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3B eat da poopoo edition

Any further /pol/ threads will be deleted.
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9d25b5f9 No.3657682

File: 1652974295097.jpg (150.01 KB, 1200x1200, 12.jpg)

no one is arguing against that argument.

Well maybe robot santa is better, because imo all of humanity needs to be punished.

c31303cc No.3657683

File: 1652974312285-0.png (164.71 KB, 669x868, 1642707000538.png)

File: 1652974312285-1.jpg (7.49 KB, 189x267, dognun.jpg)

i never said anything was wrong with religion. you did.

10428792 No.3657684

File: 1652974929457.png (1.24 MB, 992x1200, 45ca67d89756dd517d1cd4d84f….png)

Nuns are just less sexy maids for masochists

5849aa23 No.3657685

File: 1652975152648.jpg (119.38 KB, 700x687, Trailer-Trash.jpg)

>Luke 1:44

Hey, numb-nuts, what word do you think they would use in the bible to describe an unborn fetus to sheep-fucking primitives?

Do you think the common man in ancient Rome or Egypt would know a technical term for an unborn child?

Besides the stupidity of you trying to rule lawyer ancient languages, your argument is also stupid because modern law would ascribe human rights to any baby mature enough to create a kick like that anyway.

If a baby is that mature in the womb, it is long past the point they are allowed to abort it by law.

You are fighting an injustice WHICH DOES NOT EXIST.

We had all agreed decades ago that at that point of maturity it was too late for an abortion.

The evil you think is happening is only in your mind, dumbass.

c31303cc No.3657686

File: 1652975400324-0.jpg (78.21 KB, 1024x1024, depositphotos_121633542-st….jpg)

File: 1652975400324-1.jpg (240.84 KB, 800x1000, 1000_F_226694302_TD3nA1KKN….jpg)

File: 1652975400324-2.jpg (74.8 KB, 500x500, 500_F_134611193_StJp1BFCYX….jpg)

Fuck the Establishment This
Fuck Religion That
Fuck Business
You talk alot like a NeoCommunist but turns out you wouldn't survive without clinging to them for scraps. Big yikes.

9d25b5f9 No.3657687

stop being right fake-3b, no one wants your name next to a truthful exclamation

d6dfa875 No.3657688


What happened that ended up with abortion being so unpopular and widely banned?

6118b3dd No.3657689

If your worthless fake god is so powerful and mighty why doesn't he come down here and do something about it? yahweh is lucky he isn't real because I'd make him suck my taint and turn his son trans. Then I'd fuck her and make her watch.

Jesus is her dead name by the way, her new name is Lily.

6118b3dd No.3657690

It didn't. Only retardeds fall for anti-abortion bullshit.

204620e0 No.3657691

God is not yours to command, you are HIS.
And you will never, ever do nothing of the sort, powerless fool.
If you think you can do that, go right ahead, and take pictures to post here.

204620e0 No.3657693

Dude, I'm a hardcore furry and have fapped to pictures of LITERAL MONSTERS on here, and I'm telling you that nasty bird thing is fugly, unattractive, and an instant boner-killer.
To everyone but you, it seems, so have at it, you've got it all to yourself.

9d25b5f9 No.3657694

the best thing about being His puppet, is that is incredibly fun to comply


10428792 No.3657695

File: 1652979386214.jpg (1.01 MB, 1814x1406, borba.jpg)

420 abort babies everyday

07c7cfa8 No.3657696

Your pathetic fake god is MINE to command, because I am greater than he is. I am more of a god than he is. I could easily command him just by giving him a taste of my fucking cock but he's fake.

Btw Lily Christ is joining a polycule with Lucifer and Beelzebub. They let her watch from the cuckshed

1a9dd307 No.3657698

Oh damn the mentally ill liar doesn't like seeing me talk about making yahweh drink my cum, now how will I be popular on a board full of conservative subhumans lmao

9d25b5f9 No.3657699

File: 1652980047045.gif (408.99 KB, 260x147, QAOCQBL (1).gif)

heres the thing, you're kinda a cunt. I'd trust fake 3B more than you to command the whole word of God thing. At least his name has some weight behind it.

