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No comment edition.

Any further /pol/ threads will be deleted.

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Paw licks = good

Politics = bad

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File: 1648841563780.jpg (8.22 KB, 228x221, broughttoyouby.jpg)

I don't really have an excuse, I just like to see people triggered when they find out they aren't immune to criticism. Egodeath is so adorable especially when its beset to unapolegetic spectatorship. Absolute zero Fucks especially given the criteria of this site, it's just hilarious to see poltards recoil after a pinched nerve.

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Hi, 3B.


b13f9815 No.3652753

omg look at cnn the news the poltical party that had a stand up on the press like what…what the heel iz daey even thinkin, what is like…now the other politician of course he is like you cant do that!? nohbody ever thot it wuld make dis so controversial.

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File: 1648854606208.jpg (183.84 KB, 720x1280, 1638423949198_r1.jpg)

Do what now?

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File: 1648856190584.jpg (139.9 KB, 1007x1357, 1590803822839.jpg)

This is now a horse pussy thread

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File: 1648856572281.jpg (44.99 KB, 400x653, 8be41a8b8f42bcdfe58c3152fd….jpg)


yo, fellow horsey rider, thread is that way!

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File: 1648870872224.jpeg (99.91 KB, 416x559, FPJKHQSX0AEsX60.jpeg)

Best political thread yet

5a1f2ec3 No.3652796

File: 1648879304486.jpg (26.62 KB, 605x328, sumwa-605.jpg)


talk about a global crisis between Ukraine and Russia.
War affect us at every corner depending were we live.

fcfb35e1 No.3652798


Maybe changing for the poor poorfags who are broke as shit.

LOL Furries starving and scraping by. Pays to be white and rich.

5a1f2ec3 No.3652799

File: 1648882860019.jpg (127.35 KB, 847x768, 596.jpg)


History is a mystery, we were never this in schools.

cdf0ea52 No.3652800

File: 1648883346802-0.jpg (323.01 KB, 1605x983, aivazovsky1.jpg)

File: 1648883346802-1.jpg (376.17 KB, 1608x969, aivazosky2.jpg)

There is even more you wouldn't learn on youtube.

22539ae3 No.3652801

File: 1648884286885.png (549.75 KB, 500x655, FNyXsUkVIAAyxcE.png)

We're doing it, folks.
A good politics thread.

5f2ce964 No.3652806

File: 1648891199832.png (168.64 KB, 1495x708, Screenshot 2022-04-02 at 0….png)

"Path.net is trying to have our harddrives seized." - Null

621d0378 No.3652807

Confirmed 30 000 ish death among Russian troops. They are also defecting faster than Putin can replace them.

Ukraine is said to prepare a large counter offensive into Russia, thanks to all of the equipment left behind by Russian, including tanks.

Putin's finished, he'll be lucky if he's not assassinated before april ends. He can't just lie to his population about a "special operation" when *his* cities get conquered.

fcf2fa0a No.3652808

"Socialism loves the poor so much, it multiplies them."

d5c5da18 No.3652810

Technically, Russia is the only Christian/Capitalist nation.

cdf0ea52 No.3652811

File: 1648893178596.jpg (184.95 KB, 850x600, 16479860273050.jpg)

ad08c885 No.3652818

File: 1648902290429.jpg (43.09 KB, 680x680, FPGB-wrUcAMFiSZ.jpg)

Two totally not Ukrainian helicopters entered Russia near the border of Ukraine, flew along the treetops and blew up an oil depo further crippling Putin's army.

Ukraine is acting like they don't know who did it which is making Putin's people go on TV and report that they did it even though he's been telling Russians for weeks that Ukraine has no air-force and the war would never enter Russia.

532e616e No.3652826

Hi, Professor Pedophile.

9c5b5b21 No.3652833

those that thirst for power and money will drink from the sewer to get it.

ad08c885 No.3652837

File: 1648924034978.png (66.32 KB, 663x466, Totally-normal-people.png)

Speaking of pedophiles…

d2eebd54 No.3652838

File: 1648925741022.jpg (132.98 KB, 1024x768, butt_shot.jpg)

> Ukraine is said to prepare a large counter offensive into Russia,
That is said by morons and only believed by imbeciles. Ukraine would lose the support of most countries which now are sympathetic, AND Russian soldiers who now are reluctant to fight against their neighbor would fight with steely resolve.

Unless, by "offensive into Russia" you actually mean recapture Ukrainian territory occupied by Russia since 2014.

532e616e No.3652839

That doesn't have anything to do with pedophilia.
Only a pedophile like you would think it does.

5f1c6271 No.3652845

Jesus Christ says
Kill whites

5f1c6271 No.3652846

Most pedophiles = white

Kill a white
Save a child
For Jesus

934e325d No.3652847

File: 1648944451039-0.jpeg (70 KB, 819x1024, 0D9539B0-2D0A-4693-80FA-1….jpeg)

File: 1648944451040-1.jpeg (93.58 KB, 1024x719, 8E331215-1D30-4459-93A8-5….jpeg)

File: 1648944451040-2.jpeg (136.23 KB, 1024x738, F5E230C6-D7E5-4C7D-B987-D….jpeg)

File: 1648944451040-3.jpeg (65.47 KB, 730x1024, 7BDEF99A-8939-41E5-835A-5….jpeg)

You know threats against the president’s son could get you arrested!!

9c5b5b21 No.3652852


well thats it for me im not sure i can respect that kind of race baiting now that its turned into child murder.

383cf75d No.3652870

>Most pedophiles = white

Tell that to Yemenite little girls.

fcf2fa0a No.3652871

Muslim culture is BASED on pedophilia, and there are 1.3 BILLION of them, including 500 Million Africans.

ad08c885 No.3652874

File: 1648988721169-0.jpg (119.3 KB, 680x383, FPaK_KMX0AI3_PJ.jpg)

File: 1648988721169-1.jpg (100.21 KB, 900x673, FPaC-lYWUAAB-0b.jpg)

Ukraine has deployed a new anti-aircraft system. So far they have shot down several expensive jets and one heavy attack helicopter.

Russian troops have found themselves facing much fiercer resistance than they anticipated and with sub-par equipment they have taken to getting creative.

They have begun towing broken down tanks into holes to use them as impromptu bunkers and putting wood armor on their vehicles.

You can tell things are really not going according to plan when you see the troops deploying orc technology.

ad08c885 No.3652876

File: 1648989355058-0.jpg (185.05 KB, 1057x1994, FPTglzeXMAwO03e.jpg)

>Muslim culture is BASED on pedophilia…

All religion is based on pedophilia, dumbass. When those dusty old story books morons like you base your life on were written most people didn't live to see 30 years old.

Most girls were expected to be pumping out kids before the age of 15 because 1 in 3 mothers would die in child birth. The human race survived by breeding as soon and often as possible.

Every religion from those times teaches to breed kids the moment you can. That's why we call them barbaric.

532e616e No.3652877

Wrong Professor Pedo

532e616e No.3652879

Wrong again Professor Pedo
There only very few whites that do that shit.
Like YOU.
Guess I'll have to Max this thread out early by posting black pedis that have been in the news recently.

5a1f2ec3 No.3652884

File: 1648993773178.png (250.95 KB, 596x577, tUR3tjw.png)

I would genuinely like the people who put money into the stadium explain it. Why is sport being subsidized by govt.

And I'm guessing that the Buffalo Bills are getting this new facility tax free. So not only are they getting $850 million, but they 1/

5a1f2ec3 No.3652885

File: 1648996612591.jpg (122.33 KB, 1032x698, AI2ZfYR.jpg)

5a1f2ec3 No.3652886

File: 1648996966355.png (241 KB, 916x1130, lLQzv7N.png)

Remember this anytime people try to say the "conscripts" are "just following orders".


013bfbaf No.3652897

deep down they like it, then they forget about it for 3 out of 4 weeks then remember how much they hate men as a whole while also other women just because they self hate.

ad08c885 No.3652899

File: 1649004429443.webm (3.83 MB, 640x360, badboysbadboys.webm)

As predicted, because Republicans aren't finding success being bigoted against blacks and gays as much as they once did now they are looking for new things to be upset about.

The newest group to be othered by the GOP to try and keep the redneck base angry?


60a96e43 No.3652905

How inconvenient.

Did you forget that even furries hate furries? For good reasons? The irony is that shitting on the floor because the school doesn't recognize you're a cat is exactly what some coddled autistic kid in California would do.

0e05fb6c No.3652906

File: 1649007092251.jpg (67.44 KB, 680x626, FPEeExqXwAEQZfo.jpg)

The furry community nor the lgbtqqip2saa+ community have no right to be grooming other people's children.

Parents have every right to be concerned. The only reason your supporting is because you're a pedophile and everyone here knows it.

ad08c885 No.3652908

File: 1649008073078-0.png (470.85 KB, 724x543, today.png)

File: 1649008073078-1.jpg (142.4 KB, 768x887, today2.jpg)

File: 1649008073078-2.png (403.57 KB, 724x750, Victory-yesturday.png)


You keep calling me a pedophile as if that hurts my feelings but it doesn't because it isn't true.

However, it MUST be true for you, because you think that insult hurts people. So, how long have you been a pedo? Did your daddy fuck you or are you mad because your mommy never hugged you? What made you into the pedophile you clearly are?

532e616e No.3652910

File: 1649010839266.jpeg (8.39 KB, 275x183, PROJECTOR.jpeg)

934e325d No.3652911

File: 1649011035515.jpeg (105.39 KB, 915x1024, 1E9239E8-A7EF-4C83-A8A5-8….jpeg)

I think we all know which side wants to sexualize kids…

7b8361b1 No.3652912

>In the Chernobyl exclusion zone without NBC gear

Why would anyone do this if they aren't suicidal?

9c5b5b21 No.3652913

if their parents would just punish them for saying owo, this would not be a problem.

cdf0ea52 No.3652914

And nobody cares that Russian forces left 4 days prior…

ad08c885 No.3652923

This quote was from a reply on facebook about a parent who was upset that a transperson used the woman's bathroom at a public library.

The Christian fundy believed her teenager would "catch the gay" from a transperson.

Alok was replying to that mother that her daughter was not the perfect little innocent princess of purity she imagined.

It had nothing to do with trans people abusing kids and everything to do with Alok mocking the fundy for believing her daughter was a barbie doll with no sexual feelings of her own at the age of 17.

ad08c885 No.3652924

You don't have any clue what you are talking about.

The Chernobyl exclusion zone is a tourist attraction.

There are hotels operating in the city of Chernobyl where people can book 3 day "guided adventures" in the zone.

Or at least you can when Russia isn't invading.


013bfbaf No.3652925

you know what doesnt have sexual thoughts? robotic terminator hive minds

41fe0b13 No.3652926

No need, they are served a warm plate of "ready to think" with a nice slice of "ready to hate" as dessert.

Truth is we'll never know who killed these civilians. Could be Russian going berserk. Could be Ukrainian extremists (I can't imagine average Joe Ukrainian soldier doing this). Could be foreign agents posing as Russian here to throw oil onto the fire.

ad08c885 No.3652927

File: 1649029613977.png (558.12 KB, 1034x575, cracked.png)

That's because terminators are angry sex robots.


013bfbaf No.3652928

ghost of rasputin and dark magic

013bfbaf No.3652929

more like angry because no sex robots

013bfbaf No.3652930

File: 1649030077192.jpg (153.29 KB, 1000x625, Metal-Gear-Survive-RAY.jpg)

it was..Grha..metahl gaer

934e325d No.3652934

File: 1649036913796.jpeg (500.11 KB, 1500x2220, DFEA9129-1ACB-47DC-AF79-B….jpeg)


7fb935c2 No.3652935

File: 1649037688446.png (797.02 KB, 803x1100, bc01a43433f572e72187b18ff7….png)

The biggest threat to gay rights these days is the degenerate left making us all look bad. Fucking faggots.

62cf70fc No.3652936

How can we be sure these aren't covid deaths?

Help! I need an expert!

cdf0ea52 No.3652943

File: 1649049975754.jpg (292.81 KB, 805x777, bucha clearing.jpg)

Ukraine announced clearing Bucha of saboteurs the day prior of video with dead bodies appearing.

934e325d No.3652944

File: 1649054634809-0.gif (1.12 MB, 500x645, 25E39A49-627F-4E58-8A6D-DC….gif)

File: 1649054634810-1.png (628.16 KB, 680x641, 75FC8936-CB56-4AD0-93D5-AF….png)

File: 1649054634810-2.png (385.3 KB, 700x700, 66261470-BA6A-4779-BFC2-14….png)

Women getting their skulls cracked opened and children being sexualized in schools will turn a huge amount of people against LGBT.

Best thing to do is to stay away from the freaks…

5a1f2ec3 No.3652946

File: 1649056535031.png (1.44 MB, 2099x2099, 3973338_Bestbake_bloodmoon….png)

5a1f2ec3 No.3652947

File: 1649056725078.jpg (62.52 KB, 600x1189, 538.jpg)

If we put all of our news sources together we could have an intel on how crisis are engineered.

0ff9b30a No.3652948

i'd say they felt a little more than just an impact huehuehuehue

9c5b5b21 No.3652949

actually tho genocide is not funny even as a "very anecdotal or dismissive conversation piece" you have just taken up space that could have been used for pr0n

cdf0ea52 No.3652953

>Ukraine's sowing is disrupted by war

Meanwhile Ukraine sells wheat stocks while prices are high.

4740919d No.3652955


Interesting. But Ukrainian are the good guys, the good guys wouldn't scatter executed saboteurs in a street and accuse the Russians for propaganda reasons.

62cf70fc No.3652964

Man, good thing people outside of Russia don't have to worry about things like panic buying, food shortages and supply chain failures.

Tautological as fuck

532e616e No.3652966

When are people going to wake up and understand Zelensky is the problem and not the victim?

cdf0ea52 No.3652970

File: 1649097897991.png (146.52 KB, 579x772, bucha timeline.png)

4740919d No.3652973


When they see the nukes start flying toward their coty and the few good neurons in their brain finnally bitchslap the others.

4740919d No.3652974

File: 1649101344838.jpg (79.86 KB, 900x900, ded.jpg)

The Rubble is back to reasonable levels from before the war, at 90 RUB for an USD with a high at 81 RUB yesterday. That's about the level it had in 2020.

I don't think the Russian population will suffer much. They'll have to buy Chinese instead of European/American.
Might be an inconvenience.

Meanwhile, Europe doesn't know it's already dead.

3fa7bbaf No.3652976

The reasons to the "comeback" are simple.

-Central bank has raised interest rates to 20% which means people and businesses can no longer afford credit for investments, stalling the economy.

-Limits on transferring money abroad, artificially raising prices by limiting supply.

-Demand to pay for gas/oil in roubles, artificially increasing demand.

The last point is what has forced the value up. However, if European countries decide not to buy Russian gas anymore - and many can - the value will go Zimbabwe with out of control hyperinflation and collapse of the economy. Thankfully we're heading for the summer and gas demand is dropping anyways.

3fa7bbaf No.3652977

What Russia is attempting to do is to limit the supply of money to keep the value up both internally and externally, which has about the same value as peeing in your pants at -40F below. Feels warm for exactly two minutes.

62cf70fc No.3652979


>if European countries decide not to buy Russian gas anymore - and many can

I'm not European. What's the alternative? Coal?

3fa7bbaf No.3652980

File: 1649106087660.png (89.45 KB, 1600x901, russia-gas-europe-ukraine-….png)

Everything else, or nothing.

The trick is, while many European countries are close to 100% reliant on Russian gas supplies, they are actually not using gas for very much and can very well do without at least for the time being. The biggest buyers are Germany and Italy.

3fa7bbaf No.3652981

The baltics have already cut off, and the EU-27 has pledged to reduce purchases by 2/3rds by the end of the year. Further reductions become possible through 2023 with imports from North America and bringing up alternative fuels such as coal.

If Russia were to cut off supplies entirely for six months, it would have an immediate -1.5% impact on the EU economies as a whole. Meanwhile, gas represents about half of Russia's export value so losing Europe would hurt Russia ten times as much as it hurts the EU.

3fa7bbaf No.3652985

File: 1649107304562.jpg (271.13 KB, 2000x1333, photos-kawasaki-kisen-kais….jpg)

You'd think that the only way to sell natural gas was through pipelines, but the US is already the world's largest exporter of liquefied methane.

These things are like gigantic floating thermos/dewar bottles that actually run off of the gas that slowly evaporates out of the tanks. They dump the liquid methane at ports and pump it into the cross-European gas grid from the other end of the pipeline.

0ff9b30a No.3652986

they dont have nano-fuel tho and clearly arent even bit mining their haul en route, this is why their market will flatline

3fa7bbaf No.3652987

File: 1649107821413.png (87.7 KB, 1561x1317, 20220304-20220304-russia-e….png)

If for example Germany would cut off Russian gas supplies today, they would face about 14% shortage in total energy supply. It would not have any immediate effect though, since there is months worth of supply stockpiled up in the pipelines and other countries can share.

They would have to be prepared for some level of rationing though, since you can't just kick up old mothballed power stations in a month or two and people with gas appliances would still need gas.

3fa7bbaf No.3652989

The general public consensus in Europe now is that Russia has gone completely off the rails and can't be negotiated with any longer - they're just spouting lies and nonsense, not to the international audiences anymore but to themselves.

They've basically gone North Korea. There's nothing left to do but to close borders and hope we don't have to nuke them.

5a1f2ec3 No.3652991

File: 1649109152773.jpg (207.02 KB, 800x600, bdsm russia ukraine.jpg)

3fa7bbaf No.3652992

File: 1649109582414.png (86.58 KB, 1275x791, Russia vs LNG.png)

And look, Russian gas imports down by 1000 million cubic meters. The imports have already been reduced by half. Meanwhile, LNG imports are skyrocketing.

3fa7bbaf No.3652994

What you can also see from the graph is that the LNG imports picked up at the beginning of the year before Putin had even attacked Ukraine, corresponding with a sharp dip in Russian exports as everyone filled up their reserves.

The replacement of Russian gas and oil imports has been in the making since 2014 and the invasion of Crimea, and now that the LNG market opened up properly, Putin shat a big commie-red brick and attacked Ukraine in haste to distract the Russian people from the fact that his earlier warmongering had already cost him the entire Russian economy and it was only a matter of time.

Better go out with a bang, eh?

0ff9b30a No.3652995

if they fake deaths they can fake numbers, half those dead bodies on the news are paid actors and you can see them breathing.

3fa7bbaf No.3652999

Sure. In the mean while…


>The Conseil d'Analyse Economique said that a full energy ban could on average cause a loss of gross national income of 0.2-0.3%, working out to 100 euros ($110) per adult.

I think I have that much solidarity left in me, and for several other people who can't. Let's do this.

62cf70fc No.3653002

>can't be negotiated with any longer

Seems like there was never much of an attempt to begin with. Zelenskyy is one of those ride or die bitches.

0ff9b30a No.3653005

The other side of that story is that gas is fundamentally on the the decline and destined for being replaced by green energy. The elite's are therefore prolonging its decline until they finally have a grasp at writing off the public altogether. It is not really a reach at this point to say they are openly killing the poor to maintain face.

3fa7bbaf No.3653008

Green energy is totally dependent on fossil fuels to operate. At best you can reach a half-half-situation that costs a fuck-ton of money in subsidies to maintain - which is the entire point of the green lobby. The problem they're trying to solve is not how to get clean energy, but how to get paid by the government and build an infrastructure that depends on a central command economy - to justify said command economy and its rulers.

The real hold-back from clean energy is the refusal to build nuclear and fund fusion research properly.

767a1b93 No.3653009

The issue is the money it doesnt generate any real money so why invest or build said greener energy plants when they can just take more out of it.

3fa7bbaf No.3653010

What would you qualify as "attempt"? Zelensky bowing to the Russians on the first day of war to say "please stop, we'll do anything"?

Besides, what was there to negotiate over? Russia declared parts of Ukraine to be independent countries and then marched troops to Kiev. When being invaded, there is no negotiation, only shooting back.

ad08c885 No.3653011

File: 1649113602690.jpg (213.69 KB, 849x458, Raptor-edit.jpg)


This is obviously photoshoped. The guy is standing on a platform that is the same level as the kids and teachers so unless he is a 10 foot tall giant, it's obviously fake.

Also you can see literal holes in people's heads where they pasted in the background poorly.

The shadows on the man are going a different direction than the shadows on the kids.

Also unless you think that little girl has velociraptor claws on her feet, it's pretty clear it's a fake.


ad08c885 No.3653012

File: 1649113716806.jpg (201.15 KB, 1169x1677, FOa1HaZWUAY1dRL.jpg)

>We tried that and waiting on their mistakes to pile up, people don't care.

You are 100% correct. People don't care about other people being gay. You should take a lesson from that because the way you act about it, it makes people think you're a lunatic in a cult.

3fa7bbaf No.3653013

You're doing irrelevant trolling while people are getting murdered.

Also, if you're the real 3B, you have no fucking clue how photography or perspective even works.

62cf70fc No.3653014


Man… I'm sorry but if you want to try to understand what's going on you'll need to consider a wider timeframe.

This has been brewing for a long time. I feel like I've only scratched the surface in my own reading.

Seems like Ukraine has been teetering edge since 2014.

Russia didn't just decide to invade for fun because they hate Ukraine.

caab11e2 No.3653017

File: 1649118517878-0.png (360.09 KB, 502x707, 1616161122689.png)

File: 1649118517878-1.jpg (177.65 KB, 1600x800, monkey-man.jpg)

File: 1649118517878-2.png (22.14 KB, 515x501, pedophile-flag.png)

File: 1649118517878-3.png (588.58 KB, 857x979, 1616160223209.png)

File: 1649118517878-4.png (557.54 KB, 1000x1000, 1616182374008.png)

Bow to your fucking flag!

cca48d71 No.3653020

So the first question they should be asking is instead of pointing guns at people how come we aren't building our own nuclear plants instead of fighting over oil. See, world is fucked because elites don't even have to try.

0ff9b30a No.3653023

And since questions need answers the only excuse they have scientifically is that they don't know shit about anything.

And then people who do know how to do it aren't talking, and making the rest of us figure it out (yeah that's something to shoot each other over)

The fact is the nuclear power training system is so widely caste that you have to be a general molecular fucker to even know anything. And once you do the best chance you have for making progress is simply second rate. For instance that using complex reactors that rely on stupid systems like particle dispersions to "place bets" on chemical reactions. Such as pebble beds and molten salt for instance being the most versatile once its figured out, still aren't 100% garunteed to do the trick, just that they won't overflow when the reactor hits 'shit souffle' levels of radioactivity. THE breeding fuels they use to dowse the nuetron reactions with suppressing it from going to a meltdown also aren't helpful. THE FUELS ARE THE PROBLEM BECAUSE NO ONE HAS UPDATED THE RECIPIE IN A CENTURY. So there's where the biggest 'fuck you' tends to happen, no one has found a good source other than unenriched recycled uranium and boric acids. That is so half assed of a safety switch its not going to stop idiots from making meltdowns. The recipie needs a better formula and fast. AND myself I can't think of any better combination except maybe somehow cheating the periodic table with nitrogen salts or BROMINE pumps or something impossible cuz no one actually knows how to make SAFE nuclear power. Strange.

0ff9b30a No.3653026

there is probably some sort of missing module that should be thrown into the containment of the reactor and it would house some sort of "smart release" to accelerate the reactions. like a pepcid ac for nuclear tanks.

1.because all it would essentially due is -tone down emissions- and or set a -phased power surge- to the already commited reactions
.and part of me also believes that electricity or magnetic focal points can some how help assist the flow of that power or fluid-heat

which would revolutionize the nuclear plant system as it stands currently but no one is going to 'crowd fund' those experiments (BECAUSE THERES NO PROOF)

0ff9b30a No.3653029

in the end a new type of reactor has to be made over the ones they have been presented with…it has to be self-cycling and self-maintained. We should be able to throw it in the ocean if we really have to and let it float around until we need to use it again. It should be as easy portable and disposable as an aluminum can

0ff9b30a No.3653030

but its true, That being said we -WOULD- use a MODULE. one that is as complicated as the reactor itself (a reactor inside a reactor) that reciprocates the yielding process to yet its own enrichment, and the main systems would continue to operate in quelling any meltdown it would have. (Adjacent chemical plants already do this that they just dump acid baths in the mix on top of everything)
(The overtly complicated chemical shit-soup still isn't filtered back to a refreshed state…and that's why there the mini reactor needs its own nano-tank-chemical filters) which would just perform a self cleansing (LIKE any Kitchen Oven does). Fucking shit is that easy just knowing the correct mixtures for it …accelerating and purifying the shit soup to the right setups is the problem. Just like combining nuclear nos canister to the already functioning reactor and now we have actually the groundwork for the future. Sounds simple except no one knows exactly what the byproducts will be or if they are managable, so they just accept the current momemtum of "sewage tier power".

0ff9b30a No.3653031

It's that easy, the system already works. We had in a twin unit to change the formulas, now it works better. It has its own chemical flush incase that the new system over-does it and we can cater to the new type of meltdowns.

The other issue is that it needs a full return so we have to tailor a chemical dump that will also revert it back t o the prior formula it used to be, and that is all it takes to cycle that shit into a brand new strain of power. One that is obviously better and keeps the radioactivity in a state of being constantly dump by the phase filtering. It's that easy.

0ff9b30a No.3653032

its actually not easy and its easily more complicated than replacing your entire bloodstream with vaccinated piss and hoping you still can rough out being sick with covid.

0ff9b30a No.3653034

A fusion-fissile reactor pretty much just oozes chemicals into a fluid leak that works like any other reactor, except once its baselines are all in circuit it just drips out power like a runny deodorizer. Shit is slick as fuck and weird how no one has tried to make it. It would literally put your entire planet under the faucet and this stupid Russian Covid Shit would never matter.

ad08c885 No.3653039

File: 1649132053736.jpg (256.19 KB, 1242x1764, Elite8.jpg)


Ever notice how conservatives post these salacious headlines but never give you any details? That's because they are all bullshit.
All they have is bullshit. No policies, no answers, no plans for the future, no solutions to problems, only racist, bigoted, bullshit.

Let's look at the "Former president of the Drag Queen Story Hour foundation" he posted about as an example.

He wasn't. He wasn't even tangentially related to the library story hour.
Milwaukee judge Brett Blomme who was arrested on child pornography charges was the former CEO of Cream City Foundation, which was a fiscal sponsor for Drag Queen Story Hour.

The only interaction he ever had with the story hour was voting as part of a board to give them a check but even that was enough in the mind of conservatives to cast him in the role of an evil mastermind who traveled from library to library using a gay-ray to convert kids into drag queens like a homosexual James Bond villain.

Conservatives are hateful, bigoted, morons who will spread any lie, believe any conspiracy, and support any enemy of America as long as it gives them an excuse to act like assholes.


592240e3 No.3653040

File: 1649134200204-0.jpg (28.45 KB, 358x250, 2004606-17d1c27807d48da325….jpg)

File: 1649134200204-1.jpg (15.63 KB, 632x250, 2004607-1a235cb84e3bd50182….jpg)

The organization tried to erase all mention of the ties he had to them after the arrest.

The CP he was caught distributing was hurt more, the kind of CP that emphasizes the pain of the child being raped.

Your "fact checkers" are propagandists, read the indictment papers.


And before you call me a homophobic bigot, I'm a gay dude that wants to get married and adopt kids some day. Monsters like that judge hurt people like me by association. Removing those that prey upon and hurt children should be an apolitical thing.

ad08c885 No.3653042

File: 1649135364502.jpg (1.56 MB, 2048x2048, tale-of-two-leaders.jpg)


Congratulations, you just proved what I said was true!

He was the president of the CCF which gives out checks to fund LGBTQ causes in Milwaukee.
He was NOT the president of, or in any way involved with, the library program.
Good job, dumbass, you just proved yourself wrong.

3b998d89 No.3653043

File: 1649136185030.jpg (62.95 KB, 680x680, deboonked.jpg)

What part of "former CEO of the Cream City Foundation, which runs the city's drag queen story hour program" is inaccurate?

Removing all mention of the connections between the chomo judge, CCF, and their involvement with the drag queen story hour after the arrest doesn't mean it never happened. One marginal degree of plausible deniability when you erase all the evidence you can doesn't change history. DEBOONKED doesn't mean shit

Please tell us how trump and every single republican is 100% a certified pedo though. I'm sure you've got plenty of rock solid evidence for that claim you keep vomiting up.

9b6f31a5 No.3653052


Wow, Russians sure are great at building bunkers!

5a1f2ec3 No.3653054

Not only they're good at building bunkers they are also good at making sexy anthro snake models! :)


cdf0ea52 No.3653059

File: 1649172005387-0.webm (2.75 MB, 244x432, cap 1_VP8.webm)

File: 1649172005387-1.webm (3.42 MB, 362x640, cap 2_VP8.webm)

I don't post the worst shit they do.

ad08c885 No.3653062

>What part of "former CEO of the Cream City Foundation, which runs the city's drag queen story hour program" is inaccurate?

Biden approves spending for your local police department. Does that mean Biden runs your local police department?

The only thing he ever did was approve checks to be sent to different groups around the state. He had no direct power over or involvement with, the library or the kids.

ad08c885 No.3653063

File: 1649181161598.webm (1.93 MB, 640x352, Use-the-force-luke.webm)

Proving once again that anything is an anti-aircraft weapon if you are Ukrainian enough, Ukrainian forces shot down Russian helicopter with Stugna-P anti-tank missile.

@Kochevenko https://t.co/jlbtMPXigy

ad08c885 No.3653064

File: 1649181481645.jpg (45.27 KB, 900x527, FPi7mrwXEAEu_Zj.jpg)

Looks like Biden is going to get his SCOTUS appointment of the first black woman in history and the White-Wing of the GOP is not happy about it.

Let me get my cup to fill with those conservative tears!

333b219a No.3653067

>>3653064 And in typical White-wing fashion, MTG harshly criticizes Disney, WHILE SHE OWNS STOCK IN DISNEY!!


Keep being hypocrites, white-wing.

9c5b5b21 No.3653068

its ok to be whitewing

532e616e No.3653070

No argument here.

532e616e No.3653075

File: 1649190361127.gif (1.88 MB, 320x180, 8bef5aa0b73ea8d41cdddfb719….gif)

124e2e2f No.3653080

124e2e2f No.3653081

that bromide salts are not soluable in
but that acetonitriles are used to manufacture a gas agent in polymerizing

rubbers (factory based poly-urethanes likely)

that the salt is used for nuclear enrichment…makes due not being soluable in liquid rubber…but is there a way to reinforce the rubber for a nuclear coagulant? This could be used in theory as an electo-magnetic propellant…of a quasi fluid that would carry a motorized-turbine into a power-flow. It would have to be air tight and correctly pressureized, likely it would explode like a braked engine but the power would feed the gas into an accelerated turbine rather than a regular gas turbine. (This is why nuclear physics need funded researches. Gas reactors are great and all but are expensive to maintain because of the chemical complexities like what I am barely mentioning.

The Idea is to create a ionized air-path that will power a turbine while cutting down costs over minimal sparing resources. It's the most cheapest form of nuclear power there is except its the most complicated to pin-down. Unless you are the starbucks of nuclear plants which everyone already is so you won't be getting ahead of the curve from me anyway. But there is the shot.

