big rings or stupid key chain bullshit weapons. I mean like a knife, bat, gun, ect.

e69178cf No.3643110

I do find Cobalt's advice useful for some situations. When walking in the bad areas of town it helps to never smile or show fear, keep your hands concealed within your sleeves so others will think you're packing a weapon and think twice about attacking you, and if someone tries to harass you into buying drugs or stolen merch, yell back at them, make them think that you are crazy and nine times out of ten they will back off and leave you alone.

f3374726 No.3643111

It also helps when your packing a knife in your pocket and all you need to do is angle the blade outwards so when the assailant failed into you trying to close ranks they end up stabbing themselves without you having to actually hold the knife and stab away and legally its defensible in places like canada here where they will charge you for that kinda self defense. There's also many other ways to make your enemy or opponent hurt themselves amd make things easier.

e69178cf No.3643112

Large weapons like baseball bats, swords, etc., can't be concealed very well, so it's not like you don't have the opportunity to keep distance until you can get away or grab something to defend yourself with. The most dangerous person in any fight will be the coward with the concealed handgun that will just pull out the pistol and shoot in any opportunity they get.

e69178cf No.3643113

Yes, the old knife blade concealed within the sleeve trick.

f3374726 No.3643114

Most of those who do use those as preferred weapons will be like that at least around 2/3ds

e69178cf No.3643115

Still the best way to be prepared is to be able to fight without any weapons because fights can break out at the most unexpected times, possibly when you aren't prepared for them and unarmed yourself.

36be257f No.3643116

truth be told, my favorite weapon is just talking myself out of a situation.

I'm not some badass that wants to beat his way through everything, I in general, prefer the path of least resistance. Its not like I have anything to prove.

f3374726 No.3643117

File: 1642916751376.jpg (5 MB, 4160x3120, 20220123_004332.jpg)

I prefer in my pocket blade facing out also this is my pocket knife of choice.

e69178cf No.3643118

Spoken like a wise man. It's people who show that they have the least to prove who are the ones to worry about being more dangerous than the street thug who keeps talking smack about how many ways they can smash your face in.

f3374726 No.3643120

Sometimes yes that is the best way. I had go step up one day because my friends landlord tried starting shit. Even caller the cops on us claiming noise complaints when they dont even live there just cause she didnt like my friends friends and I had to tell the dumb bitch that if she caller the cops to get back into her vehicle or ill make her which legally I can do cause all I had was dog mace on me and out here if a person instigated the problem they cant charge a person for assault of that person removes them from the area. Deescalatiion techniques are often first move tactics and only when thats exhausted do you fight physically

e69178cf No.3643121

File: 1642917194823.jpg (66.37 KB, 615x768, ae38e5wzw0f71.jpg)

Nobody wants to be in jail like CWC is!

36be257f No.3643123

all of your stories make me like you a little bit less.

At least you're getting better though. Be honest, you're increasingly intoxicated as the night goes on arent you?

f3374726 No.3643124

I havent been charged as an adult once but cops out here dont want to deal with me anymore cause I dont give 2 shits who or what they are if they have a job to do they better do it or they dont deserve me being polite and nice specially if that cop is a dick abiut it. Worst I had was one jarhead like officer get in my face in retaliation and then walk off and act a coward when I demanded their badge number and name. I mean respect is earned in those situations not automatic. I'm more like hardcore manager level .mentality in that respect. Meaning either you can do the job or you are useless and deserve all the harshness of those you are to serve. But there are cops I do respect like a few in Carrie NC. Who actually gave me good information when I was having some international issues with a corporation.

f3374726 No.3643125

Nope just tired. And lots on the brain.

e69178cf No.3643126

Yes, probably lots of Pokemon and other trading cards to sort through and put up for sale, amongst other things.

36be257f No.3643130

I'd suggest browsing a few other sites for a while, you're getting noticeably more incoherent and less believable.

e69178cf No.3643131

LOL did you watch that Sixty Million Dollar Man movie yet? His dick is a garden hose and he pretends to water the flowers when he needs to tinkle.

f3374726 No.3643132

Truth be told I honestly don't care whether people believe me I'm beyond that point I just am stating my experiences and choices I had to make at that time. Besides most of these things happened years and years ago so even if i did wish to provide proof everything was destroyed so I couldnt even if I wanted to.

e69178cf No.3643133

Honestly it doesn't matter if the stories you told tonight were totally true or exaggerated. This has been an entertaining chat.

f3374726 No.3643135

Nope only go for things I like and at the time of interest. My life is random. If I had to count the times my friends needed me but i was too far to offer any assistance are far to often most shit happens when I'm away lol I'm lucky just to have the experience I do have.

e69178cf No.3643136

The only thing I'm really wondering about is if that story about Aufy juggling the mother of his friend's boobs was true or not?

