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File: 1648500623873.png (939.22 KB, 800x521, must-see-excavation-sites-….png)

aa08d49d No.3652162

What is your dream job peeps.

I just happened to apply for a starting position as a field technician the field I have chosen is archaeology. And I have a little bonus to provide my employer to secure a position for myself to get an apprenticeship a location that I can prove has a piece of history and a significant piece at that. Thats as good as 5-10 years of experience in a job like this.

2dea7a89 No.3652173

sucking dicks behind the mcd's dumpster doesn't give you experience in archaeology

75c6824b No.3652178

Dunno what my dream job is, but it would have to require being away from people and not communicate with them.

c39643c5 No.3652180

File: 1648513472839.png (770.55 KB, 735x551, Screenshot 2022-03-28 at 2….png)

If you think the job will be anything like this you're dreaming.

aa08d49d No.3652181

I've got a little gem the location of a dig site thats a well kept secret and little known and was lucky to stumble upon. And I'm willing to share the glory of the find with the group that employs me. Ive been keeping the location a secret even though the value is not in gold its in iron. So irk what you think I'm thinking but nice try. Also it can be depending on the dig site and the discovery itself. So jokes on you.

aa08d49d No.3652190

So a private janitor ;)

c7a82e16 No.3652208

Actually I found your secret fuck hideout and already sold it to George Soros.

c39643c5 No.3652217

File: 1648520775086.png (2 MB, 656x1667, McBurgerHo.png)

f185dfa8 No.3652616

File: 1648762109903-0.jpg (82.92 KB, 514x768, f5bb04aa43277c596ac00f3969….jpg)

File: 1648762109904-1.jpg (110.88 KB, 564x852, Dr. Jackson activating ali….jpg)

> If you think the job will be anything like this you're dreaming.
No, Cobalt intends to join the Stargate project and go off world.

c39643c5 No.3652631

File: 1648770865846.jpg (59.84 KB, 570x320, archer_s11_570x320.jpg)

Coblat believes he's Archer.

c39643c5 No.3652712

File: 1648821832133.jpg (151.66 KB, 1620x1058, raptors mcdonalds commerci….jpg)

Seeing this commercial reminded me of him.

da5d7e1c No.3652754


> I'm willing to share the glory of the find with the group that employs me.

You haven't even done anything yet but you've somehow managed to already get scammed. Amazing!

Seriously. Why are you shopping around for someone to give your permission to excel?

f5f5e898 No.3652775

Maybe he advanced into "cave exploring".

c39643c5 No.3652792

File: 1648877372181.jpg (101.58 KB, 1200x775, screenshot-of-indiana-jone….jpg)

Unlike Indy, Cobalt isn't afraid of snakes/trouser snakes.

e94ccfff No.3652815

File: 1648901715854.jpg (497.67 KB, 1195x2089, 20210603_202232-1.jpg)

Think again

6ceba315 No.3652822

you forgot to wipe the snake cum off your lip.

e94ccfff No.3652824

You obviously don't know what severe scarring looks like. I tore up half my face in a cyclint accident many years back.

6ceba315 No.3652832

naw, pretty sure you just got plastered with so much jizz that it became permanent.

6f85b391 No.3652844

making anything you like a job sucks the joy out of it

14cc9aba No.3653120

Had to turn down a factory job due to transit issues today but hey there's plenty more places hiring right. Now and some of the headhunters have approached me personally which is kinda nice compared to constant applying.

e588c655 No.3653131

Anything but McDonalds. Good luck.

14cc9aba No.3653184

I've been offered a position for fabric cutting though it sucks cause I might have to work alongside all these people the gov shipped in from overseas. One of the reasons I hate immigration. Not enough English speakers.

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