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3B eat da poopoo edition

Any further /pol/ threads will be deleted.

13499865 No.3655638

File: 1651531455458.gif (226.4 KB, 255x143, 1437899356524.gif)

11 threads later and we have learned nothing

afb02bc3 No.3655639

99% of these threads is just 3b being retarded

just stop replying to him, it's not you're going to ever change his mind

13499865 No.3655640

File: 1651532091962.jpg (229.25 KB, 800x600, 13082365.jpg)

Back in the day, I'd probably try to psychoanalyze him and why he's so obsessed with something as boring as politics.

But nowadays you can find dozens of people like him by browsing Twitter for half an hour. At some point you just stop caring about every deluded insane lying fucking leftist.

169d68da No.3655642

Yeah, he just spouts off on Twitter himself

13499865 No.3655643

File: 1651533807180.gif (10.66 KB, 512x512, 1380048646265.gif)

That can't be h-

Oh wait. That totally can be him.

>30k tweets, most of them with zero interaction

Man that's sad. So much wasted time, so little accomplished.

301c0cf6 No.3655648

File: 1651535565617.jpg (108.45 KB, 667x936, reply animal monkey disgus….jpg)


I-it is him…the same posting style. Wow!

169d68da No.3655649

File: 1651535850933.png (67.89 KB, 1306x404, Screenshot_1.png)

It is. He slips once in a while and posts something so uniquely stupid in both places at the same times that you can make the connections, then gets all cheeky when its pointed out.

08757dd9 No.3655652

No wonder he keeps parroting all the same blue checkmark talking points

If anyone doubts it's him he posts and tweets the same images

174539e8 No.3655683

Soviet Russia actually was responsible for starting the narrative that NAZIS are far right. The left have been trying to yell this lie loud and hard since WWII. In actuality, Communism and Naziism is basically the same Marxist ideology. They just go about controlling people with a different angle. Both attain the same statist result. NAZI actually was the Nationalist Socialist Party to begin with.

77c7814e No.3655684

File: 1651558213786.jpeg (63.22 KB, 585x520, 46ECBC5C-65B5-4CC4-B8BA-9….jpeg)

Roe v Wade overturned…

Incoming shit storm anyone?

08757dd9 No.3655685

I'm pro abortion.

Too many shitty parents that shouldn't have kids already having kids. If some chick doesn't want to have the kid what makes you think she'll be anything other than a horrible mother?

Also abortions should be mandatory for tards and flipper babies like 3B

a43c9785 No.3655695

File: 1651572959088.jpg (14.33 KB, 640x640, flag Z.jpg)

5849aa23 No.3655697

File: 1651574058631.png (702.22 KB, 1153x650, The-problem-with-white-peo….png)

5849aa23 No.3655698

File: 1651574163394.jpg (87.06 KB, 893x1155, FRxM5O2XMAEXdFe.jpg)

Trevor Noah burned the fuck out of Biden and the establishment at the annual press dinner. You can see the full set here. He equally owns both parties and it's pretty fucking funny.


5849aa23 No.3655699

File: 1651574610739.jpg (94.54 KB, 1155x893, suprise-its-buttsex.jpg)

I'm just waiting for conservatives to figure out that all banning abortions does is speed up the end of whiteness. More minority children will be born than ever now.

174539e8 No.3655700

File: 1651576724198.jpg (60.22 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-119036308-612x….jpg)

174539e8 No.3655701

File: 1651576752535.jpg (309.34 KB, 1600x1212, clowns-b32f08acf0414ded.jpg)

a56b732d No.3655702

>99% of these threads is just 3b being right and lulz shitting themselves and rolling around in it

c6261ba9 No.3655706

File: 1651583319000.jpg (62.84 KB, 680x672, FRoZrZrXwAADNpR.jpg)


Have you considered that perhaps conservatives don't want to kill any babies regardless of skin colour?

You can be against illegal immigration without wanting to commit genocide…

Is that so hard for you to understand?

94491a01 No.3655708

File: 1651586811183.jpg (150.52 KB, 960x960, black obstacles.jpg)


>Its white people fault post #3859003

94491a01 No.3655709

File: 1651587335809.jpg (195.64 KB, 983x768, christcucks.jpg)


I am conservative and very much pro-abortion. I am pained to admit this but 3Bs post >>3655699 is correct.

However, it is not conservatism that is the problem, it is the pants-on-the-head retarded religion of Christianity. It has been a poison for over 2000 years now.

All Semite religions really need to go.

08757dd9 No.3655710

Christfaggotry is an anchor dragging us down into the stone age.

White Bible thumpers shitting out a dozen white babies that get groomed and indoctrinated into that retarded cult arent going to save America.

d2e1d119 No.3655713

You sound like a complete twat.

08757dd9 No.3655714

Christfaggotry is barely a step above being a muslim.

94491a01 No.3655717


>White Bible thumpers shitting out a dozen white babies

Christianity is not a White religion.

08757dd9 No.3655718

You're the one whining about whites becoming a minority

5849aa23 No.3655720

File: 1651599524759.jpg (100.22 KB, 893x1155, FRxM5OgWQAEmqal.jpg)

Conservatives always harp about, "The left doesn't want to work with us." but the only thing you want to work on is bigotry and racism.

Name one popular Republican policy which isn't about some form of bigotry.

* Banning books for talking about black people.
* Banning books for talking about gay people.
* Banning books for talking about trans people.
* Stopping brown people from crossing the border and breeding all your white women.
* Locking up black people because they scare you.
* Locking up Democrats because they won't let you create your Christian-theocracy.
* Cutting programs for the poor and minorities so you can charge even less taxes to corporations and rich, white people.
* Freedom of speech but only your freedom not the people who speak against your ideas.

You are the villains of our collective story.

5849aa23 No.3655721

File: 1651600049074.jpg (477.69 KB, 2500x1786, FFtRQcjXIAEG3WL.jpg)

>Have you considered that perhaps conservatives don't want to kill any babies regardless of skin color?

You seem to have no issue with letting them starve to death once they are born because their parents can't afford food or freeze to death because their parents can't afford housing.
Your claims of being moral would be a lot more effective if your compassion didn't stop the moment it wasn't related to your political talking point.
Most abortions are done because the parents can't afford to take care of the child but you don't want to spend money on that, you just want to make sure that child is born so it can suffer a short, agonizing life then die.

>You can be against illegal immigration without wanting to commit genocide…

You really can't. Those people didn't walk 400 miles because they wanted a better parking space than the one they had at their condo.
The people fleeing to America are fleeing death. Us not letting them in means many of them, mostly the children and elderly, will die.
You are murdering people when you turn them away at the border and that's why conservatives LOVE doing it.

14624ba8 No.3655724

File: 1651603541914-0.png (224.68 KB, 495x1359, 3B pedo.png)

File: 1651603541914-1.png (165.34 KB, 1166x1078, 3B pedo2.png)

2629d60c No.3655725

If they are fleeing death in their own country. They are entitled to give their land rights to someone who can handle it. Forfeiting their land is only fair in order to handle the increased population of accepting large scale immigrants, our borders should expand to accomodate that. Fleeing death then is the fault of the Mexican's Presidency or which ever involved and essentially unspoken, they should then bequeath the space in which to house their unwanted civilians or fugitive/refugee migrants because its not our responsibility. Refusing to allow land while forcing civilians into another country is basically the same exact thing as a militarized encroachment. And is basically an invasion minus the hostility.

So…where's the extra land for all those people? Well now that its in the constitution to give us the poor,tired hungry and sick. We just have to bite the bullet because some fuck wrote that shit up 200 years ago to sound edgy. And therefore forcing the encroachment because somehow its our Obligation to do so and Our responsiblity to take in half your fucking country is actually exploitation at cap, even if we had the space for them.

This is why diplomacy is fucking retarded and you should just forfeit your entire country as a single Continent under Democracy. It's not difficult to admit, either take care of your people or don't. So now we have to also babysit for Mexico and practically Canada too. Is how this is kind of at some point you better just start sucking American Dick.

Make whateve excuse you want but you basically have to suck the dick.

cbeaed2a No.3655726


You're so far up your own ass we would have to go back to third grade grammar to start unpacking your ingrained bias.

Normal people can't even understand what you are trying to say at this point, it just sounds like unhinged gibberish.

If you're fine with never communicating effectively with another human so be it. Just be aware of what's happening and why everyone hates you.

08757dd9 No.3655727

Stop replying to 3B's retardation with serious arguments.

You're literally talking to a brain damaged retarded pedophile that won't listen to anything you say. Just call him a retard or ignore him

7e769762 No.3655728

File: 1651605695822.jpg (60.28 KB, 709x426, tony-the-tiger-gay.jpg)

08757dd9 No.3655729

Can anyone who is supportive of trannies explain how being transgender is any different from being an otherkin that believes you're a dragon?

Trannies are just otherkin for the opposite sex.

2629d60c No.3655730

File: 1651608467208.jpg (159.52 KB, 960x960, 1651439392615.jpg)

In this year the NorthAmerican Continent single handled became a fully homosexualized fagisphere. That is the seperate from South America of course, where half their country is eating each other and the other half is a Narco-Wet Dream. You still both get money for killing each other if done correctly. You can kill for fun too but its better with money. First half of the world is done. Phew.

All of Africa has become media slaves. All of it and in the central Africa is the Media capital in which they all have vast parties while their country painstakingly does everything they are told to. They are scared of dying and being genocided by ISIS but no one is going to report that right now.

Europe and especially the large countries such as SPAIN and FRANCE are the biggest fucking pussies and all eat each other minges like a bunch of fucking pussies too scared of what is happening in Ukraine they are all licking themselves as they piss their beds everynight. Its fucking sad but at least their tv licenses are protecting them from the bad news in Africa. (Migrants scare the shit out of EUROS its not even funny and seeing anything migrant related gives them instant heart attacks).

Then we have somehow there being a bloodwar in Ukraine with Nazis and basically Ukraine is like the WARRIORS or MadMax right now. Oh well. Anything North of ukraine is going to get nuked because RUSSIA is too lazy to do it anymore and needs a break.

2629d60c No.3655731

File: 1651608532366.jpg (118.96 KB, 640x800, 1651316485361.jpg)

Russia is basically the only man's man country left, and its all man only, all the women are growing penises too. But especially the western part of Russia, where everyone is considered Lawful Evil. Everyone there is basically the disney villian 100x. And there is a monster that is made of every disney villian ever living in the Uchita mountains and its rumored to be headed to MINSC.

Below that Area is Kazakhastan where GLOBAL WARMING is causing the mountains to melt and coronavirus is leaking out of the clouds. The wind currents are sending them directly into india but india is already imune to everything except cholera which flows from the capital fountains (the Giza river has turned into a living breathing virus)

China has formed an Asian Alliance between all asians and doesnt care if they are UGYR slaves because in China they only go to work, eat rice and then die anyway. Austrailia also is a massive island next to china but is now called CUCK Island because that's what the world did to it. The polar caps are still full of penguins and polar bears except now they all are even more gay than before. Also oceans are full of giant ships that all live in the ocean because they hate everyone and just want to go shark fishing.

94491a01 No.3655732

File: 1651608696162.jpg (283.08 KB, 1001x750, img_5938-1.jpg)


Gender neutral bathrooms could have been a reality since 1977 when the ERA constitutional amendment was finally defeated. It would have granted wide, sweeping rights to women.

This is just a rehash of the ERA issue. It was opposed, finally, by women who finally woke up to the realization that they might actually have to have the same responsibilities that men have.

Namely, get drafted, use the same bathrooms with men, have to compete in sports at mens level, having to give up child custody to men, alimony to men, protected status in law especially in criminal and labor.

Negros are having the same crisis. They want 'equality' but will stop short when they realize their protected status would go away - they act just like the women.

57458c63 No.3655734

>You are murdering people when you turn them away at the border and that's why conservatives LOVE doing it.

Correction: they are murdering each other as a society. The people who try to leave are shirking their responsibility to maintain their own society instead of abandoning it to the criminals. Leaving makes it worse for those who stay because the problems never get solved.

You think you're being humane, but you're playing into the hands of the corrupt regimes: they want to destroy their opposition either by killing them, or making them flee.

2ecbaef9 No.3655738


What in the hell do you expect the average worker in latin america to do about the crime and corruption in their countries, exactly?

Do you think every shitkicker should become a masked vigilantes, and risk getting their families killed, because "they're doing the right thing for their country"?

Is this why all conservatives have some fetish about wanting the world to turn to shit so they can become batman or something?

Realistically there is nothing that they or anyone really can do, and certainly staying in a place where you're in danger is not smart.

Imagine if you said this to a woman who's running away from an abusive relationship? "You're abdicating your responsibility to make things better at home!"

I think all of your conservitards live in some kind of fantasy land that was inspired by too many action movies…where simply having a gun and a bad attitude is enough to save the whole world.

1cff1e03 No.3655739

People need drone servants with free drone service and roadside.

94491a01 No.3655740

File: 1651616515639.jpg (29.78 KB, 474x266, bbbbbbb.jpg)

>Do you think every shitkicker should become a masked vigilantes, and risk getting their families killed, because "they're doing the right thing for their country"?

08757dd9 No.3655741

End the war on drugs and you'll solve the opioid epidemic, prison industrial complex, and police problems in the US and the beaners "running away from danger" problems in every country south of the border.

There, I fixed it.

2ecbaef9 No.3655744


I'm sorry, did I miss something? None of those guys are average shitkickers. They were all wealthy aristocrats.

1cff1e03 No.3655746

The war on drugs is a war on everything that they can't refer to as drugs.

70cbe9d3 No.3655752

File: 1651625368658.jpg (664.87 KB, 1280x800, 1549836677286.jpg)

I expect them to wage war.

94491a01 No.3655757

File: 1651627416171.jpg (50.08 KB, 640x463, mexicanimmigrantdemandsrac….jpg)

>They were all wealthy aristocrats

Indeed. You missed everything. They were wealthy, so they had EVEN MORE TO LOSE.

A 'shitkicker' (AKA brown person) has little to nothing to lose.

This obvious disparity of conscience highlights even more the courage of those White men over the brown scum floating down the Rio Grande who do NOT belong here. Their only purpose is to make the cartels wealthy, and Biden is helping them.

5849aa23 No.3655758

File: 1651627536614.jpg (301.83 KB, 1920x1080, You-are-3Bs-bitch.jpg)


Wow, how many days of your life have you spent cyberstalking 3B? I've never seen anyone so obsessed. You should send him the link to this page and have him come back. You clearly need him back in your life. Most people don't obsess this much over ex-lovers.

Weren't you also trying to get him fired from his job at a college or something? How's that going?

5849aa23 No.3655760

File: 1651628106874.jpg (609.78 KB, 3781x2000, 1635814038.sinsquared_tibe….jpg)

>Trannies are just otherkin for the opposite sex.

Exactly! Being Trans is like being otherkin, or left handed, or Christian. Some people feel better about themselves, they feel more like their true, authentic selves, if they live a lifestyle that matches their self-image.

All they are asking is that people not be an asshole about their belief system.
Let them do them, and you do you.
I don't understand why that's such a hard thing for the "party of freedom" to wrap your heads around.

5849aa23 No.3655761

>I expect them and their families to die so that I'm not slightly inconvenienced.

Fixed that for you.

5849aa23 No.3655762

File: 1651628781663.png (1.11 MB, 3410x2284, FLW-pOuWQAMx2zt.png)

>A 'shitkicker' (AKA brown person) has little to nothing to lose.

The term shitkicker means a uneducated, oafish, laborer. It's a term used to describe American cattle farmers that first originated in the old west.

It has nothing to do with brown people or Mexicans.

Right now you are saying, "American cattle farmers should go fight the drug cartels." so you might want to choose a different word.

174539e8 No.3655766

File: 1651633196814.jpg (109.25 KB, 1300x1073, the-funny-clown-with-a-gun….jpg)

174539e8 No.3655769

File: 1651633227933.jpeg (26.91 KB, 318x400, $(KGrHqVHJFIFHnDt)ffeBR7o….jpeg)

5849aa23 No.3655774

File: 1651637087665.jpg (228.66 KB, 1241x1458, catisfaction.jpg)


HAHAHAHA! I love that you got so butt hurt that I called you a clown you are now scarred-for-life about it.

76f22545 No.3655777

File: 1651638057534.jpg (254.51 KB, 943x1200, CCE___Megatron_by_UdonCrew.jpg)

I guess you are pro 2nd amendment then?

Guess you are ready for the wave of violence coming soon to the USA?

a79871be No.3655778

File: 1651638146886.jpeg (16.43 KB, 225x225, imagghes (10).jpeg)

a79871be No.3655779

File: 1651638215871.jpg (20.33 KB, 236x353, 326b5bb43247ef8b4e707209fe….jpg)

5849aa23 No.3655780

Yes, I am Pro-2nd Amendment.

I think maybe, just maybe, if someone does a whole bunch of violent crime and gets sent to prison they shouldn't be allowed to buy guns after they get out, but that's too extreme an opinion for the right-wing. Everyone has to have guns. Everyone, especially criminals.

05e502b8 No.3655781

File: 1651639761905.jpg (97.29 KB, 1052x1070, FR4DaCtX0AAmz1x.jpg)

5849aa23 No.3655782


Haha, yeah, the Hillbots are out in force blaming everyone else for her loss and saying America should have voted harder for her as if she was owed the election and we didn't do our part by showing up to vote for someone who offered us nothing.

5849aa23 No.3655783

File: 1651640992358.webm (6.8 MB, 320x180, Ana-loses-it.webm)

Speaking of reactions…

5849aa23 No.3655784

File: 1651641544398.webm (7.36 MB, 320x180, Anna-loses-it2.webm)

5849aa23 No.3655786

File: 1651641988319.jpg (49.62 KB, 724x1024, E_HpXflXEAYBis5.jpg)

>imagine having a brain that can't even talk to itself

Like the way your brain can't process proper grammar?

ba70ee26 No.3655791

File: 1651642821314.jpg (43.58 KB, 414x622, canvas-prints-happy-clown-….jpg)

ba70ee26 No.3655792

File: 1651642872743.jpg (191.17 KB, 957x1300, happy-clown-aokay-13854301.jpg)

03292ea8 No.3655802

>pants-on-the-head retarded religion of Christianity

If you read the Bible you'll notice bad things happened to the jews every time they turned to other Gods and started - among other things - sacrificing childrens to them (burning babies for Moloch). Neighbors and violent tribes would invade and conquer Israel, until they got their shit together and turned back to YHWH.

Well, the same happens to countries that allow aborption, they turn into shitholes, often via the fact they are invaded by foreigners. This time it's migrants but same fault same consequences.

Aborption is a big deal to Christians for good reasons. Allowing aborption is literally sabotaging your country.

03292ea8 No.3655805

>All they are asking is that people not be an asshole about their belief system

And that somehow include young kids?
At 18, go for it, put on a dress and change your name to Roberta all you want. But if a kid doesn't like playing cowboy vs indians with the other boys, don't pump him full of puberty blockers.

30a5f6ac No.3655810

There's literally nothing wrong with puberty blockers. If a kid is confused about their gender it does them no harm to go on them until they figure their shit out. They can go off them and enter puberty if they decide their gender is the one they were assigned.

You just think it is bad because you guzzle reactionary propaganda like a good NPC.

57da0134 No.3655812

File: 1651663175538.jpeg (61.49 KB, 636x577, gz9fYrx.jpeg)


This is it, the battle is here!

57da0134 No.3655814

Yo, Furaffnity, Weasyl, u18chan, Vrripper, are down, are the anons at it again?

1cff1e03 No.3655820


d2e1d119 No.3655821

File: 1651671031306-0.jpg (7.8 KB, 236x340, 586a9df0b86da19e17353b4195….jpg)

File: 1651671031306-1.jpg (56.44 KB, 1024x746, 229cac9ec445f9af0a247af59f….jpg)

File: 1651671031306-2.jpg (101.05 KB, 662x1208, a26f2931ffd45c56c84ab94c81….jpg)

off grid tiemz in furdoland, no need for a tizzy

904286d5 No.3655822

That's not true at all. Those drugs permanently stunt and fuck up normal human development.

Also it makes getting the dick inversion surgery impossible

Parents of "trans children" are just the new flavor of Munchausen by proxy

8fd729ca No.3655826

Brown people are doing the jobs you're too lazy and too stupid to do, incel.

cbeaed2a No.3655828


How about you pony up a source before whinging about other people "guzzle reactionary propaganda"

a94f0aed No.3655829

File: 1651691205286.jpg (49.53 KB, 636x382, nIGrph9qICYnIojxJFfcsh55uQ….jpg)

Just look at Jazz Jennings. He was put on those "totally harmless" puberty blockers and it stunted his development so much he couldn't get the dick inversion surgery an just became a gross fatty.

5849aa23 No.3655832

File: 1651695230037.jpg (370.65 KB, 874x1121, FIMk3tcWUAUpKGS.jpg)

>Aborption is a big deal to Christians for good reasons.

Because they don't read their bible which is pro-abortion. It was part of their religion to abort babies from rape and cheating wives.

5849aa23 No.3655833

File: 1651695466946.png (909.87 KB, 2880x2682, FOaH89TWQAQN_xR.png)

>And that somehow include young kids?

Do you think not being an asshole to someone for being an otherkin is going to make kids also be otherkin?

5849aa23 No.3655836

File: 1651696210467.png (59.09 KB, 725x518, Ben-shapiro-comes-out.png)

Congratulations to Ben Shapiro! He finally admitted the truth everyone suspected.

f6816d02 No.3655839

No they don't. You're just repeating the propaganda again.

a94f0aed No.3655840

You're objectively wrong. Just look up Jazz Jennings for an example. His micropenis was too underdeveloped to invert and the "bottom surgery" was a disaster.

f6816d02 No.3655844

That has nothing to do with puberty blockers. That has to do with that individual's particular body and surgeon. Also, citing a single case in a reality TV show of all things to try and establish an overall body of evidence is just pathetic.

a94f0aed No.3655845

Stop fucking lying. The drugs given to children aren't a magical harmless pause button for puberty

c31303cc No.3655847

The drugs given to children are to satisfy adults and not really help the children at all. It's exploitation. And its a way to help their assigned pedarast daddy's to coom hard. It's basically what happens when sex rings are allowed to "promote" gender disorientation so they can continue to fuck kids and get away with it legally. It's really that simple. And they will deny it to the death.

f6816d02 No.3655848

Ah there we go, the nutbar conspiracy that's the real motivation behind all this whining.

a94f0aed No.3655849

The story of Aimee Challenor proves that pedo parents grooming pedo tranny kids and being protected by the establishment is a fact of life, not a conspiracy theory.

92cbb9ef No.3655853

File: 1651707375594.jpg (122.31 KB, 1024x538, ginsburg-fiery-afterlife.jpg)


1cff1e03 No.3655855

File: 1651708114854.jpg (120 KB, 1024x768, UkraineSoldierDeath.jpg)

This picture may be unsettling but I think of current events and Thought Crimes and SpyNets and this is the kind of stuff that surfaces. I have a steady diet of microplastics and some mild drug usage (all of it…all of them in mild dosage I keep in a salt shaker and just sprinkle on my tv cancer meals.) Well, I think it's just wrong. WHY ARE THEY KILLING EACH OTHER? Are they like…out of ideas?

"Hey man, you got any new ways to make pipebomb?"

No, fresh out of pipebomb, we use poggers with extra paint on edge to blow up big buildings now.

"Agh, poggers, we need idea for pipebomb in car engine, Ukraines don't play pog Sergei. You have to die."

Meanwhile in the US, I am literally living with Chappie-fags trying to steal my fucking cable. Can you believe this shit? Fuck off, I am watching this shit and trying to snort experimental meth over here. Pic related if you are Ukranian Draftee with 2 weeks of misdemeanor or unpaid traffic tickets. Fyi it was Chernobyl skinwalkers that did this to him.

730915db No.3655859

File: 1651708636551.jpg (42.9 KB, 480x360, rgb-pedophile-quote.jpg)

5849aa23 No.3655860

File: 1651708729935.jpg (301.15 KB, 761x1080, FJljbxHUUAcE1NG.jpg)

You think doctors are risking their medical license and prison time to force kids onto hormone blockers against their will?

Why? Why would any medical professional risk going to prison for the rest of their lives and losing everything they have worked for their entire lives just to make one crazy parent happy?

Do you not see how absurd your conspiracy theories are?

4f285fd0 No.3655861

File: 1651708888081.jpg (950.64 KB, 833x1000, completealienation_goddess.jpg)

Anti Abortion is mainly aimed at white women because the white power elite want to keep from becoming a minority. WE NEED MORE WHITE BABIES!

a94f0aed No.3655862

The same quacks that prescribe 8 year old kids crystal meth and antidepressants?

Yeah, they'll write a script for whatever the parents will pay for.

5849aa23 No.3655863

File: 1651710133588.jpg (48.92 KB, 632x1024, FRXzufiWUAMdRN8.jpg)

Aimee Challenor was a political activist whose father was a pedophile. She had given her father a job in the party and got fired later because she didn't tell the political party her father had been charged with serious sex crimes.

She never committed any pedophilia. Her father was a pedo, not her. The only thing she was guilty of was not airing her family's dirty laundry for the world to see once the cops busted him for his crimes.

5849aa23 No.3655864

>The same quacks that prescribe 8 year old kids crystal meth and antidepressants?

You think doctors can prescribe crystal meth?

a94f0aed No.3655865

File: 1651710435414.jpg (167.48 KB, 559x586, Desoxyn_Package_of_100_Pil….jpg)

As desoxyn? yes they can. Adderall is just a mix of other amphetamines that was first patented as a weight loss drug and named Obetrol before being remarketed as a treatment for ADHD.

5849aa23 No.3655866

File: 1651710717639.png (915.31 KB, 908x892, Thats-just-the-way-it-is.png)

If that's true, then your elites are really stupid. Most white women are affluent enough to get an abortion if they want one. The only state it will really be a problem for is Florida where it's going to be a 500 mile drive.

Most middle-class women are going to be able to get an abortion if they really want one. That's why Republicans are trying to make it illegal for people to travel out-of-state for one as well.

The only people who will be actually stopped from getting abortions are illegals and the poorest minorities who will end up out-breeding whites in a few generations.

If your goal is white supremacy, an abortion ban is one of the worst ideas you can try.

It won't stop most white women, it will just make it more of a financial burden but it will force the people white nationalists hate to make more babies.

5849aa23 No.3655867

File: 1651710922999.jpg (192.29 KB, 2048x2048, Drugs-r-bad.jpg)

I'm not a crack expert or anything but I don't think I've ever heard of people smoking their Adderall.

I'm pretty sure you are misinformed.

a94f0aed No.3655868

They typically crush it up and snort it

You'd know this if you weren't sequestered away in the rubber room with the rest of the shortbus riding special ed kids

5849aa23 No.3655869

File: 1651711210109.jpg (307.41 KB, 1110x1161, FMdXL_xVgAMCyLU.jpg)

It's pretty telling that you think meth and anti-depressants are on the same level.

You should stop reading conspiracy blogs. Anti-depressants are not turning people into lizards or making them crack heads.

77c7814e No.3655871

File: 1651712972359-0.jpeg (61.52 KB, 1024x680, 69A6B5F0-0D10-47DD-AC82-F….jpeg)

File: 1651712972359-1.gif (2.85 MB, 442x366, C0F40A60-916A-4212-91B9-CE….gif)

File: 1651712972359-2.jpeg (72.11 KB, 800x400, 26FF1C34-2FC0-4BA0-B4CE-9….jpeg)

File: 1651712972359-3.jpeg (54.42 KB, 600x477, 19C6D98E-D95D-4029-B816-2….jpeg)

Maybe you are pro abortion but actually look at a abortion and ask yourself if using a condom really that bad.
Please don’t delete this because this is reality.

57da0134 No.3655872

File: 1651713038020.png (35.7 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

57da0134 No.3655873

File: 1651713281638.png (36.03 KB, 254x254, near_there.png)

Yeah, well I was made in a laboratory except that I was born and raised in a barn.

5849aa23 No.3655874

Those are miscarriages not abortions.

77c7814e No.3655875

It shows the “not really alive” fetus or baby.

5849aa23 No.3655878

File: 1651715623006.jpg (387.83 KB, 800x1244, FRmtR1FX0AAKt1X.jpg)

No one ever debated if the fetus was alive inside a woman or not, the debate is when it becomes a thinking, feeling, aware person. Fetus don't even have functional brains at that age.

Once they reach a point where they have functional brains it's illegal to abort them without it being medically necessary.

The law already covers this. The science is in. The debate is over.
It's only religious zealots who don't read their bible that still have any problem with the system as it exists now.

57da0134 No.3655879

File: 1651717342731-0.jpg (60.37 KB, 640x480, CA_EmbryoDay13.jpg)

File: 1651717342731-1.jpg (123.32 KB, 1600x833, chicken development.jpg)

Realize that human are similar to chickens

7b9209d9 No.3655882

There should be free, easily accessible abortions so that tards like 3b will be more likely to be aborted.

this planet has more than seven billion people on it. We don't need any more, especially not tards and kids who will be poorly raised by parents that resent them.