36be257f No.3643137

File: 1642918127672.jpg (36.36 KB, 500x512, sleepies.jpg)

probably not logically, we get it, you're the ultimate ninja. We had a good discussion on martial arts for a while but, now its bed time~ k?

f3374726 No.3643139

I have a medical issue getting in the way of that sadly hyper arousal and insomnia on the epic scale. Used to be much worse when I was a kid would not sleep for weeks even months because of it.

f3374726 No.3643141

Ha I'm actually wondering this too. The closest I've come to this would have to have been when I went to point at something while accidentally poking my best friends GF in the bewb

36be257f No.3643142

I know its kind of hard to ignore, but after this point you're going to just make more of an ass of yourself than if you just take a break.

play a game, watch a movie, anything other than make yoursef into a buthole.

e69178cf No.3643143

Well then he should consider himself lucky that the mom did not prefer charges against him with the Justice of the Peace! That really could have ruined his life and cost him his employment, putting him out on the street.

f3374726 No.3643144

Dont wanna dig out the PS3 lol its been tucked away same with my laptop and movies and tv I'm kinda rewatching stuff cause ive basically watched so much of it its getting repetitive. Very few new things id like to watch that isnt coming soon or is in the works atm. I'm kinda big into pop culture lately these days. Even music

e69178cf No.3643145

File: 1642918880067.png (1.12 MB, 1278x817, Screenshot 2022-01-23 at 0….png)

They say that music calms the savage beast. Music's always a good plan to get one's mind off of things. Here's a song about nostalgia.


f3374726 No.3643146

He should be considering himself as lucky hw didnt get the cops called on him for a rape accusation. Speaking with experience in this department I've had an outside party try this once didnt end well for that person who wasn't even involved they just didnt like the fact that I was doing sexual stuff and making some noise with the bed frame bouncing off the floor. Trust me its hard enough trying to convince a cop that you never raped someone.

f3374726 No.3643147

Music I tend to blast so I make a note to only do music during the day and sadly its 1:21 am and I have family sleeping so most I can do is watch movies and junk and keep the noise to a minimum. He'll using volume on porn makes my hyper arousal worse. Its I either wait till my state of mind shortly follows.

f3374726 No.3643148

On another note who is going to watch the hotel Transylvania 4 transformia

e69178cf No.3643149

I've only watched the first two films of that series so far. There's a tv series of it as well. I don't know if that's any good. Usually animated movie franchises turned into tv series don't go very well. I suppose I'll end up watching parts 3 and 4 eventually.

36be257f No.3643150

File: 1642919371698.jpg (15.51 KB, 462x275, 6dd1ca997d1ac19b03d5a8b2e1….jpg)

you, while you take a bloody nap

f3374726 No.3643151

3 monster vacation was actually pretty well done compared to the first one great story with some real emotion and epic plot devices. 4 I'm not certain it will be good or great but its worth at least a chance.

f3374726 No.3643152

Fuck stop that.
I can only be so arroused. Speaking if aroused. Always wanted to get fucked while I slept. Ahem moving on lol.

e69178cf No.3643154

LOL has anybody ever had someone that they were having sex with fall asleep on them during the sex?

f3374726 No.3643157

Trans or femmy dudes get me like diamond hard and I would double beast mode that ass if they werent so stuck up lol

e69178cf No.3643159

File: 1642920378663.png (342.39 KB, 735x591, Screenshot 2022-01-23 at 0….png)

Things went from the previous pic to this.

f3374726 No.3643160

Stop with the adorable pics my dick can only handle so much.

f3374726 No.3643161

Ok I'm done. Going to try and stop posting for a bit. Let my phone charge and maybe try and get to sleep

d79b2e5d No.3643170

File: 1642926881388.png (318.74 KB, 948x518, THE BAD GUYS - Official Tr….png)

Found another furry movie coming out in 22.


8fcd6cb4 No.3643171

File: 1642927692873.gif (1.61 MB, 1000x767, 75a213143aff6fec31f3907a74….gif)

e69178cf No.3643191

File: 1642940644077.jpg (90.33 KB, 1280x720, glassjoe.jpg)

WEBA Glass Joe.

e69178cf No.3643194

File: 1642941921963.png (942.93 KB, 958x783, Screenshot 2022-01-23 at 0….png)

No matter what your God tells you, do not go to the Sonichu Temple to learn Martial Arts. You will be trained by the likes of Adam Stackhouse, Jimmy Hill, Clyde Cash, Liquid Chris and Christine Weston Sonichu Jesus Goddess Chandler herself. After training you may be able to defeat Steven Seagal or Jean Claude Van Damme, but everyone else on the street will easily kick your ass!


e69178cf No.3643195

Why Martial Arts Don't Work • Martial Arts Journey

f3374726 No.3643196

That's why I chose grappling such as aikido its probably the most useful in most situations by far as a martial art and has a proper function when used defensively offensively is a different matter though too much fancy movement is moot in a fight best to stick with simple grablocks

e69178cf No.3643249

Will you STFU about the cat stance already? Holy freakin' Autism, Batman!

