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22c87a4c No.3654537

Hopefully the anti-cub faggots will kill themselves once Elon Musk completely owns twitter.

66943fb9 No.3654538

Don't know what Cub faggots have to do with anything, but Musk isn't backing down, he's hell-bent to completely own Twitter, fire all the leftist snowflakes, and end their censorship policies.
And, Elon says FACEBOOK'S NEXT.
He's the richest man in the world, makes Zuckerberg look like a paper. He can do it.
I think it pissed him off severely how the social media Giants had a huge hand in stealing the election.

a8ed00a7 No.3654539

The Venn diagram of pedos and trannies are two concentric circles.

Cubfags are all pedos, all trannies are pedos or pedo apologists

b7630073 No.3654541

File: 1650643381233.jpg (48.31 KB, 640x480, elonmukgrab.jpg)

I've been watching Elon Musk busting videos from all broken promises and a sham.

b7630073 No.3654542

a1bc8594 No.3654543


remember that Musk is not part of the "inner circle" of billionaires and deep state : He has not been part of a huge Gay "moaning and pushing" Orgy at bohemian Grove, he has not raped a baby on Lolitta Island while Epstein, Mossad and Maxwell watched and taped.
He has not snorted Cocaine and done Meth with the Biden's. He has not been compromised like that. And for that he is hated by the Elite since he is uncontrollable in their eyes.

Since Bezos, Soros and alle other Jews own all influential media on a Global Scale , they set the agenda and peoples perception

d766181d No.3654544

Whatever the left says they hate about Elon Musk, it means he's OVER THE TARGET.

bf23994a No.3654545


forgot to add :

Musk buying such an influential VOX media and news machine as Twitter and then refusing to reign in after the "Plan" and the approved news-feed from the Think-tanks and Intelligence Swamp is a pure Bomb in their eyes. They will stop him at all cost.

I predict : Indictments, IRS searched and finally a handy Novishock poisoning to be blamed on RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA

And you , the sheep, will happily lap it all up and wave the flag while you do it.

65850880 No.3654558

File: 1650668929902.jpg (118.1 KB, 1200x628, flammenwerfer.jpg)

Elon Musk is awesome.

His flamethrowers sold out before I was aware of them.

a8ed00a7 No.3654559

It's just a roofing torch

9640220b No.3654698

File: 1650836730627.jpg (353.76 KB, 700x452, too_many_gooks.jpg)

Silly thing can't even shoot a stream of sticky napalm.

dc660451 No.3654915

Try going after the registered sex offenders in your area, then we'll take you losers seriously.

3e71edb3 No.3654924

Not all of those who end up on that list are true offenders or even criminals some just had a bad stroke of luck when encountering a female who seems to think sex is a game or that if someone goes to point at something for someone else and accidentally pookes some random boob this is litterally the kinda stuff that lands you in said registry and you would be promoting bad behaviours just because you assume all sex offenders are pedos.

25ab1815 No.3654930

File: 1650904780899.jpg (144.23 KB, 1022x873, temp.jpg)

dc660451 No.3654934

>Not all of those who end up on that list are true offenders or even criminals
Then why doxx cub artists then?

26496817 No.3654943

Cub artists are pedophiles.

821fe562 No.3654948

doesn't matter who owns what website, you faggots are still going to use it…let alone pay for it. just like the FA changeover.

dc660451 No.3655034

I guess this gives the cub community the greenlight to dox the anti-cub mob.

26496817 No.3655035

You're gonna dox the 99% of people that hate pedophiles?

Oh no! How could anyone live after being exposed for hating pedophiles? I'm so terrified!

dc660451 No.3655037

File: 1651003517158.webm (1.4 MB, 640x578, 1639812882868.webm)

I mean don't dish out what you can't take.

26496817 No.3655038

File: 1651005466995.jpg (44.82 KB, 600x777, Internettoughkid.jpg)

Looks like we've got an internet tough guy who's also a proud self admitted pedophile here

a1d0b743 No.3655050

Hiding behind the internet is still making you look weak in your false confidence scheme. Bet you wouldnt have that confidence if you were faced with such a situation irl you can use the org excuse all you want still doesnt change how weak you are hiding behind the net. Either put your money where your mouth is or we call you cowardly mcoward the pitiful stupid man.

1c4037cc No.3655052

everyone who doxes me is a pedofiel

50d8edf2 No.3655055

Watches the video and wonders why nobody bothered to smash a glass bottle over the attacker's head.

50d8edf2 No.3655057

9f633e57 No.3655097

File: 1651047010615.jpg (25.03 KB, 540x540, 1d83a6d88d8be5b041a9a98fd5….jpg)

>>3655050 literally everyone on the internet is speaking form behind a computer or phone. Why are you so obsessed with this concept of "fight me in real life bro"

26496817 No.3655099

Post a picture of yourself outside of your gross bimbo suits

a1d0b743 No.3655114

Because only cowards try to pull the Neener neener can't touch me even though I can say whatever I want and live consequence free. Its honestly pretty pathetic and you shouldnt feel proud of it. I'm not hiding behind my words I bring them to the front and stand beside what I say and do this makes me brave compared to to say keyboard warriors.

50d8edf2 No.3655118

File: 1651062052457.png (475.88 KB, 735x480, Screenshot 2022-04-27 at 0….png)

50d8edf2 No.3655119

File: 1651062179155.png (1.99 MB, 657x1677, burgerboyo.png)

Say wut, Burger Boyo?

c5ff92a9 No.3655257

Elongated Muskrat is a pedophile, people just don't care because they're deluded by his Reality Distortion Field, making it seem like he's gonna save the world in some way.

Now he's busy installing Twitter bots to promote legalizing CP and allowing nothing but pro-pedophiles on the network. If he really believed in freedom of speech, he would restore my account. I'm still banned for exposing the leaders of the furry community as the lying, pedophilicous zoophiles they are.

I posted the full story here:

516f7c81 No.3655262

Nigga I ain't clicking some random Dropbox link.

Fandoms shouldn't have leaders and anyone who considers themselves a "leader" of furry is obviously a horrible person. It's a prerequisite.

What's the dirt on Kage?

d7072683 No.3655327

You came back from hiatus, I see. Some of us still remember you, Leukemia. You're projecting so hard you make the Sun jealous, pedophile.

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