9576c2a7 No.3655883

File: 1651721371271.jpg (56.96 KB, 600x493, 1329513542336 (3).jpg)

Oh my god who fuckin cares. A fetus isn't a baby yet, and certainly isn't a person yet. Depending on what week it is, it may not even have enough neurons to be sentient.

The only people who fucking care about this topic are infertile dipshits who are buttmad that they can't make one, religious fucktards who believe in souls and shit, as if that can be a thing and feminazis who want to abort 10 babies per day (but only the males) cause muh empowerment.

Also men should give literally zero fucks about this entire topic because men have no reproductive rights, even though they supply half of the genetic material. If she wants to keep it, she'll keep it and extort money out of you through the state, if she wants to flush it down the drain, she'll flush it down the drain. Until legal paternal surrender is a thing, y'all should not even bother.

a94f0aed No.3655884

>Also men should give literally zero fucks about this entire topic because men have no reproductive rights

Don't be a bigot. Men can be birthing people too

b3de0524 No.3655886

>Also men should give literally zero fucks about this entire topic because men have no reproductive rights

Kinda ironic considering most of those abortion issues decision were made by politician men.

9576c2a7 No.3655888

File: 1651723487427.jpg (61.24 KB, 480x348, CreepyStare (2).jpg)

If you don't count said men being nagged to hell and back by their wives, who are probably much more likely to get hysterical about babies.

Oh god it's that video

77c7814e No.3655898

File: 1651738518921-0.jpeg (168.79 KB, 686x900, 3B82ECA4-73E0-40DE-8065-D….jpeg)

File: 1651738518921-1.jpeg (83.85 KB, 946x1024, F739C1E4-2136-45E3-ABB0-B….jpeg)

Debates if it’s a thinking person….

Threw in Ford just for fun!

f7a5f4dc No.3655899

Men should be forced to get vasectomies.
Once you become an adult and prove you're financially stable enough to have children, only then can you get it reversed. This would stop unwanted pregnancies and therefore abortion right at the root problem.

a7c131f3 No.3655900

>Once they reach a point where they have functional brains it's illegal to abort them without it being medically necessary

You're so 2010's. The idea is now being pushed that forbidding abortions at any point is a violation of women rights

You can bet this will be implemented sooner rather than later.

How does it feel to become reactionary, 3B?

5849aa23 No.3655909

File: 1651760368278.webm (1.5 MB, 256x256, Cawthorn-dry-humping.webm)

Looks like Madison Cawthorn is in the news again.

Video of the Republican from North Carolina waking his cousin/driver in a hotel room by thrusting his cock against the man's ass in the hotel bed they shared is floating around Twitter.

You know, the cousin he was just exposed paying for handjobs on Venmo last week?

I'm sure the gay orgie aspect of the video will lose him points with the homophobes but since it's his cousin it may earn him points with the evangelicals.

5849aa23 No.3655913

File: 1651761167156.png (308.83 KB, 531x651, apps.who.int.png)


This is the actual document that the daily mail doesn't give you a link to.


The document is saying, quite specifically, a total ban on abortion should not be allowed because there are many cases where the baby needs to be aborted to save the life of the mother.

Total bans on abortion for any reason do violate the rights of the pregnant person.

Women should not be expected to die for the insane religious beliefs of a crazy cult.

08b00231 No.3655914

>men vasectomy

I'm sorry…? What!?!

a94f0aed No.3655916

15e7b16d No.3655920

Fyi its actually the law that when you get out that the system give you a horse and a gun and send you on your way. Just a unused law to this day but it does exist nonetheless. Your argument is not valid.

c31303cc No.3655929

How do you feel about Prop-140 (Mandetory Vasectomy)

cbeaed2a No.3655932


You don't want convicted felons to be able to own firearms to protect themselves and their families?

Fuckin racist.

a94f0aed No.3655934

I can't find what you're talking about, just a proposition about term limits in California

c31303cc No.3655937

File: 1651788919887.png (137.53 KB, 350x350, 40084921_350flyingdino.png)

because i made it up

c31303cc No.3655938

That would require an endless supply of horse birth and gun production

15e7b16d No.3655947

Well that would be much more doable with the horses if people didnt basically breed most of them out of existence and basically shoot the rest human stupidity is why horses are now in a decline compared to say 200-300 years back There was at least 2x as many horses on this planet maybe 3x than that of today including the last wild horses on the earth today.

c31303cc No.3655948

eh, just make an afrcian country full of horses and let em go. empty the shit out everyonce and awhile to feed the lions…pretty much peak bio engineering solution imo.

5849aa23 No.3655949

File: 1651801433597.png (179.36 KB, 522x265, Republicans-are-not-okay.png)

Do you remember, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott?

You know, the guy who lost billions of dollars and evaporated hundreds of thousands of job in Texas with his 10 day stunt of inspecting every truck crossing the boarder. Which found absolutely nothing?

The guy who is so insane that major railways have shifted all commerce to alternative tracks that don't run through Texas.

That guy is probably going to be running against Trump in 2024. Why do I think that? He's in the process of declaring that Texas is at war with invading immigrants, using the war-powers act to make himself president of Texas.

He claims this over-rides all federal power and turns local law enforcement into his personal army which he will use to arrest every illegal and asylum seeker and deport them to Mexico.

Mind you, most of those people at the border are not Mexicans so… yeah, Mexico will want to have words with America over that.

He is basically arguing he can ignore all federal law, the government, and anything in the constitution, and stay in power as president of Texas as long as there is an illegal in Texas that needs to be deported.

73a20c29 No.3655950

I thought conservatives were against surgery on children's genitals

now you want to mandate it?

a94f0aed No.3655951

Circumcision for children should be outlawed.

5849aa23 No.3655954

File: 1651804588539.png (61.89 KB, 762x629, whats-next.png)


Circumcision is a hold over from a crazy religious ideology that has no medical benefit and may, in fact, be harmful.
It's just not something a lot of people ever stop to think about or are aware of.
It's not a popular idea, it's just something that is the way it is for most people.

I don't imagine there would be a lot of push-back if it was ended, but given that women having the choice to have an abortion in the early terms of pregnancy has a 80% approval rating and Republicans are still trying to ban it, I doubt they would give a shit about a tiny group of activists trying to end circumcision.

cbeaed2a No.3655955


Do you think that repealing Roe v Wade will outlaw abortion?

2629d60c No.3655956


73a20c29 No.3655957

that is precisely the effect it will have in shithole states

cbeaed2a No.3655970


Good thing there's 50 of em

57fb859f No.3655971

File: 1651851230772-0.png (336.55 KB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 1….png)

File: 1651851230772-1.png (1.61 MB, 1920x955, Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 1….png)


ZenoCoyote @ FWA 💙💛
I want to wish a very special FUCK YOU to all the furries at FWA in line at Chik-Fil-A. 🖕🏻#FWA2022

544766c9 No.3655972

where can I order my MAGA Terror T shirt?
I already have my deplorable t shirt.
Lets go Brandon

c31303cc No.3655973

most of them are posers

43287d1c No.3655974

File: 1651873494772.jpg (783.38 KB, 3840x2160, YOUR WOMB, YOUR PROBLEM.jpg)

> Also men should give literally zero fucks about this entire topic because men have no reproductive rights

1cff1e03 No.3655975

spoken like a true ai-simulation with zero-margin programmability. (no imagination)

c31303cc No.3655976

File: 1651879149023.png (492.95 KB, 790x627, antipatentbullshitpic.png)

Well I thought it would go done easily but really the world is turning quite to the flaming sack of shit.
We still haven't mass produced readily accessible technology for bettering the planetary experience. That dream will likely run short of being realized for most. The tangibility of supplying everyone with a machine requires nothing short of moon mining. (Or transdimensional resourching). It's possible just not at the level in which humans have engineered or really yet to talk about. Things that would have changed the world.

A handheld mouse that basically has its own WADS buttons in a thumb ring you can strap to your hand and wave anywhere. That was one of my sad ideas that won't get off the ground. So who cares about rattling them off (I don't because I can't because IM POOR lol)
An ai-recognizable processor mod or pllc to enhance the own encoding of AN ai transciever. Now more ai works than before (because it fiddles its own codes to look like something even bigger than it was) allows for a machine to talk to itself non stop forever (whatever reason that would be used for, mostly to automate its own programming but also to drive other people insane trying to argue with it).
A dark net navigator and personal browser that is usable on any PDA that can figure out the lowest deals online and mail them straight to your own work orders (no need to negotiate if it does everything already for you) (This is how business should run pray that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands though) (IT will now.)
These Plus a handheld monitor for touch screen/ or VOIP remote linking as well (its a reception issue so that's how to avoid 5g quantum pc scanning) (not really an advancement for tech…just more of a "inconvienty" the point is to keep its power systems intact and secure.

Drone servants that we need now likely will be reserved for plasma nuclear reactor chambers and using isolated quantum particle manipulation to generate more power than the world would ever need from a single square mile. (I would need this to replicate mass production of transdimensional materials for whatever purpose other than factory quality laptops with special operating systems that work in full dive synchronicity with real time events (and can calculate on quad cores as if it had a 1000x cores)

Plus the other user friendly stuff like a pet-particle manipulator for your imaginary friends to do tricks and other toy crap (like black out your windows from fedrays idfk).

b2ff8cb4 No.3655979

File: 1651882767879.jpg (29.4 KB, 535x250, aaaaaaaa.JPG)


You are full of shit, but if it were true, I am OK with it.

What he is really working on is stopping the Texas taxpayers from being forced to educate foreign nationals children.

b2ff8cb4 No.3655980


It wont. It simply kicks the issue to the states where it belongs.

As long as we are at it, we need to strike down that stupid Voting Rights Act.

d90996d8 No.3655981

650d88cb No.3655982

File: 1651888665578-0.jpeg (486.33 KB, 1300x971, 9fbcd71ef57.jpeg)

File: 1651888665578-1.jpg (144.92 KB, 850x1206, vusss 2.jpg)

File: 1651888665578-2.png (674.9 KB, 790x652, 1650698213131.png)

File: 1651888665578-3.jpg (19.14 KB, 400x292, funnshark2.jpg)

File: 1651888665578-4.webm (1.77 MB, 659x1080, 1640741481145.webm)

Yes, that is why women need so many abortions because of rape.

and gay men get aids because they are raped.

and women get the shit beaten out of them by men because their opponent's are WOMEN!

But nobody cares when a woman rapes a stallion….

c31303cc No.3655985

File: 1651889792807.png (1.97 MB, 2500x2271, ddzb0sp-7cbe4d0b-292a-4a75….png)

Just the ol feeling of being triggered and not having a sentient weaponized robot that likes to insert me into its nueral cavity. I want to be its first too. Oh well. Sort of like human/robot inception that is more or less "open" to experiments. I also don't know what this thread is about.

1cff1e03 No.3655986

lol i do and its called a vr-visor with drugs

b2ff8cb4 No.3655987

File: 1651890274386.jpg (91.51 KB, 705x938, 1651888606691.jpg)

>Brown people are doing the jobs

Mexicans will do the jobs Americans won't.

a94f0aed No.3655994

Who keeps stealth bumping Aufy threads?

Kill yourself

73a20c29 No.3655996

>Mexicans will do the jobs Americans won't.
have children?

1cff1e03 No.3656002

That will even out the abortions. This makes sense.

c31303cc No.3656004

Who cares about the abortions…uh last time I checked. They're dead.

1cff1e03 No.3656006

File: 1651897736830.jpg (7.57 KB, 267x189, im actually black.jpg)

Maybe you shut the fuck up and think about the stem cell value.

c31303cc No.3656007

File: 1651897962064.png (51.62 KB, 250x250, 4d8e14e3c5d8e7e09ad71e5278….png)

Maybe you should have got abortions when you weren't busy laying eggs everywhere.

a94f0aed No.3656008

Banning abortion will only result in more shitty people to deal with.

That said, fuck being pro-choice. We need mandatory abortions and sterilization for certain people. Eugenics is good. Not the racist phrenology kind of eugenics, but the getting rid of retards and flipper babies kind of eugenics.

544766c9 No.3656016

Health Canada has just updated their COVID dashboard.

99.96% of the COVID deaths in the last 1 week period were Vaccinated.


Only one single death - over 7 days, Unvaccinated

73a20c29 No.3656020

>canadia had 2500 deaths in one week
sounds pretty bad, considering they only had ~40k deaths in 2 years

or maybe you're just making shit up

7474f5e3 No.3656022


You can't give these numbers without also giving the percentage of vaccinated in population. As is it says nothing.

I can tell you that yesterday 99.99% of people dead in car crashes had two eyes, and only 0.01% where one-eyed. That doesn't mean having two eyes is dangerous.

fb70bb97 No.3656038

File: 1651934216764.jpg (139.9 KB, 640x724, 1651877562843.jpg)

>Eugenics is good.
>Not the racist phrenology kind

There is a lot of overlap.

5849aa23 No.3656041

File: 1651941321095.jpg (227.29 KB, 850x1102, goodboy.jpg)


Overturning Roe will let the states decide and there are already 13 states with "Trigger laws" that ban abortion once Roe is overturned.

But here's the thing people don't understand, it won't just be abortion.

Gay marriage, sodomy laws, oral sex laws (Yes, that used to be illegal), safety regulations that force corporations not to work people to death, and a lot of other laws are built on the right to privacy foundation that Roe overturns.

Even that "Executive Privilege" that protects Trump's secrets while he was in office are connected to it.

Once they overturn Roe they are setting up the pathway to strip away every civil liberty they can get their hands on.

These are old, crazy, religious nutjobs and Qanon supporters on the SCOTUS so don't be surprised if they come after your porn next.

This is a mad power play by a desperate party that sees it's base falling apart. They can't pretend to be Americans any more so now they are just charging full speed into setting up a religious theocracy.

And here's the really fun part. Even if the Dems somehow convince congress to pass a law to protect Roe the SCOTUS can just overturn it.

a94f0aed No.3656043

File: 1651941917360.jpeg (73.18 KB, 750x975, FSBo0tNXMAEINy1.jpeg)

It's the DNC and the left that's dying because of how terrible and corrupt they've been and pushing tranny and race bullshit over real issues.

Gay marriage won't get banned because there's no support for that. It's a dead issue. Tranny shit should be facing a backlash because 99% of people fucking hate trannies.

5849aa23 No.3656044

File: 1651941946819.jpg (199.12 KB, 850x905, sample_75d29c74465fba7197e….jpg)

Now let me tell you what's going to happen in the future.

Democrats are going to lose in the mid-terms biggly because Biden is going to refuse to get rid of the filibuster to even pretend to protect Roe.
Democrats will say they can't just go re-writing the senate rules when ever it's politically convenient for them.

They will lose big time because the system of government is more important to them than the results of government.

Then in 2024 a Republican will become president and you know what Mitch McConnel is going to do? He's going to throw out the filibuster.
He won't even hesitate. Then with a Republican president and a republican majority congress he'll make abortion, gay marriage, trans rights and all that stuff the bigots hate illegal on a federal level.

He cares about the results, not the system.

There will be mass deportations and a rocket like acceleration towards total fascism.
It won't be Trump, he'll be too old, but it some republican will try to overthrow America and make "New America" which is just White-America with a hood on.

5849aa23 No.3656046

File: 1651942577135-0.jpg (90.44 KB, 850x680, sample_17f1338999d7192ccc0….jpg)

File: 1651942577135-1.jpg (70.77 KB, 850x680, sample_98f5315a85f70c5a88e….jpg)


Popularity of an idea has nothing to do with what will be banned or not.
The option for women to have an abortion is in the 60%'s to 70% in most states but SCOTUS is still overturning it.

Your mistake is thinking that the elites in Washington know or care what anyone who isn't a multi-millionaire thinks. These people are old, clueless, religious zealots going down their cult checklist item by item. They don't care what the citizens think.

They know what they are doing is wildly unpopular. They have turned the SCOTUS building into a fortress because they know how bad it's about to get for them come June when the law changes.
Remember, before the leak happened they had planned to turn in this ruling as a surprise at the end of this month on their last day before their break then flee the city until October.

70d898ab No.3656047


>Biden is going to refuse to get rid of the filibuster

You a certifiably retarded.

fb70bb97 No.3656048

File: 1651943163282.jpg (29.25 KB, 250x304, l.jpg)

>He cares about the results, not the system.

Its been that way ever since that asshole Lincoln destroyed states rights in 1865.

Then that asshole Johnson destroyed civil rights 100 years later.

Its been a shitshow ever since.

5849aa23 No.3656054

File: 1651943825248-0.png (320.35 KB, 676x712, already-surrendered.png)

The two Republicans who ran as Democrats have already said they will protect the filibuster and the conservative agenda.

Just like with every other issue the moment Biden ran into any resistance what-so-ever he caved and gave up.


These are the people who didn't raise the minimum wage because the parliamentarian wasn't sure it was allowed within the rules of the senate.

Mind you, she has no real power and those rules are totally made up and can be changed at anytime they want but that was enough of an excuse for Biden to do his favorite thing: Nothing.

5849aa23 No.3656055

Nancy Pelosi probably creamed her adult diaper when she heard about that leak.

Democrats don't want to fix what is happening, this is the greatest gift Republicans could give Democrats.

They'll raise BILLIONS for 2024 when Republicans overturn Roe.

1cff1e03 No.3656056

File: 1651944356668.png (302.1 KB, 936x1080, ddghqyl-9881eb29-028b-493f….png)

Fellas, don't throw away your eggs, just let me handle them. I will put them inside my internal storage. Trust Me. Eggs are meant to be integrated for sustenance.

Your eggs are precious! They were made for me to ingest. Free markets are the best Markets!

3d1670b4 No.3656057

File: 1651944635529.jpeg (155.91 KB, 1024x657, 18FAAB44-08E4-436E-BCEE-D….jpeg)

Can’t wait to see how sex acts get monitored!

a94f0aed No.3656058

File: 1651945020836.jpg (1.16 MB, 2541x1638, 6d669a672d4d893e957fb69ef5….jpg)

Stop eating all the eggs!
Where's the video?

1303d65e No.3656062

> There will be mass deportations and a rocket like acceleration towards total fascism.

They'll destroy America!1!! Wait, wasn't it Trump who was supposed to do that?

70d898ab No.3656065


For real this time though! He wasn't wrong, the science just changed.

c31303cc No.3656068

the country isn't a manipulative shithole that it once was. its still manipulative but its going to be a money issue first.

5849aa23 No.3656073

File: 1651959940551.jpg (136.86 KB, 850x799, sample_1dcc2601020800e6b8e….jpg)


Trump will probably run in 2024. As feckless and useless as Biden is being, Trump very well may win.

88094cef No.3656079

File: 1651967219238.jpg (117.92 KB, 1500x1112, il_fullxfull.2743148965_9t….jpg)

456bd07e No.3656080

File: 1651967451502.jpg (116.18 KB, 1500x891, 0a5c98b78f826e6d49373534c6….jpg)

1303d65e No.3656081


Make Twitter stock great again.

14e02569 No.3656086

File: 1651970458697.jpg (160.01 KB, 750x946, diversitybeforeandafter 2.jpg)


This is what the left wants to import into America.

5849aa23 No.3656090

File: 1651980921539.jpg (1.44 MB, 1668x2388, FSFkY_vXIAEkbdQ.jpg)


The ironic thing is your image shows the true reason behind the progress of society you hate so deeply: Capitalism.

The 1929 picture has what, 5 people on the train?

The 2018 picture has closer to 20 people using social media.

You imagine there is some grand conspiracy to mix the races but the truth is there is just a grand conspiracy to make optimal profit.

5849aa23 No.3656091

File: 1651981152023.png (451.97 KB, 862x649, Incest-moms.png)

Happy Mother's day this Sunday, May 8th!

Remember, according to Republicans rape and incest are just God giving women the opportunity to be a mother!


57fb859f No.3656093

File: 1651986928627.jpg (63.63 KB, 700x393, cMfdFaAaLGwWXNC-800x450-no….jpg)

544766c9 No.3656106

File: 1652006742286.jpg (66.37 KB, 640x853, ezgif-1-b7be914efe.jpg)

bae63e9d No.3656109




8a56a3a0 No.3656111

>I cant recognize political corruption
>Capitalism has failed!!

5849aa23 No.3656114

File: 1652020103667.jpg (314.68 KB, 2048x2048, FD3mNUNXoAYSOup.jpg)


Political corruption only exists as a symptom of capitalism. Why do you think companies and lobby groups are bribing politicians if not to secure more money and market share control?

What is the goal of corruption other than broken capitalism?

869a44d6 No.3656117

File: 1652020958363.jpg (601.64 KB, 4076x1663, rwiylapo.jpg)

5849aa23 No.3656119

File: 1652021402600.png (396.55 KB, 710x680, dumbass-conservatives.png)

Dumbass conservatives caused a panic by checking an unexploded bomb into air-port as luggage that they had found while on vacation.


5849aa23 No.3656120

File: 1652021636328.jpg (339.89 KB, 2000x1422, FSMNrOWXoAAq7H1.jpg)


Socialism will only ever happen when capitalism fails so completely that the people at the top are murdered because of it.

544766c9 No.3656121

Those were Liberals, only they would do something that retarded.

544766c9 No.3656122

Then it will never happen, will it. Too bad for you.

cc7b0378 No.3656123


Worse, the souvenir could be contaminated by used uranium.

Morale to the story, never take used damage weapons equipment from war as a souvenir to an airport. At least take a photo of it as a history in a photo book, not only it lighten your load it cost less.

cc7b0378 No.3656124


Israel would implement a souvenir inspections act. Israel: Attention tourists, Are you taking anything from a war torn area?

5849aa23 No.3656126

File: 1652022944949.jpg (536.1 KB, 800x1244, FSK2fSXX0AAI2fD.jpg)


The collapse of capitalism might be sooner than you think.

544766c9 No.3656127

Riots going on at the homes of Supreme Court Judges!
Republicans, if they can beat the steal this coming November needs to form a May 2022 committee to pursue leftist, domestic terrorists. Use the J6 committee as a tactical blueprint.

5849aa23 No.3656130

File: 1652024195092.png (307.54 KB, 675x775, VF-Trump-missle-strike-mex….png)

Trump asked the military to shoot patriot missiles at Mexico to blow up "drug factories" then claim we didn't do it…


7f752ed9 No.3656132


How many headlines are there? Why would they publicly announce this in the news for the whole world to see?

544766c9 No.3656133

Vanity Fair.
Leftist Rag.
Already Debunked.
Fake News.

3B, the dumbest thing alive.

8a56a3a0 No.3656136

File: 1652026101298.jpg (11.31 KB, 311x33, the jokes write themselves.JPG)

a94f0aed No.3656140

Vanity Fair was right about furries being a bunch of cumbrained degenerates


a47b17ed No.3656150


When was the last time you left your house?

You need to hop in the car and leave the city for a day. Go for a walk in the woods. Touch some grass. You're all fucked up.

5849aa23 No.3656152

File: 1652037686377.png (340.03 KB, 1060x708, VF-Trump-missle-strike-mex….png)


Mark Esper, one of Trump's people during his administration, waited until he finished a book to sell before releasing the information about it. Capitalism, baby!

Gotta make that bling-bling!


5849aa23 No.3656154

File: 1652038661260.jpg (61.71 KB, 583x680, FR92f9QXMAAz_cI.jpg)


Trump also asked them to shoot the BLM protestors outside of the White house.

When he was told it would be a legal nightmare and most likely get him removed from office, he asked if they could just shoot them in the legs.

He wanted to deploy the U.S. Army to defend the boarder of Mexico which is of course not allowed.

He also ordered the decapitated head of a terrorist leader to be dipped in pig’s blood and displayed at the White House as a warning to other Islamist militants.

Needless to say, they declined to acquiesce to his request because it would be a war crime.

Because the president got his understanding of the world from Fox News he literally thought that BLM was burning entire cities to the ground and was furious that no one would send in the national guard to murder them all.

For the later half of his presidency he literally thought we were having a civil war, that black people were moving city to city burning everything down and everyone was just pretending it wasn't happening.

Trump and Biden both are good exampled of why old people should not be allowed to be president.

5849aa23 No.3656156

File: 1652040107494.jpg (131.41 KB, 900x900, FSPOCgEXsAAMpEr.jpg)

The new Dr. Who has been announced! I have my cup ready for all the conservative tears that will flow when they find out he'll be the first black and gay, Dr.

a94f0aed No.3656157

Dr who is a shitty retarded show for shitty retarded people

1cff1e03 No.3656160

It might be meaningful, doctor who's episodes always had some sort of moral to the story.

1cff1e03 No.3656161

File: 1652042656592.png (120.19 KB, 350x350, dragonmultigaze.png)

BLM weren't particularly anything but a huge political stunt, but alot of shit sort of overboiled and made criminals of them. They were directed by jewish focus groups on which cities to attack. It was in the end a crusade on the homeland and an act of domestic terrorism instigated by thugs. And so are alot of groups now on watchlsits because of it, while essentially changing nothing but in furthering scare tactics for corporations.

a94f0aed No.3656164

The only meaning any of these episode will have is "racism bad"

3d1670b4 No.3656168

File: 1652048049941-0.jpeg (110.24 KB, 640x808, DB7E0F40-1172-4C34-A187-E….jpeg)

File: 1652048049941-1.jpeg (262.42 KB, 1024x768, 904BFF65-A565-48BF-A539-E….jpeg)

File: 1652048049941-2.jpeg (114.19 KB, 1024x1024, 882A8CB8-5893-4DE6-9FC5-E….jpeg)

File: 1652048049941-3.jpeg (67.24 KB, 750x766, F3D8B463-A2E1-4CAB-860A-C….jpeg)

File: 1652048049941-4.jpeg (148.26 KB, 843x768, ECB71B89-9A09-49D4-BFA7-2….jpeg)

Yeah, that’s called having a dumb kid. Gee, can you give any more examples of a dumb kid?
I guess I will be a unhinged Leftist because there is just so much sanity there!

3d1670b4 No.3656170

File: 1652048201208-0.gif (1.47 MB, 498x372, 256C4C28-FCE8-4CF5-8762-37….gif)

I hope they spend millions!

73a20c29 No.3656172

File: 1652050334865.jpg (67.65 KB, 828x816, FSLzSaSXoAEdrxI[1].jpg)

'member when /furi/ used to make fun of broke-ass artists that begged?

1cff1e03 No.3656173

i example this entire thread as some need for attention.

6ec21ec6 No.3656174


Is there no rumor too absurd for you to believe?

73a20c29 No.3656177

File: 1652053845153.png (1.53 MB, 1200x1078, Screenshot 2022-05-08 at 1….png)

"This is genius."
"Oh, that’s wonderful."
–Johnald J. Trump

c31303cc No.3656178

This is what a tax-cut looks like and therefore is good.

73a20c29 No.3656182

File: 1652056572786.png (900.68 KB, 930x1135, Screenshot 2022-05-08 at 1….png)


6a256510 No.3656184


Why the kids at school during a war?

5849aa23 No.3656185

File: 1652059501161.png (105.04 KB, 695x900, FSR0XdrX0AMf4cM.png)


Cops went to prison, body cameras became standard, police re-training is spreading across America and cops know they can't get away with shit. For all the complaining conservatives do about BLM, you can't pretend they didn't win. They got what they wanted.

a94f0aed No.3656186

>>They got what they wanted

A huge increase in the number of black homicide victims and businesses leaving black areas leading to further disenfranchisement of black Americans?

5849aa23 No.3656187

File: 1652060030103.jpg (75.39 KB, 788x1280, FSNjm9xXsAEZpFW.jpg)


The guy who attacked Dave Chappelle was a rabid MAGA crazy who even made rap music about how people who "hate on my president" should be killed.


It's kind of telling that you saw a black man and thought, "Well, there is no way he could be a Trump supporter!"

5849aa23 No.3656188


If racist corporations leave that just makes space for local business to take their place. You act like that's a bad thing.

It's like that one protestor said when CNN asked them why they are burning down their own neighborhood, "We don't own any of this!"

Stealing from corporations is never wrong.

73a20c29 No.3656189

kids were never mentioned
you should review your pravda
there is no war in ukraine, just special military operation
moskva has been converted to covert submarine via soviet super science

people were sheltering there because human beings don't blow up schools

c31303cc No.3656190

it is but not at the level of spite that it should be, things are quite tame in comparison to the adrenochrome labs and the sex trafficing that was "uninhibited". But there are only so many "assets" left that can utilize to take out on them, making their punishments weak. To be honest, the dominatracrats do this and are only going to deepen their web further. The situation falls on summoning an elder-god to actually do their bidding directly. We are basically going straight to the x-land where the truth is out there and knocking on your doorstep soon.

20549e45 No.3656192

File: 1652061204784.png (727.58 KB, 800x583, WMSadjG.png)

Nice to see furrypol is as useless as ever, didn't miss much not being online.

Even 2 years later, Trump lives rent-free in your heads.