36be257f No.3643262

File: 1642988854999.jpg (112.89 KB, 1200x675, some_fucking_racist_cat.jpg)


Just to show what the cat stance this guy is getting all pissy about actually is. Just a warning, the guy who shows the video comes off as every youtube douche to have ever existed. His explanation isn't too bad though.

e69178cf No.3643265

File: 1642989856706.png (558.53 KB, 1278x809, Who Invented The Moonwalk ….png)

I'd be curious to hear his opinion on dancing. Would he go on and on how what MJ did was not the Moonwalk because it was really the Backslide?


36be257f No.3643266

File: 1642989909232.jpg (218.98 KB, 1600x1200, 4217544.jpg)

it really makes sense that I'd use this a lot since most of my style is parries, pendulum take downs, and weapon disarms, and when it comes to strikes, I've always been a better kicker.

Plus I'm kinda dodgey since my core really can't take a hit, and my right hand is full of metal splints, so with punches I have to either go a weak left, or a posibly self injuring right. Jeet kun do gives me the quick right eye gouge though.

Cat stance also makes you more springy for those gouges and stuff that the video didn't go into. It adds a little more speed to your dirty strikes, or a little bit more "oomph" into an elbow if you go full phillipino.

Plus its not like I soley use just cat stance, I switch it up, but its my signature starting style.

36be257f No.3643270

File: 1642990569525.jpg (70.26 KB, 1024x1006, 1dd784c34bf5cc9d8368421a41….jpg)

When I said dance before, I didn't mean it literally, its just if you can conserve your energy for a bit and parry stuff while being all in rhythm with them, they just wear themselves out, then you can go in and do your thing.

Still, I do like sparring to some fast tribal music regardless of whether or not its serious.

0d2e5234 No.3643271

please off yourself him too, the only one talking about it

'parries'. JESSE ENKAMP


Did you know his brother is in the zzzufc and they sparred once for fun and it almost ended up in a hospitalization?

There's no way all your stories of winning fights are true, even BJ Penn has lost a street fight, you must pick on weaklings (like cats as you said) or you got killed

Also, lmao at banning me over trolling you. You have some cubcel mod you cried to about that? I'm going to paste the entire same thing I tried posting ^ and it said my post looked automated with a static IP.

>banning over this

>saying i won't shut up about the fact Steam is a lying TRTcel who can't fight anything other than the cats he admits killing when you're writing essays about the cat cels. Holy heckin smokes batmang !!!


0d2e5234 No.3643275

Sorry, can't respond! Got shadow threadbanned for not liking your bullshit.

Eat a dick. And you know you'd lose to a basic BJJ practitioner, lol. I wouldn't bother risking a punch or need one. You'd probably just end up suing me like a total pussy, too.

36be257f No.3643276

Id see your concern over over me lying, but I've posted picture of myself, I'm a big dude and not exactly unintimidating. I'm over 6ft, ex military, and honestly all alcoholism gives me is immunity to pain.

Not entirely sure why people like you hate dodgers so much. If you're so good at striking, just hit us.

0d2e5234 No.3643277

>dodging like a i am racist and not very bright

this place is uncomfortably close to reddit with all the fake stories, modfagging and deletefagging, i am totally out. fuck you all

36be257f No.3643278

pretty sure you're just posting to things you deleted yourself.

0d2e5234 No.3643279

File: 1642991736325.png (55.55 KB, 1668x650, fdafd.png)

Pretty sure you're a lying, cat murdering little pussy.

36be257f No.3643280

File: 1642991851000.jpg (230.38 KB, 1800x1200, __opt__aboutcom__coeus__re….jpg)

well you're toast none the less.

Enjoy your time in obscurity 0d2e5234.

e69178cf No.3643290

File: 1642995364989.jpg (54.2 KB, 600x599, R-1283740-1303936279.jpg)

You seem to be quite fucked in the head. Have you consulted a shrink to get yourself help?

