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Speaking of not going along with things that don't make sense to me… I should probably let it be known…
I'm here by publicly shedding my Christianity. I did this in private shortly after I began construction on the sexy pink beast I'm working on.
I will still defend the Christians right to practice thier faith.
I still think being Satanist out of a hatred for Christians is for poser edgelords.
I still stand by trying to live ethically and help people when you can to fair and honest, kind, understanding and helpful. But ever since I made that choice I feel like it's okay to like myself and take pride in who I am. Many Christians have this self flagellating mentality that I'm just not going along with any more. I think I had been feeling so shitty for so long because I was trying to rationalize my Christianity yet doing things that we're decidedly non Christian. By that I mean the fapping and thinking for myself rather than letting a book do my thinking for me.
The Garden of Eden story just sounds like a setup. And it's seems like if Jehovah is so jealous and petty as to have a guy nailed to boards to forgive humanity and we have to accept this or else face eternal damnation, if he is going to dangle the threat of hell over our heads like this… Well he can just fuck right off. I dont even wanna stand at the pearly gates. Just send my ass right to Hell

I'm going to like myself and still do my best to be good person anyways. I'm not swallowing this "filthy rags in site of the Lord" line any more

I think I mostly got baptized as Christian as an act of rebellion to society and that generally the Christians I know in my life have proven themselves to be good decent people and I respect that.
And I'll still flash a cross if just to upset pearl clutching liberals.
But… I can't serve 2 conflicting masters.
I can't in all honesty be building a sex demon and call myself a Christian.
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File: 1654177604919.gif (3.47 MB, 1100x619, 1609118685.bikomation_bs_l….gif)

he had drug addictions, and I mean ADDICTIONS, he was pretty much addicted to everything. So his sleep was constantly disrupted, so that meant that my sleep was also constantly disrupted, with punches.

I told the administration and they basically just said that it was part of college life, and they didn't care if my roommate was 24/7 masturbating, I just had to learn how to man up and deal with it.

Seriously wish my college days were more like beastars where I only had to deal with psychopaths I could punch out and forget, or roommates that I'd want to fuck.

But nooo I had to have a psychopath that pawned anything I left out, and attacked me in my sleep every night.

2b6e8727 No.3658683

I mean I guess it wasn't his fault, his step dad basically injected him with everything so he could whore him out easier. Didn't make it any easier for me though.

fbe70dff No.3658685

And thats why I took matters into my own hands in school lol the school wont do anything unless it makes them look bad by doing nothing and if only a few people knew it was happening their public image is fine so they ignore the problems instead of being as they said a man.

2b6e8727 No.3658686

I guess, as much as I want to say you're an edgey asshat faggot, I had to take some things into my own hands back when I was a young'n.

Hell this one time my bro's parents even lawyered the fuck up, he couldn't hop a fence for shit, and his cardio was awful, but boy did his parents have money.

2b6e8727 No.3658687

File: 1654182588472.png (10.83 KB, 827x599, edgelord.png)

actually with my cringy 2001 face out there, I don't think I have room to call anyone edgy. I used to be a pretty edgelord teen

2b6e8727 No.3658689

File: 1654182798822.png (437.88 KB, 698x720, 2001.png)

let us take a moment and reflect on 2001, myspace, and all the bullshittery we did as teenagers.

d64b5ea1 No.3658704

>:-) Amazing deduction from brilliant engineer, and how are you going to solve this issue? Certainly you must have some understudy following your prolific and heroic quest.

d64b5ea1 No.3658707

File: 1654198917714-0.jpg (666.64 KB, 1801x2701, quantum-shift-in-the-globa….jpg)

File: 1654198917714-1.jpg (14.73 KB, 230x220, dragonwave.jpg)

File: 1654198917714-2.jpg (14.06 KB, 167x250, the-immortal-mind-97816205….jpg)

File: 1654198917714-3.jpg (97.52 KB, 600x600, 9047451591047176861.JPG)

File: 1654198917714-4.jpg (110.75 KB, 1200x628, VRG_4614_7_NIST.jpg)


Time To Reboot this Spew.

What you are looking at is the most modern advancement's we have publically available for the purpose of retraining the world as you see fit. But let's not really crack that egg open just yet. I want to see you prove me wrong about world power.