124e2e2f No.3653084

You would basicaly blast liquid acetonitriles at an enriched "uranium" solid ore chunk or whatever. It would make ionized air immediately which would coat the rubberized tubes with more salt for the bromide that protects against hex and duf fuel byproducts. (Actually I don't know if this is true). That whole part is just automatic really.

The ionized gas also would form a channel that accelerates its own self.

Then the remaining soup mix that gets washed would be set to filter up or down as necessary and be recycled to the same blast. So the liquid is blasted and pressurizes the chamber into an electric coil basically. It's almost sounding too easy at this point.

124e2e2f No.3653085

It just seems so automatic the only thing inside you would need is a tube swabber to keep it from corrugating itself with its own rubber and salt coatings.

124e2e2f No.3653086

In a twin tank the first reactions would be used in an isolated fashion to encourage automated liquid blasting. Instead of being charged to a turbine, the second tank would be used for the turbine specifically.
Each tank would have its own chemical filters supplied to it. And if it was proportioned correctly would automatically cooldown and reheat itself and then accelerate itself with each tank having their own emergency dumps. The chemical plants would work out what to filter into each very easily. They would split ions during their path to keep radiations in check with their control rods flushing in corrective use (if it even uses control rods) and they would also have their own dump lines or dosing trays for recycle their mains. It's so fucking stupid but basically only one tank would have to ever use steam the other would just use literally heat. I really don't know because its creative differences as well but that would be the point is to force clean energy to operate a turbine too (using an ionized channel rather than a steam channel) We can just use a steam pump firsthand to make the advanced model. (Instead of throwing it all in a pocketed vat which is what most reactors just do anyway) This one works to boil water for a completely different tank which creates a magnetic-gas and not a pressurized gas. So the shot is there and can jump to an entirely different chemical train. We'd use ionized gas it could even go to a third reactor specfically designed to filter its own gas sets (to alleviate over-radiated particles)

It would slowly build up to being completely harmonized.

124e2e2f No.3653087

File: 1649199491407.png (28.8 KB, 610x508, BestReactor.png)

It's almost like a normal reactor and it could also probably be half-stepped for a semi-quad reactor. But they just don't do it because they are scared it wont work even tho its clearly possible.

61937d82 No.3653090

File: 1649202413533.jpg (627.84 KB, 1500x1387, closeup female_horse anus.jpg)

Oh my God. Take your medicine, you gibbering wacko!

124e2e2f No.3653092

7cd1ecb6 No.3653093

124e2e2f No.3653100

ya real original have fun with your potluck

5bd89980 No.3653119

The president controls the Department of Justice, so yes, Biden actually does control all law enforcement in the US.

Not that Biden is actually in control of anything, he's a senile puppet

>had no direct power over or involvement with, the library or the kids

A family court judge actually does have control of children.

You are retarded.

9eed201b No.3653136

Kill Republicans
Save America

9eed201b No.3653137

Save America
Kill Republicans

5f1c02e2 No.3653138

Violent Terrorist threats posted in messages above.

Probably 3B.

ad08c885 No.3653140

File: 1649227679668.jpg (559.08 KB, 2048x2048, Master-trolling.jpg)

Turns out that woman found with 5 fetus that people thought were stolen from an abortion clinic were not stolen.

The crazy pro-life cult approached a bio-waste disposal driver and paid him to hand over a box of 115 fetus that the lab had already used in testing and were on their way to be destroyed.

They paid the driver to hand over the box of "babies" so they could take them home and sort through them to find any that looked human enough to possibly be a violation of the state's late term abortion laws.

Out of 115 they found 5 they thought might be questionable enough to use as a stage prop for one of their protests.

The rest they buried in an unmarked grave after a priest came to bless the box so they could save the souls of the unborn. You know, as crazy cultists do.


ad08c885 No.3653141

File: 1649227920153.jpg (87.81 KB, 846x1200, Trigger-a-Q.jpg)

>A family court judge actually does have control of children.

What, do you think he was inviting the kids to sit on his dick in the middle of court? How do you imagine your conspiracy theory played out, exactly?

ad08c885 No.3653156

File: 1649233865625.webm (7.04 MB, 320x180, Republicans-child-marriag….webm)

Tennessee Republicans are moving forward with a bill that would eliminate age requirements for marriage in the state.
The bill, HB 233, is scheduled to be heard in the House Civil Justice Committee on Wednesday and would establish common-law marriage between "one man" and "one woman," but it does not include a minimum age requirement. Opponents of the bill said it could open up the possibility of child marriages. The current age for marriage in the state is 17 with parental consent.


The bill is designed to create a legally separate class of marriage.
This is the inverse of the thing Republicans used to say where non-Christians should only be allowed to get common law marriages at a court house because all other religions and gay marriage aren't "real marriages" but that never stood up in court.

Having lost the legal battle to make every other religion invalid and to block gay marriage they are instead trying to create a new kind of marriage only available to Christians, including the right to marry 10 year-olds in arranged marriages, as the bible intended.

Democrats had successfully passed a bill in May of 2018 which made child marriage illegal by raising the age to 17 by compromising with Republicans who demanded that children who had been married underage and were still under age could not be awarded divorce lawyers by the state. If they already had a child-bride they wanted to make sure they could keep them at least until they were 18.

Republicans were furious that the law was infringing their religious freedom to marry children and it looks like they are taking this chance to undo that progress.

9eed201b No.3653170

Kill Republicans
They're pedophiles

f6fc88bc No.3653171


ad08c885 No.3653173

File: 1649252711419.png (95 KB, 656x712, Conservatives-zero-awarene….png)


Dude, one or two threads ago you people were hunting down people who work for colleges and trying to get them fired because you thought those were 3B.

Isn't it funny how conservatives hate and want to destroy the government right up until the point they want someone to protect their fefes a then it's, "Save me big brother! Save me from the mean people who keep hurting my delicate snowflake feelings! Oh, won't someone make a White-wing safe space for me?!"

Stop being such cancel culture cry-babies.

ad08c885 No.3653177

File: 1649253839634.jpg (1.07 MB, 4096x2730, FPIFWmGWYAQLQWb.jpg)


I can tell you're trying to tell a story but you're failing.

One paragraph starts off with "I'm building a sex demon" then you go on to rant about people looking down on you because your poor, then you're ranting about Jesus and how you feel it's unfair that Jesus might reject you and why isn't he making your life easier.

Pick a topic and stick to it. Are you talking about building a sex demon? Is that what your story is about? Is your story about how frustrated you are that you said the magic words and "let Jesus in" but you didn't become rich and get everything you wanted?

Are you mad that not everything you do instantly works out for you because reality isn't fair to anyone?

Try and focus on one topic at a time then people can read your work and you will get more engagement from your audience.

4bdabec1 No.3653179

File: 1649254778052.jpeg (159.94 KB, 828x1502, FPck61JXsAcJjC1.jpeg)

532e616e No.3653186

Don't think we don't know you and your sock puppetry on here 3B.
We know it and you very well.
It's obvious when it's you sock puppeting,
And it's obvious when it's someone else.
Your reply makes me more convinced than ever the terrorist threatener WAS you.
I'm reporting you directly to the FBI now every time you do something like that or post cp. They'll find you, don't think they can't, they have a supercomputer center that can analyze all network traffic to and from this site. It just has to be brought to their attention.
What's the matter, your side can DISH IT OUT, BUT YOU CAN'T TAKE IT. BOO-HOO-HOO.
But by all means, continue doing what you're doing. The more evidence the better. Need a bigger shovel?

ad08c885 No.3653189

File: 1649266234890.webm (2.03 MB, 320x180, Are You A Racist.webm)

Conservatives cry all the time about getting called racist then suddenly Republicans are taking off their KKK hoods and saying it loud and proud.

ad08c885 No.3653191

File: 1649266762346.jpg (434.36 KB, 800x1244, Corrupting-your-religion.jpg)

>I'm reporting you directly to the FBI now every time you do something like that or post cp.

Do it, faggot. Keep calling the FBI and telling them about this place. You'll get it shut down and then where will you go? You can't post on twitter, or facebook or any normal social media platform. None of those will let scum like you on their platform! You'd be banned in under a month!

You could head to Parler or Truth Social, unless they ban you for hurting someone's feelings because all conservatives are as whiney as you are.

Of course, they'll be filing for bankruptcy soon and then what will you have, a blog no one reads?

What you're too stupid to understand is you're running out of ground to stand on so if you want to have ANYWHERE left online you're allowed to talk you better learn to play nice with the other kids.

ad08c885 No.3653192

File: 1649267724839.jpg (154.83 KB, 700x490, free-state-map-of-us-vecto….jpg)


In case you are not from America or were educated in a Republican controlled state, Ohio, the state J.D. Vance thinks is being over-run by illegals crossing the border is marked in red for you here.

Also, his mother OD'd several times on prescription pain killers. She never used drugs that came over the border. They were handed out by the pharma corporations that J.D. takes bribes from.

But why let a little thing like the truth get in the way of being a racist shit-bag, right?

cca48d71 No.3653194

They dumped tons of nuclear waste in ohio. It contains one of the largest waste holds in the country, pretty much shuold name the place ghost city.

cca48d71 No.3653195

>Yeah is just like an abandoned site full of radioactive keelhaul. Pretty much 'bruised' and abused land. They even have a darknet lore. One day the whole nosleep chapter is just going to blow out and all this woke shit will go to a new level of depravity. Thanks alot internets.

Not like Riga will be the eastern hemisphere's version of that either. Probably soon. Infact I would say just bomb Riga now before Russia does so we don't have to feel bad for them. Putin just loves that no sleep shit. (Unprovoked? Doubt. It's practically his M.O. and would make the perfect trophy for his fake-oligarchy regime to vacation)

532e616e No.3653198

532e616e No.3653199

I encourage others here to do the same.

cca48d71 No.3653204

i thought this was a russian spynet

ad08c885 No.3653208

File: 1649284361337.png (70.81 KB, 708x745, AKA-Ethnic-Cleansing.png)

An article appeared in one of the main Russian state media outlets explaining the plan Putin has for the future of Ukraine and it's pretty much exactly what you would expect from a dying dictator.

They plan on winning as much land as they can from Ukrainian forces then arresting everyone not Russian enough, putting them on a train and forcing them to relocate to the areas they couldn't take control of.

This is known in political circles as "Ethnic Cleansing."
After they have executed or force-relocated the non-Russians they will move more Russians in to colonialize the land they have captured.

Russia has come to realize that it can't defeat Ukraine so it has taken to calling everyone in Ukraine a Nazi to justify forcing the people who live there to move or be executed.

You can read a full translation of the news article here:

ad08c885 No.3653210

File: 1649284659156.jpg (172.54 KB, 750x1200, FPZe5sCX0AUAw0Q.jpg)

The government has to get a state to sign a contract and be paid for it to dump nuclear waste. It's volunteer only.

If Ohio is a radioactive hellscape it's because Republicans wanted that sweet, sweet, pork for the state budget so they wouldn't need to tax the wealthy.

9c5b5b21 No.3653211

Maybe i am over exagerrating and alot of the times it is an exagerration in the case for "nuclear" is extremely hyped. Bombs only blow up little chunks of land even when we have alot of bombs we cant really blow up the world (unless the world is smaller than we think) only if we use them all in one place maybe will it be strong as to take out a country, of course it will shower the world in a nuclear shadow for like…a couple of years it will return to being just like it is at chernobyl present day.

But there are way more nuclear dumping grounds because waste barrels outweigh the bomb count. It's arguably WORSE than the threat of nuclear war because its so much and growing. They need a new formula to prevent these numbers but instead put any research on a CHOKEHOLD!! Plus their barrel graveyards LEAK all the time and have to be maintained regularly.

Was one of the most notable leaks and they have been many others. Lol. There are estimates that just drinking normal tap water will get you radioactive in some towns so you might want to look yours up.

9c5b5b21 No.3653212

It's not really Ethnic cleansing. But it is genocide. They are killing specifically Ukranian Resistances. That means…anyone who supports Ukrainians. Anyone who looks like they don't support Russia. Anyone That is not from their homeland or praises or agrees to them. Ethnic Cleansing is more of "An eradication based solely on them for being a different genepool". Not quite so. But yes…basically who cares.

9c5b5b21 No.3653213

Just also…its weird how you can literally make aluminum from these reactors too. I always was worried for having radioactive soda cans and drinking out of them. But they wouldn't do that…would they… … *meh*

6e185fce No.3653214


Oh, so they'll do the same thing as China did for dozen of years. I'm glad Russia is coming back to policies the west can accept.

Disney cartoon taking place in Russia when ?

9c5b5b21 No.3653216

anasthasia actually was pretty good minus the double entendre shit

5bd89980 No.3653218

Anastasia wasn't a Disney cartoon…

124e2e2f No.3653222

File: 1649290607227.png (202.48 KB, 508x1080, shitmadefromnuclearREACTOR….png)

lol this chart is balling

9c5b5b21 No.3653223

It just like how russia wants to use ukraine just like how old-nuclear wants to use hi-tech. It's weird how that works out. The nuclear brains wants the plastic brain. That's why I can't take that shit seriously. Just make your own PLASTICS-Fab and use Plastic Synaptic Relays like everyone else.

459ec4f6 No.3653224

File: 1649292289661.jpeg (108.53 KB, 640x640, FPr3FdGXsAMOUVH.jpeg)

Kill Republican pedophiles

124e2e2f No.3653225

Red Alert I guess lol what do you expect from me. Idgaf about some stupid bill until its law and then its probably out of my hands anyway.

124e2e2f No.3653227

When I grow up I want to be a pony
*bronies everywhere

9eed201b No.3653228

File: 1649293607949.jpg (74.66 KB, 512x771, They can't even see the ir….jpg)


c3a2d179 No.3653231


Why don't we just not let people groom OR marry children? It's not that complicated.

124e2e2f No.3653238

I mean…it would be 'lala land' to allow that. You Troony Looper.

104cfa96 No.3653241

File: 1649316259101.jpg (12.51 KB, 385x255, ezgif-3-8d607c8d14.jpg)

Conservative right-wing Elon Musk, one of the richest men on Earth, just spent $2 Billion Dollars and became the majority owner of TWITTER, sending ripples and shockwaves throughout the liberal Twitter community. Elon said he is tired of Twitter's censorship of conservative's voices and that he was going to implement some changes in the way they operate. The management said they would continue to operate "as normal" and Elon dropped a turd in their punchbowl by responding that if they didn't fall in line he would buy the ENTIRE company in a hostile takeover and fire their sorry asses. He will do it, too.

a51dd161 No.3653242

well at least he did something cool other than the space thing. I have to wonder how long Elon can keep it up though, the whole "the candle that burns the brightest" thing. I get the feeling that his empire will collapse soon, especially since he made the mistake of dipping his dick in twitter's business.

669c6493 No.3653247


Who knows, he might turn Twitter into something useful ; the man is known for doing things not thought possible (and other retarded, see Hyperloop)

I'd love to tip tweets with Dogecoin, maybe we'll see that implemented?

0ff9b30a No.3653249

I want to be Jesus so I will buy a company and scare them with money.

0ff9b30a No.3653251

well you can always go back in time bieatch

ad08c885 No.3653257

File: 1649331788782.jpg (54.05 KB, 638x680, FPbvRVkXIAsQqBe.jpg)

I have no idea who Jordan Peterson is but his dick must be HUGE for him to have fucked your brain so deep you are this scarred for life by what he says.

He defiantly deserves an award of some kind. Maybe a coffee cup to hold all your tears.

374104ad No.3653259

>>3653257 And why would anybody care here what you have to say about ANYTHING? Why would we even care about Truth Social? Thanks to Elon Musk, Conservatives own TWITTER now. So eat shit and die, Professor Commie.

ad08c885 No.3653262

>Conservatives own TWITTER now.

Really? How so?

ad08c885 No.3653266

File: 1649336410668.jpg (926.76 KB, 4096x2926, FPWOjGIXoBcBavE.jpg)

>You'll see.

So, you were just spewing bullshit.
You have nothing to back up your claim.
All bluster and no substance.
Just a micro-dicked loser trying to make himself seem like a big-man because his tiny little cock can't even fill up the palm of his own hand.

ad08c885 No.3653268

File: 1649336886270.jpg (143.56 KB, 1600x1067, crying_babe-154754.jpg)

Are you gonna cry?
Gonna wet you pants and throw a tantrum little baby?
Is that why you want the world to be full of pedophiles because that's the only way you'll ever get any action with your baby-dick?

ad08c885 No.3653271

File: 1649337760310.jpg (665.51 KB, 1119x628, jellyfish_1696.jpg)


Sure thing, Baby-dick.

You and your tiny group of conservative nut jobs are going to change the world with your guns and red hats!

Just as soon as you find at least one of you brave enough to actually fight people who fight back.

You do understand, don't you, that to get the White-America you want, you'll have to kill a lot of cops and U.S. soldiers and they shoot back.

So tell us, dickless wonder, are you brave enough or are you just going to keep waiting for someone else to do it while you cower in your crib?

fcf2fa0a No.3653273

>>3653272 Yes, the final solution. They've left us with no other options. We'll try to make it quick and painless for them, but it's far better than they deserve, considering what they have done, and what they want to do. One way or another, the world must be rid of their cancer once and for all.

fcf2fa0a No.3653276

File: 1649341292511.jpg (81.98 KB, 640x480, capitol-hill-riot-january-….jpg)

A federal judge on Wednesday cleared a New Mexico man of multiple misdemeanor counts related to the January 6, 2021, peaceful protest in the U.S. Capitol.

Matthew Martin of Santa Fe is the first person charged in connection with events on January 6 who has been acquitted on all charges.

AP reports U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden issued the verdict from the bench after hearing testimony without a jury.

The outlet said McFadden allowed it was reasonable for Martin to believe outnumbered police officers allowed him and others to enter the Capitol through the Rotunda doors on the day.

The judge also said the defendant’s actions were “about as minimal and non-serious” as anyone who was at the Capitol that day.

Martin, whose bench trial started Tuesday, testified a police officer waved him into the building after the riot erupted. A prosecutor dismissed that testimony as “nonsense.”The judge, however, disagreed. He said video shows two police officers standing near the Rotunda doors and allowing people to enter as Martin approached. One of the officers appeared to lean back before Martin placed a hand on the officer’s shoulder as a possible sign of gratitude, the judge said.

271e983b No.3653277

File: 1649348208502-0.jpeg (218.92 KB, 1024x1024, 71B56B9A-805A-4335-98C2-2….jpeg)

File: 1649348208502-1.png (30.96 KB, 1200x1200, C2A75DBB-B431-4CA6-B921-E4….png)

333b219a No.3653279

File: 1649350273312.webm (1.32 MB, 480x360, republican party.webm)

The republican party- so easy even a caveman can do it.

333b219a No.3653280

File: 1649350748006-0.jpg (46.34 KB, 603x494, republican snowflake.JPG)

File: 1649350748006-1.jpg (79.71 KB, 680x485, FPshlAOXoAEeE8f.jpg)

File: 1649350748006-2.jpg (60.61 KB, 680x600, conservative cry baby.jpg)

File: 1649350748006-3.png (175.26 KB, 720x406, yes you are.png)

Cry moar, idiot rightwingers. Who's the snowflakes? Who is the one doing cancel culture. You lot are so blind and stupid, not only are you blind to your own hypocrisy, you can't even define what hypocrisy is. Fucktards.


e27278cb No.3653286

LOL 3B doesn't even realize it, but he has the name '3B' in the User ID in the message header of whatever proxy/VPN/Tor connection he's sockpuppeting from right now.
Even IT knows it's 3B!!!

ad08c885 No.3653289

File: 1649352943889.png (750.84 KB, 887x593, Its-a-conspiracy-everywher….png)


Ah, yes! It's obvious that the random number generator knows all and sees all!

The truth is revealed in the chaos!

e27278cb No.3653290

Thanks for verifying that was you, not that you needed to.

d5f435d5 No.3653291

File: 1649355426337.jpeg (8.82 KB, 303x167, downlofread (4).jpeg)

You literally can't make this stuff up.
What further proof is needed that the USA is currently being run by warmongering Authoritarian Fascists when the niece of terrorist Osama Bin Ladin has filed a Human Rights Complaint with the United Nations over the cruel treatment of the Jan. 6 patriots being held as political prisoners in DC.

The corrupt FBI under Chris Wray has terrified communities, performed early morning raids, abused children and mothers, stolen equipment, and arrested over 700 Americans since the peaceful protest at the US Capitol on January 6 following President Trump’s address to a million supporters across town.

Dozens of patriotic Americans are being held in prison without trial by the Fascist left-wing Biden Regime where they are frequently isolated and beaten by corrupt guards.

cdf0ea52 No.3653293

File: 1649361962932-0.webm (476.76 KB, 560x848, 46_VP8.webm)

File: 1649361962932-1.webm (818.65 KB, 720x1280, 47_VP8.webm)

9c5b5b21 No.3653295

They look positively glowing. New movie pitch, its January 6th and the free'est people are being oppressed. It is up to the oppress'est people to save them. There is a incest scene but its ok, and our hero who is a MA'AM rubs her MAAMMARIES in front of MILLIONS and LACTATES LIBERATIONS FOR ALL THE WORLD. No jews were harmed in the making of the film of course. and its 1st in the box office becaus you can also SEE HER BOX ON THE BIG SCREEN. Fantastic Pussy SHOT and she also vaxes them against being oppressed ever again and wins 1 HUNDRED DOLLARS.

ad08c885 No.3653298

File: 1649367076675.png (119.46 KB, 817x540, bribing-traitors.png)

In a shocking move that further cements the truth that the Republican party has abandoned democracy and wants to destroy everything America stands for; CPAC - the convention where all the rich and powerful conservatives get together to choose who will run for president in 2024 and who will be their congressional choices has been moved out of America and will now be held in Hungary.

The main speaker of the night will be Viktor Orban, a Putin sympathizer and lover of everything authoritarian.

Of course not ALL republicans are enemies of America who are welcoming Russia with open arms and open wallets ready to accept bribes.

Some Republicans have actually been reporting the organizers of CPAC for using the conference to accept bribes from enemies of America.


c5750fc9 No.3653299

Save a child
Kill a republican

5a1f2ec3 No.3653302

File: 1649371597345.jpg (100.74 KB, 762x650, 0wF3DCK.jpg)

Person: This is Shrek.
^^^Don't be this person.

9338c451 No.3653305


As far as invasions and committing war crimes goes Russia has a long way to go if they ever hope to catch up to the US.

fcf2fa0a No.3653306

Terroristic threat again 70% of the USA population.
Most likely by 3B.


I encourager others to do the same.

ad08c885 No.3653307

File: 1649377313484.jpg (485.47 KB, 675x900, A-word-from-Russia.jpg)


You know, the more I think about it, the more I sure I am that there are going to be two Republican candidates. The Putin lovers are going to put up Trump and I bet the normal, only racist, bigots but not traitors to America republicans are going to put up someone else.

They'll do this for 2 reasons.
First: Normal Republicans want to distance themselves from Trump and his lunacy.

Second: They would rather have Biden or Harris win because they know the Democrats will protect rich people just as hard as Mitch McConnel or any other corporate Republican would.

Running a Republican light against Trump and splitting the vote will guarantee a Democrat win and that's better for the wealthy than another Trump fiscal fiasco.

ad08c885 No.3653308

File: 1649378487369.webm (6.87 MB, 320x180, Hard-pass-on-democracy.webm)

>I encourager others to do the same.

Translation: I'm a coward and I want you to do it for me.

Just like how Republicans are all for war as long as they don't have to fight in it.

They are all for civil disobedience as long as no one fights back but if you treat them like you treat anyone else storming the capitol building suddenly everyone loses their mind.

Cowards. Conservatives are all cowards.
Hell, the Republicans in congress are such GIANT PUSSIES they wont even vote yes on an agreement that democracy is a good thing.

They are somehow on the fence about dictatorships because they are afraid to anger Putin and his gimp Trump.

fcf2fa0a No.3653310

Keep digging that hole deeper, Kupok.
It's all fun and games until you get that 3 am knock on the door for terrorist threats and child porn.

ad08c885 No.3653311

File: 1649379404019.jpg (113.01 KB, 1050x1485, E2kT4orXIAAYxD4.jpg)

In other Putin is getting his ass kicked, news…

Today, the U.S. Congress voted almost unanimously to suspend normal trade with Russia until they pull out of Ukraine.
Only three people voted against it.
They are exactly the three Republican dumbasses you would expect it to be: Matt Gaetz of Florida, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Thomas Massie of Kentucky.


fcf2fa0a No.3653312

File: 1649379498757-0.jpg (5.15 KB, 193x261, Mitch_Beiro_Mugshot.jpg)

File: 1649379498757-1.jpg (32.72 KB, 245x320, MitchBeiroMugshot_0.jpg)

He thought he wouldn't be caught either.

fcf2fa0a No.3653313


ad08c885 No.3653314

File: 1649379622098.jpg (579.35 KB, 2550x3300, Your-tears-give-me-power.jpg)


Your not even threatening me, dumbass. That's someone else so by all means, call the cops on some random troll in another state. They can tell by my IP it's not me.

Make sure you tell them about how you are trying to get people fired from colleges for being named William because you are mad about something someone wrote online once. That will make you really popular with the FBI.

ad08c885 No.3653315

File: 1649380273109.png (190.29 KB, 599x418, failure.png)

What's really sad is you narrowed it down to one state and you still can't get the job done.

How are you going to find me if you can't even find the right college to harass?

Face it, you're a failure at online harassment just like you're a loser at everything else you do in your life.

Why don't you go find a thimble to lube up and hump while you cry? You're not going to accomplish anything else!

e27278cb No.3653316

You can't be that stupid.
Mitch Beiro even took the added precaution of hopping onto a neighbor's Wi-Fi to do his evil deeds so there would be no physical connection to him and they STILL tracked him down.
TICK-TOCK William Bishop.

a5288dc4 No.3653318

File: 1649388946839-0.jpeg (99.37 KB, 1024x576, 14B142FD-DC0F-4588-B455-9….jpeg)

File: 1649388946839-1.jpeg (89.53 KB, 570x1024, EC0D48D6-0923-4E5D-90D5-E….jpeg)

File: 1649388946839-2.jpeg (137.9 KB, 914x1024, AFACEC15-2598-4604-8C5B-7….jpeg)

File: 1649388946839-3.jpeg (126.36 KB, 560x655, 809A76BF-E984-47DC-A382-1….jpeg)

File: 1649388946839-4.jpeg (110.65 KB, 520x726, 58736BCD-8E64-4458-9B66-6….jpeg)

Daily reminder that Leftists target kids…..

a5288dc4 No.3653320

File: 1649397187138-0.png (331.8 KB, 568x325, 4BEA1686-C2CA-4494-BC8B-99….png)

File: 1649397187138-1.jpeg (68 KB, 680x369, 8F12F264-5609-449A-93C8-9….jpeg)

If you want to get violent, just don’t be a pussy about it!

abc5f8f2 No.3653322

>The main speaker of the night will be Viktor Orban, a Putin sympathizer and lover of everything authoritarian.

These days when you're not-insane you are authoritarian.
Orban wisely refused that guns sent to Ukraine go through his country. And chose to pay Putin with Ruble for gaz because he thinks the well being of Hungarian is important.

That makes him the bad guy *shrug*.

It's much better for a political commissar in Bruxel to decide for European people to cut oil and gaz imports and let the average Joe have to choose between heating his home or feeding his kids.

9c5b5b21 No.3653323

when you dont want a haircut but you have to gt a haircut

cdf0ea52 No.3653325

File: 1649407010088.jpg (82.25 KB, 640x797, Ukraine.jpg)

Capitalism itself is an authoritarian system. When capitalism drops façade of democracy fascism is born.
Fascism is a preliminary counter-revolution.

533d9fd9 No.3653333

once you have hot phone sex with a twink the next morning you will be glad censorship exists.

3268aacb No.3653343


Lemme guess, you're headass enough to believe that the US economy is capitalist?

cdf0ea52 No.3653345

File: 1649438546448.jpg (612.73 KB, 1000x700, lenin-imperialism-highest-….jpg)

Fascism is an armed capitalism. All fascist countries are capitalist. Nationalism appearing in capitalist age is not a coincidence.
On it's highest stage.
A shortcut for those who thinks that reading is for faggots

4b63e80b No.3653346

>you don't live in reality
>posts unironicly on lulz.net

cdf0ea52 No.3653348

File: 1649445714565.webm (1.84 MB, 1280x960, 48_shit.webm)

3268aacb No.3653349


Commies are actually right about a lot of things. Unfortunately they miss just as much and end up at malformed conclusions.

They always somehow end up at the conclusion that corrupt government need to be given more power.

The obsession with relating everything they don't like to the 'capitalism' boogieman doesn't help either. You can't get anywhere if you're constantly trying to contort every problem into a paradigm that doesn't apply.

Side note… why is this guy talking so slow? I wish youtube had a 3x or 4x speed lol

cdf0ea52 No.3653350

File: 1649451842343.jpg (59.49 KB, 388x640, state and revolution.jpg)

>more power
No. Communist is an absolute democracy.
Outtakes for lazy but not lazy enough

9c5b5b21 No.3653351

its the future you chose.

ad08c885 No.3653352

File: 1649454062558.png (428.52 KB, 813x775, Who controls the world.png)

>capitalism is incredibly not fascism.

I have to agree with the neo-con here. Capitalism in and of itself is not bad. It's unregulated capitalism that turns to fascism because once you take off the regulations the logical conclusion of capitalism is to crush all competition at all cost and establish monopolies so large the market dies and there is only corporate slavery.


ad08c885 No.3653353

File: 1649454235073.webm (7.37 MB, 320x180, TrumpsBad-Day.webm)

Hey, remember >>3653307 where I predicted that the GOP moving CPAC out of America was a sign they where going to split and run a moderate candidate against Trump?

ad08c885 No.3653354

File: 1649455279587.jpg (184.02 KB, 800x1200, The-dark-rituals-are-worki….jpg)

If the judge agrees to fine Trump the $10,000 a day in contempt it will likely be backdated to the date the original order by the judge to hand over his tax filings was ordered.

Trump has been refusing to cooperate with the court since January 29th of 2021.

For those who aren't quick on the math, that's 434 days times ten thousand dollars as of today and it gets worse every day.

4,340,000 and plus 10,000 tomorrow and the next day and the next day. So Trump is gonna have to turn over those tax records and not just an abbreviated version like he tried before, the whole tax record.

Or maybe he'll just go broke when all his debts come due because the people he's borrowed money from see him hemorrhaging capital.

It would be wonderful to see him have to sell everything he owns to stay out of prison for a few more years.

3268aacb No.3653356


Are the walls still closing in? How many more weeks this time? Any minute now I'm sure.

You guys are as annoying as the Q people with this constant nattering.

9c5b5b21 No.3653359

The court sub peonas him and everytime he was basically refused consent so apparently its ok for them to rape who they please. And they do.

ad08c885 No.3653375

File: 1649473298317.jpg (317.13 KB, 1200x1697, FPMPNK0WYBEr6nA.jpg)


Yes, generally speaking, when you are accused of a crime by the cops you don't get to ignore it and hope it goes away.

I thought conservatives were the party of law and order? I guess not when it applies to them.

533d9fd9 No.3653389

lol he out ranks them

cdf0ea52 No.3653394

File: 1649488755294.png (124.11 KB, 800x478, gas production and export.png)

> Capitalism in and of itself is not bad. It's unregulated capitalism that turns to fascism because
Capitalism in it's core is not supposed to be regulated. The more regulations you have the further you are from the concept of free market.