You must be extremely jelly of Steam because you are always quick to counter anything he says on this board. I think the only time you'll ever shut up is when Steam stuffs his big cock down your throat.


e69178cf No.3643291

He's mad at you about the cats. He doesn't seem to understand that you only mentioned that you were going to kill those cats to get a reaction here on this board. He doesn't realize that you were just talking trash and have no intentions of doing so. Even if the noisy cats really piss you off, the fact that you're too lazy to put in some earplugs at bedtime proves that you'd be too lazy to even go out your front door to chase off the cats.

e69178cf No.3643302

GTFO and go bother some Brony forums instead.

e69178cf No.3643304

File: 1643002738359.jpg (16.96 KB, 480x320, 69M2APDX5D6f9fKwjbJi5f-120….jpg)

LOL, you're the little Ponyfag. I bet the Bronies kicked you out of their forums awhile ago and now your pussy boy ass is just trying to find anyplace you can to fit in. Do you even have any on-line friends to talk to?

e69178cf No.3643308

File: 1643003293127.png (138.98 KB, 475x475, Screenshot 2022-01-24 at 0….png)

Even if you're not a Bronyfag, your abandoned FA showed that you had an affinity for horse cock. Maybe you're just a Pokefag? I bet you got exiled from the Pokemon forums too.

1c5ac0cc No.3643330

Someones apparently mad because no one feels they have to prove anything. Because truth be told when it comes to the art of war is know that enemy and you can never lose is a well known fact and means of taking your enemy out aka defensive stances being the most effective styles of fighting like aikido and not just any form of aikido Ki aikido. Being highly defensive with throws and blocks using your enemys own fight as a means to destroy them ans stop the fight. Its like one person standing up to a guy with a baseball bat that one person could technically remove the threat by taking it mid swing and toss it aside making the fight lesser and the other intimidated as an example of streetlights being stopped. Not to say that you are impervious in the total sense you just stand better odds of survival knowing how to dodge and block. The worst you will end up with in most cases so long as theres no lethal weapons on the table is breaking your hand stopping a bat. It if you have the gift or have trained your body and mind to a high enough level pain and sacrifice come hand in hand when utilizing a fighting style you begin to accept that fact when you are faced with a person who can use proper aikido.
Striking is not your only weapon. Sometimes a simple letting your enemy destroy themselves is the simplest way.

1c5ac0cc No.3643340

Using your enemies momentum against them is highly useful in a fight and utilizes very little of own strength or energy and yes blocking if done wrong can injure you its common sense but blocks arent limited to simply using your hands or allowing strikes to hit areas where you think will minimize the damage sometimes it requires you to allow your enemy to attempt a strike only to shift the angle of their strike. By using that momentum against their move and cancel that out. Also by thinking your opponent doesn't understands or see is called underestimating them same goes for the effectiveness and assumptions that a word only means one thing. Honestly if you wanted to talk about effectiveness talk in percentiles and not its either 50/50 0 or even 100% cause nothing martial arts is an absolute like those numbers imply either you can make it work or you cant it really depends on your situation and who you face plus terrain and a lot of factors determining the effectiveness.

e69178cf No.3643341

File: 1643022423094.png (169.94 KB, 1903x955, Screenshot 2022-01-24 at 0….png)

>abandoned FA

Also a suspended Twitter account. Did the Twatter Fur Tweet too many insults toward you that you couldn't take it anymore and violated the Twitter TOS?

>LMAO wtf are you talking about?

That must have been a commonly used line by you toward your Teachers in School. You were probably too busy playing Pokemon in class to have learned anything.

e69178cf No.3643343

File: 1643022855301.png (649.93 KB, 1901x592, wavile favorites gallery f….png)

>I ain't gay, fag.

That's what a typical little cock smoker says. You ain't gay? Your abandoned FA favorites say otherwise. They show that you're a Pokefag and a Ponyfag.

e69178cf No.3643344

You're retarded enough to be the one with the name and get suspended from Twitter.

1c5ac0cc No.3643346

Of the name has no numbers or weird way of spelling then its an original used screenname even if a character in a anime.

Just like how there is only 2 cobaltblaze screen name holders in the world the odds of there being more than 1 let alone multiple people is a very small chance. So the odds of people being right on thinking that's you is very high odds almost 100%

e69178cf No.3643347

>it's like talking to someone with Superman as the name and assuming they're the one who picked it first on a big client.

I'm sure you went bawwing about that to the other Pokefags with the name Weavile.

>It's like one of the 15 most popular Pokemon, at least among furries. Do you even know how big Pokemon is?

The franchise may be huge but it doesn't change the fact that the show is meant to entertain young children. Does Pokemon keep your simplistic mind suitably entertained?

e69178cf No.3643350

If it wasn't you, then you'd not be worried that other people thought it was you.

e69178cf No.3643353

You must be delusional with your flawed logic.

Try reading some books over watching cartoons for a change.

e69178cf No.3643355

>take advice from Steam

You can't even follow the conversation properly.

