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967fee03 No.3650634

How yiffy will this be?

1ee8c531 No.3650640

Probably not very.
It doesn't look like Sonic even has a dick.

a0ecdda1 No.3650641


remember to stockpile xtra strong eye-soap

bd962396 No.3650649

Nah the robotnik massive super weapon looks pretty badass in this movie.

4baac3b7 No.3650679

When they add the chicks then the yiffy will begin.

b6325678 No.3650680

>When they add the chicks then the yiffy will begin.
Just how new are you? Welcome, distant traveler!

c586dce6 No.3655282

File: 1651183679051.png (320.04 KB, 665x821, 1346908463.mcarson_datashl….png)

This may be a hot take, but

I actually kinda liked the first Sonic movie. I don't know what I was expecting, but I had fun.
And Jim Carrey makes a really good Dr. Robotnik so far imho.

I want to see the 2nd movie.

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