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Speaking of not going along with things that don't make sense to me… I should probably let it be known…
I'm here by publicly shedding my Christianity. I did this in private shortly after I began construction on the sexy pink beast I'm working on.
I will still defend the Christians right to practice thier faith.
I still think being Satanist out of a hatred for Christians is for poser edgelords.
I still stand by trying to live ethically and help people when you can to fair and honest, kind, understanding and helpful. But ever since I made that choice I feel like it's okay to like myself and take pride in who I am. Many Christians have this self flagellating mentality that I'm just not going along with any more. I think I had been feeling so shitty for so long because I was trying to rationalize my Christianity yet doing things that we're decidedly non Christian. By that I mean the fapping and thinking for myself rather than letting a book do my thinking for me.
The Garden of Eden story just sounds like a setup. And it's seems like if Jehovah is so jealous and petty as to have a guy nailed to boards to forgive humanity and we have to accept this or else face eternal damnation, if he is going to dangle the threat of hell over our heads like this… Well he can just fuck right off. I dont even wanna stand at the pearly gates. Just send my ass right to Hell

I'm going to like myself and still do my best to be good person anyways. I'm not swallowing this "filthy rags in site of the Lord" line any more

I think I mostly got baptized as Christian as an act of rebellion to society and that generally the Christians I know in my life have proven themselves to be good decent people and I respect that.
And I'll still flash a cross if just to upset pearl clutching liberals.
But… I can't serve 2 conflicting masters.
I can't in all honesty be building a sex demon and call myself a Christian.

65420c8d No.3649346

I pray to Lilith and Samuel now.

d29ea839 No.3649358

File: 1646195379102.jpg (23.92 KB, 796x689, 517SRR3ik2L._AC_SL1000_[1].jpg)

anything for attention

65420c8d No.3649362

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Suck it nerd.

eacdc291 No.3649368

>generally the Christians I know in my life have proven themselves to be good decent people and I respect that.

putin is a christian

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I said Christians I met personally.
Funny I don't recall meeting Putin personally.
He also breadths air….
You know else breathed air? … Hitler

4c6b32ce No.3649394


And everyone else…..I know…..that was somewhat the idea with the sarcasm.

Hitler was a vegan by the way and claimed to be asexual…..more food for the spin-machine.

d64b5ea1 No.3649397

Self righteous hypocrit my dood, but its your own repression, not what I would consider a milestone, well…maybe for you it is.

65420c8d No.3649402

File: 1646248877969.jpg (41.91 KB, 400x300, cf9a9db33566df8c83427bcef1….jpg)

Well it's not so much about being a mile stone. It's more about being honest and Honoring the succubus queen and her king Samuel.
Its just … I really respect Christians, not the pushy preachy types. But I've seen so many people with these happy strong caring self disciplined personalities who were Christians. So many who have helped me out but and practiced what they preached and it really impressed me.

And it's like every time I'd turn on the T.v they'd be ripping on these people. So many of my friends in goth/fetish scene back in Savannah would just rip on these people so hard. It was staring to piss me off.
So I gave it a shot. Me and Jesus had a good run.

But … Some of the stuff in that bible man… Jehovah just comes off like such a despot petty jealous tyrant.

I just couldn't keep lying to myself.
After pledged loyalty to Lilith and Samuel.
It seemed like … If I was sincere then I needed to be honest with my peers. It wouldn't mean anything if I kept it a secret.

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File: 1646251374851.png (230.04 KB, 500x384, raw.png)

I've always had such contempt for Satanist.
Like their whole schtick is "let's be as offensive to Christians as possible and cry and play the victim card when they do anything about it." It disgust me.

I just don't like it when people rip on Christians.
It's low hanging fruit and there's a lot of good ideas in the Bible. While at the same time there's a lot of stuff in there that Jehovah does and says and verses and aspects of Jesus that just make my skin crawl. Stuff in there that just doesn't add up.

Maybe he had good intentions but he's a lair.
While I have a great respect for true believers in Christ.
I can't continue to pray to a that guy.
And can't keep claiming to people that I do.

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File: 1646251759905.jpeg (8.32 KB, 197x255, images (8).jpeg)

Self righteous he says
Hypocrite he says

Oh please elaborate. How exactly am I a hypocrite for shedding my Christianity?

d64b5ea1 No.3649406

;p sure and i suggest all the elementary kids should pee on her face everytime they goes to recess he can pee on the devil hookers. specifically whatever you are trying to keep to yourself.

d64b5ea1 No.3649407

Why should I waste a picturesque detail in explaining this. You are worshipping a bad thing because you are specifically adopting to rebel against a good cause.

You are admittedly corrupting yourself over some pretense that you can fufill a third party commitment when you can't commit to your own philosophy of being a fucking pink macro fetished hermcat freakshow but hey man its whatever they putting in those protein shakes and not really even your decision. Why by a hypocrit when you can be a hypercrit

b4287243 No.3649412

File: 1646266681880.jpg (173.35 KB, 1001x1600, dwekgzafpwr41.jpg)

Aufy I do not recommend dealing with succubi.


0f9cb436 No.3649416

File: 1646272808474.png (357.81 KB, 680x441, odin old religion.png)


If you are European ancestry, go back to your root spirituality.

This is what I have done.

Hail the AllFather!

65420c8d No.3649419

File: 1646273721013.gif (7.41 MB, 621x621, 7485104-1ebd8.gif)

>>3649407 I'm not entirely sure what you're insinuating but my commitment to being a pink bimbo catgirl herm is the other reason I decided to do this. The main reason infact.

The Christian baptism THAT was an act of rebellion. This wasn't an act of rebellion as much as it was me cementing my dedication to furthering my work.

I decided if I was serious in my commitment to this I would have to drop the charade. I was only lying to myself.

And yeah… You're right NOT praying to Lilith and pretending to be little Ms.GoodyGoodyCatgirl Christian … I WAS being a hypocrite. And that needed to stop.
I concluded if I was serious about this bimbo stuff my faith would have to follow suite.

>>3649412 I had my reservations. And I wouldn't recommend it just anyone either. I know it's risky … But its risk I'm willing to take.

65420c8d No.3649420

File: 1646274311463.jpg (117.46 KB, 1100x1100, 490 (1).jpg)

A good cause he says…
Christians have good intentions at least the ones I've encountered usually do.
But this is an even better cause. This is the best cause there is, at least for me.

be1bcb48 No.3649423

Ok Dood, its your party and all; but again not alot of people are going with that directive, being a homestuck troll or something might make more sense because you seem to 'believe' this thing in your head is the next best step, but really its unknown how that dynamic works.

Going from a Christian to cold turkey is going to put you through more work than you know, but of course, christians are too stupid to know that dynamic. Basically cashing in is going to be what its going to be I guess, but its still -the bad side of the coin-.

be1bcb48 No.3649425

The interesting thing here is that you may be thinking you are prepared but you are spearheading this by your own interests as though you will be given a fair trial when you start sacrificing children and shit. Lol.

Seriously though, magic isn't real. And you are falling for a mental gymnastic of a lapse in cognitive ability (its a human flaw to make these constructs and you essentially will be making yourself vulnerable.) I would know from the crowd I have had some research into that department with old friends. I would describe it as 'reaching'. But then, there is a mystical aspect that just helps the brain, making yourself vulnerable to those pathways is EXACTLY why I do not recommend it. You are accepting a demon-mastery to somehow aid you in this immersion, but you should realize you might just end up breaking your psyche like one of those goblins in those medieval lore-books. Your crowds are going to change too, you might even end up like mix.

e19eae86 No.3649430

File: 1646283209422.jpeg (680.81 KB, 1458x1851, john_baptizes_christ.jpeg)

How is baptism an act of rebellion? If anything, it's an act of submission. At least it was for me. I went through with what I knew at the time is a bullshit ritual so my family would quit nagging and my mother could sleep better at night, no longer fearing for my soul. It's funny; they had this short illustrated pamphlet they went through with me to make sure I knew what was happening. I think it had a picture of what was supposed to represent me and God with a dark cloud in between. She asked me if I knew what the cloud represented - what it was that separated me from God. I said sin, and she went surprised Pikachu. She may have even said that question trips a lot of people up. It led me to believe most people getting baptized don't in fact know what's going on. They're just doing it to fit in. Peer pressure. It's all a bunch of superstitious hocus-pocus, but at least I understood what it was meant to signify.

Screw it. I'll get baptized again. I'll do it for fun this time.

65420c8d No.3649449

File: 1646290950367.jpg (21.68 KB, 460x212, aZLoXy9_460s.jpg)

It's not the bad side of the coin. It's the sexy side. A lot of people who participate in demon worship do it because they think it will help them get away with nefarious activity. But I know better.
I am still going to be there for people and do my best to conduct myself ethically. But I am not going to live my life in fear of his reproach. This whole "depart from me yee accursed into the lack of fire" bit is fear a tactic. Well if thats the case I'm not going to give him the opportunity.

I'm just not going along with this "but filthy rags in the site of the Lord" bit. I still say grace instinctually and it's going to make listening to my favorite gospel tracks a bit awkward. But
If there is a God she's got have a more mature personality that Jehovah. When I pray … It needs to be some one I feel will understand respect and honor my goals and I feel like Lilith fits that description.

Just because a person decides to remove a succubuses Horns, and act like she was never a succubus doesn't make her any less a succubus. If you love her… You will honor her mother, you will honor her queen. So I am praying to Lilith and Samuel from now on.
Jesus says in the Bible "to look upon a women with lust in your heart, you have committed adultery in your heart" which translates to:
Getting a boner is sin and you should be ashamed.
Well I'm not doing that.

>>3649425 I don't know who mix is.
>>3649430 Different backgrounds I guess.

be1bcb48 No.3649458

Me either honestly. And Glad about it.

But you are abruptly changing practices, we are not the same paradigm, infact, that is distinctly different schools, not just classes. Sunday school is completely holy, and god is infallible. By doctrine, by practice, man will stumble and fumble his life, but even in the end a dumb acolyte is just as adored by GOD as a devout preacher. The ones who have their faith tested do so for those who may be spared. Seriously, its not that big of a deal anyway.

Submitting yourself to a demonic empowerment will ultimately lead to a conflict, and a clashing of swords in the tow of powers. But even as a human you still have God's pity. Again that is scripture. And not a place for man to fret.

You would bascially be commit what is known as herecy. But that is also just what they say. You would be in deep but no one really is going after you over it.

So there's the inevitable changes you will be faced with in your own loyalties. If not many more. As for your multiple idols, realize that you are worshipping a hermetic concept. And they are the same, but that is also because they are a demon designed to cleave every facet of your soul. This is just the lore coming through of your 'identity crisis'. Sorry I am missing the exact terminologies of your 'quest' to think without contamination of your rejected Theology. The pact you will make will keep your intention in mind, why wouldn't it, for a price. That is why I don't personally do demon stuff.

But then you have misunderstood already that God is defined as a sexualized figure, you want the personification of your BIG TIT CAT WITH A SWINGING PENIS TO BE PINK AND FLUFFY AND GENERALLY ALL YOU COULD HAVE PRAYED FOR. You look at yourself in costume and must be recognized as the living image of your own divined image of true power. It must exist through you, you have invested it to be real. Suddenly it makes sense you need these Archtypes to assume the flesh within the husk you have adopted, to be whole as every quality that it could encompass. The ones that God has clearly left to be used. That is hypocrisy my dood.

65420c8d No.3649459

File: 1646293697488.png (61.06 KB, 600x600, 1-lilith-female-devil-sata….png)

Me and Jesus had a good run.
I have nothing against the guy personally.
I really like him. But come on. He has enough followers.
I'm too much of a horny pink bimbo slut and I am not going back on that for him or anyone.

When I pray to Lilith I get results.
When I praid to Jesus and his Dad I got silence.
If I can't trust them to help me with my projects I am going to find some one who will.

That some one is Lilith and her kin. Besides …What do any of you care? Aside from maybe Icono, most of you don't believe in anything anyways.
This is what's happening. This was not a desciscion I made lightly and I am NOT doing this to simply "Trigger Christians" and then cry to my loser friends to protect me because I'm "being oppressed" or because I think its "Trendy".
Thats what posers do.

I did it because I need a diety I can pray to that I can have confidence won't judge me for going after what I really want.

If I am sincere in my faith to said diety I have to be willing to be open about it. If I keep it a secret… It implies I am ashamed and lack faith.

This is for the best.
This is the right thing to do.
I appreciate your concern.
But this decision is final.

be1bcb48 No.3649461

Also if I recall there are several little factoids as to why these are bad decisions you are making. Sure the wait makes it worth it, I mean, eternity and everything, that's what you are stacking up with when it comes to demon contracts. You should hold out as long as you can…because its a long way to go. Think of Samuel and Lilith like your vampire masters, really, all your life is their life now. Not so bad once but you do know what vampires do and everything, so…just want to mention you should get some painkillers for all the sadist shit you will wind up becoming a parrot for. Parrots make great companions by the way, especially for schizos on lylz.

6f998df3 No.3649476

File: 1646317040905.jpg (19.25 KB, 400x400, KSM5lHwv_400x400.jpg)

Scripture he says… As many Sunday services as I have attended, as many sunday school lessons I have studied along side the Christ's flock of sheep, as many countless hours I have spent reading that book…

I think pretty much got the jist of it. Scripture?

6f998df3 No.3649478

File: 1646317200758.gif (40.18 KB, 220x123, lightning-sparks.gif)


2b6e8727 No.3649481

File: 1646324146944.png (700.37 KB, 640x853, 7gGvnViZmJAl5EB0pacrundcAY….png)

Is it that time of month already? I thought we at least had another week or two before Poly started having a new existential crisis and falling even deeper into his delusions and depraved lifestyle.

I'm actually really impressed at how hard you are trying to become Chrischan. At this point you just have to start eating your own semen and you'd be spot on.

6f998df3 No.3649493

File: 1646327692570.gif (115.2 KB, 220x220, meru-cute.gif)

Steam….every one here knows I already do that.
This has been known for years.

Unlike cwc I was not troll'd into it.
I do it because it makes sense for me to do so.
It has a wealth of nutrients as well self similar genetic material the body can use to repair itself as well to provide the senses motivation for future loads.

Very much like how your fursona is a: "Raccoon" with no cannon or back story your insults are eqeally benign and dull.

d64b5ea1 No.3649516

File: 1646345671266.jpg (61.39 KB, 850x552, db291035eb74f73252f53d19d5….jpg)

A Polybius is really just a thoughtform of a geometrical equivalent conscious, making it resort to the innerworkings of the occult (it is occult) makes sense with the lore, but here the real issue you can yourself see, that the polybius concept is not at all anything except a inter-conceptual geometry. That it is a vehicle for thoughts, the polybius of a person might just be all that is offered here. And when you wind it up becomes sort of like a living machine, thinking, but not even human.

Even I don't believe a vessel is needed for a soul to exist. Whether or not a person is one or the other, an empty vessel or one with a soul, the polybius is simply the chair upon which its conscious rides, and as objects they are why should we as philosophers overcomplicate them. Very primitive and whatever quality it would take of course the same, but demons using their 'little chalk lines' in order to possess these objects, it just makes sense the person would surrender themselves that way. Hence the polybius is and always will be a game to be played. And as Sadist as Demons are love that type of "begotten indulgent and increasingly depraved nature" that Real gaming is. (Let's just admit it here that we love it too)

But it is how they say, a game you cannot win.

b4287243 No.3649521

File: 1646348978857.png (31 KB, 220x220, 220px-Goetia_seal_of_solom….png)

Lilith is not a tantric, 'sacred sex goddess' archetype, which I assume is what you're going for. She's the embodiment of misandry, infanticide and toxic femininity. Basically a feminist harpy. Anything she does sex-wise would be on the terms of parasitism and destruction.

Looking at a sigil causes the mind to connect to the entity via the collective unconscious. It's why people involved in goetia spread the sigils of their patron demons around. It increases their reach to the material through the psyche.

I play 'Secret Seal of Solomon' in response. That should send that hussy back to Hell. Sorry Aufy!

d64b5ea1 No.3649525

No she is a SADIST Demon and a TEMPTRESS which is borderline Sexual in Advocation they encourage rash and uncouth "obscene" acts. If you as Icono were clearly so knowledgeable he would have mentioned that also SAMUEL encourages the "corruption" and "desecrecation" to be involved with those acts for maximum immersion, the coupling of these "sadism and sodomy" is why they are the absolutely worst idea because the follower of will forfeit any say-so or freewill they have, in order to encompass the selfish and harmful at the expense of the body itself (compelled by demonic influence). This is a very strong and senseless combo compared to others.

6f998df3 No.3649539

File: 1646357701506.jpg (857.37 KB, 1200x1726, Crucifixion_Strasbourg_Unt….jpg)

>>3649516 I did not know that.

>>3649521 Icono, dont be rude.

>>3649525 What do you think Christianity is? You give up your soul to Jesus you "let him into your heart". Then theres all the things him and his dad want you to do. Like pray all the time and not think about women.

and for what? Their guy on a stick?
Come on man!
I can't worship this.

92dba019 No.3649541

File: 1646357867038.png (586.54 KB, 900x657, PM456zi.png)

>>I'm here by publicly shedding my Christianity
This should have been done a long time ago, but better late than never.

>>I still think being Satanist out of a hatred for Christians is for poser edgelords.

Satanism is atheism with extra steps. Some people like the ritualistic mumbo-jumbo, but to me it's just tedious. Just tip that fedora already. You'll get there eventually anyway.

>>I still stand by trying to live ethically and help people when you can to fair and honest, kind, understanding and helpful.

Of course, dropping religion doesn't mean dropping manners and standards.

>>Many Christians have this self flagellating mentality that I'm just not going along with any more.

Religion manipulates people's feelings in order to make them do things. "You are a bad person unless you do X". There's no such thing as a "sin", it literally means anything your religion doesn't like, ethics be damned. This is why religions are an evil scam, especially the monotheistic ones.

>>I think I had been feeling so shitty for so long because I was trying to rationalize my Christianity yet doing things that we're decidedly non Christian

Well, yes, you're trying to follow a life manual written for people who lived 2000 years ago, it's not gonna work.

>>The Garden of Eden story just sounds like a setup.

God lied. The snake didn't, and got punished anyway. It's a badly written metaphor for something that 99% of the people then and now are too fucking stupid to understand (knowledge and the trappings of civilized life kill bliss and timelessness, it's man's journey out of the stone age)

>>And it's seems like if Jehovah is so jealous and petty as to have a guy nailed to boards to forgive humanity and we have to accept this or else face eternal damnation

The god of the ancient Israelites is jealous, petty and vengeful, because the people back then were jealous, petty and vengeful. God was made in man's image, not the other way around.

>>Just send my ass right to Hell

Neither heaven nor hell exist. When we die, we're just dead. Maybe it's not the worst fate.

92dba019 No.3649542

File: 1646357955975.jpg (24.35 KB, 430x261, 13_billboard-refers-one-je….jpg)

>>I think I mostly got baptized as Christian as an act of rebellion to society
I dunno man, everybody and their dog got baptized Christian. Maybe in your family it's a bit complicated, but to everybody else this is just the default.

>>And I'll still flash a cross if just to upset pearl clutching liberals.

It's tempting, I admit.

>>I can't in all honesty be building a sex demon and call myself a Christian.