Regulations are patches and crutches for the system that cannot sustain itself any longer.

dfd8b71e No.3653398

>Regulations are patches and crutches for the system that cannot sustain itself any longer.

The US system is called "social capitalism", where the state is nominally hands-off with the free market, but not really since it is trying to control the market through financial policy, tax and regulation. It's indirect "soft" command economy, and as long as such systems are in place there cannot be capitalism because in order to make money you need a favorable state regime. The system is corrupt through and through.

The mechanisms that are put in place to direct the economy by the state are what enables all the cheating that goes on, and there is no way to keep money out of politics and politics out of money.

This is why some of the competing models, such as the Nordic model, are not based on "socialism lite", but corporatism much like the Italian Fascists. Instead of a progressive state that runs the show for everyone, the state is merely a judge and a place for incorporated labor and finance, commerce, etc. groups to negotiate mutual rules. The state is only supposed to create the framework for social negotiations, not to run the whip at the economy. That way you CAN have a free market, because the people who comprise the market set the rules - not some socialist aristocracy who thinks they know what's best.

533d9fd9 No.3653399

its not corrupt its just inadequate in terms of super-intelligence, humans arent capable of that and require big machines for them to believe their mortal lives are being treated with concern through numbers. It's not very corrupt its just a big distraction from the truth of their own fragility. And that it makes them believe they can be kings with their aquea vitae of endless flowing numbers…but the machines are their leaders.

dfd8b71e No.3653400


> a socioeconomic model combining a free-market capitalist economic system alongside social policies and enough regulation to establish both fair competition within the market and generally a welfare state.[2][3] It is sometimes classified as a regulated market economy.

Now, state regulation and fair competition within the market are in reality like fire and ice - they do not exist in the same place. IF there is ever a balancing point, the state will always fly past that point at the speed of sound as it attempts to reach it. This is because the state cannot measure the economy enough to know what's really happening, and their tools of policy are blunt and instantly abused every time.

This problem persists because the state and the people are actually separate. They have separate interests. Guess what happens when the people themselves set the rules democratically rather than by dictation from above? A free market capitalism.

e6659104 No.3653401

>Guess what happens when the people themselves set the rules democratically rather than by dictation from above?

They set the rule the larger corporations wants them to? The people will think what the TV or social media tells them to think.

dfd8b71e No.3653402

Also remember the difference between a regulation and a law.

Laws are fixed - they set boundaries and rules. Regulations are ad-hoc - they interpret the law according to need.

When the law is inadequately written to deal with the situation, regulations are substituted. When the state wants arbitrary powers to do whatever the hell they way, they write vague laws which let them regulate as they please.

Capitalism and law have no quarrel - capitalism and regulation do because the state that regulates the economy is also a player in the economy and the power to regulate it means they are not playing fair. "Rules for you, no rules for me."

ad08c885 No.3653403

File: 1649491235045.png (55.19 KB, 725x338, hbnikhbiuh.png)


Leader of a large chapter of the proud boys flipped on them. That means the FBI will have access to the PB communications since they worked security for Trump's rally and Roger Stone on Jan 6th.

dfd8b71e No.3653404

>They set the rule the larger corporations wants them to?

"Larger corporations" are a creation of the state. The state sets the definition of a corporation, sets the limits of their liabilities, and regulate how they can function. If the state did not do that, these larger corporations would not exist as such.

Also, as in the Nordic model, the people themselves would be incorporated so the rules aren't set by Twitter and Google versus John Doe, they would have equally large social incorporations against them.

ad08c885 No.3653405

File: 1649491446213.jpg (228.32 KB, 1300x1577, FOtXnZZWQAIjIkO.jpg)

>Capitalism in it's core is not supposed to be regulated. The more regulations you have the further you are from the concept of free market.

You're not wrong but of a totally free market is self-destructive. It's like a lawless city is self-destructive.

Sure anarchy seems like a good idea on paper, it would probably be fun for a little while, then gangs would form and it would be a constant struggle for survival in bloody streets.

dfd8b71e No.3653406

>It's like a lawless city is self-destructive.

A free market does not mean a society without law or economic rules - just that the rules apply equally.

ad08c885 No.3653408

File: 1649491829393.jpg (787.67 KB, 800x1280, FNmb1mKXEAMzE-M.jpg)

>The state sets the definition of a corporation, sets the limits of their liabilities, and regulate how they can function.

In a sane capitalist system this would be true but not in America. In America the anti-monopoly laws are practically never enforced.

That's why Microsoft had to invest in Apple so they stay competitive in the PC market. They needed to maintain the illusion of not having a monopoly.

Why do you think so many schools use Macintosh computers when almost no one does outside of education?

ad08c885 No.3653409

File: 1649492058721.jpg (210.77 KB, 1200x1601, FOiKKG2XIAUlin9.jpg)

>just that the rules apply equally.

So you want a well regulated market that doesn't allow for large corporations to monopolize industries so that the market maintains an avenue for competition?

You're a socialist by American standards.
Welcome to the revolution, Comrade!

dfd8b71e No.3653411

>In a sane capitalist system this would be true but not in America.

No, it is true by definition. Corporations are what's known as "legal fiction". They are entirely defined by the state - dependent on the people and the entire system to believe and agree that what the state says exists actually does.

The fact that anti-monopoly laws are never enforced is just part of how the state allows corporations to exist. The way Microsoft and Apple, or Intel and AMD exist, is directly the result and responsibility of the state.

The fact that the state was overtaken by corporations and thus became an equivalent to a capitalist corporation itself is another matter.

dfd8b71e No.3653412

>So you want a well regulated market

See: >>3653402

dfd8b71e No.3653413

> market that doesn't allow for large corporations to monopolize industries so that the market maintains an avenue for competition?
>You're a socialist by American standards.

Actually, by US standards that would make me a Republican. The difference is: Progressives/Liberals want regulation because it allows arbitrary power to the state, Republicans/Conservatives want law because it makes the playing field level.

But then there's neo-conservatives and neo-liberals which muddies the picture because they each work within the traditional framework to do the exact opposite. Neo-cons for example say "law" and mean "regulation", and neo-liberals the opposite.

dfd8b71e No.3653414

If it's still not abundantly clear to 3B:

Law: remains constant, sets boundaries and rules equally to all, requires wide consensus and deliberation to change. Compatible with capitalism.

Regulation: changes arbitrarily according to the current political regime, does not apply equally, issued by a small political aristocracy. Incompatible with capitalism.

In general principles, regulated "social" economies fall victim to regulatory capture, because all the capitalist actors rush to control the state. If there is ONE player on market who can set the rules for everybody else, then everybody wants to be that player. This is why all socialist systems fail to corruption.

ad08c885 No.3653415

>Actually, by US standards that would make me a Republican.


The Republicans have never met a tax cut or deregulation they didn't like. Republicans spend all day, every day sucking the cocks of corporate America and making sure the wealthy can fleece the middle-class unchallenged.

Why do you think they are so upset about critical race theory? CRT's whole point is that the legal system is set up to only help the wealthy, mostly white, elites who run the legal system.

Republicans are upset about CRT because it challenges the idea that the law is just and fair for everyone using the most obviously provable case that it is not: the ways laws effect minorities.

But here's the thing. Once people start asking why the law is unfair towards minorities they are going to start asking why rich people can break the law so freely and escape all consequences and Republicans REALLY don't want that to happen.

ad08c885 No.3653416

File: 1649494154837.webm (3.99 MB, 320x180, Are you familure with... ….webm)


Laws change all the time. That's what congress does. They make and change laws. It's no different than your definition of regulation.

You think congress wouldn't have legalized corporations bribing them if a Democrat was in office?

You think there is any difference in the two parties when it comes to the rich making themselves richer?

Grow the fuck up! They all want more money, more power and more control.

Why do you think "Socialist" Bernie Sanders and AOC are hated by the establishment?

They tell the truth. Capitalism in America isn't about a free market, it's about controlling people so the poor don't revolt against the wealthy.

533d9fd9 No.3653417

imafgine being hardlined to taxes in a broke market. tax this that break this bail that lol…bail me out buddy im in tax danger oh no. (they never ever were in tax danger) gib me dat bail out moni 4 free or ill have to NEKEM charlie. its not never was goberments fault 4 shit like dat it was always big suites in towers want to get addons

dfd8b71e No.3653418

>BULLSHIT! The Republicans have never met a tax cut or deregulation they didn't like.

Um… yeah? Deregulation is kinda the point we're talking about here. Taxation too, as tax policy is presently applied arbitrarily for regulatory purposes. You're simply agreeing with me.

>It's no different than your definition of regulation.

Wrong. Regulations are Delegated Legislation:

>Primary legislation generally consists of statutes, also known as 'acts', that set out broad outlines and principles, but delegate specific authority to an executive branch to make more specific laws under the aegis of the principal act. The executive branch can then issue secondary legislation (often by order-in-council in parliamentary systems, or by regulatory agencies in presidential systems), creating legally enforceable regulations

Regulations are made up by government agencies, which operate independently. They are like states within the state. The point of deregulation is to take power back from the aristocracy of bought bureaucrats. More law and less creative "interpretation" by parties which are not democratically responsible for their actions.

dfd8b71e No.3653420

The entire problem of regulation is that a political party which aims to regulate the society first campaigns with a broad and vague talking point, such as "Social Justice!", then when they get into power they write equally vague laws and they leave it all up to interpretation. It's not proper law like the constitution, that says the government shall not do this, that, and the other - it's literally, the government can do anything it wants just so long it is nominally for the purpose of the law. Then they delegate the power to pick and enforce the actual methods of law to non-elected and non-responsible bureaucrats. This is the great switcheroo that the liberals do to you.

dfd8b71e No.3653423

>Republicans are upset about CRT because it challenges the idea that the law is just and fair for everyone

Republicans are upset about CRT because it begs the question that the law CANNOT be just and fair for everyone - that there is always a need for arbitrary "adjustment" by favoring some groups over others to force everything to be level. The fact that there may be times when the laws are unfair - and they are never going to be absolutely perfect - does not mean that the power of law should be replaced with the exact problem that CRT is criticizing it for. Namely: playing favorites - because that is the proposed solution to the problem.

The whole point of Republicanism is that we do not change the system to fit the people arbitrarily, because that's the tail wagging the dog. We find what principles and laws are apt to maximize overall happiness and prosperity, and then we expect people to better themselves towards those ideals because they are proven to work by practice.

The fact that some cry-hard cannot make it in this system does not in itself mean that the system is unfair - just that they are an unfit person. But, the great taboo of the modern age is to say that you do not fit and there is nothing we should do about it.

533d9fd9 No.3653424

There is no switcheroo there is only convincing idiocy to be indoctrinated from ever make the right choices. People are allowed to voice their opinions and general discontent ykno…even after awhile people are going to blame the thing constantly in front of them telling them what they dont like. Or are just sick of being informed. They will make you know your place.

And then it happens. You think youre the boss and proven youre not.

dfd8b71e No.3653426

>People are allowed to voice their opinions and general discontent ykno

And it means nothing, because the people who actually write and enforce the regulations are not elected. Mostly they aren't even named, so you wouldn't know who to sucker punch.

Your vote, your discontent, has nothing to do with what regulations are getting written.

ba2abb72 No.3653427

File: 1649497345999.jpg (73.14 KB, 500x500, 5yulq07z5ao01.jpg)


Well said. It's rare to see rationality online these days, much less on lulz of all places.

533d9fd9 No.3653428

Maybe if you have Safety Goggles you won't get back splash from enusing shit being spewed…for awhile. Eventually it will either need to be fixed or not, the shit that DOES happen to get out of control needs total-depends at that point.

First point is …BLM only stopped because they wanted to see the trial of that kid. But what did he fuckin do hmm he shot those fucks. Problem stopped. And then they lick their wounds for the next time it happens. And it will.

Second point blablabla i wrote this on paper….good for you bitch im still going to do whatever i feel like. What are you going to do about. Write me up then. Crt is working proof at that point they over did it and thats why its called CRT.

Third point: Nigg'er there is a third point but I dont care anymore. The POINT is dat dick is out to get wet and you can't stop it.

cdf0ea52 No.3653429

File: 1649497588059-0.jpg (452.74 KB, 2000x1484, original.jpg)

File: 1649497588059-1.jpeg (79.12 KB, 771x1024, HandsOffRussia_Image_Marx….jpeg)

The problem with so-called "capitalism with human face" is hidden right in history. Workers had little rights and were shot on sight in case of rebellion in the beginning of 20th century, than capitalism started a World War and made them kill each other. The result was rise of the left movements, Europe was like a gunpowder barrel waiting for a spark. From the ashes of world war world's first social state emerged, capitalism quickly launched an attack, however the resistance was met not only in Russia, but also from within. Labor unions started very heavy protests and strikes forcing imperialists to stop intervention in Russia. That was the point capitalism freaked out and started to give out candies to working class. You know 40-hour work week, workers' rights. All those thing you take for granted were conquered with blood.

While USSR existed capitalism had to be competitive and maintain social stability. Today the expansionist phase is over and USSR does not exist. Monopolization is natural for capitalism, real democracy is not possible with free market, because it always eventually lead to capitalist dictatorship with political parties being nothing but their lobbies. There is a joke politicians should wear uniforms plastered with names of their sponsors much like racers.

The expansionist phase is over again and capitalists have already started Third World War and already willing to put you in meat grinder to take pieces of economy from other capitalists.
Don't worry, after the world war a long phase of reconstruction can be started. If there will be something to reconstruct and someone to do that.

533d9fd9 No.3653430

File: 1649498274037.jpg (155.45 KB, 768x1024, e7e664b2d5150b23753de743f6….jpg)

Free Market bout gettin fresh meat before the rest meat

dfd8b71e No.3653439

>capitalism quickly launched an attack

What you're doing is called reification or the error of error of treating something that is not concrete, such as an idea, as a concrete thing.

What you're really talking about when you say "capitalism" is old time aristocrats, nobility, royalists and imperialists, who became industrialists - and were supporters of big state where it benefited them just like today's cronies.

dfd8b71e No.3653441

Also, the existence of the robber barons and business tycoons in the late 19th century was caused by the invention of:


Limited liability means that a shareholder in a corporation or limited liability company is not personally liable for any of the debts of the company. The owner(s) of the company became a different legal entity from the company itself, which allowed corporations to do some shitty stuff without their owners getting personally in hot water for any of it.

dfd8b71e No.3653443

Edward William Cox, a lifelong member of the Conservative Party, wrote in 1855:

>That he who acts through an agent should be responsible for his agent's acts, and that he who shares the profits of an enterprise ought also to be subject to its losses; that there is a moral obligation, which it is the duty of the laws of a civilized nation to enforce, to pay debts, perform contracts and make reparation for wrongs. Limited liability is founded on the opposite principle and permits a man to avail himself of acts if advantageous to him, and not to be responsible for them if they should be disadvantageous; to speculate for profits without being liable for losses; to make contracts, incur debts, and commit wrongs, the law depriving the creditor, the contractor, and the injured of a remedy against the property or person of the wrongdoer, beyond the limit, however small, at which it may please him to determine his own liability

Even back then, the liberals were on the side of big business and made laws which only benefited huge corporations, and conservatives saw through the whole show.

dfd8b71e No.3653445

ESG scores?

See Goodhart's law, and Campbell's law.


dfd8b71e No.3653450

Well, as far as I understood it, it is an attempt to create a metric to grade businesses by some arbitrary measures and then punish or reward them accordingly.

Those "laws" state, in short, that any such metric fails because the measure becomes disconnected from reality. That is even before the issue where the standards are arbitrarily chosen without much democratic choice. Sum the two up, and you get a system which goes off into la-la-land and becomes overtaken by corporate interests who will still use it to kick their competition in the shin.

Kinda like CAFE standards: Car companies cheat on emissions and fuel economy tests because actual physics can't keep up with the regulations, yet at the same time they lobby for stricter rules because it helps the biggest cheater to push off competition.

dfd8b71e No.3653455

Mind, metrics like ESG are important information, but they should never be used for regulatory purposes.

The danger is that you end up with what's called "Stakeholder Capitalism", which means that companies should be accountable to their stakeholders instead of their owners. Stakeholder in the sense that any company should serve the interest of everyone rather than just someone.

It means that while the market is free, all companies need to go to the state to ask what they should do and how they should invest to better serve the stakeholders, and you know how that goes: the state is not actually the people and they know nothing of what's really going on with the society.

dfd8b71e No.3653457

Well, any information you have about the performance of other business helps you to choose your own investments.

Don't shoot the messenger - unless they're a lying sack of shit.

dfd8b71e No.3653460

Yep. The core point is that regulation implies that the law wasn't sufficiently clear or well placed on the point, or you're trying to micro-manage something which the state shouldn't even touch in the first place.

For example, how the EPA was created as an agency to regulate things because the government wasn't allowed to touch those things within the powers granted to it by the constitution. Now the EPA regulates stuff as it wants to, for better and for worse, and there's nothing you can do about it except remove the EPA and replace it with specific laws to the same effect - only, the Federal Government isn't allowed to write those laws in the first place because it would infringe the rights of the individual states. In other words, the EPA was created as a political power grab and shouldn't exist anyhow.

Regarding ESG scores and such; there is a contrast between shareholder capitalism and stakeholder capitalism, where the first has problems with limited liability, and the second has problems with cronyism and gaming the metrics. This situation would be fixed by limiting limited liability so shareholders became responsive to the stakeholders, bypassing the state entirely - but that is entirely out of favor with socialists and big corporations alike. The socialists want to keep breaking capitalism to maintain a point themselves, and the big corporations are only too happy to help them.

dfd8b71e No.3653463

Limited liability, as in, when you sue a corporation for something, you are suing the corporate person and not the people who own or have shares in the company.

The shareholders don't have to care how shitty the corporation acts towards the society, because they're not personally responsible for it. They can just let it log rainforests or dump chemical wastes, and if they get caught maybe the CEO goes on trial but all the people who hired the guy and paid him millions to act that way face any consequences.

dfd8b71e No.3653465

Also, the irony of "That's socialism!" coming from socialists.

As in, "You want to restrict corporate limited liability? That's socialism! Ha! Gotcha!" - yes, I want to take away something which was made up by the state in the first place; that is true Laissez-faire capitalism.

dfd8b71e No.3653467

Stakeholders, as in you and me.

Stakeholder capitalism resembles socialism in that each company should mind how their actions benefit or harm the public, but it is limited in terms of representation because the state takes the place of the public and disconnects the whole process from the actual stakeholders.

45ee8068 No.3653473

I have managed to explain an economic concept to 3B exactly once.

It was when I taught him what gross and net margins mean, and why Walmart can't just give everyone a 30% raise on their wages because the whole operation is based on running extremely thin margins at high volume to starve the competition - and how government welfare policy enables the to pull it off by subsidizing underpaid workers.

792f14d3 No.3653479


He literally said Welfare in the same sentence, ya dip.

In the nine states responding about SNAP food stamps, Walmart employed about 14,500 workers receiving the benefit, the largest next to McDonald's.
In Arkansas, where Walmart was founded and maintains its headquarters, 1,318 of it's employees were receiving SNAP benefits — 3.1 percent of the state's total, with an additional 2.9% employed by McDonald's. 19% of all recipients work full-time.

45ee8068 No.3653486

Welfare policy. The worst kind where you pay a person who is also receiving income from somewhere else. This enables workers to accept lower paying jobs, which ends up turning the welfare into a corporate wage subsidy.

Only the supply of new value creates new demand, because people have to do something worth paying for to trade back with you. However, a supermarket worker or a burger flipper is not supplying new value - they're just serving you what someone else made for the most part. We should not be subsidizing these jobs.

Paying people money for "stimulus" to generate artificial demand for economic growth leads to the opposite outcome, since you don't have to replace value to buy it. This is why welfare does not create jobs by putting money into people's hands - it rather removes whatever jobs there originally were and puts all the money into the hands of whoever still sells anything, like the Walmarts.

45ee8068 No.3653488


>SNAP provides nutrition benefits to supplement the food budget of needy families so they can purchase healthy food and move towards self-sufficiency.

They give you a debit card which can be only used to buy food - which people bypass by trading food for cash so they can buy booze and cigarettes with it.

45ee8068 No.3653493

>Once people start asking why the law is unfair towards minorities they are going to start asking why rich people can break the law so freely and escape all consequences and Republicans REALLY don't want that to happen.

Your departure from logic is that you are only complaining about why the law is enforced on the minorities and not enforced fully on white people.

If your idea of unfairness is based on the enforcement of the law rather than the principle of the law, then you do not even understand why the law exists. You're actually saying that the reason why theft, fraud, assault, murder and rape, etc. are bad things is simply because the law says so, because the implication that the law is unfair is also saying that these things are not wrong in and of themselves - but by circumstance, by who we're talking about.

That means one standard for you, another for me, and a third for the poor oppressed minorities you look down upon like they were idiot children. Only that way can you argue that the inconsistent enforcement and application of the law makes the law itself unfair. Otherwise you would have to agree that the problem is not the law, but the enforcement. Only, enforcing the law equally would still make the minorities come out worse, and THAT is what's "unfair" in this matter.

And the real reason why rich people can walk away with murder is neither due to the law or the enforcement, but because *drumroll* the state has given them limited liability. As long as they don't personally choke you to death, but have their corporations do it, they walk free.

45ee8068 No.3653496

Suppose you're a black guy, and you go to a bar with your friend White Guy. Both of you have a little too much to drink, but you both decide to drive your cars back home.

On the way you run into a police checkpoint. The white guy goes through first, but the officer waves him off - doesn't even check him. Then you go in, and they stick the whistle in your mouth and take your driver's license away. Obviously, this is unfair, but how exactly?

What happened there, the law was fair for you both - DUI is illegal - so the police was not unfair to you. You got exactly what you deserved like the law says. The officer was unfair TO THE WHITE GUY - only they were being unfair in his favor. Positive discrimination.

Now, what BLM, CRT, etc. are demanding is this exact same positive discrimination, but in the opposite direction - as if that would somehow balance the situation out. However, what that actually spells out is disregard and compromise of the law. No longer is the law equal to all, no longer should it be equally enforced - it breaks the principle of the power of the law and places the authority into a political entity, which is the same as investing social power in kings and queens and dictators. That is what Republicanism opposes.

cdf0ea52 No.3653500

File: 1649531534628.webm (2.57 MB, 848x464, cz.webm)

45ee8068 No.3653504

A person who is approximately 6 in mental age is still operating on the level of what is wrong by what is punished. They do not make the difference between what is wrong by the rules, and what is wrong by principle.

533d9fd9 No.3653505

just the meth heads

45ee8068 No.3653508

Coincidentally, autistic people are prone to operating on "face value", that is to say, what is punished rather than what is actually demanded.

869b0e18 No.3653534


Gee, I wonder why Republicans don't believe in implementing laws based on imaginary fake scenarios? In what reality do you see police taking driver licenses from black guys for no reason? One episode of cops proves his imaginary dystopia wrong. If you have to imagine fantasy instead of observing reality, then you are fundamentally wrong.

Liberalism/democracy are political laws formed from infrequent or imaginary cases.

9c5b5b21 No.3653538

The Next Pol Thread should have a clever title. Discuss.

abfd1d80 No.3653554


Pol containment thread 11

"Now with more 3B"

ad08c885 No.3653555

File: 1649584360397.jpg (123.72 KB, 867x1200, FPPvBr9UYAQiwHQ.jpg)

>The point of deregulation is to take power back from the aristocracy of bought bureaucrats

That's a stupid ass philosophy.

That's like saying, "We should have fewer cops because we can trust the criminals more than we can trust the cops."

Regulations only exist because there was a problem that corporations refused to address.

Remove the regulations and the corporations will go right back to letting people die in order to maximize profit.

ad08c885 No.3653556

File: 1649584818303.jpg (700.23 KB, 880x1032, FPh6QW7XMAMubLF.jpg)

>that there is always a need for arbitrary "adjustment" by favoring some groups over others to force everything to be level

Why do you find that unreasonable? You act like the world doesn't change and all things are magically going to be fair for everyone if we do nothing.

You have an almost religious faith that there is some force making life just and good if only those fucking politicians would get out of the way and let nature take it's course.

In all of history this has never been true. Fairness has never been the natural order.

Justice does not exist in nature. Nature is brutal and unkind so yes, if you want to have a functional society that strived towards a good quality of life you need to be willing to write laws and from time to time re-write those laws to fix problems as they arise.

I don't see why you find this such a hard truth to grasp.

ad08c885 No.3653557

File: 1649585383392.jpg (226.14 KB, 557x680, FPpwGb2WYAAdXOd.jpg)

>The fact that some cry-hard cannot make it in this system does not in itself mean that the system is unfair

Again this almost religious reverence for the system is blinding you to a very obvious truth, it isn't "some cry-hard" that the system is leaving in poverty and desperation, it's 99% of the population.

The system you love is failing MOST of us. It's only actually working for a very few people.

If you want to be devoted to an ideal system, shouldn't you be devoted to a system that actually works?

ad08c885 No.3653559

File: 1649586343535.jpg (165.79 KB, 1414x2000, FPOioQXWQAEl8r9.jpg)

>Your vote, your discontent, has nothing to do with what regulations are getting written.

That's not at all true. The government doesn't just pull regulation out of a hat without reason.
They create regulation in response to injuries, law suits, and protest of problems.

You think regulation is undemocratic because you can't vote against it but you ignore the fact that it only happens in the first place because people demand it.
If a regulation is unfair we have a court system set up where people can sue and have the court judge the situation.

But let me ask you this: What's your alternative? How would you stop Exxon from dumping toxic waste in your drinking water?
Let me assure you, if there was no regulatory body stopping them, they would cut that corner and lower overhead no matter how many of your family has to die to save them a dime.

If you don't like the existing system what's your plan?

ad08c885 No.3653560

File: 1649587119701.jpg (574.73 KB, 1090x816, FPxXCd8XIAcihXC.jpg)

>Edward William Cox

He also believed that you could tell a man's destiny by examining the bumps on his head, spent large sums of money trying to prove ghosts were real, and believed in spirit possession.

He was a rich kid who grew up with a royal title and saw capitalism as a direct enemy of the noble class.

He was correct as capitalism would replace the existing noble bloodline with people who had power because their parents had money, not because their parents had noble blood.

His family name became worth less over time. He recognized the death of aristocracy was at hand so he sold his titles and land before they became worthless.

He wasn't against LLCs because he thought they were bad for the country. He was against LLCs because they were bad for the powerful.

LLCs let dirty muggles be equal to the pure bloods like him.

ad08c885 No.3653562

File: 1649588024158.jpg (580.44 KB, 2320x2980, FNSZyy5XsAQqMMm.jpg)

>The EPA was created as an agency to regulate things because the government wasn't allowed to … the Federal Government isn't allowed to write those laws in the first place because it would infringe the rights of the individual states.

A) Yes they are totally allowed to do that under the constitution.
B) Why would you want individual states regulating policies that effect all states?

Why should we risk some dumbass in a bread basket state de-regulates pesticides to make growing wheat more profitable but those pesticides poison the air and kill off bees which causes ecological collapse and the bread basket turns into a dustbowl that blights all the states around it and, in turn, cause mass famine across America?

You don't need a degree to get elected to a state legislature job. Just look at how stupid some congress people are.
You can't trust politicians to judge issues of ecological importance and you certainly can't trust local politicians at the state level which have even less of a bar for entry.
You need specialists, scientists, experts to regulate the things which keep us all alive.

We can't trust the important shit to charismatic morons like Ted Cruz or Joe Biden.

ad08c885 No.3653565

File: 1649589245215.png (422.38 KB, 722x719, TheCynicalHun.png)


For those who need context, that video is of left wing protestors against the war in Ukraine protesting the bombing of hospitals which are being targeted by Russia.

The far right-wing in the Czech Republic is pro-Russia and anti-America.

They have been openly encouraging people to kill anti-Russian protestors and this is what you get.

All of you who are cheering for them beating up the protestors, you are cheering for the enemies of America.

d6781682 No.3653570


2,685,200 total employees worldwide
1,050,000 total in the US
190,000 are US full-timers, without full benefits
9,500 are full-time with full benefits
65,250 part-timers are on SNAP in US
15,400 full-timers are on SNAP in US

National mean income for full-time is $13.15/hr, while the average for a part-timer is $9.35/hr.
Only 58,800 make $15/hr or more (0.56%)

10,500 stores worldwide:
3600 supercenters, and 380 discount stores in the US.

d6781682 No.3653573

And no I don't know why 100,000 of them aren't listed as either full-time or part-time. WAPO didn't explain that discrepency.

9eed201b No.3653580

Kill conservatives
To make America great

9c5b5b21 No.3653583

They come from a nuclear portal that hypergates them from the future, it also recharges cell phones so they never have to charge day phones while in line.

8c0c0ef8 No.3653585

Terrorist threat against 70% of the USA population reported.

3B is such an idiot he thinks that because he doesn't hear from the college immediately or because the Feds don't instantly rush in and arrest him, that I haven't been reporting him. It takes months sometimes for them to build a case.
And no, they won't TELL him that he is under investigation.
But I'm telling him that.
Let him keep posting his terrorist threats and cp, the better to hang himself with. Each posting like that is a new charge.

3122f486 No.3653587

Holy based. Should've run them over.
>All of you who are cheering for them beating up the protestors, you are cheering for the enemies of America.
God bless, enemies of America.

b13f9815 No.3653588

In order for nuclear power to be proficient in design the entire nuclear table has to undergo several stages of refinement in its lifecycle.

It obviously starts with having nuclear capability in the form of raw uranium and that is basically straight to the plant. Power is made at that point and the treatment it gets is pretty crude. That it becomes waste or depleted in the very first stages of its refinement.

Usually for most nuclear corporatations that is the cut off because the yield afterwards is just not efficient for the surmisable task it takes (and the knowledge required of it).

But understanding the life cycle is very "disputable with the directions of its undertaking as well, is likely the KEY to extracting the full power of a nuclear-mass resource. (Usually in ore)

They don't have a guide for this at least publically and my best attempts at researching anything simply point to a 'life cycle' of nuclear ore.

In my project I will say that it is EXTENSIVE. And yet bares little evidence because I cant just handle it without turning their entire community against themselves (Creative Differences) But FOR humoring the demand of power (and there is SUCH a demand for it and little done for supplying it)

1.The First depletion occurs at a raw refinment. 2. The soup stage is basically when they throw it out. 3. Often overlooked, it can be distilled into a nuclear water. 4. Then it can become a composite (filled with rubbers and butanes) (5. Then mixed again and again and become a pate/putty) 6. The putty is reused in another depletion, forming a plasma (even worse than the 1st.) its ugly and absolutely fuming. 7. (A good way into making it nuclear gas) 8. Is something of a SILCA (unrefined salt crystal). It is depleted again somewhere around this step. 9. Forms an actual nuclear crystal. 10. Is then reduced into nothing but power.

b13f9815 No.3653589

Basically we have to master a nuclear meth lab. And in the first stages we cook it down and extract it with even more potency than the first by throwing in more bad stuff, killing off what we have to "sublimate" it into a dirty crystal, we clean that up and by then hopefully our quantum sciences are in calibration to use zero-point power (which is phenomonally potent because it exhausts the atoms)

b13f9815 No.3653590

At the higher stages the radiactive decay is so intense it starts to break down immediately (We cant even touch it basically without contaminating everything forever) And I am pretty sure nuclear crystals just explode like nitro glycerine.

