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>As we got closer, at one of the stops we made to get gas, she approached me and said she had feelings for me. After a few minutes driving in the car, I reciprocated those feelings and told them I felt that way too. This was after a year of grooming, buying me things and taking me places. I was 16 at the time. We ended up going on late night drives at 3am and sometimes we would go back to their house to sleep. Sometimes we would have sex in the car."

Yeah fuck you you made a mistake being underage and fucking Skyecabbit yet now you're regretting it and backpedalling, you're not groomed after one fucking year, you wwere just a fucking horny teenager who wanted to fuck.

59428be1 No.3657126


Is this a real woman or a tranny?

Also if anyone is to blame it's the horny teenager's parents for letting him go to furry events. He should consider himself lucky he didn't get fucked in the ass by all the gross pedophile dudes involved in fursuiting.

1360e0a8 No.3657197

How old was the girl at the time?

372286ac No.3657256


She was 22
He was 15

b6826da8 No.3657263

File: 1652652915484.jpg (40.05 KB, 500x457, pussydolan.jpg)

Lucky kid then.

bafd79ff No.3657265

>spoiling a child for a year so they unquestionably fall in love with you so you can have sex with them isn't grooming
ok, groomer

46b5f49c No.3657308

I'm not going to pretend like I know the full story here, but going off of just this it sounds like they just regretted a relationship and wanted to get back at them so they say they were groomed.

Free attention + bringing down the ex you hate is something females rarely pass up.

59428be1 No.3657314

Why not go to the police instead of twitter like an attention whore?

de08b363 No.3657315

File: 1652667792587.jpeg (165.2 KB, 980x1024, 448AEE09-3486-4787-B3BD-B….jpeg)

Yeah, groomed.
I hope no one was hurt physically but psychologically it’s really not a good idea to give a kid sex without responsibility.

I think kids need to understand that there is some real risks to sex.

46b5f49c No.3657332

It's not like they were having hookups. From what it sounds like, they were in a pretty close relationship.

62bc26be No.3657333

Ngl, when first heard their breakup story kinda sorry for this dude because keep hearing only the story from the side of the ex. Now this dude pulled this card… now those story kinda make sense. Yeah I get it, It's your first time and you can't get over it.

Also, didn't they got married before they broke up? Did the law there allow under 18 to get wed?

62bc26be No.3657334

File: 1652672478692.jpg (34.7 KB, 615x461, 0_scott-and-lawson.jpg)

the only grooming i know

de08b363 No.3657337

File: 1652674255387.jpeg (95.25 KB, 652x1024, 82414553-54F0-4C0B-B89A-C….jpeg)

I am sure in between the jack hammer sex was complex conversations about politics….

4dbdeb73 No.3657338

This. Even as a retarded 21 year old a 15 year old would have been too retarded to have a relationship with for me.

A few years makes a huge difference in mental and emotional maturity are that age range. This is skeevy pedo/fucked up power dynamics shit.

Where were the parents?

c0758f62 No.3657340

Yeah that doesn't sound like grooming at all. These people just want attention.

46b5f49c No.3657367

Sounds like a cope to defend an attention whore.

d4cefed4 No.3657880

File: 1653116220093.gif (561.62 KB, 1920x1080, 1623023059699.gif)

>being kind to a person you like is rape

b9f832f3 No.3657883

File: 1653118941653.png (1.24 MB, 1437x821, f23bc8e631eb822fb5fc2b0946….png)

Kinda irony how law enforcer use the "they WERE young and dumb" so they get the pass. kinda thing.

Makes you wonder, do minor know the law of "age of consent"?

1a4a8fc9 No.3657884

The fact is loads of kids know about the age of consent many choose not to follow it and play the victim card when they get caught as if they would have got into trouble for it when the reality is very simple they wouldnt get into trouble legally the worst that might happen is that kid gets a major spanking or such from the parents if they knowingly chose we constantly teach kids to hide things when they feel as if they might get yelled at or into trouble with their parents and we also teach kids to manipulate others when it suits your own wants which leads to children often and always making bad choices and never getting fully blamed for them. But I also consented to fool around with guys more than twice my age so I can say for certain that this is how things go. And why I would also keep the action a secret for many years till its safe to bring out things into the light. Loads of people get falsely imprisoned for something they shouldnt be imprisoned for my situation was kinda on the specific scenario side no one groomed me amd no one forced me to do anything I was a bit of a brat I got off to making other people squirm and dance for me and when they tried to do something to stop my behavior and choice to say no id make them chase me around and never win like a horse with a carrot on a stick I was a literal troll with my sexual antics.