What's with this Steam obsession? He hasn't killed any of those cats, so it must be jelly because jam don't shake like that.

1c5ac0cc No.3643357

Dude you have serious issues did your mother neglect you growing up cause obviously you sound like you don't have reading comprehension dude never said anything about homosexuality and here you are jumping on a stupid argument just because someone mentioned the word pokefag obviously you never understood language and how words have very specific meanings and backgrounds what they said was super autistic super obsessive fanboys thats what insertnamehere-fag means combining day with another word is a description in a metaphorical form something I see you lack the understanding of how it functions.

e69178cf No.3643358

Did you even graduate from High School? Seriously you're really dense!

e69178cf No.3643362

>Dude you have serious issues did your mother neglect you growing up

No, he was probably just raped alot as a child. It's sad. His childhood must have been a complete tragedy.

e69178cf No.3643363

>You can suck my dick

Nobody wants your AIDS.

1c5ac0cc No.3643365

Even if you were trolling eventually you will just use the I'm just pretending. Its 100% Guarenteed that a) you just projected stupidity and project it as if its smart or impressive. b)you are 100% an idiot because you have to be an idiot to think stupidity is even useful in any conversation. Its only use is to be corrected nothing more.

e69178cf No.3643367

You fail terribly at sarcasm.

1c5ac0cc No.3643368

I just like correcting people. Nothing upset about that.

1c5ac0cc No.3643376

well aikido comes in many practices and forms like I said Ki Aikido focuses more on defense than it does for attack but thats not to say that defense is just defense as a redirect can just as easily be a universal technique being it has offensive capability but its more akin to the Naruto style gentle fist. Then theres forms like Aikikai the original style aikido school which originates from Daitō-ryū Aiki-jūjutsu style which helped in the creation of aikido

1c5ac0cc No.3643377

Aiki-jūjutsu can be broken into three styles: jujutsu (hard); aiki no jutsu (soft); and the combined aikijujutsu (hard/soft). Modern Japanese jujutsu and aikido both originated in aikijujutsu, which emphasizes "an early neutralization of an attack".[9] Like other forms of jujutsu, it emphasizes throwing techniques and joint manipulations to effectively subdue or injure an attacker. Of particular importance is the timing of a defensive technique either to blend or to neutralize an attack's effectiveness and to use the force of the attacker's movement against him. Daitō-ryū is characterized by ample use of atemi, or the striking of vital areas, to set up jointlocking or throwing tactics.

Some of the art's striking methods employ the swinging of the outstretched arms to create power and to hit with the fists at deceptive angles, as may be observed in techniques such as the atemi that sets up gyaku ude-dori (reverse elbow lock). Tokimune Takeda regarded one of the unique characteristics of the art to be its preference for controlling a downed attacker's joints with one's knee to leave one's hands free to access weapons or to deal with the threat of other attackers.

e69178cf No.3643378

1c5ac0cc No.3643379

Unbiased link for once.

And yes its not a perfect practice which is why I add serpent style aikido to the mix being it ups the effectiveness and odds in most cases and maximizes effectiveness in movement flexibility and as its not about lethal strikes in aikido though it can be if modified but then it wouldn't be aikido. As explained its more about control and discipline of self and situations its great for those in law enforcement and the military specially when you need information and to take the person down without killing.

e69178cf No.3643381

Aikido techniques can be very useful in self defense and that is why other martial arts schools have adopted some forms or modifications of these techniques too. The same can be said for ground fighting and defensive techniques because in a random street fight there is a strong chance you could get knocked to the ground and have to defend yourself while on the ground until you can get back up to your feet.

1c5ac0cc No.3643384

I guess you can put it that way. But truth be told once your opponent is on the ground the levels of effectiveness with aikido goes up because you just have to keep it that way. So its moot arguing about being lower cause as long as you can compensate you dont have any worries unless the opponent pulls a gun by then all you will need is something solid enough and dense enough to deflect or block a bullet if you have the time not that there's much time so its recommended when compensating for this to have something iron and easily wielded nearby if able.

e69178cf No.3643386

The reason I said to be able to get to your feet in a street fight is because many times you might be facing multiple attackers, so while ground techniques can work well in a one on one fight, you are at quite a disadvantage if multiple people are trying to attack you simultaneously while you are on the ground.

e69178cf No.3643389

I highly doubt that Cobalt is going to be going into a fight wearing Police riot gear. Blocking bullets is something people who've watched too many movies or played too many video games believe that they can do.

e69178cf No.3643391

File: 1643031435949.png (487.78 KB, 958x811, Screenshot 2022-01-24 at 0….png)