But if the design is correct we have a pressure-cooker reactor. That spills out into a mixing pot (the inside looking like a flushable corona-model) Lol. These are meshed together with isolated tesla-ionizers (that shock the stuff into being molecular prepped). Then the mixture is just dumped into another mixer at the bottom. It's basically lava at this point IMO (but not sure). So we just take the vapors of it and sublimate them (I just love to say sublimate ok.) into explosive salts. Then we treat the salts like we did the 1. raw and 2. refined forms (so that they form 3. crystals). And by nitro crystals I mean basically…they explode when looked at. And what's worse they simply explode because they're magnetically incompatible to the entire earth's magnetic field. I can't explain it better than that, but it definitely involves portal physics in handling it any further, or just forcing a mini black hole to make power (which won't work because it will eventually turn into a literal death-hole if you fuck with it too much.)

b13f9815 No.3653591

by butanes and rubbers i mean literaly cyanide gas and hexaflourides (which will melt your face just for breathing it) (and so studying which of those work is also basically its own department.)

ad08c885 No.3653592

>you literally ignored everything the guy said to you, man.

There was no text on the post. What was there to ignore? Give me a link to what he addressed to me and I'll give it a go.

cdf0ea52 No.3653594

They are retards blocking car traffic.

ad08c885 No.3653595

>The people who decide those regulations are human and fallible.

The people who decide "Republican" regulations are just as fallible.

Besides, like you have pointed out serval times, regulations are not laws, if they fail to work they can be changed. That's the advantage of having regulatory agencies instead of relying on congress to write a law about every little detail. Regulatory agencies are more adaptive.

You seem to think that regulation spawns from the wild ideas of who ever is the head of the agency but they don't. They are built by teams of researcher, lawyers and scientists.

Regulations get MUCH more oversight than congressional law does before it even goes to a vote.

Most bills in congress go through a few committees of congress people who are not trained in any scientific field and then are voted on.

That's how you get ridiculous legislation like that time a Republican congressman wanted to allocate money for a pill women could swallow with a camera and microphone in it so they could see the fetus and hear if it had a heart beat.

They are that stupid.

ad08c885 No.3653596

File: 1649615454598.jpg (66.8 KB, 591x680, FML1JJ7XEAAoN9B.jpg)


It's an effective form of protest. It creates a spectacle and people talk about how Russia is bombing hospitals because of it. We're talking about it right now.

You might not like it, but it works.

9eed201b No.3653597

the only good conservative
is a dead conservative

b13f9815 No.3653599

The second goal in fusion power is to convene that we have a steady and clean nuclear power supply. In order to facilitate the use of "manifold proteins" which will capture dark and antimatter in quasi crystals through quantum-selection of those particles, and we can use them within a superconductor that can maintain a nuclear fusion reactor (or plasma state). But that requires portal physics and particle-arrangement systems, the point being we need to be able to -sustain- a super conductor in this way.

b13f9815 No.3653600

A plasma coil (fusion reactor) that is drop pinned into a surrounding toroid (centrifuge for manifold proteins and also plasma for counter balance etc) is used in order to achieve this, the parts may or may not requiring repositioning through the process, like a standard electromagnet would need to be adjusted. If done correctly will accelerate the fusion either way, under necessary power limits (to reduce gravity). The gravity that is generated is balanced and the process becomes semi-induced by their fields (and acts as a time-stop) (The energy being converted is from a sustained fusion of particles, and those particle states are reset or returned by normalcy in fusion, the energy is absorbed by either case of reactor/accelerator in terms of antigravity, it is a time-stop field. The field has eliminated entropy of particles and their particle fusion sustains the atoms, gravity is balanced, and what heat death that does occur (from entropy that just happens) is restorable by the fusions taking place. (Polarization of atoms don't matter and can be changed constantly in antigravity and not effect fusion:i.e. plasma) The plasma generates power. Pretty much anything can be converted from anywhere in the power trains, from antigravity, to heat, to electrical fields, magnetic fields, and or just where able mechanically. Usually though tesla-capacitors that absorb open ionized airwaves. Which is practically as clean as possible. That is why I said movnig parts may or may not be necessary to accelerate fusion (it's just a giant electro-magnet) (that stops time and causes anti-gravity and removes entropy from happening/restores particles through fusion)

It can also be turned into a warp engine but whatever.

b13f9815 No.3653601

There are creative differences maybe the reactor is inside the accelerator and that induces an even stronger field, point being the two main-parts are tangent to generating a plasma channel. (I don't actually have an integrated model because that is more expensive and actually kinda dumb in terms of we can already do it with a drop pin reactor, why make things difficult except to make more work.)

All it takes is a tesla capacitor to pick up free-energy at that point anyway. The only reason t o put it into an integrated fashion as a single unit (hypertoroid) would be to use as a full dive-warp where (it would create a sort of space gate inside it. So it can be a warp engine or portal device. But also if it had to traverse blackholes it depends on how you want to move black holes. Through a portal or through a warp field. (also if you want to try to go through a black hole be my guest).

ad08c885 No.3653602

File: 1649617881128.jpg (257.42 KB, 1089x878, Take-a-chance.jpg)


The real problem with fusion is that it's really costly to build. It's going to be a long time until they refine the tech and make it more mass producible.

In the meantime we are stuck with old nuclear, wind and solar.

That's the problem with scientists, they like not risking setting the atmosphere on fire. Pussies!

b13f9815 No.3653603

Another fun fact is they will exhaust blackholes "basically derender them" not without hacking them of all their data first.

b13f9815 No.3653606

So like while blackholes are small in data, you have universal anomalies that are larger in data, maybe on ranges of a few megabytes to some reaching hundreds of. The big bangs are assumably a few gigs or terabyes. The universe itself or the known parts being above hundred or more terabytes, you would have to reach very hard to get over 400 tera bytes of actual data.

cdf0ea52 No.3653607

File: 1649619414295.webm (1.78 MB, 448x848, pakistan.webm)

Meanwhile in Pakistan.

b13f9815 No.3653608

The milky way is obviously not very big in these terms. Face value is only like 1.2 gigabyes, its quadrants being marginalized. But in terms of details (if you wanted) the structures or population counts…every germ that ever took a shit to be in account then obviously it could be 10 or a 100 times more data. A safe bet that the milky way is at least 1.5terabytes then.

ad08c885 No.3653610

File: 1649621207802.jpg (228.77 KB, 1280x709, 1612393100.sinsquared_stri….jpg)

>Meanwhile in Pakistan.

Meanwhile in Pakistan what?
They are having a concert?
A sporting event?
Is it a riot?


b13f9815 No.3653612

File: 1649622137889.png (401.69 KB, 618x387, EQt-YNOVUAACv6-.png)

nice one its pretty cool i must say…but its literally an owl not a dragon. dood. come on now.

8c0c0ef8 No.3653616

Terrorist threat reported.

ecf32238 No.3653618


Probably a Ramadan related thing.

9c5b5b21 No.3653641

File: 1649629421991.gif (1.88 MB, 400x323, Epic Horny.gif)

d80bd950 No.3653651

File: 1649631120482-0.webm (2.92 MB, 640x360, 1621686632800.webm)

File: 1649631120482-1.jpg (236.46 KB, 889x960, Tribal BS.jpg)

Well some would disagree…

First I have to ask how many people are actually sympathetic to your cause. It seems that going after everyday people because you have a beef with people in power is a rotten play.

51e5593b No.3653659

File: 1649636231174.jpeg (201.38 KB, 1170x799, Bvsn6m6.jpeg)

51e5593b No.3653660

That sick chant though!

e52703c8 No.3653663

File: 1649639431773.jpg (320.38 KB, 1023x682, reply aroundblacksneverrel….jpg)

>It's an effective form of protest.

How many people now hate blacks because of BLM riots?

cdf0ea52 No.3653672

US hegemony is visibly collapsing.

cca48d71 No.3653678

File: 1649661908078.png (575.14 KB, 1023x819, johnnyquest.png)

fr fr we just doin the Ramadan. sheesh

30830f0a No.3653682

>US hegemony is visibly collapsing.

Well that's what US wants, right? Y'all just threw the dollar into the dumpster with SWIFT bans.

51e5593b No.3653684

File: 1649664560569.jpg (82.59 KB, 1200x628, What-is-consumerism.jpg)

>Well that's what US wants, right?

Making sacrifice to have more immigrants educated people to reduce healthcare and living cost more manpower to have influence and control other non-US territory more immigrants means more manpower means more capitalism and innovation. We need bad news first and good news last. The US want smarter people to work in their country for better solutions producing more innovating workforce having more people to create more automation stuff a lot. The U.S. is a Consumerism "Feed me, Buy me, Pat my butt doing a good job!"

What is the United States main goal to feed it's satisfying needs a meaning of life exist in thousands of years ahead to see other civilizations to see where we are going?

51e5593b No.3653686

File: 1649665045771.jpg (160.48 KB, 550x836, capitalism.jpg)

Bahahahahahaha! What will change capitalism in the next 50 years or so?

ad08c885 No.3653692

File: 1649672603372.jpg (1.18 MB, 3565x3344, FDPX_YuWEAAcMHN.jpg)


American Capitalism and the global industry that currently exist are predicated on the ideal of infinite growth so all progress is focused on short term gain.
Because it is pretty much unregulated capitalism; the system is eating itself alive, cannibalizing itself to become more and more efficient.

The ultimate expression of the flaw in unregulated capitalism will be automation.
Sooner than people think the human will no longer be efficient enough to be a useful part of the system.

The efficiency required to maintain infinite profit growth will demand that machines replace humans in the vast majority of jobs.
Because the end goal of modern capitalism is monetary profit, not a stable economy or the happiness of population, as automation propagates across industry it will become necessary to either destroy capitalism as it exists now by creating regulation to preserve jobs for humans (Highly unlikely) or create a pay structure to get cash into the hands of consumers which is not dependent on working. (The likely conclusion.)

ad08c885 No.3653693

File: 1649672650140.png (194.69 KB, 872x900, FI73XnsWYAA2WdR.png)

There are two possible paths history can take:

The first option, and most likely to be tried first is a one-world government.
A one-world government is a side effect of the infinite greed inherent in an unregulated capitalist system.
A ever shrinking group of ultra-wealthy people will have all the profits and to keep those profits they will realize governments must be destroyed and replaced with the "Republican ideal government".
The Republican ideal government never does anything which inconveniences the rich, nothing to help the poor which might cost the wealthy taxes, and uses state violence in the form of police to keep the poor from rebelling against the wealthy. Of course this will fail because capitalism needs consumers to buy products.
Once the majority of the wealth is in the hands of a small enough group capitalism will simply not function.

This flaw in the program will lead to violent social uprising and global economic collapse unless something like a Universal Basic Income will be created so that consumers will have liquid assets to spend.
The reason the global economy is struggling today is that the majority of the liquid capital is in the hands of very few people and they simply can't spend enough to maintain the economies of the world.
A redistribution of wealth will be necessary to stop the hoarding of assets at the top or capitalism will grind to a halt without consumers to buy products.

No matter how efficient your factory is, no matter how cheaply you can make your products using robots, if there simply is no one with any money to buy your products, your products have no real value and capitalism collapses. This is why American capitalism as it is now, is doomed and in the end, a system based on maintaining human hippieness by giving consumers money to spend will replace it.

9c5b5b21 No.3653695

If you are immune to buying things you can say the market is bankrupt, but the fact is people will always need to buy shit to keep them alive even if its dirt.

If you take away the rights to food and water then you've defeated the purpose of civilization. By claiming a shortage or a "preferred customer base" then you've got civil war, because of a failing in modernity. The only economical benefit to providing by then, is an immediate human necessity, if the market cannot provide, that may happen those dependent on its stock resort to violence, (they will of course resort to the iron curtain bread lines and Authoritarian Management(kill squads fpr belligerents) if the government cannot provide a Complete Solution then that is collapse of civilisation.(A few news stories later and the instant reaction is civil war).

When a government fails to keep its own country on staple supply then that government lin turn lost its own people. The 'onset' prompt of "a no man's land return to basics" is that the Market will be reinvented and rebuilt on immediate bater trade, and people will give their xboxes and cars up for a garunteed meal ticket. Sarcastically, there is no struggle at that point except to stay in a failing system, in which you should opt to have produce your own supply for yourself and plenty in reserve. Because eventually they will just refuse to trade for any reason mostly due to "favoritism". Then rivalries will take place and the community collsapses. Products always have a value unless the direct customer is dead (no value product=a commercial failure, and people will start to kill for luxury just as much as basic needs).

It would take complete utopia for anything materialistic to lose all value. Unless you are not a materialist. "Bleh"

cdf0ea52 No.3653698

File: 1649680915208.jpg (73.56 KB, 489x768, colonian powers.jpg)

A world war in a few years.
World war is an ultimate anti-capitalism booster.

3268aacb No.3653699


Coomers gonna coom.

355bd67c No.3653701

File: 1649683884620.jpg (104.18 KB, 500x329, darth.jpg)

>the end goal of modern capitalism is monetary profit, not a stable economy or the happiness of population

I actually agree with some of this.

Capitalism does like stability. You must have that for a market to exist. That one point is wrong.

>as automation propagates across industry it will become necessary to either destroy capitalism

>creating regulation to preserve jobs for humans
>create a pay structure to get cash into the hands of consumers which is not dependent on working

3B is still pushing Socialism. He ignores the third option which is most likely. Socialist societies kill and starve unnecessary populations. They do not give them handouts.

They also create concentration labor camps - and slave labor is very cost efficient (See China).

cdf0ea52 No.3653705

File: 1649687053956-0.jpg (8.35 KB, 282x276, crap german polititian.jpg)

File: 1649687053956-1.png (688.47 KB, 3840x2160, GHI_2021_-_Mappa.png)

>He ignores the third option
pic related
>Socialist societies kill and starve unnecessary populations.
This is Hunger Index map.
Please explain why socialist Cuba is way better than free and liberal Haiti despite the first being chocked by sanctions.
Why does more than half of capitalist world have problems with providing food to population? Why capitalism free market shitholes starve own population while exporting food so you disgusting fat fags could throw one third of it in garbage?

782933d6 No.3653707

>Please explain why socialist Cuba is way better than free and liberal Haiti despite the first being chocked by sanctions.
Because it's cherry picked """""data""""" by communists to further try and bolster communist lies. Try again with a credible, and legitimate argument.

355bd67c No.3653708

File: 1649692289792.png (543.46 KB, 750x768, negro city vs war city.png)

>Please explain why socialist Cuba is way better than free and liberal Haiti

Pat, I'd like to solve the puzzle….

355bd67c No.3653709

File: 1649692406462.jpg (24.93 KB, 447x186, 3B on pol.JPG)


What the hell are you talking about?

cdf0ea52 No.3653711

File: 1649696190494.jpg (47.99 KB, 480x320, 130705122755-haitigarden11.jpg)

All capitalist shitholes have always been worse than communist shithoes, there is no cherry picking here, just pure data manipulation with cutting the bottom of any sorted table with economic metrics.

6225badf No.3653712

Cept you got many of these things overinflated or under inflated depending on those doing the counting. For exqmple those that are dead from this so called virus are all overinflated numbers no one normally would buy into something unless the numbers given to them are of significant value. The issue is people pushing for a specific agenda not the cpuntries themselves. The acts and thought processes of a few can easily destabilize an entire system which is what we have an abundance of proof on now which is pointing to this being the case.

ad08c885 No.3653715

>If you are immune to buying things you can say the market is bankrupt…

I'm not saying people won't need to buy things, I'm saying the ultimate goal of unregulated capitalism is to collect wealth in as few hands as possible.

The majority of people won't be able to buy things and if a small minority of wealthy people have all the money those few number of people will never be able to buy enough stuff to maintain an economy.

One person only needs so many pairs of jeans. Once the ulrta-wealthy have bought all the jeans they need and no one else has money, the jeans market will collapse.

Imagine that scenario but for everything on a global scale. That's what modern capitalism is headed for.

ad08c885 No.3653716

File: 1649699545970.png (404.48 KB, 1460x2200, FIUNTxxXwAEdap2.png)

>Capitalism does like stability.

The history of every capitalist economy to ever exists disagrees with you.

Capitalism is predicated on a boom and bust cycle. For capitalism to function properly it must pull in small investors during a bubble, then when the bubble bursts destroy those investors.

Then when those few left with capital buy everything up at rock bottom prices the whole cycle starts all over again.

That's why everything bad for humanity is great for the stock market.

Famine, war, earth quakes, plagues, hurricanes, anything which involves human suffering is a boon to capitalism.

Look at how the wealth of the top 1% EXPLODED during the tech bubble, or during Covid or after the housing bubble crashed and how corporations leveraged capital to buy up all the housing in America so now they are making money hand over fist while homelessness skyrockets.

Capitalism is by it's nature dependent on instability and the destruction of human lives.
Without heavy regulation, it will destroy itself.

ad08c885 No.3653717

If you want to see free market capitalism at work, watch the Crypto-currency market where one day a coin is worth hundreds of dollars then the next it's worth hundredth of a cent. That's what unregulated capitalism looks like.

ad08c885 No.3653718

File: 1649699849401.png (141.98 KB, 900x771, FJFqt_nX0AEV7ih.png)


They are images from an artist on Twitter.


9c5b5b21 No.3653722

A boom and bust cycle deez nuts. But For real there are more complexities involved than just wealth contributing to a hype scene such as the stock market. The stock market relies on workers being in stock. Famine/War and all of the bad shit creates a direct correalation of an economic crisis not a cycle. The numbers changing are a distraction from the potential throes the lack of a workforce can be into the stock market and all of society. The lack of a pattern creates stagnation in the economy but the lack of workers to save face will cause its entire preface to shut down. There is nothing good about a crisis and thinking so is not mentally-prospectful. Eventually the market WILL crumble if anyone ever pursued this for any amount of time because the population would be destroyed for sake of numbers to look like they are moving. The top 1% have an agenda but not even their efforts can afford an entire deep state to work for them without someone to dupe. Once you look past the illusions there are very important cliffhangers that occur daily were it not for worker heroics we would all be dead 1000x over.

92544291 No.3653727

File: 1649714413453.png (373.86 KB, 746x703, social_justice.PNG)

I'm just fucking tired of all this outrage-culture performative BS, and I completely blame social media like the neo-boomer I am. We need to surgically castrate bleeding heart social justice activism shit from this community, and go back to making Livejournals on quant slice-of-life events like furry god intended.

9c5b5b21 No.3653729

Supplmental 1st world problems over other first world problems is a 1st world problem.

33a2289b No.3653732

Obesity should be a crime.

We need concentration fat camps where the inmates are forced to work hard labor for a below subsistence diet.

3268aacb No.3653735


Cut toxic people out of your life or quit bitching. The future is now. You don't need to associate with low value losers anymore.

51e5593b No.3653737

File: 1649721757363.jpg (27.79 KB, 500x500, 500x500.jpg)


Even in relatively peaceful empires, people faces existential crises all the time. Devouring swarms, genocidal aliens, space pirates, nihilistic acquisition raids, orbital bombardment, L-cluster nanite attack and Shroud shenanigans are always imminent.

In Authoritarian/Xenophobe empires ? Well, you got forced labor, where you get worked to death. You may also be nerve stapled and processed for food, you may get plugged into machines to become living batteries. You may get vivisected by aliens and die a painful death.

To make thing worse, nerve stapled are usually non curable. The chance to find a bio empire that want to cure you is minimal, and that is under assumption that somebody care enough to travel around the galaxy to help you.

Some times, your government decide to use billions as trading stuffs with the caravans. Sometimes, billions just disappear mysteriously. Sometimes, governments decide to trade with Shroud, and pops wake up just find themselves stronger or more intelligent or weaker or infertile or dead. And that the average Monday of the galaxy.

Sometimes, a space monster show up and kill billions, sometimes, on a random planet suddenly billions of people pop into existence. Meanwhile, on a distance planet, all populations get wiped out by a Neutron Sweep, watching helplessly as the big object enter their orbit as their defense fleet get destroyed in series of colorful explosion and plasma shots.


51e5593b No.3653738

File: 1649721828377.jpg (75.5 KB, 500x500, artworks-000526162389-lzhe….jpg)


Somewhere, civilizations as advanced as us today (atomic primitives) have to watch helplessly as armies of psionic warriors assult them mentally and literally all of their soldiers collapsed on their own minds. Or biological horrors and walls of flesh sweep past their cities, eating everything on it path, sweep away all traces of civilization as easy as a broom sweep away some dust (that how I imagine Xenomorph armies).

At literally any moment, you could get kidnapped and enslaved (if you are lucky). If you are unfortunate, you would get engineered into Delicious livestock, or vivisected, or sacrifice with untold billions by your very own government.

And we have thought enforcement. Just think of how they enforce, literal thoughts on citizens. It would make information quarantine, tracking implants, and literally any thing in dystopia worlds, seems like an enjoying spa.

In the galaxy, the death of trillions is a normal day.

We are not going to get into the different types of slavery or purge or the existental crisis of being a battle clone or being a bio trophy. We are not going to get into Megacorp or trade empire that do anything for profit. We are not going to talk about the sheer amount of cosmic horrors of the game, or how from millions of years ago until now, no civilizations ever grew extragalactic before get wiped out (except the Unbidden and Scourge, but they are not from the galaxy, and maybe the Zroni).

And yet, the galaxy is about as dark as Warhammer 40k.

9eed201b No.3653739

kill republicans

9eed201b No.3653740

blah blah blah
kill republicans

dfa2b074 No.3653748

you are being forecd into a hive mind like it or not, the major factions of this world all contend within it so you better have your world views in order. That is a fact, that is what it means to be universally consciouss and all of one wave length.

9c5b5b21 No.3653749

im gonna say the n-word

92544291 No.3653750

What the absolute fuck are you on about retard

51e5593b No.3653751

File: 1649726958504.jpg (305.04 KB, 1360x475, Archives-2.jpg)


Dan, you may want to add to lulz archives above in case.

bc0c5aca No.3653756

>How many people now hate blacks because of BLM riots?
How many Americans hate Trump supporters because of the Jan. 6 insurrection? Supporting a megalomaniacal nincompoop like Trump is a choice. Being born black is not.

341d1c6e No.3653757

Well maybe if black people stopped acting like a bunch of crazed i am racist and not very brights then maybe no one would have such an issue with them.

For every 1 decent black person who isnt being a i am racist and not very bright theres about 5000others making them look bad. Call it the black sheep effect if you will.

bc0c5aca No.3653758

You're a methhead who sucks dick out of a McDonald's dumpster. If anyone's a nig​ger, it's you.

341d1c6e No.3653769

Made up shit isn't reality numbskull maybe you should go seek help if all you can do is make stuff up about people instead of actually getting facts right. I mean come on are you mentally retarded cause you aint doing yourself any favors here.

4d8b7010 No.3653778

File: 1649741100595.png (948.89 KB, 3327x2635, FMN7kggWQAMrlo5.png)


Conservatives are so butthurt that gay people are a thing they are banning books, threatening to kill teachers, creating new forms of legal marriage that gays aren't allowed to use, and literally making it illegal to talk about gays existing and you think it's the gays who are engaging in outrage culture?

4d8b7010 No.3653780

File: 1649741536638.jpg (17.7 KB, 500x302, How about no.jpg)

>Black people should stop complaining that they are mistreated and just accept the abuse…

Cops can stop being bastards and we'll stop complaining about cops being bastards.

It's white people who are causing the problem and refusing to fix it. You reap what you sow.

4d8b7010 No.3653781

File: 1649741690867.jpg (315.72 KB, 2673x2390, FIdgRE3XsAU1g2R.jpg)


Cobalt Blaze really did suck dicks behind a McDumpster for food and Magic The Gathering card money. He told us so himself. If you're going to pretend to be him then that's what you should expect.

dfa2b074 No.3653782

I used to like MTG until it was a gateway for sucking dick.

dfa2b074 No.3653783

File: 1649742142235-0.jpg (5.59 KB, 227x222, im pretending to be somebo….jpg)

File: 1649742142235-1.jpg (5.18 KB, 229x220, alot of farting.jpg)

File: 1649742142235-2.png (1.15 MB, 1593x1700, whenyoufartoutthesmelly.png)

51e5593b No.3653790

File: 1649764005409.jpeg (59.96 KB, 640x764, IIOgzCw.jpeg)

Well well who do we have here?

51e5593b No.3653791

File: 1649764512025.jpeg (155.67 KB, 750x890, BdOaPZ9.jpeg)

51e5593b No.3653792

File: 1649764785746.jpeg (25.05 KB, 640x436, iDoip1i.jpeg)

cdf0ea52 No.3653795

File: 1649765719710.png (28.7 KB, 650x113, putin abuses animals.png)

51e5593b No.3653796

File: 1649769116888.jpg (66.82 KB, 509x339, istockphoto-907894254-1706….jpg)

51e5593b No.3653797

File: 1649770214518.jpg (43.92 KB, 976x549, _124075173_javelin.jpg)


Drones as artillery spotters is perhaps one of their more under-rated uses. The biggest limit with artillery is not knowing exactly where your targets are. A drone doesn't need to drop a bomb on a target if there are some big guns nearby to do the job.

And no longer are they stuck relaying that information over a radio. The artillerymen can (presumably) just look at the video feed and see where they're hitting.

520cc825 No.3653798

File: 1649772338064.jpg (46.63 KB, 653x281, damn white devils.JPG)


>Its the cops fault

>Its whiteys fault


cdf0ea52 No.3653799

File: 1649777053515-0.png (459.91 KB, 750x377, ukraine.png)

File: 1649777053515-1.png (234.15 KB, 600x403, isis.png)

341d1c6e No.3653802

Cept thats not even true so come and prove it also words on the internet aren't real anyine can say anything so of you honestly believe that then you are so far gone. But hey least I'm not you a useless sack of lard who no one likes. At least unlike you I can get laid. Nuff said fungus.

3268aacb No.3653803


Who is Ayaba Howard and why do you believe what she says?

520cc825 No.3653804

File: 1649786553100.jpg (50.13 KB, 949x345, hur dur.JPG)

>Biden Treasury Nominee
>Trained Communist at Moscow University
''>Immigrant from Soviet Union
>Advocates destruction of oil and gas industries
>No energy industry brings down economy
>"Omarova is eminently qualified” for the job says Biden
>All for climate change
>China building more coal plants than ever is not an issue

If you thought you were a poorfag before, wait till this agenda gets implemented.

>UBI will save us

That apparently is the plan. For when you are totally dependent on the government, opposition becomes suicidal.

cdf0ea52 No.3653805

File: 1649787415010.jpg (126.99 KB, 1280x1280, biden.jpg)

Do you know what happens every morning in White House?

ad08c885 No.3653806

File: 1649788385902.jpg (412.77 KB, 2237x3325, EhRLNY_XgAE_xNs.jpg)

>For when you are totally dependent on the government, opposition becomes suicidal.

You've been dependent on the government your whole life. Do you think terrorists haven't been trying to nuke American cities? What do you think cops are if not government? Do you think hospitals let anyone use the ER even if they don't have insurance out of the kindness of their hearts? Who do you think funds your schools?

Without the government your life would have never happened so suck it up.

Besides, MAGA proved that a large number of conservatives would literally die rather than trust the government so your argument really doesn't hold water.

341d1c6e No.3653807

Thats like saying that without government humanity wouldnt exist which is retarded in itself. If you were to ask yourself which came first gov or humans you would pretty much answer the question and rethink your argumeent so long as your not too retarded to back the fuck out

cdf0ea52 No.3653808

File: 1649789108751-0.jpg (199.56 KB, 1080x1080, photo_2022-04-12_13-36-48.jpg)

File: 1649789108751-1.jpg (159.33 KB, 1280x853, photo_2022-04-12_13-36-49.jpg)

File: 1649789108751-2.jpg (235.79 KB, 1080x1080, photo_2022-04-12_13-36-51.jpg)

File: 1649789108751-3.jpg (217.4 KB, 1080x1080, photo_2022-04-12_13-36-52.jpg)

File: 1649789108751-4.jpg (340.36 KB, 1080x1080, photo_2022-04-12_13-36-54.jpg)

cdf0ea52 No.3653810

File: 1649790719046.webm (5.57 MB, 1280x720, zrada trophy and friendly….webm)

cdf0ea52 No.3653811

File: 1649791839169.webm (965.22 KB, 432x294, bloody whore in Berlin.webm)

341d1c6e No.3653816

An obviously staged video. If it was real people would be making sure they were alright and not potentially standing around staring and recording. But then again stupid people are the mass exodus of today so might be real but I doubt it.

b13f9815 No.3653818

lol bro i just don't know why people take photos of this garbage..look…just clean it up and if you really need to put a vigil down or something.

7574be80 No.3653828

File: 1649810229834-0.jpeg (363.8 KB, 888x627, 31585D5D-77DE-46BE-BB6E-E….jpeg)

File: 1649810229834-1.jpeg (93.61 KB, 620x775, E5F5273C-D9BE-4C01-8514-8….jpeg)

Can you believe that the NY shooter was white??

ad08c885 No.3653830

File: 1649811329556.png (56.58 KB, 1025x1058, modern-technology.png)

>That's like saying that without government humanity wouldn't exist which is retarded in itself.

No, I'm saying that the life you live today with all the luxury and comfort you take for granted wouldn't exist without the government.

Without government you wouldn't be able to get a wide variety of safe food when ever you wanted.

You wouldn't have the internet at all without the government. You would be living like a cave man without the government.

9d72a6a5 No.3653832

Lol safe food government! Haha haha you must not be serious because they have obviously done poisoned the lands created toxins that target certain species honestly the gov is just another form of royalty with a few more hands so no the government would be better off obliterated off the map entirely with the people being the government not there being a handful.
Of people running the world.

520cc825 No.3653833

File: 1649813492350.png (1.26 MB, 864x1546, test this.png)



Nothing you said is correct.

The government produces nothing. It is a parasite of sorts.

Its job is to keep the peace, maintain fair laws, enforce contracts and adjudicate disputes.

All those things you mentioned are not produced by the government. They are produced by the private sector with the government looking over their shoulder - assuming no corruption.

By the Elder Gods……..

9d72a6a5 No.3653836

My bad hope you didnt see that post I had to delete

ad08c885 No.3653837

File: 1649814852335.jpg (140.97 KB, 1102x1239, EsSlMlSVcAAJQ6_.jpg)

No, literally none of that stuff could happen without the government.

I mean the government literally invented the internet as a way for the military to communicate post nuclear strike. All this extra shit, you enjoy is because of that backbone.

Conservatives like to pretend that the government doesn't do anything but it's like saying the people who wrote and maintain computer code compilers never did anything because they didn't code the specific video game you are playing personally. They only built the structure it's based on.

Without the infra-structure they created the private sector programmers would still be day dreaming.

In the same way none of your capitalist fairy-tale would be possible without the government maintaining the infrastructure to move products and communicate globally.

51e5593b No.3653838

File: 1649815429196.jpg (32.65 KB, 520x324, Malone7.jpg)

THe Ukraine soldiers forgot to unload the tank round near fellow troops this is an example of a SNAFU during WWII

Don't Be a Dilbert - Pilot Safety Training featuring the F4F WildCat (Restored HD 1943)

These Ukraine soldiers need to watch this WWII training video it would help!