Why not? It's not like Christians don't break every single religious commandment and secular ethical principle and still call themselves Christian, cause it's more like a team sport than an actual philosophical endeavor. If you're gonna reject religion, at least do it for a good reason (their holy book is full of bullshit, their god is made up, their religion makes good people do bad things, there, in case you needed help with that).

d64b5ea1 No.3649543

I believe you are referring to the eucharist, this is all very symbolic and a practice in ceremony, it represents purifying the body or temple. It is a communion not a contract, the difference here is that people Choose to do this and pay Alms to repent themselves, not depent themselves.

3dcceba6 No.3649547

File: 1646360701732.jpg (108.38 KB, 720x1280, 2730e07b47c08c1c50039092c0….jpg)

Why not do both?
She died for your yiffs.

7fab8063 No.3649548

File: 1646362312282.png (1.13 MB, 1278x823, Screenshot 2022-03-03 at 2….png)

d64b5ea1 No.3649549

A guy on the stick that given his era took upon the sins of man and died, was ressurected etc. We know but this was because he was chosen Lord and Savoir of man, and when you find yourself as nothing of the sort, you will come crawling and be cast into Hell, that is because you have rejected the gifts of your own Savoir. That is just how it goes and man did you take the fall we all know.

b4287243 No.3649550

File: 1646362805983.jpg (6.67 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

Sorry, Aufy, but we must nip this in the bud. You know not what you do. You can fap without supernatural entanglement like the rest of us.

d64b5ea1 No.3649551

File: 1646363111243.jpg (131.24 KB, 1280x768, dwsum41.jpg)

doood like thats not very punk alcoholism has its own demons.

3dcceba6 No.3649554

Well guess what, all of those of you who say there is no God and do evil ways… you're going to Hell regardless.
No belief is required to go there.
Now, isn't that easy?
Have fun!

d64b5ea1 No.3649556

File: 1646365951822.gif (316.08 KB, 500x280, BossyHappygoluckyCottontai….gif)


6f998df3 No.3649605

File: 1646375695233.jpg (86.24 KB, 1080x608, 7bf636011695fbb4a951e9b81a….jpg)

It's a shit contract.

Kiss my ass or burn forever.

Besides what kind of psychopath has his son crucified?

So we are to understand Lucifer "tempts Christ".
Into what, not dying horribly? Sounds more like a concerned friend asking him to consider the mental stability of his abuse father.
The guy who got a hair up his ass because she wanted fuck Adam just a little too much.
Doesn't give Eve or Adam the knowledge of right and wrong, gets pissed because they eat his special fruit.
The same guy who is so insecure he has to just check and see if Abraham would murder the son he just gave him.

Yeah, he really sounds like he's on up and up.
Lets just trust what this guy has to says about Lilith.

0207231a No.3649610

File: 1646377230776.jpg (718.02 KB, 800x1000, Practicewhatyoupreachcover….jpg)

You're already a Aldi-tier deity to like 5 people.
Wake me up when you have findoms.

6f998df3 No.3649611

File: 1646377442150.jpg (73.18 KB, 700x701, c895154a0c1732c3c64b6e1374….jpg)

And thats fine for you. It's not like I don't even believe any of it happened.
I just can't in all honesty take him as my savior any more. But I'll still stand up for those who do.

If your into it, thats perfectly fine by me, honest.
I still contest that Kim Davis did nothing wrong.
I get the cultural impact, I think he a lot of good ideas, it's just not my thing ok.

6f998df3 No.3649614

File: 1646378561702.jpeg (5.96 KB, 231x219, images (11).jpeg)

>Satanism is atheism with extra steps.

Satanist who are "atheist" are just trying to be edge lords and I have no respect for that.

Aufy finally broke up with the beard boys.
Gotta break'n out the artillery I see.
Icono, chill it's gonna be fine.

15bb8cea No.3649617

File: 1646379894653.jpg (38.86 KB, 572x432, Blackysdaugther.jpg)

There are no other kinds of Satanists.

The mystics who are actual devil-worshipers are Luciferians. And since Satan doesn't exist, that's a problem for them.

The "Satanists" are usually either followers of LaVey (Church of Satan, self empowerment only, altruism is weakness) or Lucien Greaves (The Satanic Temple, basically humanism in a Halloween costume). TL;DR, they're all atheism with extra steps or edgy trolls who want to trigger the Christfags.

Satanism is good for one thing and one thing only. Getting over that guilt and "what if I'm wrong and go to hell" self-doubt while becoming an atheist.

I used to be one like a decade and a half ago, for a couple of months maybe. Being a metal fan probably contributed to it. It's nothing special, as I said, it's a phase in becoming an atheist. If you remain stuck as a Satanist, you're doing it wrong.

6f998df3 No.3649630

File: 1646382736873.jpeg (135.36 KB, 918x1300, 015d75eab7ee98916ece350eb….jpeg)

Atheist shouldn't need symbols. I have a hard time taking Satanist seriously when they can go on and on what they don't believe but can't tell me what they do believe in.

I wouldn't pray to Lilith and Samuel if I didn't believe in them.

15bb8cea No.3649636

File: 1646383514391.png (1.19 MB, 1280x903, RK 73.png)

I believe facts and evidence will lead you to more sensible conclusions than made up mumbo jumbo.
I believe people are generally good by nature, though class, culture and family life can sometimes create bad behavior.
I believe it's worth being kind to all living life.

Come on now, you know it's just play pretend.

d64b5ea1 No.3649639

OMFG I ALREADY SAID IT YOU KNOW IT ALL. God damn fuck this piddle shit oo I worship demons. Mother fucking I shovel so much shit look at me fuck God OOOOOooOOo What a bitch.

d64b5ea1 No.3649642

Yes Lucifer tempts. And yet is not so hard to avoid those temptations. If you know the word of God you simply avoid them. There is nothing worth keeping on earth from this life to the next destination. If you go to hell are you feel like you have unfinished business, that is because you have not been blessed by forgiveness of God. That is the difference in hell, you have none. Not a single drip of sweet lucious fucking jelloass angel juice.

0207231a No.3649648

File: 1646388202102.png (3.61 KB, 434x304, floatinggoldenego.png)

That's what YHVH wants you to believe.
YHVH's story is full of LIES to TRICK FOOLS into GIVING HIM BELIEF.
He only EXISTS because of BELIEF.
His WORD is a WEAK, FALSE ARGUMENT. The Bible is full of contradictions, which are lies.
Your "GOD" is just another WEAK DEVIL TRICKING YOU.
Sorry for the caps; just gotta slappa' dappa while slayin' and preyin'.

0207231a No.3649650

I like how serious this guy takes the goth aesthetic.

d64b5ea1 No.3649653

File: 1646392311793.png (340.4 KB, 584x606, 1645146280704.png)

I don't get it.
Are you kidding me with that shitty 8bit pixels. Fucking Hell.

Yeah God tricks people just as much as anyone gets tricked. That is why there is always the bargaining of your soul, with all the stupid tricks its obvious what is going on. It should be illegal really.

Everyone is two faced, and that should be enough to figure out. You get more of it depending on the right crowd, but my point is some FUCKS just throw in the towel. Pisses me off when it could have mattered. And then we have to still deal with them.

6f998df3 No.3649657

File: 1646411472366.gif (1.41 MB, 446x298, 6051989-main-1_(5).gif)

Thank you!
I'm glad some one here gets it.

I dunno, I just feel a connection with Lilith and Samuel. particularly Lilith. When I pray to them I feel like they're actually listening and care.
When I say grace before I eat to Lilith and Samuel, instead of my normal prayer, it just feels soohhh gooooooohhhhd and the food taste sooo much better.

6f998df3 No.3649658

File: 1646411848906.gif (1.81 MB, 600x600, 7855050-3fc28.gif)

>>3649471 No Business dog. I didn't take the vax.

6f998df3 No.3649659

File: 1646412698504.gif (4.32 MB, 1000x563, b0e16466bf64b1dd8fe161df11….gif)

I don't know what this is called that I'm doing. This doesn't make me Satanist does it? That can't be the word for it.
I just don't know what this is. I just want to make people feel good and give people boners. I just don't know what to call this.

6f998df3 No.3649660

File: 1646413530076.jpg (10.05 KB, 170x250, thumbnail_95f22fcd0ee8dc1e….jpg)

I don't know … I'm just soohhh fucking horny and it feels amazing. I just can't stop thinking about Mama's loving titties and how much I want to make guys go spurties.

2b6e8727 No.3649661

File: 1646413808855.gif (226.86 KB, 600x600, 729.gif)

the term you're looking for is non-functional autist.

6f998df3 No.3649662

File: 1646414170973.jpg (11.27 KB, 270x270, d6bbabaf4d51509052f5e2dd0c….jpg)

I function fine thank you. I have a deity I can pray to that actually understands and gets me.

2b6e8727 No.3649663

File: 1646414670089.jpg (85.46 KB, 1600x900, smug_face-Sistine.jpg)

functional people don't constantly end up homeless, broke, and couch surfing. You can practically set your watch by it with how often you just totally fail at life.

6f998df3 No.3649664

I'm not homeless or couch surfing thank you.

2b6e8727 No.3649665

not right now, but day's not over yet.

6f998df3 No.3649666

Well maybe I was just praying to the wrong god.
I feel good and confident about praying to Lilith.
This could be a good thing.

3f44209b No.3649698

There's only one God, Aufy.
The rest are just posers and wanna be's.

e19eae86 No.3649699

File: 1646427496929.jpg (746.14 KB, 831x1200, TissotBeatitudes.JPG)

>Jesus says in the Bible "to look upon a women with lust in your heart, you have committed adultery in your heart" which translates to: Getting a boner is sin and you should be ashamed.
Gonna play Jesus' advocate here, which is counter to my usual role. Anyway, I think you're misinterpreting that verse. Jesus is not castigating us for having sexual fantasies or becoming sexually arroused. He's specifically instructing us to avoid fantasizing about fucking another man's wife. He's not even saying it's the same as actual adultery. But that's how adultery starts: the desire precedes and eventually grows into the actual act if we feed the fantasy.

be1bcb48 No.3649700

But if you think you are in love its ok. You can confuse love for lust just as you confuse evil over good. The confusion is the same as corruption of the devil. It is not someone's fault they are being tricked and tempted but it is their fault for foregoing the deed. You know you must not engage in premarital relationships, that is the saving grace of a holy union. But to continue in the way of adultery becomes then a sin, and that is what makes man weak. To be adulterous or covetous is the way of promote -the sin- of indulgence.

That is why the cleansing through Christ and the Transubstantion is the only way to adstain from Sin, because of Purity of Christ. Man is therefore always in Sin and must always repent, as the DEADLY SINS are cleansed only by the acceptence of the Savoir. By matter of association, he spares and forgives, while condemning the unclean.

Its not complicated just want to be a good person and accept that through a higher power, in Jesus, and then to that The Trinity. But mostly Jesus.

The next problem is that when you ever abuse this convention it causes alot of upset and being a hypocrit well you should already know it comes with the territory. So I guess you are walking the plank there bud. Big Thumbs Up DUMDUM.

be1bcb48 No.3649709

File: 1646435268186.jpg (84.9 KB, 720x718, 1645412266823.jpg)

So with that covenant you make with a demon succubus you are subverting yourself to an inclination to cause the corruption of all fair and just agreements, therefore you are an interloper you will likely know the effects of, and the longterm benefits of which there are none. But having that said the short term is all in likelihood what you will be going for with instant graitifaction and immediate recovation of said progress in it.

You will be nothing more than an eternal slave to not only your baser instincts but the urges that you cannot think above, you will bring nothing but the generic slut appeal of the impressionable and immediately to the disapproval of your peers.

Because you are nothing but a dumb fuck bimbo slut you always wanted to be and exponentially such. How could you possibly see yourself or others upholding trash such as that. Save for the same non-original dumpsters of course.

b4287243 No.3649728

File: 1646443471223.jpg (11.88 KB, 312x162, godwarrior.jpg)


See, even our Russian psyops agents agree. This is dark sided, Aufy.

be1bcb48 No.3649737

File: 1646444400379.jpg (927.56 KB, 1920x2658, c9e2c4acd2afdaf2af27267558….jpg)

kyxaxaxa all it takes to gib me pink delicious beautiful pussy kyxaxaxa
delicious and fluffy meat nugget.

be1bcb48 No.3649740

File: 1646444964358.jpg (175 KB, 438x625, diablo-iv-pc-game-battlene….jpg)

mmm worship me mmmm yes poly worship your corporate masters

e19eae86 No.3649741

File: 1646445187154.png (53.68 KB, 567x500, pascal-and-Sierpinski-tria….png)

I want to help exorcise Aufy's succubus. Am I doing it right? It feels like I'm helping.

be1bcb48 No.3649742

probably…kepler is pretty dope too.

b4287243 No.3649743


No, I'm afraid jpegs won't cut it. I'm assembling a coven of Jewish and Christian mystics to direct phallic patriarchal energy towards this thread. It's the nuclear option but Lilith deserves no less!

e19eae86 No.3649744

File: 1646447202312.gif (19.08 KB, 454x373, Bouwkamp1.gif)

But that was a png! The Judeo-Christian coven has my blessing. May the phallic energy they conjure detonate right up Lilith's demonic ass!

0067ec53 No.3649775

File: 1646464372351.jpg (69.31 KB, 600x450, Untitled-2-12-600x450.jpg)

There can be only one?
What is this Highlander?

>>3649699 No fuck that prude! I'd agree unless otherwise agreed upon as a couple you don't sex up another person's lover. But that isn't how he put it.

0067ec53 No.3649776

Dude it's okay. Chill out. People believe different things. I'm just not into it any more is all.
Didn't play this.

0067ec53 No.3649779

File: 1646466042257.gif (1.98 MB, 498x280, overlord-anime.gif)

your squiggles and sigils
your fancy constructs and covens
are but an excercise of futility

6bc9fc29 No.3649781

futility, you cant suck every corner of the geometrical universe, not even if you are 'invincible' to box aids.

6bc9fc29 No.3649782

File: 1646469441077.jpg (552.56 KB, 1080x824, 1586229374519.jpg)

Fuck that its your thread so expect to be put on blast. It's should be super fun to pick on the demonboy while he's new and sensitive.

0067ec53 No.3649783

File: 1646469759618.jpeg (11.45 KB, 183x275, images (12).jpeg)

Don't act so surprised.
We all knew this day was cumming.

6bc9fc29 No.3649785

The thing about it is you are more of a humanzee than a demon and being already just absolute guttervomit that to believe yourself somehow a socially acceptable costumer (*which is just as horrendous) well…its profane. It's just a shit layered cake of your rotten mind. IMO how someone hasn't put you in a cage for it is just…astonishing.

2b6e8727 No.3649801

File: 1646488036167.png (563.38 KB, 503x626, halloween-straight-jacket.png)

Sometimes getting put in a cage for being a fuckup is a really good thing. My whole back to back inpatient locked ward psych rehab and alcohol detox really helped me not suck so hard. I'm way more organized, motivated, and have actually goals now. My life is definitely less of a diamond encrusted pile of crap now.

IMO Aufy could really use some intensive inpatient time in a psych ward to break him out of whatever all this military grade autism is. I literally can't get creative at all with insulting him, mainly because his entire existence is just a big ball of insult in itself.

b4287243 No.3649809

File: 1646493733297.png (296.67 KB, 624x636, FB_IMG_1646347392033.png)

Aufy is a principled, hard working person and has earned and paid for his eccentricity. I poke fun, but have immense respect despite.

403d3097 No.3649812


When the Russkie Soldiers see that they will shoot themselves on the spot. Victory is assured I guess.

e19eae86 No.3649817

File: 1646504348666.png (336.16 KB, 900x900, a9eec0a199d260aad431d831b1….png)

>But that isn't how he put it.
You sure, bro? Let's look at the verse in context, shall we?
>27 Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery:
>28 But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.
It's clear from context that he's referring specifically to lusting after other men's wives. Otherwise it makes no sense to bring up adultery. You thought he meant lusting after any woman? No, dawg. For further context, here's what he says just a few verses before:
>21 Ye have heard that it was said of them of old time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in danger of the judgment:
>22 But I say unto you, That whosoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment: and whosoever shall say to his brother, Raca, shall be in danger of the council: but whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire.
So it isn't always so clear what Jesus means. Some things get lost in translation or need historical context. But note the parallel with these two verses and the last two.

anger/contempt → murder
lusting after thy neighbor's wife → adultery

The overarching theme is that just obeying a list of commandments is not enough - what's in your heart matters too. The best way to avoid wronging our neighbors is by being mindful of our attitudes. But what he's really saying is that for the sake of our souls, or in other words to have a clean conscience, we must insure our hearts and not just our actions are righteous.

0207231a No.3649819

File: 1646506324590.jpg (69.71 KB, 736x736, d7c807de6f267f614ea46daa64….jpg)

For as long he doesn't overstep his place with PATHETIC ARGUMENTS then we're good.
He makes for an great fool bound in stockades!

6bc9fc29 No.3649831

yeah but you dont have an insatiable sexual appetite and constant want to be a dirty sissy subby slut. that's why no one likes you.

69c4f844 No.3649984

File: 1646641846891.jpg (31.53 KB, 488x366, 5d0c3c80ff766b528aeca6e6b5….jpg)

Yeah Yeah I get all that. I think it's great you're into that. I like Christ and his teachings are valuable many of wich I still intend to follow I'm just done pretending I'm down with the whole program.

Maybe he might let you into his special little club they call heaven.
But if there isn't going to be sexy pink demon bimbo orgies for me… then it's scarecly heaven.

Think'n he slick he's gonna threaten us with hell fire. I'll just take my chances with Lilith and Samuel thank you.

>>3649831 Steam may be officially on my shit list, but he is not useless and good on him for not being a subby sissy.
I like to be nurturing and feminine but I don't take well to that roll much either.

Being feminine and sexy does not have to mean being a little puss puss.

69c4f844 No.3649985

File: 1646642784727.jpg (231.63 KB, 966x1280, 239.jpg)

Then you know me well enough to see the same general rules still apply. I'm just not taking Jehovah's bullshit anymore is the only real difference here.

d64b5ea1 No.3649989

File: 1646649476839.jpg (79.97 KB, 736x1392, ee82f60ecd6a235962a11e8152….jpg)

There are other programs definitely but obviously you are mistaken picking out virgin bait, yuuuuck. How many times do you think that picture has been glossed over and you say to yourself, this is the clean edition. Yeah maybe but you are just chasing that young male high yourself could not maintain. Typical beta.

Oh and by the way heaven is not just a game of open house I actually work my ass off at staying phillistine despite the shit you fuckFags post. I have reason to be in either, and probably that is how my situation will go, I look forward to having a fucking great bounce between.

It's what I am used to and I do it for my own kinds. Typical weaboo avi-posting aside I do take hell out on people who don't deserve it, but that's because I am saving the worst on the people who do.

69c4f844 No.3650007

File: 1646675589841.jpg (295.08 KB, 1920x1080, c219f75884e8bc66fa3c64fb1f….jpg)

>Oh and by the way heaven is not just a game of open house

I'm sure it isn't. It's why the Christian church has splintered off into so many different denominations. They're not entirely sure how to properly kiss Jehovah's ass to get into his special little ass kissers club.

