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We almost lost our hosting over this once before.
Please take it elsewhere.

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I guess now is the best to share a little project i have been working on for the past few months. : )


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"Please take it elsewhere".


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Somewhere not on the clearnet, I suppose.

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Dead foxes are not illegal.
Pictures of dead foxes are not illegal.
What is the host's problem?

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File: 1646060916317.png (43.12 KB, 711x263, Screenshot_2022-02-28 suck….png)

Making this isn't illegal.
Posting this isn't illegal.
Posting this isn't against the site rules.
Stop fucking deleting this shit.

And to the dirtbag zoofaggot who reported my thread last time (this time it wasn't my thread), get the fuck over it, I have never hurt any animals and I don't encourage it, get a fucking hobby.

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>>Please take it elsewhere.

I have been a regular for over a decade, you don't get to tell me to go elsewhere just cause you don't like my content. Just [-] or ignore it. I bet you have fetishes I don't like, cause if you wouldn't, you wouldn't be here.

Also where am I even gonna go? Should I go on some shady ass onion site where only monsters and abusers hang out? The only fucking reason I didn't end up worse is cause I've always kept my stuff open and in the clear and avoided all the horrible places where people posted genuinely awful things. Worst I've visited was 8chan's necrozoo (back then when I was looking for those raccoon vids, and even there, there was some shady shit that may have been posted by people who hunt, I don't like that) I never hurt anybody and I insist on that, I don't want to hang out with that lot.

If you tell me to go elsewhere, you are dooming me to interact with genuine abusers.

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File: 1646062884875.jpg (100.19 KB, 520x343, Gabe_Newell_Boob_Mouse_Pad.jpg)

Oh! The lulz archive works! Nice!

The real archive is text-only, right?

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I call bullshit. I've been around since 2006-2007 and there's been far worse that dead foxes posted here, but some newfag with a micropenis probably doesn't remember the CP spam through the main board and all in oekaki, video links of the Zeta beheadings in the late 2000's/early 2010's.

the only hosting you're losing is that hard-on from shitposting in the /pol/ thread.

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File: 1646083297634.png (57.24 KB, 360x332, 28276992_p8.png)

How often I have sex is none of your god damn business and as long as nobody and nothing is being harmed, I don't want to hear any god damn complaints.

If you think other things are important, fine, your life, you're free to do whatever you like, but I'm also free do do my own fucking thing and when I'll need your advice I'll fucking ask for it.

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File: 1646091079619.gif (1.96 MB, 430x300, wKN7qV2 (2).gif)

3D modeling and sculpting
painting (haven't in a while tbh)
repairing and reconditioning precision electronics (camcorders, VHS machines etc.)
retro computing
weight lifting and cycling (prefer the latter cause I'm lazy)
reading (usually fantasy or horror novels)
amateur taxidermy
video games (rarely, but started playing Bendy and the Ink Machine, re-playing Amnesia AMFP, cause when I first played it it was a laggy unplayable mess and finished playing Detroit: Become Human at a relative cause my potato card from 5-6 generations ago can't handle it and I swear I will finish Penumbra and STALKER SHOC this decade)

Ok, do I have enough hobbies or do I really need more?

5ced4c83 No.3649190

buddy where the fuck do you think you're going to have to go when you get this website booted off the net

c0d167d6 No.3649191

File: 1646094021016.jpg (42.67 KB, 541x532, hellothisisass.jpg)

It won't get booted off the net if nobody reports anything.

Stop getting butthurt over content you don't like. If it ain't illegal or nobody is harmed, just let it be.

59495f75 No.3649192

You're fucking naive. If you've truly been here a decade, you of all people should know that it was bound to be reported again. You can fuck off instead of taking the site down with you.

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File: 1646097405757.png (231.49 KB, 500x409, 48ACD.png)

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File: 1646098050520.jpg (80.58 KB, 263x362, sexfaece23.jpg)

>>You're fucking naive. If you've truly been here a decade, you of all people should know that it was bound to be reported again.
I know it will be reported again because we have a humongous fucking autismo around here who can't leave well enough alone. But.

I am a hopeless optimist, hoping against all odds, that maybe, just maybe, he or she will listen and be willing to have a conversation and we'll see how it goes from there. If they want me to make sure I don't abuse animals, that's taken care of. I don't. If they want to make sure my content doesn't encourage other people to abuse animals, I already went above and beyond in my disclaimers and I always start the videos with a personal appeal to consider animal welfare. So that's also taken care of. And if they have another reason, I'm sure we can meet somewhere in the middle and make it work.

Realistically, will it work? Probably not.

>>You can fuck off instead of taking the site down with you.

I don't think I will, actually.

59495f75 No.3649201

>I know it will be reported again
So you just do it anyway? Wow, what an asshole.

c0d167d6 No.3649206

File: 1646098961058.jpeg (77.5 KB, 440x348, lulz.net_tech_support.jpeg)



Okay, smartass. Let's go through it. logically, step by step.

So I leave my house in the morning.
I go around for a bit.
I find a dead fox on the side of the road.
I put the dead fox in my bag.
I go home.

At which fucking point did I abuse any animals?! It's a dead fucking fox, I could fucking just throw it in my garbage can if I wanted to and there would be zero complaints. But god forbid that I touch peepees with it cause it makes frustrated sexless virgins like you mad ugh.

Or you can maybe help convince that person to not report it, asshole.

59495f75 No.3649210

>Or you can maybe help convince that person to not report it, asshole.
I have no stake in trying to reason with anyone who would report those threads to the web hosting company. Its not like we even know who is doing it.

500feda7 No.3649211

Not exactly. The images and webms are saved there but they are linked to rather than embedded.

I would like to make my own onion site for this kinda stuff where abusers and hunting/trapping stuff is strictly forbidden. But I am not sure if I am up to the task of moderating it because I know the site will still attract horrible people and keeping them out will be a tedious game of whack-a-mole. I agree it should be out in the clearweb though.

c0d167d6 No.3649212

File: 1646099375071.jpg (82.83 KB, 550x689, drunk-dad-meme.jpg)

Do you lie about people all the time, or are you making an exception just for me?

>>I have no stake in trying to reason with anyone who would report those threads
But you did whine about the board going down.

784d8e1a No.3649213

It is against Federal law to post photos of an animal that was killed for sexual gratification. The host is probably just playing it safe.

See the federal PACT law for more info.


59495f75 No.3649216

>But you did whine about the board going down.
Yes, which is a perfectly valid concern. Instead of risking the life of this board (which is already an ancient ruin) it gets purged.
You know what the best option is? Deletion.

c0d167d6 No.3649217

File: 1646099810623.jpeg (273.85 KB, 800x800, furry_roadkill.jpeg)

Good. That's a good law, I don't mind.

So then all I have to do is attach pictures of the road where I found it, and it should be 100% legal, yes?

Hmmm, I didn't notice the links, I guess. I need to check again.

Yeah, it's probably for the best to not host things down there, you will attract creepy people for sure.

c0d167d6 No.3649218

File: 1646099971560.jpg (54.78 KB, 684x723, 8b176028ce342e96bee0b4e63a….jpg)

Or people can stop being big fucking babies and report shit that they don't like.

784d8e1a No.3649220

A car driven by a transsexual pedophile furry wearing a fox fursuit.

c0d167d6 No.3649221

File: 1646100303439.jpg (36.99 KB, 400x400, idunno.jpg)

Wait. WAIT.

Hold on.

