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3f663240 No.3656654

Anyone has the full story?
Or any story will do.
Especially the spicy one.

96285572 No.3656661

How to obtain SPICY ROOFING
1. Get a ladder.
2. Climb onto the roof.
3. Peel off a shingle.
4. Take a big bite out of it!
This only works in summer!

c1f4a5c0 No.3656669

File: 1652484777372.png (44.15 KB, 800x800, 1332710106.argonvile_digi-….png)

Muh soggy knees. I'm totally an adult and can handle my own drinks that's why I need to whine to the entire internet on loop about getting "roofied" at a furry fuckfest.

Maybe drunk regret sex is just drunk regret sex. Those morons should fuckin deal with it.

e9978b62 No.3656672


Some people can't handle their shit and feel the need to blame others for their own stupidity.

662f73b8 No.3656750

File: 1652498420521.jpg (457.09 KB, 2169x2131, 4e1b1cf6b25a2795d3fed539b8….jpg)

What about those who decided not to have alcohol but still got drugged?

c1f4a5c0 No.3656765

File: 1652499851280.jpg (46.91 KB, 200x200, 1281468841787.jpg)

If and when…

But still, what are you doing there trying to be sober and unfucked? Everybody knows furry parties aren't quite hitting the mark without drugs, orgies, cop cars, ambulances and the fire department.

ec11933c No.3656772

You're forgetting the obligatory shit filled diapers.

c1f4a5c0 No.3656788

File: 1652501681489.png (124.97 KB, 495x496, babyfur-political-compass-….png)

Oh, yes, we can't forget the diapers.

8bc2d8f9 No.3656806

File: 1652516194540.webm (2.97 MB, 427x240, Roxanne_drunk_party.webm)

Speaking of which, any story about people who keep saying "IT'S YOUR DRINK, IT'S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY" thing, only for them to whine like a bitch after they themself drugged and proclaim as "becoming the victim"?

ee7056d3 No.3656807

File: 1652516853394.jpg (165.64 KB, 796x922, partyneverstopped.jpg)

I usually just am raising the dead you kno its what it is. A mild tolerance for 'certain smells' and a general ability to give directions is all that is needed and its basically what I call a business.

e3450d2f No.3657099

ur so silly :)

970d9333 No.3657123

Roofies at a furry convention ? But… why ???
Aren't all these people there to fuck?

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