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File: 1650049499178.jpg (68.22 KB, 500x500, alone-on-a-friday-night.jpg)

14c9a12a No.3654017

Sup poorfags?

d6b35409 No.3654021

File: 1650052617292.jpg (152.14 KB, 1051x1280, IMG_20210915_113448_829.jpg)

Its hard to not be alone on a friday night, when nothing worthwhile is open any night, or any day. Fucking NWO virus-hoax, russian artificial gas inflation bs.

go suck a wall of dicks you double faggot.

c27b20d0 No.3654022

I'm alone every night, why would Friday be any different?

d698a8d1 No.3654025

Spending some time with my boyfriend before going to a party later tonight. Feels good to be a faggot

dd97bb00 No.3654040

File: 1650068700841.jpeg (340.17 KB, 3000x3800, bafybeidfjd5hhma57ayt5dj7….jpeg)

Well that's just gay!

9e78c929 No.3654051

Normally I'm at a friends place fucking like an animal on fridays.

5800467f No.3661695

File: 1657303544706.gif (1006.22 KB, 337x250, tumblr_mqoff4pqK31ssypqgo1….gif)

29b0df6c No.3661706

File: 1657309954306.jpeg (281.58 KB, 2048x1836, FWsQr-NVQAABAp4.jpeg)

Shop night, woooo
Can't wait for the first motorcycle ride of the season
I need to opt in as an organ donor for when they scrape me off the side of the road

d6b35409 No.3661708

File: 1657310968970.jpg (62.11 KB, 800x651, 3e4ae23d8d987a59c89e849cb4….jpg)

I'm an organ doner, don't know what they'd be able to scrape out of me, but I plan on possessing anyone who gets my kidneys. I'll just keep spirit hopping bodies forever.

d6b35409 No.3661711

File: 1657311485071.png (2.41 MB, 2048x1836, smol_fox.png)

also made fox smoler, because reasons.

3b1ae7c2 No.3661713

I have yet to meet a single motorcycle rider that wasn't a complete retard as well as a total assclown

d6b35409 No.3661715

File: 1657316288693.jpg (261.2 KB, 2048x1152, sd-ad-au-0916-hondashadow-….jpg)

I've wanted to own a honda shadow since forever.

I'm no picture of un-asclownery, but I've just always wanted one. I plan on rewarding myself once I finish my psych degree program.

0395c637 No.3661718

Its obvious the NWO is trying to take over the government and everyone's fucking weekend.

5e21326e No.3661723

Motorcycles should be illegal.

268fc226 No.3661748

no they should be encouraged
i want more assholes to splatter themselves all over the pavement

d6b35409 No.3661749

File: 1657356035498.jpg (87.06 KB, 768x553, The-Basic-Biker-Outfit-768….jpg)

not going to lie, I'm not one of those people who feel relaxed taking drives. I'm horrified. Its not that I'm a bad driver, its that there are so many other bad drivers out there. Who knows what other "aggressive" drivers will do.

Loud pipes save lives. They're also bloody annoying, but the point stands.

You know all that leather isn't just for show, if you get knocked off your bike, you have to dig your heels into the ground and hope the leather coat doesn't give out before you get turned into jerky.

d6b35409 No.3661750

File: 1657356314505.jpg (110.41 KB, 736x736, 0c9658f41f7c7e9155ea3ff732….jpg)

I kinda literally grew up in a biker bar… I've got one one hold for now, paid for and in storage, but its my reward for graduating, so not going to touch it till I'm sober for 2 years and have my newest degree…

Still, if it makes things more clear. I learned a lot of really underhanded things having my family own a biker bar. Its where I learned how to hack a pinball machine, fix cars, fix carborators, restore car batteries, use ham radio, ect. A lot of my skills were learnt in a biker bar.

d6b35409 No.3661752

File: 1657356705729.jpg (85.79 KB, 850x638, 2e7cde2476de615a39cd91f9f3….jpg)

:/ its also probably why I'm an alcoholic, but at least I'm an alcoholic thats ok at doing just about anything.

844413fb No.3661830

File: 1657513314197.jpg (125.39 KB, 1280x853, FXKRlHqVsAAgMk3.jpg)

29b0df6c No.3661836


Go on…

857914b1 No.3662060

File: 1657802163545.jpg (205.85 KB, 502x2048, JTnLGId.jpg)

Sometimes all someone needs is a hug or a complement. Let those who you appreciate know how much you do. Little acts make the biggest affects.