I read a good chunk of it, and it seems to specifically apply to animal crushing

I forgot the code tags so

(1) Crushing.–It shall be unlawful for any person to
purposely engage in animal crushing in or affecting interstate
or foreign commerce or within the special maritime and
territorial jurisdiction of the United States.
``(2) Creation of animal crush videos.–It shall be unlawful
for any person to knowingly create an animal crush video, if–
``(A) the person intends or has reason to know that
the animal crush video will be distributed in, or using
a means or facility of, interstate or foreign commerce;
``(B) the animal crush video is distributed in, or
using a means or facility of, interstate or foreign
``(3) Distribution of animal crush videos.–It shall be
unlawful for any person to knowingly sell, market, advertise,
exchange, or distribute an animal crush video in, or using a
means or facility of, interstate or foreign commerce.

c0d167d6 No.3649222

) Definitions.–In this section–
``(1) the term `animal crushing' means actual conduct in
which one or more living non-human mammals, birds, reptiles, or
amphibians is purposely crushed, burned, drowned, suffocated,
impaled, or otherwise subjected to serious bodily injury (as
defined in section 1365 and including conduct that, if committed
against a person and in the special maritime and territorial
jurisdiction of the United States, would violate section 2241 or
``(2) the term `animal crush video' means any photograph,
motion-picture film, video or digital recording, or electronic
image that–
``(A) depicts animal crushing; and
``(B) is obscene; and
``(3) the term `euthanizing an animal' means the humane
destruction of an animal accomplished by a method that–
``(A) produces rapid unconsciousness and subsequent
death without evidence of pain or distress; or
``(B) uses anesthesia produced by an agent that
causes painless loss of consciousness and subsequent

At 2 it's A 'and B, not or.

As in, this doesn't apply.

784d8e1a No.3649223

59495f75 No.3649224

You know that's not going to happen.

c0d167d6 No.3649225

File: 1646101590813.jpg (108.8 KB, 544x350, bedfellows_wtf.jpg)

➡️ It outlaws purposeful crushing, burning, drowning, suffocation, impalement and other purposeful acts that cause “serious bodily injury” to animals other than fish. It also prohibits some acts of sexual abuse against animals other than fish, but this particular provision seems to have a qualifier that such acts are only prohibited if committed in the “special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States” (federal property). The rest of the PACT Act applies to acts “in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce,” in addition to federal property. This limitation on the jurisdiction of animal sexual abuse crimes seems to negatively affect the federal prosecution of, for example, bestiality videos that are distributed online.
➡️ It outlines exemptions for humane euthanasia; slaughter for food; recreational activities such as hunting, trapping, and fishing; medical and scientific research; normal veterinary, agricultural husbandry, or other animal management practice; unintentional acts; and acts that are necessary to protect the life or property of a person.
➡️ It does not apply to anything other than the specific acts of cruelty listed above.
➡️ It does not cover all acts of animal cruelty.
➡️ It does not cover acts of neglect, abandonment, extreme weather, filthy conditions, or tethering issues.
➡️ It does not cover “puppy mill” issues.

Roadkill would fall under unintentional acts, if it's even mentioned at all, I didn't manage to find any result of anyone even discussing this law relating to roadkill (because it would be fucking stupid). Also my foxes don't even look crushed, so there you go.

Thread over, debate over, y'all can go home.

That's some "but did you see how short her skirt was?" victim blaming shit.

By the way, aren't people who falsely report a crime legally liable in some way? Not that I'd bother taking it to court, but they would be lying about it breaking the law. Falsely fining a DMCA does get you into legal trouble for example.

59495f75 No.3649227

>>That's some "but did you see how short her skirt was?" victim blaming shit.
>Compairing this to rape
Haha wow

c0d167d6 No.3649228

File: 1646101884197.jpg (49.08 KB, 500x382, AVMA.jpg)

Also where are you fucking morons protesting actual animal abuse like using leg traps and killing animals for sport? Huh?

Fucking radio silence.

But when it's me, yeah, I'm definitely the villain.

59495f75 No.3649229

>Why aren't people on an anonymous imageboard virtue signaling?

c0d167d6 No.3649230

Excuse you, asshole, you accused me of animal abuse, and now you tell me actually doing SOMETHING to help animals, and it only takes writing a letter to your local representative to ban this shit is too much effort for you?

Fucking unreal man.

59495f75 No.3649234

Show me where in this thread I called you an animal abuser.

c0d167d6 No.3649239

File: 1646104435172.jpg (87.61 KB, 500x500, artworks-000654142342-jj77….jpg)

Okay, the other guy called me an abuser, my mistake.


Is that projection? Schools are just fine, imo, where else would you sent those annoying little shits off to, to get some peace and quiet?

4fecc265 No.3649261

Maybe we should send you there for some peace and quiet ;P

500feda7 No.3649355

>>Yeah, it's probably for the best to not host things down there, you will attract creepy people for sure.

I do not agree with this entirely. It's true that it will attract creeps, but that is true for the clearweb as well. Take the old 8chan necrozoo board for example. They had a rule against killing the animal for sex. But people still posted that. Even on here, people posted hunting pics on your threads when you asked them not to.

If you really wanna share your stuff out in the open, it's gonna attract creeps whether you like it or not. One solution is site moderation. Make sure mods are deleting the abusive stuff before it gets too out of hand. And if it seems like the mods don't care or are doing a really bad job and the creeps take over the site, that would be a good time to leave.

If we had our own site, we could both moderate it to make sure no one posts abusive content. If we had to, we could even pre-moderate uploads so that abusive content never even becomes public on the site.

0c44fe65 No.3649357

File: 1646195146474.png (245.78 KB, 1000x800, 1486648101.mehhh_robofox.png)

I don't want to see people getting trouble for dead foxes.
I want people to make silicone fox toys it is more ethical.

0571006d No.3649361

Don't think it's a matter of ethics.
It's just freak'n gross. 🤢🤮

165ae9ed No.3649374

>I don't want to see people getting trouble for dead foxes.

I want to never again see people that fuck dead foxes.

7402d78d No.3649400

Problem solved.

c0d167d6 No.3649530

File: 1646351936436.jpg (50.95 KB, 1024x768, secks.jpg)

PS to the mod who keeps deleting my shit

There's no sex going on here.

I think I agree with that. Though, realistically, those people will do their crap anyway, if it's banned, they'll just post it somewhere more private. Although I admit, on some level I don't want to know that it exists, at least. I have enough anxiety as it is, already.

If I had enough money, that would probably be the ideal option. A stuffed AI-controlled fox doll would be the best thing in the world.

d59743ea No.3649531

File: 1646352165186.png (369.07 KB, 840x859, 1645958617037.png)


I could be wrong but my understanding was someone visited /furi & reported the last thread to Ch00b's hosting company ISP trying to get /furi permanently shutdown. The Mods here are probably just taking precautions no matter the content.

I agree, any form on censorship is wrong, but if it prevents /furi from being permanently taken down, then it has to be done.

You have alot of "haters" of /furi, I know some mods/users from e621/furaffinity & kiwi-farms have a hate boner for /furi & want to see it's demise.

c0d167d6 No.3649533

File: 1646353238894.png (6.61 KB, 327x254, Commisan_over.png)

I don't know what to say.

I can't believe all the bestiality and actual animal abuse never got reported to the ISP, and the CP spam got so bad that google blacklisted us (you can't search unless you type site:lulz.net) so I'm having trouble believing that the ISP shat itself over a roadkill fox. I'm not doubting Ch00b, I'm just saying he either didn't understand what had been posted or was so bad at explaining it that the thread had to be deleted.

Yeah, they hate this place cause it's not an over-moderated politically correct shithole. Kiwifarms is full of losers who (ab)use ethical causes in order to hurt people, bottom of the barrel human garbage.