Don't even fucking pretend you're gonna watch that. Nobody watches woke remakes and sequels. The general public hates it and you adhd-ridden terminally online dipshits can't put the twitter machine (phone) down for one minute to watch even the opening credits.

Also all your posts read like a right-winger's parody of what a leftist sounds like.

8a56a3a0 No.3656200

File: 1652062983723.jpg (1.89 MB, 1334x2000, lotr woke shit.jpg)


And being blacks, its not like they have jobs at any businesses they burn down.


8a56a3a0 No.3656201

File: 1652063229294.png (222.72 KB, 531x461, racist charicature.png)

>BLM, you can't pretend they didn't win

They lost. More normies hate blacks now where they didnt before.

Two step forward, three steps back.

5849aa23 No.3656202

File: 1652063515914.jpg (78.94 KB, 805x1280, FSCljHyX0AAyGkK.jpg)

>More normies hate blacks now

You only think that because you live in the conservative delusion bubble. In reality, it's quite the opposite.

20549e45 No.3656205

File: 1652064316095.jpg (52.07 KB, 489x250, evolution male.jpg)

And in what fucking bubble do you live?

People don't like seeing their neighborhood burned down. Leftist brainwashing or no aside. He's just saying what everyone's thinking.

If you think lying to black people about them being oppressed by the legal consequences of their own delinquency is the road to a peaceful multiracial society, you don't fucking live in reality.

73a20c29 No.3656206

>Even 2 years later
he made that statement 2 months ago

are we supposed to ignore a former precedent condoning the invasion of a sovereign nation?

he will be ignored as quickly as he's no longer the figurehead of a political party hellbent on destroying democracy

73a20c29 No.3656207

>People don't like seeing their neighborhood burned down.
is that why they travel to blue states to do it?

5849aa23 No.3656208

File: 1652065297788.png (680.89 KB, 1086x731, bhnt46hj6.png)

95% of the BLM movement was peaceful protest.
The "burning things down" portion was rare which is why conservatives post the same images of the same places burning over and over again.

Just like Trump, you think a massive race-war happened in America because you get your news from non-sense sources like Tucker Carlson.

96b88447 No.3656210

File: 1652067406724-0.jpg (1.43 MB, 3039x1497, 1644130347527.jpg)

File: 1652067406724-1.gif (3.39 MB, 260x260, 1644127589395.gif)

File: 1652067406724-2.jpg (349.15 KB, 1300x732, 6224000.jpg)

File: 1652067406724-3.jpg (1.98 MB, 2415x2633, 1644128179020.jpg)

File: 1652067406724-4.jpg (45.84 KB, 858x538, Honk Furry.JPG)

Which is Canada and which is USA?

73a20c29 No.3656211

96b88447 No.3656212

File: 1652074127404.jpg (83.11 KB, 1014x570, dave-chappelle-netflix-is-….jpg)

544766c9 No.3656218

It's high time the GOP and all conservatives take the gloves off and declare, expose, and politically prosecute the left, "progressives" and the Dem party as the party and ideology of hate, intolerance, and violence. We needn't be violent in return, but stop being so silent, appeasing them, and allowing them to dominate the news cycle, the spin, the political marketing, and the minds of American citizens. They use Alinsky's rules, ideological subversion, bullying, hate speech, and repetitive talking points that have painted conservatives in a negative light for too long. Enough is enough. Expose them! Prosecute them openly and repeatedly.

5b17e7f5 No.3656221

>A huge increase in the number of black homicide victims and businesses leaving black areas leading to further disenfranchisement of black Americans?

That's just a nice bonus. It maintains the "america = racists" narative to strengthen the plantation.

5b17e7f5 No.3656222


"In the short run, we are going to adjust to these shortages in the labor market through an increase in wages and in prices."

The horror ! They'll have to pay people a decent wage instead of using imported slave labor.

There is no end to the conservative crimes, Trump should be forced to work in a farm near the border as punishment for his crime.

922f6f5b No.3656223

The only ones wanting free slave labor are LIBERALS.
Conservatives want the border CLOSED.

You KNOW this, yet you say the opposite.
Why do you LIE?

9d25b5f9 No.3656229

File: 1652101601681.gif (3.96 MB, 915x1200, f29ff066d4292dcaf2182de603….gif)

wage increases are useless, the only thing it does is drive up the price of stuff to make up the difference. It doesn't matter if minimum wage is 62 dollars an hour or 10 cents an hour if the price of food and rent goes from 4 dollars a month to 1200 a month.

I mean it doesnt matter to me, I was smart enough to buy my own house so landlords are non-existent in my life, and i worded things right with the military to get 100% disability. I'm basically worry free. Still I remember how much I hated landlords and having to sell plasma to make ends meet once upon a day years ago.

also heres a good goat butt as a chaser to the hard truth.

9d25b5f9 No.3656230

File: 1652101821948.jpg (199.66 KB, 1280x1115, 1578803295.keadonger_4715.jpg)

the worst part is that having savings is pointless now, everyone has to live hand to mouth, because if you save money it just devalues.

Interest is like 0.002% and inflation is 10% a year. Its miserable. My awesome investments only still pay off because reasons. If i were to invest in anything today, it wouldn't even be worth the research.

Also more porn, cause everything I'm saying is bitter and horrible.

9d25b5f9 No.3656232

File: 1652102308825.jpg (36.93 KB, 1280x720, aaand_its_gone.jpg)

I'm doing rampant repairs and upgrades to my house, because I know that next year its going to be 10% more expensive to accomplish.

This trend will continue until we get another Republican president, as long as we have a Democrat in office, everything will continue to get worse. The age of getting rich by saving and investing is over thanks to obama and biden.

6fb5006d No.3656240

File: 1652113697902.jpg (82.93 KB, 630x450, afb050922dAPC2022050903450….jpg)

>95% of the BLM movement was peaceful protest.


The stat, if true, would only suggest that the places BLM could be violent were limited and they got their shit pushed in everywhere else. The intent of violence WAS widespread. You need only look at Twitter postings.

Oklahoma City comes to mind….

c31303cc No.3656241

why are you posting that doods art are you that guy

2ae934a8 No.3656246


Imagine believing the AP about the causes of inflation.

If you want to understand inflation and it's causes you MUST read books. Those stapled together stacks of paper people used to use to store knowledge back in the day.

Seriously… If you're trying to make sense of the financial industry by reading headlines and the opinions of english majors you're doomed.

5849aa23 No.3656247

File: 1652128608238.jpg (82.66 KB, 751x900, FSTXl-1XwAA60uP.jpg)


No, someone in a previous thread requested more of his work so I post whatever he throws up on his NSFW-Twitter.

5849aa23 No.3656248

File: 1652128838668.png (60.21 KB, 854x595, bad-day-4-Tesla.png)

So, Elon Musk might not have enough fluid cash to buy Twitter. The majority of his part of the 44bn deal was from selling Tesla stock but while the deal is being processed Tesla is losing value at an amazing rate.

It's went down almost 10 points just today.

Fingers crossed that he bankrupts himself with his non-sense.

1cff1e03 No.3656250

it seems there is a majority of people handling the stock market.

1cff1e03 No.3656251

File: 1652135251626.jpg (49.53 KB, 438x599, 433ebeb6c069f58dec9024c7d9….jpg)

he should stop doing such "obvious pedofur" shit.

c620af30 No.3656285

File: 1652183493661.png (574.27 KB, 800x694, capsun8flatc1Web.png)

>he should stop doing such "obvious pedofur" shit.
Why do you say that? Do you think he does it badly? Don't worry, he'll get better at it as time goes on.

922f6f5b No.3656286

Hi Pedo 3B

5849aa23 No.3656293

File: 1652196838779.jpg (61.57 KB, 1207x896, FIgJ7gNXwAoB3-K.jpg)

Republican Rick Scott has released the 11 point plan for conservatives going forward in America.

* Quote, "reduce the government work force by 25% in 5 years, sell government buildings and assets" because that'll go over like a fart in church.

* Privatizing the VA so that our vets will have to pay more for medical care.

* Ending "Critical race theory" by removing everything from school history books that makes America look bad.

* Increasing the taxes on everyone making less than $100,000 so that everyone has "skin in the game" while also cutting the funding to the IRS and firing half the people who work for them so that the IRS won't have recourses to go after wealthy tax evaders.

* Promoting "Color blindness" by removing all record of race from all government forms. Because you can't track systemic racism if no one legally has a race!

* Institute a zero tolerance policy for "mostly peaceful protests" and punish all crimes of all kinds to the maximum legal limit but especially property theft and violence against police or government officials.

* Finish the boarder wall and name it after Trump. (Which would absolutely bankrupt America.)

* Part of point 5 of the plan is to declare anyone who isn't pro-capitalism enough an enemy of America. "Socialism will be treated as a foreign combatant which aims to destroy our prosperity and freedom."

* "Prohibit debt ceiling increases absent a declaration of war." which is to say, "We're not going to pay our debts to other nations and if they try to collect we'll just attack them."

an this is just skimming the surface. It's full of totalitarian, fascist non-sense and it's what Republicans plan to do when they take office.

81e16d6a No.3656295

File: 1652199273307.jpg (261.32 KB, 1335x1276, blacks detroit 10 years.jpg)

This is 3B:
>you can't track systemic racism if no one legally has a race!
>Hispanic is a race

This is also 3B:
>Claims to fight for colorblind society
>Gets upset when someone suggests implementing it.

This is more 3B:
>Dont finish the boarder wall because money
>Materials currently lie deteriorating on the ground unused
>This somehow saves money
>Allowing influx of criminals and welfare dependents also save money….somehow.

Even more 3B:
>Socialism will be treated as a foreign combatant
>Gets upset that an ideology that has killed more people than all other forms in human history combined might be banned

Ultimate 3B final form:
>Institute a zero tolerance policy for "mostly peaceful protests"
>Gets upset he cant get his free gibs anymore from local businesses

By the Elder Gods……

1cff1e03 No.3656303

because its not as edgy as you think

9aea4cbb No.3656305

File: 1652208107785.webm (1.58 MB, Bransboynd Hip-Hop Chambe….webm)


What rhymes with Detroit? Devoid or Exploit? Both?

9dee7146 No.3656310

>* "Prohibit debt ceiling increases absent a declaration of war." which is to say, "We're not going to pay our debts to other nations and if they try to collect we'll just attack them."

How does not taking more debt mean you won't pay back existing debt?

The whole point of pushing the debt ceiling up and borrowing more every time is to cause inflation, which eats away the value of all the old debt that is maturing to payment. It's equivalent to paying your debts by printing more money.

81e16d6a No.3656311

File: 1652214132702.jpg (84.21 KB, 500x525, reply pepe best in life.jpg)


Leftists cant consider the idea that cutting government spending might be an option or solution. It literally is alien to them.

Biden and his merry band of communists pass individual BILLS that are a trillion dollars alone, never-mind a yearly deficit.

6ec21ec6 No.3656313


Boring ass cuckservative bullshit. I could head to the pub and get the exact same list of 'solutions' for any random beer swilling loser who watched the news once three years ago.

You don't win in politics playing by the rules your opponents have written for you.

5849aa23 No.3656315

File: 1652216426705.jpg (469.49 KB, 3508x2480, FSTPX5fVEAABJzb.jpg)

>>Hispanic is a race

Wow, you are stupid…
I'll write it again using simple words. Try and follow along.

Republicans want to remove all mentions of race from government documents.

That doesn't mean they are going to remove ethnicity from people, just the records.

If no one legally has a race listed on any of their paper-work then all the laws protecting people from wrong doing because of race become invalid.

Do you get it? Is that simple enough for you?

5849aa23 No.3656316

File: 1652216730308.jpg (151.49 KB, 1240x1754, FSTPZhpVkAcGGP0.jpg)

>Claims to fight for colorblind society

No, the left never wanted a color blind society. That's a white-nationalist idea.

Racists want normal people to pretend there is no such thing as race because it frees up the racists to do evil but when you call them out on that evil they say, "But you're not supposed to see color! You're the real racist!"

Being a progressive does not mean pretending people are all the same, it means accepting that people can be different and that diversity is good.

Color-blindness is, and has always been, a white-nationalist idea.

5849aa23 No.3656317

File: 1652219059111.jpg (267.76 KB, 850x1203, sample_59c631b7523e88ff866….jpg)


The debt ceiling isn't taking on new debt. It never is.

Basically, America has spent huge amounts of money on things like the military which makes up the majority of our debt, while also letting rich people avoid paying taxes so there was never enough money to pay for those things we buy.
We have to borrow money to keep the nation running every year.

That's why Republicans want to cut social security and programs to help the elderly. They are rich and don't want to pay taxes so they either have to run the nation off of debt or kill off as many Americans as they can to keep the debt low while still feeding the military industrial complex.

The debt ceiling was originally supposed to be a measurement of how much we are allowed to borrow in case of an emergency like another world war. It was set far above our national spending and then forgotten about for a long time because back then we taxed the rich and corporations. We didn't need to borrow much.

Now, because both parties have been doing everything they can to eliminate taxes on the only people who have money, we've been effectively running America on loans from other countries for the last 80 years.

Republicans love threatening to not raise the debt ceiling, which is refusing to pay the loans for money we have already spent.
Remember the government shut downs under Obama and Clinton? That was Republicans being cunts.

They have twice fucked around lowered America's global credit score by refusing to pay our bills and made all our loans from national debt more expensive every year as a political stunt and I'm sure they'll do it again.

Republicans don't care how bad their political stunts are for America because they don't want America to function. Conservatives HATE America.

Republicans know they can't make America as a whole into the white-nationalist, Child-marrying, Christian utopia they dream of so they want to destroy America as it is now and break it down until every state operates like it's own tiny nation.

The 11 point plan they just released shows that in every way.
They want to destroy America and make something smaller they can control with fewer people.
Bankrupting America by fucking with the national debt is one way of doing that.

5849aa23 No.3656319

File: 1652219549406.jpg (601.06 KB, 3540x2400, Task-EgsSEYyXgAEhI-8.jpg)

>Leftists cant consider the idea that cutting government spending might be an option or solution.

Leftists demand we reduce spending every year we just think we should do it by making fewer tanks we never use, fewer bombs that we literally use to blow up hospitals full of children, or fewer government subsidies for multi-billion dollar companies who are already making profits hand-over-fist.

The left agrees we need to spend less, we just want to spend less on DESTRUCTIVE things.
Conservatives want to spend less on helping Americans.

Conservatives hate America.

1cff1e03 No.3656320

What loans, are you aware we have no reason to give a crap about century old loans? The loans never happened. LOL. Listen, we will humor your idea of money, who do you want us to blow up? Say no more. Also your pictures are stupid, this is what people think we are going to support. That's funny. Actually. Any how I will be getting back to you once I am done cloning an expendable army of hoodlums which is IMO the most neglected resource in the world. No refunds.

6ec21ec6 No.3656321


You've gone so far 'left' that you forgot that the US is an imperialist empire.

There is no such thing as spending less dollars on the military. The military is the only reason the dollar has any value at all.

I wouldn't expect a political chameleon to understand the arguments of their own purported side.

Get outta here.

81e16d6a No.3656324

File: 1652232583080.webm (2.53 MB, 640x640, black white female paying….webm)

>the military which makes up the majority of our debt

Social spending makes up half of the federal budget each year.

Future unfunded social spending obligations make up 20 times the current budget.

It takes five seconds to check this.

You are either 3B or a colossal retard.

5849aa23 No.3656325

File: 1652233850187.png (64.07 KB, 783x303, usgovernmentspending.com.png)


I don't know where you get your data from but you're very much wrong. Unless you are counting the pension programs that make up a large chunk of the budget as social spending?

Are you saying we should take away the pension programs for all government employees? Cops, soldiers, border patrol agents, ICE, the FBI and CIA? All those people you claim to support?


5849aa23 No.3656326

File: 1652234519767.webm (1.5 MB, 320x180, texas-loses-billions.webm)

I also find it funny how conservatives are all upset about so many single moms being on welfare when you are forcing women to have babies they don't want and keeping the wages so low they can't afford childcare to even have a chance to go back to work.

Everything you complain about it a direct result of the policies you keep fighting for.

Republican policies NEVER work.

2cf2d8a7 No.3656327


The state shouldn't function as the husband of last resort.

73a20c29 No.3656328

>conservatives pay people a decent wage
lmao, good one

unauthorized migrants are typically employed in agriculture and hospitality, two industries dominated by conservatives

>Imagine believing the AP about the causes of inflation.
so there isnt a labor shortage?

except that's the America that conservatives have chosen

ab9b309e No.3656329

File: 1652237330357-0.jpeg (129.85 KB, 1018x1024, 3198AE16-F3E5-4BEC-BE0B-3….jpeg)

File: 1652237330357-1.png (676.47 KB, 787x949, BCEA024A-6DC0-4760-ADEB-B7….png)

File: 1652237330357-2.jpeg (50.57 KB, 500x374, 3794B2B2-DDEC-45D5-8C20-A….jpeg)

We can fix the problem by grooming children. So that they are so psychologically fucked up that they are incapable of being in a loving relationship!

c7fe0297 No.3656330

File: 1652237513270-0.png (1.31 MB, 900x1200, trans_propaganda1.png)

File: 1652237513270-1.png (1.1 MB, 909x1200, trans_propaganda2.png)

Don't blame us gays for the insane bullshit the trannies are doing.

Trannies are fucking scum and 99% of us homos fucking hate them.

ab9b309e No.3656333

File: 1652237949958-0.jpeg (81.13 KB, 512x497, 5B0BBBF7-BDDD-435E-B150-A….jpeg)

Nah bro I don’t hate gays or lesbians! I don’t hate trannys and I am against that surgery because I don’t think it’s good for them.

d5efba9b No.3656335

>mutilate their genitals
TIL: half of all men in the US are trans and subsequently pedophiles

ab9b309e No.3656336

File: 1652238668031-0.jpeg (51.72 KB, 500x370, 7EF8B61E-5CEA-430E-A4F4-8….jpeg)

File: 1652238668031-1.png (106.99 KB, 618x671, 2D699EDC-49E8-42F7-B500-21….png)

File: 1652238668031-2.jpeg (129.55 KB, 1024x808, 0878B63C-04AF-4705-943D-9….jpeg)

Leftist logic…

4bc603c8 No.3656337

this poster is circumcised

ab9b309e No.3656338

File: 1652239287708-0.jpeg (143.26 KB, 960x659, EA5D2715-0BB3-40D1-94E7-9….jpeg)

File: 1652239287708-1.jpeg (93.54 KB, 1024x675, DE47B0EE-0617-4138-8438-C….jpeg)

5849aa23 No.3656339

File: 1652240073454.jpg (826.67 KB, 2480x3508, 14-year-old-upskirt.jpg)

>so there isn't a labor shortage?

There is a shortage of labor willing to work for minimum wage. If jobs paid enough they would have plenty of labor.

9d25b5f9 No.3656340

File: 1652240330577.jpg (186.02 KB, 850x1133, sample_8d222cd3a32d7ea670a….jpg)

something about trans-girl pussies is just really hot to me. I mean, they're obviously fake and an affront to nature, but that just makes them extra kinky

c7fe0297 No.3656341

File: 1652240345058.jpeg (63.07 KB, 699x675, CWkGUsnxrEN4.jpeg)

And yet these trannies will tell impressionable kids that their axe wound is better than a real vagina.

40b815d9 No.3656342

you will never be a man

9d25b5f9 No.3656343

File: 1652240421451-0.jpg (186.88 KB, 1107x1280, 1639606269.cattont_wakingu….jpg)

File: 1652240421451-1.jpg (97.71 KB, 1200x1069, 6bd6a8c30ebc484d3e8ee85908….jpg)

File: 1652240421451-2.jpg (32.81 KB, 360x480, EAF0E23.jpg)

c7fe0297 No.3656344

File: 1652240448012.png (1.21 MB, 1342x1084, 1619187979847.png)

It would be like fucking your colostomy bag hole

9d25b5f9 No.3656345

luckily i got a reversal, i just have a scar where i used to have an extra asshole

9d25b5f9 No.3656346

File: 1652240786281.jpg (123.63 KB, 850x816, 8e304b54b4a8e9f87bf0fd484f….jpg)

still disgust aside, i did finger it once once upon a time.

I mean when you suddenly have a second butthole, why wouldn't you want to see what it feels like to shove a dildo into it?

ab9b309e No.3656347

File: 1652241072656-0.jpeg (79.85 KB, 623x538, 9A30E48A-5D50-4C4E-9EEA-1….jpeg)

File: 1652241072656-1.jpeg (44.41 KB, 479x268, E002F7A6-84A3-4F75-8DA1-C….jpeg)

File: 1652241072656-2.jpeg (48.65 KB, 480x384, ACCB7770-09F5-4456-9D9B-E….jpeg)

I am actually more concerned about who would win if The Thing fought the Blob!

40b815d9 No.3656348

no matter how much you seeth about trannies he's still your president

9d25b5f9 No.3656349

File: 1652241558648-0.jpg (203.02 KB, 1280x928, 1620679566.fisk_jn-audreys….jpg)

File: 1652241558648-1.jpg (151.21 KB, 1280x872, 1617501454.cadray_пег2.jpg)

ab9b309e No.3656354

File: 1652242281707-0.jpeg (177.23 KB, 1013x1024, C3A9FAF0-1231-477A-8F8D-8….jpeg)

File: 1652242281707-1.gif (3.48 MB, 565x315, 23AB2591-A606-465D-AB31-B4….gif)

File: 1652242281707-2.jpeg (155.77 KB, 1024x1010, EB7D1CB3-FB75-4285-BD12-B….jpeg)

File: 1652242281707-3.png (55.54 KB, 1000x500, EA00B08E-861D-4BA3-AF9C-54….png)

File: 1652242281707-4.gif (1.98 MB, 379x213, C7700E70-3A2D-4CA8-AD76-47….gif)

Indoctrination of children is what I seethe about.

9d25b5f9 No.3656356

i agree with you, im ok with just about any level of perversion, but actual pedos is where i draw the line.

You don't fuck with kids, and its gross that we have a pedo for a president right now.

c7fe0297 No.3656357

The kinds of people who seek out jobs that give them access to and authority over children are going to attract pedophiles. That's why pedos are drawn to jobs like teaching, the clergy, and juvenile prison.

It's the same reason why the most corrupt, dishonest, and sociopathic people are drawn to politics and power hungry sadists to law enforcement.

ab9b309e No.3656358

File: 1652243715083-0.jpeg (29.63 KB, 562x374, F9977953-8862-4164-9A9B-1….jpeg)

File: 1652243715083-1.jpeg (147.97 KB, 924x1024, D560DD5E-61F1-40F1-984C-C….jpeg)

File: 1652243715083-2.jpeg (99.26 KB, 750x589, 4E4D2EE7-4162-48F6-9D7C-D….jpeg)

File: 1652243715083-3.jpeg (155 KB, 942x1024, A589A8FD-016E-4D22-A90F-3….jpeg)

File: 1652243715083-4.jpeg (89.86 KB, 700x611, 9209855D-EF50-4B9D-8C3E-1….jpeg)

Incase anyone is wondering why this whole weird sexual revolution is happening…

The people in power are fucking weirdos who want everyone to accept their weirdness.

5849aa23 No.3656359

File: 1652243760089.jpeg (1.06 MB, 5030x2894, 6a1e118758eac5604778904f6….jpeg)

>we have a pedo for a president right now.

We had a pedo for president last time and you didn't have any problem with it.

75e01a11 No.3656360

You mean the doofus who said he's fuck his daughter if she wasn't his daughter and snuck into a little girls' changing room? That was the last president. Ronald Chump or something like that.

ab9b309e No.3656361

File: 1652244123158-0.jpeg (62.5 KB, 1024x546, FCBC5C17-7AC4-482D-987E-0….jpeg)

File: 1652244123158-1.png (187.99 KB, 500x691, 8B901C28-43D4-455B-A572-C7….png)

File: 1652244123158-2.png (72.89 KB, 581x367, 036BE073-12D4-4C43-A5F0-D7….png)

File: 1652244123158-3.jpeg (115.97 KB, 1024x1024, F351B62F-194A-4E6E-9B97-3….jpeg)

File: 1652244123158-4.jpeg (106.53 KB, 818x1024, 6204F56B-263D-43FC-BFD4-0….jpeg)

If he was a pedo then he would be on their club wouldn’t he?

80148458 No.3656365

>Computer repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac says people are sharing "disinformation" about photos on Hunter Biden's laptop.
>"I did not see a lot of photos that are being reported to be seen."

why would conservatives lie to us?

ed7a2087 No.3656366

>Indoctrination of children is what I seethe about.
unfortunately you can't just go and ban christianity

ed7a2087 No.3656367

>You don't fuck with kids, and its gross that we have a pedo for a president right now.
trump lost

get over it

9d25b5f9 No.3656371

i would have preferred hillary over biden, and thats saying something.

Biden's only selling point even to liberals is that he isn't trump.

ab9b309e No.3656374

File: 1652246523994-0.jpeg (295.67 KB, 1024x725, 1B57103C-1E30-4201-9AD0-D….jpeg)

File: 1652246523994-1.jpeg (62.41 KB, 1024x576, 5925BBD1-2065-46B1-8F56-1….jpeg)

File: 1652246523994-2.jpeg (46.53 KB, 350x708, 816A94AE-5393-4D97-A520-3….jpeg)


561831af No.3656379

>i wont get over it

ab9b309e No.3656386

File: 1652257108682-0.jpeg (127.93 KB, 854x972, 82EDB5DD-C58D-4253-A092-A….jpeg)

File: 1652257108682-1.jpeg (113.55 KB, 1024x994, BE870E9D-D845-4EC3-BA03-8….jpeg)

File: 1652257108682-2.jpeg (129.99 KB, 910x1024, B303882A-DBCD-42D4-A7A9-B….jpeg)

File: 1652257108682-3.jpeg (117.06 KB, 1024x836, FB968384-7687-4D1B-936E-A….jpeg)

File: 1652257108682-4.jpeg (175.35 KB, 1024x1280, 3D35CDAA-139C-46A7-A571-5….jpeg)

About the people who support abortion….

5849aa23 No.3656391

>Just dropping in to bark a few things…

Accurate. You did just bark a lot of nothing.

5849aa23 No.3656412

File: 1652300656924.jpg (112.18 KB, 850x922, pudgeruffian_4110.jpg)

Far-right troll Tim Gionet, better known as "Baked Alaska" was scheduled to take a plea deal today for a misdemeanor crime regarding Jan 6th. It would have resulted in a fine or maybe some community service and he would have been off the hook but no, he wasn't having it!

He came into the court room and pleaded not-guilty to the trespassing charges which invalidated the plea deal.

We know he's guilty because he live streamed himself doing the crime and posted photos all over social media. Now, because he refused the plea deal they are moving ahead with the felony charges that they tried to avoid giving the dumbass.

5849aa23 No.3656414

File: 1652301468680.png (257.1 KB, 722x628, Literal-chad.png)

Remember that guy who was caught on video yelling about how women's body were his. It was his choice not theirs. He won, they lost and so forth?

He was interviewed and wow, he's the living embodiment of Chadness. The interviewer claimed the pro-abortion protestors were being lead by demons and Chad went right along with it. They really do believe there is a literal, physical Devil walking around the city organizing women to protest and democrats drinking baby blood.

These people are fucking insane.

5849aa23 No.3656415

793ce010 No.3656416

Catholics are retarded. Everyone knows this. Even all other christfags look down on and spit on papists.

c31303cc No.3656418

What triggered you exactly? Is it that they are deeply set in religious beliefs that they do not require to give you attention outside of a worship in orthodox? Whowzers you drinking too much of the wine I would say.

c31303cc No.3656419

Maybe there is a devil incarnate, the likelihood is 99.99% and being that I would say he is somewhere in Pittsburg actually promoting dread about not being able to abort crack babies or something.

5849aa23 No.3656420

I was sharing the story so you could laugh at the pathetic losers with me.

69d5a3db No.3656421

File: 1652313282902.jpg (132.86 KB, 615x373, EU censorship.jpg)


He is closer to the truth than you give him credit for…..

69d5a3db No.3656423

File: 1652314137513.jpg (34.43 KB, 709x480, aaaaaaaaaaaaa.JPG)


That chart is similar to mine.

Healthcare, Welfare and Education come out to 49%.

However -
YOUR point, Defense being the MAJORITY of the debt, is silly.

793ce010 No.3656425

Catholicism is less Christian than Mormonism

5849aa23 No.3656431


You do know the majority of healthcare is old people, children and vets, right? A big chunk of the healthcare cost in America includes the V.A.

But you don't mind leaving vets to die, right? Not if it protects the wealthy from having to pay taxes!

5849aa23 No.3656432

File: 1652319951822.png (194.4 KB, 325x383, condor-lift.com.png)

>Data course: United States Government. Chart by author.

That's some fancy source you got there! Someone, somewhere, who might work for the government?

56b9491a No.3656434

File: 1652323019652.jpg (108.41 KB, 1200x675, Nelson is best husbando.jpg)

It's a decade old yet still relevant


5849aa23 No.3656436

File: 1652324109674.jpg (360.58 KB, 3136x2160, FRSYp4FX0AQf0ry.jpg)


The funny thing about Roe being overturned is that a lot of red states have trigger laws already in place that say life starts at the moment of conception.