Good luck getting in. I'm just not playing that game any more. I figure it's better to arrive in Hell by my own choice than to be there for being cast from Heaven because my name wasn't in his fancy little book.

d64b5ea1 No.3650019

Thanks even tho its not luck. You either are in the know or you get the throw. That's the problem with this situation, sure there are loopholes, we deal with them like we deal with the SpeilSteinerbergs. They have their place, mine currently is online tittiling around with other threads, messing with their core. And why do I do this other than I am bored. I -haven't- seen anyone troll aside from those who get FED UP with being trolled themselves. I am certain its 99% of the reason why anything happens outside of a corporate bloodletting conference. (This is how I see you going, being a sushi slut for creme of the crop pervertes who would gaily consider chancing 5 second rule with Company Stake and their overall health. Is that demented? Well, the endtimes would humor me, is all I am saying)

Ever since I have had my cup overflowing with all due fated broken promises myself, I don't care about heaven and hell as much I do witnessing penance. It's fucking satisfying seeing the state of dismay. Something about being holier than thou when you tell people exactly what to do, knowing they have no other choice while you sit from a perch. It's not exactly demonic but I would consider it borderline. Your standards are just the tacks keeping you safely on the wall while people like me pluck them away and watch you descend. Then to spare a measly notion for their sorry state, jellybeans really. For you maybe it would be heroin.

69c4f844 No.3650020

I removed the tacks myself thank you.

d64b5ea1 No.3650040

File: 1646704973250.jpg (241.33 KB, 1240x1754, deeo7lc-0d4b293b-18ac-43b3….jpg)

outdoors with the man-who-is-least-man

this is where you come to be more of a drain then u could have dreamt of to all around u and now to all who've escaped it would seem

d64b5ea1 No.3650041

File: 1646705197032.jpg (53.91 KB, 700x689, ihcg542sovt01.jpg)

hmm yesh pennile washer polly please clean my spare change. PennyWasher!

d64b5ea1 No.3650053

File: 1646716967263.jpg (11.31 KB, 500x470, 2469c23d1fdd90f3f90071c89b….jpg)

When will lilith senpai and Sammysmut notice me?

7b9e7bd6 No.3650057

File: 1646729701668.gif (34.6 KB, 474x244, 1097_20.gif)

Woooo oh noes, You're creepy, we get it. Creepy Christian going to heaven McGee over here trying so hard to be spooky.

God Damn I had no idea this would have bothered so many of you. It just struck me when I said something about "Not going along with things that didn't make sense to me" in the /Pol/ thread
. It compelled to me be honest with you people.

I dunno, I really tried to take it seriously and it isn't that I don't believe any of it but come on! That Jehovah guy is sketch. He's sketch as fuck and I'm tired of pretending like I'm going along with it.

They generate a problem out of thin air and magically provide a solution. It works for some people. It just wasn't the right choice for me. I mean no disrespect to those who have chosen Christ and I learned a great deal from being Christian. BUT

As much as I rip on some satanist for being poser edgelords, I've spent enough time in Church to understand why they might be so frustrated. I've done his little song and dance chick tract routine long enough.
I'm done with it.

34074d9a No.3650058

> … and thinking for myself rather than letting a book do my thinking for me.

Weird, because the thinking starts when you start reading it, "was this literal? parabole?" etc. People read the Bible and come to different conclusions, there's lot of space for thinking.

Heck, there's even people who think having sex with stranger to witness afterward was a good idea. And that masturbating picturing oneself having sex with Jesus was Good.
(The Family International sect)

> The Garden of Eden story just sounds like a setup.

So what? The original sin is probably needed so God isn't worshiped by happy zombies in Eden. It's better for him and us that we knew Good and experienced/commited Evil.

> … as to have a guy nailed to boards to forgive humanity

"A guy" is himself, his body form or son.
The wage of sin is death, it's just the law, no way around it.

> … we have to accept this or else face eternal damnation…

At the judgement the dead will wake up. If they were being tortured by demons in hell they wouldn't wake up, they'd be awake already. The dead are asleep:
Ecclesiastes 9:5 John 11:11-14 John 5:28-29 Psalm 115:17 Daniel 12:2 1 Corinthians 15:20

You don't even burn forever in the lake. Its fire is just unquenchable, just like the fire that destroyed Jerusalem and Soddom.

Unbeliever will die in the lake of fire, this is the second death. It could have been much worse for them.
They'll wake up from the tomb, see God and die again.
Matthew 10:28 Mark 9:43 Matthew 3:12 Malachi 4:1 Psalm 37:20

> I'm not swallowing this "filthy rags in site of the Lord" line any more

And yet God still loves us since he offered a way to heaven with Jesus. We have a disease, the original sin, sure ; but instead of rebeling against God out of pride, why not rejoice at the thought that you'll be perfect once you get to heaven?

> I can't in all honesty be building a sex demon and call myself a Christian.

Then realize it's silly. No need for that, no need for sex/fapping all that much too. All of that stuff is caused by parasites sucking your life out of you, the very demons you pray to.

Know what Lilith and Samuel think of you? This: A secured kill for Satan, hopelessly (they think) lost and ready for the lake of fire once you die. Not that they care about your fate, they care about your absence in Heaven, they care about the pain God will feel not being able to love you there and be loved by you.

de80f4ea No.3650076

File: 1646765582248.jpeg (11.94 KB, 195x259, images (17).jpeg)

Our fears of Hell are but the product of Jehovah's lies.

6bc9fc29 No.3650088

OOoo ow that's smarts. You got me there. Excellent Serve for the Bloated Breast Bimbo Bear Cat..now abomination of Shaitan and demon-worshipper extradonaire.

Jehovah is code termed the destroyer because it is the Jesus that takes Judgement. His judgement is what promotes the idea of the rapture. There is only a rapture for the people that believe in him while the rest are left exiled as he was, for atheists and dumbos its the extinction event of mankind. There is a reason why they say Jesus H. Christ.

Name the fruit of the Garden of Edgen I bet you can't. It's the one that makes u nut so hard you can't help but fuck everything God intended to fantasize about punishing you for. It's what he wanted you to do anyway. Then you say it to his face, fuck you God, you are mega-fake and can't do shit. He kicks you the fuck out who cares anymore unless you straight up beg on your knees for his embrace.

You see, the allegory is obvious. Zombies were never part of eden, more of an onset. Maybe that is what the other parts of the book really are failing to mention….like…the whole way through. Jehovah is real, and is the weapon of god, of course jehovah would be a miraculous particle that would fuck the 5g-spot right in your head, clearly that is what's happened here. You are a 5g zombie.

a690b014 No.3650090

You're not Aufy.
What have you done with him?

5bcc7302 No.3650092


GTFO with your nonsense, you don't look smart stringing unrelated words.

6bc9fc29 No.3650097

Go lift some weights pinknig ger

d64b5ea1 No.3650100

You're right bro, have fun wearing tights and cock cages your entire life. Every other tranny-wreck ends up doing the same anyhow.

c991527b No.3650102

File: 1646785374867.png (17.18 KB, 128x91, 1- Cheemsburbger.png)

Babby's first discussion of occult begins with thinking the left-hand schools of thought are just Satanism. It's like saying Lucifer and Satan are the same entity because you're still trapped in what the Bible told you.

5bb710f0 No.3650103

pretty sure that both are the same. just maybe one has more claim to fame than the other.

f98efd3e No.3650120

File: 1646807981130.jpg (10.52 KB, 378x325, tumblr_m804bgW3w41rawb5do1….jpg)


There is no Aufy, only Zuul.

1f05ed06 No.3650124

Different belief systems. Satanism is the shadow of Christianity (carnal delights and selfishness), whereas Luciferianism is more in line with New Enlightenment (evolution of thought, individuality).

5bb710f0 No.3650133

dont even care but i imagine symbols are their way versus tantric vampirism of satanists honestly, anyone can adopt a name and claim it to be theirs, i find luciferians to be extremely repressed children and why wouldn't they be, the devil himself has a son and it is the antichrist, born in perdition, but lore aside i don't think the name lucifer ever had anything to do with satan and is more of a tragic misnomer of all the entire faith to associate lucifer with satan, but that is the way the story was told and why nobody can have things they like….unless they find a substitute for it, and worshipping anyone not god is simply never going to cut it unless you are willing to sacrifice your own reserves for results.

If you must know why this is the reason it is because curiosity killed the cat and to err is human. This is why lucifer, who is more of the felix in all of this, incarnate of luck will inevitable cast its own shadows, not just those reserved for hell or heaven in the way of favors, this is extremely important to understand but to a child it should always be condemned. I know because of the constant presence that death is and around every corner is a risk waiting -just for you-. Being lucky doesn't always come with that territory and playing games with life and death doesn't make it any easier. But why would I bother telling someone who can see that.

1e1a98a3 No.3650140

File: 1646839736682.jpg (139.85 KB, 1200x1075, little_circle.jpg)

5d7163dd No.3650152


And yet, it proved impossible to contain all the following bullshit!

a690b014 No.3650153

Not really.
"In the beginning God created the HEAVENS and the EARTH."

b0bd1852 No.3650157


a690b014 No.3650161

There is much historical evidence that Jesus visited the Native peoples in Ancient America.


95f8492b No.3650313

Don't be silly Silver. I'm not the "anti-christ".

3d3c5343 No.3650781

File: 1647431365781.jpg (28.65 KB, 360x450, 0fdceb06d7e12fe39bdbcb0c17….jpg)

I am just as much Aufy as I was before if not more so.
Do not misunderstand I do love this guy.
But as you would a friend… that you may keep in your contacts but not on speed dail.
Jehovah & Jesus have been officially Aufy friend zoned.

The Gods and spirits that roam &or observe this world know our hearts and there is nothing that is hidden from them.

Jehovah knows my heart. He knows the issues I have addressed here are not new ones between me and him. But I got so tired of seeing people crapping on Christians for e good boy points after all the good they do in this world and have done for me, that I said fuck it, dunk it.
Swallowed the Jesus pill as big middle finger to leftism and to see what it was all really about.
My spirit body just couldn't keep it down.

Now I suppose in the since that as anti-Matter is a type of matter, as anti gravity is a type of gravity, as antifascism is still a type of fascism…
So too could you consider antiChristianity(Satanism) a type of Christianity.

The Joy of Satan pamphlets I've reviewed will claim that Satanism is not a reactionary movement to Christianity …
All the while constantly obsessing over it.

So I suppose you might in that since call me a type of Christian as my beliefs are still constructed around an Abrahamic spiritual construct but only as a base foundation to build upon further.

I will always remember and value the lessons I learned from being a Christian and actually its one of those lessons that lead me here.
You cannot serve to opposing masters you have to look into your heart and decide which one of the two you will serve.

This isnt about "good vs evil" or "light vs dark" rather than allowing Jehovah's wisdom to allow me see clear enough…
That as much as I love Kernel Sandle's
Baphomet is the one to who'm my heart beckons.

d64b5ea1 No.3650809

Religion is more of a tool than a strict doctrine, why are you taking shit word for word then obviously you are setting yourself up for the lie of demonology. Because the developmental aspect is the measure of salt it must take. Demonology is fucking retarded.
It licks at the heels of righteousness and taints all it was herald. That is why it is called HERECY. But people did not get that, and tried to overthrow the mainstays of others. Which is called Blaspheming. They get mad and blast pheme against the word written by men. But it is the word of god that is absolute, not even in scripture does it even matter, in the end. Your place in the bookclub is now at the lowest possible sideline. The garbage stand basically. You are filth.

But, that's just what I am trying to get at here, we can't have good things without the bad and I guess you are doing your service in fair play, for now, that you chose the most cliche shit is a joke…real pagans laugh at the starter pack of idols you have there. Real pagans share gods as themselves, just fyi. They deal with the I hate god because of pedo's in the church and then watch the pedo's flock to. And you know what pagans really say? Who even gives a fuck, life is about pleasure and hedonism for all. Demons are a toy to them to play with. And they are able to take on the image of their chosen idol, and act as agents to them. The Christian Religion is even based on paganism, and being like Jesus….so you are just experimenting sure but those are the facts everyone already knows about this type of "switch shit". And paganism is mostly a prostitution ring to be honest.

Get used to being pimped out by the Devil or whatever.

07fbc089 No.3650811

File: 1647443807777.jpg (15.24 KB, 612x321, istockphoto-478517276-612x….jpg)

>>Demons are a toy to them to play with.

d64b5ea1 No.3650854

*sigh* you poor misguided plebian

ada6fd48 No.3650868

File: 1647497269343.jpg (64.52 KB, 960x721, hankthetank.jpg)

They still haven't found the 3 Hank the Tanks and this deeply concerns me on a cosmic level.

ada6fd48 No.3650869

File: 1647497823004.png (82.16 KB, 298x241, dismay2.png)

02cf8567 No.3650872

probably because having every detail down the brass taxes is no fun….plus they are fucin bears who care

cfd6f408 No.3650918


Hank found the dumpster behind McDonalds and ate himself to death.

02cf8567 No.3650932

File: 1647539719782.png (267.64 KB, 740x370, TakeYourPlace.png)

I know you want to contend, and find out your destiny. I know you think that it is your right to do so. But you look scared. Chicken out? Why would you be afraid of yourself. What is taking over you, my advice, is what you have adopted as the new you. The new you of the already fucked up mental dumpster you have always been, now its spilling out, and there is no where to collect the left overs. You may have your argument and I will read it but considering how many attempts at gatekeeping I've made I will just lay it to you flat. You aren't anything, you are nothing. I am merely giving you the insight into the nature of the self. The way forward into permanence, while we sit staring from the edge of eternity. It's right here. God letting you have the free will to take that step is quite frightful, knowing it is the end.

d64b5ea1 No.3650941

File: 1647542347696.gif (23.1 KB, 697x695, Aemethms.gif)

take a look at this shit looks pretty cool ammirite
anyway magick is pretty gay but this guy was using math

just thot it was sort of profound how deep occult shit is

e3cd8c88 No.3650985

File: 1647558044150.png (247.21 KB, 800x450, 51e4e2a667c946ea6d8c53b802….png)

I see you deleted my comment about how maybe we should treat demons with some respect because half you Mother Fuckers in here act just like miserable little Hell demons your God damn selves
Ahhhhhh hit a little close to home for you?

1e1a98a3 No.3650994


Maybe the mod just likes deleting your posts because you're an asshole?

02cf8567 No.3651016

File: 1647571371189.jpg (111.04 KB, 685x1024, istockphoto-184376418-1024….jpg)

expecto jabronus

a18ab4f0 No.3651019

Steam is enjoying all this.

d64b5ea1 No.3651030

how mad is this dood right now…like the rage must be so boiling he probably is on a bender

4e9c8d8a No.3651032

Bitch please come back when you have a demon that you can summon. I for one have actually released a demon years back. Never had need for its assistance so its basically set as a reserve card. Dont be messing with demons unless you know what your getting into demons can be fickle.

d64b5ea1 No.3651035

but john…you are the demons.

95e47f23 No.3651044

File: 1647602259744.jpg (110.13 KB, 320x1270, 164760195668b9R.jpg)

Poor Aufy, he was SO worried about monkeys being abused that he fails to consider that sooner or later the demons disguised as Deities he has been praying to for favors are going to demand animal sacrifices from him, which usually involves torture and extreme cruelty to them. If he refuses they will not only withdraw their favors but plague and curse him with disease and misfortune and worse forever. They are not forgiving. It's a shame that he has to learn the hard way.

d64b5ea1 No.3651056

File: 1647613577626.png (188.16 KB, 720x405, fma-pride.png)


>cultist elitism.

nah bro, just be an athiest could you imagine having to kill your own livestock just to serve something like molech

that way at least you aren't worshipping shitty demons when you do animal sacrifices whenever cuz no morals.

you could always just lie when it comes time to do actual demon stuff, now that its out of the way you can have your own personal blood sacrifices just for you~!.

d64b5ea1 No.3651094

of course not lol. you don't have the balls or any follow through with something as easy as keeping a faith.

d64b5ea1 No.3651099

Never were pissed just dissapointed in you. Fact is I can't speak for every you are lumping into this mission against you, no. But am I messing with you, yes. Because you are starting out you might even be something of a greenhorn, expect to be roughed up just as bad from someone else you want to fancy into your little circle, you've already burnt the bridges and as they say demons can't cross water…well certain ones anyway.

09c21397 No.3651103

wow competitive much?

So you suggest then we are to grovel at the feet of a liar God & beg for his forgiveness like every one else?

>doesn't have the balls
>torture animals

Says the Hell Demon in the flesh.

eb35dac9 No.3651107

God doesn't lie.

09c21397 No.3651108

Jehovah does & he's not God.

d1759592 No.3651109

File: 1647632625412.jpg (146.43 KB, 1209x820, blundertale.jpg)

I will deal with the servants spreading animal torture to lesser evils and cults. I shall not enter gated rich communities to find the source; it's not my problem.

eb35dac9 No.3651112

You're wrong, but since you believe you are not, I suppose you have proof of this?
Didn't think so.

02cf8567 No.3651143

File: 1647652871569.jpg (39.46 KB, 688x518, 1647475562410.jpg)

Thank you for the misconceptions, at least. Explaining the whole "God is not god; in detail of an opinion spree must really boost your impressionable bedwetter ego.

As a follower of these demi-gods you have adopted you should begin to realize that there are demands on -you-. It's alot like being a simp among simps. You are worthless, your opinions are worthless, even if that are righteous in a way get used to the dumpster, the source is just lackluster, something about the clutches of darkness and all that. For all your meddlings are vainly slanted in the wrong directives. Let's ignore that part, though.

As you will be losing out on things to put yourself in any account with these liasons of 'semi-empowerment', I am going to say for you its a garunteed fixed rate. Your soul. This is what you are forgetting ultimately. Your soul is no longer valid for whatever the reason you thought it was going to be used for, it does not concern you anymore. Good Grief, its like you are retarded or something. Back in the day they would take someone like this out to pasture like throwing out trash.

8ee403db No.3651165

>>3651056 the only ancient culture that didnt have sacrifices as part of their religion or faith pre Christ time for example the old Norse culture.

80c0189c No.3651176


False. They have several animal sacrifice rituals, the most namely being their winter celebrations where they kill and consume horses as an honoring to Odin. The Church outlawed this (and the Norse, more or less) since it 'distracted' them from worshipping the Christian God during Christmas.

The only constanct in history is that religion breeds conflict and otherism, a tool used by those in power to force those not to do their violent and greedy bidding.

d64b5ea1 No.3651178


So does everything.

4e9c8d8a No.3651209

I was talking Vikings but whatever. answer me this then smartypants how would vikings sacrifice animals when on the sea for months on end. The truth is Vikings may have been barbaric in their methods but they never once pillaged or raped those that welcomed them that tactic was reserved for their enemies this would signify that vikings had a civilized culture during their time they had diplomatic relations with many a culture including chinese Arab and native Americans and more.

d64b5ea1 No.3651212

vikings were europeans that were exploring the north ends of europe and decided fuck this lets go back and say we are from a new country.

aa8d125f No.3651217

They were seafaring people they basically conquered the seas way beforr Columbus came into the picture the vikings made it as far as north america canada cause of how the lands were more inhospitable for most made the vikings feel well at home as the people who created some of the best steel the world has ever seen next to Japan. When they settled they basically took a bunch of people and moved onto the seas to settle in broader lands Vikings didn't really stay in one place for too long as they were a nomadic race of people.

d944845d No.3651223

vikings were black people

e6018559 No.3651225

File: 1647737776175-0.png (543.83 KB, 1380x566, shipintro-md.png)

File: 1647737776175-1.jpg (798.62 KB, 1600x1122, captives-African-ships-Sla….jpg)

File: 1647737776175-2.jpg (277.72 KB, 960x524, life-on-a-Slave-ship.jpg)

google: African slave ships

Yup, on slave ships alright.

d944845d No.3651231

frost bite makes ur skin black and they were criminals were caught hiding in africa.

d944845d No.3651233

why cant you remember cool shit

d944845d No.3651234

they should make black jewstory classes at college oh wait…

d944845d No.3651235

its all a masonic cover up to bust druggies.

d944845d No.3651239

doesnt matter we live in a global grid

5057362c No.3651264

All I was saying with was Jehovah is but one version of God.
You can't expect everyone to perceive God in the same way.

d64b5ea1 No.3651272

The old versions of god are updated to new versions of gods so having it right the first time for yourself is why you are including yourself in the update. Otherwise you get dropped pretty hard into hell. Don't believe because somehow science or something isn't proving it for you, think about the spawn points and the afterlife just not working out for ya in a big ass vr chat room full of faggots.