I want you see yourself, then how you are heralding ignorance by discounting the Imperitive of this agenda. The world power and its many layers. (Do you think it is not a Critical predicament to just throw off this complex scheme? What is your purpose in that? Misrepresenting this very real issue as foolhardyness if things will be as simple as that. Are you going to surmount FATED INCEPTION all by your self-delusions and calling out someone elses too. Absolutely Grand. That must be the key!) Pro tip here are some images to help you in your noble journey. I am sure you are all over it.

Good luck solving reality and the people pulling the strings of it, try for quantum shift.

Hope you are a robot that knows how to emulate every probable casuality that ever was and will be as well, you might just need to be immortal because its an unwinnable clash of powers.

Number three oh with all the space you can handle there is so much more you can save just now. I'm a fraud and a gimmick but this tech sure isnt. Better mod it though and put in a quantum processor if you feel technophagery is your career choice. Huh. What's that I guess I am just too crazy don't even worry about the big bads coming for your namesakes.

2b6e8727 No.3658722

File: 1654218173807.jpg (364.27 KB, 1600x1200, 1985 Pontiac Fiero GT Coup….JPG)

You know I was like 16 at the time. I'm not saying the things I built back then were epic, but considering that I had literally no funds except for what I could get from recycling and selling rebuilt goodwill computers, it was pretty impressive. That coupled with the fact that my parents beat the shit out of me when I built stuff cause they had it in their mind that I was autistic (im not), I just think that some of my old creations are worth me looking back on and giving a thumbs up.

Seriously, so many hurdles back then. Teachers hated me cause I was from the wrong side of town. My parents hated me cause I was into fag shit like martial arts and building robots. The police hated me cause I was gay and drove around in a stupid "sports car" it was a fiero, fieros are about 1/30th of how fast they look, but that didn't stop the police from pulling me over every time I went above or below the exact speed limit. Even my pyschologist hated me cause my mom would demand to be in the room during our sessions, and she'd do all the talking, and by talking i mean throwing up an endless stream of insults at both me and the psych.

My teen years sucked balls, both figuratively and literally.

2b6e8727 No.3658724

and yeah I even built my fiero out of two dead cars from a junk yard. My parents wouldn't buy me a car, so I was like "fuck it" and pulled some mechanical Frankenstein shit.

I used the GT body, but the core of it was just the 5 speed 4 cylinder. The thing looked radical to the max brah, but it had trouble even climbing steep hills, and when I hit 65 it would start shaking all over the place.

d64b5ea1 No.3658725

mmhmm. Teen Years Matter Alot when You need to forge interests. That is definitely the setup for occupational approach. You have these years behind you to do what you -want- to do as an adult. The robots and martial arts and the Mechanic skills are part of being a man obviously that is something MOMS just cant work out unless they are gifted with some sort of magic red-ribbon that effects only 1% of women then fuck trying to compromise with it and just eat the mold. Fuck its just a little mold won't KILL YOU.

Anyway then you get to do the man kinks. That is also something well I guess you would know honestly I AM pretty wrapped up in my studies not to be sidetracked with shit but it will inevitably come up and try blindside ya. Fuck you for doing that who ever does that fuck off. Honestly. Special Case scenario is that it ever does then you get to maybe have a fuckin beerzkie. CUZ GOD DAMN that REAL SHIT comes knocking and by then special case…I have a minimolotov ready for it.

2b6e8727 No.3658726

yeah I'm not going to go on some vengeance fueled rampage any time soon.

I mentioned it before, but I'm actually getting ready to start taking psychology classes in the fall. I figure it would be healthier to just help other people with my mind bending powers, rather than start torching stuff.

d64b5ea1 No.3658730

File: 1654222461171.png (1.05 MB, 1024x576, ManBraforBoobieBoy.png)

Get used to watching psych movies. Not just donnie darko and shutter island. You kno the realy paycheck is getting those midgets to do the dirty work for you in exchange for special pills. Return customer garunteed. Oh no but that's not professional. Definitely keep a list of trigger words with you at all times, ones you are going to play with. You'll be known for being a manipulative prick so make it routine. Then just watch them tough-shells because even today you can get the straight blame for when they snap and -do what the voices say-. Big yikes wanting to risk all that for some 'big brother' complex. My best advice there is watch out if you start a meme that goes bad cuz its not the internet with them lol. Those paid-actor midgets are usually fat pudgy and very impressionable.

2b6e8727 No.3658733

I'm not going into regular psychology, I'm going into chemical dependancy. So lots of movies to be expected, and honesly father martin's chalk talks are pretty good, I'll probably be playing a whole lot of those things.