9cbd0153 No.3649535

File: 1646355294811.jpg (1.02 MB, 1200x798, GPJNews_Mexico_MG_Meat-Mar….jpg)


Top, reminds me of a butcher's meat market.
Middle, one stuff toy just rubbing paws
Bottom, pelts… yeah…

c0d167d6 No.3649546

File: 1646359078182.jpg (42.39 KB, 500x373, 5127_103448676346_50999134….jpg)

Man, that place looks unsanitary as fuck. They didn't use the freezer counter and being that crowded and with meat as slippery as it is, touch anything and something else will land on the floor for sure D:
They do have Jebus on the wall though, Mexicans have some ass-backwards fucking priorities man.

Was too lazy to convert the clip of me playing with the tail. Thinking of doing it later. Tails are nice.

(also, yes, in the upper right corner, that's indeed fox leg and back meat :3)

79af9764 No.3649567

Absolutely this. By posting this shit you are feeding even worse people than the absolutely retarded "it was already dead" high ground persona you claim to have. It will attract these people, connect them, embolden them, and that will harm animals. It's the same fucking reason possessing CP is illegal, even if "it was already" in existence and you were provably not a part of the suffering to produce it. Don't scapegoat other animal content to get yourself off the hook for tipping the scale when it is all fucking bad.

The hosting company is a private entity so if you want to protest censorship take it to your government instead and let them know you want to fuck dead animals freely. Ch00b as a private citizen doesn't have to stand up for or justify the presence of your content on his site either. The last time the site was threatened with non-existence, the subject in question (Bernal) also became a rule, so fuck off, and mods keep doing your job.

d6312cfd No.3649569

File: 1646368865498.jpg (184.31 KB, 1280x1024, 7172e751cdbe0aba3ba68cd243….jpg)

d6312cfd No.3649571

I am from the country of Vulgaria.
We have lots of dead foxes here to fuck.
Lots and lots and lots.
Our President was elected on a platform of "A dead fox on every penis."
Come visit Vulgaria, you will like it.

5ced4c83 No.3649573

this, for fuck's sake

59495f75 No.3649575

Take it up with cho0b. His email is [email protected]

500feda7 No.3649576

File: 1646371881649-0.jpg (211.14 KB, 763x1000, IMG_20220103_100744_921.jpg)

File: 1646371881649-1.jpg (320.36 KB, 533x800, 2211111211111232.jpg)

File: 1646371881649-2.jpg (89.65 KB, 688x604, TdAKkK0.jpg)

>>Though, realistically, those people will do their crap anyway, if it's banned, they'll just post it somewhere more private.
True. Nothing anyone can really do about that. Shitty people will be shitty.

Since foxes are not common pets, I think the odds of seeing zoosadist torture material involving them is much lower. (Not counting trapping in that because while it IS sadistic torture, they already have forums and places to discuss out in the open.) The best we can do is try to discourage it, which is what the disclaimers are for.

I am not interested in creating a necro/roadkill community forum site anymore. Instead I want to make a fox photo and video gallery that could serve as an anatomy reference site. Roadkill and sexual stuff will be allowed but trapping, hunting, torture, etc. will not be allowed. Maybe I will allow people to submit images and comment on images but they have to be approved by mod before they go public. Most of the stuff on the site would be regular fox photos that are kinda lewd like these ones.

c0d167d6 No.3649577

File: 1646371896521.webm (5.76 MB, 608x1080, Finnegan Fox.webm)

Okay, here's something nice, since I'm about to deal with stupid people.

Wow, what a fucking sorry excuse of an "argument".

>>By posting this shit you are feeding even worse people than the absolutely retarded "it was already dead" high ground persona you claim to have

You have zero facts to back up this claim, just shit you pulled out of your ass. You don't know if it enables them or stops them. It's just your fucking opinion. Well I can have an opinion too. Just fucking skip the pseudo-intellectual wankery and say that you don't fucking fancy it.

In my opinion I am offering people a pain-free alternative.

There was a time when I didn't know this option existed. And I talked to a handful of people about it, but I used to be into some very dark shit. Guro and up, that stuff and worse. It was fantasy only, but I had all that was needed to want to do some seriously fucked up shit. My roadkill stuff didn't just keep that from happening by keeping me happy and entertained, but combined with the Saveafox stuff, it has made me into a new man, that has re-thought his entire ethical framework. I never gave a fuck about fur farms and hunting until this. Now it makes me physically ill. I'm spending hours a week having fucking panic attacks over this shit, you don't even know what it's like. It worked too well maybe, but I still think I'm better off. If I can save even one person from ending up like what monster alternate reality me could have been, then it's fucking worth it and you shut your mouth and shove your fucking feelings I don't care that you don't like it.

People who want to abuse animals don't need my help to do so, and disapproving and appealing to what's left of their empathy is all I can do, and if I talk to people who are into this stuff and maybe see early signs, maybe I can talk them out of it myself.

Roadkill is the easiest thing in the world to get, it's fucking everywhere. That's the great part. There's no need to hurt or rape animals. And people who live in cities and can't get roadkill, probably can't abuse any foxes either, so it doesn't matter either way, that's other people's fight to fight, I can only focus on so many things at a time…

>>The last time the site was threatened with non-existence

Fucking please. This site is spammed with motherfucking child porn every week and that didn't kill it, and some roadkill fox will? You're fucking out of your mind.

5ced4c83 No.3649578

how the fuck can one person have such a huge victim complex
adios yourself

9cbd0153 No.3649581

File: 1646372677842.png (932.22 KB, 1188x778, 3dprintedorganswhen.png)


The First Full-Size 3D Print of a Human Heart Is Here

May I suggest bring a dead fox to a body scanner and 3d Print it's internal organs? We have the tech to do that already but we human are not making it a reality.

c0d167d6 No.3649582

File: 1646373113331-0.png (57.94 KB, 561x819, Screenshot_2022-03-03 Sent….png)

File: 1646373113331-1.png (71.22 KB, 565x852, Screenshot_2022-03-03 Sent….png)

Also, look how stupid you are, you didn't even understand that guy's comment, re-read the last line.

(obsolete, since new post arrived just seconds before, check >>3649576 for clarification)

He wants to make a site where this kind of stuff can be posted, and to make sure that no abusive content (hunting, drugged live foxes etc.) is posted, we'd ask for more info about every single post, something I'm not against, but you don't know that, because you only understand what your stupid ass wants to understand.

I already did. MONTHS AGO.

Fuck off if you don't like it.

Thanks for clarifying. Probably the better option.

5ced4c83 No.3649583

>Fuck off if you don't like it.
just [-] them if you don't like them my guy

c0d167d6 No.3649584

Same to you.

5ced4c83 No.3649585

not really
collapsing my posts has no effect on anything
collapsing your posts gets the site shut down

5ced4c83 No.3649587

stop whatabouting, we're not talking about the child porn right now, we're talking about you, the one thing on this site that's demonstrably a credible liability to it being shut down

091a3b20 No.3649591

File: 1646374480928.jpg (82.19 KB, 533x800, f5c.jpg)

Aaaaand sniped.

5ced4c83 No.3649593

500feda7 No.3649594

79af9764 No.3649597

>dead animal fucker finally spergs out when cornered

ecad372e No.3649598

File: 1646375023063.png (41.11 KB, 559x475, Screenshot_2022-03-04 Sent….png)

I'm not gonna go away and this fucking bullshit can't fly. You can't fucking delete whatever you don't like. That content wasn't sexual, it was anatomical only. Posting dead animals never conceivably fucking broke ANY rule ever.

If THIS breaks the rules, then we need a rule list.

I'm fine with respecting rules as long as it's clear what they are.

5ced4c83 No.3649600

mooooooods the schizo's ban evading

ecad372e No.3649601

File: 1646375155151.jpg (361.73 KB, 1272x912, 20220301_202457_Fox.jpg)

Living fox outside my village.
Let's see if this one breaks the rule too.

Because it's clear that this isn't about any rules.

968a6204 No.3649603

holy shit the autism in here

ecad372e No.3649604

Because getting butthurt over content that you don't like is not autistic.