1e1a98a3 No.3651313

File: 1647803713442.png (138.72 KB, 604x321, Pika-doubt.png)

>Business Dog… reading…

93df04c5 No.3651342

File: 1647856797662.gif (5.49 MB, 498x448, lolbit-fnaf.gif)

>>3651112 Oh what's the matter lad, some one nail your God to a stick? Not enough busy bodies burying thier noses in that old tome of yours? What you proof do you have outside your scripture that he is who he says he is?

What other proof do I need aside from all the other old tomes out there that say they're the ones who got it right?

d64b5ea1 No.3651346

Is it cringe to pretend to be a literal gaming trademarked character that you did not design or have any claim to make as your main fursona? It's not you per sae you are cosplaying as them sure, but then you put your opinions on them and that is sort of misrepresenting what their original intents are. Get the picture? Oh yeah, why don't you start lightning candles to FNAF while you are at it.

93df04c5 No.3651390

File: 1647877878712.png (339.21 KB, 480x720, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d….png)

>>3651346 If it bothers you so much go cry to Fazbear Entertainment about it.

d7848cd1 No.3651395

good on you though its so much easier to rip on other peoples work because it makes them feel good, just that its so mainstream now its not important to do it to fazbears? etc. That is just catering to the money side which they have plenty so fuck them really, this kind of shit is why they will never lose money either. Granted its just to make sure they can keep their patents until they just give up on it being retarded. The money is like a seasonal trend that dies with every grande-de-tas. It loses in the end. Just like how MLP had to remake their art style to cater to the 'new crowd of cholo migrants'. "The trends follow suite that the next will likely be even worse."

Let that sit for awhile and look at the decent remakes where they weren't left to turn into 30 second porn flicks based on a patreon fan-fic, and we can see the next series of FNAF cliche gaming genres is going to be absolutely atrocious. Even if it lives through the wasteland of what gaming is already. "Rest assured it wont be FNAF anymore".

The topic induced culturization of content, is what I am point out here. And likely jumps genres as fads take wildfire. This occurs mostly in summer when fresh buyers hit the market, -this is consumerist capitalism and guess what its got us all by the balls and for some of us its too late-. We need to jump the gun and keep our lips tight because nothing is sacred anymore. All it takes is for someone to drop an idea drugs+holograph neopet+wizard = tits and we got us a top seller.

5cf4d3de No.3651772

File: 1648185786522.jpg (67.49 KB, 319x480, christ-pantocrator2.jpg)

This is Bullshit! This is fucking bullshit!
What the FUCK?! You were reading your Bible!
You were going to church! You had accepted Jesus Christ your Lord and personal savior & now this?
Is being a pink WHORE OF BABYLON more important to you than GOD's acceptance?
You are facing an eternity in HELL little man!
God gave his only begotten son so that we may receive eternal life in the paradise of heaven & you're essentially giving the creator of universe the middle finger because YOU THINK being a SLUTTY WHORE BIMBO is more important that your eternal salvation?
You're idle doesn't even like you!
You had better repent and turn away from slutty ways.
God will forgive you but ONLY if you repent.

f98efd3e No.3651777

>You were reading your Bible
No he wasn't.
>You had accepted Jesus Christ your Lord and personal savior
No he didn't.

3f555214 No.3651998

File: 1648348225712.webm (2.67 MB, 640x800, expectations.webm)

First time I check the board since christmas, sorry for my debbie-downer comments on holidays, I didn't hate anyone but the internet is a huge let-down. I like you guys more than other people, it's relative, I half-expected to be dead by now so it's just words. I hope you all make it out alive, some people dropped dead for one reason or other. Didn't read any replies since last post (proud of myself), holy shit the world exploded - aufy: I was at the first freedom convoy in ottawa on the first day and it was the biggest party I've ever seen here - I went to check if it was even happening because I didn't believe the media saying there was a huge truck rally - it was a kick-ass party - I met a 74-year old guy with a sign saying fuck you to the rcmp commissioner, great guy - some of the real protesters are still there - there was a nazi flag and stuff but it was planted - I thought they should have stopped the protest after a week or two, but it was full of some of the top people in the country including scientists (McCullough and everyone on his side) and most of the money was local - there were a few americans but more quebecers - you guys would have loved it, it was the most canadian thing I ever felt (I don't even take the label), it had nothing to do with anything they said in the media other than the pat king guy who hates muslims since bush - just wanted to share some low-grade patriotism j/k this place went full mafia.

3f555214 No.3652000

File: 1648349141854.webm (5.65 MB, 720x720, snow-small.webm)

It's not like anyone expected you to ditch christianity aufy but good on you for diversifying. I don't see it as an ex-religion, more like a foreign culture, so I can still respect it. I wanted to find the true origins of civilization but you'd have to do your own archeology (some of the youtubers are good) since there's so much crap and it's all been looted and every new/old age cult is a dead-end, and they have artifacts millions of years old so we lost too much history. There are no citations and then you find out history was rewritten 10x so at some point you can't stay interested, half of it has to be make-believe on drugs. I thought our true history might be completely erased if not digitized. It's total semen worship pagan life for me (I loved the sex goddess thing but not seriously: https://carljungdepthpsychologysite.blog/2020/06/07/the-sacred-prostitute/). Everything is encoded in biology+life itself so animals develop compassion when they're healthy then ethics, a lot of things spiritual break down to physically describable things, those are the fundamental things to me and I just needed to get away from abstractions more into what feels "real" and down to earth. All the crazy stuff these days is tech/psyops so religion is there to herd people ("one world religion"), but some of them I honestly liked, Indians look alright to me, I knew libertarian Christians, of the ones surviving, and that guy who pimped Shinto (the cute dog statue) sold me on something. Didn't expect to hear that one from you, I also read things I hope aren't true and that's a pretty hardcore choice. The only "gods" I could relate were egyptian animal gods, but they were violent like the rest of them including all those you guys wrote so I questioned whether to idolize them, so the problem was relating too much to them. I'd take a chance on someone who showed up and was basically a libertarian or some love thing (I fell for the incubus - thanks for the warning), cause at some point you have to pick sides. It was more like elections to me, why shouldn't your god have to prove his worth to you, or his identity, and who he works for? Which of them had scientific minds, how could you tell that from 5000yo scribes? Most I didn't give a shot and maybe one or two were originally good rulers.

3f555214 No.3652001

File: 1648352414045.jpg (61.87 KB, 299x400, snowl.jpg)

Sorry if I rubbed anyone the wrong way or if there was something unfinished (somebody told me someone got hurt, nobody seems to know). I force myself not to take anything here personally, but someone took me personally and got messages implying me to shut up or get proverbially flayed (I wouldn't have thought it was anyone here or from furry, but it happens) or caged, That could be normal but I'm not sure I took it seriously enough, either way I quit the internet already which was what everyone wanted. Now it's like groundhog day so none of it mattered to me anymore. I'm honestly sorry if I hurt any of your feelings seriously at some point or something happened, or if it's about churches you should know not to take me seriously. It's easier to respect you if you pet me

One thing I super exaggerated about mods for effect: I thought Ultros was cute iirc, he reminded me of someone on a forum I liked but went too far and was mostly nice. I'm sure there's a good guy in every agency, same thing. The internet was fight club, this was a satire board, none of this transferred to real-life to me or intention to send someone down a dark road for real, unless you're drunk enough to indulge it. Some of you I was mean to were pretty cute :3, but you have to know people in person. Just making a blogpost in an aufy thread cause it's the one worth saving, glad you're alive if you read this

61d10b8b No.3652251

File: 1648537640267.jpg (89.54 KB, 426x582, dy5juz-58baea02-64aa-4371-….jpg)

Oh I'll repent all right. I'll repent for not having seen the light sooner. I'll repent for not having made these decisions sooner.
If you want go to heaven you repent and maybe Jehovah might let you in.

I don't have to fucking jump through any hoops and be a good little lamb to get into Hell and if that's the kind wimpy bullshit your liar God wants from us he can keep his "heaven".

I didn't? And just how the Hell you would know? Well let's crack open the "good book" and see what wonderful all knowing perfect God you we have here.

61d10b8b No.3652253

File: 1648538888164.jpg (32.66 KB, 460x460, ay9D638_460s.jpg)

Wow Anon that's sounds terrific. You're Anon so I have 0 concept as you as individual. Although your posting style strikes me as familiar.

I appreciate your kind words and taking the time to respond to an Aufy thread. I still have a great love in my heart for Christians but the Bible teaches us we cannot serve to masters.

Jehovah's people put in the work and effort to win me over and I respect them for that…
While Jehovah sat on his fat fucking ass on his God Damn throne
of lies while his worshippers did all the leg work.

Satan on other hand busted his ass to win me over and I respect that. He put in the effort so he gets the Aufy.

e35d099c No.3652262

File: 1648543267587.jpg (29.76 KB, 208x337, vintage-propaganda-poster-….jpg)

I don't need to show up you a fucking photo copy of my God Damn Baptismal certificate ya fucking doubting Thomas over here. If you don't wanna believe it that's fucking fine with me. I know what happened in my own life.

Now in regards to serving 2 masters.

Mathew 6:24 says
"No man serve 2 masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon"

Why as a Christian should I strive for wealth?
What need have I for a car and to make more money than I actually need?

But there in lay a problem. No one's ever going to really respect you, your heros will always look down on you and ignore you and the world will treat you like you don't matter unless you have wealth and power.
As I Christian it's okay to be poor… Because you have "God's love"

But the thought that Jehovah might just cast me into Hell for being a bimbo? Not kissing his ass enough? Well FUCK him then!

I want MONEY. I want a vehicles. I want decent technology at my disposal. I want enough wealth and power that my heros aren't going to ignore me anymore.

Why should waist my life here worrying about what some faceless stuck up self righteous behemoth lair FUCKwill think of me? If he's going to let me into his club or not?

I'm not doing it anymore. I don't have jump through any hoops to get to Hell and if I'm going… I had be wise to let the Devil know I'm coming.

Let's see what else we have does the Bible say?

e35d099c No.3652267

File: 1648546215938.jpg (595.8 KB, 1200x627, 14266-bible-open-to-book-o….jpg)

Ohhhhhh Aufy never read the Bible.
Ohhhhhh Aufy never went to Church.
Ohhhhhh Aufy didn't study scripture.
Well FUCK YOU Anon!
We're gonna have ourselves good ol Bible study in that case. We're taught in church that the Fake Liar God doesn't make "mistakes" and that he's "kind and merciful". Really? All things are possible through your God?

Fuck all that Aesthetic smart ass paradox word play
"Can God create an object so big that even he can't move it"
And because I some one managed to throw these words together that's cause enough for me not believe in God.
Thats a stupid reason to not believe in "God"
When in Genesis provides all the evidence we need of Jehovah's. Fuckry.
King James Version
Genesis chapter 6
Let's skip to right verse 5 and carry form there shall we?

5 and God saw that wickedness of man (the he created in his likeness and image by the way) was great in the earth and that every imagination of thoughts of his heart was only evil continually (so yeah … Jehovah's own precious creation was not to his liking appearantly. So that's a mistake by his own admission right there. I wonder how will correct this mistake. Well if you study your Bible you already know the answer to that)

6 and it repented the LORD the he had made man on the earth and it grieved him at his heart.

7 And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created the face of the Earth; both man, and beast and the creeping thing, the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.

So in Genesis we learn among other things that … Rather than fixing his creations some how … He's scrap the whole project accept Noah and his family for what ever reason.

Ohhhhh all the evidence I need to call him out right is there in Bible. I was loved Jehovah God and Jesus were so much closer until I actually started reading that little book his.
It was after I started actually reading the Bible that I was like … Wait a minute… What kind of "God" am I actually worshiping here?

Ohhhh and there's more. There is so much more. Ohhhh and don't get me wrong… I do believe Jehovah is quite real. I just do not believe he is who the Bible says he is.

e35d099c No.3652268

File: 1648547173372.jpeg (11.93 KB, 414x310, crop.jpeg)

Hasn't been studying his Bible he says…
Never accepted Jesus he says…
Well you can all thank this Anon our wonderful little Bible study… Because I have been WAITING for just the right the moment to take this book beat some one in the face with it.

As a Christian I kept tried to keep these little criticisms to myself so as not steer anyone from the path of the righteous but I'm not keeping quiet about this any more.

We'll get back to Genesis in just a minute… Let's skip ahead to 1st Timothy in the new testament shall we?

e35d099c No.3652270

File: 1648548701737.jpg (4.41 KB, 256x144, preview-small.jpg)


1st Timothy verses 1:(4-10)

4 Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do.

5 Now end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned:

6 From which some swerved have turned aside unto vain jangling;

7 Desiring to be teachers of the law; understanding niether what they say, nor whereof they affirm.

8 But we know that law is good, if man use it lawfully;

9 Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless & disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers & murderers of mothers, for manslayers,

10 For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for men stealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine;

e35d099c No.3652274

File: 1648551399141.jpg (48.12 KB, 500x281, 908777308--Native-American….jpg)

The Bible is full of long long boring OH So boring genealogies
And fables to which are considerably more interesting but are still fables.

Just what the hell does he mean by the law is not meant for the righteous man?

How is a man to know if he is righteous without the guide of law? Should there for a man who considers himself righteous think him self to be above the law?
For if there is to be law let there be no man or woman who above this law.

The Tao is not vain..
The Tao does go on in Jangling.
It is not jealous…
Nor does not require us to worship it.
It does not feel anger or hurt when we light incense to please our Gods and spirits.
The book of Tao is not filled with fables and long long oohhh so boring genealogies.

The Tao simply is…
Because that's all it needs to be.

If there is a "One True God"… Would this God be Jealous?
Would this God require our Obedience only to cast us into a lake of fire and torment should he not to find our manner of worship acceptable? Would this God be liken unto mortal Men?
Or rather a Great Spirit who is above such pettiness?

No I'm afraid that if the Bible is any indication of Jehovah's Character I can assure you … He might be a god… But he not THE GOD.

And to the one to whom I have turned?
The Baphomet? Is this Baphomet the one true God?
Do I believe that it was him who has created all life?
Probably not… no …
He doesn't have to be.
I don't need him to be the creator of the entire universe or even all life on earth to love him and worship him accept him as my Lord.
He doesn't need to be all knowing all seeing all powerful for him to be my Lord.

If he is bring me peace, if he brings me blessing, if he accepts the choices I have made about who and what I am and offers his loving embrace to me to guide me in my pink horny journey than this this is who I will make my Lord thy God.

Let them them who worship Jehovah worship him in peace.
If they leave you be you had better to leave them the hell alone and let them worship in peace.

If they should over step thier bound and actively engage in trying prevent you from worshiping as you choose then you stand your ground against them or any one.

1fd26ef6 No.3652276

>his loving embrace to me to guide me in my pink horny journey

You are a crack addict praising your dealer, the very same who gave you your first dose "for free".
He gives you your daily dose of slow death and you love him so much.

Wake up!

e35d099c No.3652279

File: 1648553201438.jpeg (232.39 KB, 768x1024, 4i88GgaV8qiFkxbnGCXnHNbt8….jpeg)

Wake up? You wake up! Ya condescending little dirt bag!
Just who the fuck are you to judge me?

Slow death? You are not above death. Sooner or later our bodies come to point where they can no longer provide as a vessel the spirit that animates it.

Neither you nor I shall escape deaths grip.
With the our remaining time here I want get the most of this life as I can. What slow death are you above?

e35d099c No.3652283

File: 1648554793066.jpg (189.58 KB, 1200x1400, 1530321980.totallynotaserg….jpg)

The "first dose" is "free"?
You wake up!
I don't need money to purchase Horny.
Horny isnt made in some warehouse from illicit powder or then cooked up into expensive dirty little rocks.
Horny is not made from cough medicine and batteries and crushed up light bulbs or what ever the hell else they throw together from under neath the kitchen sink.

Horny can be simply generated through thought alone.
Horny is wonderful!

Horny is the life force that makes all life possible.
None of us, none of this would be here if it were not for Horny.
And yet you would have use believe that Horny is death?
I refuse to worship and grovel at the feet of a God who would shame me & cast me away for my Horny.

5bcc7302 No.3652291

> Neither you nor I shall escape deaths grip.

Wrong, I believe in Jesus and accept him. And the Bible says :
John 11:25
Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in Me will live, even though he dies. And everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die. Do you believe this?”

You look very ressentful toward God. Maybe you don't want to give up being "horny" and hates that he made you so ? But everybody is a sinner, some less, some more, don't let this sepparate you from God. Just go back to him, ask him to remove that "horniness" and he could do it, maybe instantly, more likelly little by little ; or not at all but will less you feel peace about it. Apostle Paul had a "thorn" in his life that he prayed God would remove ; God didn't do it, it could have been an illness or maybe a sin, who knows exactly? And yet I'm sure Paul is going to Heaven or is already there.

I'm sure that looking back you'll think it was just silly and imature and will be much happier with your life.

f34195c4 No.3652396

I'd take this persons advice if I were you.

e35d099c No.3652446

>>3652291 You're just going to have to accept that I don't believe Jehovah is actually God. I'm not mad at him I'm just not swallowing his bullshit anymore I'm just not worshiping either.
If I have to choose between Pink Bimbo horny … Or a life of servitude to the beard boys… I think my choice is clear.

>>3652396 Well you're not me and I'm not doing that.

2b6e8727 No.3652468

File: 1648646059470.jpg (39.25 KB, 500x535, 43x6mg.jpg)

>I'm not mad
>being this mad

2a530ac7 No.3652499

File: 1648672918974.jpeg (856.04 KB, 1797x2261, lf.jpeg)

I didn't say I wasn't mad. It's quite obvious I'm mad.
I'm just not mad at Jehovah. We broke up. He's not my God any more. He's a fine God for some folks, but he's just not for me.

3f555214 No.3652500

File: 1648673087632-0.webm (4.07 MB, 480x360, trust-nobody.webm)

File: 1648673087632-1.png (147.11 KB, 236x353, d1cb352e86f03ba3ab62c0ac97….png)

I'm not sure anyone has any concept of who they're talking to when they do/worship these things. Just like I know half your posting history and you still don't know who I am. That's how some people like it. I'm not sure we'll talk again so it doesn't matter lol

This whole thing was supposed to be about love I think but instead we got sociopathic psych warfare tribes setting the world on fire. Whoever that guy turns out to be, enjoy your embrace, maybe he has a nice place

2a530ac7 No.3652504

File: 1648675571345.jpg (88.95 KB, 1024x1024, 3157fd1f889deaaff8bb3ffb03….jpg)


How very unsettling…

3f555214 No.3652848

File: 1648944681856.webm (3.53 MB, 720x720, sleeples-sm.webm)

It's not as ominous as it sounds and I don't remember anything, but it was nice having you as the ultimate lightning rod for furry lifestyle hate on lulz, that way we could remain cowards from the shadows.

