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File: 1650829284694.jpg (194.9 KB, 675x1200, FRDkEKwVsAAlXNU.jpg)

e311a68d No.3654683

Why does he make furries constantly seethe?

ece321b4 No.3654685

Because he's an attention whore

And since he's a slut with a fursuit desperate furfags will gladly give him their attention

ec444ba2 No.3654697

If you can't see that this is in bad taste, idk what to tell you

e939f551 No.3654743

This is horrifying and going the nope train! (-)

fd4b068f No.3654871

i'd love to see him get doxxed just so he shuts the fuck up

567b1d92 No.3654873

At least he's raising money for men's cancer reserach (assuming that charity is legit and not 90% 'outreach'). Bitches get all the pitybuxx

c3158e11 No.3654874

100% of all charities are just a money grab scheme. Tell me of at least one that doesn't pocket at least 90% of the earnings.

f428c978 No.3654877

these all look like a kero fund raiser

fd4b068f No.3654878


He decided to change the name due to all of the backlash

2b740341 No.3654880


Any charity that's about "raising awareness" is a fucking scam. 99% of other charities are also scams.

e311a68d No.3654881

Nobody is allowed to be lighthearted and joke about cancer? He's not even making fun of people with cancer. It's just people being annoyed that he's making the fandom look "worse".

ae667474 No.3654883

This should have been an AIDS awareness event, since they're going to become aware they have HIV after the con.

e311a68d No.3654898

File: 1650882100760.png (131.9 KB, 603x611, AET76W2aiE.png)

There's no point even apologizing to these people

38d209ec No.3654997

File: 1650945417923.jpeg (59.42 KB, 720x640, FRPJva5UUAAqmgw.jpeg)


e939f551 No.3655001

File: 1650946658831.jpg (84.49 KB, 525x510, 70869108.jpg)

Moral to the story, Never use [medical treatments name here that claimed lives] to advertise furry for views as a revenue, Or you going to have a bad time.

f5e3216e No.3656249

File: 1652129009097.jpeg (402.48 KB, 1536x2048, FSSMdLoWQAAcHDY.jpeg)

81a7cd7a No.3656252

Easily explained answer is that he is over stepping the bounds of what it means to be generable and helpful, plus charity organizations need to be "licensed" more or less. He is definitely playing the danger game and edging on cancer.

6675e9ad No.3656258

File: 1652146965177.png (576.87 KB, 528x849, Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 2….png)

b071cf5e No.3656268

Maybe it's the bright green fursuit?
OK it's not but still why do furries do this? Do you just hate the way animals naturally look or something? Why the eye rape? They don't even look like decent cartoon characters ffs.

c743fc44 No.3656271

It's because fursonas and fursuits are for attention whores and attention whores want to stand out and be "unique"

5f932db3 No.3656279

File: 1652163177479.png (70.65 KB, 624x695, WwBJAzS.png)

the comic says it all…

5f932db3 No.3656280

File: 1652163240465.jpg (179.11 KB, 1024x768, QpNAv1l.jpg)

Is this johnwolf?

5f932db3 No.3656281

File: 1652163438303.gif (1.31 MB, 236x176, 9dy1cGb.gif)

Maybe he want to draw more attention to other haters to do his bidding?

5f932db3 No.3656282

File: 1652163701062.gif (1021.3 KB, 400x210, VVh9KHu.gif)

see johnwolf kissing do this.

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