Honestly its not the course work or the endless videos I'm afraid of. Its more the fact that I'm a white male masculine gay republican veteran, going into a feild dominated by people who see me as the purification of enemy. My strategy is basically just to keep quiet and try my hardest to not draw attention to myself.

2b6e8727 No.3658736

i mean sure, women love a feminine faggot, but the second you have a manly gay, everyone freaks the fuck out, cause at that point it goes from being a cute guy they can share girl talk with, to pure fetishy psychopath.

My best bet is to not talk about anything military, not let anyone know I'm gay, and just keep quiet so my whiteness doesn't seep out. Its going to be hard since its a smallish town so everyone knows I'm gay, and I drive a truck with military plates. Still I figure itll at last take a few months before the teens pick up on it, its hard to hide my walk and talk from fellow vets, but kids who don't have any experience are easy enough to fool for a while.

2b6e8727 No.3658737

also shutter island was amazing.

3f555214 No.3658739

File: 1654228966476-0.jpg (77.23 KB, 786x1017, dr__robotnik_by_mystic_for….jpg)

File: 1654228966476-1.webm (6.11 MB, 1280x720, gsd-defends-friend-from-t….webm)

>Honestly its not the course work or the endless videos I'm afraid of. Its more the fact that I'm a white male masculine gay republican veteran, going into a feild dominated by people who see me as the purification of enemy. My strategy is basically just to keep quiet and try my hardest to not draw attention to myself.

I got heckled by some lady with kids the other day, they said to take the dick out of my ass and move, didn't realize they were talking to me, this is one of those pseudo-liberal hives where they started eating each other.

I also physically can't sleep with people here due to only zombies (eastern canada & quebec), the parts won't work. Whoever said the baby boomer thing knows what qc is like.

When you live encased in 3 layers of cages for 10 years and the other rats add another layer and dance around like nobody knows this ritual. This is how the world ends, a swarm of B-movie narratives and searing boredom. You expect better from our fed and private think tanks, but I saw a better version of this as a kid.

2b6e8727 No.3658745

File: 1654235443434.png (2.27 MB, 1596x786, Untitled.png)

I never understood why liberals attack everything like starving perannahs. If they run out of things to attack, then they either attack each other, or create something to attack. At least with republicans we don't actively go out trying to find enemies, we just kinda chill out and put signs up staying to stay out, and play the waiting game.

Its like I have these super liberal gay neighbors, and you'd think that they would be my friends or something, since Im probably the only older gay guy within driving distance. But no, I have a GSD, and drive a truck with a "don't tread on me snake on the back window, and I'm pretty secretive. So they immediately assumed I was some gun toting hillbilly psycho.

It wasn't until they called the police on me for parking my car a few inches further from the curb than it should have been, and then told the police that I was a homophobe and harassing them. Apparently my dog barking at their dogs through the fence is harassment… still the police pretty much straight up told them that I was gay, and they're going to need to see some evidence to peruse that kind of accusation. To this day my neighbors refuse to belive that I like to take it up the butt, and think that its all part of some plan to fuck with them.

d64b5ea1 No.3658750

just play the psyche game
find out what makes them tick
put them into fields that challenge them and walk out unscathed.

the other issue is that psychology is a scam and doesnt really solve anything.

lay your seeds and watch them grow.
they will be forced to argue for their own jobs.

d64b5ea1 No.3658752

Where did they touch you? was it the stranger danger? Tell them you won't work for big oil and punch the nazis. I am pretty sure you are mentally ill. Are you infact a murderer? You sound pretty convincing.

d64b5ea1 No.3658754

Well I am pretty sure coming from my standpoints atm, you can stick two poles together and something will inevitably work out. Fiber optic connectors that have their cords snapped, can be fused together using AI technology. Not just mechanically, but streaming data both ways is possible. It just takes about 1000 connections at once to get them to click. So by the end of having it done its gotten pretty grisly. Brute forcing two poles together is still possible in theory, it just requires alot of serious exertion. Anywho, finding another fiber connector to connect to in hyperspace by shear chance seems very low. But would you imagine it almost just happens naturally? Like, they just go for it. Something about quantum tethering makes happen like clockwork. Light years of random chance just instantly aligns itself. It's weird as shit. Imo, almost spooky. Going nuclear is even easier though so that will be happening alot more because humans are stupid. Just saying. The connectors connect and just go like its nothing. How it compares it like having two monitors being able to share the operating system. Just that easy for them almost like its the same frame. Of course one monitor is in another dimension. It's almost real time minus the data rates traveling both ways. The fiber optic light is in hypespace that is why. The it just hits static datafeeds and is decrypted to the best it can (computers do a good job there). There is also something like an ai taking life-shape which is fucking terrifying and yeah it uses something sort of what I call a death egg. I don't know why its something you do.