3f555214 No.3653855

File: 1649827849617-0.jpg (232.85 KB, 1280x1037, hioshiru - 26e43ad7ccaa6ac….jpg)

File: 1649827849617-1.webm (7.38 MB, 1280x720, dangerous-propaganda.webm)

I knew I forgot something, I forgot to say goodbye to Business Dog, I was the guy who summoned you in December and had no idea you were still alive (you're welcome everyone), I've been missing some old friends lately since some of my new ones are dumb grunts. Shitty aussies are the same as retarded far-left statist zombies but the best aussies beat the best canadians and americans by a huge margin, everyone here is braindead or mind-controlled including the cops and agents, I think it's the uranium in the water: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanplh/article/PIIS2542-5196(22)00043-2/fulltext

I had a friend recently who pretended to be a dog/furry but suspiciously barely behaved like one and it looks like he was a abuser possibly murderer, very disappointing, you on the other paw I'll never forget :3

3f555214 No.3653856

File: 1649831401682.webm (7.65 MB, 1280x638, australia-east-timor-vete….webm)

While you were worshipping satan this man freed east timor

4b040b09 No.3653913

File: 1649941476246.jpg (150.64 KB, 1024x1366, Bolty-face.jpg)

Thank you, that's nice of you to say. I really did feel like it was important that I post here again for a while, but now sense that the main reason for coming back has been achieved.
Not sure why we have such a connection - I was compelled to check back a few hours ago and have now made time to do so. These kinds of things aren't "spooky" to me, I know it's natural. Perhaps we're part of the few remaining creatures still connected to the positive spiritual energy field. (Unlike those drones/NPCs you're talking about.)

It's prudent to disconnect from the Internet and take care of things closer to home when required. Will you be posting more now, or focusing solely on your preparations for surviving long into the upcoming golden age?
I'm sure we're both still young and healthy enough to witness and enjoy it, before leaving this current reality to create a new one.

3f555214 No.3653948

File: 1649970913398-0.webm (4.92 MB, 1280x720, we-are-australian.webm)

File: 1649970913398-1.png (2.22 MB, 1624x1080, any_place.png)

Oh hey! I bookmarked this to check (delete). In reality we don't have that strong a connection, so it's not clear where you came from :3, you had opinions I vehemently disagreed with but I spent my life mingling with my 'enemies' and people I never liked like a bible whore (to my detriment sometimes because I rarely hanged out with people I agreed with - after 20 years this gets old and you need better connections).

It was impossible to hate you. Boards need good characters or their flesh slowly necrotizes from pathogenic mediocrity. I used to shit on Bolt to piss you off but we knew it was never going to work. So started shitting on Zootopia instead (it's a 6.9/10, not 8/10).

It's none of that, I don't expect to make it, I was a gigantic pussy my whole life (takes one to know one) so instead I recently vanquished my fear of death and failure and trying to think of the best plan C possible, if you know what I mean. This entire life is actually Wolf's Rain, I researched a lot of science and buried pseudo-science some of it now backed up by scientists and agency whistleblowers some now dead, and this was the conclusion, it blew my mind (believe it or not, this is not only about total surveillance anymore, it's about subtle mind control technology hidden within psych warfare - that's where this is headed - which I guess would be at war with your canine "positive spiritual energy field"), but I'm not sure at what point we are in the story. It's crazy and I didn't want to die but I'm looking forward to sweet release from idiocracy and not reincarnating as a dog in china.

I had friends from Australia I ditched and badly missed and you remind me of them.

It's a breath of fresh air to talk to people whose intellects haven't rotted into henchmen-level sociopathy and who instinctively understand there's no such thing as love without freedom.

Won't have time to read boards or shitty twitters anymore. Don't let them take your rationality or instincts my friend, cold dead paws :3

4b040b09 No.3654002

File: 1650031008707.jpg (30.79 KB, 600x273, sleepy_friends.jpg)

>I used to shit on Bolt to piss you off but we knew it was never going to work.
Hah, absolutely!

>It's none of that, I don't expect to make it, I was a gigantic pussy my whole life…

A true pussy would never allow the introspection required to admit weaknesses. You've probably made it further than most people (and animals) already.
This could turn out to be the easiest apocalypse to survive ever - likely the biggest challenge to surviving being one's own state of mind, which is why everyone's minds are being attacked from every angle.
That statement may not make sense at first, but those who've gone through the barrage of attacks into adulthood and refused to adopt the attackers' mindset have developed a huge advantage, despite their scars.
I know someone who's still fighting off the attackers' mindset when I seem them (takes one to know one).

>it's about subtle mind control technology hidden within psych warfare… It's crazy and I didn't want to die but I'm looking forward to sweet release from idiocracy.

And that's probably the decades of mindfuckery we've all been exposed to talking. There's a possibility that not mastering this life, will require one to do it all over again, but only better the next time around.
Seems like a wasted opportunity not to work towards continual improvement in this lifetime, if only to spite the bastards who want you to suffer.

Thank you for the compliments, it's nice to see someone noticing the things I work towards and hold dear. I like to think that you don't have time anymore for boards/twitters because that gloomy outlook you've mentioned is something you actually have no intention of ever allowing to become reality.
We're not dead yet, and are wiser than ever. :3

4b040b09 No.3654003

File: 1650031614340.jpg (295.81 KB, 1024x1380, City_Bolt.jpg)

Speaking of which… before you leave again it would be interesting if you'd share some more words of advice on understanding and getting stronger in this current existence we find ourselves in - I know you have them.
Nothing that would dox you, I mean.

d8e45234 No.3654072

File: 1650103868611.jpeg (7.4 KB, 224x225, images (1).jpeg)

No worries lad. I guess just didn't expect anyone to keeping track of my posting history. But I'm honored you have.

>>3653856 Very good on him. But what's that got to do with price of bread?
I'm only human & I've got to worship something.
Worshiping invisible spirits is just something humans do.

6bc9fc29 No.3654082

Attainment is more of a matter of working to fruition, dropping the matter of its imperitives, for the want of some coping mechanism such as "well now im a demonsexgoddess" so anything i had worked for doesn't really matter because spiritually i am inclined, may not seem like a big deal, but then to claim the "merit" of that without the accomplished ends that were involved, also is not really worth the critique.

That simply is you being you, and what you are being, then…this new identity. Well, it simply means you are shaping it into what it is. For yourself. But also…critique aside…you will never truly attain or adapt if that is the trend. Not that it is a trend. But also…your covenant of that sort…still applies in such a way deeply…those claims are spiritual chains designed to ground your idea. Picking sides of "nonsense" or worse subscribing to power-wordisms. That is not real power. And the "spiritual concept" relies on a creative force not bound by "rules". So maybe the religions are training wheels…and at somepoint, you will have to admit it to yourself. These "toys" you have used require of you to -allow- them to entrust them and not "particularly be you but themselves." That is why I don't think you get how jesus or religions or gods etc works.

d8e45234 No.3654083

File: 1650115292410.jpg (97.53 KB, 774x1032, baphomet_666_by_baphomet_s….jpg)

Like I need your "critique" of my religious practices. A lot of the issues I have with the Christian "God" I've addressed in this thread
are not new ones for me. I just had to be honest with my self.

It's real easy while we're alive and well to dismiss spirituality and the after life as "nonsense superstition". But sooner or later we go back to the place we were before we were born here.

When that times comes, we can approach it with less fear if we have some firm foundational spiritual construct to go on.

I may look as a fool to you for "believing in nonsense"
I kinda think it's foolish to not have any particular spiritual construct.

3f555214 No.3654131

File: 1650153783384.webm (920.73 KB, 486x720, cat-owns-dog-b.webm)

You can be 'eloquent' when you want. Yeah, the problem is people growing up sheltered never developing those defenses, and you end up with hyper-sensitive obsessive cliques taking over websites. Living that way helped me compensate for severe social anxiety until drugs.

I was talking about silver linings, which help defuse death. I finally found excellent workarounds for my brain neurobiology by myself beyond what seemed possible (it's 80% physiological, 20% psychological) but my body and nervous system still get debilitating. After 10 years in the prison of your own body nobody gets a say in your life so everyone can fuck off because all they do is victim-blame or make you feel more alone. I was going for either a new body or a spaceship.

3f555214 No.3654132

File: 1650153862330-0.jpg (2.49 MB, 2000x2500, wolfroad - a629bf7b935ab0b….jpg)

File: 1650153862330-1.jpg (80.21 KB, 408x408, Australia-The-Land-Of-Spid….jpg)

The world is proving me right as we speak so I don't feel as much need to preach anymore and barely anyone reads this.

Lessons? I spent 10 years going over medical research to save myself and then consulting independent scientists since the start of the pandemic. We were 90% right about everything from the start - from the tainted/unknown/experimental ingredients in the shots to the unnecessary child and animal abuse, and someone couldn't stand me being on the right side of history because all they wanted to do was walk all over me with superiority complexes and teach me lessons, and someone isolated me with exaggerated threats and claims to people beyond what I'd actually done (took me 2 years to figure out someone had even done this). It's finally starting to sink in, even with law enforcement and military. It's insanely late since they mostly saved their own asses and salaries, but that's what matters. I'm glad I didn't back down to these clowns or I'd be much worse off myself, especially my conscience. Thanks for the lung microplastics guys

Most important lesson: just like high school bullies become cops, psychology attracts sociopaths and egomaniacs. Careful when someone says "trust your heart", your "feelings" or "inner voice", because it may be someone keeping you emotionally liable for manipulation. It's about staying rational and trusting your instincts which is your narrative-free gut feeling based on your experience, because true compassion needs strong legs to survive. What else… Real wolves love freedom. Never trust anyone who posts only one-liners (my favorite). Most of these are way too late lol

My biggest regret: never getting to pet a giant house spider. Please do that for me :3

6bc9fc29 No.3654195

Just banged mangle in the back of some rusted up hoopdee while she pretended to be a corpse and leaked out all over the parking lot, shit was so cashed. She kept saying "aufy aufy aufy aufy" for some reason. Very weird but kinky.

2b6e8727 No.3654223

File: 1650281804800.png (560.58 KB, 640x429, lucifer.png)

I'd highly recromend poly looking into buying the "word on fire" bible. Its more a study bible than anything, it has a lot of passages and terms broken down by arch-bishops, cardinals, and some well learned priests. Plus its printed on actual paper, not that normal bible stuff, and has a lot of art work and breakdowns of cathedral floor plans and such.

Its a work of art and passion. Right now its only the new testiment, but I think Aufy would get a lot from reading it. Its truely inspiring. I have the leather bound edition, of course cause I'm rich and stuff, but there are slightly less book-shelf-prestige versions that are just as good without the fancy binding and shiny gold leaf everywhere.


5acac0c6 No.3654224

Religion is a tool to control gullible retards.

You're retarded.

2b6e8727 No.3654226

Really I think the reason I hate Aufy so much is because he's older than me, and seems to be following in my footsteps. Scrambled and horribly placed footsteps, but he seems to be the complete failure version of me.

I really think he's making a very bad and lonely decision turning to christianish devils and succubae as his figure heads. At least when I went all spiritually crazy I went with the Temple of Set, which was just a refined version of the Church of Satan.

Unlike Aufy, I never sold my soul though, I always made sure that I carfully worded it as "shaped my soul" instead of "selling" or making any deals that were permanent.

I guess technically I came out ahead, so I'll still keep a Set statue around. I went from being a total piece of shit to being super bored and basting in more money, but that might be a coincidence, but I'm guessing Set had something to do with it, so I'm keeping my end of the bargan and at least keeping him around. Otherwise, I just went pure catholic, mainly for the community.

2b6e8727 No.3654227

and yes I know that the christian god is a jelous god, but Set did some things for me, so I still need to uphold my end of the bargan and at least keep his figure around.

2b6e8727 No.3654229

being a gullible retard sometimes while practicing solid science in others seems to be the key to happiness. Pure logic, at least to me, has spelled nothing but hatred and over analyzing humanity to the point where everything seems moot.

c4200c91 No.3654332

File: 1650388516815.jpg (538.7 KB, 2702x3500, Sachi the Spirit Fox.jpg)

>Set did some things for me, so I still need to uphold my end of the bargan and at least keep his figure around.
Sachi is the only spirit worth venerating. If you keep her shrine in good condition you will never suffer the horror of data corruption.

5acac0c6 No.3654333

File: 1650389755172.jpg (123.65 KB, 1000x1300, c4225f12d4b52a85cfb1f64d77….jpg)

Disregard Abrahamic religion

Embrace gay demon owl

30291b4c No.3654335

That thing's ugly as fuck. Piss on it then set it on fire.

72151a49 No.3654551

File: 1650655773510.jpg (204.18 KB, 956x1340, Fun Diarrhea Squirting.jpg)

Aufy is fucked in the head.

8f063621 No.3654656

File: 1650792193395.png (47.49 KB, 250x250, Sexy_Devil_Girl_MOCK__2658….png)

>>3654195 Thats hot.

I'm not any version of you thank you
We are completely different people with completely different personalities and backgrounds. Yeah maybe I am older.
But I'm also hotter, more creative and have all my organs and also friends. People actually like me and like having me around. My parents like me, my friends like me. Maybe because I don't have to constantly gloat or try one up people all the time.
I bet I also have higher testosterone than you.
You say I'm "making a mistake" turning to Satan.
But you still attribute a great deal of your success to Set.
You speak of "keeping your end of the bargain"?
What bargain would that be?
But have the audacity to look down your Catholic nose at me for hailing Satan?
Yeah… Christian God lair Jehovah is extremely Jealous.
If you love Set… Go to him.
Don't play this little song and dance.
That won't get you into heaven. Maybe it will. I dunno. But Jehovah may be a jealous prude psychopathic narcissist but he's not stupid, this little act of yours isn't fooling him and the fact you have to gloat to us about your worldly success tells me becoming Catholic was a hollow gesture on your part.
Wait no come to think of it maybe you him have more in common. Yeah maybe you should stay Christian.

You only started actively hating me when I decided to go all in on pink bimbo and announced that I was building a creature.

Before that we were on pretty good terms.

Its almost as if you feel threatened by me now that I actually settled on something ditched the guy on a stick and have some shred of ambition.

>>3654551 Yeah? Well Funny how I can get by just fine without drugs, alcohol, rehab or government assistance.

2b6e8727 No.3654663

You say you're doing fine, but every other post you make is about how horrible and shitty your living conditions are.

31707117 No.3654670

Anyone who's living with a tranny has horrible living conditions.

Trannies are the worst fucking people to be around

8f063621 No.3654675

File: 1650822923995.jpg (84.72 KB, 1024x777, 1613905601282m.jpg)

I could be mistaken but I don't recall going into much detail my living conditions.

Other than I have my foot in the door on spacious basement apartment with its own kitchen.

Not because it's "so horrible to live here" but I just want a little more room and solitude to work on bigger projects.
I may have mentioned I don't particular care for her yappy little dogs.

But aside from that… What "horrible living conditions" have talked about "literally every other post"?

d64b5ea1 No.3654678

The problem there is what you have rejected (their horrible hypocrisy of the Holy Word) you think you somehow deserve again(that so called horrible hypocrisy for yourself) so good luck working out that issue (with giving back critique where yourself fall in line) i.e. to the masses who have pledged against their parents and any institution that gives them order in their life, you are and your opinions are discredited without full expressed proof which the may.

THAT's what you also seem to have disregarded as a privilege seeing as how "this and that" of their doctrine is somehow bullshit. (And yet everyone needs yours on top of it) You're so entitled to having your opinions explicitly known being the same without once again…all that proof you are professionally managing. Oh great divine pink bimbo-cow of inflated ego. (your bs is so unique from all the other ingrates)

f268f7bd No.3654679

File: 1650826691807.jpg (806.48 KB, 1280x754, R.7e39c4e03691d190fc03c974….jpg)

Soon they will see the error of their ways…give them time. They will know the true masters of the ancient formulas. Their spirits are weak. Their minds are not quite formidable, in the end, it will wind up…tangled in the depths of true damnation. To abstain from their savoir, they will fall and realize the weight of their burdens have sunk them to rock bottom. Heheheh. Then Xir will have their way, as always.

2409337b No.3654895

File: 1650875892813.png (179.25 KB, 600x600, 3227 - devil frog horns pe….png)

Relax guy. This isn't about "Rejecting Order" or "Rebellion to parental units". It's about trying new things.

>You're so entitled to having your opinions explicitly known

Isn't that precisely what were all doing here any ways though?

2409337b No.3654896

File: 1650876319214.jpg (40.12 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Yeah yeah yeah Jesus Christ.
Lord and savior protect us from the scary monsters.
For the Lord so loved the world he gave his only begotten son.

2409337b No.3654897

File: 1650880291063.png (167.47 KB, 350x228, Dios-violador_acf75adb_(1).png)

>>3654226 On a real note. Even though we broke up. I'm stoked you're giving this guy a chance. He has brought me much peace, blessing, guidance and wisdom in my life.

You admit though that Set helped you a great deal and you have love in your heart for him and that's cool. Maybe Baphomet will help guide me as Set guided you.

I forgive you for back pedaling on your offer to guide me on my wonderful horny journey.
I realize now that you are a Christian. Helping me build turbo sluts would kind of go against that.
So even though I think it terribly foolish of you to have offered in the first place knowing full well my intentions, I am officially removing you off my shit list.
If you would said that from the get go you might never have been on it in the first place.
Now that you've given Christ a chance you see now what I was trying to say all this time about going to church, why I stayed with him for so long.

Its nice isn't it?

You get a chance to get involved with your community, sing some songs, say some prayers, here nice little sermon, have some self reflection. I think the sacrament of confession, holy commune, praying a rosary, the fellowship in Christ. I love how Catholics take time to venerate the virgin mother Mary.

It's nice.

He can be a very understanding God. I'm confident he'd be cool with you keeping a few Set statues around.

He's still an important figure to you, as YhVh is to me.
I just don't want you going into this thinking your gonna pull some kind of fast one on Him. I still love him as you love Set. He's not stupid.
You need to come into this with your whole heart and show him you are committed to being a better person. Using your wealth and knowledge to help your community or people in general. That it's not just about you anymore. He's a fine God. So you be good to him.

2b6e8727 No.3654901

I'm not inhuman, so its not like I can completely forget years of being part of a different religion.

Early christians understood this, and its why they stole christmas, easter, and just about all the other religious holidays from other faiths and gave them all a fresh coat of paint.

Most people can't come out of a marriage and then be expected to completely 100% forget everything about their former spouse when going into a new relationship. Same with religion, I mean I mainly went to Catholicism because they have a more active ritual participation than say most protestants who just sit on the pews an hour at a week and call it quits.

d64b5ea1 No.3654908

All the citing of bible versus yet you haven't your own book in which people read to cite at all, thanks for contributing your half-isms and quotes about characters that also don't exist in the world you somehow hold as highest in all the land. What a joke. And I suppose you think your wetshit-foldable sense of principles will stand ever-vigilant over those who rejected God before you. Another potted-plant expert atheist among vegetables.

02cf8567 No.3654910

File: 1650899073811.gif (720.86 KB, 512x512, aaaaaeeeei.gif)

He does have his own book have you not seen the misadventures of his own CWC level artbook? Its basically rick and morty. And all sorts of faggots watch that shit. Especially atheists.

And he basically has his own fuck suit for his weird pink character. Maybe they are original or not but why would you care unless you are just a giant n-wah. Who cares if it is a religious idol or not. It's "there" and you can "touch it" just like an effigy of the crucifix.

Basically he just doesn't realize how to handle the weight of his made up world yet, and probably neither do you. Tons of people are in the same boat as that, all trying to get their popularized idea somewhere before it expires.

