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File: 1652730975053-0.jpg (1.31 MB, 2984x2536, martha kills.jpg)

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6aee03d7 No.3657434


I wouldn't be surprised if someone does a mass shooting in their fursuit in the near future. Furry porn truly does rot your brain and leads to insanity.

6aee03d7 No.3657435

File: 1652732216014.jpg (1.27 MB, 2984x2528, 1652731621728.jpg)

Colored Version

d733bfec No.3657436

Don't forget about the brony that shot up FedEx.


And there was also a tranny furry that tried to shoot up their school.

Then another trio of furries/a brony that did that triple murder in California

e458a2e7 No.3657439

It does go pretty deep. I've seen the bottom so it invovles some dark shit of course.

6aee03d7 No.3657441

File: 1652733623796.jpg (135.02 KB, 768x1024, 1652732336166.jpg)

7236235a No.3657448

Where can I find the whole video of shooting?

d733bfec No.3657452

289075fe No.3657456

Yes he's clearly been radicalized by the masked singer.

It's gonna be fun suddenly seeing all of these "X turned out to be a furry" stories as people in general turn out to be furry. Anyone ever considered the cringe factor? You know for every furry willing to identify themselves despite the cringe, how many do it in secret because of the cringe? There's an iceberg of secret furries out there, the fandom is just the tip.
Just the tip…

64ebd438 No.3657458

File: 1652743710025-0.jpg (163.41 KB, 1280x1015, 1647455324.priestofjashin_….jpg)

File: 1652743710025-1.jpg (156.65 KB, 1280x1015, 1647711679.priestofjashin_….jpg)

File: 1652743710025-2.jpg (137.38 KB, 1280x958, 1648143374.priestofjashin_….jpg)

File: 1652743710025-3.jpg (349.22 KB, 1280x1087, 1648573374.priestofjashin_….jpg)

I'm just waiting for the first confirmed furry suicide bomber

0dd4ee9b No.3657460


012ef1b2 No.3657469

too busy listening to maroon 5 and train

e6882ab0 No.3657486

File: 1652765961585.png (555.92 KB, 640x797, .png)

289075fe No.3657490

Cause everyone was too bust fapping to miu, and everyone who kept that 'cause' going turned out to be just as degenerate as the people they were criticizing. The burned furs were a gigantic nothingburger, they just happened to leave some documentation of their specific furry clique behind.

09b0bba0 No.3657491

A genuine furry shooting up a mart full of boomers would indeed be based.
But alas, he again seems to be some kind of a gay false flag glowie puppet.

7a60fa31 No.3657495

What kind of market would have only Boomers in it?
Nobody else ever goes shopping?
Oh wait I forgot, the Zoomers stay online while the Boomers bring bring them food.

39a44804 No.3657502

>Oh wait I forgot, the Zoomers stay online while the Boomers bring bring them food.
As it should be.

89ace15a No.3657512

File: 1652803745552.png (166.22 KB, 2000x2000, FS6U9F6UEAAekg5.png)

Does the chlorine "incident" at MFF count as the act of furry terrorism?

7ee9ec68 No.3657623

Is it possible that his furry porn didn't have anything to do with the attack, maybe he just likes jerking off as guys tend to do?

d8b5ed73 No.3657624

File: 1652899820777.jpg (1.25 MB, 3024x4032, c8713393ea08ec061a987881dc….jpg)

those are satan's words there son. We wouldn't want to mistake you for some kind of *witch* now would we boy?

89ace15a No.3657625

File: 1652900462465-0.jpeg (130.01 KB, 1200x675, 0_peN9SUlGdVIXOzP8.jpeg)

File: 1652900462465-1.jpg (202.57 KB, 1908x1146, 41922414-0-image-a-14_1618….jpg)

Waifus are the cause of many mass shootings.

Muslims kill for 72 virgin waifus, Randy Stair killed for his ghost waifu, the FedEx shooter killed for his pony waifu, and this guy killed for his talking dog waifu.



6aee03d7 No.3657626

File: 1652901664641.webm (1.52 MB, 640x632, 3294221-bd11673920c9a98f3….webm)

Proof that furry artwork and porn (hell, all porn!) should be illegal!!!

Think of the children!

6cb9502f No.3657641


Holy shit that's fuckin dank

eab7ca23 No.3657642

thas racist (its racist)

c8486926 No.3657644

I hope someone would shoot out a place while wearing among us costume

f27df069 No.3657648

Back in
1960: Rock Music makes the people do bad things
1980: TV makes the people do bad things
2010: Video Games make the people do bad things
2015: Porn makes the people do bad things
2022: Furry Porn makes the people do bad things
2030: ……….. makes the people do bad things

Stop finding excuses, people will always do bad things if they are mentally ill or sociopaths. Anything could be the trigger for them, like finding a yellow tomato among the red ones, or someone honks at them on the sidewalk. You can ban anything and everything these people will not cease of existence. Just turn up a history book, humans always kills humans for no reason at all.