1c5ac0cc No.3643393

A proper aikido user will not be fazed by a simple punch to the face. Ive had someone try that once only to have me unflinching and able to take even 3 of those and still be like wtf was that dude. Once close enough to a person the effect of a punch gets lessened when you try to initiate it at close range which is why a punch is more powerful when initiated from a slight distance and connecting when in the right proximity. So cant really agree since an aikido master is more likely to get most people down on the ground where their blocks are more effective due to limited movement capability in striking. Blocking requires less effort so does redirection and as long as you aren't like taking up a lot of ground space aikido can be quite lethal in disarming and stopping movements.

e69178cf No.3643394

File: 1643031612978.png (835.9 KB, 1278x810, Screenshot 2022-01-24 at 0….png)

The full scene is more hilarious. ;D

e69178cf No.3643396

File: 1643031785071.png (626.44 KB, 735x584, Screenshot 2022-01-24 at 0….png)

>A proper aikido user will not be fazed by a simple punch to the face. Ive had someone try that once only to have me unflinching and able to take even 3 of those and still be like wtf was that dude.

Man, you're gonna bring Don King back out of retirement.

1c5ac0cc No.3643397

I own an iron helm bruv its not perfect for headshot protection but anything it does cover is bulletproof due to the fact that common access bullets by average criminals is going to be cheap as fuck and not very effective against armor. But if were talking easier use wield id say a small shield would actually be effective as well but never perfect protection. Weakness of iron is certain explosives and heavy armor piercing amunittion since its not lightweight like police riot gear but its technically what tanks are made of so its gotta be next to bulletproof if tanks use it.

e69178cf No.3643401

The point is that you are not going to walk around wearing any such protection when out and about going to the store, to a friend's house, etc..

e8b2833a No.3643403


I had a boss that always wore a vest with dummy plate and open carried.
Funny how many people don't want you in their business then.

1c5ac0cc No.3643406

Depends. The helm is worth money and to always wear it out and about would just be stupid and asking to be robbed if the assailent knows its worth money. I went to a pawn shop to try and sell it and they wouldnt buy it with the reason being they can't value it due to the price tag being on a need to know basis. BE it $800 or $5000 though I'd say it cant be more than 4,999 tops if at that price tag. And these days thats not worth losing

e69178cf No.3643407

File: 1643033011055.png (382.23 KB, 1157x1497, 463px-Opencarry.png)

I'm reminded of the "open carry" ban of David Ross from Anthrocon.

First Connor Goodwolf must be really scared to go outside anywhere without packing a gun. Second Uncle Kage and many attendees of Anthrocon were even more scared of David.

Scrooge McDuck may be an egotistical jerk to the point that he'll pose next to an empty fursuit head in a selfie to pretend that he has a girlfriend, but he's not crazy enough to pull out his gun and start shooting people up at a FurCon.

e69178cf No.3643408

There's no doubt that such a helmet is a fine piece to have in your collection.

1c5ac0cc No.3643409

I have walked around with it in public once before even went into the local sword shop to show it off then to walmart etc. And this was simply a 40 min walkabout. Got a lot of compliments and one random kid yelling at his mom to see the dragon helm as they called it. It the real name for my helm is Moria Orc helm and is a iron made replica of the character that was somehow excluded from the scenes in the fellowship.

e69178cf No.3643410

Junk recycling can not only be lucrative money wise, but it can be very interesting since you never know what kinds of good stuff you will find amongst the junk.

1c5ac0cc No.3643411

File: 1643033431492.jpg (1.56 MB, 2560x1920, 20211118_022744.jpg)

This is the helmet in question

e69178cf No.3643412


1c5ac0cc No.3643413

The partial fursuit in the background is not mine though its my younger sisters!

1c5ac0cc No.3643470

Thing is I havent even touched on the full aspect of defensive fighting I explained about blocks redirects and so on but I never explained how feints work and how they could work well or not depending on the situation and by telling others that we dont know anything is classified as dishonesty even as a competitor explainer. In martial arts you would be shamed for simply telling another that one art is useless or wrong or its bad information simply because each art is different with different strategies and uses so no one art is useless and by doing that you are being dishonest and dishonerable. You must accept your fellows regardless of disagreements in order to keep that honor intact.

I recommend you study the art of bushido and learn a bit about what honor means.

06dae8fc No.3643472

File: 1643073487538.jpg (52.33 KB, 696x377, cat yawn.jpg)


1c5ac0cc No.3643480

Cept depending on the school of aikido like I said before there is a handful of aikido styles some more useful than the last which is why I stated my style is a mix between aikikai the original school and Ki aikido which is a gentler style but works well with the more hard style school of aikido. But yes not every situation can aikido resolve. Which is why I decided to add Ki to the mix and not just focus on aikikai. But with some careful tuning aikido can be improved upon to be more effective in ways most would agree with or can see happening. Its not perfect but its pretty impressive when used right. I ended one fight in particular within the first 5 seconds with one fient turned into a pinhold and had my opponent down with no recovery so like I said previously so long as aikido users get their opponent down that opponent will be hard pressed just to get back up if they even can. Lost of martial artists will know when you are down you will find it almost impossible in a real fight to get back up without extensive training and skills.