And I'm willing to bet that the asshole who wrote to the ISP is in this thread right now, because there are like two-three fucking people on this entire board who had a problem with my crap. Everybody else figured out how to use that goddamn [-] button.

5ced4c83 No.3649606

why do you believe you are above consequences
why do you feel it necessary to impose yourself onto a community that quite clearly does not want your presence

ecad372e No.3649607

Let's test that real quick, shall we.

People who want to be up to date with my stuff and who I'm emailing updates: 11
Triggered losers who whine about my content: 2-3
People who don't care: everybody else

Yeah, nah. Wrong. Fuck off.

5ced4c83 No.3649608

why do you find it remotely justifiable for animals to die to satisfy your sexual impulses

answer the questions

ecad372e No.3649609

File: 1646376604040.png (97.25 KB, 379x456, you.png)

Because they didn't.

People didn't drive over foxes specifically so I can fuck them. And I don't own a car so there you go.

42458191 No.3649623

> keep banning the retard
I suggest a range ban is appropriate now.

500feda7 No.3649625

jUsT BaN AlL Ip aDdReSsEs!!!! tHaT'Ll sToP HiM!!!!1111

ecad372e No.3649626

File: 1646381793940.jpg (46.47 KB, 625x468, 62b15dec772e1c51e1.jpg)

It wouldn't help.

But as I said.

I'm willing to respect any rule, as long as it's written down somewhere. The no Bernal rule was. Nothing else was bannable, unless it was illegal. Human gore is allowed. Dead animals in general have been posted to hell and back (nobody banned the guy who spammed my thread with hunting pics), there is literally zero justification in moderator action here, other than some faggot, who should have never gotten mod powers, doesn't like it.

If it ain't illegal, it shouldn't be banned. And it isn't, the crushing act doesn't cover it, publishing bestiality is banned in like one state and this isn't even bestiality, no state will fucking prosecute this no matter how you look at it.

ecad372e No.3649628

File: 1646382389510.jpg (27.7 KB, 200x200, 20020028345..jpg)

Anyway, I'm going to sleep, this is a waste of my time.

And everybody on my list will get an update with the full video that the webms were from. For the endoscope guy I'm currently writing a reply and I have a photo of fox stomach contents (washed), plus I do have a new fox. Maybe I'll give the endoscope another go today or tomorrow.

And anyone can probably find my stuff in the lulz archive in the anonfiles "thread". I got enough proxies to burn for one time uploads, since I'm losing them in 2-3 days due to dnsbl anyway.

ecad372e No.3649632

File: 1646382956763.gif (218.09 KB, 300x302, 1234615983860.gif)

Anyway, you'll know it when you see it.

441bef07 No.3649652

File: 1646392177774.jpg (13.76 KB, 342x280, 1452562222485.jpg)


The irony of kiwifarms autists seething about questionable dead fox content here when the site owner (Null) hosts archived content of animal rape/abuse from the Kero debacle. I guess they think that's fine though because it's preserving evidence for posterity or some other gay shit, regardless of the fact that it's unequivocally worse in every aspect. These same people also have no problem with livestock being raised in nightmarish conditions akin to a living hell because meat tastes good.

Critical thinking and liberty are foreign, if not impossible concepts to the vast population.

472a0269 No.3649668

Do foxes have tonsils? I figured if anyone would know it might be you. And if they do, are they large or rather small?

ab5ab3f3 No.3649673

i hate you so fucking much
and i just know your penis has been inside that

9cbd0153 No.3649682

File: 1646423478511.png (25.75 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

ecad372e No.3649684

File: 1646424020070.webm (7.75 MB, 1280x720, fuzzbutt walk anim.webm)

Also somebody asked in another thread if fox butts jiggle. Yes, they very much do.

Did you catch the paw stuff I posted yesterday? I still owe you a MxF paw play video.


That's nice but I
- don't use Lavf55.36.101
- don't do VP8 (VP9 is better, even if it takes longer to encode)
- don't do mute videos because most people have ears and this isn't the 1920s
- don't do <3MB videos, I'd rather crank the bitrate
But do repost my content, it works for me.

Yeah, and what the average leg trap user does is 100x more barbaric and cruel than a zoophile who actively rapes his pets, but Kiwifarms will focus on the latter but shrug off the former.

It's all about how big of a lolcow they think they have in their crosshairs. Kero's thread is a billion miles long and they track his every move and every fart and Winlock Tim's thread is barely a few pages. Kero maybe screwed some roadkill, it's not even confirmed. And Winlock Tim disembowels living puppies and fucks their twitching mangled dying bodies. But one's a popufur and the other's a nobody. Fucking Kiwifarms priorities man.

And yeah, while I'm a meat eater, factory farming and caging animals in general (except for transportation) should be illegal. Free range only.

Why? It would have only ended up crushed in a garbage truck and thrown in some landfill who knows where.

Don't worry, the fox didn't complain.

9cbd0153 No.3649686

File: 1646424268402.jpg (6.88 KB, 259x194, download.jpg)

Gonna replace the music with what did "the fox say?" soundtrack.


ecad372e No.3649688

File: 1646424734275.jpg (338.83 KB, 1024x715, 6yDLJ2s.jpg)

I liked that song since before I liked foxes :3

I do plan to use it some day if it fits.

ecad372e No.3649690

File: 1646424912090.jpg (89.02 KB, 248x377, tonsillitis_2009.jpg)

I think so. Dogs do, so foxes probably have them too. I'll go check during the next days. As I said, I'll give the endoscope another go. This time trying a picture in picture layout.

9cbd0153 No.3649693

File: 1646425662335.png (1.06 MB, 1384x852, realisticfoxtoytet.png)


Capabilities of creating a realistic fox toy.

3D printed scanner to scan bones and store the fox skeletal model in blender.

Cast and mold silicone organs and skin on the skeleton model.

Add the pelt or create a synthetic pelt if you don't want to kill and harvest any fox.


9cbd0153 No.3649694

File: 1646426152078.jpg (2.45 MB, 3000x3000, il_fullxfull.3238852889_j6….jpg)

Jaw, mouth, leg joints are flexible just like the real thing because it has artificial muscles sewed in it. Have fun!

472a0269 No.3649696

Now I'm really intrigued, what are these artificial muscles made of, and where can one buy them?

500feda7 No.3649766

File: 1646457253712-0.jpg (4.15 MB, 3840x5120, IMG_20200109_132629.jpg)

File: 1646457253712-1.jpg (1.91 MB, 2736x3648, IMG_20200109_132728.jpg)

How about this? More live fox stuff. Found these on some zoophilia forum. The person who posted them said they found the fox and took her to the vet and she was later released. But they had a look under the tail first.

500feda7 No.3649767

File: 1646457555605-0.jpg (2.79 MB, 3840x5120, IMG_20200109_132633.jpg)

File: 1646457555605-1.jpg (2.55 MB, 3840x5120, IMG_20200109_132637.jpg)

Here's a few more.

d6312cfd No.3649799

File: 1646481522839.jpg (108.68 KB, 1280x720, DEAD FOXES!!.jpg)



e15bab32 No.3649811

Dead fox lives matter!

f6349f0c No.3649994

File: 1646662059798.png (492.72 KB, 480x480, 1646515635933.png)

Imagine finding this. Get him out of the ice and you have a nice preserved fox.

d982ecee No.3650027

Fox looks angry lol

ecad372e No.3650528

File: 1647210923691.png (2.47 MB, 4250x2305, e9517556b702d0d3742d5b5315….png)

Endo guy, I sent you the uncensored image and I'll send you a reply.

