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This is The Life and Times of Christian Weston Chandler issue #1. This book covers Chris Chan's early childhood up until high school.

90af65a9 No.3655837

File: 1651697496986.png (438.27 KB, 601x751, FR5nL6GX0AAacNj.png)

Are those black eyes?

From the time I've spent in jail I know that acting like Chris Chan as well as being a rapist will result in a beatdown

dc3c8692 No.3655838

They are merge markings. Haha. He will soon emerge a powerful dimensional butterfly and one with his inner Goddess and then you will regret making fun of his black eyes.

dccf2369 No.3655852

File: 1651707346233.jpg (100.48 KB, 800x346, show_essay-case-mad-or-bad….jpg)

It looks like the mental hospital and psychiatric staff didn't want to put up with him. I don't blame them. Chris Chan is every psychiatrist's worst nightmare!

ca9b07fb No.3655876

I am not a caregiver or a mentalward psychiatrist, but I am pretty sure that guy actually believes his shit doesn't stink. That all his convincing and resistance to being "corrected" is 100% his own choice, and by the choice has completely forced mental damage on himself. He probably is by all accounts some fucking gender switched identity monstrosity of what he already was originally. And that there is no return for him, he doesn't recognize his old self, he wouldn't want to. He has no intention to either, he wants to be a tranny. So this saga effort is just him accepting himself as a heshefreak and not some wonderful tulpa-goddess, barring whatever excuse he makes for himself. To justify it is the life struggle he has adopted in place of the other horrible incestuous shit that did or did not take place. If he does remember anything its that he was a woman during that time.

2e640e02 No.3655890

I keep wondering, if he were to actually get help from this process and manages to regain some modicum of sanity, maybe he looks back at everything that's happened, sees a long list of people who took advantage of his mental state one way or another, did so publically with all of the details of parties involved known and documented, and starts lawyering up. Everything's basically out there, is there any sort of civil case he could bring against people that actually conned him into doing some of the things he's done?

038337aa No.3655891

File: 1651725461995.jpeg (185.26 KB, 1125x1406, FR3Mpw8VUAE6J3v.jpeg)

>is there any sort of civil case he could bring against people that actually conned him into doing some of the things he's done?
As brainwashed as he was, he was ultimately responsible for things that he did. I don't think a lawyer would want to touch this, let alone Chris actually having money for a lawyer.

90af65a9 No.3655892

Trannies deserve whatever horrible things happen to them.

It's one thing to be crazy, it's a different thing to be crazy AND demand that the rest of the world play along with your crazy.

Name one good thing any tranny has ever done for anyone else

dccf2369 No.3655897

They have gotten old public washrooms fixed up with better privacy around toilets and urinals as well as more upkeep to keep things cleaner than public restrooms used to be.

905661c0 No.3655906

I wasn't even aware he had been let out of jail.

fdc40709 No.3655921

File: 1651773565893.jpeg (144.94 KB, 1536x2048, FR3qocoXsAEMH5z.jpeg)


He didn't get out, he took a trip to an "unknown facility" (read: state psychiatric hospital)

7df25218 No.3655924

That's a big fat [citation needed] for me.

940e722f No.3655931

I think he should just resort to getting a surrogate rather than having to seek impregnating his mother, that is a very misguided step not alot of people are aware of. (A surrogate rears your child for you and then you raise it or adopt it out because you are a wasp or something)

90af65a9 No.3655933

Chris should never reproduce, not that he could ever be able to afford a surrogate and IVF.

Hopefully trannies don't push a bullshit mandate where the taxpayer has to pay for their tranny surgeries and surrogates as "medically necessary healthcare"

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