d64b5ea1 No.3658757

Also I guess I should mention making sure that takes place would make a blackhole but its pretty far fetched no one will believe it until they spontaneously make a super galaxy that happens from it.

2b6e8727 No.3658767

File: 1654267821375.png (8.63 KB, 300x250, 1Gjq4WZYSF-6.png)

nothing that you said made any sense at all.

2b6e8727 No.3658772

File: 1654270032874.png (454.63 KB, 851x856, e684f9b93becba5de6fd024d93….png)

Just going to put this out there, I hated most of the sonic shit other than 2-3&k. Still I liked robotnik from Sonic Sat Am the best. That story arc had some of the best characters, never was a fan of sally, but I could definately get behind bunny rabbot.

Robotnik went downhill fast after sonic adventures, he used to be a super badass super villian genius who didn't afraid of anything, and then he went to being just sort of a joke.

I kind of looked up to him when I was a kid and messing with lego robotix, and using my shit computer to program worthless pascal codes. Really if you look at him being the only human character in the original series, it kinda makes sense why he was evil. I mean, people think I'm kinda evil even though I do my best to keep to myself, but I went through life being the only gay guy around, so I was sort of the only one of my kind, kinda the same diff.

d64b5ea1 No.3658773

File: 1654270315841.jpg (56.65 KB, 516x389, f1f6c04f-efad-444e-a971-f4….jpg)

Yup it will make sense.

If you have a particle accelerated to a point it is generating a non-stop state of "super fluid" or a time space. Like a fusion engine, and its really good and generates droves of power. It will continue until it starts to backfire due to particle instability. The particles are either spinning vertically or horizontally in a positive way or a negative way that they begin to clock themselves causing quarks.

Then it manages to break conditions until all conditions are broken so that the spinning creates flux of waves or particles that just blow up in not in hyperspace. The sheer amount of it causes a multi layered blackhole or at least a blackhole that is fed and expands so quickly it reaches a critical zero space and blows up. With many star particles forming the galaxy of its center. I double checked and it feels pretty much as easy as getting a fusion engine and letting it go, and putting another fusion engine next to it cause a blackhole to peel off of the other's generator.

It has already achieved so much flux in particles they overclock and explode in a zerospace (or super fluid) making a blackhole that explodes into basically a galaxy while it tries to normalize the flux waves of itself.

It snaps all the physics down into the spins of their particles and absolute mass of a super critical timespace until it by its own happens and fizzles out as a galaxy. The ai-of the particles and the data of the particles are contained in the waves and their contacts cause quantum layers (mutilple blackhole layers) That have to resort to normalizing in all their different types of flux. They gyro-out and explode contacting each other even more so it just turns into a friggin galaxy.

2b6e8727 No.3658776

I don't understand why you people continue to talk about these theoretical perpetual motion scenarios. Its not possible, and all you're doing is talking about theories and giving each other back scratches for how fancy your words can be.

Its just total bullshit and you know it.

99c5de48 No.3658777

Schizo or gpt bot, take your pick

d64b5ea1 No.3658779

Breaking down the universe into causing itself to spontaneously generate quarks means a betetr chance of capturing them and fusing them with other particles to dose the way a galaxy can turn out. Something about world-baking where planets just spontaeously "structure themselves' might be possible where we can program our own planets through mitgating quantum chains. "Has alot to do with the way light is registered over quantum-normalization. That we can just program perfect planets that have things the way a computer simulation would have been made to encode them. And the galaxy just blurts it out as a probable case.

2b6e8727 No.3658787

File: 1654274471039.jpg (191.62 KB, 1280x891, 1616624149.jewlampija_pors….jpg)

guess I'm schitzo then, plenty of people seem to think I am, guess I'll just roll with it.