Dilberts are in the Ukraine! This is horrible!

d9f03cf0 No.3653839

You do realize that its not a matter of who made what you idiot but of matter of when the people would invent things as thats the funny thing about humanity not the government the governmemt just did it first. They are not almighty on the timeline if they didnt do it someone else would so as you assume you think they are all powerful so too does time itself prove otherwise.

cdf0ea52 No.3653840

You can delete all of your posts. Nobody will object.

cdf0ea52 No.3653841

Artsy whore from Ukraine wants to get attention to Ukraine being physically denazified.
Well, it's better than common shitheads painting everything yellow and blue.

ad08c885 No.3653842

File: 1649818773870.webm (3.92 MB, 320x180, newyorksubwayguy.webm)

Someone found his youtube account and back on Jan 25, 2022 he released a video about how the mayor was failing to address the conspiracy to abuse people with mental health problems in NYC.

He didn't blame the mayor personally but believed that the whole city system was rotten to its core.

He blames the NYC mental health system for failing him and the job training program for him not being able to keep a job but he clearly is just super-angry at everyone all the time and blames everyone else for his failures.

ad08c885 No.3653844

File: 1649818995056.webm (3.54 MB, 320x180, Gonna-havta-kill.webm)

He talks a lot like Cobalt Blaze. How everyone is putting him down and he's gonna have to go kill people.

4f35675e No.3653858

Talks like YOU.

4f35675e No.3653860

Notice how 3B was posting the shit out of Rick Griffin's porn until he found out he was a Republican, then *BAM* full stop, no more. it was like he ran into a wall.
Just more Leftist hypocricy from him.

1b88ad62 No.3653862

>he clearly is just super-angry at everyone all the time and blames everyone else for his failures.

Sounds like your average woke. It's all the fault of white supremacy right?

ad08c885 No.3653863

File: 1649837486680-0.jpg (64.37 KB, 893x1155, FPcsCVeXEAgfspR.jpg)

File: 1649837486680-1.jpg (101.89 KB, 893x1155, FPcr7IAWQAcgTtR.jpg)

File: 1649837486680-2.jpg (98.09 KB, 893x1155, FPcsCUgXMAssOBA.jpg)

File: 1649837486680-3.jpg (111.45 KB, 893x1155, FPcsCUxWUAoWcez.jpg)

You want more Rick? Sure! He just hasn't put much out on his twitter account lately and what he did post has been meh.

>It's all the fault of white supremacy right?

Actually, he's a conservative so he blames lazy n** for not taking personal responsibility and ruining everything for the "real black men".

Also spics, gays, and Democrats. He rants a lot about them and Muslims.

I was surprised he wasn't a Trump supporter but I guess you guys are too anti-black to get even the fringe crazies.

ad08c885 No.3653866


It does make sense why the dicks of his characters are so small and why he draws so many small males being fucked by larger women now that we know his circle of commissioners are mostly conservatives.

1b88ad62 No.3653867

California in the frontline of the fight against white supremacism.

California state has achieved the lowest literacy rate of any state, a celebration would be in order but there should be no pause or rest when fighting white supremacism. The american language is of course a tool of the whites, coming from England - who was the largest colonial empire in the world - and later refined by the European invaders who colonised America and removed natives.

Illiteracy is a badge of honor, it's resisting the oppressor. Go California !

c139304f No.3653872

Where is this white supremism?
Everybody's still trying to find it.
No luck yet.

c139304f No.3653873

BACKPEDALING won't help,
We all know why you suddenly stopped.

51e5593b No.3653874

File: 1649855931460-0.png (101.54 KB, 2480x3507, 4Z4KBod.png)

File: 1649855931460-1.png (128.53 KB, 481x680, cfUB2vu.png)

File: 1649855931460-2.png (131.3 KB, 481x680, d9kb8Ay.png)

File: 1649855931460-3.png (219.31 KB, 636x900, E2ak36F.png)

f45105b4 No.3653875

Libtards are still believing that America is better off with Biden than Trump. Those nutjob cults are totally insane.

763c797c No.3653876


Ranked voting systems have a tendency to elect politicians that match the median voter preference, not majority voter preference. Namely, it's biased towards established middle class voters (who believe themselves to be working class, but aren't).

763c797c No.3653877

>he's a conservative so he blames lazy n** for not taking personal responsibility

Democrats have been preaching socialism/anti-capitalism to blacks since the 50's, discouraging entrepreneurship and funding radical social movements and counter-culture. That's why there's a great deal of difference between the average black man in the US and elsewhere.

You can't win at life if you aren't even playing the same game.

d6b5de18 No.3653881

Oh wow. I devised this scheme independently and thought it was my original idea. Now I know it has a name. "Preferential voting". Cool.

44bf7cf0 No.3653889

File: 1649892984674.jpg (977.73 KB, 1984x1761, male_horse_anus.jpg)

In a Scientific American article, that system was called "Single Transferable Vote."

711eae5e No.3653891

File: 1649898938636.png (32.67 KB, 1131x354, fffffffff.png)


Alright, the bastard party won.

711eae5e No.3653892

File: 1649899027003-0.webm (2.85 MB, 640x360, Election2020 Gwinnett Cou….webm)

File: 1649899027003-1.webm (909 KB, 640x360, Election2020 Gwinnett Cou….webm)

File: 1649899027003-2.webm (2.53 MB, 640x360, Election2020 Gwinnett Cou….webm)

Speaking of voting, here is some people….NOT……ballot stuffing from Georgia in the 2020 election…..

711eae5e No.3653893

File: 1649899380327.jpg (64.65 KB, 800x800, 1622672675085.jpg)

>Where is this white supremism?

We had a 'Find the white racism' thread but ChoOb killed it when no one could find any.

711eae5e No.3653894

File: 1649899986821.jpg (20.17 KB, 269x428, black paw patrol kneel nec….jpg)


The government tapped the private sector to build those things…..

Link me to the government construction company that builds roads….or builds the internet backbone….

….I'll wait….

May Cthulhu have mercy on your soul.

cdf0ea52 No.3653906

File: 1649912627977.webm (1.43 MB, 352x640, Peshawar.webm)

Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi's support movement is getting bigger. US grasp is clearly getting weaker all around the world.

Trump didn't manage to make America great again, now Biden wants to finish it.

Having become the last global power, USA fucked up big time.

00c77465 No.3653908

Kinda surprised that Joe Biden's sex tape hasn't been leaked on here yet.

9eed201b No.3653912

Kill Republicans
Before they kill you

51e5593b No.3653914

File: 1649941983902.jpg (198.12 KB, 859x588, fcc.jpg)

3268aacb No.3653916


The fact checkers told me there is no irrefutable photographic proof those ballots were for Biden so I definitely shouldn't spend any time thinking about it.

It's like the beyond a reasonable doubt standard, but backwards. That's how elections work in first world countries!

f45105b4 No.3653917

Untrue. When the ballots are ran through the tabulators it time-stamps them. That's how they know that 95% of the massive loads of late-night ballots that were trucked in in the dead of night in the swing states were for Biden, and also how they can tell they were ran through the tabulators multiple times each. The election was stolen.

b0f06d49 No.3653940

>I mean the government literally invented the internet

Actually, it was Paul Baran of the RAND Corporation that came up with the idea of a packet switched network for resilience. The ideas were further developed by NPL in the UK, then incorporated back into the ARPANET. Other countries had their own pioneering networks like CYCLADES in France - the US government wasn't the only one developing the technology and actually borrowed from many others, then collaborated with them to make things cross-compatible.

At the time, there were many competing networks which used different methods, such as FidoNET, Usenet, various private business networks etc. which were eventually assimilated into the Internet by routing through it, but originally used their own infrastructure and protocols over the public and private telephone networks. Things like BBS systems started to coalesce together by having dedicated lines between them, forming "mini internets" that were growing together at the edges. These had entirely different addressing and routing schemes which were superior to the government internet in terms of not having a central authority to dictate names and addresses and ways around the system - which was the weak point of the ARPANET - so they were ironically better proofed against nuclear strikes as long as there was any network left to use.

The thing that made the internet the internet was that the government threw down billions of dollars of money to pull cable and expand the ARPANET on the public expense to connect all the universities to it, which basically made the other systems redundant and made them die away. As a result of forcing the one true government standard, we got problems like IPv4 addresses running out, and the ICANN/IANA still being the dictators of who gets what IPs, the difficulty of multi-homing and parallel-routing traffic, global routing tables expanding exponentially… etc.

But yeah, the government created the internet - by killing or assimilating all other versions of it and then having everyone pretend nothing else exist or never would have gone anywhere.

b0f06d49 No.3653941

File: 1649958065863.jpg (90.49 KB, 1125x750, d32fd2389d2d0b53b827e46902….jpg)

Besides, a great deal of why the government internet won over private internet was the AT&T corporation which pulled a regulatory capture with the state to establish its monopoly as a crony corporation, and in turn the government got to regulate the telephone infrastructure and prices through AT&T before and after the dissolution of the monopoly.

AT&T did not allow users to connect modems to phone lines, so the best people had to use were dog-slow acoustic coupler modems which greatly hindered the development of any private network systems through commercially available networks. What the government had was way faster and better - on purpose.

ac316cef No.3653946


childporn is still illegal even if it serves as evidence.

fdfb507d No.3653947

File: 1649969733339.jpg (735.45 KB, 1932x2580, 4874_anus_artist-colon-hor….jpg)

87ac82be No.3653949

File: 1649971123375.jpg (278.79 KB, 1294x2000, FQEpSYcWQAEtsdA.jpg)


I'm kind of hoping he does! It would be wonderful for the democratic party if Donald Trump was allowed back on Twitter to yell at wind turbines and how toilets don't flush hard enough.

87ac82be No.3653950

File: 1649971549994.jpg (406.3 KB, 1457x1092, Noone-cares.jpg)


California has the lowest literacy rate of English reading and writing skills because it has the highest rate of multi-cultural citizens.

Not everyone needs to read and write English especially with modern technology where language translation is a click away.

3268aacb No.3653951


I guess language is largely irrelevant if you're a pod person.

87ac82be No.3653952

File: 1649972211143.png (118.54 KB, 271x269, its-all-a-conspiracy.png)

>We all know why you suddenly stopped.

I see you've stopped taking your medication again.

87ac82be No.3653953

>Democrats have been preaching socialism/anti-capitalism to blacks since the 50's

Republicans implemented red-lining to create areas where black people couldn't live and laws to stop black people from getting loans to start businesses. The only thing Democrats did was talk openly about the injustices those Republican polices created.

If there is anyone who has been teaching black people they aren't welcome in the capitalist system it's conservatives.

They literally made a movie about it called The Banker based on a true story.


87ac82be No.3653954

File: 1649974279939.jpg (484.53 KB, 800x1244, FQFJrCbXwAcB6v2.jpg)


In Georgia your family members are allowed to drop off your vote for you if you request an absentee ballot.

It's not a conspiracy it's just how the system works.

b0f06d49 No.3653958

Please. Both democrats and republicans have been racist, but only democrats pretend to "help" black people while actively discouraging them from helping themselves - even today. Republicans who are racist simply refuse to deal with minorities - they don't actively go out to sabotage them and make them into dependent voting serfs. Meanwhile, the worse the minorities are doing, the more likely they're to vote Democrat who promise handouts and "social justice".

Can't get a loan from a white bank? Set up a black bank - except for the part where Democrats are preaching you socialism and telling you that you shouldn't. Can't you see the hook and bait? The more they promise and the less they deliver, the more votes they get from desperate people because the closer to middle class you get, the closer your political interests align with Republicanism.

b0f06d49 No.3653961

The irony of democratic socialism and social democracy in a politically plural society is that they survive by maintaining large income disparities and social injustice - or inventing more if there isn't any. If there isn't a large-enough underclass to cause enough trouble, they will even import one without any rational excuse, like in Sweden.

Otherwise the voters would see no reason to vote left.

87ac82be No.3653962

File: 1649978021169.png (687.94 KB, 1155x871, bunnyboyfriendpng.png)

>Can't get a loan from a white bank? Set up a black bank…

You mean that thing they arrested people for doing?

b0f06d49 No.3653965

Like when?

Blacks have owned banks since 1888.

b0f06d49 No.3653966

A bit of statistics. In 1934 there were 134 black-owned financial institutions in the US, mostly in the south. The great depression destroyed most of them. The civil rights movement restored the number up to 50 by 1976, but then they started to dwindle. The 70's corresponds with the biggest counter-culture, politicization and anti-capitalist push among the black communities - basically the point where Democrats were starting to sell policies directed at black people to "equalize" the situation.

For example, the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 which forced federally insured banks to lend money to black people even under bad terms, which had the effect of out-competing the black banks who could not take the risks - thereby slowly destroying the black banks.

36f88993 No.3653968

File: 1649982204693-0.png (72.89 KB, 581x367, 0D687B98-8087-495F-9265-13….png)

File: 1649982204693-1.jpeg (126.36 KB, 560x655, 306B7A51-D39F-4386-A104-7….jpeg)

File: 1649982204693-2.png (86.58 KB, 592x438, 03510F86-9649-4C26-A473-82….png)

File: 1649982204693-3.gif (2.7 MB, 280x158, 59D68F6A-BBA0-44B4-9CD2-FE….gif)

File: 1649982204693-4.jpeg (136.23 KB, 1024x738, 1E5E7D86-9875-4486-889B-E….jpeg)

70e4bd17 No.3653969

File: 1649983757988-0.jpeg (137.9 KB, 914x1024, 2CDDE7B7-30BA-4CB5-988F-5….jpeg)

File: 1649983757988-1.jpeg (218.92 KB, 1024x1024, D20069CF-6A7E-4FDD-9484-9….jpeg)

File: 1649983757988-2.jpeg (150.41 KB, 804x1024, B40EB8CF-9D18-4A33-B184-A….jpeg)

File: 1649983757988-3.jpeg (154 KB, 1024x813, 0028803B-38A9-4246-B142-D….jpeg)

File: 1649983757988-4.png (894.53 KB, 666x749, FAB88DF8-758E-4A22-9943-78….png)

……but republicans are worse!

4d77273f No.3653970

File: 1649984391863.jpg (234.85 KB, 1024x503, detroit.jpg)

>Republicans implemented red-lining

No. Another lie.

White people did….and you know why…

Negroes have ALWAYS been a plague on civilization. It is rational to try to have containment areas when eradication is not feasible.

4d77273f No.3653971

File: 1649984559451.jpg (827.49 KB, 900x2002, corporate sterilization of….jpg)


Have a (you) for being informed.

You also had to get written permission from the phone company to even use the modems.

87ac82be No.3653972

File: 1649984739151.jpg (359.05 KB, 1335x1191, FNnuvnJVgAIgRfY.jpg)


So your argument is that Democrats were bad for black people because they forced normal banks to do business with them instead of forcing black people to go to poorer, segregated banks that couldn't offer them the same quality of service?

87ac82be No.3653974

File: 1649985821836.png (164.73 KB, 820x667, Air-Force-vs-Conservatives.png)

Looks like the U.S. Airforce and all of its associated components like Space-force are taking a stance against conservatism in America. The air-force will be offering money, medical, and legal support for troops and their families impacted by Republican's anti-American actions including transferring troops out of states with homophobic laws.


The full statement can be read here:


4d77273f No.3653975

File: 1649986250545.jpg (250.75 KB, 1088x1096, chicago.jpg)


>Republicans implemented red-lining

87ac82be No.3653977

File: 1649986551488.webm (6.96 MB, 320x180, HoistHoist.webm)


Can't wait to see conservative jaws drop when the air-force tells conservative states to fuck off and destroys them financially.

Keep up the good work conservatives you're doing a great job of destroying yourselves over your snowflake feelings!

f45105b4 No.3653980

Why did you post a movie with a Leftist Liberal?

1ee76ab8 No.3653981

File: 1649988513571-0.jpeg (89.53 KB, 570x1024, D1BB32F9-2E22-4588-AF5A-6….jpeg)

File: 1649988513571-1.jpeg (296.6 KB, 960x720, 76F2B2CA-8562-4ACE-AE28-8….jpeg)

File: 1649988513571-2.jpeg (89.86 KB, 700x611, D97D7E84-8DD4-40E0-AD4B-3….jpeg)

File: 1649988513571-3.png (342.06 KB, 680x451, 16FF8F32-988D-4F3F-A47D-18….png)

No sorry, I don’t groom…..

87ac82be No.3653983


That moment when you accidently admit all black people all look alike to you because you're a racist.

f45105b4 No.3653984

Even computer A.I. programs think they look alike.
Truth has merit. Things that are not fact and not true are pigeon poo. :)

c36cf3d1 No.3653985

File: 1649991948521.png (126.13 KB, 660x398, 71A5A4B4-71E8-4091-B92A-98….png)

Take a bunch of Irish guys give them crew cuts and then see if they all don’t look alike…

259b314b No.3654001

>So your argument is that Democrats were bad for black people because they forced normal banks to do business with them

Democrats flooded the market with bad credit by force, which had the "side" effect of forcing black owned banks out of business.

>instead of forcing black people to go to poorer, segregated banks that couldn't offer them the same quality of service?

Yeah. There was demand for black owned banks and financial institutions, which would have improved their situation over time, but the Democrats did the equivalent of a humanitarian aid dump on them by forcing white owned banks to lend credit at far greater risks. For example, Bill Clinton era "credit as social aid" - which turned up later into the 2008 housing market crash.

It's unintended consequences, just like how in Africa the local farmers go out of business when the UN keeps dropping people free food. The next year they have a worse famine because nobody was growing food. Only, the Democrats do this quite on purpose because they know that helping people too much has the opposite effect.

f8c28764 No.3654006

File: 1650032028742.jpg (342.02 KB, 2000x1657, heartbroken_Bolt.jpg)

>We had a 'Find the white racism' thread but ChoOb killed it when no one could find any.

It would be nice if that weren't true. My old memories of Cho0b are of him being non-woke and anti-SJW. Did he cave in and get a black or jew girlfriend?

f8c28764 No.3654008

File: 1650033766393.jpg (34.78 KB, 416x234, oreos-and-spam.jpg)

Just a short reminder (and for the newbies) that there's lots of really good content on https://DollarVigilante.tv

I especially suggest the walk-and-talks of Lucy and TDV/The Dollar Vigilante, plus TheCrowHouse (which are more hardcore/gloomy), but if walk-and-talks aren't your cup of tea then there's lots of good variety on there to choose from.

Basically though, for anything "deeper" one will need to go on a personal journey on their own - that website is probably best as starting point that helps steer one away from the sickening mainstream-craziness.

Consider letting other people/animals in your circles know about that site as well - it may be too late to save them from having their DNA permanently altered to produce dangerous spike proteins and possible snake poison, but they can still make positive changes in their now shortened lives.

(Also, the ukraine is crawling with bolshevik/zionist scum and there's likely a false-flag gas attack brewing there. Let's not forget that jews, and those pretending to be jews, probably have the most "enviable" history of ruining everything they touch.)

cdf0ea52 No.3654009

File: 1650036739871.png (463.6 KB, 852x583, Who Killed African Icon Th….png)

For some reason niggеrs can make their country better despite being in the ass of the ass of the world if they overthrow imperialists and follow Marx.

c86e4a89 No.3654010

>Please explain why socialist Cuba is way better than free and liberal Haiti despite the first being chocked by sanctions.

Haiti is full of people practicing Voodoo. No wonder it's became a shit country.

In communism or christianity, you are not taught to steal, kill, lie, etc.
In voodoo if you don't like your neighbor you send a curse on him.

b91254d5 No.3654011

How'd that work out for Zimbabwe?

4d77273f No.3654024

File: 1650053757994.jpg (53.18 KB, 431x536, ddddddddd.JPG)

>My old memories of Cho0b are of him being non-woke and anti-SJW.

Try typing the word nigger into a post response and see what happens.

You will get posts that look like this…..

You have my sympathy for your loss of innocence.

259b314b No.3654029

There have been noble dictators and kings just the same.

51703f81 No.3654034

Only retards believe in karma

It's literally just a form of coping with religious flavoring.

5a6ac60e No.3654041

People often mix dictator and tyrant.

Anything not democracy is evil, that's what they have been taught. So in their mind dictator = tyrant.

Except communist tyrants who get a free pass to respectability somehow in the mind of young retards.

c36cf3d1 No.3654042

File: 1650071024695-0.jpeg (135.31 KB, 880x584, D3C0A59B-6096-422B-9AEC-2….jpeg)

File: 1650071024695-1.jpeg (75.93 KB, 600x1020, AF2CCF3A-26AE-49DF-B016-5….jpeg)

File: 1650071024695-2.png (628.16 KB, 680x641, 3855C268-2F2F-43C4-899B-BE….png)

File: 1650071024695-3.jpeg (99.37 KB, 1024x576, 7797571C-7BF1-42C6-8A58-2….jpeg)

File: 1650071024695-4.png (30.96 KB, 1200x1200, 0302D1D6-9BCC-4074-B778-1F….png)

You would think the people that grew up with the Hunger Games would know better!

1da29554 No.3654050

Klaus is basically Borg what with the whole assimilation and collective talk.

c36cf3d1 No.3654060

File: 1650084487875-0.jpeg (44.42 KB, 500x601, F18B854F-F166-4613-8582-3….jpeg)

File: 1650084487875-1.gif (1.12 MB, 500x645, 6980ECDB-5069-4276-8D82-08….gif)

File: 1650084487875-2.jpeg (164.95 KB, 960x983, A72C40DE-D3A1-4B9E-9DCD-2….jpeg)

File: 1650084487875-3.jpeg (106.53 KB, 818x1024, 72E976E3-51E8-4B6C-A3E6-0….jpeg)

File: 1650084487875-4.png (86.58 KB, 592x438, 983E5906-534E-44AC-B35A-E9….png)

They are pedos and perverts.
Let’s be honest, stop thinking that they are just short of rape.

281f26f8 No.3654061

File: 1650085168285.jpg (60.68 KB, 680x674, D56cuz6WsAcM84G.jpg)


Your argument that giving black people access to white banks destroyed black banks is like saying cops killing black people created BLM and if they stopped it would hurt black people because there would be no more need for BLM.

The objective is to end the injustice. If the black banks which were tools to end the injustice were no longer needed because banks weren't allowed to be racist any more, that was a victory, not a loss.

281f26f8 No.3654062

File: 1650085655719.jpg (375.04 KB, 1000x1481, FQTmM3qX0AMTzQ9.jpg)


Seriously, is there anything you aren't afraid of? Communists, gays, trans, socialists, Muslims, Mexicans, China, Biden, Satanic cults, Aliens, Lizard People, and the list just keeps on going.

I honestly don't see how you have the energy to stay stupid, afraid and angry about everything, all the time. Do you drink a lot of coffee? Energy drinks? Cocaine? What's your secret?

6a4e2e8d No.3654063

File: 1650092348862-0.jpeg (128.52 KB, 701x768, AADC6477-7310-42AC-8F8F-8….jpeg)

File: 1650092348862-1.jpeg (107.41 KB, 1024x716, B5CF9DC3-CEA7-41BF-9890-C….jpeg)

File: 1650092348862-2.jpeg (98.02 KB, 1024x497, C43002E7-E647-43A5-AA42-D….jpeg)

File: 1650092348862-3.png (75.15 KB, 326x326, 153F8647-E8E2-413A-B5B7-04….png)

File: 1650092348862-4.jpeg (154 KB, 1024x813, 2B4C7DF9-DEAA-41A5-A4E6-3….jpeg)

It’s a colorful group. Yet still surprising is how many liberals go right because there is just no reasoning with Leftists.

6a4e2e8d No.3654065

File: 1650094751559-0.png (354.32 KB, 431x431, FF4CF458-0EBC-4AB4-A47E-DB….png)

File: 1650094751559-1.jpeg (76.8 KB, 640x822, 53F124B8-D4E3-4E21-AE1E-9….jpeg)

File: 1650094751559-2.png (371.43 KB, 1500x500, C9B24995-23F5-451F-AAE0-EB….png)

File: 1650094751559-3.jpeg (250.01 KB, 720x408, A94850AE-8093-4FB4-9E01-7….jpeg)

File: 1650094751559-4.jpeg (185.8 KB, 683x1024, 300F3FCC-5346-40E2-9513-B….jpeg)

Yeah, the right is always white…..

1ada6603 No.3654066


There is all the reason to be afraid of communists. They proved again and again through history that in their mind one valid way to achieve equality is to genocide parts of the population they don't like.

Nobody except misguided GodHateFags types care about gay, as long as its not the flaming sort that targets children ; same for trans. Just leave children alone, oh and not destroying woman sport competitions would be nice too.

As a liberal you have more to lose from Muslim taking over than conservatives, you should be afraid. Though in the USA it's still a non-issue and probably will stay that way ; because of south american migrants there will never be a muslim majority, unlike some countries in Europe who get to enjoy the religion of Peace and Love, its peaceful knives of beheading, its loving trucks of massacre, etc.

There's good reason to fear China. With the petrodollar gone (thanks SWIFT bans!) the USA will become just another country in massive debts. A China (industry) - Russia (natural resources) alliance would have everything needed to become the new world power.

You on the other hand fear the conservatives who want people to leave their children alone, who want to keep troublemakers out of their country and want to keep a way of life that's proven to work. Free speech ? to the trash. Self made man ? That's ableism, into the trash ! Socialism ? Oh yeah, give us socialism, it'll work this time for sure !

b1335dd5 No.3654068

File: 1650096898660.jpg (213.68 KB, 1024x973, 68r68yguygu.jpg)

6a4e2e8d No.3654071

File: 1650102952638-0.png (106.99 KB, 618x671, 95563840-B2B8-4745-8080-05….png)

File: 1650102952638-1.jpeg (40.31 KB, 1024x768, 8813C205-27E3-478E-89DC-6….jpeg)

File: 1650102952639-2.jpeg (69.96 KB, 900x500, 3E285819-05E4-4C25-BEED-2….jpeg)

File: 1650102952639-3.png (283.34 KB, 375x525, 83CA5EC6-C226-4482-91EB-6A….png)

File: 1650102952639-4.jpeg (152.92 KB, 813x1024, EC04415E-B3E2-42E2-95B3-3….jpeg)

I actually believe that the communist lies to hide their true need t destroy. Not just kill but to destroy.

How many male feminists end up killing women. Look how they cheer a woman getting shot at a protest.

Where a sensible person fearing for the trans person doesn’t want the surgery to happen.

The only common thread is that someone gets destroyed.
A woman
A child
A man

281f26f8 No.3654075

Update on the Twitter thing. They rejected his offer hard and changed the corporation rules to make it so that if Musk ever did purchase enough stock to gain controlling interest they would automatically sell enough stock at a discount to dilute his share of the stock value so he could never take control of the company. It's called a poison pill clause and it's meant to prevent this exact kind of take over.

So no, Trump won't be coming back to twitter and Elon can sit on his rocket.

281f26f8 No.3654076

File: 1650107055634.png (1.98 MB, 1500x1800, Bonus358.png)

>A Nazi in Ukrane.

You act as if there is some thing bad about about wanting to see Nazis die on the battlefield.

Hell, if American Nazis were brave enough to actually go to war and fight we would cheer them on too! Take more bullets! Die faster! Go team go! Throw away your lives for a nation that reviles everything about you! Please! The fewer Nazi there are the better!

b428b8cd No.3654077

File: 1650108531279-0.webm (977.5 KB, 533x300, 1626008274570.webm)

File: 1650108531279-1.jpg (88.66 KB, 600x433, cambodia-vietnam.jpg)

File: 1650108531279-2.png (470.54 KB, 800x1000, 1604889719.zerofox1000_ruz….png)

Well I understand why you think Nazis are bad. I just don't get why scum sucking commies come off as being better.

281f26f8 No.3654078

File: 1650109640785.jpg (167.49 KB, 850x1029, 07ly977upqs81.jpg)


That's because you're too stupid to understand what communism actually is.

When you see the word communism you think of totalitarianism because you have been told all your life that the U.S.S.R and China are evil communist nations but neither of them were.

Communism is government ran by the citizens with as little government power as possible. Communism eliminates capitalism and creates industry of shared ownership. You work for the company you own a share of so the better your company does the more you get paid.

Communism is the real free market because multi-national corporate entities could never monopolize the market like capitalism has created. Communism is the libertarian dream where you and your friends get together to start your own business without the government telling you what to do.

Everything the right-wing says it wants to happen is communism but you're so stupid you've let rich people convince you cooperation is evil and that the only proper way for you to live is being their wage-slave.

b13f9815 No.3654080

just 4chan for me thanks, literally dont need to give a shit because i can call people out on everthing and its basically like presidential speech mode but if i really had to i would do what 3b does too…i dont care about the state of affairs because i take it personal sort of, if it were business it would translate to real life. WHY should anything anyone says online translate to anything in reality. Gamers are maybe the lowest cause for change in any large scale social movement because gamer society revolves around skill and overall luck. You see a gamer versus gamer that dont give a shit if the odds are even that's the way the network runs. In backwards society people are clamourous because their odds are not even and being tube fed basically poison doesn't make them anymore docile. When a gamer cheats they get banned or removed from a group or something but when a person is cheated and nothing is done about it….clearly that is where the problem starts. People are taken advantage of constantly and it's made the world a less ambivalent place for anyone involving themselves in communication, online or face to face. No one trusts anyone and ultimately they feel more invested against social constructs than ever. Things that are commonplace will deteriorate because people cannot stand to allow it to be corrupt or let it corrupt them for participating, they will walk. And then they will leave it to die, that is why the system will ineventually require to be rebuilt time and time again and all it will lean upon will crumble because it drives away its only valid occupancies in the sake of propoganda, they will strike the nerve that causes it to forcibly remove itself for the sake of saving its own stocks. In that way the economy will eventually cross the wrong consensus like what Russia has done, because its stocks have been overvalued to a diminishing trade-demand, and people will drop it all together. The same thing happens in shitty games.

b13f9815 No.3654081

they'll have to sell it to people who buy the stock and dont give it to him lol

51e5593b No.3654085

File: 1650115742892-0.jpeg (285.83 KB, 1080x2280, ndjYDy8.jpeg)

File: 1650115742892-1.jpeg (72.92 KB, 720x720, XmoOJkA.jpeg)

27138000 No.3654086

File: 1650116169517.jpg (84.38 KB, 640x799, downhhhggload.jpg)


27138000 No.3654087

File: 1650116668048.jpg (134.49 KB, 750x594, ezgif-1-f0aed3aab3.jpg)

As a real actual woman, I want to look exactly like THIS.

ec6359d3 No.3654088

File: 1650116946217.jpg (110.66 KB, 1200x825, che-guevara-rode-poster-ac….jpg)

>big if true
He actually used bicycle to get to work until he was finally convinced that president is not supposed to use bicycle. So he stated using a cheap small car.
>but every socialist I've known is a liar so I don't know.
You should start distinguishing socialists and communists. They were synonyms before the beginning of 20th century when breakdown in Marxist movement occurred. Since than socialists are opportunistic faggots and capitalists' bitches who's ideology is "peaceful coexistence", cocksuckers basically. while communists are radical movement. There is one person Lenin despised the most for hypocrisy and lies and it's Karl Kautsky. Never heard of him? The history sorted everything out.

Most of the known communists of the 20th century came from rich families and they were good for life by their birth right, a dream of every faggot. Instead they sacrificed everything and fought for better lives of others.