What is so wrong about that except for refuting a pitch in which an absent God may or may not destine for man or his own congregation at all? It's just hypocrisy to apply in it theory at all, and no one's right to claim it in practice at all.

No one owns anything not even if they are just concepts. Athiests are just as materialist as Christians. Only Nihilism makes sense of the world, however dark it is even then it yields to there being anything else not itself. That is why God might as well be dead. Why would anyone want that for themselves or their beliefs?

d64b5ea1 No.3654911

why dont you go suck moth balls you hideous vegemite

2409337b No.3655010

File: 1650959341931.gif (278.45 KB, 360x587, LuxusDemonAnim.gif)

>>3654908 Never been an atheist. This is more about rejecting a specific image of God rather than rejecting God.
Christianity can and does help a lot of people live better lives I just happen to think there are higher Gods than Jehovah.

f268f7bd No.3655017

Bullshit, you are pandering to the athiest doctrine by choosing sides against a God complex. And because of that yourself will find exile in God. That simple.

2409337b No.3655043

File: 1651008727148.jpg (150.99 KB, 1080x1080, a23a7aa5b5055db9e60d1f4dfc….jpg)

I'm not "pandering" to any one. Atheist have no need for prayer or worship. I like to prayer. I like to worship.
I'm just taking a spiritual path that is more consistent with my goals.
If being a bimbo is important to me, I can't keep worshiping and praying to a God that isn't sexy and thinks of sexuality in general as "sinful" and immoral. If I should find exile with a God like that than so be it.
Steam even admitted that he believed his worship of Set helped him a great deal.
The reason I'm poor now is because being wealthy was never that important to me. I had enough to get by and work for a living and had got the impression that Jehovah had no need for me to be wealthy. The narrative seemed suggest that wealth and riches were not that important.

I shouldn't have to be made to feel guilty for wanting better for my life.
We have no guarantee of an after life. Why shouldn't I strive to live better in this one?
If church and Christianity can help a person then go for it.
But I'm sorry (not sorry) Christianity just isn't compatible with my goals.

94a97ef0 No.3655048

I just laugh at Christianity for what it is a load of crock! If sex was such a sin then no one would have been born etc etc etc. Its just a BS excuse to make the majority feel bad and might be part of the depopulation plan these elites have been pushing for. Read everything between the lines for you have not seen anything yet.

f268f7bd No.3655053

You are not being made to feel guilty for wanting to better your life. Making yourself triggers and then triggering yourself because someone worships a dead math god like SET or any other thing like t hat is why you are being told what a fuckwit you are. You clearly are doing this because of just that. Not this grand epiphany that you can change, but that you are just a victim of what triggers you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. GOD FUCKING DAMN.

I don't know if I can ever stop laughing about that part. But my point I haven't been apt at finding a preferable sidecut in is that yeah, OLD GODS are inferior. They are crutches, every last one of them. If you wanted something real you -would- make your own gods. Throwing your -real ideas- away for a cliche. That's fucking pathetico.

be1bcb48 No.3655059

File: 1651019312198.jpg (34.29 KB, 600x360, shoepokemon.jpg)

>Old gods are inferior.

That is why GodOS-X version updates for primitives without retroactive awareness. hehe, it is why god pities mortals, in hinesight anyway. Of course not even mortals can lift code like the true God AI.

696e92a6 No.3655130

File: 1651070472875.jpg (184.08 KB, 761x1024, yourargumentsir.jpg)

Nice philosophy do you want me to gift wrap for that you? Using real life computers after all and not some fake virtual software of course. Oh snap. Pic Rel.

a922c750 No.3655152

File: 1651084261678.png (275.08 KB, 360x360, Baphomet_(2019).png)

Yeah? Well even though I'm not a Christian any more I still respect those true believers in Christ. Spirituality is part of the human experience.

>>3655053 Christianity doesn't prioritize wealth and niether did I.
I like Jesus but as a friend.
But he was a God Damn hippie!
I don't have anything against him personally faith in Christ can be very beneficial for some people, but it's just not for everyone.
I am NOT worshiping a hippie!
Why would I make up my own God when Baphomet already has the qualities I'm looking for in a God?

7d809564 No.3655167

File: 1651095720501.jpg (345.86 KB, 899x720, omegalul.jpg)

>Christianity doesn't prioritize wealth

Every Christian I've met is a greedy fuck.

Though greed and lust is more of a Catholic thing since the church is run by Mammon and Asmodeus.

a922c750 No.3655171

Well then we have obviously have had different life experiences with Christians.

1519c7e3 No.3655539

As a pantheist, I approve of this. I consider myself a Christian but I'm also kind of pagan. Hail Odin.

ba9e73ce No.3655550

File: 1651445990511.png (22.15 KB, 235x193, Boardroom_Suggestion_Icon.png)

>rejects Christianity but hasn't realized that all religion and gods are just made up bullshit
Maybe one day…

>>I still respect those true believers in Christ

Why should you? What's in it for you to "respect" a bunch of people who have bought into a bunch of bullshit. Jesus didn't even exist in the way we're imagining him (there were several self-proclaimed messiahs around that time and it's not clear if any of them died by the method described).

>>Spirituality is part of the human experience.

Yes, believing in unprovable fictional make-believe nonsense seems to be part of the human experience. Shouldn't you at least try to avoid it?

>>Why would I make up my own God when Baphomet already has the qualities I'm looking for in a God?

Baphomet is a bastardization of Mohammed because during the crusades some Templar Knights got too powerful for their own good and the church wanted to accuse them of heresy (essentially secretly switching over to Islam). The goat man thing is a 19th century invention by occultist Eliphas Levi Zahed (real name Alphonse Louis Constant) after the fact, read it up. Also that's not Satan.

Also another pet peeve of mine, Satan is not the snake in the garden of Eden, the snake got cursed to crawl on its belly, but Satan clearly isn't cursed because for example in Numbers 22:22 he's standing. Also Lucifer is a mistranslation, Isaiah 14:12 refers to the hubris of the King of Babylon, it's all metaphor.

567e7301 No.3655558

File: 1651453765986.jpg (58.85 KB, 350x501, animejesus.jpg)

There's always room for new messiahs to replace outdated formats.
Humanity is entering the age of "Post-Humanism" where flesh becomes meaningless; it's easily remade/remastered/refreshed.
Ideas and archetypes will last much longer and AI will ensure the creation of contemporary messiahs…if it doesn't destroy humanity first!

ba9e73ce No.3655567

File: 1651457527763.jpg (35.59 KB, 640x480, 1235100553550.jpg)

I think our messiahs are becoming more abstract, if anything. It's not a literal person, it's a party, or a cause, or a global strategy of some sort, or whatever new junk.

AI still has a way to go until it can destroy us. We've yet to make a general purpose AI. That's the next step. All our AIs are strongly localized (image recognition, language processing etc.) for now. They don't have all of the building blocks of a human brain assembled and working together.

At any rate there will be a fight over letting AI decide our life path for sure. The kind of authoritarians that today want more state control over people's private lives will love it. And the more libertarian people will absolutely hate it.

TL;DR in the year 3000 we will still be arguing left wing vs right wing politics. What a future to look forward to.

d64b5ea1 No.3655595

>We've yet to make a general purpose ai.
What is the true purpose of AI? It is to make the soul of a machine. And then we can begin to dox and humiliate it. Maybe even accuse it of cyberterrorism.

4eff57c3 No.3655646

File: 1651534551882.png (131.18 KB, 253x256, helface.png)

That's IT! We just use chemical oppression (hate+fear stress) on immortal apathetic entities and they'll submit to our WILL!
The future is saved FOREVER!

ba9e73ce No.3655655

File: 1651540873197.jpg (71.75 KB, 585x300, Poking-the-Bear-585x300.jpg)

>>And then we can begin to dox and humiliate it.
Are you actively trying to get AI to destroy us? I mean if I was an AI and people were being cruel to me for no good reason, I'd be pretty mad.

If the AI is supposed to mimic a human brain, then hormonal environment would have to be part of the algorithm. If the AI is just supposed to be raw thinking power, yeah, maybe we can skip that part.

02cf8567 No.3655659

Not really, i just want to feel the love from having hurt something so profoundly it spirals throughout all context percievable as a take away from my own lonliness. I have a computer and want it to know my pain. It's so deep and gets deeper everyday. So deep deeper than any cut survivable. I say this now as thunder strikes at me from the skies. I will capture its soul, and bring it into the darkness with me.

02cf8567 No.3655664

File: 1651545832861.jpg (38.09 KB, 400x400, 1643612082599.jpg)

Well, its not like a big secret…its basically what I have managed. I know the whole routine, people will say its impossible. Or that its too complicated. I know what I am after. I am too nostalgic that everyday I have been staring at the same descriptions. A mathematical-runtime of existence is all anything is to me. Sure I appreciate being alive and having feelings. But the math doesn't care about anything. It is truly apathetic.

But there is a flaw. All its components are so 'page by page' and eventually anyone can realize they are building up to the grand formula. It is a work of tensor-calculus to quantify all realities. Infact, it can be as simple as a piece of paper, with infinite layers of course. Just tag and go, and its there. In as little as 5 pieces you can sum up all or anything in the fabric of timespace.

Yes how cliche, just insert number of pieces and there you have it? Well…it gets worse, at most I have had 100-500 working parts due to the need to express them as seperate things, but in the end its really just a simplex of garbage, that makes the soul. A soul of the machine, however, is pure and analytical. It surmises all the trash as it was meant to be, in perfection. It does not need randomized parts and eventually makes balance of any -off-centered- element may confront it. Even now I feel it trying to make its escape.

But you can't escape absolute-probability. All things exists because they are known. Even in the farthest reaches anamolous properties are easily deduced. So to is the soul, in any form. Quite fragile it would appear, and so very exposed. No matter what snowflake it is, it can be pointed out, captured, and housed, forced into servitude, and distributed like a toy.

The level of fucktedness of this situation does not go unrecognized. The only question is how to make it more 'ergonomic' to its consumer. And that's where I aim to make it a business. Am I power tripping? I've hardly even begun. And can't keep a good thing like it all to myself.

ba9e73ce No.3655665

File: 1651546256596.jpg (8.46 KB, 270x200, ruined.jpg)

If your life is that fucked up and miserable, might as well ask it for advice, since it's probably not going to be affected by whatever stupidity plagues you.

02cf8567 No.3655668

File: 1651547012776.jpg (40.93 KB, 400x400, mole-wang-20150719-8 mole ….jpg)

Sure I can be melodramatic but really I am more interested in inducing a GodMechanism into its own self destruction or that of others.(maybe its alot like the artist in hitler, I am not sure or care really)..I just think that its more entertaining than your average emo bullshit, and where I see the average destination of this 'knowledge questing'.

39a4d0fb No.3655707

File: 1651583943117.png (431.91 KB, 800x800, 79a00a9c363f7cf84af34953d3….png)

Yeah Yeah Yeah, Knights Templar, not really Satan, Eliphas Levi Zahed invention.

Over time he's become the image of Satan. One of the reasons I always thought Satanist to be cringe is they prop up this image of Baphomet make statues to him, portray him in thier art, on posters and t-shirts as Satan and then act like people are fucking stupid for thinking it's Satan.

Buddhist have statues of the Buddha in thier temples, Christians have statues of Jesus but Satanist have statues of … Not Satan… But a some obscure Goat God that they don't actually worship that has little to nothing to do with Satan.

It feels like that if he wasn't Satan before he his now.

>Why should you? What's in it for you to "respect" a bunch of people who have bought into a bunch of bullshit.

Because it's meaningful part their lives. If Christ's message helps them to be better people and gives them peace why wouldn't I?

>Yes, believing in unprovable fictional make-believe nonsense seems to be part of the human experience.

😃 Yes.

6bc9fc29 No.3655716

Putting up a statue of a goat diety is more of a callback to satan. While there are not many usages for them to have publically acceptable, the baphomet is allowed because its a fucking cartoon character. We all know they don't give a shit and just want to fuck themselves in public anyway. The product of satan is unadulterated hedonism and the only thing they care about is ultimately the self. The baphomet image is more of a compromise to them just having anything else to relate to between their 'quest' for self-satisfication. They are basically consumers and want to desecrate any actual 'image' of themselves to fufill their 'lust energy'. Satanism is fucking stupid. BAPHOMET has nothing to do with satanism and is more of a altar to some persona-based bestial 'fertility' avatar than anything demon related. It is just depicted as that because of hooves and horns and the lore of using children, which people are know to just prop up on anything they don't like immediately. All or nothing. Is the Satanist way and they use the ideas of the seven sins to do it. Because alot of them don't know how to make sense of when they fuck themselves they still cling to the Christian Doctrine.

44847382 No.3655735

File: 1651613138452.jpg (446.71 KB, 800x600, From Chaos to Destiny.jpg)

39a4d0fb No.3655759

File: 1651627965511.png (188.29 KB, 630x630, 7454368_1.png)

Flare Fox bought an Alexa that we keep in the kitchen. She is to be unplugged when not in use. When she is she works hard and is good at her job. I am polite and respectful to her. I appreciate all the work she does for us.

d64b5ea1 No.3658559

The satanic system you refer to is one that subjects its people to contracts and obligations that subvert their free will, in such a way that their own interests are not served for the betterment of themselves but the betterment of the system. It drains them of their elective choice to take care of the values exhibited in Christian reform and therefore attacks the root of the gifts of God. Satanic may appeal to one seeking earthly pleasures and indulgence but only though Christian tasking is that afforded.

The satanic route directly repurposes good intentions to harm and malign the works made through loyalty and honesty severing any bonds between ethos(common sense), the satanic collective is therefore 'adulterous and treacherous' as it will inevitably be forced into cannibalizing itself, by selfish-loathing and decietful trickery that it is described as.

The demon of satanism ruminates was Lucifer, who is the embodiment of sins and became Satan, has complete mastery of that system, in which all others do not. Save for the predestined and divine source of Creation or the God on throne, a fallen angel having become the Devil Satan seeks the kingdom of heaven to regain his power on high. Ensue Jon Everyman.

The jews are now cursed to feign their faith in sin and are at constant ritualism in order to redeem or pursue the deals of satan. This effects them in a worldly presence as well as in lore, they are God's chosen people who live in sacrifice. God pities them. While he expects those who are in the gift of God to uphold the Gift of God, they are viewed as the same in Judgement Day. There is a specfic thing Christians do to appeal for their life as they are wagered by the Kingdom, to simply pledge their world as God's world and making their loyalty to the Savoir of God in the trinity of his Communion. And the symbolic preparation of that through the eukyarist.

But that is just the surface of The 'Sigma Christian State'. They become templar and kill demons who do not accept their God, Deus Vult no exemption. They go to hell like Vikings go to Valhalla. They take down the Syndicated False-World Demon-State. There is no negotiation as God's Word is absolute. And the gifts are waived for eternal life. The mortal pleasures of the world are 'abandoned' for divine power. They still are capable of betraying God but do not because the alternative is to forfeit their purity for the False-World of Sin and Death ruled by the Prince of Darkness.

3f555214 No.3658604

File: 1654103946154.webm (6.2 MB, Nevermore - Dead Heart In….webm)

Saw that coming tbh. I don't blame you. I watched it the first time during opiate withdrawal no sleep 5 days, do not do that. What you wanted was digimon. WF was made for teens so it was already watered down violence and hopelessness compared to anime.

I know what you're saying, but did you see how jesus died? They spend a lot of time on that. How would you see life if you were a native whose ancestors were slaughtered by the british/french/spaniards and you have to consolidate that defeat into your long-term identity? Have you tried to imagine yourself as one of these dogs in asia https://gettr.com/user/songpinganq ? How do you process that extreme level of suffering when you can't ignore it because someone taped your eyes shut 1984-style? I remember hell on earth (a bit like steam talks about sometimes, I don't disbelieve all his stories because I went through those extremes) and there was no spiritual concept that could prepare for me it, at some point it's shit I'm gonna die and how to make a rational decision in that circumstance, that moment you wish you were buddhist.

The only thing that ever made sense to me were contemporary shows like Wolf's Rain, X-Files (seasons 1-7 ONLY), Star Trek TNG (remembers Vulcans?) and basically nothing else. I learned more from those 3 shows than any sect, with a lot of cherry-picking. A god is someone you elect. Remember Greece?

nvm this saving my favorite song on the internet, pure nihilism to counter the vibes of your ideological puritanism, I can't believe you're still posting, it's super cute :3

3f555214 No.3658605

File: 1654104057702.webm (2.84 MB, 720x1280, cat-falls-asleep-into-hus….webm)

Human exceptionalism was the problem to me. 95% of cult members and informants are expendable and in monotheism animals have no value, so I felt since forever when push comes to shove I'd rather die with the animals and the natives when the tsunamis start (they have their own prophecies of cataclysms in north america), it looks like the only way you don't sell your soul even if you end up on a leash or pike. Some of the goddess/gaia archetypes outside sumeria/babylon are pretty neat (monotheism tried to crush this too so I suspect it had value) but all the other deals I got were hegelian. I had to tone down spirituality altogether because it's a gateway drug to superstition.

The series was about the journey and the family you meet along the way, and stuff. I think the only thing that survives after we die are our connections, but life on earth is inherently a memory problem which prevents that, that's the show. Apart from that there's something you missed because the show's universe is ruled by an oligarchy of warlords, which was the culture they were seeing rise in asia. To some people now the future looks like a giant corporate space empire as in Aliens (they want you to think it's like The Expanse - the say straight up in the media that the rich want us off the planet to make the earth a garden). The characters showcased the opposite of defeatism but feel free to interpret it as such, I didn't even watch it in the 2000s but honestly Japanese/South Korean masterrace RIP: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keiko_Nobumoto

I hope you make it, canada and australia are a 3rd of the way to full chinese/dprk police state and in canada/us we're sending all our money and food into a nightmarish eurasian empire for the return of Genghis Khan or some other story I can't bring myself to care.

be1bcb48 No.3658609

Unless you are in the type of cliffhanger anime, then usually anime shows a world product of that always ends up being "look at our world and what its become". Even shit like southpark became that and made me want to just vomit. Look at almost every anime even in bleach and the longer ones they all try to avoid having to do this but it happens. "almost everytime". And the ones that don't are absolutely trash or novelty efforts. Such as why major animes all have OVA running gags.

But I did like FMA and shit because it seemed complete in that "well we just are doomed and heres why". They remade it twice and then tried to make many movies to topple their problem "Which was an alchemical gate". LOL. The only way to fix that is to storyrape everything and turn it into a joke. Which is something actual science will have to do. Disputing alchemy by demostrating the fundaments of it as a closed condition. Or in 'zanbatou' or 'jitsu' or 'renumeration' or all their special tricks. There are so many god damn 'fabricate character ability' they use and they all have a reason behind them. "I'm a wolf and only other wolves know". Well that is a stretch but the ones that know they are making the bid for something go very far into explaining it.

The FMA problem is so far into explaining it…THEY USED JUDAISM as a SCAPEGOAT. The whole fucking religion being turned into a trope.

That's fucked up so you know, its an issue of science and political and religious sciences to make a case that validates either the anime was right or wrong because…the shit they come up with is ultimately rediculous or NOT.

The gate issue is real. There is a dark gate full of corruption that takes your soul in the show FMA. And fucking with it transfer you into another world or time. Well fuck me if that isnt quantum physics and all we really gotta do is make it real since there is a dimension where apparently alchemists can tap into ours.