I swear if you give me a vore fetish as a fox, we are going to have a talk. Vore is for dragons xD

That's genius :3

But on a serious note, I don't understand why the furry fandom isn't more on the ball with fox protection, with like half the people being some kind of fox. Humans treat them super badly everywhere. You would think they care more about their favorite animal…

ecad372e No.3650541

File: 1647215342815.png (1.52 MB, 1600x1200, c3e4325e39419ce0cf861c1fea….png)

Stop reposting my video without an audio track you fucking uncultured peasant.

ecad372e No.3650572

File: 1647236974338.png (536.66 KB, 700x550, bhj.png)

What are you accomplishing by raging at me?

You're fucking obsessed.

I said I never hurt foxes and I will go above and beyond to help them cause I owe them. Foxes made me actually care about animal rights and they provide lots of cute fluffy hug time. Nobody's suffering. Nobody's harmed. I don't have any guns, crossbows or a hunting license and now will never get one, though I do have airsoft.

The foxes are already dead so they're free to grab. Better me than the garbage truck, or some assclown driving their combine harvester over the edge of the road and destroying it. There's literally no reason for you to be outraged. If I find one I take it home cause why not.

AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME. I'm not breaking the law, I'm not being unethical, I won't stop just cause it doesn't fit your fucking tastes. And delete the thread if you want, there's still a dozen people who get my stuff (if and when I can be bothered to make it) so fox sex will happen, even if you don't see it, I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW IT HAPPENS.

Maybe you're fucking jealous I got so many foxes and you got none and secretly want one. Fucking stop being a salty loser and get your own roadkill.

ecad372e No.3650574

File: 1647237066478.png (649.94 KB, 1019x1354, v1rus-maids-maids-dress-17….png)

Yeah you're probably jealous or hiding your own baggage. Nobody can be this obsessed and there not being some funky stuff in the middle.

ab5ab3f3 No.3650576

File: 1647238491300-0.jpg (388.81 KB, 2281x2273, fb6b5d43e7e140927c695006be….jpg)

File: 1647238491300-1.jpg (390.34 KB, 2281x2273, fd03e46bb6fe8bf6d07ec118a4….jpg)

File: 1647238491300-2.jpg (516.78 KB, 2341x2839, 53a6800861f10c1bc9807d382d….jpg)

>Nobody can be this obsessed and there not being some funky stuff in the middle.

ecad372e No.3650578

File: 1647239192263.png (115.61 KB, 435x256, rf fox good heavens.png)

The person who drew that has a disturbingly good understanding of anatomy ._.

But they don't understand how wood works. There's no way it can break like that.

6574417f No.3650654

I will never understand why anyone would draw something like that.

8afab9bc No.3650686

File: 1647319333818.png (942.64 KB, 1440x1440, mdsfjvsr8dn81.png)

c88e5f1b No.3650690

File: 1647322480304.jpg (917.2 KB, 1600x1200, THE_FOX_AND_THE_HOUND_014.jpg)


c88e5f1b No.3650691

File: 1647322729613.gif (715.48 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

441bef07 No.3650695

File: 1647327803925.gif (230.32 KB, 165x115, 1561081431118.gif)

That's a lot of fortune cookie.

6574417f No.3650699

I lol'd

ab5ab3f3 No.3650715

File: 1647361666591.jpg (70.7 KB, 1280x1022, 1641335405343.jpg)

god I miss dog pussy, living with a bitch was the happiest years of my life

fc40c304 No.3650748

File: 1647406271094.jpg (119.93 KB, 800x600, 8e1b6b0a7c8cc5dd1626695a08….jpg)

I agree with Business Dog 100℅. The correct method is anal sex with dogs. Business Dog knows all about that, of course.

441bef07 No.3651027

File: 1647584765861.png (180.43 KB, 574x582, 04x83omck5v21.png)


How about I bump it instead?

441bef07 No.3651034

File: 1647588461173.jpg (115.26 KB, 1280x852, 04jj4Mw.jpg)


*dabs on u*

52022bf9 No.3651144

File: 1647655754955-0.png (1 MB, 1196x883, Screenshot_2022-03-18 2021….png)

File: 1647655754955-1.png (1.02 MB, 1159x609, Screenshot_2022-03-18 2021….png)

So you want me to stop posting?
Let's make a deal.


Get this site kicked off its domain name host (try animal abuse). If it doesn't work, try anything you can, including hacking, doxing, spamming, threats, cp, get your mates to help, get kiwifucks to help, I don't care, get it off dns, keep it off dns. If they change the name, do it again. They teach this savagery as "fun" things to do to together with their kids. It's sick.

For as long as that site stays down, you will not hear ONE PEEP about IRL foxes from me. Feral art allowed. Vague updates about people to check inboxes also allowed. Anyone important has my email, I will BCC everyone when something comes out.

That's the deal. Don't ask for anything else, I'm not interested.

(ps: to fox butt guy, sorry my email is a bit late, didn't get to make the pics, not even gonna check today, I'll have more time Saturday evening, I'll write to everybody I swear)

52022bf9 No.3651145

File: 1647656413412-0.png (140.61 KB, 1135x811, Screenshot_2022-03-18 Cutt….png)

Also in case anyone needs a fucking reminder why those animals are trapped.

And often they're beaten to death to not damage the fur, which is sold. There you go.

Btw my ID changed cause proxy died, it's still me.

441bef07 No.3651167

File: 1647672748773.jpg (712.56 KB, 1920x1280, IMG_0263.JPG)


Your content is the only thing in recent years on this shitty site remotely interesting, if only for the amount of butthurt it causes and the subsequent discussion generated.

9cbd0153 No.3651174

I have a suggestion, instead of killing wild foxes build them a large cage where they can catch mice if you have an old chicken that is crippled feed it to the fox if it's a male fox build another cage for it if it's a female fox build a artificial den for her to lay some pups, hire some genetic specialists to have a domestic fox sperm to breed out tame foxes to catch mice.

9f0629d5 No.3651199

3eba4890 No.3651208

File: 1647720457227.png (1.04 MB, 1440x1010, dc3wwp9-77b6d999-aebc-4b57….png)

For some reason I keep hearing the words "DEAD FOXES" shouted out in my head to the tune of the "GHOSTBUSTERS" theme. Why is that?
I ain't afraid of see-thru vixens!

d1df201b No.3651324

why don't you just report it to the webhost or to the state of georgia



Want to Report Abuse?

Email us at: abuse (at) performive.com . Abuse and Spam reports are tracked from submission to completion when reported to this email.

441bef07 No.3651330

Because in the eyes of the law the simple act of trapping is not considered animal abuse, similar to forcing livestock to sit in cramped cages and force feeding them growth hormones their entire lives until their bones break under their own weight before they have their throat slit.

fe98f62c No.3651654

File: 1648088505721.webm (2.86 MB, 616x480, fox_inside.webm)

delete this thread

52022bf9 No.3652585

File: 1648736197691.png (36.21 KB, 900x869, 1297077338.ricket_hhq_893.png)

I'd give it a try but >>3651330 is right. This cruelty is sadly not illegal in that state.

We need some extrajudicial action here.

Did you even read my proposal >>3651144 >>3651145 or are you using an auto-spammer and not even reading the thread?

Something new's coming.

We don't need to put foxes anywhere. They have been existing on this planet for 12 million years without ruining it and managing their territories and resources just fine. Wonder if humans can say the same about themselves.

It's not the foxes that are the vermin.

52022bf9 No.3652588

Link test.


>>3649025 >>3649054

>>3649056 >>3649058 >>3649196

52022bf9 No.3652589

This seems to be a problem
>>3648993 >>3649002 >>3649005 >>3649021 >>3649023 >>3649025 >>3649040 >>3649054

52022bf9 No.3652590

File: 1648736748031.png (338.02 KB, 708x628, bfc2793f52f57c0d7d847ae789….png)

Choob get off your bong and fix this janky board code.