He's a level 2, you're a level 1, and I'm a level 5. Stick around for about a decade, and have a few site server changes, then you can reach my level

dd20676d No.3657700

You're a dogfucking mental case with delusions of grandeur. You're a zero.

9d25b5f9 No.3657701

Yeah, an ancientfag asshole, you new fags always hate us.

Go back and chill with your zoomer boyfriends.

dc4cdd9f No.3657702

LMAO wrong, I was on this trash board before you. You were always a dumbass attention whore who lies about everything.

10428792 No.3657703

File: 1652980645272-0.jpg (112.51 KB, 704x914, Jack1.jpg)

File: 1652980645272-1.jpg (146 KB, 704x914, Jack2.jpg)

File: 1652980645272-2.jpg (165.03 KB, 704x914, Jack3.jpg)

Why does god send aborted babies to hell?

dc4cdd9f No.3657704

Hell doesn't exist and if it did no fetuses would go there because fetuses aren't people.

c31303cc No.3657705

File: 1652980735593-0.jpg (7.48 KB, 189x267, mickeynightmare.jpg)

I haven't really read this because I am busy atm. Like I said.

The state of world resource is under constant demand. If you want to be able to have any nuclear culpability by the time you are ready for kick off, you will have to adopt a -real- regiment of a trade presence. That is why nations are forced to deal with each other, like it or not. Otherwise we are all stuck growing salt crystals for pipe bomb experiments, that's no good.

Sarcasm is superliminal at this point, but the guide in pulling off a world general (which is what it takes to enter into a true economical presence between other countries) you will need a main product. So what we see is the doomsday in effect where the stock must be supplied or the accredited right to trade is stamped off.

Multi-stock is great, a priority for oil and petrol is great. Tech and plastic is great. Major items in world trade, even food, is good. Medicine and pharm is good. That is why certain countries just are preferred over others no matter what. They start to act up though, and that means even military items are great. People get honoray and belligerent, we are seeing this in whatever way, it does not need to be issued and we need to overstep this bullshit now. Because the resource collapse will soon begin to prove that a diminished society will crumble without a high-end bargain (what is it? NUCLEAR)

We are not trying to prevent a fully dependent (or should I say independent) country or alliance to become nuclear, but how is the best way to do this, because we will all have to settle for being stalemate in some way to live under balanced annexation. That is exactly what NUCLEAR means. Lucky for us we don't need new world mascots unlike others, we can simply hash out the brand for what it is needed. *cough* ANYWAY.

The big cheese here is that we weaponize the mascot.
Using it for radicalized purposes we can direct the memes to increase net value. Anyways. Massive outside the box thinking there. (Watch it carefully when it happens, garunteed it will) It will be like eating tritium out of the air for some, the power will be in their own propogative data feeds. (Meme War ala Mode) So I guess you better be happy with the ways things are because its all about the next version sealing in concrete. (At least for my generation we see it the way things are) God I hate being a suit.

9d25b5f9 No.3657706

worst part about the whole thing is that unlike popular opinion, my generation are not boomers, we don't deny that you newfags have a raw deal.

We were told to pull ourselves up by out bootstraps and deal with it, and hated it. But like it or not thats what you have to do.

Its a world where only the strong survive, you might not realize what you're doing, but at some point in the future you either succeed or don't.

c31303cc No.3657707

i've come to terms with just raw dogging hookers and dying

9d25b5f9 No.3657708

I was a poorfag for ages, and at some point I found a gap, and shoved my spanner in there hard, and broke the system just enough that I got in and made things work for me, not everyone finds that magical moment.

c31303cc No.3657710

happy to say, my spanner goes right up the old xxxtubes and damn the consequences

e9ffb311 No.3657711

That's why you're not on the left. You're fucking losers who want to wallow instead of fighting. Pathetic.

10428792 No.3657712

Aren't you leeching off welfare from doing a basic ass job in the chair force?