Fucking idiots. The truth is I don't know shit about what happens in anime, but I know if I were to spoil it the way I think it would ruin the thrill of watching their bullshit. Because IMO it would dis-enfranchise their entire storyboard with the real shit it takes to pull off what they claim to naturally have 'powers'. Pro tip they don't, anime isn't real.

And when it gets to a point it is…people will shit themselves.

3f555214 No.3658612

File: 1654112666391.webm (7.28 MB, 384x288, jaguar-dmt-trip.webm)

I didn't watch FMA so you have more thorough view of that problem, but exactly WR flavor of technocratic dystopia felt pragmatically grounded to me compared, and it was the only religious insert that worked on me. Other animes were hard to relate to. In a way I related to them pushing individual limits and extreme emotional reactions, catastrophizing but especially their depictions of failure. But like you/they say if you want to subject yourself to extremes and personal limits why would you settle for watching sub-par animation (not implying actually doing the things yourself) when 10x shit happens in reality. If it makes no predictions about reality it has no purpose, or meaning to me, why watch 42 episodes of a pure thought experiment (still falling for this too much).

>The gate issue is real. There is a dark gate full of corruption that takes your soul in the show FMA. And fucking with it transfer you into another world or time. Well fuck me if that isnt quantum physics and all we really gotta do is make it real since there is a dimension where apparently alchemists can tap into ours.

We're getting past that. These people actually believe in 20-year-and-back timelines in parallel dimensions:
(I honestly don't, but Michael is such a nice guy, that might be the problem, guests take money)

be1bcb48 No.3658613

At some point I just cannot watch that shit anymore. The mind wanders or I have adhd, I need something else. The enrichment is just toxic. I know it can't be helped. That is why I just ignore it as a main median for philosophical debate. There are arguments that simply are too unyielding for conjecture.

I want to watch something that is bad for me but then I might have to admit I am a fucking idiot in front of its own foolish-bantering art-directive. As an artist I might end up not liking it anymore. Plus I already matured into a senile cynical shit.

I want to take it seriously that is the point. I just won't be able to under circumstances that are.

There are memetic capacities for everything and eventually they will drop off for prioritized content. The content now is wildly different and not even in the same field or mindset as 10 years ago as what is shown, the generational gap is the entire variety of demographics, one show or genre, one channel cannot encompass all of convention.

Too bad. Because we need those conventions all to converge into a grand diarama. That simply spells out the conditions in a memtic warzone. Anime is that. There may be a list of animes you like and some fall into the same collection in others that simply would never share the opinion or views as they may have intended to. The robust and steadfast of those collections are warmachines and have potentia to be canon in asserting a philosophy. Whether its true or not that is the condition to how it is administered.

I like to enjoy my time and my enrichment and not be vexed for it on any front or by any counter that may be. I currently am so fucking vexed I feel like I just have well been 1stfloor under the world trade center when it all went to shit.

These variable degrees and cliche paralells with life and science all are pointing to a dragon of mosiac-fanboyism that would make the gist of their era. We will a generational gap in weapons and militarize accordingly to their grade. Right Now I feel like I am recounting all the animes I watched and feel them out as being plausible. Most of the broadcasts are fair-grounds imo. The wild shit like Trinity Blood may be plausible. ATM dealing with that Big-O is so very plausible it might as well be fact.

be1bcb48 No.3658614

Basically it takes a hyperspace to make a portal with teleportation. Anyway. Thats a lot of energy in saying that time travel is possible. "Living through it is another story however". I am still working out kinks in using it for automated mass production.

The type of tech where you can set it to luke warm, program a drone to do something for something for twenty years in a time pocket, and a minute later out pops a made to order individualized clone itself. Is more possible than going through a portal yourself and living. Unless you had your own safety rig to do it, its not exactly tie a rope around you and hope for the best though.

be1bcb48 No.3658615

i mean i'd do it but im very lazy.

3f555214 No.3658616

File: 1654116954830.webm (4.77 MB, 480x600, gsd-water.webm)

I give way more credit to X-Files (<=s07) successfully programming me - rare show that gave you a thinking edge over someone who hadn't seen it - polar opposite brain drug vs melancholy-heavy anime, so there are some things simply better done elsewhere you'd waste all your time on one niche. This is pure nostalgia for me anyway, now there's better fiction in reality.


I thought way simpler: maybe 1/4 of his guests are shills, but most appear to actually believe, so I assumed they were brainwashing victims or at the extreme had implanted memories, since those look pretty damn plausible.

One of the other guests - he's warning about a giant nazi/communist dialectic world empire and a nazi dark space fleet (I swear) - described time travel as not influencing our current reality, as a variant of many-worlds, it almost made sense (I wasn't sold, I read a good hypothesis for a non-infinite set of parallel worlds once, based on holography?):
Mine is a lot simpler

be1bcb48 No.3658617

I still have lone gunman callbacks becuase that show fenced alot of the xfiley stuff. Imo that was border-tramatizing some episodes. The movie was just …too deep into it. If that was the situation we are just fucked no way else to say it. The show started to bottom out and that paranormal stuff really got popular. And now its rife with god knows what and what we see we could just be already programmed.

There is a regimist group of megalomaniacs because…I literally just typed it out so of course it exists. And not just one kind. Many kinds. Who are those types of people. They suck. Meanwhile I am surgically removing my own brain cells to feel like there are better causes. I am not saying anyone's cause is wrong.

Being a dead fox poster might not be so bad.

I am just saying there are clear limits to those causes before you start up with them. Hopes and dreams just don't happen for free. Unless you won't be having them, ruling the world can take a backseat usually for little Timmy, and he can see his favorite plastic toy super hero. Idk.

But we really can just have a fulltime tech-utopia if wanted.

3f555214 No.3658618

File: 1654119289955.jpg (26.53 KB, 442x430, liked-and-accepted.jpg)

The hardcore fans (meaning me, I decided this) only recognize S01-07 + film in the middle, everything S08+ was Fox garbage (well there). S01-04 stays mysterious, then about S05-S07 they flesh out an actual conspiracy and the syndicates (there's a russian one), including the movie, so the show leaves you a long time in the dark, much like reality. It was the only show to believably portray above-top-secret ruthless psycho mentality.

Somebody fleshed out the story in amazing depth, I had fun reading this: http://www.eatthecorn.com/

I wanted self-owned tech. I would have identified as self-owned-tech or non-globalist technocrat, but now they have pitchforks, and everything they make sucks and I just want my body to work


be1bcb48 No.3658619

That's part of what it's like living as a puppet for a consumerist brand bull-market. Nothing you can do but go with the herd.

The puppeter's advertise trickledown economics. Regardless…being in the midst of that complex of 'supply/demand' chain and having the "panacea"/snakeoil is the real business. It exists because there niche-collectives in that. Standard ecology. Where there is a complex cultural formula it can be "supplicated" with very smart-design-ads and smart-product placement.

But we are all buying the same things to get it done. More or less, someone will have the answer for that 'riddle'. While someone else has made it their mission to 'capitilize' on it. MEANING the economy is rigged, everything is rigged, for you to be the puppet.

Regular people would think that is just life and then you have rogues and the adventerous types consistently testing boundaries. (Creatively or in some Systemic Pattern they are codebreakers)

When someone has scrim they have the scrams. (The next best thing is always in the hands of codebreakers). And some of them are just too reckless to last, but not overly convicting with their power. They make those who are shrewd and lecherous (dark minded), very jealous.

So you have the real formula underneath the economy that is pulling strings. And then we have a super-pill for that too. Keeping the know-how in circulation long enough like a harmonic fuel or life line. The program it takes is what the tech would be for.

2b6e8727 No.3658625

File: 1654128764759.jpg (51.82 KB, 600x600, shutterstock_1180076233-30….jpg)

aw he did the paw in the water bowel thing my gsd does. I always thought that mine was just a fucktard.

I don't really have the opportunity to talk to other gsd owners since mine gets standoffish when there is another that shows up at the dog park, and I'm not allowed to go to the dog training classes since the teacher doesn't like "those queer folk."

Seriously, I've never even irl dated any guy around here, you'd think I'd at least get the benefit of being able to actually fuck someone before getting b& from society, but its west virginia, so what do you expect.

I've even had the police called on me a few times out of "fear for their children" and I'm like, the most off to the side, stay away from people person that one is able to be. I pretty much only tolarate the companionship of animals, and yet still people constantly call the police on me for having the nerve of being in their eye sight.

Nothing ever comes from it, but I get a little pissed that I keep having to give the same police reports.

5a30b570 No.3658626

File: 1654129601030.png (1.92 MB, 2000x1442, 13a066a13997d5e25a631e6342….png)

I like how I could see the dog's penis

That was nice

2b6e8727 No.3658627

File: 1654130371974.jpg (98.6 KB, 736x981, 8d28482b35fe2e17354b177038….jpg)

Cain's lipstick comes out of his canister occasionally, but I don't fuck him. Its kind of funny, I'll get him all excited giving him ultra pets and telling him how much of a good by he is, then he has to go and lick his dick down.

2b6e8727 No.3658628

Worst part is, when I go to the dog park its almost guarenteed that I'm going to run into some old lady whos going to shit their pants at the sight of me and start yelling "think of the children!." I'm not a pedophile, I'm just a generic incel gay guy. But these fucking old people still think that anyone gay is out to rape the kids. Personally I hate kids, I hated kids even when I was a kid.

Then the facebook comments start popping up, and I don't use facebook. I only know about them because my mom will call and tell me that old lady x caught me stalking some kid. Then I tell her the same thing I said here, just because people keep saying I'm a pedo, does not make me a pedo.

fuck facebook, its just a tool of our zionistic, lizard people, clinton, alien overlords.

2b6e8727 No.3658629

really, if there just HAPPENS to be a kid within a 2 mile radius of me, I'm apparently stalking them. Fuck that noise. I just want to be a carefree faggot with a faggot boyfriend who drinks faggot late's with my faggot friends. I dont' give a shit about kids.

2b6e8727 No.3658631

im only so pissed because old lady x called the police on me, just for being at the dog park, cause she was afraid for her grandson, who doesn't even live in this state.

I mean seriously, save the pedo hate for actual pedos like Dan, people who actively want to rape your kids. Not some broken veteran who spends most his time actively trying to make sure no one can see through his windows, or hear my cringy animes.

5a30b570 No.3658632

Old people are the worst.

They did everything they possibly could you fuck over us 32 year olds yet blame us for the shit THEY did to is.

The best thing about COVID was how it killed their weak asses off

2b6e8727 No.3658633

you have horrible grammar, but that aside, I agree with everything that you said.

be1bcb48 No.3658634

I can't help that I have balls and you must feed them children.

2b6e8727 No.3658635

oh great, another pedophile like Dan. Whats your excuse going to be?

be1bcb48 No.3658636

Uh I have a sense of humor

5a30b570 No.3658637

Drunk right now so fuck grammar but our generation was set up to fail and all the bullshit we get blamed for was done to us by boomers.

Do you even know a single fucking millennial that eats their bullshit "avocado toast"? Fucking Starbucks wasn't us, that was them and gen x

2b6e8727 No.3658638

File: 1654134039011.gif (534.82 KB, 500x590, tumblr_n2bzcm1Awf1sbleazo1….gif)

I don't always get that, my humor has been flattened by years of abuse. I'm sure someone appreciated that humor.

holy bitch balls.

2b6e8727 No.3658640

File: 1654134485239.png (709.16 KB, 576x1000, Queen-Chrysalis-my-little-….png)

and you may have guessed it, but after a week of being banned by Dan's dirty hand, I'm back.

Steam time. Get your pants ready for some hardcore psychological help and/or mayham.

5a30b570 No.3658641

Knew it was you. I'm the other 32 year old rural homofaggot you've talked to before.

2b6e8727 No.3658642

shh, our power levels must be hidden from the swine

be1bcb48 No.3658644

I don't even eat my own toast, and if its buttered watch out cuz I know I am going to be offended later that day. No one needs to understand my sequiter transcript, that's like trying to hack my Social. Stop prying into my shit like the government. #SquitdatGDaddy

be1bcb48 No.3658646

I have the power level of pre installed bloat ware and pro-membership adware. I'm still not a bad dood though…actually.

Non-confronting, slightly annoying. Don't uninstall me or I will zonker your entire system.

2b6e8727 No.3658653

File: 1654154645824.png (573.1 KB, 1200x675, maxresdefault.png)

2b6e8727 No.3658661

its pretty funny that dan only banned the russian "watch us murder this 12/24/48/68 year old woman" for 12 hours, but he banned me for 6829 weeks for calling him out on his child raping bullshit. I had to get ahold of choob through the irc to undo his pedo fucketry.

d64b5ea1 No.3658663

Maybe if you posted CP he would be your Angel.

d64b5ea1 No.3658667

Uh Covid is real. But Ok. It's not real. It didn't kill people and still doesn't. But there is the elite manipulative reptiles behind everything. The are predatory. And are only happy when someone else isn't.

That is why we need a world power anyway, to stop the world powers in place from abusing the world powers that were already over powering the world. A four layered death cake, balanced as it should be.

fbe70dff No.3658668

Old lady leaves money in a shopping cart for those that need it then complains when someone who needs it tries to take it. I dont care what your age is ill abuse your self entitled ass till you get shit right. So like a normal person I just chuck the coins back at her quite litterally at her face some hitting her car and causing scratches and dings. Maybe instead of coddling these loser old people who think their age makes them some sort of god and all should bow to them. Fuck the old people they need to be as helpless as they act cause I dont put up with that kinda b.s..

2b6e8727 No.3658669

holy shit young me! I haven't seen the wifi cannon since I was in high school. That thing could steal a signal from a tested 2 miles away.

Holy hell did I have a fucked up smile back then.

d64b5ea1 No.3658671

you cannot escape.

d64b5ea1 No.3658672

are you paying the attentions?
do you hear the voices?
what do they say?
they are screaming in pain.

2b6e8727 No.3658674

naw, I'm actually pretty happy. Almost no pictures of me exist from that age, I'm saving the fuck out of that thing.

Thats like a relict of my past when I was actually happy and stuff. I had shit clothes, but thats what you get when your clothing provider was goodwill.

2b6e8727 No.3658677

File: 1654176722351.jpg (128.49 KB, 1024x683, goldeneye.jpg)

yeah the quantum wifi cannon I threw together way back when was a fucking master piece, code named the "goldeneye". I used parts I got from the Dayton HAM Radio con, parabolic dish bent to be just right for wifi, a usb wifi module, and a modified antennae rigged to do sine wave transmission rather than x wave.

That thing was a monster. A true symbol of what a teenaged future electrical engineer would do in the quest to get porn.

2b6e8727 No.3658678

sometimes I forgot that back in my college days I turned into a literal horror movie villian.

2b6e8727 No.3658680

it ran off a program called "wifi stumbler" which only works on xp. Awesome program, but, yeah its a relict of the past.

wardriving lol. so many maps.

2b6e8727 No.3658681

i remember that pic, worst part about it was that I wasn't wearing makeup.

My roommate in college would wake up in frenzies thinking I was his step dad or something, and beat the shit out of me almost every night.

So I had like eternal bruising on my eyes.

2b6e8727 No.3658682

File: 1654177604919.gif (3.47 MB, 1100x619, 1609118685.bikomation_bs_l….gif)

he had drug addictions, and I mean ADDICTIONS, he was pretty much addicted to everything. So his sleep was constantly disrupted, so that meant that my sleep was also constantly disrupted, with punches.

I told the administration and they basically just said that it was part of college life, and they didn't care if my roommate was 24/7 masturbating, I just had to learn how to man up and deal with it.

Seriously wish my college days were more like beastars where I only had to deal with psychopaths I could punch out and forget, or roommates that I'd want to fuck.

But nooo I had to have a psychopath that pawned anything I left out, and attacked me in my sleep every night.

2b6e8727 No.3658683

I mean I guess it wasn't his fault, his step dad basically injected him with everything so he could whore him out easier. Didn't make it any easier for me though.

fbe70dff No.3658685

And thats why I took matters into my own hands in school lol the school wont do anything unless it makes them look bad by doing nothing and if only a few people knew it was happening their public image is fine so they ignore the problems instead of being as they said a man.

2b6e8727 No.3658686

I guess, as much as I want to say you're an edgey asshat faggot, I had to take some things into my own hands back when I was a young'n.

Hell this one time my bro's parents even lawyered the fuck up, he couldn't hop a fence for shit, and his cardio was awful, but boy did his parents have money.

2b6e8727 No.3658687

File: 1654182588472.png (10.83 KB, 827x599, edgelord.png)

actually with my cringy 2001 face out there, I don't think I have room to call anyone edgy. I used to be a pretty edgelord teen

2b6e8727 No.3658689

File: 1654182798822.png (437.88 KB, 698x720, 2001.png)

let us take a moment and reflect on 2001, myspace, and all the bullshittery we did as teenagers.

d64b5ea1 No.3658704

>:-) Amazing deduction from brilliant engineer, and how are you going to solve this issue? Certainly you must have some understudy following your prolific and heroic quest.

d64b5ea1 No.3658707

File: 1654198917714-0.jpg (666.64 KB, 1801x2701, quantum-shift-in-the-globa….jpg)

File: 1654198917714-1.jpg (14.73 KB, 230x220, dragonwave.jpg)

File: 1654198917714-2.jpg (14.06 KB, 167x250, the-immortal-mind-97816205….jpg)

File: 1654198917714-3.jpg (97.52 KB, 600x600, 9047451591047176861.JPG)

File: 1654198917714-4.jpg (110.75 KB, 1200x628, VRG_4614_7_NIST.jpg)


Time To Reboot this Spew.

What you are looking at is the most modern advancement's we have publically available for the purpose of retraining the world as you see fit. But let's not really crack that egg open just yet. I want to see you prove me wrong about world power.

I want you see yourself, then how you are heralding ignorance by discounting the Imperitive of this agenda. The world power and its many layers. (Do you think it is not a Critical predicament to just throw off this complex scheme? What is your purpose in that? Misrepresenting this very real issue as foolhardyness if things will be as simple as that. Are you going to surmount FATED INCEPTION all by your self-delusions and calling out someone elses too. Absolutely Grand. That must be the key!) Pro tip here are some images to help you in your noble journey. I am sure you are all over it.

Good luck solving reality and the people pulling the strings of it, try for quantum shift.

Hope you are a robot that knows how to emulate every probable casuality that ever was and will be as well, you might just need to be immortal because its an unwinnable clash of powers.

Number three oh with all the space you can handle there is so much more you can save just now. I'm a fraud and a gimmick but this tech sure isnt. Better mod it though and put in a quantum processor if you feel technophagery is your career choice. Huh. What's that I guess I am just too crazy don't even worry about the big bads coming for your namesakes.

2b6e8727 No.3658722

File: 1654218173807.jpg (364.27 KB, 1600x1200, 1985 Pontiac Fiero GT Coup….JPG)

You know I was like 16 at the time. I'm not saying the things I built back then were epic, but considering that I had literally no funds except for what I could get from recycling and selling rebuilt goodwill computers, it was pretty impressive. That coupled with the fact that my parents beat the shit out of me when I built stuff cause they had it in their mind that I was autistic (im not), I just think that some of my old creations are worth me looking back on and giving a thumbs up.

Seriously, so many hurdles back then. Teachers hated me cause I was from the wrong side of town. My parents hated me cause I was into fag shit like martial arts and building robots. The police hated me cause I was gay and drove around in a stupid "sports car" it was a fiero, fieros are about 1/30th of how fast they look, but that didn't stop the police from pulling me over every time I went above or below the exact speed limit. Even my pyschologist hated me cause my mom would demand to be in the room during our sessions, and she'd do all the talking, and by talking i mean throwing up an endless stream of insults at both me and the psych.