59264245 No.3652592

Why the fuck is this sicko shitbag feedin the fox screws?

5579d131 No.3652597

File: 1648749604818-0.png (530.13 KB, 720x1507, bafybeicygyg4arwrurbkp3jz3….png)

File: 1648749604818-1.png (729.94 KB, 1836x2465, bafybeiffhw7en5ppgegc4oajv….png)

File: 1648749604818-2.png (1.72 MB, 2336x2336, bafybeigcbpddm7n7xauhcri2i….png)

File: 1648749604818-3.png (372.5 KB, 850x873, bafybeihxy2tdgmk2fqtknsgni….png)

I'll leave these here.

9446f8d2 No.3652918

e91d9b93 No.3653018

>proposed to stop posting foxes or the site could go down
>does it anyways
>"Did you read MY proposal???"
you're a fucking retard

dd2ab91a No.3655007

Is it too late to get on the email list?

ba2a8d1a No.3655116

File: 1651056819634.jpg (114.01 KB, 688x509, e6e73778a0fe491793a552b191….jpg)

You can give me your protonmail or ask in private someone who already has my contact info.

I do have some WIPs. I even have one done endoscope video on anonfiles, but I'll spread the link during the next days. It's an exclusive for some, for now.

By the way, I have to warn you in advance. No talking positively about hunting, no trapping, no abuse, no zoosadist stuff, strictly dead roadkill, living foxes need to be helped and protected. Hope that's very clear.

fad14de5 No.3655160

yee i understand. my email is [email protected]

i made the email as a throwaway but ended up using it more, hence the silly name

f62b1b65 No.3655215

File: 1651127049467.webm (2.86 MB, 1920x1080, fox_anatomy.webm)

delete this thread

40f5331e No.3655222

File: 1651134409509.jpg (228.13 KB, 1280x800, winfox__dsc73631111.gif.jpg)

497ddea4 No.3655224

these are probbly not furries and posers

11286fe5 No.3655226

File: 1651137136647.png (1.01 MB, 1200x630, realistic-doll-faces-polym….png)



That is one hyper realistic fox doll just like this one. Who made the fox doll?

e15bab32 No.3655239

>Who made the fox doll?
Mother Nature and Grim Reaper.

c5a33fba No.3655271

File: 1651179282990.jpg (79.41 KB, 324x557, 067.jpg)

For someone who hates my stuff so much you sure do download a lot of it.

Did the foxy make your peepee go doiiing and now you hate me so you don't have to hate yourself?

Every furry under 25 is a poser. Simple as.

Oh hey, I've seen this before.

>>Who made the fox doll?

Somebody who wasn't paying attention to the road.

c5a33fba No.3655272

File: 1651180004115.png (708.25 KB, 1860x1820, lulz_high_quality_webm_gui….png)

Also let me help you with WEBM conversion, so you don't have to use that stupid online 4chan converter anymore, since lulz actually supports vp9 and proper audio.


c5a33fba No.3655275

File: 1651181198954.jpg (115.18 KB, 776x448, article-2531236-1A58028A00….jpg)

webm examples:


11286fe5 No.3655316

File: 1651199354013.jpg (28.07 KB, 612x459, istockphoto-147461191-612x….jpg)

>Travel back in time with a person from the future.
>Show them this dead fox.
>Wow, cool a realistic looking fox silicone doll!
>Sniffs the fox doll.
>Take me back to the future, the past sucks!

c5a33fba No.3655322

File: 1651201981321.jpg (198.25 KB, 1000x699, 1328076562.malameux_beefyo….jpg)

Actually they don't smell like anything.

If they're not washed, they smell pleasantly of fox musk. And lately I'm only freezing them repeatedly to preserve the foxy smell.

And if they are gutted, they smell a bit meaty. A hot bath then will also give off a bit of a soup smell, but it's a good idea to stitch them up before cause the fur will get oily if you don't.

Repeated freezing really does a weird thing on how they degrade, making the process going in reverse (skin -> inside, rather than digestive system -> muscles -> skin) with the skin going bad first and the meat staying good. The fur starts slipping way before it starts to stink though, so if that happens anywhere, immediate action needs to be taken. A small patch may be fixable. If you wash the whole thing and no further areas fall off, you got lucky. Just dry it properly and it'll stay good. Applying alcohol every once in a while to mouth, nose, dick, balls, underbelly and butt area are a good idea (thinner skin = more moisture from underneath, moisture -> slipping fur).

Fur can also fall off if you accidentally wash it with burning hot water. Basically if it's too hot to touch, it's too hot for a fox.

The more you know.

066ddaf0 No.3655365

kill yourself

c5a33fba No.3655370

File: 1651237544753.jpg (213.07 KB, 1280x915, 82b8a274238f852e3107610fb2….jpg)

You just gave me an extra reason to stay alive.

Also I still don't get why you're mad.

If I don't leave my house, the dump truck gets the fox and nobody wins. If I leave my house and bring it home, I win, some people who are interested in anatomy win, maybe some pervs win too, but you get butthurt.

Do you lack a hobby that bad? Or did you want the fox for yourself and are too lazy to go find your own and now you're assmad that I have them and you don't.

Cause this is a furry board. Come on. If you had a fox right now and were alone, I know and you know and everybody here knows you'd look under the tail, don't even lie. And I know you've seen the videos so you know they're clean and nice and fluffy. You'd do more than just look. Maybe grope that groin when nobody's watching, yeah, get a good feel there, the fox won't complain. Maybe smell those paws. Mmmmm. Maybe look into the maw a bit. That can't hurt. Maybe pet its head a bit. You know you'd do it. You 'know you'd do it.

967155c6 No.3659256


17e647ff No.3660050


e82c7335 No.3661001


Just FYI whoever you got that from is full of shit. The fox is dead. The anus is completely discolored due to loss of blood and the vulva has lost its muscle elasticity. The tail is also completely rigid.

e82c7335 No.3661002

File: 1656487414536.jpg (117.67 KB, 960x720, 47489.jpg)


Who the fuck is this dumbass? You do not even own a dog nor have you ever been withing 20 feet of one and just quote bullshit you glean off wikipedia with absolutely zero experience.

"their pencil-thin vagina that isn't designed for withstanding friction "

Where the fuck do you even invent this bullshit from?


A dog's hormonal cycle is not affected by anything other than nature. And Pyrometria is a bacterial infection that is always genetic. It is also not painful and does not cause sickness. So stop projecting.

7bbc88bb No.3661012

You sound like a professional dog fucker

2cf3f16c No.3661642


"get yourself right with God while you still have a chance."


fbb5e9e9 No.3663689


1b601368 No.3665478

File: 1662001857661.jpg (269 KB, 1100x1495, 1661870758.cosmiclife_kats….jpg)

This looks too realistic to be art is the artist a taxidermist that implanted silicone in dead foxes?

8e6bcbeb No.3665480

no, cosmiclife is just really good.

ab5ab3f3 No.3665496

File: 1662025972709.jpg (752.21 KB, 2000x1500, 1661801167170603.jpg)

man, is there anything on this planet more beautiful than a soft stretchy canine vulva

eb6824a0 No.3665985

File: 1662681140406.jpg (1.02 MB, 4096x3072, media_EhtHzIAU0AEN2pd.jpg)

Foxes don't have doginas.

1b601368 No.3665992

If messaged him, he probably would get mad and block me about animal anatomy analogy.

99f0259b No.3668837

It looks like a Chernobyl mutant.
Also actually it's just some shitty alembic fur, can tell by the poorly matted seams and Z-fighting.

tl;dr can OP like kill themselves.

29e54c8e No.3669749

Dead foggies

1c855e09 No.3671531


9c0a281e No.3671576

File: 1666818066631.jpg (137.89 KB, 1024x728, goatscene.jpg)

And now that Kiwifarms is offline, the lists of names from the zoosadist groups, and the evidence against them, is off the clearweb.