1c5ac0cc No.3643484

I've been known to function as a tank when fighting. Like that time some random dude came up to me and tried punching my face 3 times and I didn't even flinch nor get a black eye out of it or an injury and all I had to do was one hand chokegrab to show the difference in strength.

Though I do enjoy the battle of the minds before the real fight hets started. Its interesting to watch your opponent try to psyche you out before the actual fight. Its function to prepare your opponent for what they will be facing and size them up just as much as its a display of intimidation and impressive flow of moves its also a deterrent just like words can resolve a disagreement. So it can be fun to take part in but for most I don't expect anyone to take a blow to the face let alone the head unless they have the resiliance or willpower to handle it.

When in in a real fight though I will turn off pain receptors something I didnt have to train for due to my linneage and bloodlines being a beserker by birth has its advantages but that also means I wouldnt be easily able to tell if I have been hit with a highly lethal attack because I have shut off the pain receptors and wont be feeling the injury. But by learning to feel pain in a different way like understanding bodily pressures helps to figure out if you are highly injured or not. Its not perfect either but ive learned to read it better with time.

1c5ac0cc No.3643487

I don't always fight but I always finish them
And truth be told I dont seek fights and prefer to be a pacifist but sometimes you do have to fight so not 100% avoidable. But where I can deter a fight I will since fighting is a ultimate last resort.

1c5ac0cc No.3643489

It means when I do fight I tap into my pent up rage and use it as a catalyst to access abilities far surpassing the average Joe and trained persons beserkers were known to be one of the deadliest fighters on the planet and throughout history they were in the most extreme cases of beserker prowess capable of fighting till they physically could not fight back even if they lost a limb they would be capable of ignoring that and keep fighting though thats not to say it doesnt have its risks either. Look up the history of the beserker clans of vikings old there is one such beserker you might know well Ragnar was one such beserker and in history is known as the most brutal viking to ever have lived. Though no continued bloodline has been proven found as far as we know.

1c5ac0cc No.3643491

I'm 180lbs not overweight also size isn't everything

1c5ac0cc No.3643494

My previous roomie went to school and was taking wrestling classes they apparently were top of their class and I still took them down with one hand behind my back the best they could do was bite my hand which barely phased me and had they bitten harder I probably would have done some real damage to them beyond intimidation and a choke hold had they drawn blood though as at that time I wasn't having any b.s. like the constant screaming at me and refusing to let me walk away so one day this guy pushed me too far and it resulted in a one arm fight and them losing big time. When I get serious enough fighting wise I'm a true force to be reckoned with. Otherwise id prefer not fighting as I find it a waste of energy.

1c5ac0cc No.3643497

As I said fights are a last resort I don't even like to spar either as I find it limits ones capabilitys just like competitive fighting its not a real fight of strength its all fake and limited.

9d4b6798 No.3643501

Would you care to post a demonstration video of your techniques for the board to enjoy?

1c5ac0cc No.3643505

Not really cause it would make me feel silly and besides schooling others in anything isnt my strong point I wouodnt know where to begin with all the jargon n crap so I'm stucknwith self learning rather than learning and teaching.. Though I would if it didn't make me feel weird.

9d4b6798 No.3643507

Even a basic video showing how to take proper falls would be cool.

1c5ac0cc No.3643510

Id still feel silly as I'm not cut out for teaching others in fighting. I kinda more of a manager type of person than a teacher as a teacher would have to keep calm and I have some issue with that at times. I am known quite well by many for having a bit of a temper. Call it a curse of having beserker genes. But I have been getting much better. Plus I'm not even serious about even doing such so it again will just make me feel really weird. My fluidity and. Defensive capabilities only really shine in necessary moments which is why ive never yet lost any of the streetfights ive been in. My record is a perfect all wins no tkos under my belt so far.

9d4b6798 No.3643512

Fair enough. I'll just ask one more question. Do you have friends living nearby to help you train because many of the Aikido techniques require someone to practice with?

1c5ac0cc No.3643515

I don't practice physically cause I don't get serious during sparring and I will always lose due to lack of seriousness. But I do run scenarios in my mind in a simulation so my mind I train but as far as my fighting training I just do simple weight lifting and such. Truth be told I have trained my body to react even when I'm asleep and dreaming. I am self conscious about hurting others even accidentally when its not a necessity for me. And besides I'm not the only person who learns multiple forms so theres always another person out there. And besides I feel as if I couod still use some classes eventually for it to make it official by then I might consider doing more with it.

