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Just a place to find free, popular books to read. The authors post drafts here for feedback so you can see a lot of works before they are even published.


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Just use LibGen or one of the other links in the book section of unblockit.llc nigga

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Just a reminder, many, many, older e-books are available at archive.org

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Im still looking for that blue crate that as stickers and a book with the name of Zelda Zebra, KC Kangaroo, young rabbit with a blue dress that live with her mother a lion, a duck I dont remember I think that was around 1992, 1993, or 1994.

c2d91209 No.3654152

It was a blue crate that is full of books and stickers, the main characters are a rabbit and her mother and the title that has little rabbit's first cut with a drop of blood on her finger near a sink with her mother. That is all I could remember.

KC the kangaroo was some sort of carpenter with tools in her pouch pocket while Zelda Zebra was a gymnastic with green socks on her ankle, A duck, A lion and there are some characters that I don't remember.

c2d91209 No.3654153

There a was a booklet within the collection of a duck or geese with flipflop talking with a squiggle line cord dial phone near a fishbowl with many facial reaction while holding a tennis ball.

eb8adda2 No.3654160

File: 1650179203293.jpg (144.99 KB, 1286x724, Survival-tactics.jpg)

LibGen seems to suck. It seems to only have books that were popular 20 years ago and the search features are about that old to.

If you just want to brows a category and see what they have you have to search through hundreds of books in other languages to get to the listing for English books.

It's ridiculous! It's like they think places other than America matter.

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Does anyone have a copy or pdf of this book?

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