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what do you do a Furcons ? and how to plan for them

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1. Depends what they make, if they are into animations, sculpting animal anatomy skeleton collection robotics.
2. One thing furcons are good for are museums art and study.
3. Not recommended at cons smelly diaper fetishes, bdsm, messy pizza parties, disturbing guests, pie in the face, bad experiences.

Never went to cons, probably cost a ticket to get in and meet artists and ask questions what is the most popular creature that is been drawn.


efecbdef No.3651485

I ghost all cons, there is always a way.

I make sure to trash the hotel in some capacity.

I steal liquor from parties.

I also trash talk and drunkenly harass patrons behind a mask. Fauci had such a great idea… Who knew medical maskes could hide such identity.

bcba082d No.3651513

Volunteer for the minimum hrs to cover the free entry and you can go to pretty much a good majority of panels etc. With free time as long as the work gives you some free time in some of the sense. Always work in most of what you want and can get to in the con with a volunteer achedule. They do often offer free choice to where you wish to be for working the convention floors I made it work absolutely well when I did it and even got invited back because I was where I needed to be before I was even asked and great at handling the jobs even security detail was simple and easy.

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I use a service dog's badge to attend cons I'm banned from.

Walk around in furiend's murrsuits to avoid detection.

Volunteer to be registration to avoid the line and get badge #69, VIP, leave after 30 mins after greeting all your haters and intentionally mispronouncing their fursonas with a megaphone.

Wear a shirt that says "Who Gave Mix a ride?" during all my shifts.

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Ill go to cons and be like Gandalf and when I go on breaks ill bust out my churchwardens pipe and smoke up.

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cute porm

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> what do you do a Furcons ?

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