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File: 1649171512003.jpg (231.65 KB, 1440x2560, 123951_4.jpg)

6db5d5b2 No.3653058


its pretty bad the con has to ask you to stop shitting on the floors and walls. stay classy furry.

b1eeed68 No.3653061

Hyena butter

72ffc728 No.3653072

>the ABDL community as a whole is filled with good people who know how to act properly

Diaperfags are the scum of the earth and there isn't a single person into diapers that has a single redeeming quality about them. This also applies to everyone into pup play.

8a4e45a3 No.3653073


this tbh. Wolfbird did nothing wrong and FE is wrong for getting rid of them

a11df33f No.3653078

File: 1649193587331.jpg (138 KB, 1215x1280, 1591845552.hyenolf_yesb.jpg)


>Flood detected, post discarded
The board software needs to take its meds.

840dccb5 No.3653082

File: 1649195960073.jpg (55.04 KB, 500x500, HissingBooth.jpg)

b1eeed68 No.3653094

yeen butter for 5 dollas.

b1eeed68 No.3653095

better than a kissing booth

b1eeed68 No.3653096

*smooches the yeena*

b1eeed68 No.3653097

*gross hyena fag*

b1eeed68 No.3653098

cute hyena booth

b1eeed68 No.3653099

*kisses the cute yeen*

b1eeed68 No.3653101

*smooches the hyena boi*

b1eeed68 No.3653105


8e827ad2 No.3653108

File: 1649207214835.png (550.42 KB, 1261x716, 420.png)

Obligatory Internet Historian video

Let's not even act like we're surprised that people are vandalizing the place and shitting in diapers.

840dccb5 No.3653232

File: 1649295771647.jpg (96.45 KB, 960x720, conker vs the great mighty….jpg)

I nominate this as the new Motor City Fur Con theme song.


45c22aef No.3661983

File: 1657695582833.jpg (32.43 KB, 600x373, NO SHITTING ON FLOOR.jpg)

b1eeed68 No.3661988

people shit over everything. I've quit so many jobs cause I refused to clean it up. Floors, mirrors, stalls, those weird baskets for women to put their tampons in, the works.

Its doubly bad when there's period blood smeared everywhere.

I don't even have an image for how disgusting that is.

d790b45f No.3661990

>Oh no, our retard sex convention is going up in flames! Who could have predicted this?

What kind of person willingly goes to a place where shit like this happens? Straight up. What percentage of furries are homeless crack addicts?

b1eeed68 No.3661992

well when I was going to cons I was the only gay teenager in a town full of people who were highly religious and hated gays.

So, desperate people maybe? Morphicon is another defunct furcon, but thats were I went to. It was always at least a slight disaster because of people who can't separate internet from reality.

Idaho Furfest is ok, but its like super small scale. The only problem was that all the con eh "mods?" were wearing paramilitary gear, full tactical vests and everything… but instead of bullets and guns it was like snack bars and 5 hour energy shots. That one had like no drama other than its weirdness.

b1eeed68 No.3661993

I don't know what the worst part about going to cons as a fuckable teen is…

The unrequested groping by middle aged men in fursuits that stink of cum, people giving you really bad life advice, or the fact that I was unable to get laid.

a40ccd90 No.3661997

Furcons are just meetups for desperate and ugly faggots. The fursuit is just a fetishized paper bag

ccda9801 No.3662002


0f63d6f2 No.3662008

Quit harassing them for fucking dogs and they will quit pooping on your walls.

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