9d25b5f9 No.3657713

we are winners who just settle for what we have, its more than most, and were happy with that

9d25b5f9 No.3657714

no i'm leaching off being a war hero.

To some extent, it pays ok, and I can't complain.

302dd922 No.3657716

File: 1652981993482-0.jpg (18.74 KB, 437x273, 41MoTdrufCL._AC_.jpg)

File: 1652981993482-1.jpg (34.52 KB, 500x363, republican party shit.jpg)

Bush is getting even funnier with years.

c31303cc No.3657717

File: 1652982312714-0.jpg (216.21 KB, 799x1200, ImOutOfIdeasTho.jpg)

File: 1652982312714-1.jpg (45.37 KB, 534x800, WelcometotheInternet.jpg)

File: 1652982312714-2.jpg (7.36 KB, 183x275, freshcuts.jpg)

File: 1652982312714-3.jpg (5.65 KB, 183x275, pyramiodtits.jpg)

File: 1652982312714-4.jpg (56.47 KB, 640x905, DamnthoseNarwahls.jpg)

Spannerfags. And little GoatBoys. Ancientfags? What a joke. Next up the homestucks. (Actually tho actually)

Those setbacks are where I come in. No edging needed.

9d25b5f9 No.3657718

File: 1652982552152.jpg (16.83 KB, 615x417, the-nightmare-615x417.jpg)

Bitch, we assholes from the middle generation are the pyramid heads of the zoomers.

We are the truth that lurks in the night.

9d25b5f9 No.3657719

we are just old enough to not be friends, but just old enough to not be grandpas, we are the shadow generation.

9d25b5f9 No.3657720

we lurked before the internet existed.

c31303cc No.3657721

lurking is such a footfetishers trend

c31303cc No.3657722

i meant fetishts

10428792 No.3657723

File: 1652983070861-0.jpg (693.36 KB, 4096x3714, E47Pc7aWEAUWZ4D.jpg)

Paws are the patrician fetish.

You zoomers are the ones into weird shit and also castrating yourselves in record numbers

9d25b5f9 No.3657724

File: 1652983098462.jpg (96.77 KB, 894x894, 0296d2341de121a4dcea82a381….jpg)


we know what you meant footfag

c31303cc No.3657725

File: 1652983224978.jpg (7.64 KB, 186x271, hurrhurr.jpg)

oh hey look its me poly im such a total fuckin attention whore and god is stoodiepatootie if you know what i mean heheoyooo where is my demondaddy and hermaphrodite-cholo de lola-loca from the downsouth u kno im saying fuck i hate how aids in my brain makes me talk this way. Mexicans think I am spicy tho.

204620e0 No.3657726

Then prove it. Do it.
You will do no such thing because you can't.
As I knew, just a tard with diahrreah of the mouth.

c31303cc No.3657727

did you know i could have actually just passed on alot of this shit especially when 3b and poly fukin show up and get immediately triggered and not even know how to react. And they stay mad about shit and dont even know why days later.

c31303cc No.3657728

ALSO the sudden drop into the haybale that fucking happens. Don't forget about that shit constantly happening.

9d25b5f9 No.3657729

File: 1652984096822.png (158.28 KB, 860x740, 337-3374182_unanything-wik….png)

did you know the worst thing you can do to a zoomer is ignore them?

Just a fun fact.

c31303cc No.3657730

File: 1652984190971.jpg (7.3 KB, 275x183, horsenow.jpg)


c31303cc No.3657733

Lol lul. Stfu. Cuck with No God.

9d25b5f9 No.3657734

shh, its like a T-Rex. Be quiet long enough and they start eating their own feathers off…

2c5f5214 No.3657735

I will kill you in a second boomer

9d25b5f9 No.3657737

File: 1652986003350.png (981.48 KB, 1048x767, 90s_power.png)

somehow I doubt it

204620e0 No.3657738

Yea, you’re a real tuff guy till you get punched in the face and your collar bone shattered!!

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