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Sexual stories from childhood and early teens. Let's share some.
My story will be that of how I percepted female body in my early childhood. I didn't go to school, but was already attracted to female body. That was pre-internet era and I lived in a shithole somehow I knew how female boobs looked like, however I did not know women had vaginas so a fantasied naked women with dicks, didn't know I could jerk off yet. Next step was picking under mother's dress or skirt, for some reason she rarely wore panties, but the pick was brief before me getting scolded. As a result, another misperception was formed. Now I thought women had nothing but hair between their legs, so I fantasied naked women with pubic hair but no vaginas, I thought sex was about rubbing penis somewhere between woman's legs.

That continued for pretty long time, I once even caught my father watching vhs porn in a scene with reverse cowgirl, but since I didn't know women had vaginas I thought "Why is there mustached mouth with tongue out doing breathing between her legs", I found it pretty repulsive. My father did not care about me catching him, he was watching it with his friend and they weren't jerking off each other, so I just left.

Hello, hormones! Well, I had to find that vhs tape, didn't I? And I did. By that time I still thought women did not have vaginas, I inserted tape, pressed play and it started from the same reverse cowgirl scene I saw several years ago (ages for me back then), took a lot of time for me to rewire my brain into actually liking female vaginas instead of pubic hair, however I still did not know how to jerk off so I just sat and watched with hard dick once in a while.

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I'm in my 30s and have never done anything sexual with anyone

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