89ace15a No.3657661

File: 1652963554198.png (299.75 KB, 963x763, 1652948463079.png)

Furry waifu > ghost tranny waifu

6aee03d7 No.3657742

File: 1652988374794.png (1.03 MB, 1600x1200, 1652987495784.png)

Calling it, a furry is going to shoot up a place in their fursuit in the near future!

6aee03d7 No.3657743

File: 1652988556708.jpg (2.59 MB, 3000x4000, 1652969170870.jpg)

6aee03d7 No.3657744

File: 1652988624324.jpg (111.06 KB, 724x1024, 1652924044629.jpg)

6aee03d7 No.3657745

File: 1652988690387.jpg (181.83 KB, 443x627, 1652969287815.jpg)

89ace15a No.3657746

File: 1652988986971-0.jpg (159.4 KB, 1057x1083, s72fbofu2r031.jpg)

File: 1652988986971-1.jpg (56.69 KB, 588x588, C2MNVZKVIAEtTd-.jpg)

ac8a037b No.3657784

File: 1653033917359.jpeg (245.92 KB, 800x700, FTDnqy_WYAECUBX.jpeg)

>I wouldn't be surprised if someone does a mass shooting in their fursuit in the near future.
…and shot up a furry convention.
Maybe they were incels, maybe the voices told them to do it, who fucking knows. Its going to happen eventually. I've been saying it for years now.

d038be53 No.3660160

File: 1655706875562.jpg (190.88 KB, 1296x1440, R3DRUNNER_marthaspeaks_6-1….jpg)

8e51c03e No.3661643

File: 1657212039401.jpg (106.79 KB, 1024x560, 1657195147088.jpg)

What other furry murders have there been? Didn't some furry in Portland shoot some antifags?

04dcaf90 No.3676175

File: 1668628820698.jpg (254.22 KB, 868x1228, 67bf3d5ee6aa21edbb8083df92….jpg)

>Peters then wrote that "The gun didn’t do it. A 'white supremacist' didn’t do it. A sick and demented furry did it," adding that "When Kandiss Taylor is elected governor, GA will be furry-free…"

>Kandiss Taylor has been freaking out about furries for some time now. One of her "executive orders" she'd sign as governor involves instituting a dress code in schools that will ban "furry" attire.


4f05d865 No.3681333

File: 1670736908096.png (681.38 KB, 731x658, 6451fa95bdc2d54efec2ef6bc7….png)

a4079e82 No.3681383

Fuck islam!
And fuck the Quran.
And fuck you too.

7704d764 No.3691008

File: 1676773739151-0.jpg (170.46 KB, 1280x720, randy_stair_01.jpg)

File: 1676773739151-1.jpg (236.57 KB, 1280x853, randy_stair_02.jpg)

7704d764 No.3691013

File: 1676774335692.png (672.43 KB, 1024x576, we_will_not_let_you_go_by_….png)

Some wild speculation on this picture.

Edited Jul 21, 2017
From left to right: Rachel, Froggy, Andrew (Randy Stair), and McKenzie. The shot girl on the ground is likely based on one of the future real life victims of Randy's grocery store massacre. Randy named his shotguns Rachel and McKenzie after his characters.

From the look of this drawing I would presume Randy used the Rachel shotgun to do most of the killing as Rachel seems like a merciless character. Rachel has character attributes of the real life killer Eric Harris - who Randy was obsessed with. Proof of this connection is obvious to the trained eye as Rachel is clearly holding a very specific rifle in this drawing - a Hi-Point 9mm Carbide, the same model gun used by Eric Harris in the Columbine Massacre of 1999.

Randy also spared one of his victims in the shooting, I would bet he was holding the McKenzie shotgun when he did that as the character of McKenzie seems to be a more forgiving person. McKenzie is the only character depicted in this image not showing aggression, she is likely based on the real life killer Dylan Klebold - the companion and follower of Eric Harris who showed mercy to one of his victims and allowed him to escape during the Columbine Massacre.

The characters of Rachel and McKenzie were in Randy's imagination recruiters of humans who would kill them so that their dead souls would join them in the ghost squad afterlife world "EGS".

Froggy is based on a toy frog that Randy "kills' in real life well before his massacre, and the inanimate frog is then 'transformed' into the girl Froggy character depicted here.

When Randy killed himself in the store after his massacre he believed he would become Andrew, the ghost girl with the blue hair depicted in this image. The work Randy has left behind is sure to fascinate psychologists for years to come, these online records are a window into the inner thoughts of a mass murderer and should be studied and understood as much as possible by professionals.

4d8b0c88 No.3691111


"The work Randy has left behind is sure to fascinate psychologists for years to come, these online records are a window into the inner thoughts of a mass murderer and should be studied and understood as much as possible by professionals.


Or…we could just say "screw it" and get on with our own small insignificant lives, spiraling fast and tighter around the grave for each day that goes by?

U know……Right……Guys ?

012ef1b2 No.3691158

stop trying to convince me to do any shit for you nig ger

e5425b1e No.3695018

File: 1678717728153.png (123.61 KB, 1020x780, Martha_FBI.png)

f9af33dd No.3695023

kill a nazi
buy icecream
kill a nazi family

e1ea1ae9 No.3695036

Why do you want to kill Democrats?

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