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926a667e No.3654201

favorite fast food

2dc6cd7e No.3654205

I live in San Diego so any taco shop that ends in "berto's" will be better than any Mexican food anywhere else in the US.

717db173 No.3654211

>favorite fast food
Your mom's stretched out pussy. Tastes like your dad's cum!

1f6d85e4 No.3654231

I'm a fan of Rallye's and Dairy Queen.

1f6d85e4 No.3654232

Tudor's Buscuits' is my favorite breakfast place though.

2dc6cd7e No.3654234

Rally's is called Checkers on the east coast. You aren't the real Steam

1f6d85e4 No.3654246

File: 1650288989510.jpg (57.94 KB, 686x617, latest.jpg)

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