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File: 1648108964791-0.webm (6.86 MB, 720x1280, privat.webm)

9e84bde0 No.3651664

Finally, some actual dolphin fucking.

f26d1f1c No.3651667

GREAT, thanks
Is that a leaked clip from Club X-OTICA?

daf73a3e No.3651671

File: 1648112508257.jpg (396.92 KB, 2121x1193, GettyImages-1043597638-49a….jpg)

Got any Zebras?

c4d967a0 No.3651758

Wonder if any more videos by this dude will turn up, heard that this one (and any others for that matter) wasn't supposed to be public but you know how "privately" shared videos end up…

9e84bde0 No.3651759

No, Zooville. The OP and their friend decided to post it after another leaked some content. Guess they decided they may as well have at least this out on their own accord.

2e024a16 No.3651907

>Pepperidge Farm and I still remember The Friendly Neighbourhood Dolphin Humper, who used to post original content on here.
Got any of it saved?
>Who would do such a thing with someone else watching?
I imagine it's next to impossible to fuck a dolphin in a facility without having at least some connections

6168f1ba No.3651911

File: 1648282820061.jpeg (7.37 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpeg)

Do you remember when Hank Hill got all upset because a dolphin tried to make love to him?
What a prude!
What a fool he was… What an honor it is that a dolphin would choose you to mate with.
That poor dolphin.

565c12a2 No.3651917

File: 1648284598414.jpg (217.77 KB, 1024x1280, Dr. T’ana and friends.jpg)

Caitians are notorious for fucking dolphins.

f26d1f1c No.3651928

But wouldn't they be ALIEN dolphins, maybe with a different kind of dick and everything than Earth dolphins would have??

6eb2cafb No.3651931

File: 1648301548144.jpg (283.07 KB, 1920x982, Cetacean_Ops.jpg)

Not necessarily. I thought Cetacean Ops had regular Earth cetaceans. In Star Trek IV Spock had said, "There are other forms of intelligence on Earth … Only human arrogance would assume that the [probe] message must be meant for man."

2e024a16 No.3651992

Eh these are kind of old news, was hoping for some exclusive content.
How does one get involved in the dolphin fuck club anyway? I'm from a landlocked country so my chances are very slim, but still…

66e6428c No.3652004

Dolphins are just stupid fish with tits and the people that like dolphins are retarded

737209f9 No.3652005

Care to post any images from this section. Ive kinda lost a lot of files and some happen to be in this ancient thread.

737209f9 No.3652073


Thank you very much. And I really wish I had known my drive might die as its went through sudden death after moving somehow I think it may have gotten bumped!

422cb2ba No.3652085

I'm not sure about dolphins born in captivity but the ones in the ocean form literal rape gangs. I'm not surprised Business Dog is a fan. Dolphins are the angry incels taking their revenge on Fe-Males he wishes he could be.

7e9411a3 No.3652090

Its the motor constantly clicking also its a laptop drive ive been running externally through my old dual bay and its not the device as it runs every other drive I insert but its also from like way back in 2012 or so and I havent tried hooking it up to my replacement quad bay NAS device so soon as I've fixed my laptop ill have to try and see if its a device issue but I doubt it is even that kinda issue have taken apart many a hard drive to break down the scrap materials after having saved anything worth saving but being this is the first drive I have had die on me before I could retire it also my cats have knocked the bay down before and I've even tripped on the cable a few times as well though Funnily its the only one that has been damaged when I had a 2 TB also sitting it the drive bay beside it. I'm almost 100% positive its the motor just not functioning any more or could have got jammed or something.

7e9411a3 No.3652092

I've also gotta rebuild my right whale folder and tapir folders as well as some other species. Only thing I'm really missing is the ever elusive squid pics which would be pretty amazing just to have even a handful of photos. Sadly we know very little and have very little to go on as for the mating habits. Though speaking of why its my fave species and some fun facts are that the squid (male) can detach its penis and throw it at the female and go off hunting for its next meal and that male squid penis is 1/3rd the size of its body and that I do believe puts it up for biggest penis in the animal kingdom by ratio as limbs dont really count in equating size only the mass. Its kinda nice to be able to study the behaviours and mating practices of other species as it brings out some cool and even painful understanding of how other species procreate.

cabb4955 No.3652104

File: 1648456450428.jpeg (23.55 KB, 522x364, 125694_1_600.jpeg)


FNDH is long gone, he was being hunted by guys on kiwifarms and other sites last I heard.
He is probably still involved with dolphins though as thats not something you give up easily

a3ee3632 No.3652118

File: 1648468496078.jpg (114.1 KB, 898x1200, dolphin slit.jpg)

429e0138 No.3652134

File: 1648488847314.jpg (68.41 KB, 720x711, 277304435_1015965021233891….jpg)

75244cce No.3662494

File: 1658094419886.jpg (14.3 KB, 480x360, penis.jpg)

e10f601a No.3662577

The link's dead now, could you reupload it pls?

048c566b No.3662621

Oh man, this is fantastic.

0181b814 No.3663584

File: 1658898776952.jpg (272.21 KB, 918x503, fecf7f5aa42b5235f2b52630f3….jpg)

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