Along with evidence against various other scumbag types.

It's almost as if zoosadists, rapists, and paedos teamed up to help take Kiwifarms offline by riding tranny-momentum, to their own benefit. <thinking-emoji>

And Null is too incompetent to bring KF back up as a Tor-only site.

87460291 No.3671578

>It's almost as if zoosadists, rapists, and paedos teamed up to help take Kiwifarms offline by riding tranny-momentum, to their own benefit.

You say that as though all trannies aren't pedophiles/rapists/animal abusers themselves.

5d0d6017 No.3671592

File: 1666824380836.jpg (86.84 KB, 700x685, dc658a49464f147f006ab9295a….jpg)

how could anyone be a zoosadist? My heart is dark and cold, but even I can't help but cuddle my dog when his tail starts thumping or he does that disappointed dog sound.

I'm all about sado masochism, but even I feel bad about having to lock him up in his kennel when I leave for a few hours, and he has a really nice kennel.

5d0d6017 No.3671596

File: 1666824682751.jpg (293.81 KB, 960x1280, 1643732236.virtyalfobo_che….jpg)

I mean its deluxe. Hes got a roof, its 10x10, he has a bucket of water because for some reason he doesn't lap, he just blasts his whole head in, an automatic food dispenser, and an igloo full of straw on a pallet that he really likes for some reason.

Plus this picture doesn't even make me think of porn. He wakes me up wanting butt scratches every time he barks at something. He's really proud of his barking, and always wants butt rubs after he does it.

Fucking dogs barking at nothing.

ea6d29d0 No.3671598

> how could anyone be a zoosadist?
You are far too innocent for the internet.
You should go to the /zoocore/ board in the hidden tor onion world.

You would learn exactly how some people can be zoosadists.

5d0d6017 No.3671618

File: 1666828293543.png (2.01 MB, 1280x972, 1659577468.ruaidri_julymon….png)

Its not like I haven't seen zoosadist stuff, there was a thread on here once. I just never heard a viewpoint.

I've been on lulz since it was wtfur. I'm far from innocent.

5d0d6017 No.3671621

File: 1666828487625.jpg (28.53 KB, 612x323, istockphoto-1218928612-612….jpg)

I just think that dogs are too adorable to be mean to.

5d0d6017 No.3671622

File: 1666828597595.jpg (96.36 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

so much better than humans.

6320ca1b No.3675508

File: 1668337527041.jpg (822.79 KB, 3375x2531, SnuffyTheFox_pxl_20221112_….jpg)


Shot by a hunter.

3f0e9965 No.3675517

your buck = broken

d6312cfd No.3675518

File: 1668344416147-0.jpg (498.74 KB, 1988x1650, 945dbf8f15591abbc7dd587464….jpg)

File: 1668344416148-1.jpg (645.13 KB, 1988x1650, 28b0181d9399f5124ae0555582….jpg)

File: 1668344416148-2.jpg (448.35 KB, 2048x1699, 82008c5a1fb4cfcb4a353abcb9….jpg)

File: 1668344416148-3.jpg (325.69 KB, 2048x1275, 9aa1650227958192a4a200076b….jpg)

File: 1668344416148-4.jpg (440.25 KB, 1988x1650, 14ee6a22a71dedd7044dcb1367….jpg)

Other species abusing humans for a change is hot.
But I think the humans are secretly enjoying it.

1b601368 No.3676086

File: 1668546569960.webm (1.18 MB, 684x854, fox-scrathies.webm)

44a9e810 No.3680069


4fce8481 No.3680083

Too old

6c9a291f No.3681580


6c9a291f No.3682910


e2b0bfc4 No.3682911

File: 1671269689129.jpg (151.97 KB, 1280x889, thesnuffyfox_img_20220328_….jpg)


Guts showing in gaping gunshot wound.

6c9a291f No.3684001


06ef9663 No.3684075

File: 1671912802263.jpg (120.05 KB, 608x1214, 30ce3a060c1f31b23ab35f7f63….jpg)

I'm surprised this thread still exists.

Sorry I haven't been around but the proxy dnsbl fuckery made it too much of a chore to post.

Also had a bad year as far as foxes go. Found almost no good fox, and missed a couple of good ones.

Did find a golden jackal a couple of days ago. Anyone curious to see that? Probably posting it on the board is still a no-no, so I guess send me an mail.

I wanted to ready something for christmas 🦌
But you know how I'm with keeping any schedules.

There are still people looking out for abuse and compiling info on evil people, myself included. KF was shit at getting anything done anyway, they care more about the witch-hunt aspect of it.

I've talked a few people down that path, Steam. It's just browsing more and more fucked up shit, and getting in a circle of people who reinforce that behavior. That's all there is to it.

>>3675508 >>3682911
Please don't post this shit. If you think you're gonna hurt an animal, reach out, I can ease you out of it.

06ef9663 No.3684076

File: 1671913333577.webm (1.7 MB, 480x480, FKWZrYFXwAMpL5T.webm)

Aaaaaaaaand the post quote bug hasn't been fixed. I think I pointed this bug out like 2 years ago.

Also like, I still have some of my old foxes. Just feeling a bit bummed out that I lost so many.

077ddedd No.3684084

Would love to see the Golden Jackal and anything else you are kind enough to share,

[email protected]


06ef9663 No.3684090

File: 1671919429270.jpg (623.46 KB, 956x933, 1cba463fa0f570a98a5bacd9c0….jpg)

Beep boop. I sent you some things.

Btw. I have some interesting stuff that is super gross tho. I found a fox with a slightly broken head, but the eyeball was completely crushed somehow. It was dried up too, looked just impossible to fix. And yet I fixed it with a piece of plastic resembling an iris and some hot glue. Wanna see that too?

adbc1159 No.3684107

File: 1671937307765.jpg (231.86 KB, 450x397, IMG_0518.jpg)

Remember the monkey torture thread that was left up for days?
Pepridge farm remembers.

06ef9663 No.3684111

File: 1671938530943.webm (1.49 MB, 720x720, 0NWnZqQYOrLCzOOu.webm)

Maybe don't bring that up, don't wanna give people stupid ideas.

Out of sight, out of mind.

But no I don't remember that. However I do remember people sharing zoosadist stuff like it's nothing when those leaks came out and none of it got yeeted. I guess on the bright side, it was horrible enough to change some of us into wanting to stop that kind of thing.

4177e74c No.3684262

Me too if u dont mind [email protected]

115d60b1 No.3684271

Thanks, and yes I would like to see the other stuff too, as I am very curious. Morbidly so sometimes perhaps, but curious!!
Same email address as above,

[email protected]


b588166b No.3684304

File: 1672092594181.jpg (1.83 MB, 1125x1750, fox christmas rukifox.jpg)

I am also interested in your work, and maybe chat a bit if you don't mind)? there are very few people to talk about this…
[email protected]

thanks in advance :)

97619921 No.3684311

>Feral fox but human vagina


fb88d95c No.3684464

File: 1672259699267.jpg (197.8 KB, 1046x1280, photo_2022-12-07_10-07-17.jpg)

Sure, I'll add you. But I'm implementing a new rule for getting onto my mail list.

All new members must pledge to themselves to never hunt, trap or intentionally hurt foxes or buy items/clothes containing pieces of fur farm fox. And people already on my list that I catch doing any of the sort w/ credible evidence will be instantly booted, no second chances.

Foxes are living beings that see, hear, think and feel just like us. We need to all be on the same page with that. I'm not gonna ask people to go vegan or anything, but we gotta have a bare minimum and killing things we don't eat being unethical and just straight up evil, for a start.

You need to do the pledge.

And to complete the deal, watch a SaveAFox or WAF video and tell me what you liked about it, or what you think was odd or peculiar in a sentence or two.

