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8cbaaf22 No.3655261

He's the hero we need. Why aren't we all teaming up behind Ken Penders?

Because straight white cismale beta cucks can't handle a strong female hero, based on African American and traditional African culture? Or are you all just too duped by the machinations of Big Sonic, involuntarily succumbing to their Republican pedophile agenda?

This man single-handedly created almost everything that the first generation of Sonic fans loved, what made it more than just a sleek platform game to so many who found nothing else that appealed to them. SatAM, the comics, Sally and Bunnie. He's fighting for justice against the corporate bigwigs who want to ruin it, for no other reason than greed. And he wants to take it back, and hand it over to us.

Yes, the art is mediocre, because nobody wants to work with him because that's what you get when you tell the truth about what the industry does, and it's goals. Why aren't you supporting him?


d53ae0b6 No.3655263

>that art

What the fuck is wrong with their faces?

Also Sonic is a shit franchise that only the terminally autistic are fans of.

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