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9b85c19e No.3645087

Eurovision general.

Not much to say about the entries so far. But really, what's the matter with Ireland? They send the exact same type of ditzy girl-pop two times in a row, score LAST PLACE with both…. and now they send ANOTHER one, that's almost unimaginably even worse, you could think someone's betting on them making last place again… this is seriously one of the worst entries i've heard in the last 10-15 years!


107e060c No.3645108

Every year I see a bunch of yuropoors talking about this shit yet I never hear anything from any of the musicians involved in this trash outside of it.

If the music or the people making it were good then people would be listening to that music outside of the contest already. That means the music and musicians must be all shit.

9b85c19e No.3645136

Obviously you're American and you don't care about any European music outside of the UK and Ireland anyway.

Also, Norway's selection just featured a furry entry…. sort of.


d10c10ea No.3645148

One of the big points of Eurovision is that nobody actually wants to win it.

The winner has to host next year, and it's fucking expensive, so only a handful of try-hard countries are taking it seriously. The rest are there simply for the appearances. The artists are all second rate local celebrities that have no international appeal whatsoever, and the music is just an excuse to have a big glitter-themed piss-up.

d10c10ea No.3645151

Nobody else does either.

The Eurovisions is just about small ex-soviet countries showing up to prove that they still exist, and Russia trying to pretend they belong to Europe. The point counting is all political and in the end they're overridden by the phone-in votes anyways, so you just waste couple hours watching Moldova give 12 points to Azerbaijan over some dancing grannies and then Italy wins with 200 audience votes.

Everyone else is having a contest about who shows up with the most fucked up nonsensical show. UK, Iceland, Sweden… everyone who's won it once just don't give a fuck.

fb17e3cb No.3645221


It's never superstars competing, just nationaly or regionally known artists and bands.

9b85c19e No.3645267

Italy just sent a gay duet, surprisingly the first ever in Eurovision:

And Jewistan sent the most flaming gay ever:

9b85c19e No.3646595

Lol, Latvia just sent a song full of obscenities that have to be changed for it to be allowed in the contest.


Also, Ukraine and Lithuania are pretty weird:


9b85c19e No.3647865

File: 1645306846935.jpg (95.69 KB, 1200x675, FI-kgQqWYAEBWOK[1].jpg)

Norway just sent this. Someone give them better fursuits….


d6afea5f No.3647927

File: 1645357442647.jpg (131.9 KB, 1500x1000, tryne.jpg)

what a fucking disgrace, norway appropriating wolf culture like this at the same time as they are committing wolf genocide

9b85c19e No.3648052

File: 1645383931950.jpg (94.5 KB, 515x791, 2020eurovision.jpg)

9b85c19e No.3649894

Serbia sends a patrician art pop number.

Australia's really good IMO:

France is pretty cool too:

9b85c19e No.3650144

Georgia's pretty patrician too:

46a0d8f6 No.3650154

File: 1646865514186.jpg (150.89 KB, 800x1000, 262766422_742807740447237_….jpg)

You know it's a show for uncultured trisomics, Chris. Cease spamming that and get a life.

9b85c19e No.3652915

File: 1649012061170-0.jpg (57.8 KB, 682x491, everyone.jpg)

File: 1649012061170-1.jpg (115.02 KB, 500x794, fivehours.jpg)

File: 1649012061170-2.jpg (268.62 KB, 1419x1000, doitforhim.jpg)

Who is Chris and what is a trisomic?

Also, Azerbaijan's entry is really growing for me, i think it can go really well. Also ironically starting to like Bulgaria's entry, pic related.

9b85c19e No.3656859

File: 1652551488926.jpg (54.77 KB, 514x514, mcflag.jpg)

Spain is gonna win.

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