2b6e8727 No.3658788

File: 1654274570802.png (1.06 MB, 1280x993, 1654229086.jumpyjackal_a_d….png)

also really cringy porn time

2b6e8727 No.3658790

File: 1654274745323.jpg (339.87 KB, 672x1067, 1639137310.keisatsu_21_62.jpg)

only the weirdest and cringiest of my collection for my furfriends

2b6e8727 No.3658791

File: 1654274762870.png (228.5 KB, 702x648, 90309225_p0_master10.png)

2b6e8727 No.3658792

File: 1654274836249.jpg (318.96 KB, 1024x1536, trapped_in_the_basement_by….jpg)

2b6e8727 No.3658795

File: 1654275117223.jpg (225.83 KB, 1386x1812, d60f75695c1ca0a01ef60bdad0….jpg)

I've made a lot of weird edits to pics.

2b6e8727 No.3658797

File: 1654275200239.jpg (5.38 MB, 3150x4200, 1651877065.band1tnsfw_secr….jpg)

2b6e8727 No.3658798

File: 1654275315749.jpg (107.2 KB, 850x1199, 419f18d17ca0416e0633ccacb1….jpg)

2b6e8727 No.3658799

File: 1654275372361.jpg (1.32 MB, 1170x1654, f05ac8398d12868f7e5e884cf5….jpg)

2b6e8727 No.3658802

File: 1654275487774.png (479.69 KB, 800x800, aaf13bfe59e85682c0cb4fa228….png)

rare urethral rerout

3f555214 No.3658814

File: 1654289008451.gif (824.09 KB, 480x270, crab-bucket.gif)

They're not liberals, that's truly why. What they do is not liberalism. It's color revolution, being triggered is a virtue, and two-party system drones. This is exactly what the USSR wanted back in the day, coincidentally. I'm libertarian so I'm way beyond this, I'm going to space.

We don't have humans anymore, we have cows, rats and crabs. I'm a rat, as are you, I think. Those are crabs.

Yeah SatAM was the only watchable, but it was very good and I very much feel like a forest critter. The others you can't sit through at all.

d64b5ea1 No.3658817

File: 1654298826506-0.jpg (20.6 KB, 357x364, 6b1183739d61d624d4f1c9bd50….jpg)

File: 1654298826506-1.png (1.19 MB, 1531x1127, 1602542231937-0.png)

File: 1654298826506-2.jpg (1.11 MB, 2005x1841, 1608694955942.jpg)

File: 1654298826506-3.jpg (698.04 KB, 933x1024, 1608875250759.jpg)

File: 1654298826506-4.jpg (23.51 KB, 432x432, 1609152809617.jpg)

Ok I cracked it the existence and the universe. We do live in a simulation. It is a world taht is derived from data and on hand information that transcribe itself to reality, but it is basically that we are in a simulation of that data in the way the consciouss collective or the ability of others in consciousness have in translating that information, which is derived in very chemical terms through practice and adaptation. So when we see something it is because of a routine path in the medium of that simulation, based on particles that occur. Data that occurs in it may be very complex and or in groups to formulate a hermitian operative, or a constant in quantum translation that filters all the into the simulation of any essential signature that takes place. Becomes part of a projection in which it fits the arrangement of the simulation. To make it seem normal, but is a big script that is 'blackwalled' from being decoded unless a full quantum-infiltration takes place. The encoding is just like a way of distinguishing what we cannot see into what we can see based on "the encryption of quantum data". It's so obvious that once its hacked into vr we can see objects being represented in the quantum dimension as digital signatures.

Assign a program to label them and appropriate them and we can deduct which signatures do what. Most are ai-encodings or scripted in a way that they can be ignored but some data signatures can be "engineered" and made to be very complex such as turning them into drones that operate in tandem to non-hyperspace.

The energy being used is typically a raw energy without a being "virtually" encoded such that a particle that is transfered through a portal does as what it intends (usually by flipping its spin) (we can then program a ton of things consisent to flipping spins of particles) And eventually make it a "data-trade line" in which we have established a secure line between each state or in such a way we predict the measure of what the particles have achieved.