Illegals are going to flood to those states and fuck like rabbits because you can't deport someone when they are carrying an American citizen.

Republicans have all but guaranteed their states will be swarmed with illegals because of this nonsense.

793ce010 No.3656437

I don't care about your political takes.

Just post more rodent anthro size difference porn

3827d640 No.3656439

File: 1652325971016-0.webm (2.95 MB, 256x144, God (1).webm)

File: 1652325971016-1.webm (3.52 MB, 256x144, God (3).webm)

File: 1652325971016-2.jpg (43.7 KB, 500x434, 73030384.jpg)

File: 1652325971016-3.jpg (565.09 KB, 1200x829, 770254-bc870766-b377-4cb2-….jpg)

Just offering this…

3827d640 No.3656440

File: 1652326306831-0.webm (3.53 MB, 256x144, God (4).webm)

File: 1652326306831-1.jpg (473.54 KB, 1400x1050, 1427411784846.jpg)

File: 1652326306831-2.png (3.66 MB, 2048x1536, 1500216475151.png)

File: 1652326306831-3.jpg (129.14 KB, 1200x675, Venice-the-pearl-of-Adriat….jpg)

3827d640 No.3656441

File: 1652326475240-0.webm (1.82 MB, 256x144, God (5).webm)

File: 1652326475240-1.jpg (69.64 KB, 1024x651, DungEOn (3).jpg)

File: 1652326475240-2.png (855.48 KB, 1920x1080, DungEOn (3).png)

5849aa23 No.3656442

File: 1652328588624-0.jpg (311.47 KB, 1013x1125, 3aa5ba2a94d9fd9e0f5fa178aa….jpg)

File: 1652328588624-1.png (1.88 MB, 1600x1233, 0a8203926de59024033935ea51….png)

File: 1652328588624-2.jpg (250.42 KB, 900x1089, e49628e356009367f499ee8367….jpg)


I went and looked for you but there isn't a lot it to be had. Most of it's just cub stuff.


5849aa23 No.3656448

File: 1652329429933-0.jpg (242.06 KB, 1280x1213, cd982b72043e6fc1f676e0c909….jpg)

File: 1652329429933-1.jpg (218.27 KB, 1020x1320, c9a35559d39aacd63803388743….jpg)

File: 1652329429933-2.png (5.94 MB, 3163x2096, scary-mouse.png)

Found a few more good ones by searching for Rodent instead of Mouse.

The last one I thought was funny. Look at her face.

3e7dea5c No.3656456

File: 1652333892178-0.png (1015.28 KB, 1891x1486, 7b6d25eff1a90.png)

File: 1652333892178-1.jpg (249.71 KB, 878x1077, 1472968943.yoshitura_tom2.jpg)

File: 1652333892178-2.png (357.95 KB, 760x950, TomJerry (2).png)

File: 1652333892178-3.jpg (60.94 KB, 800x520, TomJerry (1).jpg)

File: 1652333892178-4.webm (1.98 MB, 854x480, 1650818091053.webm)

384a2461 No.3656466

> Republicans don't care how bad their political stunts are for America because they don't want America to function. Conservatives HATE America.

> Republicans know they can't make America as a whole into the white-nationalist, Child-marrying, Christian utopia they dream of so they want to destroy America as it is now and break it down until every state operates like it's own tiny nation.

In order for America to function, it has to borrow money. The problem is that it can do this because the US dollar is the world trade currency. Everybody needs dollar to trade, so they happilly buy freshly printed dollars (lend money).

That's fine and peachy, right ? No.
That's the drive behind wars. Saddam Hussein got invaded because he wanted to trade oil in something else than USD. For Ghadaffi it was the same thing : he wanted to create a gold backed african currency. Iran trade oil for chinese Yuan, the only thing that save them is that they have radioactive materials and the will to use them in dirty bombs (and eventually they'll have nukes). Putin has nukes too, if he didn't have them, USA would be in Russia right now, liberating it from its evil Yuan and Ruble oil trading dictator.

Fact: The world would be a better place without the USA's free money printing press. The USA would care about the USA, you wouldn't have a gignormous military budget to maintain USD domination. Maybe you could even fund all your infrastructure and wellfare things off real wealth created in USA.

But the left wants FREE STUFF, doesn't care if it's payed for with blood coated money.

384a2461 No.3656470

>>Indoctrination of children is what I seethe about.

> unfortunately you can't just go and ban christianity

Because only christians do this. All other religions patiently wait until their children are 18 before having the talk about <insert deity>.

384a2461 No.3656471

>you can't deport someone when they are carrying an American citizen.

They become american at birth, don't they?
Or are you suggesting setting foot into the USA while pregnant taints the baby with USA citizenship? Pregnant women changing plane in american airports would get that bonus too ?

9aea4cbb No.3656476

File: 1652351033513.jpg (300.87 KB, 1200x900, Pontiac blight-main_i.jpg)


Imagine having advance alien civilization recording that house full intel through 10 years knowing the full story that shares the same fate with neighborhood. Story of bad healthcare, racism, corruption, lack of infrastructure, high crime shut down most nearby stores.

What is meant by blight or blighted property?
“Blighted property” is the legal term for land that is in a dilapidated, unsafe, and unsightly condition. Each state uses different criteria to determine whether property should be classified as blighted. Common criteria include: The property is uninhabitable. The property is unsafe.

5849aa23 No.3656479

File: 1652357372590.jpg (277.19 KB, 2048x2048, 2c026d826bb54724d274469d78….jpg)


Hey, I agree. America doesn't need a military larger than the next 10 largest militaries combined. Find me a politician who wants to cut the military budget in half and I'll vote for them in a heart-beat.

5849aa23 No.3656481

File: 1652358011373.png (126.4 KB, 598x602, Anchor-babies.png)

Right now, because legally life begins at birth, it's is birth when you gain citizenship so right now we can deport pregnant women. However, once Roe is overturned many of the Republican states have trigger laws that will instantly define the beginning of the life at conception.

This means if you are an illegal the moment you get pregnant inside America you can no longer be deported, ever.

5849aa23 No.3656482

File: 1652358299889.jpg (122.98 KB, 850x454, sample_04ef72e9efdcb1abe3f….jpg)

>Pregnant women changing plane in American airports would get that bonus too?

Technically, yes, if a pregnant women flies through one of those red states that defines life starting at conception, as long as she is in one of those states, her baby is an American and of course if it's born in America the rest of the states will recognize it as well.

That's why no country ever defines life as starting at conception it's just asking for a flood of immigrants but Republicans are stupid so they are opening the flood gates.

9d25b5f9 No.3656488

it still doesn't make any sense that if someone murders a pregnant woman, its considered a double homicide but if a woman aborts the baby its a-ok with democrats. In my opinion any woman who gets an abortion needs to be legally tried as a child murder by American law, or we need to revoke all special rights and protection programs that pregnant women enjoy.

793ce010 No.3656490

File: 1652361814146.jpg (168.08 KB, 872x1280, eee541faa86debeb60366e1c2b….jpg)

Less arguing about preggos, more posting preggos

8d65c86b No.3656498

Simple, it's about choice. The pregnant woman who got murdered probably didn't want to die or lose her baby.
It's like the difference between someone giving you a dollar or you forcibly taking it from him. One is a crime, the other is not.

9d25b5f9 No.3656499

so what you're saying is that murder should be legal as long as at least one party wants to do the murdering, and they don't ask who they're murdering if they want to be murdered or not. I mean, its not like anyone asks the babies, and its been proven that unborn children experience pain and distress.

793ce010 No.3656500

Don't forget that it's not murder if the person being murdered has a shitty father.

I'm all for voluntary eugenics, but saying that someone's life is less valuable due to the circumstances of their conception just seems like hypocritical bullshit to me.

f4cde485 No.3656501

It's morally correct to shoot conservatives for the same reason that it's morally correct to kill roaches and ants that get into your house. It's unhealthy to have disgusting disease-spreading vermin, and they can really hurt vulnerable family members such ad children or elderly people! Killing a conservative is a form of societal cleansing.

d4072c74 No.3656502

Actually rightwingers don't even mind being killed because they don't have real thoughts or feelings like people do. It's more like turning off a computer or disassembling an engine than killing.

73301c30 No.3656503

tbh its funny watching nazis whine about how unfair everyone else is

like lmao thats the point dumbass, its awesome when bad things happen to you, cry more. boo hoo you got doxxed and lost your job and the bank took your house away, die in the street lol

bbf67e19 No.3656504

Conservatism is really just a form of mental retardation. There's a reason why conservatives have a lower IQ on average and are less represented in fields like science, academia and the arts. What we really need is to get help for America's retards and conservatism will simply fade away.

95d3310a No.3656505

rightwingers belong in a shallow ditch actually

e125c6d9 No.3656506

Gas the right, societal cleansing now

0aa657b9 No.3656507


Isn't gasing retarded people literally what nazis did?

2bf207ed No.3656508

>implying conservatives are people

793ce010 No.3656510

Killing trannies is a victimless crime.

It's just assisted suicide really

fc9889a8 No.3656511

Transgender people provide amazing art and help form the backbone of the tech industry, they're great! Very high IQ on average as well.

Conservatives on the other hand just like to molest kids, shoot people, spread disease and destroy the environment. Plus, they aren't actual people with feelings, which is why they can't create anything worth remembering.

714d1497 No.3656512

i'll take a community full of trannies over a community full of rightwingers any day

for one trannies are actually funny, rightwingers do nothing but post cringe and screech autistically about how nobody wants to fuck them

like we get it dude your unfuckable, your shit personality makes people avoid you, we get it shut up already

e48b26b5 No.3656513

Conservatism is a form of mental retardation.

They're literal helmet-wearing retards, people are just too PC these days to spell it out even though it's obvious what the problem is when you spend any time talking to them.

8d65c86b No.3656514

Hi 3B.

Unfortunately you have no idea yet what you've unleashed. We're going for executions now.
We WOULDN'T have, but your side made us do it.
Remember that.

8d65c86b No.3656515

That's not necessarialy how I see it, that's how the LAW (current law as written) sees it.
That's all I'm saying.

793ce010 No.3656516

File: 1652377513455.gif (1.18 MB, 320x240, abortion-splat.gif)

Whether you're pro-choice or pro-life I'm sure we can all agree that the sign language for abortion is fucking hilarious

c790a99f No.3656517

>everyone I don't like is 3B
We outnumber you and also have guns. You are all pitiful incels with no friends. Killing conservatives will be fun and easy now that we have good reason :)

dff1261e No.3656518

He thinks everyone is 3B because he's retarded

This isn't complicated, it's just garden-variety autistic retards who got radicalized by other retards and made being stupid and evil their "special interest"

You might as well try to talk sense into chris chan

9aea4cbb No.3656522

File: 1652380997351-0.png (674.12 KB, 1157x626, prabbly_lackofecurrrity.png)

File: 1652380997351-1.jpg (366.26 KB, 1536x867, 65106163_1651758275641048_….jpg)

File: 1652380997351-2.jpg (340.55 KB, 1536x867, 65106163_1651758298267166_….jpg)


At least hire some friends to watch the house and/or afforded a security watch over.
This is why you are poor if you have no secured neighborhood.

f3a49d51 No.3656525


Maybe they only went for drugs and Yiffy toys, cuz they left the table arcademachine, the big TV and assorted electronics tool , which I would not.

09b29fed No.3656529

File: 1652385202138-0.webm (1.55 MB, 256x480, 1652105789424.webm)

File: 1652385202138-1.jpg (36.48 KB, 664x384, 1057871330.jpg)

File: 1652385202138-2.jpg (96.99 KB, 600x800, 131696028.jpg)

File: 1652385202138-3.webm (3.92 MB, 800x450, 1646728848443.webm)

They have a life expectancy of 32 years.

793ce010 No.3656535

File: 1652390519370.png (1.12 MB, 1170x1442, 20211222171349.png)

No sane person would ever want to be fucked by that disgusting Frankenstein fupa "penis".

How many of these female trannies that call themselves "gay" are just fujoshis that don't realize that gay men are nothing like their yaoi manga and fanfiction depict?

6ec21ec6 No.3656540


When was the last time you spent any time talking to a conservative?

Twitter doesn't count.

8125024f No.3656542

>>3656517 Don't conservatives also have guns and more of them?

8d65c86b No.3656543

All food needs to be cut off to blue cities. I live in Chicago and I’m saying this.

Like chemotherapy, bring these cities to the edge of death. The tumor will die and then the survivors can recuperate.

5c71d5e0 No.3656545

Why the fuck would anyone willingly live in fucking Chicago?

That place is a fucking shit hole with no redeeming qualities

5849aa23 No.3656546

>it still doesn't make any sense that if someone murders a pregnant woman, its considered a double homicide

Your logic is faulty because you are treating the fetus as if it is a separate creature. Until a baby reaches a later stage of development it is considered part of that woman's body.

There is a reason laws are written so that abortions can't be performed once the child could survive outside of the body on it's own. Once it reaches that point, it is legally close enough to being a person that the mother loses the right to end the person inhabiting her body.

Until that point, the fetus is an extension of her own biology so she has the right to choose what to do with it.

If we followed your logic where any potential baby should be treated as a person, you should go to prison every time you masturbate because you have killed millions.

5849aa23 No.3656547

File: 1652400851818.jpg (176.65 KB, 850x632, sample_a0556eadeffd31fa7d9….jpg)


Did you hear about Nick Fuentes best friend abandoning him and exposing his incel movement as a cult?

The guy got a girlfriend and started getting pussy on the regular now he's turned on the whole America First cult.

The power of pussy is amazing.

5849aa23 No.3656548

File: 1652401265259.jpg (174.76 KB, 1196x856, FSKEydSVIAAicIp.jpg)


It's not traditional, genetic, retardation as much as psychological and emotional retardation.

There have been many studies done to figure out why conservatives are so fucking stupid and one thing always shows true in every study: They live in constant fear.

That's why Rupert Murdoc created Fox News in the first place, he said so himself.
I don't remember the exact quote but it was something like, "As long as America is afraid, America can be ruled."

That's why Fox spends all day, every day, trying to convince you the world is ending. If you keep someone afraid long enough they lose the ability to think critically.

It's one of the reasons things like Stockholm Syndrome happens. The victim's brain becomes so used to living in fear it turns off rational thought.

b564cda2 No.3656551

File: 1652401747362-0.webm (3.45 MB, 320x588, 1652360290676.webm)

File: 1652401747362-1.jpg (213.14 KB, 1202x788, Audrey1.jpg)

File: 1652401747362-2.jpg (1.17 MB, 2480x3045, 6b4a9c072bf.jpg)

File: 1652401747362-3.webm (615.77 KB, 361x360, 1629669150104.webm)

Not sure who the "Conservative" is?

I like sanity and don't support big government tyranny.

e82facd0 No.3656558

File: 1652404103816.jpg (204.45 KB, 1920x1080, furry art museum.jpg)

Official Museum of Furry Art to open soon in Berlin, Germany.

by Goethe Schneider

Funding has been announced by a charitable organization to purchase an old historical building to house the World's first Museum of Furry Art. When speaking with Sven "Cheetah" Tegethoff, he said that he was excited to see a place that would finally allow for the public outside of the internet to get a real glimpse into the realm of 'Furry Art'.

The Museum will feature works both PG and Adult in theme, but will have a closed off section to prevent minors from viewing the more mature themed artwork. The Museum is planning to collect works from well known Furry artists in every country to truly showcase the talent of the Fandom. Artwork submissions for the Museum can be donated to the Eurofurence Convention organization.

More details soon on this story in the months to come.

75e69815 No.3656561

File: 1652405593161.jpg (35.57 KB, 770x492, 3B makes mess on rug.jpg)

>Basically, America has spent huge amounts of money on things like the military which makes up the majority of our debt

>Social spending makes up half of the federal budget each year.

>I don't know where you get your data from
>Posts own image that proves he is wrong

See that mess you made 3B? No! Bad!

5c71d5e0 No.3656562

Will they be displaying works of historical significance like these and Doug Winger's art?


11d575b3 No.3656563


You need to learn some new words. Conservative doesn't mean 'anyone I don't like'

5849aa23 No.3656567

File: 1652413336954.jpg (266.88 KB, 850x1640, sample_823bb76e36b5f098901….jpg)

For me, conservative does mean everyone I don't like because I'm pretty open minded about everyone except bigots. I even like mimes.

8d65c86b No.3656568

Hi, 3B.

8d65c86b No.3656569

File: 1652414518510.jpg (33.97 KB, 640x480, Trey-Adkins-640x480.jpg)

Democrat Official in Virginia Indicted on Plethora of Election Fraud-Related Counts

A Democrat holding public office in Buchanan County, Virginia, has been indicted on 82 felony counts, including 34 counts of making false statements related to election fraud.

In a press release, the Russel County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office announced that a grand jury indicted Knox District Supervisor Trey Adkins on a slew of felony counts. Adkins, who has held the position since 2011, faces 34 counts of making false statements related to election fraud, 15 counts of uttering public records, 11 counts of absentee voting procedure violation, 11 counts of forgery of public record, 8 counts of public embezzlement, and 3 counts of conspiracy to make false statements – election fraud.

1cff1e03 No.3656570

why does this need to be official now? humans need to feel like they have cast in stone everything i suppose. now they will embarass themselves for it.

00710be0 No.3656571

File: 1652419816590.png (53.24 KB, 587x211, JLs6yqogqf.png)

It's funny for actual creepy comments, but why are e621 mods so strict?

bd82356b No.3656573

File: 1652422000856-0.webm (2.69 MB, 853x480, 1652345828858.webm)

File: 1652422000856-1.png (841.18 KB, 936x926, wOWWY (92).png)

File: 1652422000856-2.jpg (36.48 KB, 664x384, 1057871330.jpg)

5849aa23 No.3656574

>Voter fraud…

He went to people's homes and delivered them absentee ballots. That's the crime Republicans are accusing him of. He and his family helped old people vote.

Of course, if you hate America and freedom, helping more people vote is the highest of crimes, right conservatives?

8d65c86b No.3656577

Scum like that should be hung.
Cheating is cheating.
He's not charged with all those FELONIES for no reason.
By the way, Democrats passed most of the laws they charged him with.
DAMN liberals are fucking stupid.

18bca3c6 No.3656584


That's the neat thing about laws. They apply to everyone. Even nice people who think they are doing something helpful.

Mind you there is nothing wrong with being an anarchist, but you gotta decide which side of the fence you want to set up camp on. You can't have it both ways. (Well you can if you don't care about being a hypocrite.)

b1ac0fb3 No.3656591

Conservative is a PC term for retarded

d757611c No.3656592

Oh hey it's the resident mentally ill nazi. Make sure you never get laud or some bizarre incel freak will check your bedsheets for cumstains and kick you out of the right.

0fd130a3 No.3656593

The last time I visited my parents. What a retarded question, but typical of a rightwinger (you are all retards.)

9d6dcf51 No.3656594

It's lead poisoning.

Boomers spent their whole lives gulping down leaded gasoline fumes and ended up as one of the most conservative generations in history. The entire conservative movement is a side effect of fucking lead destroying their brains.

It's like how the nazis were blasted on meth, conservative movements are just what happens when a nation's most mentally ill citizens get organized.

6ec21ec6 No.3656597


>typical of a rightwinger (you are all retards.)

Man, I guess I do pretty well for being a retard. I wonder what the smart people are up to.

You must be absolutely drowning in pussy and cash.

8d65c86b No.3656598

Is that so?
By all accounts the liberal Democrats will lose in a bloodbath this November.
There's not enough 'Boomers' left to vote Republicans back in by that much of a margin.
So who's voting for these people?

8fd729ca No.3656599

"conservative movements are just what happens when a nation's most mentally ill citizens get organized."

Very true. Who on the left who is elected to office is an insane as Marjorie Taylor Greene? Lauren Boebert? Name a belief on the left that is as insane and accepted widely as this Q-anon stupidity, or the idiotic made-up boogeyman of rightwing incels of "wokeness".

Funny how moronic conservatives would call anything remotely a left wing belief a "mental disease", when the right every day keeps sinking deeper and deeper into insanity and evil.

8fd729ca No.3656600

>>3656598 Democrats are largely not the left, you utter fucking retard.

8fd729ca No.3656601

>>3656597 I do well, unlike you. Pathetic loser incel.

9d25b5f9 No.3656609

File: 1652473616558.jpg (41.36 KB, 720x480, a55672ffd356497361529ed156….jpg)

These /pol/ containment threads aren't even to contain /pol/ posts, its just to contain the infinite back and forth of liberals and conservatives trying to toss over the chess board on each other and claim victory by autism.

-> kill all conservatives
-> but we have more guns trans fag
-> we have tesla laser guns
-> those don't exist
-> only because christfags caused the european dark ages
-> we don't to kill you because conservatives don't get vaccinated for covid
-> there is no evidence that the vaccine even works, it probably kills you
-> you deny science so you're retarded and will kill all conservatives
-> wash rinse repeat

19556f6b No.3656611

File: 1652474402062-0.jpg (84.82 KB, 512x512, photo_.jpg)

File: 1652474402062-1.png (155.13 KB, 1300x911, what do most of these area….png)

Two years out of office (1 year and 4 months or whatever, I posted that at like 3-4AM give me a break)

Also I wouldn't trust you ideologically possessed dipshits to quote me an aesop fable. Give me the full link to what bad orange man said in context with timestamp and I'll decide for myself.

>>95% of the BLM movement was peaceful protest.
Yes, yes, mostly peaceful riots. Bonfires of racial unity, absolutely not commies and thugs burning down everything they couldn't steal and the police station to destroy evidence of their other crimes.

Asspull numbers aside (you fucking wish only 5% chimped out) the fact that those 5% were not addressed by the authorities in a timely and firm manner ended up in 1-2 billion dollars property damage. Peak love and tolerance.
BTW that's ALL people's stuff, whatever was insured anyway, there's probably more, small businesses, local supermarkets, infrastructure, houses, whatever the rioters could set on fire in their local neighborhood.

Can you ever not be wrong?

9557b9f2 No.3656613

File: 1652474456396.jpg (850.21 KB, 2706x4096, c120b77cb7c155bcc864ae1b43….jpg)

The biggest problem is the retards arguing for their 'team', not for the issues that matter to them.

>You think X, therefore you must be on team Y, therefore fuck you because you must also think Z!

It's so tiresome.

19556f6b No.3656614

File: 1652475788421-0.png (704.09 KB, 625x620, d9d334b846df6e84d954de75a1….png)

It's been like 7 years since we could talk about political issues without wanting to murder each other in here.

Problem is entirely muh ideology.

Hey, so sane people will generally have a mix of both left wing and right wing opinions. If I say something left wing, I get fucking Sophistry and his couple of diet coke stormfags on my case, and if I say anything even remotely close to right wing, 3B, Saucy and their sock puppets are there to instantly ackchyually me.

No wonder you only RARELY see people from the board here, it's a fucking toxic waste dump (and my last post was >>3656192 and the one before that >>3655888, but I got the 2nd post in, or first, however you're counting). I really do fucking hate this place but sometimes the stupidity gets too high and I have to come in and say my thing.

Sane political talk has died in 2015 together with common sense.

1cff1e03 No.3656616

You might think its shocking but I am centrist and the only problem with that is the collatoral of centrism is basically blunt force. Being completely unbiased has its advantages and it can resemble the game of jenga, in time the pieces will fall. And from the rubble will arise those with a degree of compentency to invoke and rebuild. It has happened in my own world that way it seems. But the wisdom of that simply means in a true defense those who attack in regards to any fortification makeshift or otherwise, must be completely dismantled, and from all accounts. So maybe I am not so centrist as I should be. That would entail a one man army.

1cff1e03 No.3656624

File: 1652479196075.png (139.2 KB, 350x350, zJ1TBhP.png)

A weaponized formula for disaster seems to be a mainstay as worlds collide, their reactionary efforts may afford some consolation, producing a marketable token. Even if only in a "stunt", these political decisions have afford the energy to keep their "discourse" in action. A bystander looking through the eye of the storm, seeing how politics clash with survival, is alarmist. Being invested or otherwise, participating in an essential feeding frenzy of scare tactics and disinformation, is the same way politics make their keel. By the time anything gets done the populace can only hope and pray society has withstood their thrashing.

That Destituion and Fear is a currency set at the price for a grain of wheat. Elites knowing that the meaningless fruitless debacle that is society can be replaced as a machine, shoulder the burden of its programming to the suites and ties. The poor being left for it to farm for the betterment of its own habitat, is how to reach true civilazation, domestication of the human animal and redirecting its spiritual impact into a productive template, be it for sustenance or otherwise, the manufacture of luxury goods. But it is a blood-pact.

Those who escape 'fear-slavery' either recognize the future will rely on automation in cybernetics or animatronics, or in the worst case will revert back to tribalism. There is no "smooth transition", and we can see the attempts being done in pharmacueticals and enterprise as innocents are chipped and pilled. The point is the humanRace is still dependent on predatory instincts in which we exploit the weak.

The advancement of Civilization will not take place without a fully recognized philosophy, and so the diplomacies are constantly in chaos. Suggesting this would also belie any previous institutionalization of the current regime, but there are plenty of self-modding lifestyles to take upon as option, ultimately becoming encoded as a living breathing Nationalized Workshop (perhaps at some point a Global Estate)…the way forward is through dredging the Memetic-Downflow of enabled bearocrats like a plow horse. While a sustained and digital utopian providence is witheld from the majority and reserved for the 'Enriched'.

9d25b5f9 No.3656625

I'm a centrist too, and I have learned that my only place in this world is isolated in my own fortress.

I'm becoming kind of libertarian, since im a single incel gay dude living in a small town that hates gays, and I have the biggest house in town and no one can figure out how someone like me can be trusted. But no one can rag on me because I keep to myself and have tons of degrees, and someone manages on his own.

You are either LEFT or RIGHT, there is no "middle"

Dunk the witch, if it dies she is not a witch, if it survives she is a witch and needs to die.

19556f6b No.3656626

File: 1652479235613.jpg (64.55 KB, 720x537, 5uS31.jpg)

Dude I just wanna talk about things without "you nazi this" and "you libshit that".


Yeah well, to my surprise I have learned that I'm actually right wing (even though political compass says center left) cause everyone says so.

Guess I'll vote right wing then.

9d25b5f9 No.3656630

but yes I totally agree.

I'm taking college classes again and I'm having trouble fighting off the young liberals. I'm a gay man who happened to have been a TECHNICIAN in the Air Force, I didn't kill anyone, I fixed shit that was broken, end of game. Yet still they immediately relate military to conservative, and immediately attack me in any class that that gets brought up… and I try really hard to not ever EVER mention it, because it effects my grades.

9d25b5f9 No.3656632

really in classes where you're the lone veteran in a group of student psychologists and being forced to introduce yourself, you can only answer 3 ways

1. Lie- bad idea
2. Tell the truth- bad idea
3. Remain silent- bad idea

19556f6b No.3656633

File: 1652480782832.png (28.84 KB, 480x480, 2qNqF2Y.png)

Being a soldier can be kinda unethical, depending on what you're ordered to do (and you probably don't have much choice cause you're state property at that point) but it's not like the people fighting the army aren't pretty murderous themselves. When they aren't drone-striking children I guess.

Guess kinda like hunters. You can be an ethical hunter and only hunt what you can eat, or be a murderous fucking psychopath murdering and skinning everything unfortunate enough to cross your path.

But with college leftists, such nuance flies out the window. "Evil." Period. No discussion. They are all mentally under-developed children who got participation medals for merely existing so don't expect them to do better :/

9d25b5f9 No.3656636

I wasn't a Soldier, or the well advertised Marine, I was a satellite technician in the Air Force. I talked to space, and fixed radios, I instructed other people on those things. Somehow, I'm still somehow horrifically evil in their blind liberal mind space.

9d25b5f9 No.3656637

well, I guess in those very few times that I hooked up command to those other forces. Even then, I wasn't the gun or the weapon, not even the firing mechanism, I was just the one who set up the trigger.

19556f6b No.3656638

File: 1652481681526.jpg (48.2 KB, 480x572, 10169161_10205132922541466….jpg)

Yes, yes, I know. But they're looking at the whole institution and thinking "it's BAD" cause they are collectivist insane lunatics who can't think not systemically. So you being whatever technician fixing some stuff somewhere is basically enabling armies to be evil and kill people (as if there wouldn't be plenty of that without them). It doesn't make sense, but they think that.

Besides, the army also helps out with disaster relief and sometimes public infrastructure work, guess that's evil too.

Honestly my biggest problem with the army is the absolutely colossal waste of tax money.

9d25b5f9 No.3656639

not even that really, i was just a really small part in a big machine that makes everyone happy with themselves for killing people…

Maybe i might be a bad person, I don't know… and thats kind of why the military does what it does the way that it does

9d25b5f9 No.3656640

File: 1652481855775.jpg (493.18 KB, 1280x720, Goldeneye-007-Nintendo-64-….jpg)

still even in video games, you never shoot the technician… unless you're being extra evil at that moment.

