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39195994 No.3653205

Now that Putin has been, how can we say, voluntarily retired. it is time for Russia to look for a new leader.
Well here is pretty much your only choice. Vote for me, Thuol. That's my birthname alright. Don't get it wrong. Thuol. Supreme Command of the Crimson Skies. I will rain oil and fire upon all our enemies. Hehe.

Yes, I sexually identify as a big black dragon, NGL (not gonna lie). So respectable. And I politically identify as an empowered-black empire-reptile. Is that going to be a problem for you? Not if you like…the NEW WORLD KREMLIM. heheheh. I have plans, and I don't think it is any worse than what Putin did. So…time to get the Siberian Oil Running again. Oho hoh hoh, it's almost better than picking off coins from corpse ridden streets! Looks like your long returned empouror made a joke. Laugh. XD.

c071da72 No.3653206

Also I am bringing back Kernkraft 400 Zombie Nation as the reinstated national anthem. Salut to our musical friends in the west.

f1ee8b8e No.3653217

Pol thread is this way:

4e94c4a4 No.3653296


"Also I am bringing back Kernkraft 400 Zombie Nation as the reinstated national anthem"

You, Sir , just won my vote

326d6349 No.3653775

File: 1649735786302.jpg (39.69 KB, 540x783, ud7ov12ezk751.jpg)

39195994 No.3653787

File: 1649759806735.jpg (115.06 KB, 1024x1279, _wolf_in_sheep_s_clothing_….jpg)

Well I am friend of Rusia And Ukrains should kno. I apreciate the ukranurs and ruekees. You kno…just stfu..i've seen the news. ok. That shit is why Im boating for bird fagot

2c2e28e5 No.3653789

File: 1649761960874.jpg (7.33 KB, 277x182, busiensszombie.jpg)

I don't find those clothes to be all that "strange". Do you find those clothes to be strange? Those are accurate of the occupation, to be wearing those clothes, is a statement. It is a respectful statement to have those clothes, wearing them does the designer credit good. And as a businesszombie, well that is why I have a desire to eat brains. Uhhh…is that an embossed card? I'm very hungry.

4f52a20a No.3653815

Please fuck off.

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