0744b82a No.3657886

File: 1653121627860.jpg (43.29 KB, 410x277, tear_down_this_wall_of.jpg)

of text

1a4a8fc9 No.3657890

In tired and I don't feel like it.

d1d0727a No.3657902


You groomed yourself.

77b513f7 No.3657951

>being kind
>omitting the actual fucking a minor portion
Ok, groomer.

c5e9203d No.3658091

Never have sex with another furry


0566b555 No.3658095

That would depend on the furry! I think you should stop because no one is going to take advice if all your going to offer is a just don't do anything because x ammount of furries are terrible. Just like with everything.

062188d6 No.3658177

File: 1653367415721.jpeg (49.63 KB, 1024x683, 257C0E5B-67BF-414C-A92F-3….jpeg)

I think most kids are going to sexually fuck up simply because they are not given life skills. Whether we are talking about heterosexual or homosexual sex. Telling a eighteen year old not to be sexual after being groomed for failure is the state of things.

bb0657a7 No.3658178

Zoomers are going to be such a mentally fucked generation.

062188d6 No.3658179

File: 1653369209797-0.jpeg (157.09 KB, 663x1024, 5882FF37-F075-4608-A0D6-E….jpeg)

File: 1653369209797-1.png (544.21 KB, 750x600, 97745266-B140-4721-9BE7-EC….png)

File: 1653369209797-2.jpeg (79.38 KB, 1024x749, 73383187-BE42-4DD9-A5C0-9….jpeg)

File: 1653369209797-3.png (1.21 MB, 917x889, ABDDD4CF-C927-4645-821B-8C….png)

And you better believe that’s the way they want it…

22d0a089 No.3658229

15 is legal over here.

bb0657a7 No.3658236

You live in a place for pedos

bafd79ff No.3658271

>equating legality (in an unrelated location, no less) with morality
Ok, groomer.

1e563a04 No.3663925

>tffw you see your homie in a Google doc

Yo this shit is ruff lol

3b1c9fc2 No.3663934

16 and 22 is hardly "pedo" and basically I don't care what your country of sexually repressed moron people think is immoral.

7cd2d9a9 No.3663938

Teenagers are retarded and retards can't give informed consent.

f45687fe No.3663939

File: 1659377228149.png (1.62 MB, 1454x907, Stock-photodune.net.png)

>Posts fake headline made with stock photos because he's so mad kids are being taught turn in conservatives who molest them.


9f2a08ca No.3663942

People need to stop judging by ethics and start thinking rationally by law.

Is dating a minor a crime? No.

Is fucking a minor a crime? Yes.

c917aad9 No.3664042

Pretty sure 15 and more over 16 is legal in most states in USA and countries in world so ya not illegal cheek your seke before you brake your self

df0eaf57 No.3664044


Better not be sending or receiving nudes with a minor, thats still a felony at a federal level, and will get you in the registry. Even the kid becomes a sex offender.

a489d769 No.3664080

ofc making any recording like this is illegal but as farm as mating like it or not age of consent starts around 15-16 in most places

a489d769 No.3664082

sorry but learn what grooming means being nice to someone is not grooming unless you can prove that was the intend of being nice from the beginning and even then not sure if you can classify that as grooming or something else like emotional manipulation

grooming means slowly exposing someone to and changing the perspective about some kind of subject normalizing it, grooming not necessary need to be sexual it can be for example ideological

668c17c8 No.3664105

Looks like a lot of penis has flowed in and out of that blue furred things muzzle.

171ce322 No.3664290


To anyone still using these words to address a 15-16 years old, think about it for a fucking second, I know it's hard because retards cannot realize they're retards, but please make an effort.
If the rest of the world thinks 15-16-17 are perfectly fine as age of consent (16-17 sometimes are even considered old enough to be ADULTS) and find it absurd you even call someone of that age a CHILD/KID, perhpas it's time to stop having this "everyone is retard except me" opinion and start realizing that perhaps you're the ones having the most retarded thoughts.

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