Lenin was known to live on the level of common folk. Original bolsheviks punished official for living large.
Stalin treated himself no less harsh than others. He lost son during war, he sent all of his sons to fight nazis.
Check out biography of Che Guevara and Castro. Considering shit they were doing, it's a miracle Castro died of old age. They deserve a high-budget series.

f8c28764 No.3654089

File: 1650117220501.jpg (292.4 KB, 1920x1080, its-been-a-lot.jpg)

>You have my sympathy for your loss of innocence.
It's been a lot, yes, it has.

A lot of things are becoming clearer. Mixed_Feelings.jpg

Anyway… back to business:
For anyone who thinks that it's not the jews… well it's the jews and always has been. The reason why azov is even allowed to exist is because they're run by jews (likely also having many within the ranks), or whatever it is that poses as jews or controls them.
I must confess that the population of israhell getting culled and concentration-camped big time was a wake up call for me to look a little deeper, and boy do things run deeper. I was certain that israhell would be spared. Silly me.
Anyhoo, here are a couple of interesting websites that shine a light on some of their infinite wicked deeds, including pretty much taking over china - I didn't even know that until recently… soo much to learn, so much innocence in danger of being lost.
At least I'll always have Bolty.

"Freddy Jewger" (you might need a VPN due to kikery, haven't really looked at the videos much yet, but it looks interesting so far)

"How Jews took over China and created Chinese Communism"

Spoiler: putin and that homosexual jewish ukraine homo actor are both puppets.

4d77273f No.3654093

File: 1650120844473.png (138.94 KB, 1024x1008, hhhhhhhhhhhhhh.png)

>Seriously, is there anything you aren't afraid of?

Says the troon that looks for Nazis and White Supremacists under his bed every night.

9eed201b No.3654094

It's time to bomb republicans where they gather!

9eed201b No.3654095

buy guns
kill nazis

1ada6603 No.3654096


Oh yeah, theory communism is pretty OK. The problem is they always implement Socialism as a "necessary transition" and it never ends because the aparachiks have a great life and don't want to actually transition to communism where they'll need to work.

a2cc8adc No.3654097

Above terrorist threats from 3B reported to FBI. The investigation may take months, but it's going to be funny as fuck when he is in all the newspapers looking like he is sucking lemons.
It's all fun and games until you get caught, isn't it William.

3b127ea5 No.3654098

File: 1650128861277.webm (904.8 KB, 486x270, Honestmistake.webm)

MAGA parents took their children to see the real president in North Carolina.

3b127ea5 No.3654099

File: 1650129015723.jpg (174.42 KB, 819x1214, FQeMdsZVcAMNFvI.jpg)


Usually in a poison pill clause they sell the shares to people who already own the stock like employees but at a greatly reduced rate. The point is to dilute the stock so that no single person owns enough of a percentage of the stock to control the company.

Installing a poison pill clause is like saying, "Fuck you, we would rather see the company fail than let you have it." to Musk.

51703f81 No.3654101

Twitter has been failing for it's entire existence. It has never made any profit or even broken even. It's propped up by venture capital and those that want to push a narrative.

ad08c885 No.3654102

File: 1650131628164.webm (4.13 MB, 480x270, end-of-men.webm)

Looks like Tucker Carlson just can't stop talking about how much he likes strong, glistening men who work out a lot so he's dedicating an hour long special to his love of men.

It's called "The End of Men" and it will be on Fox's steaming service. Here is the unaltered promo for it.

ad08c885 No.3654103

File: 1650131902954.jpg (144.55 KB, 1164x926, FPx39_eUYAEHlPm.jpg)

Its total revenue in 2021 was $5.08 billion, a 37 percent increase from the previous year. They are expecting slightly less profit this year because of Covid. Something like $5.02 billion but I'm sure they will struggle through.

ad08c885 No.3654104

File: 1650134119949.webm (7.07 MB, 320x180, the-great-gay-conspiracy.webm)


One of my favorite youtubers came out with a pretty good video response to your non-sense conspiracy that people are "tuning kids gay or trans"

I thought hearing it might help you be less psychotic and paranoid.

51703f81 No.3654105

Is that gross or net?

Would you rather it be owned by a Saudi prince that murders gays and journalists or someone dedicated to free speech?

ad08c885 No.3654109

File: 1650135048985.jpg (167.1 KB, 815x1164, FPjina0VsAEnLf8.jpg)


The difference between the conservative and the left is that the things the left fights against actually exist.

Cops do murder black people for no reason other than being black.

Neo-Nazis do make plans to attack Jews and follow through with them when the FBI doesn't stop them.

Trump supporters did attack the capitol and try to hang the vice president for not invalidating the 2020 election even though that's not something he had the power to do.

All the things we talk about actually happen and we don't blow things out of proportion.
Nazis are a tiny, fragile, pathetic group of losers who only get to exist because WE agree they should be allowed to as part of American freedom. The moment they make too many problems for the rest of us, that will change and they will be crushed.

You see, we're not afraid of you or the right-wing.
We're just sick of hearing you bitch and whine all the time.
That's why you're getting kicked off of every public forum.
If we feared you, we wouldn't be tossing you in the trash.
We don't.

You exist because we as a society are merciful.
Never forget that.

ad08c885 No.3654110

File: 1650135279800.jpg (169.71 KB, 1280x720, FNk6h39XMAUrHQC.jpg)

>dedicated to free speech?

When a conservative says, "free speech" they usually mean, "What I want to be true and nothing else is allowed." so it depends on who's definition of free speech you are speaking of.

If it's conservative free speech, they are effectively the same thing.

American conservatives just lack the balls to murder people. They want to get their way by crying like babies about everything. They don't want to actually risk their lives.

51703f81 No.3654113

I thought you said conservatives were terrorists that murder blacks, Jews, Muslims, gays and trans people constantly?

Are they murderers or cowardly eunuchs that pose no threat?

ad08c885 No.3654136

File: 1650157811574.png (411.73 KB, 629x546, always-watching.png)

They do try and do violence quite often but they are terrible at it. You get the occasional church shooting or bombing by radicals but most of the time they get stopped by the FBI.

a51dd161 No.3654137

But those are usually proven to be false flags committed by registered democrat voters and members of left wing groups who want to "prove" that the right are as vile as they make them out to be by affirmative action.

ad08c885 No.3654142

File: 1650161019325.jpg (1.37 MB, 3000x3000, FO8lFqjWUAA-QCA.jpg)


Yeah, yeah, it's all a conspiracy. Those people pretended to be conservatives all their lives just so they could commit crimes and go to prison because they love the democrats soooo much.

ad08c885 No.3654144

File: 1650161228591.png (723.26 KB, 923x761, NorthK-represent.png)

Everyone remember how people said Crypto was the future because it was so ultra-secure and couldn't be stolen?


b13f9815 No.3654154

look at me im american im in leather jacket lol
good e-wan kiemen senpai hehehehahehah.
Ohh I m sory did you want BIGMAC whaoper?
"OMHG he said it he went dare"
"I went dare oh yae I wil nuek tumoarow"
"Who we guane nuke?"
general press the butan
Okie Kiems alrdy targeting american nows
"Why is neyuk headed at us?"
whaeut am meiunet. IM GAY.

b13f9815 No.3654155

>expecting a website to run the world.

75582b70 No.3654162


It can be stolen, but you need to steal the wallet (wich is a crypto key) to do so. That means hacking the computer it is on.

If it is on a computer not connected to the internet, you're SOL. Same thing if it's on an USB crypto wallet, you can't enter it, you can't steal the key.

Having your wallet not on a computer connected to the internet is recommended. You keep a smaller one connected, used to transfer funds with the offline one.

Sure you can get your crypto stolen if you don't take basic security measures.
You can also get your identity, personnal photos and porn browsing history stolen too if you don't patch your computer and disable the firewall, what's your point again?

ad08c885 No.3654163

File: 1650182368094.png (869.29 KB, 1713x669, Its-dnd.png)

Nerds playing D&D where characters from 90s travel through time. Enjoy the nostalgia!


51e5593b No.3654164

File: 1650182677450.jpg (3.62 MB, 3585x2309, Russia_expectations_realit….jpg)

Some of the folks pictured Russia in movies but in reality…

864fb2d8 No.3654170

File: 1650206966907.jpg (103.66 KB, 638x421, drop.JPG)

Reminder: There are two systems of justice…..

ad08c885 No.3654178

George Floyd was murdered in front of the the world so of course people rioted.

Same thing happened when JFK was assassinated.

Same thing happened when MLK was murdered.

This is how things go.

The right wing could stop murdering people at any time.

9bcedcfd No.3654180

File: 1650218073524-0.jpg (72.25 KB, 720x728, 1621780779559.jpg)

File: 1650218073524-1.webm (2.52 MB, 426x234, 1626408302601.webm)

File: 1650218073524-2.jpg (63.67 KB, 502x501, equality facts 03_jpg.jpg)

File: 1650218073524-3.webm (1.37 MB, 640x360, Nigger.webm)

File: 1650218073524-4.webm (1.13 MB, 576x1024, 1628271556776.webm)

I can post…

Black heroes
Black monsters r to e. m
Black criminals

It doesn't matter to me but do show me your white racist "Right wingers."

BTW MLK was killed by the state you idiot.

a51dd161 No.3654182

there are so many homicidal racist right wing monsters, that it doesn't even warrant posting a picture. Just look outside your window and you'll see at least one racist monster just waiting to rape a black man to death at any given opportunity.

aeafa0e7 No.3654183

File: 1650223632895.jpeg (66.6 KB, 482x665, 8hyTUTz.jpeg)

Thanks to faux "news," OAN, Newsmax, and others.

060df298 No.3654184

Where can I find porn of white guys topping black men? It's always the other way around.

a51dd161 No.3654185

its called "buck breaking" and its one of the most popular fetishes on the internet.

6a4e2e8d No.3654192

File: 1650235837511.jpeg (227.14 KB, 1024x1021, 42A1D93B-3338-4E4F-BF83-7….jpeg)

732b96ff No.3654194

File: 1650238503883.png (317.21 KB, 500x484, blackonwhiterapevswhiteonb….png)

>Fentynal Floyd dindu nuffin

>it doesn't even warrant posting a picture
>I aint got nuffin'

>racist monster just waiting to rape
>racist raping monsters are right whites


e0f8568d No.3654196

File: 1650241606165-0.gif (1.75 MB, 344x344, 1628216537729.gif)

File: 1650241606165-1.webm (2.7 MB, 359x202, 1643341317098.webm)

51e5593b No.3654204

File: 1650247940135.png (21.06 KB, 201x251, download.png)

Michael Parenti, 1986, University of Colorado. Looked long and hard but haven't been able to find it in better quality than this.

51e5593b No.3654206

File: 1650248598943.jpeg (83.83 KB, 743x965, XNWpP5K.jpeg)

ee92fbda No.3654210

That is more the future that it should be. I doubt liberals want it though.

a718b0a0 No.3654215

File: 1650256010836-0.webm (3.61 MB, 320x180, artificial-food-shortage.webm)

File: 1650256010836-1.jpg (90.14 KB, 910x568, Police-inspection-point..jpg)

File: 1650256010836-2.jpeg (103.05 KB, 1000x562, Trucks-backed-up-to-horiz….jpeg)

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott apparently had enough of Florida using up all the stupid so he decided that if Biden wouldn't let him cripple the economy and do mass arrests using border patrol he would use the state police as his own gestapo and do it himself.

Abbott unilaterally decided to have state police stop every single truck crossing from Mexico for a detailed inspection for drugs and illegals. Which is, in and of itself, not legal but hey, when has breaking the law ever stop a conservative from acting stupid?

Because of second check point after border inspection checks the trucks the wait time crossing the border went from 2-3 hours to 12-13 hours overnight. Food on the trucks is spoiling so it's creating a massive food shortage in Texas.

Many companies are rerouting trucks to other states to try and salvage their produce shipping but most of the companies don't have trucks designed to keep food over long drives. The trucks from Mexico were supposed to just cross the border, drop off the shipment then come directly back. The system was never intended to handle long wait lines.

Experts are saying to expect empty shelves and higher prices across America because of Abbott's tantrum.

a718b0a0 No.3654216

File: 1650256646027-0.jpg (3.21 MB, 3700x3000, youve-been-spotted.jpg)

>its called "buck breaking" and its one of the most popular fetishes on the internet.

That's ironic. Even when white people create fantasy porn about white guys dominating black men they make the black men sound more powerful and virile. Even when you pretend to win you see yourself as losers.

251e320c No.3654217


251e320c No.3654218


27138000 No.3654219

Vote Democrat, Vote Murder.

a51dd161 No.3654222

I vote democrat, but its just because I really like scandelous news stories about government corruption, rape, suicide, homicides, and war stories.

I'm a massive sado-masochist, so voting democrat just makes sense to me.

ad08c885 No.3654238


Who do you think Democrats are murdering?

51b4b8e5 No.3654239

ask the people fleeing California….

ad08c885 No.3654242

File: 1650285527895.png (499.95 KB, 824x578, 13-hour-wait.png)

ad08c885 No.3654243


So, no one then? People are fleeing California because Trump's Whitehouse deregulated the housing market and now people overseas are buying up our land and driving up housing prices.

b229f013 No.3654249

File: 1650290931347.png (910.11 KB, 962x1043, nigger.png)


>be white guy
>video a jogger getting popped for robbery
>2-3 years in jail awaiting trial
>life in nigger nursery

>be nigger
>shoots up mall
>get bond
>only $25,000

51e5593b No.3654250

File: 1650292051857-0.jpg (26.2 KB, 500x306, thumbnail.jpg)

File: 1650292051857-1.jpg (40.08 KB, 650x350, Path_Future.jpg)

File: 1650292051857-2.jpg (138.56 KB, 1300x956, close-up-on-cctv-lens-surr….jpg)

Imagine in the future more and more data hides and stores the true numbers of races in a data base white's cant hide but only blacks? But the data hides more than just skin color they are storing class and background checks and even a dna of family tree of family violence base on race class and environmental and societal background where people have who, when, where, they contacted democrats and republicans are not even safe from this, that is why China is after something big they want to study every fabric human race, class, religion, fetishism, genders sex, luxury, work, desires nature. That is why data is so valuable that social security is under attack by it. There is a gut feeling in 20 more years 30-40 there is a change that all of this is becoming more open about it. You think the media will attack you with racism, it gets worse.

a51dd161 No.3654253

Its already been proven that camera AI is incredibly racist against blacks. No one can explain it, but the AI picks up far more black crime than white crime, so for the most part the tech has been scrapped until they can fix the glitch.

a51dd161 No.3654254

Even that open unregulated chat-bot only lasted a day before it started cussing out n1ggers and becoming a neonazi

b229f013 No.3654255

File: 1650301850398.jpg (178 KB, 1126x474, black white in denial.jpg)


>AI is incredibly racist against blacks

This is impossible. AI does not have emotional reactions.

It deals in facts and logic and forms conclusions based on this.

>tech has been scrapped until they can fix the glitch.

The glitch is NOT in the AI but elsewhere. There is enormous amounts of empirical evidence to support this. You cant solve a problem until you acknowledge the root cause.

384ded09 No.3654256


Not hard to understand : Most coders are white and their own public or hidden assumptions will leak from their perception and thinking into the structure of the coding. Just like TV commercials works on a large scale of the viewers but never on the individual, according to the individuals own belief.

b229f013 No.3654257


And literally 30 seconds later, I run across this video.


Enrichment in UK.


b229f013 No.3654258


All tech companies are woke and all their coders/engineers are tranny/race mixing supporters. Google search results are adjusted to be politically correct or adhere to a certain narrative.

Still the AI becomes 'racist'.

Try again.

13e3b7e5 No.3654259


No matter how many times you tell a computer how you feel it's still going to execute the code you wrote exactly as it was written.

This isn't fine arts

6038d9cf No.3654261

File: 1650309895617.png (395.5 KB, 827x902, the state of dating in 202….png)

Imagine being in the papers cause you tried to flirt.

Am I the only one who has the feeling he woke up in the wrong world at some point?

b004260d No.3654262

Poor little girl, life must be so hard with her…

4311361e No.3654265

File: 1650311713021.jpg (20.7 KB, 300x400, 69750__468x_chinese-walmar….jpg)

I am on her side. You really want to be able to trust people handling your food.

6038d9cf No.3654270

File: 1650313801608-0.jpg (261.96 KB, 640x386, 20200811-IMG_1284.jpg)

File: 1650313801608-1.jpg (273.16 KB, 947x810, 30e3ab4abd5b554b0ad813beb6….jpg)

>"only in China"

Except also in America.

(technically that's a crocodile and these are alligators but tomato tomato, also people say it tastes like bird meat)

a51dd161 No.3654279

File: 1650323985105.jpg (97.08 KB, 1200x800, 123618-gadgets-news-hands-….jpg)

The UK needs to ban screwdrivers. When will these weaponized screwdrivers stop being a threat? I personally have anxiety whenever I see anything screw related.

51e5593b No.3654280

What are they going to ban next, medical kits?

51e5593b No.3654281

Imagine having a second that that she wrote the secret message on the cup to discredit starbucks, what doe the secret message say? is that her own handwriting? Ask these questions!

6038d9cf No.3654282

File: 1650324905816-0.jpg (171.74 KB, 1200x632, types-of-screws-and-bolt_w….jpg)

File: 1650324905816-1.jpg (659.08 KB, 1300x866, 42189350-many-screws-for-b….jpg)

File: 1650324905816-2.jpg (37.75 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

File: 1650324905816-3.jpeg (205.1 KB, 1500x1500, www.ubuy.vn.jpeg)

File: 1650324905816-4.jpg (400.32 KB, 700x510, F2253363-02_webp.jpg)

>>I personally have anxiety whenever I see anything screw related
Have some exposure therapy, you're welcome.

Wouldn't be the first hoax. I'm still smiling when I think Jussie is going to jail and he can't not shower forever, eventually he has to step in :3

b13f9815 No.3654287

secret msg "omegle knows what you did"

a51dd161 No.3654290

everyone in jail wants some of that Juicy Jussie bottom bitch. I hope his cellmate is a white supremacist.

b13f9815 No.3654291

hate groups get spurned by society so hate turns to automation. Basically it is an already merited cause for which is self-explained by the rebound of counter-perrogatives. The real issue is that hate groups succeed when they are shut down because their alternatives reward their cause with more inflection. The awareness of the factors involved then are projected to further dismissal of the activities of. You can't ignore the hate group because it only makes it stronger. Marketing and ad-targeting makes it worse and makes racism more powerful. Because it is inclined to advertise to stereotypes.

b13f9815 No.3654292

to reduce the issues of racism it simply has to be made apparent to the algorithms that it is infact being racist. then political correct algorithms will inevitably crash against bias of itself being based on factoids and opinions, and eventually drop the imperative of pushing towards racism in supplication of a distinction from racism. That will create a logical argument for the algorithm to force fact check itself or recommission in light of "new evidence" that its simply wrong.

b229f013 No.3654293

File: 1650328801872.jpg (244.5 KB, 824x538, temp (4).jpg)


Or the new evidence is correct and reinforces.

Racism is a survival reflex.

b13f9815 No.3654295

a cycle of computer study cases incurs that many algorithms are already doing this at a base approach, that from the start the encoding behind them is very broken. Acknowledgement of these particular broken sequences helps to generate components to these arguments. While setting a filter for catchphrasing is usually the best approach to auto-corrections, there are simply unavoidable conditions in which the main criteria is compromised. Creating many cases for a simple issue is usually the only result, until it can be proven or not through practice, it generally remains a rubber duck, and likely will be nothing more than a series of rubber ducks. Sharing a similarity that is collectively unsound. Algorithms are never going to make sense of a distribution of bias one detail at a time, without a full index of every bias ever thought possible, and basically make a hate machine. Short of excluding itself from being used as a war device and counting any exploits therein that resemble "hate products" is the only way an algorithm can effectively decentralize its own propogation of racism. By forcing omissions and point them out that it has to itself, then choosing the later of the less exploitive correction. A cleverbot response to basically a "dumbed down" query, where the answers don't matter is its only agency.

ad08c885 No.3654297

File: 1650330119728-0.webm (5.28 MB, 288x412, PaulTX890-is-Mad.webm)

Republican truckers in Texas are furious and turning on the GOP because of Republican Gov. Abbott's political stunt at the border. The number of trucks they are able to get across the boarder from Mexico has been cut in half and in some areas even worse which means there are half as many jobs for American drivers to do and half as much products for American businesses to sell.

Food shortages, job losses, higher gas prices and all because Gregg Abbott wants to make a name for himself before the mid-terms.

b13f9815 No.3654299

there is also the issue it is used as a war device and the internet becomes a "variable" depiction of a "crisis-ecology". So that while most material readily accessed is a driving factor to reprogrammed data banks designed to instigate conflict. The war-rhythm eventually has to surface either as a marketable product or once again cause a reactionary staple that acts as a fuel in sourcing its own program.

ad08c885 No.3654300

File: 1650331100146-0.jpg (225.71 KB, 1442x2000, FQgTmscXIAEZxFN.jpg)


They know exactly why the system was racist. It was created by people who programed it to be racist but not for racist reasons.

The coders literally programed the system to prioritize checking black faces and re-checking them because a lot of the function of the system relies on the contrast of the image to identify features like cheek bones and nose structure.

On a black face it is more difficult for the computer to identify what the shape of a nose or cheek is because there are no identifiable shadows. There is no contrast if all of the image is the color of a shadow.

You have to have a really high quality camera and a really high powered A.I. to figure out a black face quickly so the system started out making a lot of errors, misidentifications and sending back results that were just unreadable.

They tried correcting the problem by having cameras target black faces longer which reduced the false positives but also made it so the A.I. ignored most non-blacks in favor of dedicating enough processing power to decoding the only back face in the screen.

A security system that ignores everyone else if a black person is in the camera's view isn't a very good security system so they stopped using it.


b13f9815 No.3654301

people are objects to machines and it just chooses who is who like it would picking out clothes for work.

b229f013 No.3654302

File: 1650332083024.jpg (108.89 KB, 535x719, temp.jpg)


The best point your article can provide is that the Universe has a sense of humor.

You tried to deflect the point of AI bias to camera resolution. You conceded the point as I saw your parachute opening.

The AI reacts to blacks exactly as people do. An accumulation of data develops an anticipated predetermined course of action by resulting repetition of negative interactions . No other race seems to have this problem.

ad08c885 No.3654304

>An accumulation of data develops an anticipated predetermined course of action by resulting repetition of negative interactions . No other race seems to have this problem.

You grew up in a generation where the only time you saw black people in media was as thugs, drug dealers, and rapists.

You were programed from birth to think all black people are criminals. That's why the left talks about the importance of showing minorities in positive roles on TV and in movies.

Seriously, can you think of one black person who was not depicted as a cop/detective's sidekick/beat patrol officer or a criminal of some kind on TV from any TV show you watched growing up?

Was there any media you can actually remember watching that didn't paint black people as ignorant, violent, monsters?

Was there any show you watched growing up where a black person was just a normal person not involved with crime in any way?

I can think of 2 and they were before my time. The Jeffersons and the Cosby Show.

51e5593b No.3654307

File: 1650335096443.png (669.36 KB, 1000x571, 271abe4d40be531aee7bb425a9….png)

>AI Keeps all your data a secret from birth to adult hood.
>All people you contact with, food, drinks, drugs, social environment, city house you live in.
>AI writes a story on our human nature lives. For other future humans to witness. This you going to be you, would you repeat them?

I wonder how our future generations will view us as struggling, sorry fellow humans that are victim of culture.
It's safe to say that our future is rewriting history. If AI were to get into politics it's a game changer.

2d0e9ea2 No.3654311

Ha Ha
It's because blacks actually ARE those bad things, dumbass.
The TRUTH is not racist, no matter how much you want it to be.

ad08c885 No.3654314

File: 1650348599431.jpg (450.87 KB, 750x1280, FQnInoKWYAI0HQ3.jpg)

Good news everyone! Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has re-opened the border and stopped doing double inspections on every truck that comes from Mexico.

It only cost Texas a few billion dollars but he finally accomplished his goal of…. [checks notes]… looking like a God damn fool.

Good job Republicans!
Way to fail again!

2d0e9ea2 No.3654317

If this is actually true, then we can read about it in the news media of our choice. Why do you waste everyone's time here just re-parroting things you see on the news? It's like you spend all your time scouring the news for some article you like, then it's SOOIE SOOIE PIG PIG PIG and you rush to post it here. What a wasted life you have.

ad08c885 No.3654318

File: 1650353437476.png (467.88 KB, 722x660, Dress-properly.png)

>Why do you waste everyone's time here just re-parroting things you see on the news?

What do you think a pol thread is for if not talking about political news?

Do you know where you are?

2d0e9ea2 No.3654319


251e320c No.3654320

File: 1650355215524.jpg (414.61 KB, 1200x1600, ezgif-5-1978979142.jpg)

honey, don't you worry your little ass about that one bit. Texans have a history of making sure things get done, and I'd say illegal immigrants are about to become the #1 EXPORT of Texas, so don't you worry your little self one bit about it, they will take care of it.

b229f013 No.3654326

File: 1650377090088.jpg (49.39 KB, 621x343, abbot.JPG)


I love Texas now….

b229f013 No.3654327

File: 1650377514678.jpg (28.64 KB, 672x499, xxxxxxxxxx.JPG)


>You grew up in a generation

There were no shows like that. I have no idea what you are talking about.

I remember Muhammad Ali though….


He would be called a White Supremacist today by you.

13e3b7e5 No.3654328

File: 1650383153037.png (1.1 MB, 1200x900, MSB.png)


>Was there any media you can actually remember watching that didn't paint black people as ignorant, violent, monsters?

I'm gonna have to strap my thinking cap on double tight if I'm to answer such a difficult question…

9fcafcc6 No.3654339


> Most of their crime is black on black.

That's enough to get you banned from most media platforms.

Everyone knows that it's White People doing the crimes and forcing black people to pick up guns and shoot each other or run into a store and smash n grab jewelry. That's sarcasm by the way.

6dab9864 No.3654344

File: 1650405147045-0.webm (3 MB, 604x1080, 1643084500035.webm)

File: 1650405147045-1.webm (735 KB, 576x1024, 1639408204042.webm)


The fact is that people are going to mix. Because they have been mixing. The emphasis should be on the raising of the children to support the family line.

A beautiful woman who is mentally good is going to get any man she wants.

Fucking one another on sexual preference may seem wrong but when it's the whole package Mind-body and Soul then there is nothing wrong with it.

9fcafcc6 No.3654348


There were a number of Black only shows on television during the 70s and 80s. Good Times, What's Happening, The Jeffersons, Sanford and Son, Soul Train, What's Happening Now, Fat Albert, The Cosby Show and it's spinoffs, etc…shows that had Black leads like I Spy, Benson, Diff'rent Strokes. All of those portrayed Blacks in situations that made them seem like shining examples of humanity. In the case of the Cosby Show, living in an imaginary world that was unobtainable (A brownstone with a garage? LOL!)

You know what was interesting about those shows? They were funny, entertaining, absorbing - because they didn't whine like you are doing. I didn't watch Sanford and Son because it was payment for some imagined crime, I watched it because Redd Foxx was funny as fuck.

You know the reason we think blacks are all criminals? Because people like you made us think that. You constantly remind us that we think all blacks are criminals, and guess what? We think they are. Perhaps we should cut the welfare and the free stuff and the pay for a dozen kids by 9 fathers shit. Once the money runs out, things will shape back up.

But if you believe so strongly in them, you eat it. Give them all your things and see where it gets you. We'll wait here.

b229f013 No.3654349

File: 1650410391215.jpg (83.6 KB, 640x793, whiteitsallyourfault.jpg)

>That's sarcasm by the way.

You use sarcasm because you know better. Leftists actually believe it. That is why we have <booming voice> 'SYSTEMIC RACISM' </booming voice>

3B posts routinely blaming whitey for everything.

9fcafcc6 No.3654350


Well, they didn't whine except there at the end with that one Cosby spinoff. Can't even remember it's name now, just the scrolling title screen.

One episode the lead was crying about how she didn't want to take a scholarship from a South African country because of apartheid. Poor dear, the luxury of turning down money. How's that South Africa working for you since the ANC took over?

Sad to see a country that had a fully developed Nuclear program and did the first heart transplant fall so far.

9fcafcc6 No.3654351


> Leftists actually believe it.

Yes, I know. It's…interesting. A study in the stranger side of humanity.

Guess I should put my tag in.

9fcafcc6 No.3654352


The little bit of advertising I see on television today, everyone is black and happy and it's all wonderful.

I think you just want to whine and apologize for a people that literally do not care about you.

ad08c885 No.3654364


So Texas conservatives are moving illegal immigrants further into America? That's great! You went so far right-wing you circled around to being a coyote!

Maybe next you can start shipping cocaine to Washington! That'll show those liberals how against drugs you are!

ad08c885 No.3654367

File: 1650424896161.png (507.04 KB, 1228x654, Dumb-DeSantis.png)

Republican Gov. Abbott costing Texas voters billions of dollars by shutting down the supply chain across the boarder and causing mass food shortages was a fiscally stupid move unlike any that has ever been seen before but Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida looked at that and said, "You know what? I can be even more stupid! Hold my beer! I'm going to ban MATH for being too hard for white people!"


ad08c885 No.3654369

Good Times - The show that killed off the main father character because the actor wanted the show to focus less on J.J. wearing a chicken hat and saying Dyno-mite every 5 minutes because the producers thought white people couldn't accept a black person who wasn't acting like a clown?

The show that got so much criticism about the way it portrayed black people that they tried to do a "serious" season and ended up having a gang of street thugs threatening to kill the family? That show?

What's Happening - Another show where they treated black people as if they were little more than chimps that only existed to entertain white people.

Watch the introduction to that show and you can see how every decision in that show was intended to make the characters look as border-line retarded as possible.


When they did What's Happening Now years later, they weren't as bad with the cast coming back as adults but they still cast the main characters as failures and goofballs.


The Jeffersons/Cosby Show - These were the examples I used because they were one of the few shows on TV that didn't paint all black people as stupid or violent.

Diff'rent Strokes - This show was SUPER racist. It was literally a rich white man buying black kids to raise because no black parents could raise them properly. It's the same lie white people had been telling since the day of slavery where black people need white people to save them from themselves and teach them to be civilized.


Do you get it now? You were sold a narrative that black people were not real people. You were told the same story over and over and over that black people are less than human and need white people to fix them.

7fb935c2 No.3654370

File: 1650426994080.jpg (303.81 KB, 2048x1775, b118bf8df912d803ad9d4dd406….jpg)

>Florida reject math books that insert race politics into math
>Libtards: Florida's banning math for being racist! How can they see racism in math!?

Sometimes I tire of this clown world. I would like to see the CRT they put in the books, though.

b13f9815 No.3654373

It's not very racist but when you spell 8008135 you can see it is very very risque.

b13f9815 No.3654374

"Nuclear" and "Heart transplant" are achievements in 2022. Okie Doki, and this is why holographic tv dinners will never be a thing.

b13f9815 No.3654375

File: 1650435280907.jpg (6.91 KB, 225x225, cuckedbyaliens.jpg)

Here is the real reason behind everything. You look at this world and seem distant from everything like you feel different or out of place while it just is a never ending stir of mindless "go to" pre-programmed behaviors of tv…because there is somehow a signal that controls people in their subconscious everyone is just walking where they are tasked. Going back into shut off mode and watching more of the media beaming bullshit into their brains. Because you don't feel the same way or maybe you do.