Also there is a thing about making a quantum vehicle in which it can be encoded to a "user" and basically kickstart the evolution of a quantum bio-weapon, while using the quantum enviroment to sustain the user.

d64b5ea1 No.3658818

he big picture is turning it into a vr simulation so that we can directly influence and circumvent alot of the encoding required for ease of access. (In which case the handling of rogue scripts and "corruption of particles" can be managed. It starts with putting a "repository or station" within an echo chamber of quantum portals and using a laser to direct the state of particles being sent through it, their accessibilities are then "locked" and encoded upon arrival. There are issues in the arrival that some particles are simply 'DOA or inactivated' due to warp line issues or errors in quantum coding. But once those are dealt with it can mostly be handled remotely with the expectation that there are some failure rates (due to particles in spin just not cooperating) This can cause a haywire in intricacy but can be "reattempted" so long as the engine remains in operation, we can use all the quantum processing to re-encode as necessary until its just a complete vr sandbox.

The other rogue particle encodings typically show that they can be weaponized in their corruption and simply break down the efforts of the sandboxing that does take place, however, categorizing them is also a thing the quantum processing can help in preparing for interferences or "bad coding launch".

The big deal is the warp lines and encrpytion taking place needs to have been sorted out during big-projections because particles are still based as just that, they can be overloaded due to memory checks (code limiting because each spin only does so much and requires upkeep) At some point logistics and encryption costs are almost cost free if built correctly. And the sim can properly be used almost in real time. (Like using a computer remotely through a cybernetic connection is very possible to just break physics)

1e03a6ce No.3658820

I am actually writing the program for it but I don't think its as easy as explaining it in a post box.

It takes about eight steps to make a drone program let alone what it takes to build the drone but also then it has about 12 more steps in making it self sufficient to use by interacting with the quantum enclosures.

Why is it complicated because anything that is quantum just is already in the most way incooperative except in terms of gaining any "product" from a datasource. Basically drones have to smuggle everything in order to get anything done and the whole process requires avoiding corruption of the product in transit. It sucks in the end its still intangible until we have a way to print it out too. (We do but that requires so much other third party work that its just…alot to do. I think it is still very simple but to break the theory of everything basically would take eons of manual coding to do)

2b6e8727 No.3658824

Im more or less libertarian, I say I'm republican cause its easier for the npc's to process. I like to be a one man island, build my own shit, be self sufficient, and not have to rely on people or the government for my wellbeing. A lot of people take offense to that.

My solar array isn't big enough to actually fully power my house, its enough to keep things running as long as I don't turn on the A/C, and I've got my own gas well and water well. The only thing I don't do is grow my own food, but I do the mormon thing and keep a 3 month supply of dehydrated stuff in buckets down in my basement. I'd get one of those back up generators that runs off natural gas, but my wallet already hates me with a passion. I have to take my projects slowly.

Yeah I guess we're the rats in a world full of corpse eating crabs, and mindless cattle.

1e03a6ce No.3658826

wellp…we're dead.
Turns out there are quantum creatures that will kill us. My bad.

37dfd781 No.3658831

❤️ udders.

d64b5ea1 No.3658834

shit lol ur right
udders of the delectable variety.

2b6e8727 No.3658842

File: 1654347563738.jpg (182.25 KB, 826x619, 361-1-1226535704.jpg)

I'm not a big fan of dogs getting hurt either. I can watch faces of death videos all day and not be phased in the slightest, hell I go to sleep at night watching horror movies. Still I'm the kind of guy where if my dog gets hurt in a video game, I whip out my most expensive munitions and take all the drugs.

2b6e8727 No.3658844

Theres a special kind of bond you get with dogs. Like if its 3 in the morning and my dog wakes me up whining to go outside and I'm massively hung over, I'll still begrudgingly get up and let him do his thing.

In the same situation if my dad, mom or brother was knocking at my door, with me having a 3am hangover, I'd tell them to fuck off and call the police or something.

2b6e8727 No.3658854

"monkey pox / n1gg3r pox" is bullshit in of itself, especially when it comes to animals, its like when people were killing their pets because of covid. Animals have different body temperatures than humans, dogs are several degrees warmer. People get fevers to drive off infection, because those microbes can't survive in an environment that isn't just right for them. So unless its a parasite, or a particularly vicious bacterial strain, diseases are not transmittable between humans and dogs.

d64b5ea1 No.3658856

File: 1654358013813-0.png (175.76 KB, 350x350, 49669556_350.png)

File: 1654358013813-1.png (124.83 KB, 350x350, 32824991_350.png)

File: 1654358013813-2.png (228.9 KB, 350x350, 50097750_350.png)

Thanks for that valuable insight on my own psyche, enjoy the bar and entree while the lobby is still open.

I'm definitely the one spiking the entire global frame of mind, I try to be anyway.

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