For you' I'll pick a short one :3

7d2caeb5 No.3684466

File: 1672260119967.png (536.39 KB, 1122x1014, fawx.png)

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I need to make sure all people I deal with are good folks, and for fox well-being.

1b601368 No.3684467

File: 1672265013853.png (20.45 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

It is difficult to distinguish a fox's sex from a picture rather simply looking at its genitals in reality.

- Biologist

1c795aca No.3684511

File: 1672289805841.jpg (130.02 KB, 800x1334, FWbpB7hWYAMgfXy.jpg orig.jpg)

A little bit because foxes have small pee-pees :3

But the balls are hard to mistake if you see them.

15037bdf No.3684512

File: 1672289991941.jpg (136.57 KB, 775x650, 209398_Maim_hot_lucario_on….jpg)

b588166b No.3684523

File: 1672293324701.png (1.78 MB, 3000x2000, mistletoe.png)

Haha ok i don't mind

I swear I will never hunt, trap or intentionally harm any fox in my life :), and i don't own nor will own any fox item or clothing, i don't even like to wear leather or have things from exotic animals, it's fucked up what people do to get em, and yeah I'm not vegan, but I'm still against hunting as a sport and sadism against all animals, including foxes. It's a lot unnecessary pain that makes the world a worse place.

I've seen videos of those two channels before, they're great!

For the video, I question how Fawzi managed to open the fridge and why bring a rat to the litter xD, seems a little unsanitary hahaha

Fawzi seems like such a lovable little demon, I've dreamed about having a fox as a pet but i don't want to harm them in any way so watching videos is good enough for me ^w^.
If you need me to do anything else please tell me :3, here's my mail again: [email protected]

thank you in advance!

bcf72b57 No.3684524

File: 1672294083356.jpg (128.92 KB, 1200x912, 15422619311542261931.ingi_….jpg)

excellent! this is 100% the kind of answer I want to hear.

I'll send you an e-mail right away

4177e74c No.3684529

File: 1672298123079.jpg (138.2 KB, 1280x883, 1666922368031354.jpg)

"I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible,
I swear I will never hurt or trap a fox. (We don't even have foxes around here). From the little I've seen about the fur industry and foxes, it's horrible what they do to them & other animals used for fur. Living your last days in a shitty cramped cage probably sick and beyond stressed, all for someone to come and skin you, and all for someone else to wear your fur.

And for the video(s). I've always wondered how they bond with some of the foxes off camera. Can they just roam around the house while inside? Do THEY sleep with da humans? What about the cat in mink(s)?

[email protected]

4177e74c No.3684530

*Cat and mink(s) kekeke

bcf72b57 No.3684532

File: 1672298601014.jpg (17.83 KB, 640x640, photo_2022-04-15_06-25-22.jpg)


Yes, some foxes get house privileges (especially ones born without guard hairs cause of the temperature). Some stay temporarily while they are sick. Fawzi seems to have unlimited house privilege since he's not a red fox. Finnegan usually doesn't cause he pees everywhere, but he gets let in every now and then.

The cats and mink seem to be doing their own thing. The cats are just there. he mink have their own cages.

a5ac69d4 No.3684645

Do not post artwork of this traitor. He is fucking traitor because he makes 3D models for zoo obviously, but he made a big red title explaining that he against zoophilia. Such artists as the one you posted are closet faggots or just traitors who came to furry community to grab money. Based artists are artists such darkmare, he got wiped on e621 and FA but at least he does support zoosexuality, not like that traitor you posted. Such traitors should be ignored.

a5ac69d4 No.3684646

He is shit. Fucking idiot who makes 3D models to grab money. PETA is very close to prohibit zoophilia in all countries, PETA makes petitions. This idiot is one of reasons why we will never be free. Because he supports PETA and makes zoo 3D models. He will be the reason when owning a unneutered dog will be illegal.

1b601368 No.3684666

File: 1672377630573.png (176.18 KB, 612x495, howpetaruinlife.png)


Did you watched blaire's videos

doing research on PETA and they have a reputation on how many people view them, intresting.

91bcbcfe No.3684686

File: 1672400288351.jpg (303.13 KB, 700x714, thumb_veinkid-7110188156.jpg)

I am endlesssly frustrated with PETA. They are the only animal rights organization that has the reach and funding to do pretty much everything that can be reasonably done… hunting law reform, banning trapping and fur farms, animal caging law change (free range is better anyway) and yet they waste it on being stupid and annoying.

Also I don't think they are close to getting anything banned, their only successful track record is in euthanizing pets against their owner's wish and people fucking hate their guts :|

I didn't know there was so much drama behind it. Maybe he really does but just can't say cause he doesn't want to eat the banhammer. I'd have to talk to him in private I guess for other reasons too

If someone can get me in touch with him that would be nice. Also I know how to not blast potentially compromising info everywhere.

1f341552 No.3684689

File: 1672405534065.jpg (52.24 KB, 577x433, 4hgffz.jpg)

b7436c3b No.3684725

You will see, next in line is neutering against owner wish and if you are against it you will be in cage. 5-10 years to go, you can take a screenshot. Say thanks for traitors who behave like bees against honey. I have never seen gay artists who told they hate gays in real life. But I have seen this phenomenon with zoo 3d model artists.

b7436c3b No.3684727

These videos are not on top. But PETA is sponsored by youtube so they are always on top. Their goal is to make ownership of animals impossible. You will have to get a breeder license to own non neutered animals. First who will be pruned are dog owners, guess why. They hate that you bypass and evade roastie trade-shop, and not participate in economy, but having consensual sex with your dog wife. Government sponsors them to increase demography and making you less happier.

b7436c3b No.3684728

Im all settled, yea yea butthead

027f54b6 No.3684810

File: 1672582698448.jpg (64.95 KB, 800x800, photo_2023-01-01_08-11-50.jpg)

Alright, it's a bit hypocritical, but as I said, maybe he just doesn't want to get banned. It could totally explain his disclaimer.

I understand that zoophile rights are under attack in the world right now, I do get that, but not watching art cause people are most likely afraid to say what they really think is maybe not the healthiest way to think about it. We just gotta endure it for now and hope the world gets more tolerant.

Also maybe the roadkill stuff is a legal way around it. I imagine it has to be in most places where it's not also strictly banned (like the UK).

Btw in case anyone wonders why I put my disclaimers, it makes me feel better if they are here. I could 100% get away with just making the stuff no explanations given.

Also lulzarchive guy, the renders take forever man, I swear I'll get to those.

3f5415cf No.3684893

File: 1672679362957.jpg (68.47 KB, 640x480, mpv-shot0022.jpg)

>>Also lulzarchive guy, the renders take forever man, I swear I'll get to those.
thanks. its nice to see you back. still use the same email? i sent you something.

Here is a pic of a rubber lizard in my arse.

2666c55b No.3684898

File: 1672684159470.png (938.01 KB, 1171x773, Screenshot 2023-01-02 at 1….png)


Oh geez it looks like we got another Cyraxx here. Do you shove your stylus up your butt like Cyraxx does? You're nasty.


61ef128e No.3684907

File: 1672694606932.jpeg (149.3 KB, 1080x1238, FhPT02XUoAAwYf3.jpeg)

61ef128e No.3685745


62143c95 No.3685831


64d3457c No.3685843

Are you still showing stuff? Hope I'm not too late. [email protected]

39f4cb04 No.3685944

If someone goes to your house and asserts he is new owner and you should go away, will you go away because you don't want to make the guy sad?

This is similar to him and FA. If FA's politics are so contradictory, better to leave this platform and use another one, rather than disgrace yourself and to foot in two camps.

bea895eb No.3687669

Foxes be like: RAAAAAAAAAAHH

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