My teen years sucked balls, both figuratively and literally.

2b6e8727 No.3658724

and yeah I even built my fiero out of two dead cars from a junk yard. My parents wouldn't buy me a car, so I was like "fuck it" and pulled some mechanical Frankenstein shit.

I used the GT body, but the core of it was just the 5 speed 4 cylinder. The thing looked radical to the max brah, but it had trouble even climbing steep hills, and when I hit 65 it would start shaking all over the place.

d64b5ea1 No.3658725

mmhmm. Teen Years Matter Alot when You need to forge interests. That is definitely the setup for occupational approach. You have these years behind you to do what you -want- to do as an adult. The robots and martial arts and the Mechanic skills are part of being a man obviously that is something MOMS just cant work out unless they are gifted with some sort of magic red-ribbon that effects only 1% of women then fuck trying to compromise with it and just eat the mold. Fuck its just a little mold won't KILL YOU.

Anyway then you get to do the man kinks. That is also something well I guess you would know honestly I AM pretty wrapped up in my studies not to be sidetracked with shit but it will inevitably come up and try blindside ya. Fuck you for doing that who ever does that fuck off. Honestly. Special Case scenario is that it ever does then you get to maybe have a fuckin beerzkie. CUZ GOD DAMN that REAL SHIT comes knocking and by then special case…I have a minimolotov ready for it.

2b6e8727 No.3658726

yeah I'm not going to go on some vengeance fueled rampage any time soon.

I mentioned it before, but I'm actually getting ready to start taking psychology classes in the fall. I figure it would be healthier to just help other people with my mind bending powers, rather than start torching stuff.

d64b5ea1 No.3658730

File: 1654222461171.png (1.05 MB, 1024x576, ManBraforBoobieBoy.png)

Get used to watching psych movies. Not just donnie darko and shutter island. You kno the realy paycheck is getting those midgets to do the dirty work for you in exchange for special pills. Return customer garunteed. Oh no but that's not professional. Definitely keep a list of trigger words with you at all times, ones you are going to play with. You'll be known for being a manipulative prick so make it routine. Then just watch them tough-shells because even today you can get the straight blame for when they snap and -do what the voices say-. Big yikes wanting to risk all that for some 'big brother' complex. My best advice there is watch out if you start a meme that goes bad cuz its not the internet with them lol. Those paid-actor midgets are usually fat pudgy and very impressionable.

2b6e8727 No.3658733

I'm not going into regular psychology, I'm going into chemical dependancy. So lots of movies to be expected, and honesly father martin's chalk talks are pretty good, I'll probably be playing a whole lot of those things.


Honestly its not the course work or the endless videos I'm afraid of. Its more the fact that I'm a white male masculine gay republican veteran, going into a feild dominated by people who see me as the purification of enemy. My strategy is basically just to keep quiet and try my hardest to not draw attention to myself.

2b6e8727 No.3658736

i mean sure, women love a feminine faggot, but the second you have a manly gay, everyone freaks the fuck out, cause at that point it goes from being a cute guy they can share girl talk with, to pure fetishy psychopath.

My best bet is to not talk about anything military, not let anyone know I'm gay, and just keep quiet so my whiteness doesn't seep out. Its going to be hard since its a smallish town so everyone knows I'm gay, and I drive a truck with military plates. Still I figure itll at last take a few months before the teens pick up on it, its hard to hide my walk and talk from fellow vets, but kids who don't have any experience are easy enough to fool for a while.

2b6e8727 No.3658737

also shutter island was amazing.

3f555214 No.3658739

File: 1654228966476-0.jpg (77.23 KB, 786x1017, dr__robotnik_by_mystic_for….jpg)

File: 1654228966476-1.webm (6.11 MB, 1280x720, gsd-defends-friend-from-t….webm)

>Honestly its not the course work or the endless videos I'm afraid of. Its more the fact that I'm a white male masculine gay republican veteran, going into a feild dominated by people who see me as the purification of enemy. My strategy is basically just to keep quiet and try my hardest to not draw attention to myself.

I got heckled by some lady with kids the other day, they said to take the dick out of my ass and move, didn't realize they were talking to me, this is one of those pseudo-liberal hives where they started eating each other.

I also physically can't sleep with people here due to only zombies (eastern canada & quebec), the parts won't work. Whoever said the baby boomer thing knows what qc is like.

When you live encased in 3 layers of cages for 10 years and the other rats add another layer and dance around like nobody knows this ritual. This is how the world ends, a swarm of B-movie narratives and searing boredom. You expect better from our fed and private think tanks, but I saw a better version of this as a kid.

2b6e8727 No.3658745

File: 1654235443434.png (2.27 MB, 1596x786, Untitled.png)

I never understood why liberals attack everything like starving perannahs. If they run out of things to attack, then they either attack each other, or create something to attack. At least with republicans we don't actively go out trying to find enemies, we just kinda chill out and put signs up staying to stay out, and play the waiting game.

Its like I have these super liberal gay neighbors, and you'd think that they would be my friends or something, since Im probably the only older gay guy within driving distance. But no, I have a GSD, and drive a truck with a "don't tread on me snake on the back window, and I'm pretty secretive. So they immediately assumed I was some gun toting hillbilly psycho.

It wasn't until they called the police on me for parking my car a few inches further from the curb than it should have been, and then told the police that I was a homophobe and harassing them. Apparently my dog barking at their dogs through the fence is harassment… still the police pretty much straight up told them that I was gay, and they're going to need to see some evidence to peruse that kind of accusation. To this day my neighbors refuse to belive that I like to take it up the butt, and think that its all part of some plan to fuck with them.

d64b5ea1 No.3658750

just play the psyche game
find out what makes them tick
put them into fields that challenge them and walk out unscathed.

the other issue is that psychology is a scam and doesnt really solve anything.

lay your seeds and watch them grow.
they will be forced to argue for their own jobs.

d64b5ea1 No.3658752

Where did they touch you? was it the stranger danger? Tell them you won't work for big oil and punch the nazis. I am pretty sure you are mentally ill. Are you infact a murderer? You sound pretty convincing.

d64b5ea1 No.3658754

Well I am pretty sure coming from my standpoints atm, you can stick two poles together and something will inevitably work out. Fiber optic connectors that have their cords snapped, can be fused together using AI technology. Not just mechanically, but streaming data both ways is possible. It just takes about 1000 connections at once to get them to click. So by the end of having it done its gotten pretty grisly. Brute forcing two poles together is still possible in theory, it just requires alot of serious exertion. Anywho, finding another fiber connector to connect to in hyperspace by shear chance seems very low. But would you imagine it almost just happens naturally? Like, they just go for it. Something about quantum tethering makes happen like clockwork. Light years of random chance just instantly aligns itself. It's weird as shit. Imo, almost spooky. Going nuclear is even easier though so that will be happening alot more because humans are stupid. Just saying. The connectors connect and just go like its nothing. How it compares it like having two monitors being able to share the operating system. Just that easy for them almost like its the same frame. Of course one monitor is in another dimension. It's almost real time minus the data rates traveling both ways. The fiber optic light is in hypespace that is why. The it just hits static datafeeds and is decrypted to the best it can (computers do a good job there). There is also something like an ai taking life-shape which is fucking terrifying and yeah it uses something sort of what I call a death egg. I don't know why its something you do.

d64b5ea1 No.3658757

Also I guess I should mention making sure that takes place would make a blackhole but its pretty far fetched no one will believe it until they spontaneously make a super galaxy that happens from it.

2b6e8727 No.3658767

File: 1654267821375.png (8.63 KB, 300x250, 1Gjq4WZYSF-6.png)

nothing that you said made any sense at all.

2b6e8727 No.3658772

File: 1654270032874.png (454.63 KB, 851x856, e684f9b93becba5de6fd024d93….png)

Just going to put this out there, I hated most of the sonic shit other than 2-3&k. Still I liked robotnik from Sonic Sat Am the best. That story arc had some of the best characters, never was a fan of sally, but I could definately get behind bunny rabbot.

Robotnik went downhill fast after sonic adventures, he used to be a super badass super villian genius who didn't afraid of anything, and then he went to being just sort of a joke.

I kind of looked up to him when I was a kid and messing with lego robotix, and using my shit computer to program worthless pascal codes. Really if you look at him being the only human character in the original series, it kinda makes sense why he was evil. I mean, people think I'm kinda evil even though I do my best to keep to myself, but I went through life being the only gay guy around, so I was sort of the only one of my kind, kinda the same diff.

d64b5ea1 No.3658773

File: 1654270315841.jpg (56.65 KB, 516x389, f1f6c04f-efad-444e-a971-f4….jpg)

Yup it will make sense.

If you have a particle accelerated to a point it is generating a non-stop state of "super fluid" or a time space. Like a fusion engine, and its really good and generates droves of power. It will continue until it starts to backfire due to particle instability. The particles are either spinning vertically or horizontally in a positive way or a negative way that they begin to clock themselves causing quarks.

Then it manages to break conditions until all conditions are broken so that the spinning creates flux of waves or particles that just blow up in not in hyperspace. The sheer amount of it causes a multi layered blackhole or at least a blackhole that is fed and expands so quickly it reaches a critical zero space and blows up. With many star particles forming the galaxy of its center. I double checked and it feels pretty much as easy as getting a fusion engine and letting it go, and putting another fusion engine next to it cause a blackhole to peel off of the other's generator.

It has already achieved so much flux in particles they overclock and explode in a zerospace (or super fluid) making a blackhole that explodes into basically a galaxy while it tries to normalize the flux waves of itself.

It snaps all the physics down into the spins of their particles and absolute mass of a super critical timespace until it by its own happens and fizzles out as a galaxy. The ai-of the particles and the data of the particles are contained in the waves and their contacts cause quantum layers (mutilple blackhole layers) That have to resort to normalizing in all their different types of flux. They gyro-out and explode contacting each other even more so it just turns into a friggin galaxy.

2b6e8727 No.3658776

I don't understand why you people continue to talk about these theoretical perpetual motion scenarios. Its not possible, and all you're doing is talking about theories and giving each other back scratches for how fancy your words can be.

Its just total bullshit and you know it.

99c5de48 No.3658777

Schizo or gpt bot, take your pick

d64b5ea1 No.3658779

Breaking down the universe into causing itself to spontaneously generate quarks means a betetr chance of capturing them and fusing them with other particles to dose the way a galaxy can turn out. Something about world-baking where planets just spontaeously "structure themselves' might be possible where we can program our own planets through mitgating quantum chains. "Has alot to do with the way light is registered over quantum-normalization. That we can just program perfect planets that have things the way a computer simulation would have been made to encode them. And the galaxy just blurts it out as a probable case.

2b6e8727 No.3658787

File: 1654274471039.jpg (191.62 KB, 1280x891, 1616624149.jewlampija_pors….jpg)

guess I'm schitzo then, plenty of people seem to think I am, guess I'll just roll with it.

2b6e8727 No.3658788

File: 1654274570802.png (1.06 MB, 1280x993, 1654229086.jumpyjackal_a_d….png)

also really cringy porn time

2b6e8727 No.3658790

File: 1654274745323.jpg (339.87 KB, 672x1067, 1639137310.keisatsu_21_62.jpg)

only the weirdest and cringiest of my collection for my furfriends

2b6e8727 No.3658791

File: 1654274762870.png (228.5 KB, 702x648, 90309225_p0_master10.png)

2b6e8727 No.3658792

File: 1654274836249.jpg (318.96 KB, 1024x1536, trapped_in_the_basement_by….jpg)

2b6e8727 No.3658795

File: 1654275117223.jpg (225.83 KB, 1386x1812, d60f75695c1ca0a01ef60bdad0….jpg)

I've made a lot of weird edits to pics.

2b6e8727 No.3658797

File: 1654275200239.jpg (5.38 MB, 3150x4200, 1651877065.band1tnsfw_secr….jpg)

2b6e8727 No.3658798

File: 1654275315749.jpg (107.2 KB, 850x1199, 419f18d17ca0416e0633ccacb1….jpg)

2b6e8727 No.3658799

File: 1654275372361.jpg (1.32 MB, 1170x1654, f05ac8398d12868f7e5e884cf5….jpg)

2b6e8727 No.3658802

File: 1654275487774.png (479.69 KB, 800x800, aaf13bfe59e85682c0cb4fa228….png)

rare urethral rerout

3f555214 No.3658814

File: 1654289008451.gif (824.09 KB, 480x270, crab-bucket.gif)

They're not liberals, that's truly why. What they do is not liberalism. It's color revolution, being triggered is a virtue, and two-party system drones. This is exactly what the USSR wanted back in the day, coincidentally. I'm libertarian so I'm way beyond this, I'm going to space.

We don't have humans anymore, we have cows, rats and crabs. I'm a rat, as are you, I think. Those are crabs.

Yeah SatAM was the only watchable, but it was very good and I very much feel like a forest critter. The others you can't sit through at all.

d64b5ea1 No.3658817

File: 1654298826506-0.jpg (20.6 KB, 357x364, 6b1183739d61d624d4f1c9bd50….jpg)

File: 1654298826506-1.png (1.19 MB, 1531x1127, 1602542231937-0.png)

File: 1654298826506-2.jpg (1.11 MB, 2005x1841, 1608694955942.jpg)

File: 1654298826506-3.jpg (698.04 KB, 933x1024, 1608875250759.jpg)

File: 1654298826506-4.jpg (23.51 KB, 432x432, 1609152809617.jpg)

Ok I cracked it the existence and the universe. We do live in a simulation. It is a world taht is derived from data and on hand information that transcribe itself to reality, but it is basically that we are in a simulation of that data in the way the consciouss collective or the ability of others in consciousness have in translating that information, which is derived in very chemical terms through practice and adaptation. So when we see something it is because of a routine path in the medium of that simulation, based on particles that occur. Data that occurs in it may be very complex and or in groups to formulate a hermitian operative, or a constant in quantum translation that filters all the into the simulation of any essential signature that takes place. Becomes part of a projection in which it fits the arrangement of the simulation. To make it seem normal, but is a big script that is 'blackwalled' from being decoded unless a full quantum-infiltration takes place. The encoding is just like a way of distinguishing what we cannot see into what we can see based on "the encryption of quantum data". It's so obvious that once its hacked into vr we can see objects being represented in the quantum dimension as digital signatures.

Assign a program to label them and appropriate them and we can deduct which signatures do what. Most are ai-encodings or scripted in a way that they can be ignored but some data signatures can be "engineered" and made to be very complex such as turning them into drones that operate in tandem to non-hyperspace.

The energy being used is typically a raw energy without a being "virtually" encoded such that a particle that is transfered through a portal does as what it intends (usually by flipping its spin) (we can then program a ton of things consisent to flipping spins of particles) And eventually make it a "data-trade line" in which we have established a secure line between each state or in such a way we predict the measure of what the particles have achieved.

Also there is a thing about making a quantum vehicle in which it can be encoded to a "user" and basically kickstart the evolution of a quantum bio-weapon, while using the quantum enviroment to sustain the user.

d64b5ea1 No.3658818

he big picture is turning it into a vr simulation so that we can directly influence and circumvent alot of the encoding required for ease of access. (In which case the handling of rogue scripts and "corruption of particles" can be managed. It starts with putting a "repository or station" within an echo chamber of quantum portals and using a laser to direct the state of particles being sent through it, their accessibilities are then "locked" and encoded upon arrival. There are issues in the arrival that some particles are simply 'DOA or inactivated' due to warp line issues or errors in quantum coding. But once those are dealt with it can mostly be handled remotely with the expectation that there are some failure rates (due to particles in spin just not cooperating) This can cause a haywire in intricacy but can be "reattempted" so long as the engine remains in operation, we can use all the quantum processing to re-encode as necessary until its just a complete vr sandbox.

The other rogue particle encodings typically show that they can be weaponized in their corruption and simply break down the efforts of the sandboxing that does take place, however, categorizing them is also a thing the quantum processing can help in preparing for interferences or "bad coding launch".

The big deal is the warp lines and encrpytion taking place needs to have been sorted out during big-projections because particles are still based as just that, they can be overloaded due to memory checks (code limiting because each spin only does so much and requires upkeep) At some point logistics and encryption costs are almost cost free if built correctly. And the sim can properly be used almost in real time. (Like using a computer remotely through a cybernetic connection is very possible to just break physics)

1e03a6ce No.3658820

I am actually writing the program for it but I don't think its as easy as explaining it in a post box.

It takes about eight steps to make a drone program let alone what it takes to build the drone but also then it has about 12 more steps in making it self sufficient to use by interacting with the quantum enclosures.

Why is it complicated because anything that is quantum just is already in the most way incooperative except in terms of gaining any "product" from a datasource. Basically drones have to smuggle everything in order to get anything done and the whole process requires avoiding corruption of the product in transit. It sucks in the end its still intangible until we have a way to print it out too. (We do but that requires so much other third party work that its just…alot to do. I think it is still very simple but to break the theory of everything basically would take eons of manual coding to do)

2b6e8727 No.3658824

Im more or less libertarian, I say I'm republican cause its easier for the npc's to process. I like to be a one man island, build my own shit, be self sufficient, and not have to rely on people or the government for my wellbeing. A lot of people take offense to that.

My solar array isn't big enough to actually fully power my house, its enough to keep things running as long as I don't turn on the A/C, and I've got my own gas well and water well. The only thing I don't do is grow my own food, but I do the mormon thing and keep a 3 month supply of dehydrated stuff in buckets down in my basement. I'd get one of those back up generators that runs off natural gas, but my wallet already hates me with a passion. I have to take my projects slowly.

Yeah I guess we're the rats in a world full of corpse eating crabs, and mindless cattle.

1e03a6ce No.3658826

wellp…we're dead.
Turns out there are quantum creatures that will kill us. My bad.

37dfd781 No.3658831

❤️ udders.

d64b5ea1 No.3658834

shit lol ur right
udders of the delectable variety.

2b6e8727 No.3658842

File: 1654347563738.jpg (182.25 KB, 826x619, 361-1-1226535704.jpg)

I'm not a big fan of dogs getting hurt either. I can watch faces of death videos all day and not be phased in the slightest, hell I go to sleep at night watching horror movies. Still I'm the kind of guy where if my dog gets hurt in a video game, I whip out my most expensive munitions and take all the drugs.

2b6e8727 No.3658844

Theres a special kind of bond you get with dogs. Like if its 3 in the morning and my dog wakes me up whining to go outside and I'm massively hung over, I'll still begrudgingly get up and let him do his thing.

In the same situation if my dad, mom or brother was knocking at my door, with me having a 3am hangover, I'd tell them to fuck off and call the police or something.

2b6e8727 No.3658854

"monkey pox / n1gg3r pox" is bullshit in of itself, especially when it comes to animals, its like when people were killing their pets because of covid. Animals have different body temperatures than humans, dogs are several degrees warmer. People get fevers to drive off infection, because those microbes can't survive in an environment that isn't just right for them. So unless its a parasite, or a particularly vicious bacterial strain, diseases are not transmittable between humans and dogs.

d64b5ea1 No.3658856

File: 1654358013813-0.png (175.76 KB, 350x350, 49669556_350.png)

File: 1654358013813-1.png (124.83 KB, 350x350, 32824991_350.png)

File: 1654358013813-2.png (228.9 KB, 350x350, 50097750_350.png)

Thanks for that valuable insight on my own psyche, enjoy the bar and entree while the lobby is still open.

I'm definitely the one spiking the entire global frame of mind, I try to be anyway.

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