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01dd289e No.3644620

Well, I got notified about 5 hours ago that I FINALLY have my rehab date date and this should be actually legit, starting Friday after a 36 hour medically assisted dry out period. Probably going to disappear for a while, but I intend to bring back the Friday Night Lulz stream come friday the 11th. I still have my stupidly expensive and totally unnecessary laptop, so as long as I have a signal I'll at least get it running again.

Any services you prefer if you're interested? My biggest complaints way back when was from just what services I used to stream, I just liked tinychat because you didn't have to register or anything to use it.

01dd289e No.3644621

I'm going to be heading out early tomorrow morning, hopefully you wont hear me bitching tomorrow evening about another delay, and completely wasted 6 hour round trip.

31396eeb No.3644631

File: 1643780288275.jpeg (269.1 KB, 1918x2048, FJ_nfVqWUAIiHH6.jpeg)

Come back to Discord, Steam.

634820bb No.3644666

I'd say you are too dependant on the alcohol. You know how much I enjoy drinking a lot but even I wouldnt drink more than maybe once a month or once every 3 months hell have a bottle of red wine just sitting around for almost a year now. What you need is willpower to slow down. And only you can muster that much. All you will get is a paid doctor Telling you how to find a way to help you fix yourself they barely do anything to help and will probably push medications for something you should be capable of doing for yourself. Its like witchdoctory..

31396eeb No.3644726

File: 1643867539552.jpeg (282.65 KB, 1065x943, FKoua3VWQAM698j.jpeg)

When I went to rehab, they didn't allow computers or any electronics outside an alarm clock or AM/FM radio. No music players, cell phones, anything. Its very likely this is the case at the facility you're in.

Sorry Steam, not only are you going to be detoxing from alcohol, but from the Internet as well.

See you in a month. o7

9f338ddd No.3645860

They allow electronics, I'm there now posting from my laptop. Unfortunately the internet is stupidly slow, I've been using a VPN to be able to visit all but the most vanilla of sites. So not going to be doing that streaming thing. Even if I wanted to burn phone data to do it, I've got 1 bar if im lucky.

I'm glad I got in, even though it took forever, the blood tests showed that I was dangerously low in everything but liver enzymes. So many IV's… So many pills…

d5770697 No.3645889

Don't forget never trust big pharma. Or therapists.

dcc84fa3 No.3645891

The worst part about the rehabs I've been to has been all the 12 Step circlejerking. i still understand why they're treating a century old religious screed as though it's actually sound science and a valid medical treatment. It's like they're trying to cure cancer with leeches and bloodletting.

d5770697 No.3645900

Thats why I said its all a sham in the end its not anyone but you helping yourself all they do is get paid to sit and talk anyone can do this and you dont need a PHD or diploma to do it. Why the phrase armchair physcology is even a phrase. Everything involved is about personal willpower nothing more. If you can go to rehab then you can obviously save yourself going to others for help is just a way to say please talk with me and help me find my own solutions.

5cdac774 No.3653743

File: 1649723813517.jpg (148.71 KB, 1500x1500, ca30493e639dc12ebe7f8aee1a….jpg)

Has anyone heard from Steam recently? Been wondering how our residents alcoholic raccoon has been doing since he went quiet

98c68a93 No.3653744

I'm sure I aaw him post recently and is just not on here as often might be that they finnally made a concious life choice and cutting 90% of this place out of it was part of that.

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