1c5ac0cc No.3643518

I do have friends close enough to train with for me it would be mostly disarmament sparring with my friend who has trained in bostaff my weapons training consists more of tonfas and hook swords and some basic stuff with sais and shinai. I've been looking more into getting some practice in Kendo for the discipline and such. I've. Barely practiced with a shinai but can take a strike from one well enough due to my resiliance training ive gone through.

1c5ac0cc No.3643521

Well I'm self taught. Thats the difference. I take self defensr to heart its only use is in necessary situations and competitive use is strictly forbidden.

1c5ac0cc No.3643522

On the street an efficient weapon is a steel pole staff or something more manageable for a novice which can even block a swung machete then your only worry should be will a gun be pulled. Which almost nothing can stop unless you have military training or a good full body iron suit which is both useful and useless useless in the fact that its sop much weight useful in that it can stop the average joes handguns and AR's with the most basic rounds.

1c5ac0cc No.3643524

A lot of masters don't like to show off their fighting Cept in school and most refuse to enter competitions because of the fact its a discipline not a toy.

1c5ac0cc No.3643525

I was going to be going that way in 2020 January but then this fake pandemic hit and shit hit the fan and I didnt wanna get stranded so I canceled. No use in traveling now since they demand the god damned world of you just to get on a damned flying can of farts.

1c5ac0cc No.3643530

Well I can sorta puff up my muscles a little when I force flex and get psyched up but I kinda dislike that about myself I'd prefer to not have extreme muscle like that so I rarely ever do it. But I will say this I've done the whole carrying ridiculous ammounts of stuff around as a form of exercise but that had more to do with my work at the time and I would carry this ridiculous amount of stuff for hrs at a time so when I do get serious I am like the damnef energized bunny from hell

1c5ac0cc No.3643539

Should probably migrate to a thread and leave this one to get on topic.

305125a3 No.3643575

File: 1643123567086-0.jpg (190.94 KB, 400x295, Wild_Thornberrys.jpg)

File: 1643123567086-1.jpg (720.93 KB, 1200x1600, 0ecb745d03d6656e19c12acc7f….jpg)

Speaking of movies; could the Wild Thornberrys survive Zootopia?

ba225552 No.3655071

File: 1651027721992.webm (7.65 MB, 1280x720, TurningRedER.webm)

E;R did a thing on the Panda Movie. 1 min few spoilers edition.

I actually kinda liked it. The positives outshine the uh questionable stuff.

e4666ccf No.3655610

File: 1651497942014.jpg (833.29 KB, 1068x1650, 8c193113014a175f75a595fbb0….jpg)

High quality rips of The Bad Guys are now available at wherever you go for piracy

8fcd6cb4 No.3655619

File: 1651516311200.jpg (670.56 KB, 1489x2048, 94cbdbcc1f7df43bc69f28559c….jpg)

damn that was a good movie

763cc3d1 No.3655623


Good torrent. Confirmed by me to not be a honey pot.

20d07e28 No.3655625

File: 1651522359033-0.jpg (132.25 KB, 1920x800, VideoCapture_20220502-1507….jpg)

File: 1651522359033-1.jpg (138.25 KB, 1920x800, VideoCapture_20220502-1507….jpg)

File: 1651522359033-2.jpg (172.6 KB, 1920x800, VideoCapture_20220502-1508….jpg)

I got mine earlier today from here:

TPB is allover the place nowadays, YTS is better (if you aren't some snob who needs 20gb bluray quality shit).

763cc3d1 No.3655626

i wanted to watch it on my 60' and not my computer monitor

20d07e28 No.3655627

File: 1651522697554-0.png (544.7 KB, 1260x901, Screenshot_2022-05-02 The ….png)

Also since the Shawn Keller thread got pushed off the board, I'll post this here


20d07e28 No.3655628

bah, you can't tell the difference between 4k and 1080p from your couch anyway

btw 4k version will be uploaded soon on yts too

29c335a7 No.3655629

I just use https://unblockit.llc to have a variety of options.

33c7ae81 No.3655656

As crazy as the man is, the dude puts out top notch animation.

20d07e28 No.3655658

I wonder if it's just a character, cause that kind of eccentric isn't really something you see in younger generations.

33c7ae81 No.3655663

No it's his personality. If you've ever talked to him you'll see that he's completely wrapped up in his world of cartoons. I guess that's what makes him so creative?

1a0dae63 No.3658414

File: 1653689464535.png (1.23 MB, 1278x769, Screenshot 2022-05-27 at 1….png)

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