You are living in a fly-over planet in a fly over system. Everything at ground level is so mundane and nothing glamorous lasts more than a few hours at best. Working to just be let down after every 9-5 by some twist of fate retarded promotion of humanized problem-play. Going out and taking the bait of being part of a human race, but you can't relate.

All the energy you invest is misdirected to some bullshit campaign to keep you under a routine lock and key. Keeping your head down because all around you there is nothing worth keeping your attention and even still breaking free is something of risk-reward hazard. That's because it is.

All of these things keep you grounded and because any way you would find yourself outside those bars is basically a death trap but here you somehow feel "validated" to bring it up. There is nothing you can do about the world except point out the flaws of it.

When for instance you ever would be granted a pass, you would probably just blow it but lets say oh aliens exist or are watching, drinking from crystal mochas in their hipster centers. Swapping simcards and shit that aliens do. Playing surgery with "civilizations" via remote. And now that you know alien technology just could exist and or you could be having an aliening cloning device to stick your dick in for some reason no one out of the billions of people projected to live on a single planet somehow have figured out how to do it or even tried. Lol. You are just a fucking cuck and pretending to make a difference a pol thread gets you no where.

4b2d69b6 No.3654382

File: 1650454494007-0.webm (1.46 MB, 280x480, 1620867539704.webm)

File: 1650454494007-1.webm (3.9 MB, 400x300, 1624169786235.webm)

If you read lines from past thinkers you will notice this shit has happened before.
remember that Jesus was killed by the will of a angry mob and not the state.

9c5b5b21 No.3654384

he was killed because judas smarted off to a guard who took it personally. ultimately the mob was symbolic of foreshadowing. The entire society was just about the one dood taking shit too far and stabbing a guy, and while everyone technically repent rome fell and then some more shit happened now jesus basically is genetically in everyone.

ad08c885 No.3654386

File: 1650465890962.png (279.78 KB, 721x726, kidnapchildren.png)

Republican thought leader and friend of Marjorie Taylor Greene is calling for Republicans to form teams to kidnap children from the care of gay people.
Totally a sane and normal thing to do, right?


ad08c885 No.3654387

File: 1650466337852.jpg (213.49 KB, 1020x1320, FQVorjzXEA4gJN3.jpg)


Damn, you have no idea what's in the bible do you?

Jesus was killed because his teachings were considered heretical. He taught that the wealthy could not get into heaven and that money lenders had no place in the temple. He taught that it was the duty of the church to feed the hungry and provide for the poor.

The church wasn't having any of that shit. They liked being rich so they accused him of tax evasion and inciting rebellion against the Roman empire.

The Romans executed him just like all the other criminals and rebels.

He was killed for speaking out against poverty and wealth inequality just like a lot of his followers were after him including MLK and JFK.

ad08c885 No.3654388

File: 1650466509158.jpg (134.34 KB, 849x1080, DsWojauWsAAsX1Q.jPG)


Judas betrayed Jesus in exchange for silver coins. That was the whole story of the last supper where Jesus said "one of you will betray me."

That's why calling someone a Judas means they are a traitor.

ad08c885 No.3654391

File: 1650468060546-0.webm (3.15 MB, 480x270, MTG-Barred.webm)

Bad news for MTG! The voters in Marjorie Taylor Green's state are going to court to try and ban her from running for any political position ever again related to their state after her involvement in the Jan 6th riots and because of her ties to white nationalism.

They are using state laws written to make sure that people who supported the confederacy over America could never hold office. It's not a law that has been used for a while and MTG tried to get the case dismissed but the judge ruled that there is enough evidence to take it to court and let a jury decide.


She probably shouldn't have been so friendly with all those white nationalists!

2a779e65 No.3654392

Border security is a good investment as it directly affects Americans, giving billions to Ukraine isn't as it is the sole cause of worldwide food shortages in the first place. Don't let liberals gaslight you on prices when they have no problem investing it into useless stuff all the time.

2a779e65 No.3654393

First off, her voters aren't the ones suing her to remove her from the ballets. It's from an NGO that isn't even located in her home state and district. You can look them up here:


The US isn't a democracy, it's a plutocracy ran by unelected bureaucrats, NGOs, and corporations to undermine the populace.

2a779e65 No.3654394

Nick Fuentes is also explicitly pro-Union, the reason why he disagreed with the confederate statues being taken down was because the same arguments can be for every European figure in history. He also pointed out that libs had no problem romanticizing violent and slaveowning non-white figures like Egyptians, Mongols, and Aztecs

9c5b5b21 No.3654395

he stole "the funny" of the man who could not do his job, and that made him upset to spite his competence, he would prove this by killing his friends in an authority over the roman courts. this is also ironic but people say money…it was never about money just as jesus would tell the bankers, the circumstances bottlenecked in a way that it drew a crowd and there was much intercessions that in the end, not even god could fatebend his own death and let it be.

The question remains whether or not it was avoidable, though the signs would take more initiative in that the romans had driven the powers that be. then…rome collapsed. (the utopia was not meant for this earth)

40ca8ae7 No.3654397

Nick Fuentes is a fucking retard and only a handful of other retards follow that closet case faggot. Looking forward to him being humiliated by Mister Metokur on Friday.

ad08c885 No.3654402

File: 1650483730280.png (1.53 MB, 1267x931, g-host-lee-nightmare-horse….png)


It always boggles me how conservatives can say that they don't like plutocracy, communism, socialism or oligarchy ran by the democratic elites then turn around and defend Republicans who spend all day, every day, protecting the wealthy and making sure the voters are always ground under the heel of corporate interests.

You retards keep voting for the the very people you claim to be against. You are the biggest suckers in history.

ad08c885 No.3654405

File: 1650485388150.png (581.01 KB, 795x554, America-first-PAC1.png)


You haven't been paying attention to the conservative sphere it seems. Nick is the head of AFPAC (America First Political Action Committee). He held a AFPAC conference directly next door to CPAC the normal Republican annual political conference where people get together to bribe each other and plan coups.

Why would he hold a competing conference on the same day at the same place?
He and his white nationalist friends are so over the top racist and violent that CPAC organizers had banned them.
But just because they are terrorists literally too extreme for the GOP doesn't mean they are too extreme for the new wave of Q-anon Republicans.

Not only was MTG the keynote speaker at WhiteNationalist2021 she lead the group of banned people next door to 'raid' CPAC so she could make sure that the voices of flat-earther, Jewish space laser, Lizard people, satanic blood drinking, child molesters, conspiracy nuts could be heard.

Nicky boy represents what the GOP is now.
He's the new normal for Republicans.
That's why the older Republicans are trying to distance themselves as much as possible from the younger generation.

You idiots got the internet and you're too stupid to filter the nonsense from reality.
Now you're all acting like lunatics because you believe any racist, hateful, thing you read.

I was reading a science fiction novel recently and part of the setting was that in the future of Canada you had to earn access rankings to the internet.
You started off with limited access as a child and you had to prove you could act like a reasonable adult before you could gain access to more interactive content like social media.
When I was reading the book I thought it was a weird idea and I couldn't imagine why the author would think that could happen in the future but now I get it.
You're the dumbasses too stupid to use the internet without ruining your own lives and falling for every scam you come across.
You're the reason he thinks people will need to earn access to social media by taking critical thinking classes.
You're the retarded children he thinks we need to protect from hurting themselves.

4e44e922 No.3654406

File: 1650486442151-0.webm (3.8 MB, 640x360, 1650413214199.webm)

File: 1650486442151-1.jpg (101.18 KB, 1024x686, 1628932226780.jpg)

File: 1650486442151-2.jpg (323.8 KB, 1024x683, 1628932406415.jpg)

File: 1650486442151-3.webm (786.26 KB, 368x560, 1639003704424.webm)

I guess you didn't watch that John Cleese video….

When Nick starts talking about murdering nonwhites or starts grooming K-3 kids do let me know.

I am trying to be tolerant and have a sense humor but you pedos just won't let the kids be.

ad08c885 No.3654407

File: 1650486568471.webm (5.1 MB, 492x270, CPAC-Raid.webm)


Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, even after MTG invited them, they still got kicked out again when they entered CPAC because they were being openly racist and obnoxious.

The older GOP doesn't want anything to do with these morons who say the quiet part out loud but the new conservatives inspired by Trump are all for it.

They realize that they can't win on Republican policy because those policies only help the rich so being a bigot is all they have.

Frat-boy racism is the last gasp of the Republican party and you are embarrassing for America.

2d0e9ea2 No.3654410

File: 1650490867690.jpg (73.55 KB, 500x500, 957909c8d0e2ee9c0039e13efd….jpg)

Hmmm, since it doesn't actually exist, maybe we should ramp it up until everyone notices, then blame it on you.

78c0326f No.3654424

File: 1650499145208.jpg (19.4 KB, 198x272, ssssssssssss.JPG)

Reminder that we have two systems of justice….

78c0326f No.3654425

File: 1650499652664.png (1013.76 KB, 582x1093, 1650378457602.png)

>3B posts routinely blaming whitey for everything.

Even AFTER I made my post describing his posts, he proved them right.

You cant make this shit up.

Peak Clownworld.



51e5593b No.3654427

File: 1650501116516.gif (811.02 KB, 480x270, giphy_166_u18chan.gif)

Blight Wack neighborhoods

51e5593b No.3654428

File: 1650501390415.jpg (182.71 KB, 1280x1280, 7c7c55b508b945975f403527a2….jpg)

Puke at this too btw it's whack.

78c0326f No.3654429

File: 1650501588635.png (759.88 KB, 836x1094, black rapes 4 yo.png)

Now why would anyone think poorly of blacks….

9fcafcc6 No.3654430


He dindu nuffin hes a gud boi jus tryin ta go ta skoo an sheeeit.

ad08c885 No.3654435

File: 1650505392229-0.png (451.47 KB, 855x639, murdered-teen-in-her-bed.png)

File: 1650505392229-1.png (660.66 KB, 926x735, Hit-and-run-murderer.png)

File: 1650505392229-2.png (601.64 KB, 901x692, Kidnappers.png)

File: 1650505392229-3.png (88.4 KB, 456x456, Copshooter.png)

File: 1650505392229-4.png (232.57 KB, 818x508, Arrested-for-beating-his-d….png)


You keep posting these news clips with black people in them as if it's only black people doing crime. These are just the most talked about crimes by white people today. White people do way more and way worse shit every day. Unlike dick size, no black man will ever top a white people for being violent, insane, criminals.

40ca8ae7 No.3654437

If white people do more crime then why is it that blacks commit more than half of the murders?

869b0e18 No.3654438

The wealthy and powerful will always exist, but the problem with a liberal elite is that they actively harm the lower classes while lying that they support any of their political platforms. Sanctions screwed over the lower classes, but the lib elite told the poors ro get over it since they weren't affected by it.

If they support "democracy" in Georgia, then why are rich non-Georgians removing political candidates from Georgia with a law that clearly doesn't apply to her?

Every side supports the rich. The difference is that your LARPs as being poor while telling that "poor concerns" are conspiracy theories. Your side has million dollar NGOs and think tanks from Berlin and the east coast.

0937ad67 No.3654439

File: 1650508037121-0.png (455.26 KB, 1020x486, 48018136-3B90-4415-9EE7-86….png)

File: 1650508037121-1.jpeg (72.58 KB, 1024x823, 3A3A1BC4-B1A4-4AA8-B7A2-F….jpeg)

File: 1650508037121-2.gif (940.93 KB, 480x480, A579C0CE-BB10-4A94-B2F3-72….gif)

File: 1650508037121-3.jpeg (78.97 KB, 1024x511, BF950655-90A7-4C64-8620-8….jpeg)

File: 1650508037121-4.jpeg (35.07 KB, 480x360, AEC28AA4-D547-461E-B847-5….jpeg)

Whites were told to shut up about black affairs and that’s they did. Black people vote for the worst and they get what they vote for.

I hate it but I can’t do anything about it.

869b0e18 No.3654440

i support laws where blacks are free to commit any crime against liberals

09edcb59 No.3654471

File: 1650567517846-0.jpg (46.2 KB, 534x564, 1644021247211.jpg)

File: 1650567517846-1.jpg (302.91 KB, 1920x1080, 1644022186352.jpg)

File: 1650567517846-2.webm (3.96 MB, 460x460, 1648670337747.webm)

"White boy summer?"

That's a term non white girls came up with because they made a decision to go fuck a white boy.

Threw the last vid in there for humor.

ed92e8f5 No.3654476

>They realize that they can't win on Republican policy because those policies only help the rich so being a bigot is all they have.

The problem with 'republican policy' is that it's been adopted whole cloth by the democrats so they have nothing left.

ad08c885 No.3654482

File: 1650579154081.png (554.46 KB, 853x754, Lizard-queen.png)


They don't commit more murders, they get convicted more often. White people get away with murder far more often.

Most juries are made up of people who are told every day that black people are more dangerous and more prone to violence even though it is factually wrong just like they are told illegals are more violent even though they are factually far less likely to commit crimes of any kind.

Black people are easier to convict because of social bias. The inherent bias against minorities in the justice system one of the things Critical Race Theory is actually about and that's why Republicans fucking hate CRT.

They like throwing black people in prison even if they are innocent and they don't want things to change.

ad08c885 No.3654483

File: 1650579835870.png (353.4 KB, 574x748, Brilliant.png)

>The problem with 'republican policy' is that it's been adopted whole cloth by the democrats so they have nothing left.

You're not wrong. Both parties worked hard to optimize the U.S. Courts and laws to make Americans as close to slavery as they can without the citizens going into open revolt and now that the game is rigged both parties want to keep it rigged.

They keep coming up with new things to scare people with and keep them punching down at each other instead of targeting the rich and powerful.

That's why congress has done less and less every year for over a decade.

On average, less then 5% of bills introduced in congress actually become law. Every congress is a do-nothing congress because both parties are against any kind of change that doesn't help the wealthy.


124e2e2f No.3654491

The complex that:
they come up with new things…they pass bills into law. they know how to incite. they threaten to pass legalization of things to incite people, but no one is going to argue when they do make it legal and it happens.

because it happens anyway and no one is upset about it. (then when someone says something unrelated then suddenly are claws and fangs over it not getting attention), because they are cutthroat about power, someone who demonstrates their complex is ineffective drives them mad. They attack and lash out against people they percieve to be a threat, so they can liquidate them for their lifeblood.

78c0326f No.3654494

File: 1650589036947.webm (593.74 KB, 624x480, black helping other black….webm)


Your bullshit has been debunked many times.

Explain why the #1 cause of death of blacks is homicide by another black.

Not arrested, not convicted, actual acts.

Explain this.

Then explain why blacks flee their own kind to get into white neighborhoods. A black with means, the first thing they do, is escape their own people.

Explain this.

78c0326f No.3654495

File: 1650589461689.jpg (572.42 KB, 800x1109, 1650499331619.jpg)


>3B posts routinely blaming whitey for everything.

And again….

He literally cannot help himself.

ad08c885 No.3654504

File: 1650598025913.png (74.62 KB, 238x242, simplybrill.png)

Local lawmakers and experts are saying that Ron Desantis' tantrum about Disney is going to dump 2 billion dollars in debt onto the state of Florida when he signs the bill into law that Republicans have already passed in the state legislature. It took them less than 48 hours to pass a bill to punish Disney once Disney canceled their future payments to Republican lawmakers who voted for the don't day gay bill.

Now, Desantis, being the GENIUS that he is, has three choices:

1. Reject the bill that he demanded and surrender to Disney.

2. Go through with the bill and add an extra thousand+ dollars to the tax bill of every single person living in Florida in 2023 because tax payers will have to pay the 2 Billion that Disney owes the government.

3. Go through with the bill, then forgive the 2 Billion dollars in Disney's debt which basically wipes it out forever and rewards Disney.

Also if he takes option 2 or 3 he'll have to set up new police and fire departments for the park which means he'll be paying Disney's employees with tax payer money.

He has painted himself into a corner and there is no way he can win. He can either give up or fuck Florida voters so hard they will hate Republicans forever.

ad08c885 No.3654505

File: 1650598358239.png (80.17 KB, 1024x512, percent_incarcerated.png)

Did you ever stop to think, "Hey, maybe the reason black people men are killing black men in record numbers is because we are locking black men in prison with racist guards and abusing them in record numbers creating a culture of violence?"

c035f43e No.3654509

He's signing it. If you don't like it then do something about it.
Do something about it.
Do something about it.

c035f43e No.3654511


There are still more whites in prison than blacks, and they don't kill each other when they get out in record numbers like blacks do. As well as blacks do that have NEVER BEEN to prison (but are going because of what they did).
So you're just making up easily debunked shit again.
Tell those stupid ugly violent shuffling apes to come back and re-join civilization after they evolve another 100,000 years and we'll talk.

9c5b5b21 No.3654512

pointing out racial differences with facts.
point out racial differences with opinions.
same difference.

9c5b5b21 No.3654513

disney fucks up…forces a guy to do something for them (mickey holds him at gunpoint basically)…somehow its the guys fault. Sign this bill ha-HA!. okie dokie heres 2 billjizilian smackerupees. Ha-ha, now we will own the TajMahal and cater to 3rd world 3darts.
And now Russia's new peacemel mascot is on patreon getting fucked by a skyrim wolf (all to the anger of ruskies trying to maximize on new wave disney loli porn). Oh cruel world.

feade4b7 No.3654523

A culture of violence starts by growing up poor, without a dad, with a mom who grew up poor, abused, overworked and was too tired and impatient to teach you how to settle disputes with your brother any better way than to "hit them back".

ed92e8f5 No.3654528

>less then 5% of bills introduced in congress actually become law

Rookie numbers. Dream big, we can shoot for zero.

It's actually pants on head retarded how many laws the US has. I don't know how anyone can even try to justify it.

a51dd161 No.3654555

with how many laws we have, at any point int time, you are technically committing a felony.

Did you know its a felony to be in public while on psychiatric medication? Good luck all you people with anxiety or depression.

1326e0c2 No.3654560

File: 1650670115452.jpg (54.06 KB, 720x443, black white who goes to pr….JPG)

>A culture of violence starts by growing up poor

No. Rich blacks STILL go to prison more than poor whites.

In addition, if you CLAIM that blacks are poor because of racism, and need special advantages because they are retarded then why do not poor whites need the same advantages because of their poverty also. Any response other than 'they should get the same help' makes you a bigot.

Poor whites stay poor for the same kind of racism - reversed.

1326e0c2 No.3654562

File: 1650671046335.jpg (555.86 KB, 828x1247, 1650664929930.jpg)

3327ddac No.3654570

File: 1650677118339.gif (271.18 KB, 200x200, 203rg0.gif)


I don't need to do anything. That was the point. It's a terrible idea that only a moron would do and I look forward to seeing his own stupidity crush him.

3327ddac No.3654573

File: 1650678649561.png (91.23 KB, 417x627, its-nothing.png)


The only thing that has happened in this case so far is that the judge refused to cancel the case for lack of evidence.

Sussman wanted the case dismissed but the judge refused. It's going to be a nothingburger in the end though. Even if they can prove he directly worked with Clinton's people (Which is going to require a high bar of evidence) the worst thing that will happen to him is a fine.

They aren't going to throw him in prison for telling one lie to the FBI. He's way too rich for that.


820d1faf No.3654574

File: 1650679066284.jpg (39.38 KB, 600x600, v-sign.jpg)

820d1faf No.3654575

File: 1650679131821.jpg (87.17 KB, 750x1000, mwo,x1000,ipad_2_skin-pad,….jpg)

124e2e2f No.3654590

they can try to put them into a fair trial, but in the end they wont be able to give justice while russia crusades against belligerents to its cause…that's the difference here that nice guys finish last. playing by the book and holding a court while people die on a battlefield…whatever the case it takes them years t o sort out by the time it is over the damage will have already been wrought. So, it may or may not even matter in the end who was involved with RUSSIA ties if RUSSIA ultimately proves itself as the immediate threat then the answers gained from these "court hearings" will just have to yield credibility towards there is a more "prominent" and increasingly obvious work of elitism taking place.

124e2e2f No.3654591

as to the UNITED STATES being involved to the point of dropping nukies. The United States has to decide at which point that will happen not whether or not it will based on someone's collusion or indecisveness over "world politics". The UNITED STATES has to feel immediately threatened by Russia not just because it is in a power control over who Zelensky wants to be fucked over by, but that there would be for instance…an extreme amount of espionage which over the spy net between The US and Russia might incur "naval blockades" and eventually air strikes yielding to nukies. That takes awhile because casaulty rates usually are on boil the entire time at which point they may just decide its sort an advance or to a collective number, by such and such amount of Wartime fuckery we drop a nuke and it would be no surprise there would be coutner measures.

ad08c885 No.3654599

File: 1650724705488.jpg (482.41 KB, 800x1244, FQzfxLfWQAMSLYN.jpg)


There is a zero percent chance America will nuke Russia unless Russia launches at us but considering we could end all life on earth with just three of our larger nukes and we have thousands of them, that's a game no one will win.

ad08c885 No.3654609

I doubt Putin wants to wipe out all life on earth. Then again, he is old. He could destroy the world because his ego can't allow for a world where he isn't in power.

But if that happens you'll probably never know. You'll just be dead.

124e2e2f No.3654612

Going toe to toe with world leaders requires some sort of high-rollers pass which in where t he decisions made end up being hand shakes between chairs and a camera. The negotiation of peace is just a handshake away if zelensky was less of a i am racist and not very bright this would have happened already. But he is busy playing rogue knight's templar command letting his ants and azov retardians die for "the benefit of losing post-war costs once this is over". This is all staged. Always was. You are the expendable commodity AND have no control over the loic that decides our fate ultimately as individuals allowed to exist period. Loics are the only thing that effectively end and allow power at all.

ad08c885 No.3654613

File: 1650741885674.jpg (1.25 MB, 3000x2913, FRB17z3WYAIWVpd.jpg)


Aww, are you upset that Ukraine didn't roll over and let Putin take their country over with his crumbling, weak army?

6f635ab0 No.3654623

File: 1650744143950.png (611.91 KB, 618x976, white black envy and hate.png)

Never forget - they hate you because they envy you.

124e2e2f No.3654628

No I am just saying that is an argument besides forcing eugenics on them which what was already being done via nazification and the subsequent denazification. War mongering could have been avoided here and in prior instances, meanwhile we send money to squander on their attention whoring. Fuck both sides of this engorged-plague bearing war. Which now not only we have to deal with their sudden losses but the fact they couldn't take care of themselves in the first place that it will be worse of a sink than afghanistan. You have the absolute iq of a housefly to implicate it won't effect you in anyway. Honestly. You want to know what does upset me is that half those orphans I have to wait in line to buy a plane ticket to serve as my own personal mail order just-add-water loli sex slave. ShYeash you are a retard.

2dc4d20d No.3654629


Forget it. First causality in war is not innocence . Its truth.

The amount of shadowbanning and news scrubbing going on is insane these days. Even news printed by large media years ago is ignored or has been scrubed by the same medias when going against the grain.

Destroying democracy to save it.
We all know how that will end up.

124e2e2f No.3654630

compared to roadside spaghetti i think she'll be better of with bedside spaghetti

d40b0285 No.3654633

> Putin take their country over with his crumbling, weak army?

So, how far has the Ukrainian spearhead attack into Russian territory reached? Did it reach Moscow yet?


But Russia has a shit military! How can this happen?

ad08c885 No.3654638

File: 1650759593689.jpg (436.59 KB, 744x1052, FQ-nYF8VIAAtj2b.jpg)


There are more Nazis in Florida alone than in Ukraine. Denazification was never Putin's goal.

He even had the chance to do it and decided not to. His troops drove right by the biggest Nazi stronghold in Ukraine and never even bothered to engage them. Putin could have burned them in their homes but he ignored them.

ad08c885 No.3654640

File: 1650759697877.jpg (82.63 KB, 680x680, FQlGF8tXMAMkDns.jpg)

Ukraine isn't invading Russia. Ukraine is the one being invaded. Russia is the aggressor and they are shit at it so far.

ad08c885 No.3654641

File: 1650763302036-0.jpg (67 KB, 589x454, sarah.jpg)

File: 1650763302036-1.png (67.78 KB, 683x517, vacation-photos.png)

North Carolina Republican Madison Hawthorn is in hot water after one of his friends got tired of his homophobic, anti-trans, nonsense and turned over photos of Hawthorn cross dressing, rubbing his nipples for the camera while drunk on a private cruise ship.

Because of course the "ultra-conservative, America first" guy who goes on about how we need real men in America is actually a cross-dresser.

His office has confirmed that he was on the cruise, those are pictures of him, and he has responded on Twitter that he's very upset the left is using his "silly vacation photos" to make news.


ad08c885 No.3654642

File: 1650763951081.png (368.14 KB, 719x681, MTG-protected-by-Trump.png)

In other fun conservative cult news, when the lawyer asked Marjorie Taylor Green a question she didn't want to answer her lawyer revealed that he actually works for president sore loser and tried to claim executive privilege on his behalf to stop her from needing to answer the question.

Of course that's not how that works but it's good to know that Trump is so worried about their phone conversations that he paid for her lawyer to keep her on a short leash.

Their attempt to make it so she didn't need to answer the question means there probably is a record of them on the phone planning to implement martial law and overthrow America if it looked like Biden was going to win.

Now the FBI knows exactly where to look.


ad08c885 No.3654644

File: 1650765460716-0.jpg (66.74 KB, 900x695, Example1.jpg)

File: 1650765460716-1.jpg (55.33 KB, 680x479, Example2.jpg)

The Republicans in Florida finally explained why they are banning 41% of Math books in public schools and it is as fucking stupid as you would think.

They don't like math books because the new math books have cartoons in them that encourage kids to work together respectfully and keep a growth mindset.
The cartoons encouraged kids not to let math overwhelm them, but to take breaks if they don't understand something then come back to it and tackle the problems from a new way.

Attached are some of the highly controversial cartoons that Republicans cited as being part of Critical Race Theory.
I guess it's part of CRT because the cartoons are black?

2d7091a8 No.3654645


Walls are closing in bud. You almost got em! Just two more weeks!

Keep up the good work warrior of warriors!

51e5593b No.3654647

File: 1650780873686-0.jpg (121.23 KB, 750x562, 0_nEEy5wLCxUydhPFX.jpg)

File: 1650780873686-1.jpg (95.18 KB, 670x395, 3192741-616959170.jpg)

File: 1650780873686-2.jpg (229.81 KB, 1280x853, 1280px-The_statues_of_Kim_….jpg)

When you were young do cults help you grow up and thrive for themselves if that was the case? Or does ruin your life?

533d9fd9 No.3654648

Finding reasons to accuse someone that a bunch of a hicks decided to openly instigate a race war on the white house while being promoted by departments for the case being heightening the security of the white house so they could shoot stupid people for fun. Way to go courts.

533d9fd9 No.3654650

The perrogative is that was the motivating factor in his driveby conquest while stating that his heroics diverted nazi expansion with the siezure of their nuclear-generators for their grid. That is the example he led by and then shot up a hospital full of nazis that holding up with the capital in Kyiv, then he drove around and had a midnite soiree shelling Bucha and Mairupol. Then he went and did some shit in Borisslava or whatever fuckin inbred named Aslyum city for the nazis and basically he is a hero the entire time. He may have had a few bad photo ops here and there but basically he is replacing nazi powers with russian powers and helping the people come to terms with all the stray dogs eating their families.

51e5593b No.3654653

File: 1650788817547.png (312.53 KB, 853x568, is_this_you.png)


WTF he's jut flinched and he never got up?

51e5593b No.3654655

File: 1650789180799.png (52.59 KB, 550x272, Intentional_Homicide_Rate_….png)

6f635ab0 No.3654660


I agree with the ban on these things. It has nothing to do with math. Math books also have no place for niggers.

It is called social emotionalism or social emotional learning. It is the slippery slope of social engineering.

I notice you posted only the low tier emotionalism stuff. Post the good stuff - The ones where the book says you are racist and to calculate the standard deviation of you racism profile score.

Lying faggot.

d6b5de18 No.3654661

File: 1650817680544.jpg (307.74 KB, 683x802, 1473882346.imanika_ychilka….jpg)

This is outrageous! I demand our children be taught math by sexy anthros only!

a51dd161 No.3654662

Remember the 90's when they had those scholastic cd's you could buy and have some frog or whatever teach you math while tricking you into thinking you were playing a video game?

ea30d512 No.3654664

File: 1650818986048.jpg (1.64 MB, 1960x2659, 2032521.jpg)

> They aren't going to throw him in prison for telling one lie to the FBI. He's way too rich for that.
General Flynn told a lie to the FBI. He would have ended up in prison had President Trump not pardoned him.

Are you suggesting the rich guy will buy a pardon from the Corrupt Biden Gang?

d6b5de18 No.3654665

File: 1650819052243.jpg (68.82 KB, 350x354, js_math_2grade.jpg)

Was it pic related? I remember playing Math Blaster. Not so much the Jumpstart games. There was also a computer game with a dragon I think and maybe some other anthros used to teach fast typing.

a51dd161 No.3654668

Yeah I played that one and the others, including math blaster. Mostly rented from the public library.

ad08c885 No.3654735

File: 1650846660945.jpg (131.86 KB, 1200x675, FQ7YHPEXIAA9g1Y.jpg)

>yeah, I played math blaster…


I learned basic math by playing D&D at a public library like a real man.

ad08c885 No.3654737

File: 1650846968592.png (423.32 KB, 718x647, Macron-2-win.png)

Russia is rejecting Putin.
America is rejecting Trump.
France is rejecting Marine Le Pen.
Florida is rejecting DeSantis.
North Carolina is rejecting Madison Cawthorn.
Georgia is rejecting Marjorie Taylor Green.
Texas is rejecting Gregg Abbot.

Damn, it's a hard time to be a bigot in the political world, ain't it?

abc0f597 No.3654738

Ha lol I learned through playing Warcraft 1-3 through the local boys and girls club at my local community center and actually played with people my age and not with random adults like some pedo groomer freak sounds to me like we know now why you are so fucked up now!

124e2e2f No.3654739

When you Go Lean.

ad08c885 No.3654742

File: 1650847540683.jpg (124.2 KB, 763x900, FQTjfzcWYAIVfPU.jpg)

>Are you suggesting the rich guy will buy a pardon from the Corrupt Biden Gang?

No, he won't need to buy a pardon. That's the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.

Democrats are smart enough to keep their corruption hidden. They do the pardon first then get paid.

ad08c885 No.3654745

File: 1650847909367.jpg (62.06 KB, 736x1164, E_HpXgKWEAkvr_q.jpg)

Funny enough, you're not far off.

The DM for the kid's D&D group was a catholic priest. In his world, the heroes were all Christians, the villains were called Sinners and you got extra XP for capturing sinners alive and turning them over to the authorities to be cleansed of evil and "rehabilitated".

So, yeah, totally a normal guy teaching kids normal things.

ad08c885 No.3654762

File: 1650849308681-0.webm (7.67 MB, 480x518, Darkmaga-lol.webm)

Speaking of cults!

MAGA is having a break down as their great diaper wearing leader's power over the GOP crumbles and his popularity drops into the shitter.

Seeing the death of White-only-America materializing around them they have stopped even pretending to care about democracy and are now rebranding in the most 14-year-old way imaginable: #DARKMAGA.

They are calling for Trump to stop being kind and stop playing by the rules. To be the hard ass anti-elite killer they have always fantasized about and punish the people in both the democratic party and the GOP for betraying him by… blowing up congress or something?

