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d59859db No.3655018

File: 1650974886542.png (137.55 KB, 932x792, AITA for being vladimir pu….png)

using the internet to train any kind of AI is a huge mistake

beb78611 No.3655056

File: 1651016698809.png (26.42 KB, 1139x607, okaybyme.png)

AI confirmed.

fa52cab9 No.3655061

I accused someone of being a telemarketer because they spoke broken English.

ef78f27f No.3655087

File: 1651032709791.gif (28.87 KB, 886x451, telemarkets.gif)

46445de5 No.3655123


*GASP!!!* you are a MONSTER !


fa52cab9 No.3655125

These comments are very unrelatable to the episode it was. Lol.

fa52cab9 No.3655126


I have multiple personality disorder and one of my voices is involuntarily racist while vehemently using the n-word. My other personality thinks its incredibly funny and just encourages my weakness. AITA?

Yes and Yes.

65488a2a No.3655132

File: 1651073923826.png (36.2 KB, 863x588, Capture.PNG)

It's just like being on Reddit

65488a2a No.3655133

File: 1651074666723.png (24.57 KB, 853x479, Capture.PNG)


Exactly like being on Reddit, actually

03268245 No.3655135

somehow i feel like this question is valid

03268245 No.3655136

Here's one:
I hate polar caps and why are they so important except for indications of magnetic poles, its not like we need snow.

a2ee84e9 No.3655138

I feel like there should be pictures of cubs frotting posted in response to this

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