I’m thankful for everything I have, have had, and will have. No worries for me, just share good vibes ?

d6b35409 No.3662062

you have no idea how much I need a hug or complement.

Irl, I am an alcoholic, its true. But I go out of my way to help people. I do so much and i just keep getting kicked in the face with the "no good deed goes unpunished thing"

One of the only things that stopped me from dying, is that I want at least one nice, actually affectionate, hug in my life.

Plus I received nothing but yelling, name calling, curing, and general abuse growing up, so idk. It would just be nice to have a change

d6b35409 No.3662063

well I mean I've had hugs and kisses but they weren't really loving, just lustful…

There is a difference

d6b35409 No.3662064

I mean I was raped a lot.. growing up. strangers.

My dad didn't pay attention to me at all until I was in my 20's. My mom had some kind of long term post birth psychosis, so she refused to even awknolege I existed for several years. I pretty much had to take care of my brother, and the house, while she just laid in bed. Now my brother hates me…

I've never been particularly loved irl.

d6b35409 No.3662065

File: 1657804260352.jpg (3.13 MB, 2123x1412, military-soldiers-salute-v….jpg)

Then like you do, I started killing people for the government. Which doesn't exactly establish love.

d6b35409 No.3662066

File: 1657804369699.png (2.68 MB, 6248x8500, da5dgro-bb188037-05dd-44d7….png)

Its why I operated as queen chrysalis for so long, back in the day.

d6b35409 No.3662067

ugh, my mom actually called me her daughter until I was like in the 5th grade.

9df99acb No.3662071

File: 1657805809214.png (274.83 KB, 500x352, We_All_Wear_Masks.png)

>I do so much and i just keep getting kicked in the face with the "no good deed goes unpunished thing".
Just so you know - most other people can feel that vibe emanating in sheets, from someone who thinks like that. They are naturally put off by such a vibe - not because it's a problem with them, but because it's a problem with the person it's coming from who likely isn't actually working on dealing with its cause, and instead tries to band-aid over the train wreck beneath with a superficial approximation of what is natural.
We all have problems (especially those of us frequenting this place, it seems) but what tends to differentiate people/animals with problems is whether they are actively working through them, or actively trying to band-aid over them.
Pretty much everyone has experience with both such things, and can tell what's going with someone else right away.

>I started killing people for the government.
Uhh, weren't you stacking books in some navy library? Did some books fall on someone? Never mind.

I'm not teasing you BTW, but you should give other people (as dumb as a lot of people apparently are) still more credit in being able to see through facades.

0ebdbf27 No.3662095

Nobody believes you because you're so desperate for pity that you'll saying anything.

d6b35409 No.3662097

That was a secondary duty, someone had to maintain the TO library. Also I said *started* killing people for the government, I never said I actually accomplished that. I start a lot of things that I never actually get around to doing.

0395c637 No.3662113


and how did that make you feel…?

no but for real i just worked my ASS off for 1 and a half weeks designing the prototypes for a vpn. Its not just a vpn…its a darknet tor vpn that communicates with number stations. Not just numberstation vpn, but true-ghost vpn that exchanges frequency checks with other energy profiles (using an ip adjustment) that it gives out as a cloak.

I basically sugar-holed a vpn system that can encrypt and dicipher full airborne transmissions as ip profiles. And using said transmissions to establish a mobile-center and tether free range. The government-suites in black be looking for this shit btw.

a48a2a83 No.3662140


You've never killed anyone. You're too big a pussy to ever put your life in danger.

You're trailer trash who has never been more than an hour from the double wide you share with your mother and we all know it.

44c9d5c9 No.3662162

File: 1657927737997.jpeg (38.59 KB, 474x355, th.jpeg)

Hi everyone this is Aufy.
Flare Fox moved out into an apartment a few blocks away about couple of weeks ago.
We're all still friends and nothing bad happened.
He just wanted to get out on his own, be a little more independent.
So it's just me and Romi there now.
Flare had been paying for the wifi so when he left so did the connection.
I've been on the schedule 6 days a week at work. Been working some hella hours. So I'll be getting some nice overtime pay. I was out getting groceries and craft supplies. Thought I should fill you'll in on my status while I was here.

4b1111fd No.3662166

He probably couldn't tolerate living with two crazy trannies

844413fb No.3662236

File: 1657977317507.jpg (742.11 KB, 1208x1882, Aufy-Fruit-Ninja.jpg)

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