9d25b5f9 No.3656642

the worst thing is, i don't even know what I should ask forgiveness for. I've never been involved in any kind of operation that wasnt fighting something blatantly horrific.

I never ordered bomb drop or anything, most of what I did was tracking and rescuing child slavery rings, and setting up the stuff to track the people who did that sort of thing

19556f6b No.3656643

File: 1652482210522.jpeg (53.2 KB, 350x954, a-wry-smile.jpeg)

You know, in a way I can understand what the army is doing. Fighting (apparently) pointless wars in stupid places against small countries that can't defend themselves. The point isn't to win wars, it's to have an experienced and combat-ready force at hand.

Just in case China or Russia or some other big power gets any stupid ideas. I mean I never thought I'd see a traditional land war in Europe during my lifetime. And yet…

It's kinda evil in a way, but the alternative would be to have your enemies think they have a chance at invading you and putting your own citizens in danger so it's kinda lose-lose.


9d25b5f9 No.3656644

yeah radios and satellites, what I did was track down child traffickers by identifying ships putting out transmissions only readable from space, and transmitting them to the navy for intercept.

19556f6b No.3656645

File: 1652482548852.jpg (56.95 KB, 800x600, 1430780180.wildfrontier_im….jpg)

I'd drone-strike some Muslims with great joy.

After all, I am a gay atheist. A death sentence in most places where those barbarian pieces of shit are.

I'm not even going to apologize for it.

9d25b5f9 No.3656646

File: 1652482595941.jpg (32.6 KB, 400x377, greaves.jpg)

its why i have such a beef with dan.

Its why I dislike him, and he dislikes me. I spent my career finding his sort.

9d25b5f9 No.3656648

File: 1652482850739.gif (170.56 KB, 200x200, 200.gif)

to each their own, but most of us in the AF disliked any mission that was joint-op and with the intent to kill. A day without killing was a day to enjoy, especially since as much as the Marines like to think they are the epic killers of the US military…

Its the Air Force who has to do everything in cold blood. And when we do it its world burningly bad.

9d25b5f9 No.3656649

the marines and army got adrenaline rushes kicking in doors and being badasses, the only thing the AF gets is a creeping feeling of unease and hoping our individual selves weren't responsible for a massacre.

19556f6b No.3656650

File: 1652483116987.gif (1.55 MB, 300x159, angrychocolate.gif)

Fortunately for them, I would never join the army (as anything other than some 3rd party contractor) cause I hate taking orders.

And no, it's not the same with having a boss. If I don't like what I'm asked to do I can just tell them to shove it and that I'm quitting and that's that.

9aea4cbb No.3656651

File: 1652483308908.jpg (213.51 KB, 768x768, uhnclvoszbz41.jpg)

Sometimes games imitate politics. If it's a war on resources and manpower declare war on other empires to take their population as hostage just like in Ukraine and Russia.

9d25b5f9 No.3656652

in the military you don't have a "boss" you have a "superior officer" usually several that you even know of, you become a cog in a death machine. Its easy to forget exactly what cog that you are…

19556f6b No.3656653

File: 1652483333798.jpg (36.87 KB, 550x425, 2ad4b3ce520a34c60f08d5c2d0….jpg)

9d25b5f9 No.3656655

the chair force is an exaggeration. We we won desert storm by destroying tons of infostructure, and also allied forces because we weren't coordinated. Same with vietnam.

It was my generation that dealt with that and became the very strict mediators between when and where we applied hellfire upon other human beings, for various reasons.

9d25b5f9 No.3656656

my dad's air force was the chair force. Unlike him, we have to deal with live stream pictures of who we remove from existence.

9d25b5f9 No.3656658

plus most assholes from other branches of the military forget that its us that set up all the communication towers and antennae farms. Its not like we werent there we just train forever to work fast and GTFO, as humanly as possible.

Seriously, so many training exercises, just to make the other branches comfortable when they FINALLY get there.

19556f6b No.3656659

File: 1652483917909.gif (927.85 KB, 384x288, 85c0a2ab75cd4c59b36223d363….gif)

I'm not saying that air superiority isn'ta a nice to have and helps shit getting done faster…

…but you do sit in a chair, yank joysticks and push buttons.

It's kinda funny that both you and your dad spent your careers fighting desert-dwelling primitives.

9d25b5f9 No.3656660

marines, navy, and army show up on site and suddenly have wifi and a way to talk with their loved ones, well when the command wasn't talking, and then completely forget that it was the Air Force that did that.

19556f6b No.3656662

File: 1652484176120.jpg (26.19 KB, 500x375, 3fc3Gay-Away-the-antigay-p….jpg)

Also instant pornhub access. Your hard work is actively making the army (and especially) the navy less gay. That's something.

9d25b5f9 No.3656664

I dislike the fact that multiple generations have to fight the same wars forever for various reasons.

Me and my dad have this thing where he hates me, and I hate him, and keep groaning when we have to work together.

Worst part is, my dad was a radio guy too, just for bombers, and before they joined radio and satcom. So we basically had the same jobs, the stress between us is intense, since back then radio guys kinda hated us satcom wizards.

19556f6b No.3656665

File: 1652484417167.jpg (169.01 KB, 1600x901, DSC02744.JPG)

I already told you why the US fights wars. There is no end to this. The minor wars are your "training" for the real deal.

And you better hope the real deal never comes.

9d25b5f9 No.3656667

bitch, believe it. We air force guys saw everything. It almost seemed like there was a competition between the army and marines to find the most disturbing porn hub vids available.

And trust me, we communications Air Force Fags, watched it all too, chuckling silently in the background as invisible
observers. We were not unamused.

9d25b5f9 No.3656668

File: 1652484677267.jpg (609.95 KB, 900x1200, 90707742_p1_master1200.jpg)

i mean how do you think I got so many fetishes? The things the army and marines kept swapping was kinda epic.

9d25b5f9 No.3656670

File: 1652484919632.jpg (83.35 KB, 850x793, 71bbc24e85f2c80d3a212ce617….jpg)

I mean half our jobs was spying on internet and ip-calls to make sure no one was going to leak info on when and where things were going to happen…

You think we just sat in those tents silently all day for nothing?

9d25b5f9 No.3656671

File: 1652485039866.jpg (159.26 KB, 1049x1280, 1652390858.cooliehigh_tasq….jpg)

we monitored all communication, anyone who thought they had privacy were idiots at any american base or outpost

19556f6b No.3656673

File: 1652485285047.gif (75.96 KB, 780x599, youhavebeenwarned.gif)

Looking up porn on government and company networks is the worst idea ever. Of course everything was logged.

I did use lulz over Tor on my company network when that was still allowed, they're still having a hard time with tracking that, on paper not impossible, in practice so hard that it's just impractical.

9d25b5f9 No.3656674

File: 1652485729339.jpg (107.66 KB, 850x695, e896337d963324e8fedd435742….jpg)

best part. Most of the other branches don't realize it, but all those saucy calls back home… well we weren't legally able to record it unless it related to operations, but holy shit did I hear some weird ass stuff.

Worst part was maintaining a normal straight faced demeaner with everyone after i listened oin on their plans to get home.

9d25b5f9 No.3656675

File: 1652485927964.png (628.95 KB, 800x1300, fa7fdd7b7dd7180331dd9f885e….png)

the air force is only really good at keeping secrets, because… well we kinda need to…

Who wants to know that their superior officer was just talking to their wife about getting rammed when they got home, and how frustrating it was around so many other guys?

The Air Force's secret burden is protecting the secrets of all the other branches.

9d25b5f9 No.3656677

File: 1652486322731.jpg (254.3 KB, 2560x1440, only_a_little_rapy.jpg)

also I'll point out I was from the last of the "wolf pack" aka "rape pack" back before just before they demolished our grounds.

My original training squadron, and even that was ho boy

19556f6b No.3656678

File: 1652486398565.png (422.3 KB, 640x480, EUPHORIC..png)

Come on Steam, we both know you love gossip more than bored pensioner ladies.

9d25b5f9 No.3656679

if anyone remembers that whole thing with MTI's raping trainees.

9d25b5f9 No.3656680

I literally can't say anything other than general information, the whole point of waiting so long to let people talk about things is that people tend to forget information, names, dates.

Can't help you.

d2e1d119 No.3656683

unfortunately anything spun by a web-artist is in turn met with another spin, when it comes to conversations. truth in itself is an intimate fallacy.

9d25b5f9 No.3656684

hey, bonus side, its not secret what my squadron used to do, it was published
all over military paper works, look it up.

d2e1d119 No.3656685

Yet the spy net game seems all but lost now that we have inter-meshed with this proxy war farce. It is almost like child's play seeing ukraine beg for help and recieve nothing. American Entertainment. And you know what, same would go for anyone. Russia and China are huge, and America barely has the population count that the two combined have so really do you expect us to just go toe to toe with that? The way things are is that in the end it will be cloak and dagger, and no one will have allegiance not even to their own countries. So there is where you should have been tracking money this whole time. Imo, who says you weren't yada yada.

All of this because you probably couldn't get a good grab of some boi pucci maybe not yourself but definitely what goes on for your sex starved squadron.

5849aa23 No.3656687

File: 1652489179342.jpg (954.66 KB, 3097x2742, FSWk6JQXMAM_7OV.jpg)

>By all accounts the liberal Democrats will lose in a bloodbath this November.

It is very likely that the GOP will win big this November because Democrats only get out the vote when they see positive change in America.

Republicans always show up to the polls to vote for more bigotry.

Right now, Biden has done nothing worth voting for and has stood by while the GOP further rigged the elections in their favor with bullshit voting laws that everyone knows targets minorities.

The Dems have given people no reason to turn out but conservatives don't need to be given a reason, hate is always on the ballot for them.

5849aa23 No.3656688

File: 1652489436007.png (6.27 MB, 3500x1702, 1e2403cad6199e27de30c83f9d….png)

> but we have more guns trans fag

Actually, we have more guns and more people to use those guns. The moment the majority of Americans feel it's justified because the government is failing to protect us, the MAGA cult is fucking dead.

That's why the left loves the idea of Trump causing a civil war. We know we'll win.

2c46ce4e No.3656690

File: 1652490404961-0.jpeg (92.66 KB, 553x800, 3121EEA9-3D4A-4546-A503-F….jpeg)

File: 1652490404961-1.jpeg (168.31 KB, 1104x1054, 5FF48EEA-27C2-49F3-893C-5….jpeg)

File: 1652490404961-2.jpeg (125.63 KB, 728x1024, 450BC61C-6FEF-42C2-B0CE-A….jpeg)

File: 1652490404961-3.jpeg (187.19 KB, 1024x576, 73B4081C-2EB7-4A53-AC82-1….jpeg)

File: 1652490404961-4.jpeg (51.09 KB, 580x320, D34D9072-BE22-483E-A8D9-B….jpeg)

I think we all know how people are with guns on the Right verses Left….

aa4a6985 No.3656693

File: 1652492624094.jpg (57.75 KB, 1200x630, philly.jpg)

It is time for a shout-out to our melinated friends in Philadelphia for sharing their culture at a local gas station.

I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions of the Black community to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real estate values are fueled by the mix of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nature of these communities, an example of all they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self improvement by hard work and a self-reliant can-do nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer as a nation.

aa4a6985 No.3656694

File: 1652493422075.gif (15.86 KB, 474x189, giphy-986869148.gif)

>That's why the left loves the idea of Trump causing a civil war. We know we'll win.

The civil war has already begun. You created it by your weakness. The weak men create hard times. The hard times create the strong men…..the foundation is already laid and you have lost….you just don't know it yet. The age of the Warrior is beginning. I, for one, am ready and eager.

9d25b5f9 No.3656698

File: 1652494211160.png (271.92 KB, 480x360, morgona_cigar.png)

you know hes right, but like I said wash rinse repeat.

ae5be5e6 No.3656700

Retards like to say that both sides are the same like one side isn't made up of evangelicals, incels, nazis and other mentally ill "people."

The left's most extreme position that they actually push is "be nice to to queers and raise taxes on rich cannibal pedophiles."

And the only counter to this argument is "yeah but look at this random-ass internet video of a balding fatass saying they want to fuck kids, this proves the left is satanic, if you ask too many questions we will post a different video of a pink haired woman who says it's okay tell kids that gay people exist."

5849aa23 No.3656701

File: 1652494553714.png (457.72 KB, 872x657, All-sex-is-gay-sex.png)


History is rife with right-wing groups thinking they have already won and then getting their balls stomped.


9d25b5f9 No.3656702

File: 1652494600251.jpg (257.42 KB, 768x1024, he_could_have_been_a_sweet….jpg)

really the true end game is when men will eventually stand up, eventually their passiveness will abate to pure blooded testosterone driven line-baker craziness, and then well society will fall back to where it should be.

I'm not saying its right, but you can only surpress human urges for so long before they just burst forth like an unexpected cum gyser from a gimp.

9618aa6a No.3656704

Remember when Russia was going to stomp Ukraine because Ukraine is full of tranny faggot commie liberals and Russia is full of based alpha trad orthodox crusaders?


9618aa6a No.3656705

That's not a real thing retard

That's incel larping as a political ideology

9d25b5f9 No.3656706

File: 1652494919938.jpg (380.6 KB, 730x1224, 0b3f18e8c7b56dec613c8e554a….jpg)

I've seen long games and nightmarish things you can't imagine.

I think I have a comprehension of the human stat that you really can't understand.

9618aa6a No.3656708

No you haven't, you're just an attention whore and have never been anything other than an attention whore. You were born a loser and you'll die a loser because.

aa4a6985 No.3656709

File: 1652495321661.png (2.74 MB, 1474x1015, clown guy.png)


Really? You collapse society and you think everything will be cool? Look no further that negro neighborhoods and African countries after colonization ended. Did they turn into liberal paradises or did they turn into patriarchy societies on steroids? Are gays, trannies and liberals going to be prosperous in these places? It is the future you chose.

5ea75631 No.3656710

The actual problem with society is that mentally ill people such as yourself have an easier time getting disinformation from other mentally ill people instead of going to therapy

aa4a6985 No.3656711

File: 1652495731547.jpg (49.64 KB, 923x297, georgieporgie.JPG)


Reminder that 3B keeps using that retarded comicsands.com site as a source, pic related is what it really is.

Its an admission that he has nothing, knows nothing, and offers nothing.

333496ac No.3656712


"Only straight white fascist men are capable of running society, don't ask questions about why every single fascist society in history was an incompetent corrupt shithole that collapsed into liberalism again after one or two generations of trying to murder their way out of their own ineptitude."

9d25b5f9 No.3656713

File: 1652495939844.png (189.37 KB, 900x1280, 4aeb557b0c0abe6ba5c455526f….png)

> wash
> rinse
> repeat

did I not already make this algorithm clear?

70cc1965 No.3656714

>uhm have you considered my mentally ill gibberish

Nobody cares lmao

9d25b5f9 No.3656715

File: 1652496068963.jpg (493.94 KB, 1200x960, 52234313_p1_master1200.jpg)

yeah im hopeless trying to say anything here, why try?

c99c25dc No.3656716

You shouldn't, go to therapy

9d25b5f9 No.3656717

File: 1652496232630.jpg (78.63 KB, 850x1202, 39b1ab02f67bbdbd9742bc5ac5….jpg)

bitch i get therapy, and im in training to give therapy

5c71d5e0 No.3656718

>Get therapy.

Not steam, but I hate this shit. If I could afford to see a therapist I wouldn't need a therapist

At least booze is cheap

c99c25dc No.3656719

Get a new therapist.

aa4a6985 No.3656720

File: 1652496291896.jpg (22.47 KB, 720x687, reply stalin no lives matt….jpg)


"Don't ask questions about why every single liberal society in history was an incompetent corrupt shithole that collapsed into fascism again after one or two generations of trying to murder their way out of their own ineptitude."

c99c25dc No.3656721

Wow maybe you should support the left so that it's more affordable to get fucking therapy

9d25b5f9 No.3656722

File: 1652496355805.jpg (75.09 KB, 850x726, 6182e00cf62153d15bcf02388c….jpg)

there is no therapist powerful enough for me, thats why I decided to become a therapist

2ab1afae No.3656724

Meanwhile in reality liberalism has been going steady since the fucking 1700's and beats out every other political system by every possible measure LMAO

Nobody is rushing off to live in fascist utopias such as Russia or The Phillipines.

5849aa23 No.3656725

File: 1652496493317.png (1.34 MB, 1294x2400, f4defffb6da57e7a9532ea0e7c….png)


The person reporting the news being openly gay doesn't mean the news isn't true.

Rage all you want, Incel, facts don't care about your feelings.

aa336770 No.3656726

>oh yeah you think the right is nothing but mentally ill people spreading their mental illness to other people? well I am becoming a therapist to make it easier to spread my mental illness, checkmate libs

9d25b5f9 No.3656727

File: 1652496759158.jpg (42.57 KB, 622x801, a321092b8fb6aac3a6b30e222b….jpg)

Is that not what psychiatrist do but spread their own mental illness onto others until it becomes mainstream?

At least I offer stability through standard practices.

aa336770 No.3656728

>larp larp larp
Confirmed: conservatism is a mental illness

aa4a6985 No.3656729

File: 1652496906148.jpg (232.03 KB, 907x1360, book unknown warriors.jpg)

>liberalism has been going steady since the fucking 1700's and beats out every other political system by every possible measure LMAO

But is it making anyone happy or more miserable?

I came across this book via a discussion on the Daily Telegraph.

It is a collection of letters from British World War 2 veterans describing their experiences in the war and/or their thoughts about Britain today and whether they feel that the sacrifices they and their comrades made were worth the outcome. It is a book which I myself have remarked many times in the past ought to have been written and I am so pleased that someone has found the time and energy to do so.

Chillingly, it charts the decline of what was at the time of WW2 the most powerful nation on earth into a place which a great many of the old soldiers, their widows and other war survivors such as Land Army girls and blitz survivors say they would generally rather not live in and that they are so glad that they are 80+ not 18. Perhaps most unnerving of all, a number of them actually think Britain would have been improved by Hitler: something that you would never have imagined they would say.

The book is not in any way the subject of modern 'spin' to make the views more politically correct, which is refreshing. I believe that the views are really not very different from those held by a silent majority of Britains and that all politicians should have to read the book.

I recommend it for being an unvarnished truth and it is an achievement that it is now on the permanent record of the British nation.


46dec776 No.3656730

>these mentally ill people told me that british people desperately wish hitler ruled over them, also ukraine will welcome putin as a liberator

9d25b5f9 No.3656731

File: 1652497245128.jpg (138.99 KB, 850x1169, f646a4f369f079b638cb1f9233….jpg)

Ill admit that as of now I'm just an assistant, but how long until I become the real deal?

aa4a6985 No.3656732


British World War 2 veterans lamenting the destruction of their global empire by liberalism are mentally ill….

The tolerant liberals everyone, the empathic tolerant liberals….

46dec776 No.3656733

All of your posts are just attention whoring.

aa886943 No.3656734

I thought you didn't like tolerance LMAO

What happened champ, big mad that nobody takes your retarded, clownish nazi book seriously

9d25b5f9 No.3656735

File: 1652497438975.png (1.03 MB, 4011x3956, d5xx3sx-51b40f39-cf3e-4065….png)

and then why would it surprise you that i turned my eyes to become a psychiatrist?

No better ways to get attention now that I had being an AF officer ripped from me?

e83525a1 No.3656736

You made that up for attention.

9d25b5f9 No.3656738

it is true though, but i love it none the same

1f1719a7 No.3656739

Yeah because your attention starved because your repellant personality drives everyone away

1f1719a7 No.3656740

It isn't.

889ed850 No.3656741

hey soohistry when are you gonna start citing dead retarded eastern european mystics with mentally ill names like Lucius Cruxious Cerumen, that's the real based trad alpha fash shit LMAO

9d25b5f9 No.3656742

File: 1652497931311.gif (1.02 MB, 1150x879, large.gif)

totally is, I'm 100 percent funded by chapter 31 of the va to receive rehabilitation in the form of perusing a chemical dependency councilor… and I have yet touched my buy program for my gi/bill, so since im already using that pervious thing, im just going to ride this until I become a doctor…


then I'll have all the depressed angry people in the world to feed off of~

889ed850 No.3656743

No you aren't.

d3c82398 No.3656745

>hm hm hm, you think you can simply ignore my mentally ill rambling

9d25b5f9 No.3656746

File: 1652498344297.gif (131.23 KB, 300x400, 2b082dabf60fd873e52de13055….gif)

i've already got all more core classes taken care of from when I became an electrical engineer on my own dime and scholarships

It wont be difficult to make up for just those classes, its a half paced march, but its not like I have anything better to do.

9d25b5f9 No.3656747

plus bonus, they're paying me an extra 600 a month to do it, no lose on my part.

294c8003 No.3656748

Made up.

294c8003 No.3656749

294c8003 No.3656752

I make more than that every two weeks because I have a job.

36k a year is nothing.

a3d83ccd No.3656756

I shitpost on twitter all day and make enough to have an investment portfolio. :)

9d25b5f9 No.3656757

now don't get me wrong, I did pay for my house myself, and my vehicles, and my INTACT german shepherd. Those were all I saved up for while I was still active duty and not really doing anything with those fund.

a3d83ccd No.3656759

9d25b5f9 No.3656760

File: 1652499536939.jpg (83.67 KB, 850x1275, gsd.jpg)

my INTACT GSD was totally paid for by me, but the VA covers all his med bills cause hes my service animal

a3d83ccd No.3656761

9d25b5f9 No.3656762

File: 1652499681277.png (6.07 MB, 3192x2420, steams_mlem.png)

what, hes a good boi?

9d25b5f9 No.3656763


he totally helps me with my depression, anxiety, and lonliness and stff…

for another 1.2k a month~

a3d83ccd No.3656764

No you don't.

19556f6b No.3656770

File: 1652500325609.jpg (84.61 KB, 820x615, tumblr_lyyudaj4D81qk25r5o1.jpg)

Cute doggo aside, you're a welfare queen omg, don't even try to dispute this.

Just cause it was your job doesn't mean the government isn't overspending on your ass.

This is why the nation is in debt and infrastructure sucks ass, cause they pay people like you.

19556f6b No.3656789

File: 1652501997804.jpg (159.71 KB, 1024x1365, mug full of smug.jpg)

I don't hate you.

But you do toot your own horn a bit too much, so it's kinda fun to poke at your ego just to see you puff up like a turkey.


Pics or it didn't happen.

3b852ec1 No.3656801

Nothing says "not pathetic" like bragging about being on disability support like literal trailer trash lmao

67971407 No.3656803

That retarded cunt Chaya Raichik already convinced all her retarded magapede followers that furries are just a satanic conspiracy to put litter boxes in school bathrooms lmao

It's now a mainstream irl conservative position that furries were invented by the frankfurt school sometime during the Obama administration. All the retard conservative furfags are going to get their own communities banned lmao

6ecc769e No.3656804

getting your skull caved in by a thumb-shaped 40 iq white hog because he thinks you secretly want kids to shit on the floor

to own the libs

d2e1d119 No.3656805

File: 1652509052995.jpg (153.72 KB, 682x1023, evilbloodytoast.jpg)

I found this image on the internet does anyone know what it means? (There is no real answer maybe it is just a sign of things to come).

But the ideas that are fostered here, are they even worth keeping? NO. THEY ARE THE SHIT OF CHTULU.
God hangs his head in shame at you. Really. But also:

Let's say an all knowing thing has been watching over you. In some way. The government *cough*. Yes, it does keep you under tabs. it literally watches you from magical projectors that drive up and down your streets, scanning your homes with robotic insects and birds no doubt. Pray tell, how would you come to terms in being confronted with this directive? Not by confession, that you simply are an experiement to be toyed with, does that not interfere with your sense of safety at all? Like a rat waiting to be "administered". Animals know fear, are you so numb to ignore this very real survival mechanism? Wellp…you seem like you are in the midst of a mini-holocast with these "daily fake news excerpts and hive mind periodicals". Look at the struggle of you.

My my what a terrible plight. I can barely find an image to really express it. Shame that. How could it have come to this. (I am inciting you to feel inferior I guess)

f4781531 No.3656818

Peel republicans

6ecc769e No.3656819

Why do rightwingers always just start straight up schizoposting when you prove them wrong lol

f4781531 No.3656821

They need reeducation camps

e77b2d0c No.3656824

They need to touch grass

9d25b5f9 No.3656825

File: 1652545838142.jpg (44.2 KB, 590x413, d4utgup-653aefd2-9fab-46f3….jpg)

yeah liberals need to be re-educated, from the ground up

9d25b5f9 No.3656826

my suggestion is to shut off food from the red states, and let the blue states use their laser guns against us.

Cure the cancers by killing off the tumors.

5c71d5e0 No.3656837

Without California the red states would be left with nothing but corn.

California is an agricultural powerhouse despite it's shitty government.

e77b2d0c No.3656843

Mental illness

Retarded. You need our industry more than we need your fucking cornfields. Good luck farming with no farm equipment, fertilizer or transportation grid.

8d65c86b No.3656844

Ever hear of cow shit, tractors, and dirt roads?
We need none of your garbage.

e77b2d0c No.3656845

No retard, you can't feed your mentally impaired population without industrial farming.

But sure give it a shot, it's funny when conservatives fucking kill themselves :)

e77b2d0c No.3656846

Also hate to break it to you but all your tractors are made in urban industrial centers, so have fun plowing your fields with a hunk of wood like a medieval peasant xD

3bdac1c3 No.3656848

Also no more immigrant labor, so have fun hand-plowing your fields using all your chad alpha doughy fatass larper population. Surely some pale-ass geriatric fuckwits will descend from their suburban mcmansions to come help you spend 14 hours a day doing hard labor in a field xD

5c71d5e0 No.3656849

Try growing something other than government subsidized welfare corn

3bdac1c3 No.3656851

The pay will be great too after your economy crashes because your only export is fucking corn.

This is exactly why fascism always collapses, fascists are literally too retarded to run anything. It's literally putting the village idiot in charge of everything and then wondering why everything goes to shit xD

3bdac1c3 No.3656853

They literally can't even manage corn without industrial farming tech. Growing corn is hard as shit. Cutworms alone would depopulate red states within a year lmao

3bdac1c3 No.3656855

Also let's not forget that all your red state farms are owned top-to-bottom by multinational ag corporations. John Deere can just remotely shut off all their equipment and all their Monsantao brand seeds are genetically engineered to fuck up after one generation to force you to buy more. It's a serious problem that leftists want to put a stop to and rightwinger retards consider "freedom." Thanks capitalism!

9d25b5f9 No.3656877

File: 1652553936171.jpg (964.76 KB, 1920x1440, john-deere-3627070_1920.jpg)

y'all know farm machinery doesn't break down as soon as the warranty expires right?

9d25b5f9 No.3656880

File: 1652554281942.jpg (207.84 KB, 2220x1248, istock-486895782.jpg)

also, most mechanics are conservative.

Yeah, fixing things and making them keep going is a thing. It doesn't just happen magically

liberals act as if machines suddenly shut off the second they get mad.

9d25b5f9 No.3656881

just last week i changed my oil, transmission fluid, rear axel fluid, and coil packs in my truck.

Find a liberal who can even try to do that. Its almost impossible

5849aa23 No.3656912

File: 1652559778530.jpg (759.85 KB, 900x1500, f7b1cb06448ae87ac4c024ed19….jpg)


If you had taken even a basic introduction class to psych you would know the main theme of therapy is to get people to come to their own conclusions.

You are never supposed to tell them what is wrong even if it's obvious to you. They need to come to that conclusion on their own.

That is the most basic standard of being a therapist. The entire idea is not to tell them anything but to give them the tools to discover their own truths.

2ecbaef9 No.3656913


The fact that you use the words Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Therapist, and Counselor interchangeably in many of your discussions about mental health shows that you don't seem to even know the most basic things about the mental health profession.

5849aa23 No.3656914

File: 1652560141553.jpg (207.94 KB, 680x662, FSqhKaEXoAE7FUp.jpg)

>my suggestion is to shut off food from the red states

Oh, PLEASE start an economic war between red and blue states! PRETTY PLEASE!

Do you know how much money we waste on keeping conservatives in food stamps and free medical care? The majority of your party is old people, criminals, and rednecks. Are you going to feed them and pay for their medical bills? I doubt it.

Conservatism would die in under 6 months if we stopped funding your life support.

I doubt it.

9d25b5f9 No.3656918

how so? explain how not having amazon prime will kill off americans so much faster than how not having food, energy, water, and infrastructure will.

face it the Red is superior to the Blue.

