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dd870450 No.3656196

Fact: you can't trust the lulz mods with your IP

Some of them are political, some of them keep grudges, and an IP is a.) a great way to get hacked b.) a great way to get doxed

I'm sick and tired of checking proxies.

We need a way to post with a proxy bypassing those stupid fucking dnsbl checks, like a tripcode whitelist or secret passkey (sent per email etc).

inb4 lul you just wanna dodge bans, no, the tripcode or passkey can obviously be removed if one misbehaves, plus name me one user that got banned and didn't ban-evade literally 2 min later

dd870450 No.3656197

File: 1652062276897.png (375.61 KB, 620x631, No he s not _b9c412f18292e….png)

Also my IP isn't even dynamic, but I don't wanna go and haggle with my ISP over it.

370f0b15 No.3656203

What kind of moron thinks that this forgotten asscrack of an imageboard is the place for serious political discussion? This place is for porn and shitposting

bdfb81e2 No.3656219

File: 1652082711332.png (86.34 KB, 1024x434, thread3547013.png)

> Fact: you can't trust the lulz mods with your IP

44de8e7f No.3656244

what are you some kind of faggot?

2b83e387 No.3656245

I think you are too stupid to understand the significance of that post. That happened on the old lulz.net when /pol/ invaders were running rampant. The first page of lulz was ALL off- topic /pol/ threads. Some guy became angered and bumped many ON-TOPIC furry related threads. A complete asshole moderator then deleted every one of those FURRY-RELATED threads.

All that was left was a wasteland of /pol/ threads.

What is the name of that asshole moderator, anyway? I hope he is never again a moderator here.

91f511c4 No.3656253

Holy shit, you are.

da1a8836 No.3656261

If you're worried about your security just get a VPN. They aren't that expensive. Stop being a cheapskate.

73dad42c No.3656334

if your security is contingent on your IP being secret you should immediately quit the internet

simple as

alternatively, don't be such an asshole

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