The meme breaks down after a point but the purity of the white nationalist tears is top shelf as even the most stupid of them realize they can't possibly win so now they just want to
die in a war.


ad08c885 No.3654769

File: 1650849454654-0.jpeg (634 KB, 709x682, DarkMAGA-3.jpeg)

File: 1650849454654-1.png (523.67 KB, 721x707, darkmaga2.png)

File: 1650849454654-2.png (915.71 KB, 680x681, darkmaga4.png)

File: 1650849454654-3.png (509.88 KB, 872x697, DarkMAGA5.png)

3ae9168b No.3654787

File: 1650850326503.jpg (49.06 KB, 669x500, 5c6.jpg)

3ae9168b No.3654799

File: 1650851009767.jpeg (11.02 KB, 218x231, imayyges (10).jpeg)

ad08c885 No.3654829


It's great that Trump has some place to live because he isn't living in the White House ever again.

83f61fca No.3654830

"Moderate conservatives" begin mass suicide after le pen gets stomped in election lmao

4aec982e No.3654884

Why do you change ID's between shitposts?

4aec982e No.3654885

If France wants to commit suicide, that's up to them. Assuming the election was fair.

4aec982e No.3654886

One single room in Mar-A-Lago is more than you could afford if you worked your entire life.

ad08c885 No.3654909

I would not stay at a Trump property if it was free.

4aec982e No.3654916

He wouldn't have you, why would he want some worthless leftist bum there?

2d7091a8 No.3654919


Grrrrr! Go get em tiger!

4aec982e No.3654921

File: 1650901706196.jpg (527.56 KB, 2448x1524, ezgif-1-970c161ba4.jpg)

Twitter and Elon Musk’s team were meeting today to discuss a takeover bid.

Twitter was reportedly re-examining Elon Musk’s $43 billion takeover offer to own Twitter in its entirety.
This is $10 Billion more than the market value. No Capitalists would turn down a free $10 Billion, so if the offer is rejected it will prove that Twitter is not in business to make money, but simply to push a leftist agenda.

Initially hostile to the idea of Tesla CEO Elon Musk taking over Twitter, the company is reportedly warming up to the idea.

A decision could be reached as soon as today.

124e2e2f No.3654927

Twitter is a club for elites. They kick other people around who aren't them. This guy is buying their namesake which means nothing, but giving "other people" a break from dealing with it being one-sided. He is helping regular people even if its just a publicity stunt or for popularity points. The money means nothing because these types of clubs will always be a thing among elites.

47e33bda No.3654937

File: 1650910729392.png (807.87 KB, 849x832, temp.png)

bb223bb3 No.3654939

File: 1650911290579.jpg (92.82 KB, 1024x533, funny-nigger-joke.jpg)

They're fucking niggers. What else would you expect from pavement apes?

ad08c885 No.3654964

File: 1650917680553.jpg (161.27 KB, 1600x900, FRNuwt5WYAAeijT.jpg)

Even though the board of directors put in the poison pill clause which will tank the stock price of twitter Elon raised his bid on Twitter to almost 44 Billion dollars and the board of directors decided to take the deal. Elon has already promised to "authenticate all humans" which probably means he'll want a photo ID if you wish to keep your account.

If you own stock in twitter I would sell now because at 2pm PT there is going to be a company wide meeting between the CEO and all the employees to talk about the future of Twitter under Musk

If he implements insane plans for the company like he is hinting he will be, the stock price is going to drop like a rock.

ad08c885 No.3654966

File: 1650918196282.png (124.14 KB, 1022x523, Trump-says-no-thanks.png)

One wonderfully ironic thing about Elon buying Twitter is that one of his stated goals was to reinstate Trump and now that he's spent 44 BILLION DOLLARS to do it, Trump said he's never returning to Twitter.

Trump told FoxNews as soon as the news broke that he will only be using Truth Social.

4aec982e No.3654968

File: 1650918645678.jpeg (76.58 KB, 1280x1280, im-518650.jpeg)

After a two-week battle against opposition from the platform’s board members, self-declared free speech absolutist Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and currently the richest man in the world, has succeeded in his bid to buy Twitter.

In a press release, the Twitter board announced that they had reached an agreement with the multi-billionaire to sell 100 percent of the company at Musk’s original price of $54.20 per share.

The prospect of a self-declared “free speech absolutist” taking over the company has led to outrage from the platform’s progressive users, as well as the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post.

On the road to acquiring Twitter, Musk clashed with Twitter board member Prince Al Waleed bin Talal Al Saud of Saudi Arabia’s royal family, who opposed the takeover attempt.

The board also attempted to block Musk’s takeover by deploying a “poison pill” strategy, a corporate jiu-jitsu move intended to increase the costs of a takeover. It appears that these efforts have failed.

9c5b5b21 No.3654969

Distractions alluding to saudi involvement means exactly that several users defect to saudi-persuasions for global control of a multi-stakes website domain. Yikes. Looks like all these under-ground saudis will fly the coop then I guess. And the records can be given up to public domain. There goes some of the easiest exposed "what ever the fuck they are doing on twitter in the firstplace middle-eastern groups". Basically that is free range to keep tabs on an entire country and their relations conducted through twitter. Saudis must be pretty stupid to stick around when Musk is behind the curtain, that is what they call an asset for twitter i guess…having shit on everybody and their mother. Plus the networks to silk road since Saudis be on it. Is this profitable for an already rich person who could buy everyone a house if he cared so much? Maybe he will be getting nuclear favors soon over his brand new facebook knock off.

9c5b5b21 No.3654970

Well if twitter gives over these records before the swap it could be useful, if they wipe them and then heheheh that's gonna look like another direction they won't want to go. POINT is owning a website is one thing owning the company and the data that it was build on is another. So I guess they have worked out what records they are keeping, aside from the surge of accounts projected to be indexed, its going to cost more than he paid to keep it running. That means also good chance for jobs or new hires. Shit is gonna be different for the twitter domain because also its just as easy to make a knockoff of it already if the coder's really wanted to so badly. Just like how Saudi's don't know how to code I guess.

ad08c885 No.3654971

File: 1650921979101-0.png (72.09 KB, 790x638, Jan6th1.png)

File: 1650921979101-1.png (57.8 KB, 850x576, Jan6th2.png)

File: 1650921979101-2.png (47.17 KB, 836x309, Martial-law.png)

File: 1650921979101-3.png (98.51 KB, 862x548, Move-on-dog.png)

The Pillow guy was right about one thing, he said Mark Meadows would be a key player in the overturning of the 2020 election and boy was he correct!

CNN has published a treasure trove of tweets in a time line leading up to and after the Jan6th attack showing countless Republicans attempting to overthrow democracy.

My personal favorites are the ones of Republicans begging for Mark Meadows to make Trump call off his thugs as they stormed the capitol building.

Marjorie Taylor Green is in extra deep shit because records show her suggesting Trump just declare martial law and refuse to leave office as late as 3 days before Biden's inauguration.

I was convinced before that this whole election fraud thing was just a desperation move on the part of the GOP but after reading their tweets, I think they really do think Trump secretly won. At least a lot of them do.

Even inside their own circles they separate "Trump voters" who believe the lie from "GOP Voters" who think the election was normal and just want to move on.

ad08c885 No.3654972

ad08c885 No.3654977

File: 1650922409484.png (454.37 KB, 718x747, 10K-every-day.png)

In other bad for Trump news. The NY courts have held him in contempt for refusing to provide his financial records to law enforcement officers and are now charging him 10 grand a day that he does not comply.

67e1de28 No.3654979

File: 1650925215379.jpg (606.88 KB, 2721x1439, 1110109.jpg)

> he's spent 44 BILLION DOLLARS
You write as if that meant something. The fucker has a net worth of around 290 billion dollars.

2d7091a8 No.3654980


I wish I was smart enough to come up with the right combination of words to penetrate that smooth little brain of yours and try to explain to you how the world works.

4aec982e No.3654981

Communist wannabees like 3B don't usually understand much of anything. In fact, Elon didn't use ANY of his own money, he secured financing, which went through almost immediately. In other words, he used other people's money to get even richer. With the changes he is planning for Twitter, he expects to make $100 Billion off it in the next few years. That is why he is Elon Musk, and 3B is Professor DipShit.

007fdf97 No.3654984

File: 1650930549442.jpg (97.04 KB, 630x657, temp (2).jpg)


>I wish I was smart enough to come up with the right combination of words to penetrate that smooth little brain of yours

You cannot say anything to a person with strongly held religious beliefs to ever change their views. He probably thinks he is an atheist but he holds to an orthodoxy, like every leftist, and behaves as a religious adherent.

51e5593b No.3654988

File: 1650937486200.png (965.21 KB, 1644x765, wtfyoutube.png)

Not sure this belonged here but youtube has a strange algorithm on their 2 bottom thumbnails.

036b8dd8 No.3654989

I keep getting that same "Nazi falls in love with black woman" video recommended to me too.

51e5593b No.3654990

File: 1650938254572-0.png (388.34 KB, 700x404, sQzy8Ok.png)

File: 1650938254572-1.jpeg (173.71 KB, 1280x720, zNKrpxc.jpeg)


Why American Fascism Is On The Rise

It's the same reason why the fascists rose in Germany in the 1930ies - ordinary peoples lives are becoming worse day by day but the ruling parties (left, right, center, doesn't matter) aren't doing anything against it. Often I think they don't even realize how dire the situation is and how it's becoming worse with no solution in sight. We have the same problem in several wealthy European countries here too, even though it's not as extreme as in the US. Yet.

"When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross"
What this video shows is very similar to this quote. Grandparents and parents of that very same people, fought against Fash in WWII, can’t believe they are now supporting that kind of thinking. Americans complaining about "the great replacement" when their entire history is based on ethnic cleansing is top notch irony.

The convergence of declining living standards under neo-liberalism, an aggrieved portion of the dominant ethno-cultural group feeling threatened by evolving social norms, and a culmination of decades of radicalization by profit driven media platforms have brought us to this point. Which is to say that US Democracy was in crisis long before fascism began entering in to mainstream politics over the last 5-10 years.



ad08c885 No.3654992

File: 1650944007894.jpg (87.67 KB, 874x1240, E_HpXe_WQAIm3rc.jpg)

Youtube shows you what it thinks you want to see so those thumbnails say a lot more about you than it does youtube.

Clearly you have a fantasy where you save a black woman and become her hero.

White knighting for that sweet dark chocolate because you know unless her life is in direct danger you ain't got a shot.

ad08c885 No.3654996

File: 1650945127207.jpg (126.19 KB, 849x1200, Baka.jpg)

>Elon didn't use any of his own money. He had it financed!

So when you use your credit card you're not spending money? You still have to pay that back. So does Musk.

4aec982e No.3654999

File: 1650946333877.jpeg (8.8 KB, 197x256, imagxdes (10).jpeg)

4aec982e No.3655000

File: 1650946386052.jpeg (12.45 KB, 190x266, imagrefes (10).jpeg)

38abd1f1 No.3655006

File: 1650951203507.png (1.38 MB, 815x1019, Mc Burger Boy.png)

1a478286 No.3655011

File: 1650961819061-0.jpeg (169.4 KB, 795x852, BED642CF-8F8A-474B-9F16-0….jpeg)

File: 1650961819061-1.jpeg (166.07 KB, 1024x1024, ED3CC0CC-8765-4712-8BCF-4….jpeg)

cc168fa9 No.3655012

File: 1650961980653.png (769.8 KB, 501x757, Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 0….png)

That looks like Lord Voldemort's wife.

4aec982e No.3655019

File: 1650980400831.gif (1.62 MB, 327x251, ezgif-4-d3def059df.gif)

Soon after it was announced that Elon Musk purchased Twitter, far-left users of Twitter saw their followers begin to diminish and they freaked. It is estimated that many of the leftists leaving Twitter now had as many as hundreds of fake accounts each to artificially inflate their numbers. Some leftists that have stayed have lost thousands of followers in hours.

The announcement of Elon Musk includes many exciting happenings. Many of these weren’t imaginable one day ago. For one the left went crazy knowing that they will be destroyed by conservatives in policy arguments and smarts once Musk takes over.
But another reaction by the left is watching them freak because the number of followers on their accounts is decreasing by the thousands. Perhaps these bots are getting out now before Musk takes over as he has mentioned getting rid of these fake accounts.
The left is freaking out as the bots bail on Twitter. Better to get out now before the bot purge occurs. The left never had the followers they thought they did. It was another far-left lie.

What will the real number of followers be when conservatives are allowed back at the table and bots are gone and free speech from the Constitution is back in force?

0da8ded2 No.3655020

File: 1650980605088.jpg (1.64 MB, 1720x1720, twitter.jpg)

036b8dd8 No.3655022

That recommendation shows up when opening a new instance of YouTube in incognito mode. It's not tailored to personal preference yet.

You're a retard.

ad08c885 No.3655023

File: 1650987425626-0.png (300.82 KB, 723x483, GOP-is-A-JOKE.png)

File: 1650987425626-1.webm (3.76 MB, 480x270, roundemup.webm)

Doesn't this just make you proud to be a Republican?!

ad08c885 No.3655024

File: 1650987845448-0.jpg (47.77 KB, 350x234, Who_cares_really.jpg)

Yeah, none of that is true.

If people are using bot nets why would they leave twitter now? Elon is planning on deregulating twitter not making it more strict.

If he gets his "free speech" dream twitter the botting will reach unimaginable levels because there will be no systems in place to stop them.

No one is leaving Twitter over Musk.
For all his fantasies about creating a bastion of free speech he's going to change nothing. He can't if he wants Twitter to stay in business.

He still needs advertisers and they won't advertise on a platform full of Nazis and Qanon lunatics.

Brands don't want to be associated with that nonsense.

4aec982e No.3655025

File: 1650992510380.jpeg (116.81 KB, 855x1100, 6d89fff5-f3fe-463b-a8bb-7….jpeg)

4aec982e No.3655026

File: 1650992546244.jpeg (13.36 KB, 186x270, dowgfcnload (4).jpeg)

0da8ded2 No.3655027

File: 1650993357873.jpg (67.77 KB, 677x724, test this.jpg)

>Doesn't this just make you proud to be a Republican?!
>Criticizes video to round up all the pedos

Normal, rational people would hide the fact that they are pro-pedophilia - but not you.

Stunning and brave - stupid - but stunning and brave.

0da8ded2 No.3655028

File: 1650993651642.png (283.4 KB, 487x532, ggggggggg.png)

>No one is leaving Twitter over Musk.

The half-life of 3B's posts are 30 seconds of radioactive decay.

ad08c885 No.3655031

File: 1650997645720.png (306.25 KB, 631x542, Creepy-writer.png)

Notice how he hid where he got that image from?
It's from here:

It's an article by Robert Walker the owner/lead writer of Conservative Times New Jersey.

He is a trail blazing leader in the field of making shit up.
Some of his recent hits include:
* Joe Biden being the head of a drug smuggling ring.
* 2-year-olds being converted to gayness in school programs.
* Cops targeting a Republican candidate because they pulled him over and gave him a DUI while he was drunkenly swerving all over the road.

and let's not forget that he promoted and participated in the NJ "Truck Driver" rally.
You remember that, right? The thing where they drove around in circles while the people in Washington laughed at them because they were trying to slow-roll a 4 lane highway but couldn't get enough people? He's one of those fools.

ad08c885 No.3655032

File: 1650997903031.jpg (174.55 KB, 1050x1485, nature-spirits.jpg)


Posting Brietbart as if it's legitimate news.
You are adorable!

fb9f6333 No.3655033

>So when you use your credit card you're not spending money?
Elon Musk did not use a credit card.
>You still have to pay that back. So does Musk.
The difference you are unable to comprehend is that if a nigger borrows money to buy crack the value of the purchase drops to zero when the spade uses his crack, but he still has to repay the debt from other sources or the nigger he borrowed from will kill him with a 9 mil.

Musk, on the other hand, did not buy Twitter to destroy it. It is a running company, hopefully profitable, so as money is returned to the lenders, some or all of the repayment may come from Twitter's future profit. Additionally, a smart owner would try to grow the company to make it even more valuable thus increasing the owner's net worth. Musk does seem to be a smart owner.

b080e1fb No.3655040

Okay, you mind explaining why exactly Brietbart isn't a reliable news source then?

0da8ded2 No.3655042

File: 1651007274734.jpg (131.13 KB, 781x584, 1650380469967.jpg)


>Attacks the messengers
>Cant respond to the message

>Mr Sulu, Deflection screens at full intensity!

Classic 3B

b080e1fb No.3655045

Come on man!

The text portion is I'd agree with but that pic is just rude.

48dfa01e No.3655046


You're replying to the biggest namefag ethnonationalist on this board. I don't think he cares.

f28aa525 No.3655047

Thats the best way for businesses to crash because they refuse to do buisness with x because Y reasons. Free speech is limited till businesses decide to just shun majority of their paying customers and expect shit like government bailouts. Shits just pathetic and a good way for things to go to hell very fast.

124e2e2f No.3655051

they are nigers because they are nigers

d6b5de18 No.3655063

>the price of death is treason
Remember to proofread. Makes you sound less stupid. Not like my shitposts have the best track record.

ad08c885 No.3655088

File: 1651033106295.png (171.01 KB, 726x532, Bot-network-overdrive.png)

The great bot-purge of 2022 has hit Twitter and wow is it looking bad for Republicans.

Most politicians on both sides lost thousands of followers. Mostly old accounts and retweet bots but once the purge was over and the botnets started setting up accounts again it was super-clear who was paying for followers.

ad08c885 No.3655090

File: 1651036434736.png (404.57 KB, 1079x727, Instant-karma.png)

Oh, wow, talk about a market panic.

The great thing about all this is Musk doesn't even own Twitter yet. There still needs to be a vote by the shareholders and approval by the government, both of which could sink the deal. The shareholders are way more likely to veto it than anything else given the sudden flood of right-wing bots at even the idea Musk might be in charge.

18af2e9b No.3655092

File: 1651043455022.jpg (125.34 KB, 683x1024, 0fde150df9ed9d2c2ca897e188….jpg)

18af2e9b No.3655093

File: 1651043508187.jpeg (12.47 KB, 193x261, imagesxx (10).jpeg)

f7a970d0 No.3655103

>Damn, it's a hard time to be a bigot in the political world, ain't it?

Not in France. In a couple more generations whites will be in minority.

Then it will be bye-bye trans rights and bye-bye gay mariage. Our muslims are actually more hardline than those living in muslim countries.

"Bigots" won't be the ones suffering the most of the return of the patriarchy and the nuclear familly unit.

f7a970d0 No.3655104

>That recommendation shows up when opening a new instance of YouTube in incognito mode. It's not tailored to personal preference yet.

Then it's normal, it's just part of the race mixing agenda.

f7a970d0 No.3655105

>If he gets his "free speech" dream twitter the botting will reach unimaginable levels because there will be no systems in place to stop them

A lot of people focus on the "free speech" part without paying attention to his "no anonymous" part.

Musk wants everyone on Twitter to be identitifed. Probably he thinks it's to self regulate free speech I guess. If you spew inane bullshit, you take the blame for it.

Good luck obtaining government ID papers for millions of bots.

34a62dcc No.3655120


Also the Ruble was locked to Gold.
At a fixed rate if 5000 rubles to 1 troy-ounce of Gold.

For some reason all Western Media has chosen not to mention this. Saw it only on Zero-hedge.

Gold is the Big baddie in town no-one dares to give the eyeball. But it will come : Bretton Woods III , with gold fixed currency.

No Bitcoins, no NFT´s , No IOU from IMF….but Gold Gold gold. Will it work ? Hmm hard to say. Change always work for some time atleast.

34a62dcc No.3655122

8d92bf12 No.3655134

Pretty much tell it like it really is. The economy is going to go in whatever direction it wants, whether you are in a good standing or not, feeling secure or not, the economy is an ocean of shit being stirred between any accounts or control or vantage. This is because of travel. If you cannot travel, if you do not have the privilege of travel, it is because you are already wounded economically, or you are in a lockdown where you are regaining reserves for your failing in being able to travel. If you do generate reserves for your economy, you will become stagnate and the travel you were allowed to do will not be possible.

Simply won't be no matter what you say what things are, if you cannot move out of a stagnant cesspool you die in it. That is why the economy changes, that is why nothing matters in stocks when the numbers or initials are switched thats final, you roll with them or you get rolled over.` And its ugly, if you are bankrupt, you get out-syndicated, you are just fucked by suites who will never switch lanes, so you are essentially waiting for someone to break up the traffic. That is EXACTLY what is HAPPENING NOW because of EXACTLY what GOES ON OVERSEAS. It's if a big deal…its a real issue for anyone on the board.

ad08c885 No.3655140

>For some reason all Western Media has chosen not to mention this. Saw it only on Zero-hedge.

If the only place saying something is true is a right-wing gossip rag it's more than likely not true.

fafc0b7a No.3655141

They're just trying to force oil for roubles and roubles for gold.

It doesn't mean the rouble is now "gold standard" - because the Russian state doesn't promise it won't keep printing more roubles. It's merely demanding that much for it. They're trying desperately to build up some sort of hard reserves before the oil and gas trade stops entirely, because the rest of the economy isn't worth sticks and the rouble would turn entirely into funny money if the central bank doesn't have any collateral for it.

ad08c885 No.3655142

Even if this is true and Russia forces the world back to a gold standard America will be fine. We have most of the gold. Russia is in 5th place.

U.S. (8,133.5 tons)
Germany (3,359.1 tons)
Italy (2,451.8 tons)
France (2,436.5 tons)
Russia (2,301.6 tons).

e0e0c95f No.3655146

File: 1651081384793.jpg (79.1 KB, 1600x800, Elon-Musk-with-Twitter-log….jpg)

You know the Twitter Board of Directors that had been giving Elon Musk so much trouble?
Guess what?

aeafa0e7 No.3655153


Fucking so what.

aeafa0e7 No.3655155


Fake stories, fake videos, gee, ho can anyone with any brains think Breitbart is a far-right nutcase site? /s


aeafa0e7 No.3655156



Spell check is busted.

27cdf5a9 No.3655161

File: 1651088785089-0.jpg (53.13 KB, 646x360, cannibal.mp4_snapshot_1.jpg)

File: 1651088785089-1.jpg (63 KB, 646x360, cannibal.mp4_snapshot_2.jpg)

File: 1651088785089-2.jpg (49.86 KB, 646x360, cannibal.mp4_snapshot_3.jpg)

File: 1651088785089-3.jpg (56.02 KB, 646x360, cannibal.mp4_snapshot_4.jpg)

File: 1651088785089-4.jpg (51.34 KB, 646x360, cannibal.mp4_snapshot_5.jpg)

Meanwhile Ukrainians started eating own soldiers.
Well, at least he claims it's not fake.
He does not realize T-64s are only used by Ukraine…

c2c9afcf No.3655163

Why are you posting only screenshots instead of the video?

9c5b5b21 No.3655166

f1b2db8b No.3655173

File: 1651102011665-0.jpg (41.01 KB, 535x337, 1651095543451.jpg)

File: 1651102011665-1.jpg (84.92 KB, 1024x560, 1651096186985.jpg)

File: 1651102011666-2.png (53.01 KB, 517x260, 1651094256142.png)

The left is literally terrified to death that people might say whats on their mind….outside the reservation of the narrative.

0ff9b30a No.3655180

they are also mega corporations so you know…they know they fucked him over.

ad08c885 No.3655181

File: 1651104822022.jpg (421.93 KB, 815x1200, FRICQ_zWUAgdZiQ.jpg)


Elon doesn't even control the company yet. There has to be a shareholder vote and the buy out has to be approved by the feds.

Calm your tits.

b0481b79 No.3655182


The algorithms have changed already though. So that's been nice.

c2c9afcf No.3655186

There's nothing more persuasive than constantly calling republicans and conservatives pedophiles while also posting drawn child pornography.

9c5b5b21 No.3655188

saying penis online just isnt the same now that you're allowed to.

0726f949 No.3655194

Legalize abortion
Murder a republican

e0e0c95f No.3655197

Be sure to spay and neuter your Liberals.

c9431a8b No.3655205

File: 1651121235299.webm (3.69 MB, 854x480, 1639336788648.webm)

They are doing it themselves….

If you are considering surgery please don't.

6877bb84 No.3655206

File: 1651122635068.jpg (85.48 KB, 496x700, aa1.jpg)

It's not just the surgery bro. Liberals entire cultural is based around culturally neutering men, white men in particular.
Thier offended at the very existence of nature and beauty and order.
They would prefer men to be weak and soft and emotionally incontenant. It's why there's this whole push to make manliness out to be toxic and confuse small children as young as possible. It's why parents are encouraged now to teach their young boys to be little girls.

I like gender bending just as much as the next the furry cross dresser but God Damn you have to draw the line some where.
Sorry(not sorry) but this just isn't healthy for a society. If we could be content with acceptance that some people wish to deviate from traditional roles… would be one thing.

That's not what they're after… These people want obliterate every concept of normal and tradition they can possible fathom. They're confused and won't rest until everyone in the world is just as confused and mixed up as they are.

6877bb84 No.3655208

File: 1651124306805.jpg (11.48 KB, 183x250, thumbnail_6e0acb4ad168e096….jpg)

Yes … What I do is very much a sexual fetish for me. It is 100% percent for sexual reasons.
I like the idea of being manly and strong when I need to be but being pink and slutty feminine when I want to be.

Liberals would have us believe this is wrong and that men should want to become women for some lofty false ideal that can triumph over nature.

Well I think a man with body of a woman with a strong horny throbbing cock is hot!

Why cut that off? Why turn that inside out? Why should mtf trans be made to feel ashamed of thier wonderful penises?

98fc38a5 No.3655212

The Useful Idiot is holding a gun to his own head again I see.

98fc38a5 No.3655213

Look up SHIM, they are a thing. A shim is someone who changes their gender from male to female and back again several times a day. Perhaps this is what you actually are, or want to be, is a Shim.

ad08c885 No.3655214

File: 1651126462406.jpg (45.72 KB, 611x680, FQ-jZfvXIAInec.jpg)


You think >>3655181 is a picture of a child?

a7db37df No.3655219

It is yes. The frame is obviously the portions of a child.
A demonic contorted child but the frame is that of a child.
You will predictably refuse to acknowledge this because you are leftist liberal and you people feel like you can simply rationalize and lie your way out of reality.

9c5b5b21 No.3655221


Arguably the dimensions of the character are highly stylized but the child-character is also likely also a manifestation of the viewer associating stylization with age. Of course while border line, the features are noticeably depicting of a "unblemished or youthful" complexion.

Though, its not really my thing but I just want to point out that this style is also usually because the artist is lazy, so the pointed ears also may also suggest the character is slightly aged. But unless it has a background or the artist is intentionally duping the specifics of the character, there is no way to really tell…I personally don't care and the shock-value of the rendition seems to be the mainstay of the portrait involved.

While again I am not invested towards or particularly fascinated, I thought I should point it out most art like this is a popularity statement, and a "checklist" mainstay of some artist groups, to have risque pinups or a fanservice to a general character or avatar.

It still does not invoke any interest to me at all, and I find this product to be very cliche among other reasons, namely that it is similar to other borderlines in the genre. There are other features of the art that are mentionable such as the lightning or the demeanor of the character also being 'suggestive', but the overall ambience is that yes it would appear questionable. This has been my expert rundown opinion of the picture.

dd70e820 No.3655223

File: 1651134883362.jpg (324.56 KB, 874x1240, E_A5-OYXMAQTtP8.jpg)


Oh, you were talking about the other drawing. You linked to an image of an elf drinking wine.

You were talking about >>3654992 right?

If you want to imagine that is a child by all means, you do you.

cca48d71 No.3655230

people who say penis will say it with emphasis.

98fc38a5 No.3655231

Well, you certainly do imagine that don't you Professor Pedo?
And we all know this to be true, since you are so obsessed with posting such things

a7db37df No.3655232

File: 1651143370904.gif (1.89 MB, 480x366, tony-stark.gif)

Ohhhh Gawed. This is why people want you permanently banned. It's next to impossible to have any kind of meaningful conversation when almost everything that comes out of you is blatantly obvious lies.

Yup… Just as I predicted.
More lies and denial.
And it just gets more obvious every fucking time.
>Oh this? No these aren't children. They're demon characters who by some obscure cannon are a thousands of years old.
>I'm not a pedo for posting what is very obviously a sexualized cartoon of depiction of an adolescent.
>You're the pedo for pointing it out that this obviously sexualized cartoon depiction of an adolescent is an obvious depiction of a sexualized adolescent.
>You're just projecting you're own pedophilic tendencies by calling Loli porn, Loli porn.

So that's the implication here?

It's not a matter of "me doing me" it's matter of me having eyes to see.

Why 3b? Why would you even bother? It's almost as if you're doing this on purpose to show everyone what blatantly obvious liars and hypocrites left are.
But they are anyways so it's hard to tell.

I mean come on. What's next are you going to post straight up gay porn and then tell people it isn't gay porn they're just straight guys hugging each other while naked?

Oh you must be gay then for thinking gay porn is gay porn.

What ever.

cca48d71 No.3655233

What is wrong with closeted gay porn enthusiasts.

98fc38a5 No.3655234

File: 1651144227388.gif (2.31 MB, 320x180, 28a137506105506fc697fa9e8a….gif)

Preview of William Bishop (3B) being arrested in front of everyone at his University. Coming soon to national network news.

27cdf5a9 No.3655237

Video is too big for this shit imageboard.

9c5b5b21 No.3655238

File: 1651145436829.png (154.48 KB, 277x354, MindWItnessingInbound.png)

Well….go on now.

ad08c885 No.3655242

File: 1651153611589.jpg (86.9 KB, 874x1240, E_mFnV_WQAItcU6.jpg)

>>Oh this? No these aren't children. They're demon characters who by some obscure cannon are a thousands of years old.

I never said any of that. You are having conversations with the voices in your head. Take your medication.

ad08c885 No.3655244

File: 1651154233077.jpg (190.22 KB, 1558x1080, FQ954S8UcAA6Z5i.jpg)

>Why 3b? Why would you even bother?

Because the images make you piss your pants with rage and I enjoy expediating your mental break down. Soon you won't be able to keep it contained to online conversations.

Once you start showing people in the real world how mentally unstable you are, you'll be forced to get the mental help you clearly need.

98fc38a5 No.3655245

Post more.

ad08c885 No.3655246

File: 1651159233002.png (1015.39 KB, 1892x1080, a45b57ab976893d906dac7165b….png)


That was just a random image from Twitter but I found the artist for you.


8327c0b0 No.3655250

File: 1651168998718.jpg (30.12 KB, 644x914, ef56b3ee043.jpg)

>Why should mtf trans be made to feel ashamed of thier wonderful penises?
Trannies think that because every one of them is profoundly mentally ill and they need to be institutionalised to prevent them harming themselves.

6dea4d63 No.3655251

File: 1651169615656.jpg (76.14 KB, 850x602, 483794.jpg)

> They would prefer men to be weak and soft and emotionally incontenant.
I don't get the whole notion that men shouldn't suppress their emotions. Prisons are full of men who were "in touch with their emotions." Second degree murderers, date rapists etc.

ad08c885 No.3655252

File: 1651171486104.jpg (45.96 KB, 479x680, E4aVSkeWUAAJAIx.jpg)

>I don't get the whole notion that men shouldn't suppress their emotions.

Suppressing their em