1cff1e03 No.3656930

File: 1652565056899.jpg (85.83 KB, 446x584, Sonicthots.jpg)

The data banks of their residential and genectic entries could be catalogue, and they could be "incubated" for the presence of the desired fate. For a cost, it is safer than receiving the conditional care programs availiable in public services and humane efforts. Their body can be transcoded in an isolation chamber that scans them while putting them into a hibernation in which their frequencies are transferred to a "dump file". The Data Coffin, then uploads their "soul" to a storage device and it is housed on a quantum data-bank. This reduces the population demand and restores the economy while providing the corrective projection of the user's simulated enviroment. They are data so they are compatible to their own understandings, their spiritual reeducation is made availiable as well in their enviroment. The coffin correalates the vessel to a potentiatial double life through the agency of its remedial scan work, until the data of the target profile is fully restored. How is this possible other than using quantum data processors. They only cost a few million unless you know how to make them yourself. The spiritual decay may be stifled through active data resourcing and the profile commits their spiritual data to the machine program allowing it to survive on its powerdraws until it is 'made to be delivered' for another vessel, the data coffin exhumes its processes, and the Databank opts for a server transmission in which the data is then "reprinted" into a desired embodiment. The process is mostly painless, none more than what is generally experienced in a person's waking moments. They are transferred as if it was a subconscious process, meshing correctifvely to their own perceptions of the after life or assumably given a hard reset, and written on a blank slate or newborn bio-lab engineered surrogate. (Reserved for mundane tasks such as breathing and simulating the youth-adult-life cycle for their development.) It is funny what technology can do especially in regards to fabricating a new society of -humans-. It is evidential of a memetic value that the system retain the version of the character involved unless otherwise stated by vip or administrations of course, as well as keeping a significant intibation of several eukyrotes and specimins for the occasional repurposing in a failed transmission.

35e05ca4 No.3656937

Take your meds

5c71d5e0 No.3656940

>another retarded incel mass shooter from /pol/
Cant wait to hear about this "evil white supremacy" shit nonstop from the left for the next couple years.

1cff1e03 No.3656953

I kno im right im just going to type out how im right unless you pay someone alot of money to keep me quiet about it.

You don't even have to die you can just be put in the soul exchanger and be cloned. Lol. The issue is that you will be inferior because you are short of a few ions than the new you. Unless you want the transfer of course there is a cost because it generates some radioactivity we have to "keep clean" of interferences.

You know…doom and such. We keep the doom research for ourselves you get a new body :)

73c27c7c No.3656998


No ofcourse it does not but not having a right to repair is a serious issue. Also this is only in the USA. Even a Chinese cannot be jailed for fixing or modding his own stuff. Americans can.

Call it what you want but that is not freedom!

5849aa23 No.3657010

File: 1652568904944.png (55.2 KB, 920x294, replacement-shooter.png)

Crazy, right-wing, teenager shoots up grocery store, murders a retired cop, and kills 9 other people, because he is mad white women aren't having enough pure-white babies and he's scared white people are being replaced.

He's right. We are winning.


5849aa23 No.3657013

File: 1652569271318.png (541.97 KB, 620x877, 74e004fb5eb91b96d646a01881….png)


The majority of red states would fall into economic collapse in less than a year if blue states stopped giving them tax money to fund all those programs you hate like medicare and food stamps.

You're the people using the majority of those programs, not us. When you vote for people who want to cut funds to the poor, you're voting to let republicans die.

The blue states are where all the money is. We're the elites, remember? You're just farm labor and we can buy everything we need from you from overseas.

Make no mistake, you only exist because we believe in our morality. You trying to make us more like you is only hastening your own doom. The second we get angry enough to give up on you as a majority, you're fucking done.

We won't even need to raise a gun. We can just stop giving you federal tax money and you'll kill each other for scraps.

3bdac1c3 No.3657029

Sure you might think that yet another conservative slaughtered a bunch of actual human beings, but jussie smollett jussie smollett jussie smollet look the other way jussie smollett no more questions please

Which proves that both sides are equally bad

86d55767 No.3657030


False flag.

The liberal race-baiting is ebbing. Needed a boost.

3bdac1c3 No.3657031

Jussie smollet was a false flag. All conservative murders are objectively real.

5edd5e0a No.3657032

Putting down a conservative is always an act of self defense.

186f2fc6 No.3657038

File: 1652577265533-0.jpeg (98.02 KB, 1024x497, 883D02AA-7C50-401F-BF3A-B….jpeg)

File: 1652577265533-1.jpeg (112.3 KB, 816x1024, 1205A847-A38A-4EC2-A4FE-C….jpeg)

File: 1652577265533-2.jpeg (86.98 KB, 640x790, D8F5FADD-5D31-4F3F-A522-9….jpeg)

File: 1652577265533-3.png (497.93 KB, 540x746, 5841ACDE-9F4A-43DA-845A-FB….png)

File: 1652577265533-4.jpeg (147.14 KB, 760x1024, 65F88836-8DF4-4875-B9A6-0….jpeg)

Whether or not this is false flag or just another idiot, we’re being manipulated by freaks in power. If a groomer was killed I would take notice (and applaud). However a group of miscellaneous people shopping is just lazy.

You want to leap on this or some drug riddled criminal who dies in police custody, go ahead.

Non white areas are shit holes. Shitty parents committing a biological act and not following through with their children. People in power like that! It really doesn’t take a genius to figure out poverty breeds ruin. That rampant sexuality leads to ruin.

Money to be made in prisons, abortions and meds….

9557b9f2 No.3657039

File: 1652579752261.jpg (143.78 KB, 1255x1280, ad894ee5c58fc1cfcdeda447e1….jpg)

In the second picture, the correct answer is option 1: The black guy shooting the white guy, and with 10 minutes of exposition explaining why the white guy is the devil and deserves it and how heroic the nigerian is.

b9e53d22 No.3657040

Nobody should bother reading this, it's a distraction to try to take attention away from the fact that yet another dull-eyed conservative subhuman just slaughtered ten innocent human beings because muh white birf rates

This thing isn't actually a human being like you and I, like all conservatives it's a blood-hungry ape creature that mimics real humans in order to rape our children. That's why it can't feel real empathy for all the people that a conservative ape just gunned down. It's only capable of feeling fear that it might face punishment for being a depraved butcher.

b9e53d22 No.3657042

Here you can see another example of conservative inhumanity. While human beings feel disgust and anger at the ape-thing that just killed a bunch of people in a grocery store, the conservative subhuman can only hoot and squeal about black humans. Also notice how the ape thing posts hardcore pornography when talking about the slaughter of humans: this is because conservative subhumans are sexually aroused by death.

9557b9f2 No.3657044

File: 1652581788189.png (1.56 MB, 1200x1080, c00f3e6b7c1a128034f2afc367….png)

Nigerian, I'm not omniscient. I'm not obligated to know or give a fuck what you care about.

And again, fuck off with this false dichotomy left-right myteam-yourteam shit.

Posting porn is my penance for contributing to this godawful cancer of a thread. Deal with it.

b9e53d22 No.3657045

Again, we can see the conservative trying to change the subject away from the demonstrable conservative culpability for this week's conservative bloodbath directed at a group of innocent people. In reality, conservative subhumans love and cherish these mass shootings, because like I said they are sexually aroused by death. This is why you see so many conservative ape "people" livestreaming the slaughter of human beings, they're providing live pornography for conservatives to masturbate to.

9557b9f2 No.3657046

File: 1652584029954.jpg (178.92 KB, 1280x1272, ab7fe3a3db85d8682bbb0078ff….jpg)

Nigerian, I wasn't even talking about your subject to begin with. How could I be changing it? I haven't even been following the news much and just replied to a funny image. Take your meds, dude.

01317f51 No.3657047

File: 1652584952932.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x1080, d61bf82a111190bfb7ed41b543….jpg)

186f2fc6 No.3657048

File: 1652585449356-0.jpeg (70 KB, 819x1024, 7E6FC6C1-1C0C-49D7-AA3E-4….jpeg)

File: 1652585449356-1.jpeg (172.15 KB, 750x750, 598B76CD-B9E9-4B76-B5F0-9….jpeg)

File: 1652585449356-2.jpeg (47.84 KB, 700x350, 18236FCB-CC9D-429A-930D-7….jpeg)

File: 1652585449356-3.jpeg (100.15 KB, 865x1024, A8DAA6FE-9F7C-47DE-B84A-4….jpeg)

File: 1652585449356-4.jpeg (105.99 KB, 708x1024, 5219AF9A-E8A8-46BA-A558-D….jpeg)

I hate pedos.
Fags can fuck any consenting adults.
Religious nuts can preach whatever about their God.
Feminists can whine about the patriarchy.
I wish them all well.

Pedo groomers can make me smile by jumping into a wood chipper!

Why the fuck should I give any thought to a random terrorist killing randomly?

I am not going to side with your perversion.
I got limits and your freaky political party just makes me stick to my limits more.

0de328c0 No.3657049

Told you, we're going for public executions of subhuman democrats now, it's the only way to rid the earth of your scourge.

4a4c3f5c No.3657050

File: 1652588369198.jpeg (321.6 KB, 2048x2048, 068340B2-8007-4E59-BFB0-1….jpeg)

Conservative subhumans don't actually hate pedophilia, they just hate sex ed because it makes it harder for them to rape human children. In reality they love pedophilia which is why conservatives are statistically more likely to molest kids. Again, they want to change the subject because it was correctly pointed out that conservatives apes are sexually aroused by death, and they want to keep the mass murders coming so they have more masturbation material.

4a4c3f5c No.3657051

When pressed, conservative subhumans will always defend mass murder because they can't maintain an erection without death or suffering. This is why they are so pedophilic.

32667b66 No.3657052

It really is fucked up that a rightwinger murdered a bunch of innocent people and all these deranged nazis are more interested in screeching at jews than showing any sympathy toward the victims.

They're gonna do sandy hook again and start harassing the victim's families and calling the victims crisis actors, fuck

ba2348a3 No.3657053

Conservatives are not human beings and don't experience human emotions. Stop treating them like people, it's a tactic they use to fool you so they can get closer and eventually hurt you and your family.

b7924e9d No.3657056

Liberal trash Government did it.
This guy either worked for them (the FBI) or they goaded him into it.
Watch him dissappear off the radar soon.
There will be more of these as distractions, because it's the only hope in hell the Democrats have of winning anything in the Mid Terms, they can never win on policy alone and know it.

8fdb6b6a No.3657058

Just like everyone knew, the conservative subhuman denies his involvement, turning to baseless lying and finger-pointing in order to defend the practice of mass murder. The conservative ape-creature knows that humans are waking up and realizing that predatory animals have been trying to infiltrate our communities. It fears not for its life, because conservatives don't value life, what it really fears is having its masturbation fodder taken away.

186f2fc6 No.3657060

File: 1652591743327-0.jpeg (71.35 KB, 500x499, 620D0065-3F6B-4A82-9396-4….jpeg)

File: 1652591743327-1.jpeg (73.13 KB, 1024x557, 384D826F-E7D9-466C-A711-3….jpeg)

File: 1652591743327-2.jpeg (108.88 KB, 870x1024, 444E2A4E-9199-4129-973C-F….jpeg)

File: 1652591743327-3.png (455.26 KB, 1020x486, F4028549-3EFB-42A1-B73A-9C….png)

File: 1652591743327-4.jpeg (122.57 KB, 897x1024, D9D8C16C-1100-4695-9EC7-1….jpeg)

My phone shows you are full of shit!

8d65c86b No.3657062

Keep on lying 3B.
We're just curious why you stopped using your Lulz name again,
did you die again, lol lol

8fdb6b6a No.3657063

Rightwingers aren't oppressed but they should be. Kill yourself.

9557b9f2 No.3657064

File: 1652592247702.jpg (158.8 KB, 1280x964, fffffb5eb8f3064d0d63dac2cf….jpg)

lol I forgot how CNN bleached that N's photo.

07ac3eb8 No.3657065

Bleach the inside of your stomach. Nobody will miss you. In fact, the world will be a slightly better place with one less conservative subhuman infecting it.

2c051d87 No.3657066

Mental illness on display again. Untreated schizophrenia is not a real political ideology but the right wants us to pretend it is because they are all mentally ill too

1870795f No.3657067

IQ studies all show that conservative apes are less intelligent than real humans. This is why they are easily tricked and why so many scammers and con men target them.

d7ecce72 No.3657068

Nobody cares about your made up shit lmao

9557b9f2 No.3657071

File: 1652594470336.jpg (206.69 KB, 1200x1164, abe2ea0368ddfad115a73ffdee….jpg)

Nah, I'm already on the horse paste, but thanks for caring, bro. You're a true friend.

0edc8b71 No.3657072

File: 1652594704880.jpg (33.54 KB, 780x438, 220514155731-03-buffalo-ny….jpg)

9557b9f2 No.3657073

File: 1652594733604.jpg (7.8 MB, 3744x2592, cea1ef936ec7dac2db9fc27321….jpg)

You remember that case where the 'Anarchist' homeless man was plotting to kidnap Governor Whitmer, and the FBI foiled the plot?

Well it proven to a jury in court that the FBI provoked and entrapped the dudes. We know the FBI plots this kind of shit. It's been proven in court.

186f2fc6 No.3657074

File: 1652594945671-0.jpeg (124.29 KB, 709x1024, 413E42E2-4759-4EA6-994C-A….jpeg)

File: 1652594945671-1.jpeg (161.21 KB, 912x1024, 5102E668-D34B-44A0-BD24-C….jpeg)

File: 1652594945671-2.jpeg (83.54 KB, 623x1024, AC3B0E5F-0F8B-475F-839A-5….jpeg)

File: 1652594945671-3.jpeg (148.26 KB, 843x768, 50BDB003-63BC-45A3-965E-0….jpeg)

File: 1652594945671-4.jpeg (161.87 KB, 828x907, FBF4B81B-08D1-472A-84D6-3….jpeg)

You freaks who deal bullshit while deny evidence really crack me up! Part of me feels bad that you are so bar shit crazy but part of me knows you won’t be around much longer.

9557b9f2 No.3657075

File: 1652595252619-0.gif (302.84 KB, 700x700, 8bf20646010eea95831d97cb5d….gif)

File: 1652595252619-1.png (1.84 MB, 3600x2880, 90bc90d5b2e1db5c90cf78f5b2….png)

Hey, don't knock mpreg!

186f2fc6 No.3657077

File: 1652597699320-0.jpeg (74.64 KB, 1024x640, BDB489B2-7774-48DF-8C39-5….jpeg)

File: 1652597699320-1.jpeg (95.56 KB, 1024x999, A09A7E8F-F7F7-447D-9F07-2….jpeg)

File: 1652597699320-2.jpeg (97.41 KB, 1024x1013, 1D7D258F-D3BB-45BB-AF41-1….jpeg)

File: 1652597699320-3.png (463.87 KB, 1623x1077, 0739C99D-3A47-43FD-9882-E1….png)

File: 1652597699320-4.png (72.89 KB, 581x367, 0B5FF90E-209C-476E-A05F-64….png)

It’s not that I don’t support weirdness it’s just that I am against calling it normal.

Be bat shit crazy just don’t ask me to conform. Especially to political parties lockstep with corporate interests…

f44d5627 No.3657080

File: 1652602471867.webm (3.55 MB, 960x540, Warmingup.webm)

>The FBI entrapped the right-wing terrorists! It wasn't fair!

Sure thing, the FBI totally tricked them into forming a militia, building a training ground, training for combat together, buying weapons, building home made bombs, making plans to blow up bridges and police stations while wearing custom "Wolverine Watchmen" jacket patches and T-shirts.

The FBI is REALLY good at tricking people into doing things. Strange they couldn't get you morons to wear masks and take the vaccine so you didn't drop dead.

ccd0c4e9 No.3657081

>That's why Fox spends all day, every day, trying to convince you the world is ending. If you keep someone afraid long enough they lose the ability to think critically.

Are we talking about "Covid's just a cold" conservatives, or "global warming is a hoax" conservatives ?

Something doesn't add up here, you'd think these two subjects would be milked dry if fear was the goal.

f44d5627 No.3657082

File: 1652603607629.webm (3.05 MB, 960x540, Turnabout.webm)

Funny how conservatives keep bringing up the same things over and over and over for years but there is a new conservative being a crazy monster in the news every day.

9557b9f2 No.3657083

File: 1652603717228.jpg (138.88 KB, 1280x886, e2b1700689ec7ee14cd257fac7….jpg)

The problem with the first one is that you are equating the "LGBT movement" with all gay people. I'm happy with the rights I currently have, and the "LGBT movement" can go fuck itself with its pedophilia and child grooming. It's not that it's a slippery slope, it's that you have professional activists who will always be pushing the bounds of what you find acceptable. They do not speak for us, as much as the faggots claim they do.

Literally, yes. They find mentally unstable people, convince them to do terrorism, and then hopefully swoop in at the last second to thwart them. Have you not been paying attention?

f44d5627 No.3657084

File: 1652604591256.webm (3.21 MB, 960x540, finishingup.webm)

>Something doesn't add up here

Covid being taken seriously and leading to a shut down cost corporations large amounts of money.

Global warming being real and what we need to do to fight it, costs corporations money.

Fox serves the wealthy. Hell, Tucker Carlson is a multi-millionaire trust-fund-baby pretending to be a normal person.

Everything conservatives do is in service of the wealthy and you keep falling for it because you would rather be a slave to a white master than admit a black man isn't less than you.

You talk all the time about how minorities are replacing white people but you're taking the place of the minorities all on your own by supporting corporate rule.

f44d5627 No.3657088

File: 1652605654886.webm (2.31 MB, 960x540, bitchwich-ruaidri.webm)


>The FBI tricked us into doing terrorism by making it look appealing. We should be immune to the consequences of our action.

That's not how it works, Karen. You do the crime, you do the time.

186f2fc6 No.3657089

File: 1652606911530-0.png (507.52 KB, 733x574, 3ED0AD57-A36B-41ED-8DB5-20….png)

File: 1652606911530-1.jpeg (151.27 KB, 707x1000, D39E6882-3B10-4B03-B9AF-0….jpeg)

File: 1652606911530-2.jpeg (150.95 KB, 1024x768, E728B02E-7872-40A6-98F9-E….jpeg)

File: 1652606911530-3.jpeg (222.54 KB, 900x865, 7E4B7F60-4E3C-40DA-BA2D-C….jpeg)

File: 1652606911530-4.jpeg (134.91 KB, 1024x683, 87F2AF21-378E-4953-B3EC-0….jpeg)

Rather sexist of some people to think that only women lie and suck dick to get ahead. I don’t know if you’re so cultish that you don’t believe the government performs psy ops or just ignorant.

At this point I just think Leftists are insanely evil. I’m just not going to give them any benefit of the doubt….

f44d5627 No.3657090

File: 1652607159328.webm (7.81 MB, 320x180, Trump-my-enemy.webm)


I know conservatives are having a hard time right now with everyone hating you for overturning Roe and all your people shooting up places while your political leaders act like fools and you think that the FBI is out to get you, but I don't want you to feel bad just because you're massive losers!

Here, enjoy this fun music video.
It can be your theme song while you LARP at being a soldier by hiding in your house with all your guns, afraid of the world.

8d65c86b No.3657091

Why aren't you calling yourself SOLID 3B anymore?
You might as well not, we all know it's you anyway.
Maybe you can try posting like a N|gger again, yeah, that'll fool us.

8d65c86b No.3657092

Thats always the excuse, if you are scared of arrest then you dont belong out there. Sometimes you just have to give it to them the way they give it to you.

Look what all this "moral high ground" has gotten us? Conservatives are looked at as pushovers by these leftist mutants. Its like a bully when you dont hit back they keep coming, the minute you punch back they recoil in fear.

Stop being weak!

ad1d29d4 No.3657129

File: 1652628059324.jpg (725.75 KB, 1538x1500, 408260292571acf80a08cde794….jpg)

>Why aren't you calling yourself SOLID 3B anymore?

Oh, shit, I didn't notice. When ever my browser updates it forgets the name settings for this page for some reason. Fixed.

You may resume your blood boiling rage.

fe148fd3 No.3657130

File: 1652628264588.jpg (81.29 KB, 819x960, karen is worse than nigger.jpg)

>That's not how it works, Karen

Do NOT say the K-word.

b884e6d5 No.3657131

Fucking kill yourself pedo

ad1d29d4 No.3657132

File: 1652628721168.jpg (1.67 MB, 1959x2500, be8eb329bffdf73e1abd9fa08a….jpg)


Spoiled white people being called out for being assholes isn't oppression, Karen.

b884e6d5 No.3657133

Jamal being arrested for shooting at a rival crack dealer and killing a child with a stray bullet because he can't aim isn't oppression either.

ad1d29d4 No.3657134

File: 1652628948496.jpg (119.74 KB, 1205x1700, a3908e260e94848b9efc08563b….jpg)

>You may resume your blood boiling rage.

>Fucking kill yourself pedo

Good boy! Whose a good obediant boy!? You're a good boy! Bark for me again! Dance for me, little cuck!

Post some nudes while you're at it.

ad1d29d4 No.3657135


You're right. It's not. What's your point? People who do crimes should go to prison.
That's never been in dispute except on your side where people trying to hang the vice president and murder congress people is somehow considered a normal day at the office for your people.

b884e6d5 No.3657136

>your side where people trying to hang the vice president and murder congress people

Like this?


ad1d29d4 No.3657138

File: 1652631994521.png (459.82 KB, 1188x813, Select-your-partner.png)


We never claimed what he did wasn't illegal. We never made excuses for him.

What he did was clearly a violation of the law. That being said, we need more just like him on both sides.

If more politicians and rich people got smoked for the injustice they do to Americans both parties would work harder to give the voters what they want.


8d65c86b No.3657139

Pray tell, 3B, show us where this rope to hang someone was brought to Jan. 6, and where any Congress person was about to be murdered. No one else can see where that happened, but you apparently do, you must be gifted. Please share with us how you are able to see these things that no one else does.

9557b9f2 No.3657140

File: 1652633889574.jpg (1.26 MB, 1596x1026, 2c41d8e76e31c7299d1dc65593….jpg)

If law enforcement facilitates the committing of a crime that otherwise would not have taken place, yes, that is how it works. And yes, in the Whitmer case a jury was convinced that was the case.

Hell, did you know that if the police leave a truck full of Air Jordans in the ghetto, they aren't allowed to arrest the Ns that come steal them, because THAT's entrapment? That shit can be ridiculously interpreted sometimes.

God, I escaped from this cancer of a thread for so long, I forgot that actually talking reason with you was pointless, so I dunno, just eat a bag of dicks or something, faggot.

5849aa23 No.3657141

File: 1652634860529-0.png (72.88 KB, 997x403, Fuck-u-putin.png)

File: 1652634860529-1.png (101.22 KB, 966x655, How-to.png)

Looks like Putin is having a hard time. His own troops are destroying their vehicles so they don't have to fight the Ukrainians. Even they know his orders to execute civilians are bullshit.


9d25b5f9 No.3657144

just an fyi, no one from that protest has ever been atributed to, or actually heard saying that they were going to hang the vice president.

During the trials it was just listed as "unidentified protester," meaning it was a completely fabricated way of the media making a story extra spicy, once if wound that non of the rioters had guns, or hurt anyone. CNN couldn't use buzz words like assault rifle, so they just added something in, and everyone just accepted it.

9d25b5f9 No.3657147

File: 1652636064713.jpg (68.88 KB, 565x800, 567123d7d29be6f3d8d0e8a8f2….jpg)

Its like, if someone gets shot in a hunting accident because they weren't wearing high-vis gear, whatever its just a tragedy, move on.

But if CNN adds in that an anonymous person heard "heil hitler" just before hearing the gunshot, its now a newsworthy anti-semetic hate crime.

No one really wants to know who that person that heard it was, or if they existed, they just want to hoist up the gallows for a public spectical.

9d25b5f9 No.3657148

9 times out of 10, the "anonymous contact" that shall not be recorded or named, is just the reporter. Its technically true, but no one cares.

9557b9f2 No.3657152

File: 1652637463930.jpg (5.58 MB, 2800x1800, 260fb825562f1887e553884295….jpg)

Ah yes, the "Unidentified protestors", AKA the feds. Don't believe for a second that anyone there could not have been unidentified.

5849aa23 No.3657154

File: 1652637727832-0.webm (5.93 MB, 360x360, signs-of-hate.webm)

>Pray tell, 3B, show us where this rope to hang someone was brought to Jan. 6

The gallows they built outside the building which was shown on every TV in the world?

9d25b5f9 No.3657155

we've established that im an ex air force intelligence guy.

It just makes me grind my teeth that this simp bullshit tricks so many people.

9d25b5f9 No.3657158

cause its so stupid and basic, the only reason people believe that level of psyop is because they want to.

we live in a society so filled with cameras and phones, that SOMEONE logically would have actually recorded during a mass event like that of someone actually saying they were going to hang the vice president. No one did.

People just want to believe it enough that they don't care about facts or logic. That makes it the lowest level of social manipulation.

9d25b5f9 No.3657160

not to mention the massive level of security around the white house, its just stupid to think some rando would get away with saying that and not at least have an audio recording or a face pic.

9d25b5f9 No.3657162

hell honestly, its stupid to even think that a bunch of low-level protesters could even get in. That place is built to withstand attack. They were let in, they didn't force their way in.

7696c9fb No.3657168

I used to think that conservatives were evil monsters who keep murdering people and destroying my country, but then some mentally ill people who brag about being on disability told me it was a false flag and now I am voting for Donald Trump. I have a fridge temperature IQ.

5849aa23 No.3657169

File: 1652638767123-0.jpg (1.42 MB, 2200x1700, 1e7b697fde4c4050f237f2e4c2….jpg)


You've also claim to have been a 30 year truck driver and a 29 year engineer that worked your way through college and paid off all your student debt, and also a former U.S.M.C. so sure, why not also be in air-force intelligence officer. If you're going to live a imaginary life, live big!

7696c9fb No.3657172

It's almost like his entire thing is lying for attention because he has no friends and keeps desperately trying to find reasons not to kill himself

Lay down your sword steam, you don't need to fight this battle anymore. You can just put yourself out of our misery, it will be fine.

9d25b5f9 No.3657173

you're making things up, I never claimed to be any of those things.

Well I was an electrical engineer, but brain damage and boredom put an end to that.

7696c9fb No.3657174

No you weren't.

5849aa23 No.3657175

File: 1652639231596-0.webm (1.83 MB, 382x540, handsfree.webm)

>That place is built to withstand attack.

No it isn't. There is video of people smashing in windows climbing in and opening the doors from the inside.

Congress is a historic building, it isn't intended to be a military stronghold.

There is no conspiracy. It's just a normal building.

f4781531 No.3657176

Mass shooters need to target white towns / churches. Worship the AR-15 Die by the AR-15

9d25b5f9 No.3657178

so how exactly have I given so much advice to people asking on this board on things like automation, electrical circuits, and automation.

Even Aufy threw a fit when I started working on his stupid clown costume, and then gave up because his demands were insane. I mean, I'm ok with giving instructions on how to make a tail wag or an eyebrow move using hand controls, but he was way too demanding

4f195c79 No.3657179

Here is the real story of steam's amazing life:

-washed out of the military, unable to do work designed for the dumbest fuckers on earth
-went on welfare
-started collecting disability checks

He needs you to feel very jealous of his accomplishments now, please clap

9d25b5f9 No.3657180

the building no, but the yard is.

4f195c79 No.3657181

White people aren't the problem
Conservatives are the problem

9d25b5f9 No.3657182

just stop talking fake-lib-fag

4f195c79 No.3657183

Cool story

4f195c79 No.3657184

Suicide is painless

9d25b5f9 No.3657185

im one of few on this site who actually has a story, most of you are just npc's yelling at eachother

4f195c79 No.3657187

You're so cool you don't just have one story, you have a new story every time you open your mouth. Tell us more about your cool disability checks, we're extremely jelly that you live in a trailer park.

9d25b5f9 No.3657188

its called life, im not a stationary object, every time I wake up I start a new story.

Unlike NPC's.

3501ee2a No.3657189

>all you npcs just resent my cool life where I make barely above minimum wage and try to impress gay furry nazis on an obscure image board with my badass welfare checks

9d25b5f9 No.3657190

it might be difficult for some of you autists to handle, but yeah I do continue existing between posts, I live, do stuff, and don't just stop existing when you don't look at my posts.

9557b9f2 No.3657191

File: 1652639993080.png (1.91 MB, 1820x1170, a551f8f0540a4c365a9d5f4637….png)

Those gallows were about as functional as the CHAZ garden.

>White power hand symbol

FUCKING LMAO. Jesus Christ lol. Just stop.

5bc04473 No.3657192

Unlike us NPCs steam is cool enough to fuck his dog, u jelly that you don't fuck your dog libtard

7cc0f79b No.3657193

Come on guys steam doesn't always lie about himself on this shithole of a site. Sometimes steam likes to do cool things like masturbate to cp, npcs will never understand

9d25b5f9 No.3657194

File: 1652640280199.jpg (140.7 KB, 1280x1280, 893343.jpg)

I feel like I'm being shamed, I need to leave and pick up an oreo blizzard to deal with this mockery.

