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I offer you a comfy thread for posting birds, discussing your artistic aspirations, and other fluff. Don't muck it up.

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Birds are just degraded dinosaurs.

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I like birds.

Owls are my favorite birds.

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Ooh mao mao bapah ooh mao ma mao


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>don't muck it up

I had a blue birb that made its nest on the downspout under my gutter. Its just been sitting their with its eggs for weeks. Awesome mom. So I got a birb feeder and some nuts and berries high grade birb feed and set it up on my porch near the nest.

Now I have tons of birbs and I wish they'd stop trying to fight/fuck each other for like 5 seconds while the sun is up… and the birb mom is like dominating all the other birbs trying to get to the feeder.

I have created a monster.

9d664b48 No.3655446

File: 1651313729359.jpg (85.91 KB, 597x1062, e820eeb15c10a351b43293c51e….jpg)

and yes, I named my gutter bird mom Stella, because she controls the seed, and she who controls the seed controls the birbs. She is queen of the birbs.

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Shouldn't Stolas have a cloaca? Blitz calls it his "bird puss"

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my ancestors

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my gutter bird died. I can only speculate, but it look like it went down to use the bird feeder i put in for it, and got blind sided by a cat.

Everything I try to help is cursed to die in the worst ways.

9d664b48 No.3659490

File: 1654874581670.jpg (115.06 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Really cats are the worst. Other than human serial killers, I don't know of any other species that intentionally wants to cause pain to their prey. The poor bird was skinned alive. At first I thought my dog did it, but a german shepherd, especially one as goofy as mine, is way too clumsy to sneak up on a bird. He has that GSD pounce thing, but he barks every time that he does it, and if it was him he would have torn the thing to pieces.

Thats what separates cat people from dog people. Cat people are sadistic and cruel, and dog people are playful and nice. Bird people idk, I guess they're just into bondage.

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Bird with human penis? Nope! Helios did it right, drawing a male birb with a penis extruding out from his cloaca

1b6d9d77 No.3659527

Unless someone here loves balls smacking on top of another.

0531df16 No.3659531

File: 1654911744726.jpg (1.33 MB, 2000x1556, ad3bcf7500c859b03835312674….jpg)

Either this or just a cloaca without a dong.


Eww, gross.

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