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56cfc144 No.3654129

Who here own their own houses, and who are rent fags with no actual net value, who have no right voting on anything government related?

56cfc144 No.3654130

For you rent fags, gotta ask, why do you choose to be poor? All that money you drop into rent, and all the complaining you do about rising rent under Biden would easily be alleviated by just choosing to get a house and stop being a section 8 loser. Its like you have some fetish for being almost subhuman.

The rentfag mindset really blows my mind.

f4b1d4d1 No.3654133

File: 1650155669934-0.jpeg (34.01 KB, 471x313, 9CB3818B-2A72-4E7B-B435-0….jpeg)

File: 1650155669934-1.jpeg (89.46 KB, 1024x959, C24CD273-F774-4334-8E63-D….jpeg)

Plenty of people own homes they never paid for.

You gonna give even more power to corporate elites?

56cfc144 No.3654135

so whats your excuse, loser?

f4b1d4d1 No.3654138

File: 1650157980820.jpeg (126.15 KB, 1231x1028, DD3AFA8A-5E2E-4E61-9346-8….jpeg)

I work hard and pay my own bills. I don’t owe any excuses to you or anybody else!

56cfc144 No.3654139

but do you actually pay any taxes at the end of the year. If not, you really shouldn't have a voice in matters that deal with people who legitimately have a stake in things.

f4b1d4d1 No.3654140

File: 1650158790709.jpeg (57.55 KB, 1024x427, FC0C94B0-8A92-45A8-8F26-A….jpeg)

Wtf are you talking about?
Of course I pay taxes!
Enough I am done with this retard thread….

56cfc144 No.3654141

yeah enjoy your section 8 housing, and 100% tax rebates rentfag.

67b436ba No.3654143

I'm way too poor to ever own my own home.

At least drugs and booze are within my price range.

c9b1dff5 No.3654145


Anyone who makes a thread and uses the term "rentfag" is poor as shit, white trash, living in a trailer with sinking floors in a crack-park somewhere.

6c53290f No.3654188


depends : If you own a house but pay mortgage in the bank for a loan to purchase it, you do not actually own the house. You just work and take care of it for the bank. Unpaid.

Now if you rent, you leave the repair work for others and in fact pay them to work for you. Thats wealth!

6d88d887 No.3654191

HOA fees, property taxes, insurance, maintenance, interest on the mortgage…

The running costs of owning a home are usually just as great as renting an apartment, and you're typically stuck in some sub-urban bedroom community with no services or shops and nothing to do for miles, so you also have to drive everywhere and that costs more money…

e5acf5f8 No.3654271

File: 1650314691448.jpg (630.05 KB, 1024x630, 7a319435.jpg)

I kinda inherited a house.

(technically it's my dad's in the papers but he doesn't want to live here, cause he's a middle class city dweller now and it's in bumfuck nowhere and it's our family home for several generations so it can't be sold, plus probably no one would buy it anyway)

I freaking LOVE it though, I can do whatever, whenever, and having few neighbors is a blessing.

d0fac9db No.3654417


And the bank STILL owns it, you just mind it for free and pay all the expenses.

Yep….Bank Jews so smart , people just cannot even fathom it.

56cfc144 No.3654418

You all realize that you CAN own a house without having a mortgage at the same time right?

You're all so deluded in your own poverty that you can't even feel for the surface.

c7a3a016 No.3654419

File: 1650496031671.jpg (71.08 KB, 959x958, 16640745_1655472421415670_….jpg)

I own two houses and a 10 acre plot of empty land that I camp and shoot on with my friends.
Also, I don't vote.

c4a6695c No.3654434

How? Inherited?

72c3b96d No.3654446

Working towards buying some land out in new Brunswick or somewhere likewise. Going to build off it instead of buying land with a home allready built and and if I decided to build extra houses on it I could either sell it and the small portion of land when it gets profitable for said area.

c7a3a016 No.3654447

Well, I am pretty wealthy. Several million. Self made, not inherited. Neither of my houses are like, anything super crazy. The house I live in I bought for $290,000 about 5 years ago. And the other house I bought for $255,000 about three years ago. I rent the second house. The 10 acre land plot I only paid $30,000.
I could afford a much larger and crazier house pretty easily, but that's not really me. I'm honestly kinda frugal with my money despite being what someone would consider to be significantly wealthy.

72c3b96d No.3654458

$30,000 for 10 acres! Not bad. Id be lucky just to find a deal like that out here lowest 1 acre is around $6,000-10,000 in new Brunswick and just 30 ot so mins from the next major town/city ol so shouldnt cost a major fortune to connect to the grid if I were to buy said land myself.
Tbh id rather build from scratch since it allows me to gather a good portion of the materials myself such as the base materials to make and mix my own concrete rebar and lumber etc. And then I can even make a basement and sub-basement shelters as a emergency need use section to protect from many different things as well as serve as a possible private training area/gun range or whatever and on a plus side I could build the house with really good sturdy foundations that can stand for many ages with minimal maintenence.
Honestly buying in the market now would be suicide for most starting a new life being the cheapest home anywhere in canada now goes for half a mil these days since the market boomed for home value so my idea is safer and in the long run more handy not just for myself but for future development etc if I bought land I could section it out and build vacation homes for rental use or resale down the road and never break the bank being that we could always use more houses and they only have up to go for value from building to sale.

56cfc144 No.3654520

my house is a victorean 3 bedroom 2 bath with a weird mudroom. Its kinda mix mashed since my dad designed the first floor and I designed the second. My floor is significantly better.

Still, Its part of two lots so I have a place where a house used to be where my dog can run around and be dorky. Its pretty ok.

56cfc144 No.3654521

oh, and I bought it straight up, no bank middle man. It cost me 10k, but I've probably put close to 50k into it since.

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