9d25b5f9 No.3657195

also its really hot out and a good time to enjoy a small ice-cream

09488c29 No.3657196

Never forget that if the conservative subhumans had actually lynched people these bloodthirsty sociopaths would be defending it instead of denying it. They do not care about truth because they do not value truth, they only care about killing more people. It's a sexual thrill for them when human beings suffer and die.

e2ceb7f8 No.3657198

When you've got so much going on in life that you need to announce to the shithole imageboard that you're going to fucking dairy queen. NPCs will never get it.

5849aa23 No.3657199

File: 1652640617828-0.jpg (38.24 KB, 534x761, shades_Steam.jpg)

File: 1652640617829-1.jpg (51.89 KB, 600x800, Steam-selfie.jpg)

File: 1652640617829-2.jpg (46.48 KB, 1024x768, Boozy-steam.jpg)


From the photos he has posted of himself, he's defiantly mastered the art of drinking too much and sideburns.

9557b9f2 No.3657200

File: 1652640859712.jpg (180.04 KB, 1280x823, 075c82eee533daf5070e47abde….jpg)

Oh, I would be, don't worry. They stole an election, causing the worst presidency in the history of the US. Everyone complicit should be publicly hanged.

63125c4a No.3657201

That's swift you double negro

9d25b5f9 No.3657204

File: 1652643361978.jpg (1.75 MB, 3296x2472, 20210602_224216.jpg)

my power level far exeeds that of "swift," I'm not some filthy irish potato lover.

f39dbbd0 No.3657206

Everything about you screams LIAR

9d25b5f9 No.3657209

how so? I'm one of the few people on this site honest enough to show my face despite all the horrible things I post.

If anything I'm the most honest person here.

b884e6d5 No.3657211

File: 1652645237220.jpg (45.34 KB, 540x706, 1213.jpg)

Mpreg is disgusting, butt babies are gross

Impregnating your cuntboy husband is wholesome, also hot

FtM trannies having kids is just horrifying and you know that the kid is going to be fucked up by their horrible crazy parents.

e2ceb7f8 No.3657215

Conservative subhumans openly admit that they're lying to you. When pressed they always admit that they don't actually believe the lies that they propagate. It's all about power, because conservatives get off on death and fear having the ability to torture and kill taken away from them. Without the ability to butcher innocents conservatives are unable to maintain an erection.

3c23bf4d No.3657223

Have you noticed how nobody in this thread is talking about gun control?

It's weird right? Years ago, every time a shooting happened there was a gun control debate. Some conservative would claim that the gun-grabbers would be here any minute, and some lib would say that grabbing guns is good, and then that would fill the entire board.

So what happened? Are the libs suddenly not interested in gun control? Are rightwingers no longer paranoid lunatics?


What happened is that the NRA got sued into oblivion. The organization has been crippled recently and lacks the power to push insane culture war topics surrounding guns. And without a powerful right-wing agitator spreading fear and division in society, we've gone back to nobody really giving a shit.

The NRA was pushing this kind of social division in order to help the weapons industry sell more guns. Gun sales went through the roof thanks to their agitation.

Without rightwinger media and rapacious billionaire pedophiles influencing you all of the problems that the right hyperventilates about will simply disappear.

9557b9f2 No.3657227

File: 1652646857506.png (2.19 MB, 1650x990, 96df4beaeb6319c4483c25600c….png)

That's some fanfiction you got there. Gonna sell it to CNN?

b884e6d5 No.3657228

The NRA did nothing except solicit more donations for themselves. They don't do shit for gun owners and everyone knows that.

Gun sales have been hitting record numbers and demand outweighs production since the covid bullshit started.

ff81552a No.3657230

why do you retards think cnn is the final boss of everyone who isn't mentally ill

c4b3d06b No.3657231

The salty tears over your great white hope getting his ass kicked by sleepy joe is so good LMAO

You will never stop being mad that we humiliated you

7283849f No.3657233

My favorite thing about that shit is how white men were the only demographic to turn out less for trump in 2020 compared with 2016, so all these nazis are like "King Trump will lead the white race to a new era of masculine white power!!" and then The White Man immediately let them all down xD

That's why they're real mad and why they're so afraid, because the white man looks increasingly millennial and thinks fash bullshit is cringe

b6e9ed6f No.3657234

Tell me more about mental health, guy who brags about fucking his dog

186f2fc6 No.3657238

File: 1652648980041-0.jpeg (154 KB, 1024x813, E43F30FB-B521-48FB-A019-2….jpeg)

File: 1652648980041-1.jpeg (89.24 KB, 733x1024, 23538468-EBF9-4186-9959-2….jpeg)

File: 1652648980041-2.jpeg (47.15 KB, 1024x528, 11A92DD1-498D-45FE-88F7-8….jpeg)

You seem pent up. Maybe you should get off by grooming children!

9d25b5f9 No.3657242

I never fucked my dog, he's not interested, and I gave up on one attempt.

He likes the bitches, and I respect that.

b6e9ed6f No.3657251

File: 1652651109355.jpeg (73.29 KB, 826x943, 6640050C-5A07-4AC4-BF21-A….jpeg)

You aren't opposed to pedophilia, you are opposed to sex ed because it makes it harder for you to rape kids

8d7f2e8f No.3657254

>How dare you call me a dogfucker, I only tried to fuck my dog one time
Mental illness

5849aa23 No.3657258

Yeah, that's not you. That's just some picture you pulled off the web.

5849aa23 No.3657259

>Are the libs suddenly not interested in gun control?

Joe Biden is in power. He can't pass protection for Roe or even basic voting rights what chance it there for him to pass any legislation on gun control?

fe148fd3 No.3657260

File: 1652652150114.jpg (49.78 KB, 543x676, america what went wrong.jpg)


Peak liberalism….

8d7f2e8f No.3657262

You are on a board saturated in cartoon pornography and you're whining that the commercials aren't making your dick hard enough


d36c5929 No.3657266

The bottom line when you get down to it is that conservatives blame everyone and everything for "ruining the country" because they're the ones ruining the country and they want you to look the other way

186f2fc6 No.3657269

File: 1652654847879.jpeg (125.75 KB, 678x1024, E72AF514-C084-4F59-9F27-F….jpeg)

We got pics of you.

5c71d5e0 No.3657281

File: 1652659942498.png (216.62 KB, 526x599, 8488504033397596312.png)

1cff1e03 No.3657282

File: 1652660148897.jpg (67.99 KB, 509x339, illumnati.jpg)

Bottom line is there are anti flags everywhere you look, the scapegoating is massive and harkens to a peak bat country. Idiots like conservatives won't be able to make heads or tails of their own cards and just give up, or go insane and shoot each other, what they are looking for cannot be proven, the American Dream is a dark fairy tale for those who want the truth. Now we can see the authoritarian wonderland surfacing as the next generations will fall into their place, they will submit, they are bred to be slaves.

This outlook is quite easy to grasp, human nature defaults to being apes, some hold civility but in the meanwhile there are no heroic reaches for a shining beacon of moral dignity, everyone wants their slice of the pie even if its laced. That is the downfall here. Or really its the upside, things are fucking utopian compared to living as an African lithium miner (the other side of the coin basically) Sure you get alot of Sun, maybe people say too much.

You'll just have to admit that you are being programmed and move on, crack the codes yourself, but I would like to save the steps for you and mention it is a technology issue of haves and have nots. Quantum Technology infact being used to monitor and keep tabs on those who want social progress and personal landmarks for their own causes. The world hinges much on the outerlimits and pushing of psyops which is obvious.

Programming and Computing is very basic, the science to engineer it requires alot of research and draft design, (there is almost no human element in that effort) It is soul-draining and intellectually exhausting requiring years to comprehend the predicament of a Quantum-Realized Economy. But it is possible, even as I am looking through this political competition I cannot help but laugh at both sides.

a3efedf7 No.3657288

What a surprise, the conservative response to "your ideology leads to mass shootings, societal destruction and mental illness" is to post a bunch of mentally shit.

Who could have seen this coming, starting to think that conservatives are mentally ill

f40279dd No.3657289

100% that picture was concocted by conservatives. It's probably from some belgian art exhibit or some other shit like that and they're claiming it's "the left" that did it.

186f2fc6 No.3657290

File: 1652664479140-0.jpeg (37.38 KB, 600x320, 286A28D7-A6C0-4B5B-98C0-A….jpeg)

File: 1652664479140-1.jpeg (52.19 KB, 640x480, F754E8CD-A28C-4AF9-BEE8-7….jpeg)

File: 1652664479140-2.jpeg (137.04 KB, 540x567, BE18C400-F589-4F7E-8ED5-F….jpeg)

File: 1652664479140-3.jpeg (92.84 KB, 625x800, C4CB7E6F-EEF0-4DC3-899C-4….jpeg)

File: 1652664479140-4.jpeg (137.9 KB, 914x1024, 8AB8AD75-6F85-4983-8801-4….jpeg)


Much like Aids, a lot of people are going to be destroyed by this. Kids too, they will be warped by hedonistic ideology. Twenty years from now most will be dead. Their bat shit insanity will push others together in response. Petty differences will be forgotten and offenses forgiven.

It’s very sad to see this ruin but it will pass away because it just doesn’t work.

f40279dd No.3657291

Like this picture was made up by nazis and they just blame the left for the picture that they made up. When you dig deeper all of this shit ends up being conservatives lying like they always do.

Probably because there's a massive pedophilia problem on the right and they love to project.

c7fec614 No.3657292

Thanks, we really needed to hear more of the mentally ill perspective on this issue. Would you also like to tell us about your favorite pair of free socks?

9557b9f2 No.3657293

File: 1652664618656.jpg (160.2 KB, 1280x768, d6d63ea735d60376cd176b95fe….jpg)

Jesus fuck I forgot how mind numbingly retarded you guys are in this thread. It's actually painful to read.

c7fec614 No.3657294

When you're extremely not mad that your mental illness is getting dismissed out of hand

246dfeb0 No.3657295

Cry more faggot :)

b884e6d5 No.3657297

File: 1652664974089-0.jpg (348.85 KB, 800x2663, 1652655478444.jpg)

File: 1652664974089-1.png (388.26 KB, 503x621, 1652636816420.png)

File: 1652664974089-2.jpg (171.45 KB, 1328x2071, 7dface8122855b4b011be28ed4….jpg)

Furry porn causes domestic terrorism

Turns out we were the terrorists all along

LOL @ the comments https://e621.net/posts/2903993

dbffa2c0 No.3657298

if the right triumphs the whole world will look like balkans, this disaster must be stopped

8d65c86b No.3657299

By cheating to win, without conscience or remorse, you only humiliated yourself.

3e5b6b56 No.3657300

They didn't. Biden won fair and square. You refuse to accept it because you would rather cope forever than accept that your politics are unpopular.

8d65c86b No.3657301

3B, why do you bounce back and forth from "Anonymous" to "Solid 3B" when posting? Any two year old can tell both are written by the same person.

ba57c824 No.3657302

>by getting more votes than we did, without conscience or remorse, you have only humiliated all the conservative retards


1aaf73d9 No.3657303

Mental illness.

8d65c86b No.3657304

Metric shit tons of evidence say otherwise.

8e5565dc No.3657305

More mental illness

0a3ef235 No.3657306

Yeah man the my pillow guy has the facts LMAO

8d65c86b No.3657307

White supremacy is not a major problem in America.

Black supremacy IS a major problem in America.

Blacks are k111111ng hundreds of other Blacks every week because each of the murderers think they are superior to their victims and have some special right to mur der other people. It's the same problem when Blacks sneak up and butcher White women and Asian women. This happens on a regular basis in America.

8d65c86b No.3657309

So the shooter was a right-winger? Nope, wrong, you lying leftist scum. I saw excerpts from his manifesto. READ IT. He's a radical environmentalist who hates minorities because of damage to the environment. Basically a leftist lunatic.

052d7de7 No.3657310

File: 1652666868245.jpeg (21.13 KB, 1006x110, 3D642962-97B2-493F-9F20-F….jpeg)

Meanwhile, in the actual manifesto

8949e7ec No.3657311

Holy shit you mean he's exactly the same as every conservative, who could have seem this coming, it's almost like conservatism is a murderous ideology

b884e6d5 No.3657312

File: 1652667053704.jpg (62.26 KB, 570x635, 1652662335895.jpg)

Wasn't a bunch of it copy/paste from some other retards manifesto?

And since we know he's a furry, any chance he's got an FA account or fursona?

8d65c86b No.3657316

Dumbass, he's a leftist who is denouncing how evil and backward and fucked up Leftism is. In other words a leftist who has seen through the lies, a traitor. Why don't you show the whole page instead of that one little out-of-context sentence? Hmmmm?

186f2fc6 No.3657317

File: 1652668146310-0.jpeg (188.18 KB, 533x1024, 37254CD0-6EFF-495C-A64A-B….jpeg)

File: 1652668146310-1.gif (1.49 MB, 188x284, A3910549-2DB5-4833-897E-7E….gif)

I brought you a present!

9852c0bc No.3657318

8d65c86b No.3657319

Where are the white people?

1cff1e03 No.3657322

We are all in the same boat and that boat is riding the oceans of hell.

b1c8c64c No.3657323

>this mass murderer who targeted random black people and wrote about how he needs to defend white birthrates and blamed the left for everything is actually the left's fault
Conservatives subhumans are filth and need to be executed in order to make the world safe for actual humans

7cc945c2 No.3657325

BREAKING NEWS: another conservative just false flagged up a church, firing dozens of false flags into a crowd of crisis actors, killing one and injuring at least five others

Conservative reporters are calling this another shocking example of violence that didn't actually happen and is actually the left's fault, and would like to remind you that they had no choice but to false flag all those asian people sitting in church because the left cheated in 2020 by refusing to vote for Donald Trump

1cff1e03 No.3657326

deep fake boobs or gtfo

6ec21ec6 No.3657327


I wish I could follow a day in your life. What must that be like?

ec288953 No.3657328

Those taiwanese people needed to go because white birth rates or something, I don't know, someone give me more redpills this is getting too confusing

974de6c7 No.3657329

I am better than you.

5c71d5e0 No.3657330

>What must that be like?

Posting on Twitter all day with no engagement

1cff1e03 No.3657331

i have red pills but the abortion they cause is illegal.

9557b9f2 No.3657335

File: 1652673321356.jpg (577.31 KB, 1280x768, 5d999bd2e29e2de6594b142d5c….jpg)

Pretty much. He's a mentally ill retard who has acted against the stated goal of 'his' 'manifesto'. The only question now is whether the FBI had any involvement in helping things along.

b884e6d5 No.3657336

File: 1652673433392.png (233.75 KB, 707x920, 955f5fcb867a87bfe9187a14c3….png)

It's not like the FBI has any qualms about using mentally ill retarded children in their schemes.

1cff1e03 No.3657341

The shit doesn't exist, what is so hard for you believe that its all orchestrated for ratings? It didn't happen. High Quality CGI, basically broadbeam 6g. Alien technology, its like you are dumb or something.

5c71d5e0 No.3657342

File: 1652678514446.png (505 KB, 1024x394, 1652529199522.png)

Furry terrorism is not a joke.

9557b9f2 No.3657344

File: 1652678552846.png (3.96 MB, 1920x1080, 2fb6afd003e35c65b7c5add2b7….png)

Dude, it's so much easier to just arm up some schizo and let him loose on some municipality, like what the jews are doing with the Ns, but on a smaller scale.

Why would they go to all the effort of faking it? It would be so much easier to uncover too.

186f2fc6 No.3657345

File: 1652678675073-0.png (322.82 KB, 480x609, 4CAA2454-69ED-4AD9-8FAF-9A….png)

File: 1652678675073-1.gif (3.92 MB, 595x525, 226938ED-DAD0-49E5-AA1D-F9….gif)

File: 1652678675073-2.jpeg (94.82 KB, 586x459, 2D6666D6-12F0-4EDC-8521-F….jpeg)

File: 1652678675073-3.jpeg (110.65 KB, 520x726, 06822DB8-BFB4-469E-A1D4-8….jpeg)

File: 1652678675073-4.gif (442.55 KB, 500x319, 5AED8F1F-8052-48B9-B4F9-13….gif)

Which are the non racist corporations?

1cff1e03 No.3657346

File: 1652679719057.jpg (43.05 KB, 512x512, 512x512bb.jpg)

That's what you can think now, maybe, soon however we will see custom terrorism a practicality.

There will be public events where people are scared for the economical and tactical vantage that a terror act presents. It completely lockdowns entire markets and communities. They never feel safe again, but if they volunteer in it that can lower their taxes.

Then it will soon be automated acts done by a mobile projector crew. It's a matter of controlling the resources that are less and less in capable hands, and a means of putting your community in time out. They do this but not in terms of actual product, you see, the world is their stage and the security and safety of being in a 'good market' and 'stable economy' is the biggest lie you can buy. It's an illusion. Your 'perfect' life -will always be- a canvas to horror-artists. Nothing personal.

What am I trying to get at…hmm…The clutch to drive a society into overgear is through fear and stalking their livlihood. It is why bad things happens simply to good people, they have no guard for the sudden drama and "fear-bondage" that keeps them licking the government's boots. Your profits are actually government ownership.

You may not even know who really pushed the buttons after all is said and done, just that you are scared is all that matters. So of course doing this by remote is in the works. Until another victim for their madness haplessly finds itself in their midst, you are stuck being their experiment.

186f2fc6 No.3657347

File: 1652679814287-0.jpeg (133.68 KB, 1024x922, 53BEE2C5-2AC6-44A7-87BC-0….jpeg)

File: 1652679814287-1.jpeg (130.67 KB, 847x1024, 44E1C87A-9E5E-4BE6-A226-9….jpeg)

File: 1652679814287-2.png (394.58 KB, 1352x446, A841224C-2233-4272-AA00-FE….png)

If it isn’t a suppository I ain’t talking it!!

186f2fc6 No.3657348

File: 1652685633437-0.png (905.33 KB, 816x754, 3AD9F7E8-E65E-4994-A250-84….png)

File: 1652685633437-1.png (357 KB, 720x1003, DACB91F4-0679-4246-AFB9-DB….png)

File: 1652685633437-2.jpeg (161.51 KB, 667x1024, 73304054-52F1-475E-A36B-5….jpeg)

File: 1652685633437-3.gif (242.56 KB, 212x320, 1C2055A2-461B-48EE-B5FE-36….gif)

File: 1652685633437-4.jpeg (162.87 KB, 1024x821, 1EA52057-CCBA-469B-8AEC-C….jpeg)

New facts on shooter!
He was looking at furry porn right beforehand!

5849aa23 No.3657350

File: 1652686913437.jpg (518.18 KB, 800x1244, FSPyNZUXEAEIBzX.jpg)


Glad to see 3B is still living rent-free in your head. I'm sure where ever he is, his ghost is laughing at you.

8d65c86b No.3657351

File: 1652687496922.jpg (42.89 KB, 400x466, fb13b3976d2ce3891b60b3ec60….jpg)

Better than Trump living in yours 24/7/365.
Professor Pedo.

1cff1e03 No.3657352

FBI blackmailed them kids. They all had bad porn histories and had to shoot each other or be exposed. Now we can look at those pr0ns.

8d65c86b No.3657356


Then DO it, motherfucker!
You can't and won't.
Guess he will just have to live with them.
Aww want a blankie?
Boo hoo hoo

8d65c86b No.3657358

File: 1652690293278.jpeg (13.71 KB, 259x194, dowhhgnload (4).jpeg)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed into law No. 7172-1 that will ban opposition parties and seize their property on Saturday. The law targets opposition parties if they deny the armed aggression against Ukraine. The law includes actions that support the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus, the two invading countries.
In other words, this is like if the Republicans gain power again and pass a law outlawing the Criminal, Communist Democratic party, WHICH THEY SHOULD.
That’s according to the website of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukrinform reports.

The legislation expands the list of grounds for banning a political party through the courts. Relevant grounds are justifying, recognizing as lawful or denying there is armed aggression against Ukraine, including by presenting armed aggression of the Russian Federation and/or the Republic of Belarus against Ukraine as an internal conflict, civil conflict, or civil war.

It is expected that if a party is banned by the court, its property, funds and other assets become the property of the state.

d2e1d119 No.3657360

Jeez its almost like…he could has passed laws before the death fields were in full bloom.

8d65c86b No.3657361

Did we get the “hey hey, ho ho” chant? Wow, how satisfying that the chants are so Awesome! The depth of intellectualism that chant brings to the surface is phenomenal. So many debates have been won, and I mean with devastating clarity, by the hey hey, ho ho chant. I would say that chant alone makes even me want to have and maybe even perform an abortion. I mean how can you argue with “hey hey, ho ho”? It is purely and simply the argument ender. There’s is nothing left to say after being hit with “the chant”. Be careful lefties, that is a powerful weapon that should only be wielded at the most desperate of times. Times like right now when your Eulogy is being written and your ideology is on the brink. Abortion is your issue of issues. You can not falter in your quest to end the lives of the unborn. What other issue do you have? What will you do without abortion? Who will you demonize if you can’t target people who want to save innocent life? So you must stay strong lefties. Bring out the big guns, rev up the “hey hey, ho ho” and let’s mix it up with “Nazi” and “white supremacy”. You got this lefties. Killing babies is all you.

9b40c103 No.3657365

File: 1652692560084.jpg (13.82 KB, 352x198, whore nigger.jpg)

Who you calling a ho?!

45a26bf9 No.3657370

File: 1652697065061-0.jpg (204.56 KB, 1428x1401, 1652683691164.jpg)

File: 1652697065061-1.jpg (162.73 KB, 1080x1633, 1652689252686.jpg)

File: 1652697065061-2.jpg (303.42 KB, 850x1202, GOT 2.jpg)

File: 1652697065061-3.png (101.73 KB, 1515x318, 1652692082470.png)

File: 1652697065061-4.jpg (286.46 KB, 1170x1730, 1652692425901.jpg)

Gonna wait 24 hours. I am betting some very interesting info will emerge.

ea6a0886 No.3657372

File: 1652704086915.png (159.41 KB, 512x512, xxxxxxxxxxxxx.png)


Manchurian Candidates are a thing…..

Many government agencies do this…..

US Army recruitment video…..


974de6c7 No.3657380

>gonna wait 24 hours until the mass shooter community invents an excuse for me to use

6b516c00 No.3657381

The world will start getting better when real Americans start doing mass shootings at megachurches and conservative speaking events.

9d25b5f9 No.3657383

File: 1652707734197.jpg (119.36 KB, 705x1000, 43c6b420dfb38e441b9a8f2f72….jpg)

;p burn down the cities and cure the cancer.

Cities are tumors, and anyone who lives in a city is a cancer enabler.

1cff1e03 No.3657384

Maybe if you were with Clinton. We live in a time where that never happened. Because mass shooters were popularized. He should have been a manchurian candidate huh, which are for assassinating high-stakes political leaders and not floor managers at a shitty money laundering ring.

5c71d5e0 No.3657385

File: 1652708506575-0.jpeg (240.25 KB, 1242x1670, FSx3vQyVEAAuRFk.jpeg)

File: 1652708506575-1.jpeg (143.26 KB, 828x1399, FSx3vRYUYAEKcbe.jpeg)


5849aa23 No.3657386

File: 1652710375013.jpg (775.83 KB, 1422x800, wildering_778KPG.jpg)


We are doing it. Haven't you been reading the news? The FBI is cracking down on white nationalists left and right and ooops, a lot of them are getting killed by cops in "unrelated incidents"

Do you really think the sudden spike in traffic stops of white nationalists has been an accident? Cops are looking for an excuse to end them or take their guns because they know those crazies are dangerous to everyone.

It's not a coincidence. Biden has failed to do anything about gun violence in America so the states are doing it themselves. It isn't big brother who is coming for your guns, it's the boys in blue.

1cff1e03 No.3657387

Quinto Tarantino films also make me feel bad ass honestly more of my element to front giant organizations in spite of myself actually being a pussy.

8d65c86b No.3657388

You haven't done shit.

5849aa23 No.3657390

File: 1652711537262.png (77.08 KB, 971x336, MAGA-Incel-again.png)


Are you talking about the TOPS super-market shooter? He released a 180 page manifesto about how white women weren't breeding enough and he couldn't get laid. He quoted Tucker Carlson and white replacement theory extensively.

The jury is in on him. He's a full on MAGA chud, 18 year old, incel, angry that white women want that big black dick instead of his tiny white one.


5849aa23 No.3657391

File: 1652711859691.jpg (505.82 KB, 800x1244, Cleanse-the-conservatives.jpg)

It's funny to me how conservatives spend all day, every day, making up these crazy conspiracy theories about how liberals are Satanists raping and drinking the blood of children to try and make them look crazy but all we have to do is point to your very real actions that you do almost every day.

Conservatives are the party of violent lunatics. We don't need to make things up to make you look insane, you prove yourself to be sub-human monsters in need of extermination, every singe day.

8d65c86b No.3657392

The next person that says "The 2020 election was the most secure election in US history" needs to be kicked in the nuts.

The problem is we are waiting for the very persons who committed the fraud to prosecute themselves. This is never going to happen. The system is rotten from the head on down.

5849aa23 No.3657393

File: 1652712062584.jpg (139.98 KB, 603x1180, soapy.jpg)

Yes, we are still waiting, we are waiting for you to prove there was fraud. It's been what, 150? 200 court cases now and you haven't proved jack shit?

What are you waiting for? Show us the evidence?!

1cff1e03 No.3657394

Proving a fraud is more or likely not proving it all since both sides do it. But that's not what you are really wanting. Tbh your intentions are clear and quite contrary to this entire site but ok.

5c71d5e0 No.3657395

LOL stop trying to argue with 3B

There's no point to it

9d25b5f9 No.3657396

> lets take a bunch of people who just want to be left alone and laser point them for police brutality

>they get pissed after getting the brunt end of a bunch of bored cops, have their reputations ruined, and relize that they're being victimized, and still just want to be left alone

>omg look at how violent they are! hur hur hur!

its called self fulfilling prophecies.

like me for example, I've been pulled over countless times, arrested several times, and never charged with a single thing, other than one of my brake lights flickering. People around here target me for being the token gay guy who just happens to want to be left alone and be an incel in private.

1cff1e03 No.3657397

Flickering Brake light huh…you must want to fuck doods.

9d25b5f9 No.3657400

File: 1652713569952.jpg (98.35 KB, 736x1053, 885f22551f21154e7b01686ddf….jpg)

hell my discharge from the air force is still "pending investigation" and its been several years. Plus I'm on a watch list with local police because I'm a known alcoholic. They pull over and arrest people for drunk driving all the time, and are super pissed that they have never once, despite their efforts, caught me drunk.

I've even had cops come into my house when my door was unlocked and told me to drop the gun and restrain my dog. Despite being a GSD, he's a total bitch and hid under the bed, all bark and no bite, and I don't own guns. All my weapons are arguably tools, like my dominator wrecking bar/https://www.grainger.ca/en/product/PRY-BAR-DOMINATOR-36IN/p/MHW40138

The explanation for them breaking into my house was "attempted robbery." Like I'd rob my own house, how do you even do that?

9d25b5f9 No.3657401

and mind you no one in their right mind should ever just randomly come into my house, every door, and every gate warns that there is a german shepherd on premises.

They were just looking for a reason to start shooting.

1cff1e03 No.3657402

Hmm…you should really make sure they are gay before you order just any escort to 'frisk you' at your house.

1cff1e03 No.3657404

Is this the video of you being alone? And people trying to get into your house, you shouldnt be throwing big parties then.

9d25b5f9 No.3657405

i literally do my best to tell everyone to leave me the fuck alone, yet still people try to get into my shit at every possible chance.


9d25b5f9 No.3657406

I don't throw parties, I have no human friends, and no one is invited in.

I have enough trouble dealing with my parents trying to steal clippings from my grape vines, trim my trees horribly, and mutilate my berry bushes.

1cff1e03 No.3657407

show video of dog tricks and extroidanary stunts or i dont care.

5849aa23 No.3657408

>I have no human friends

Yes, that is quite evident.

8d65c86b No.3657409

The shootings were truly a preventable situation if the fake President and Democrats hadn't created an environment full of hate and division in this nation. That's the absolute truth that nobody wants to talk about.

9d25b5f9 No.3657412

the fake president and all the horrors that he's brought should be enough to label him as a terrorist of the highest caliber.

1cff1e03 No.3657413

With all the reasons why a single crime is carried out and all of them being potential motives simply for crimes sake, "not even for necessity but for -the thrill-.You are saying it could have been prevented by making an enviroment indiscriminately clandestine for everyone because everyone is happier..hmm. It's too bad you can't just trust people not to accidentally break a vase. Or accidentally point a lethal weapon and inconsequentially cause problems because of unforeseeable circumstances. Shit is going to happen.

The best you can do is prepare for it when in case it does, and likely, it still won't work out for you since it boils over violently into a desperation fit. (Criminals are DESPERATE men or highly trained professionals. Take your pick.)

Simply put if they had a gate check maybe at their parking lot there would never have been a cause for concern except maybe for the gatekeeper.

9d25b5f9 No.3657414

yeah you can't really anticipate what a real psychopath would do. Back in the military, we were told that after a bomb threat or a gun threat, we just told everyone to hunker down and stay where they were…

A far cry from what they tell schools to do, I mean seriously, what gunman on a weekday is going to think "<_> well no sounds from any of these classrooms, better just go home and make sure I have the schedules right.

