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8066429b No.3651974

All women in the furry fandom are dogfuckers, prove me not

3d7eb9bd No.3651975

god I hope so

d2d4171b No.3651991

All of them? Should I get tested??

Do dogfuckers carry disease?

101e6985 No.3652016

File: 1648381810083.jpg (768.58 KB, 3450x2451, 1638733986290.jpg)

i thought the whole point was that unlike fucking another furry you won't get aids from fucking your dog

of course that rule goes out the window if some sick fuck is whoring his dog out to all their furry buddies

3c431bc8 No.3652017


what do you think goes on at furcon room parties with the guy that brought his "service" dog

101e6985 No.3652021

File: 1648386476127.jpg (110.64 KB, 600x776, 4c5469414d70d6ffaea362c19b….jpg)

well yeah obviously if you go to furcons you're as good as dead already

71274340 No.3652043

You get dog aids, and then canine to human dog aids transmission winds up killing humanity.

Stop fucking your dogs.

101e6985 No.3652045

File: 1648393076314.webm (2.82 MB, 360x640, 24483a0271ddd4eb071c33f05….webm)

if i did that i'd have nothing left to live for

1f7b50bd No.3652059

Most furfags will cancel you for even mentioning zoophilia, so probably nothing spicy unfortunately.
t. zoo

ba43113a No.3653530

File: 1649538945814.jpg (222.8 KB, 1447x2048, FPq6EvqX0AUSX0D_u18chan.jpg)

Artist is @Mikae_NSFW on Twitter, mikaemikae on FurAffinity


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