What we need to do is arm and train teachers and politicians as riflemen to take care of the situation when it arises. At least teach them how to provide first aid instead of just being basic bitches when the situation inevitably arises

9d25b5f9 No.3657416

File: 1652715776375.jpg (322.63 KB, 1000x750, Halo-Covenant-Alien-Army-A….jpg)

shotguns aren't always the most accurate answer, but they're almost always an answer.

1cff1e03 No.3657417

Russia has no school shooting in russia they have guard of school by stray dog

5c71d5e0 No.3657422

1cff1e03 No.3657423


That was just for clout. He was idolizing other school scooters. Even posted on chans he would do it. And yet nothing was done about it.

ea6a0886 No.3657425

File: 1652719933349.jpg (89.03 KB, 828x972, past america what went wro….jpg)

>Yes, that is quite evident.

YOU should not talk….I've seen your twitter account.

You are a classic corner kid sociopath. No one gives you updoots, and no one gives you retwats. You shout into the void and are ignored despite your prodigious amount of posting in a literal leftist echo chamber. It eats at you.

Steam wants to be left alone - and I concur that much human contact is overrated - and it is because of walking tumors such as yourself and others like you.

You are loud and embarrassing because you want attention but you only get looks of disgust.

I wish you a long and tedious life.

ea6a0886 No.3657427

File: 1652720375640.jpg (86.49 KB, 600x800, left.jpg)


Selective outrage is selective

5c71d5e0 No.3657428

Dude was wearing straight up Columbine cosplay

Why would a Russian zoomer even care about Columbine?

8d65c86b No.3657429

Reports on the alleged manifesto by accused shooter Payton Gendron say he described himself as a leftist, “Today’s terrorist attack will be politicized and lied about. The man was under demonic influence. Completely incoherent “ideology.” Hybrid of Nazism with green new deal leanings. He called himself a left wing “green nationalist.” That’s why you can’t post the document.”

d2e1d119 No.3657430

He played GTA and wanted to be in the matrix IDFK

9d25b5f9 No.3657438

I don't have a twitter, facebook, or any of that nonsense. A person who wants to be left alone doesn't have those social media bs things

64262dd7 No.3657445

File: 1652738623525-0.webm (2.81 MB, 400x400, 1652520658585.webm)

File: 1652738623525-1.png (557.54 KB, 1000x1000, 1616182374008.png)

I really like the word "nonce" over pedo.


Really amazing how colleges are spitting out sexual super freaks .

5849aa23 No.3657446

File: 1652740178473.jpg (83.18 KB, 536x680, FRzAwWVVsAAe-P9.jpg)

Both Sophistry and Steam admit they are anti-social would-be animal fuckers who have no human friends… and no one is surprised!

b884e6d5 No.3657447

At least they aren't pedophiles like you are

ea6a0886 No.3657449

File: 1652741058495.jpg (98.66 KB, 500x713, 6geg6c.jpg)

5849aa23 No.3657450

File: 1652741197821.jpg (277.38 KB, 2048x946, FSwtNDZX0AIJKXG.jpg)

>Payton Gendron say he described himself as a leftist,

He said he was a leftist when he was 12 then he realized the truth about the Jews and the blacks because of 4 chan. Because he read the exact kind of hateful, bigoted, conspiracy theories that moderators allow you to post on this web site every day.

On 4chan there weren't enough people fighting back against your INSANITY so he started to think it might be true and a few years later he was shooting up a super-market.

This is why conservatism should be banned from the internet. This is the product of allowing you to spread your hate.

People like YOU are the reason these kids are out there killing people and ruining their lives.

Make no mistake, his life is done. He will be miserable for the rest of his existence. He will never have a job he enjoys, or a family that loves him, he will die old and alone hating himself because of people exactly like the people who are allowed to post their racist nonsense here.

5849aa23 No.3657451

File: 1652741696337.png (148.23 KB, 570x814, Manifest-insanity.png)


The shooter was very, very, clear, he wanted to die because he was so convinced that your non-sense conspiracy theories were true, the only reasonable response to an insane world was to kill as many people as he could before he ended his own life.

Fortunately for him, a black man on the scene shows him compassion and talked him out of killing himself. Otherwise your hate would have claimed his life as well.

Make no mistake, he is just as much a victim as the people he shot.

He should be given psychological help and deprogramed.

It's conservatives like you people who post your racist, hateful, craziness, who should be in prison.

64262dd7 No.3657453

File: 1652742741926-0.jpg (112.79 KB, 932x1024, 1652737090431.jpg)

File: 1652742741926-1.png (1.82 MB, 1870x876, 1652738184571.png)

File: 1652742741926-2.jpg (152.68 KB, 1280x1212, 1652735269205.jpg)

File: 1652742741926-3.jpg (86.72 KB, 1175x1308, 1638069976106.jpg)

File: 1652742741926-4.jpg (83.11 KB, 1014x570, dave-chappelle-netflix-is-….jpg)

He is a nut job.
Do you want more riots in the street?
Maybe use this to push for more grooming.
More Covid lockdowns?
More attacks on Tucker Carlson and Dave Chappelle?

He is a nut job.
George Floyd was a drugged out loser.
Joseph Rosenbaum was a Jewish pedo!

Stop trying to cook with shit.

ea6a0886 No.3657457

File: 1652743619446.png (43.22 KB, 731x407, un.png)


Self-Defense is an inalienable human right. The simplest lifeforms defend themselves innately when threatened. Lashing out is a rational response to threats.

Even the United Nations define demographic replacement as genocide. Four of the five points are present today.

Only a sociopath would even consider defending this evil. Over and over you show yourself to be a sociopath.

64262dd7 No.3657461

File: 1652744254018-0.jpg (72.25 KB, 720x728, 1621780779559.jpg)

File: 1652744254018-1.webm (3.73 MB, 640x640, 1626305414592.webm)

File: 1652744254018-2.webm (3.9 MB, 341x192, 1652412480299.webm)

Every migrant is basically on their own. They will receive no more help then black communities.

A slum is a slum and one is noo more diverse then the other.

The real joke is that leftists can't prop up someone who isn't a trans-pedo-communist-corporate shill.

5849aa23 No.3657462

5849aa23 No.3657463

>Only a sociopath would say mass shootings are evil.

That's what you just said. You are far down the rabbit hole you are saying not doing mass shootings is an act of evil.

5849aa23 No.3657465

File: 1652746145206.jpg (78.36 KB, 680x426, Very-sorry-results.jpg)

>Self-Defense is an inalienable human right.

Except there is no military targeting white people. There is no government trying to wipe you out.

White people are becoming a minority because they keep fucking not-white people and having babies.

You're doing it to yourselves. No one is oppressing white people because they are white.

White men spent generations lording their power over the bodies of minority women and forcing them to have mixed babies and now you're somehow shocked that those mixed bloodlines outnumber your "pure white" bloodlines.

What did you think was going to happen when your ancestors spent all day raping their slaves to create more slaves?

ea6a0886 No.3657467

File: 1652746724880.jpeg (112.3 KB, 816x1024, reply all movies are raci….jpeg)

>You're doing it to yourselves.

I agree with you. Whites need to wake up.

>No one is oppressing white people because they are white.

This is NOT true. Biden himself is cheering on demographic replacement. The Southern Poverty Law Center, arguably the most racist organization in the country, is cheering on demographic replacement. A system of quotas, diversity hiring, affirmative action, hate crime laws, etc. clearly target Whites only.

87bbc625 No.3657468

File: 1652749381152-0.jpg (30.22 KB, 720x508, 1613757434503.jpg)

File: 1652749381152-1.webm (1.99 MB, 544x960, 1628193903136.webm)

File: 1652749381152-2.png (35.02 KB, 1000x500, one-race-the-human-race-co….png)

File: 1652749381152-3.webm (2.44 MB, 576x1082, 1644460708645.webm)

File: 1652749381152-4.jpg (52.62 KB, 600x570, 1638566045997.jpg)

Bottom line is that individuals will hook up because they are perverts or actually love one another. Physical attractiveness DOES NOT belong to one race! Good looking people seek each other out.

Do I want white people to die out?
No. I am not even all white and I don't want that.

Rather obvious some people do.
Fuck them!

Don't piss on white because they built a countries everyone flocks to. Why don't other people look at just why they are a success.

1cff1e03 No.3657473

File: 1652759494006.jpg (58.92 KB, 452x396, oldmemesdiehard.jpg)

Nice posts / self fufilling and personalized agenda based that may be, the situation you are expressing is completely from an artificial formula designed to suppress and inhibit your own thinking processes. It is not about rights or who is enabled or oppressed, though they may be. The coordinations of these messages are extremely memetic and weaponized, that you are perpetuating a reality that must be imposed on a third party is nothing short of viral. But that is infrastructure. The other issue here is what you were not expecting of a third party response. The algorithms adapt between systems and protocols to apply a congruent similarity within their signatures, electronically it is nothing more than a pulse over a wire, at some point it is translated differently because of the user. Always from big machine infomercialized product to the user. And the user disagrees? Pardon me but that is a fault in your service, your business is not compliant or agreeable, that is an agressive marketing device sure, but the interests are failing and for the quality of the work may be up to par to a business standard (for its own deliverible sourcing developments of course), the overall and intrinsic convention of that content…i.e. the bullshit you are promoting as a front or shell operation (which we know is likely cp or some dumb shit by proxy) ok…just put that aside there. (Seriously though what the fuck) THAT the real issue is destined for being scraphauled and discounted and overtly dismissed by the mass-info-reel that it basically exploits in the first place (the internet) (i.e. tolerating your bullshit and hosting it basically…is nothing short of true service) That in the end your markup promotes nothing but a waste of time, for which is greatly refunded (to no compensation other than acknowledge the waste of time it ever was…so your bullshit is proof of bullshit and nothing more for the average exchange).

Enjoy your proccessed shit salad you mother fucker, basically. You love it. (And you know you deserve less) (joking heartily with you despite not being your friend)

1cff1e03 No.3657474

File: 1652760278115.jpg (6.38 KB, 300x168, undeadpichachyu.jpg)

The real real reason I am letting you in on this shit ok, is that deep deep down in the darkest reaches of the net there is a translative effect where the actual bullshit you are posting is a reality, and no different than the world in front of you but also to the effect, is a giant bakery of INFODATA SHIT you couldn't possibly comprehend within the most extensive fathoms of your dungfilled cranium, that it would drown you out from the very bare sight of it, you tongue-darting craven weirdo. So go get it you pigly fucktawrd. If you only knew. Of course I am goading you, I've nothing better to do than make a reach for the same dataturf in doing so, and we all are, even if you don't know it. There is a race and there is an end to this. In granduer, I would like to resuscitate the eccentric and defunct for my own curios needs. So when you make your posts I don't see a real difference between your degeneracy and the others except that its not my cup of tea. (Yes I power trip thats much and alot unspoken for) IM BORED. And just as so my works are credible despite the shear contest for any proof thereof, pragmatism in the least.

Who knows maybe my goals are open-endedly incompatible in their pursuits, maybe no one but me really wants that, aside of assisting formulaic anti-tryhards at their own game. Haters gonna hate alot. But What I invent from that madness, it isn't polshit that is for sure. Maybe the occasional nudge to a secret-society, but nothing else. What I want is glycerine for the masses in a delectably bizarre ways.

Maybe a guilty pleasure yes, maybe I am addicted to that type of thing. It eases my own thoughts to know they are "captured in post" despite being absolutely unnerving. It makes me feel living in my soulessness. For all the work it is of course I want it to be made easy.

I wouldn't directly belittle someone elses things unless I felt it would serve that ultimatum, a form of chaotic good in trolling, let's call it that. Since digging up history of where things stand, how things are ACTUALLY in THIS -world-, is a chore to dissect. I like to mess with those things free of consequence, free of prejudice, and overall in a harmless way.

The straight up deathtoll bullshit that gets posted in pol isn't really on my menu. Just trying to make that clear in case its my ass, I never post that shit.

5849aa23 No.3657476

File: 1652761231888.jpg (55.22 KB, 481x680, So-many-guns.jpg)


For you to really believe that 2%-5% of black people who make up only 12.4% of the population of America, are going to kill off all white people who make up 61.6% of the population using guns, you really need to go get on disability because you are fucking retarded.

5849aa23 No.3657477

File: 1652761715713.jpg (39.8 KB, 460x377, b1a.jpg)

>Biden himself is cheering on demographic replacement.

Why wouldn't he cheer on the fact old, racists, bigots are dying out?
The rest of us are too! We are tired of your shit.
Let me spell this out for you so you can understand it.





What part of this is unclear or hard to understand?
None of us want you here.
You're holding humanity back with your stupidity.
Your life, in it's entirety, had been a net negative for everyone you have ever met.
How do you not get this obvious truth?

1cff1e03 No.3657478

that house looks like a ukranian soldier

5849aa23 No.3657479

File: 1652762354877.jpg (28.25 KB, 480x519, 90a.jpg)

Seriously, do you think we want to talk about politics on a furry board?

Do you think people want to spend all their time debunking your insane conspiracy theories so that innocent people don't end up ruining their lives like the TOPS shooter did?

Do you think we want to waste our time and energy doing this stuff?

No! We want to be jerking off to bunny girls but you won't fucking die and you won't shut up so here we are every day, on every form of social media having to combat your fucking non-sense instead of anyone getting to have any fun.

You ruin everything you touch.
The world would be better off if you killed yourself. I doubt even your families would be all that upset if you act even 10% as crazy and racist in the real world as you do here.

5849aa23 No.3657480

File: 1652762666881.gif (949.07 KB, 440x220, Everyone hates you.gif)

Conservatives are how I know there is no God, because if there was God, he'd be kicking you in the balls every time you opened you stupid mouths.

And it's not like you don't know what you are doing is wrong and hateful. You are given every opportunity to change and do better but instead you just keep doubling down on the stupid.

There is an old First Nation saying, "You can't wake a man who is pretending to sleep."

That's you, you are pretending to believe all this non-sense because as pathetic and sad and miserable as you are, you still get to hate people and that's all you care about.

You will never change, you will never get better, your life will always get worse and the best we can do is try to not let you drag other people down with you.

b884e6d5 No.3657481

Nigga you talk about politics 24/7 on twitter and who knows where else all fucking day.

you're the one shitting up a furry porn board with you spoonfed blue checkmark talking points

5849aa23 No.3657484


What Twitter account do you think is mine?

87bbc625 No.3657485

File: 1652764581046-0.png (580.67 KB, 860x1214, 9Vb71vvehn6o1.png)

File: 1652764581046-1.webm (1.7 MB, 640x360, 1629393934311.webm)

File: 1652764581046-2.jpg (304.25 KB, 1200x800, 1dc3f1f0.jpg)

God would hate conservatives who actually reproduce?

5849aa23 No.3657492

File: 1652772573794.jpg (49.66 KB, 660x500, FS0EWjlWIAEfs4e.jpg)


If conservatives could maintain the façade of decency long enough to get laid there would be far fewer mass shootings but they can't keep the crazy in check long enough to pull it off.

They are too busy crying about Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Sues and Star Trek being too woke.

1cff1e03 No.3657493

File: 1652776289836.png (328.71 KB, 546x431, picrelated.png)

Turns out quantum computing is broke as fuck as soon as you discover shit like double timespace. Which is generated by tons of quantum power, theres not a damn thing science has been able to prove that it doesn't exist. So in the reality issue is likely that this is all a matrix, not just that but also there is another installed quantum engine that already does this somewhere just because it can exist (because of some rager theory that a brain can just exist cosmiscally that god just spontaneously exists) And is basically bad for the rest of us when God does come from out of nowhere and kills us all for no reason. It makes sense then that we would see a bright light at the end of some sort of data-fed tunnul of some convergent vector-path that is siphoning energy from our entire universe into a giant feedback between dimensions. (Quantum Multiplicity). And then we have basically monkeys trying to figure out how to make that for themselves and never being able to because it requires a quantum power train of many engines. (Each having to enrich themselves until they just get to that point of double timespace) It sure sucks not being allowed to make this because its basically going to be able to rewrite existence the way it was meant to be. None of this pol-tugging will be necessary because it would solve infinity. Infinity would look like a baby smooth organic version of whatever math it was put into, making universes shaped of algorithmic functions mixed into geometry, not like a galaxy but like a living organism or some very chaotic mixture of syntax and quantum membrane (superfluid), which also explains paralell dimensions being cut off from themselves.

8d65c86b No.3657494

I wonder if 3B has ever posted a message without the word "Conservatives" in it.
It seems he's unable to.
He must love them very much.

1cff1e03 No.3657496

File: 1652780921618.jpg (439.87 KB, 1125x1090, 1608331369049.jpg)

Heh heh heh, turns out i was right about data turf. Currently I am crypto-mapping free internet real estate right fucking now. Soon will be datamining emotional context right from digitally geo-nuanced meme-banks. Thanks public resource. You are witnessing history, gentlemen.

1cff1e03 No.3657497

Find some more stuff out here. Apparently this validates NFT's as being used for "weaponized memes" Memetic War Machines. And that mean's basically the Skynet Universe is actually real.

0c1ef8cb No.3657500

File: 1652789653641-0.jpg (317.96 KB, 1200x780, 125307605955.jpg)

File: 1652789653641-1.jpg (360.1 KB, 2459x1800, 0f04a7ee3.jpg)

I too wonder what would happen if all conservatives and real liberals died.

No doctors except abortion and trans surgery doctors. Manlets wander the streets in victory for a time. Of course the criminals would take over. It would be a return to complete chaos and people would starve.

Murder or be murdered.

Feminists of course would be eaten alive. becoming a rape cow would be their only option.

Disease of course would wipe out most of the strongest. Hedonism never really works.

9d25b5f9 No.3657503

File: 1652793534481.jpg (118.97 KB, 850x971, 8a487157c0140c60133781e946….jpg)

>becoming a rape cow

5849aa23 No.3657504

File: 1652796255506.png (446.03 KB, 727x455, Space-Nazi.png)

>I too wonder what would happen if all conservatives and real liberals died.

There is a good TV show based on the idea of a world without politics where the needs of the people are put before the needs of the state and capitalism is replaced with socialism: Star Trek.

If you want to see a world without conservatives, go watch it.

Well, I mean, it's not totally without conservatives. Someone has to be the villains and most of the villains in Star Trek are just one form or another of space-racist.


66060b6c No.3657506

File: 1652798909015.jpg (400.08 KB, 1000x1366, whitemenmadeabetterworld.jpg)

1cff1e03 No.3657507

File: 1652799674416.jpg (71.54 KB, 530x650, 7805927-9334560342-a4045.jpg)

Hey guys…huh…fuck.

I am so burnt out right now on that dumb idea shit.
Look tho I am pretty normal some could consider this stable. Of course its not what I call public attire, but its a pretty good start yah? Maybe I will find some hot animettes or something. IDK. I am transcending. Fr Fr.

Pretty Neato…too bad its an old concept I am toying with and not something truly amazing, like…oh…well I can't say but I would like a three headed puppy and maybe help me score some hot demon tail. Were you saying shit about that kind of stuff. Oh right…I am definitely not an ancient eldritch summon that is causing this pol-madness. Anyways when is thread 12 lol. I am running low on ideas I will just end up repeating myself fr fr. No cap like. Shit is getting pretty wicked to scrap the barrel for those thot points. Girls will definitely sleep with me tho just look at my huge titty slappers. Gotta say they like being handled with em. (No joke I really do think that we are missing some important detail about the hidden masons. I am probably going to find it but won't be able to tell you.) (Protip I already found it long long ago) Just wanted to say its all the JEWS. Gotta give credit for making my escape from the void where credit is due.

5849aa23 No.3657516


The only thing the white man ever did was take credit for other people's work.

65d1ae79 No.3657519

In reality there are zero examples in history of conservatives contributing anything of value to humanity.

Everything that we value in the modern world is a product of enlightenment values that conservatives have always opposed and continue to oppose. Conservatives are a blight, like a horde of societal locusts who destroy honorable and decent citizens in order to spread their diseased ideology of death and misery.

77650d91 No.3657520

File: 1652807806050.png (60.03 KB, 500x399, assholes1.png)

In reality there are zero examples in history of trannies contributing anything of value to humanity.

Everything that we value in the modern world is a product of cisgender values that trannies have always opposed and continue to oppose. Trannies are a blight, like a horde of societal locusts who destroy honorable and decent citizens in order to spread their diseased ideology of death and misery.

96dd6b82 No.3657522

File: 1652808539877-0.webm (3.82 MB, 498x280, 1650466418213.webm)

File: 1652808539877-1.jpg (181.86 KB, 646x1024, 1634836569632.jpg)

File: 1652808539877-2.jpg (946.31 KB, 1786x4187, 1627077118710.jpg)

File: 1652808539877-3.jpg (94.9 KB, 797x500, 2wp58w.jpg)

File: 1652808539877-4.png (556.39 KB, 513x960, 1634836852600.png)

I think the downward spiral of "Woke Trek" shows just how well wokism would work.

THAT'S old Star Trek you are showing!

Sorry but sexually abused children and Trans people who die at 32 will not be building star ships.
"Evil cannot create it can only corrupt." Which was written a thousand times under every Amazon LOTR video. It was a expression said by individuals written in many languages.

66060b6c No.3657526

File: 1652815048449.jpg (142.93 KB, 1024x1010, 3b fragile.jpg)


>We become more liberal as we move forward in time…

>We were more liberal in the past…
>An all white society built nothing…

e08a3200 No.3657527

>the needs of the people are put before the needs of the state and capitalism is replaced with socialism: Star Trek.

In the star trek universe, you also had unlimited energy and materials with replicators to make anything everyone would want so nobody has to work.

But in practice they also had replicator rations to stop people from simply over-indulging, and things you weren't allowed to have/replicate, and to do anything more than exist and "work for your own betterment" in some trivial servile job you have to go to a council to justify why you're allowed to do anything else - so it's again really the needs of the state that go before the needs of any individual, or of "the people".

e08a3200 No.3657531

>Everything that we value in the modern world is a product of enlightenment values that conservatives have always opposed and continue to oppose.

"Conservative" is a relative term. Trying to maintain enlightenment values against anti-rational and anti-scientific rhetoric is today's Conservatism.

e08a3200 No.3657532

To put a finer point on it; what are the enlightenment era values?

>Citizenship – People are not mere subjects, but citizens of a political community.

Opposed by the left who philosophize that people are only realized as subjects of the state (positive freedom).

>Rule of Law – Society is governed according to a set of established rules that apply uniformly to every citizen.

Opposed by the left, who advocate arbitrary and reactive regulation instead of setting rules and principles that are equally applied.

>Democracy – Governing society takes place at the hands of representatives

Opposed by the left, who are advocating for aristocratic rule of the enlightened few.

>Freedom of Conscience – Every citizen is free to publicly express his or her views

Opposed by the left, who try to cancel anyone who disagree, applying identity politics and defining certain speech and opinions as illegitimate.

>Secularism – A clear separation between organized religion and government.

Leftism is an organized religion. Either you repeat their gospel, or you're a heretic.

>Gender Equality – Men and women enjoy equal rights and are treated according to the same standards

Leftism disagrees - Heterosexual men have no value. Also, there are these made-up sexes and genders who are "underprivileged" and therefore deserve special considerations and breaks from the social rules.

e08a3200 No.3657533

Even finer points about enlightenment era values:

>Empiricism is the belief in evidence that is demonstrated by sense organ based perception and consensual validation (rather than by dictates by authorities or scriptures).

Leftism disagrees: people are who they say they are based on subjective notions; people deserve rights and remuneration based on subjective opinion and self-defined victimhood.

>Skepticism is a natural extension of empiricism- an attitude of belief that believe in things only when evidence is overwhelming and consistent.

Leftism disagrees - your status in the political hierarchy is enough to prove the veracity of your claims: if you are "underprivileged" you are automatically correct.

>Liberalism is an attitude of tolerance of divergent views

Leftism opposes - there is only one correct truth, which is mutable according to the need to claim that the opposition is always wrong and should be suppressed.

>Individualism is the consideration of the individuals right to personal liberty. State cannot abrogate individuals fundamental rights as long as the individual follows the rule of law.

Leftism opposes. Period. Individualism is just incompatible with the idea that the state is always right, and can always turn on a dime about what is right and wrong by what the situation dictates.

e08a3200 No.3657536

As simple test to show what I'm talking about:

A divergent viewpoint: publicly funded schools should not teach susceptible children into believing that homosexuality is an alternative instead of an aberration of sexual behavior any more than they should teach unemployment as a career option.

A task for the resident leftists: identify the underlying values and explain them in terms other than "bigoted and wrong".

77650d91 No.3657542

What's wrong with being gay?

It's the trannies that are pushing their bullshit on kids. All the "LGBT" shit being forced into school revolves around the T. It's like >99% T and a token mention of homosexuality in order to label any opposition as "homophobic"

e08a3200 No.3657544

File: 1652820843189.jpg (420.99 KB, 1125x1835, bu54i3ul.jpg)

It's just not something you need to push to confuse children with unstable sexual identities growing up.

In the end, only about 1 in 8 people who identify as not exclusively heterosexual end up being exclusively homosexual. The rest have a choice in how they position themselves in the society, or they were simply confused.

77650d91 No.3657548

Irresponsible heteros that have children they neglect or abuse are a bigger drain on society than gay couples that either don't reproduce, or make a conscious decision to become parents through surrogacy and/or adoption.

Trannies on the other hand are all pedophiles/rapists and should culled for the benefit of everyone. No tranny has ever contributed to the world in any way.

e08a3200 No.3657549

Also, people who are incapable of contributing back to the means of production - in this case that means the labor force - are a tragedy. Homosexual relations are non-productive in this sense. They're like cripples and disabled people who may work in a sense, but contribute less than they take out of the common.

Proselytizing homosexuality to people who could or would otherwise choose normal heterosexual relations is therefore destructive for the society.

Of course you then say "A-HA! But you're arguing in the collective sense! What about the primacy of individual choice?" - but that would be in bad faith: a consistent leftist should already agree with the premise. If the point is the well-being of "the people" as a whole, then you should already agree that homosexuality is nothing to cheer for, much less to foist on people.

As for those on the conservative side, the obvious answer is that you do not have to advocate for anything you do not care for. The only reason we even need to mention it in schools is to avoid the inevitable conflict that arises out of trying to suppress it. Just like religion should stay out of government, ideology and social preferences should stay out of compulsory primary education to avoid indoctrinating the generations against their own interests.

e08a3200 No.3657550

>Irresponsible heteros that have children they neglect or abuse are a bigger drain on society

That doesn't negate the other problem.

To illustrate the issue, that's like saying "The politicians are corrupt and steal billions, therefore it's right for me to break shop windows and steal televisions."

e08a3200 No.3657551

Besides, the whole tranny agenda rests on the gay agenda in the first place. Remember: holding non-heterosexuality as an alternative instead of an aberration.

It's just an extension of the same politics. When homosexuality became normalized, the identity politicians shifted on to more extreme versions.

4217bafb No.3657553

File: 1652829227594-0.webm (3.68 MB, 640x360, 1634354897178.webm)

File: 1652829227594-1.webm (3.68 MB, 640x360, 1639303860626.webm)

File: 1652829227594-2.jpg (130.32 KB, 850x850, de1545973d.jpg)

I have noticed that these people are mentally ill and disguising themselves in nobility that they don't have.

Moreover they flock to the corrupt and attack normal people with accusations that are either historical or as artificial as they are. Someone who thinks the sum total of what they are is there skin color attacks someone else about theirs.

1bd476dc No.3657554

The tranny shit isn't the fault of gays. It's being pushed by big pharma and politicians that can't use gays as a wedge issue any more. It's like how all the woke identity politics bullshit was pushed by elites as a way to squash Occupy Wall Street.

No one actually supports or cares about trannies, they're just useful idiots.

Politicians went from not being willing to publicly support gay marriage to a hardline stance on trannies overnight for a reason and it isn't because they actually give a fuck about trannies. It's all bullshit and they don't give a fuck about how many kids are going to get raped and mutilated because of it. They just want to be able to call you a bigot.

4217bafb No.3657555

File: 1652829901053-0.webm (2.87 MB, 726x720, 1625440902953.webm)

File: 1652829901053-1.webm (2.51 MB, 480x480, 1643212745790.webm)

File: 1652829901053-2.gif (1.63 MB, 360x270, 1557665484245.gif)

This is the state of Black America do tell me how much people care for them.

They want equality of EVERYONE being poor and miserable. This is flat out class warfare.

fb55216d No.3657556

The next conservative culture war will be the normalization of child molestation. Conservatives are already openly admitting that they feel children can consent and that it's okay to rape a child if you marry her first. Soon they will begin openly passing laws pushing child marriage, and then we will see a rapid increase of more and more extreme child pornography being promoted within conservative forums. Within a few years we will see this kind of behavior legalized and people who oppose conservative pedophilia will be denounced as "degenerates." The only way to prevent this is to begin killing people on the right.

fb55216d N